Author, Creator of MagnaCut and Knife Steel Nerds’ Larrin Thomas – The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 242 founder and steel metallurgist Larrin Thomas joins Bob “The Knife Junkie” on episode 242 of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

Larrin developed an interest in steel by visiting knife shows with father Devin Thomas, maker of Damascus steel. Years later his interest in steel led to a PhD in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Knife Engineering: Steel, Heat Treating, and GeometryHe works professionally developing steels for the automotive industry but has an abiding love for blade steels. Knife Steel Nerds is Larrin’s outlet for his passion, check it out for a deep dive into the properties and complexities of knife steels. Now an author, Larrin wrote the breakout hit book (at least among knife nerds) “Knife Engineering: Steel, Heat Treating, and Geometry.”

Larrin has also left his mark on the world of super-steel with CPM MagnaCut, a blade steel that balances high toughness and edge retention–like CPM-CruWear/CPM-4V–but is also stainless. CPM MagnaCut, made by Crucible Industries, has been distributed to a select group of knife makers so far but promises to be adopted far and wide as an ultra-premium blade steel.

You can find Larrin online at, as well as on Instagram and on his YouTube channel.

Author, creator of MagnaCut and Knife Steel Nerds' Larrin Thomas joins me on episode 242 of #theknifejunkie #podcast. If you're a knife junkie and knife steel nerd, you gotta listen to this show! Click To Tweet



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