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Blade Show West: A Premier Knife Show Delivering the Ultimate Knife Enthusiast Experience

BLADE Show West is an annual event that brings together knife enthusiasts, industry professionals, and exhibitors to celebrate and explore the world of knives. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a knifemaker, or simply curious about this ancient tool, BLADE Show West offers a comprehensive experience that will leave you inspired and informed.

This year’s show will be held Oct. 13-14, 2023, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This highly anticipated knife show brings together renowned knife makers and companies, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore aisles filled with rare, custom, and unique blades. Whether you are a knife enthusiast, collector, or simply looking for one-of-a-kind finds and accessories, BLADE Show West has something for everyone.

A Wide Range of Blades

At BLADE Show West, you can expect to find a wide range of blade types, from everyday carry knives to specialty hunting knives and kitchen knives. With numerous exhibitors showcasing their finest blades, you will have the chance to see and purchase blades that are not commonly found elsewhere. Whether you are looking for a practical tool or a work of art, BLADE Show West is the place to be.

Seminars, Competitions, and Community

BLADE Show West is not just about browsing and purchasing blades. The show also includes educational seminars, thrilling competitions, and serves as a gathering place for the BLADE Community. Attendees can expand their knowledge by participating in informative seminars, where experts share their insights and expertise. The competitions add an element of excitement, showcasing the skills and creativity of knife makers and enthusiasts. BLADE Show West truly brings together a vibrant community of knife enthusiasts.

These informative sessions are available to all ticket holders free of charge. By participating in these demos, you can learn new techniques, gain insights from experts, and enhance your knife skills. Whether you are interested in handcrafted knives, factory knives, or knifemaking supplies, these demos and presentations add tremendous value to your experience at Blade Show West.

The show also boasts an impressive lineup of exhibitors, with hundreds of industry professionals showcasing their handcrafted knives, factory knives, and knifemaking supplies. This event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to explore and discover the latest products in the knife industry. From traditional designs to cutting-edge innovations, there is something for everyone at BLADE Show West. Whether you are looking to expand your collection or find the perfect tool for your needs, the exhibitors at this show have you covered.

Convenient Location

The show takes place at the Salt Palace Convention Center, conveniently located at 100 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, Utah. This easily accessible venue ensures that visitors can enjoy their experience without any hassle.

Show Hours and Tickets

BLADE Show West opens its doors on Friday and Saturday, allowing visitors ample time to explore the show. On Friday, the show runs from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., with Early Bird Tickets holders gaining entry at 10 a.m. Saturday follows the same schedule, running from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets can be conveniently purchased at the door, or online, ensuring that you can join in on the excitement even if you haven’t purchased tickets in advance.

  • Single Day: $20
  • 2-Day Pass: $35
  • Children 12 and Under: FREE

Organizers and Publications

BLADE Show West is organized by Caribou Media LLC, the publisher of BLADE Magazine, the world’s number one knife publication. Caribou Media LLC also owns Gun Digest and provides news and education in the outdoor industry. With their expertise and experience, you can trust that BLADE Show West is a well-organized and reputable event.

Exciting Activities

Apart from browsing and purchasing blades, BLADE Show West offers a range of exciting activities for attendees. The after-party award ceremony is a highlight of the event, where outstanding achievements in the industry are recognized and celebrated. The West Coast Flipping Championships showcase the skill and artistry of knife flipping enthusiasts. Knifemaking demos and presentations provide valuable insights into the craft and allow attendees to learn from experts. Raffles and giveaways add an element of fun and excitement, giving attendees a chance to win exclusive prizes. Finally, the knife awards and judging bring attention to the finest blades showcased at the event.

Whether you are a seasoned knife enthusiast or simply curious about the world of blades, BLADE Show West is an event not to be missed. With its wide range of blades, educational seminars, competitions, and vibrant community, the show promises to be a memorable experience for all attendees. Mark your calendars and join us at BLADE Show West for an unforgettable knife show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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