Wilderness Survival Skills Course

Master Wilderness Survival Skills and Be Prepared for Any Outdoor Emergency

The Essential Wilderness Survival Skills online course from Alderleaf Wilderness College provides anyone who loves the outdoors with the ability to survive and thrive in nature using ancestral techniques. This in-depth course teaches all the critical skills needed to find food, water, shelter, and navigate when away from modern conveniences.

A Lifesaving Course for Outdoors Enthusiasts

Created by survival experts who have trained government agencies and media productions, this course distills decades of wilderness knowledge into clear, step-by-step video lessons and illustrated handbooks. The modules cover core concepts like prioritizing needs, finding safe drinking water, building natural shelters, making fire without matches, identifying edible plants, assembling survival kits and trailblazing basics.

High-Quality Instruction in an Accessible Format

The production value of this course is outstanding. Filmed on location, the videos vividly demonstrate each skill in real-world environments. Experienced instructors explain techniques in a warm, engaging style.

The downloadable handbooks provide written reinforcement of the key steps for reference in the field. Both novice and experienced outdoor adventurers will gain immense knowledge from the thoughtful presentation.

Wilderness Survival Course

Detailed Breakdown of Must-Have Skills

The course contains seven core modules that provide a comprehensive education in wilderness survival:

Module 1 – Core Survival Concepts

  • Learn the #1 rule of survival – maintaining body heat.
  • Understand the primary threats to survival – weather, animals, terrain.
  • Know the first steps for survival – shelter, fire, signaling.
  • Discover how to find safe drinking water in nature.
  • Practice techniques for starting friction fires with rocks.
  • Get strategies for reducing activity to conserve calories.

The Core Concepts module provides the foundation every outdoor enthusiast needs to avoid panic and make smart decisions if emergencies arise. Learn how the human body reacts to extreme environments so you can maintain optimal body temperature.

Get proven prioritization techniques used by the military and first responders to overcome the most hazardous threats. Discover little-known methods for finding drinkable water and making fire without matches. This knowledge equips you with the confidence to survive.

Module 2 – Wilderness Survival Shelter

  • Step-by-step instructions for building shelters from natural materials.
  • Tips for selecting a good location based on drainage, wind, etc.
  • Methods for making warm, insulated shelters for any climate.
  • Learn how to make doorways, beds, and test insulation.
  • Avoid common pitfalls like incorrect doorway direction.

Get the shelter building expertise required to protect yourself from the elements. Most people lost in the wilderness perish from exposure, not starvation. This module provides clear, field-tested techniques for constructing waterproof, insulated shelters from materials in your surroundings.

Expert instructors demonstrate how to select locations, build elevated beds, create sturdy frames and troubleshoot insulation. The ability to create effective shelters, more than any other skill, can mean the difference between life and death. This module will give you shelter making abilities on par with the most seasoned survivalists.

Module 3 – Survival Water Purification

  • Locate safe natural sources of drinking water.
  • Understand dangers from drinking untreated surface water.
  • Use solar stills, heated rocks and other methods to purify water.
  • Make untreated water safer and more palatable.
  • Learn best practices for staying hydrated while foraging.

In survival scenarios, water-borne illness can strike faster than starvation. This module reveals where to find clean groundwater and how to utilize items found in nature for purification. Learn techniques used by native cultures for generations to render even swamp water drinkable.

Master methods like solar stills, charcoal filtration and heated rocks. You’ll gain the ability to supply yourself with safe water for drinking and cooking. Staying hydrated is critical to survival, clear thinking and energy. The water skills taught can prevent the delirium and organ failure caused by untreated water consumption.

Module 4 – Survival Fire Skills

  • Master bow drill techniques for friction fire making.
  • Locate suitable fireboard and spindle woods.
  • Prepare tinder bundles to start a fire quickly.
  • Learn how to construct and safely use a hand drill kit.
  • Correctly choose fire location and material layers for efficiency.

Fire allows life to continue in the darkest circumstances. Learn hands-on fire making techniques used by our ancestors for thousands of years. With practice, you’ll be able to produce fire without matches in any environment. Detailed video demonstrations teach you to select the proper wood, prepare tinder bundles, and master bow drill and hand drill methods.

You’ll also learn how to safely construct cooking and warming fires using the ideal materials and formations. The ability to create fire by friction will enable you to cook, signal, provide comfort and ward off predators. This skill alone can be the difference between succumbing to the elements or overcoming challenges.

Module 5 – Wild Survival Foods

  • Identify common edible plants and dangerous lookalikes.
  • Understand which parts of plants are edible and when.
  • Forage safely using ethical harvesting principles.
  • Discover preparation methods for raw and cooked wild foods.
  • Learn primitive techniques for acquiring animal foods like fish.

