Bastinelli Karambit

This Bastinelli Karambit is a Fox Knives produced two-finger karambit called the Diagnostic from Bastinelli Creations.

Made in Italy of N690 blade steel, the Diagnostic is a tiny chisel ground claw, for whatever you might need a claw for. To vanquish foes, of course, but animals also use their claws for so much more, so don’t just think of this as a weapon. It is a great letter opener (remember letters?), excellent box opener, food package slicer and I’ve gotten pretty good at sharpening a pencil with it.

This is my new behind the work ID; a neck knife by Bastinelli Creations. It’s called the Diagnostic, a little two finger Karambit beautifully made by Fox Knives in Italy.

It’s a really fine little design by Bastion Coves, the guy behind Bastinelli Creations, quite a tactical knife designer of fixed blades and folders. He just makes some incredible stuff and he practices Filipino martial arts too.

This little two finger Karambit is a nasty little cutter if need be but it’s also a great little utility thing if you’re just opening up a box or an envelope in the office. This is actually a great little knife. It is a little menacing looking but it’s small and so its size sort of eliminates some of the menace.

This is a two-finger Karambit is more traditional full grip where you have your finger through the loop at the end of the handle or the ring and you can retain it and you can change grips with it and such this keeps you locked in. I have experimented holding it like this with a fist and then punching and this is knife still goes into whatever you’re punching. It’s a nasty little weapon if you need it to be but I just think it’s a beautiful little little work of art that I can hang around my and open envelopes with.

I got one for my wife for when she jogs; she carries one of these and doesn’t have the chain or anything, she just keeps it on her finger ready to go and then she could use it if heaven forbid.

The Fox Knives Bastinelli Creations diagnostic two-finger Karambit is made of N690 blade steel.

Bastinelli Knives Karambit

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