Foraging can provide the calories, nutrition and energy needed to survive when relying on the land. This module reveals how to safely identify edible plants, including key identification points and preparation methods. Learn how to discern lookalikes, choose which parts to harvest and locate prime patches.

You’ll know what plants to eat raw versus cooked and when to seek out tubers. Plus, gain skills for primitive hunting and fishing using basic tools. Avoid accidentally consuming toxic plants by following the foraging best practices provided. Supplement your diet with delicious and energizing wild foods.

Module 6 – Preparation and Prevention

  • Know how to assemble a survival kit with essential tools.
  • Use land features, celestial objects and tracking to navigate.
  • Learn proper map reading and compass techniques.
  • Employ trailblazing and marking tactics when lost.
  • Understand how to signal and facilitate rescue.

Don’t get lost in the first place with the navigation and preparation knowledge provided here. Learn tips for assembling compact survival kits you can take anywhere. Master map reading, compass use, celestial navigation and trailblazing. Develop strategies for signaling and facilitating rescue if stranded.

You’ll become adept at utilizing landmarks, tracking skills and primitive technologies to orient yourself. Stay found and stay calm using the search and rescue techniques known by experts. Don’t leave safety to chance again.

Module 7 – Bringing it Together

  • Review key concepts and tie all the skills together.
  • Get instructor recommendations for mastery.
  • Learn about further survival resources.

This final module helps cement your newfound knowledge. Instructors summarize the most important concepts and explain how the skills work in tandem for total wilderness independence. You’ll get recommendations for honing techniques like friction fire and foraging.

Discover additional resources to continue your nature education. After completing this course, you can venture into the outdoors knowing you have the ability to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Wilderness Survival Course

Lasting Confidence, No Matter the Situation

Whether planning a remote hike, camping trip or driving through unfamiliar areas, this course provides insurance against getting lost and the ability to survive until rescue. The skills empower self-reliance and replace fear with confidence when facing the unexpected.

Rave Reviews From Students

The course has over 1,100 graduates who confirm its immense value for emergency preparedness and nature connection:

  • “After taking the course I feel confident I can survive in the wilderness and assist other hikers who need help.” – Rachel H., Hiking Guide
  • “I can now comfortably spend any amount of time in the wilderness and feel completely at home.” – Nick N., California
  • “It was truly life changing. Knowledge is empowering!” – Zuri B., Washington

An Exceptional Value Backed by a 60-Day Guarantee

The regular cost for government agencies and companies to send employees to Alderleaf’s on-site survival training is upwards of $2,000 per person when including travel expenses and time away from work. This online course makes the same expert instruction available for only $197.

There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing ample risk-free time to experience the lessons and achieve confidence in the skills.

For anyone who ventures into nature, acquiring these ancestral techniques can make the difference between life and death when minutes count. The small investment in training is well worth gaining the ability to save yourself or your loved ones.

Wilderness Survival Skills Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is included in the course?
    7 modules with 12 video lessons, 9 illustrated handbooks, bonus videos & guides, certificate of completion.
  • How long do I have access?
    You get two years of access to review the materials.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Yes, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Who will this course benefit?
    Anyone who spends time outdoors and wants to be prepared for emergencies.
  • What if I have questions during the course?
    You can ask questions on the lesson pages and get answers within one business day.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    Just an internet connection—you can view on any device.
  • Is this course only for survival experts?
    No, it’s designed for complete beginners to advanced.

Start Learning Today and Be Prepared for Your Next Adventure

Few people understand how quickly disaster can strike in the wilderness, and how helpless they are without the ancestral techniques taught in this course. Many brave groups have ventured out confidently, only to face tragedy when caught off guard by harsh weather, injury or disorientation.

Ask yourself. Are you truly prepared to preserve your safety and the safety of loved ones should the worst happen miles from help?

Be ready now, not later, to confront emergencies and challenges in the wild by becoming a master of shelter building, firemaking, foraging, navigation, and survival first aid.

This one-of-a-kind curriculum makes proven, field-tested techniques accessible to anyone at an incredible value. You won’t find another online course that reveals the real-world survival skills known by so few and forgotten by most.

Don’t gamble that a crisis won’t happen on your next outdoor adventure. Start learning these life-saving skills today, so you have the power to confront the unexpected and live to return to civilization.

The next story of tragedy in the wilderness does not have to include you or your loved ones. Get the Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Course today and be fully prepared, not just lucky. Your ability to thrive in the harshest environments awaits.

Don’t put off getting the wilderness know-how that could save your life. Get the Essential Wilderness Survival Skills course now and ensure you have the ability to make it through any outdoor emergency situation.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Get the Skills Now That Could Save Your Life

Wilderness Survival Course