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The Knife Junkie continues his “Knife 101” series with an in-depth look at blade shapes and their utilities on Episode 04 of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

Drop point, clip point, dagger (double edge), Wharncliffe, Tanto, Seax and recurve blades are discussed, as well various grinds — hollow, saber and flat — and what these shapes and grinds are best suited for. This week’s show also features an interesting product review for an American made product, the Snaggletooth, as well as the Maintenance Minute on stropping.

It’s a jam-packed episode that might have to be listened to at least twice to catch all the information!

Also, don’t forget … we’re taking your calls until the end of November 2018 for our question of the month – what knife do you want this holiday gift-giving season? Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know.

Pocket Check

• Jim continues to carry his Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
• Bob has several knives (again)

  • Protech Rockeye Automatic
  • Benchmade Bugout
  • Pink Cold Steel Broken Skull (his usual)

Segment 1 – Maintenance Minute

In this edition of the “Maintenance Minute,” The Knife Junkie explains stropping and how important it is for your knives.

Segment 2 – Knife Life News

On this edition of “Knife Life News,” The Knife Junkie gushes over a favorite product, the Snaggletooth, which is an American made accessory.

Show Highlights / Key Points

[00:40] – Pocket Check
[2:15] – Bob explains his favorite EDC
[2:58] – Maintenance Minute
[5:23] – Stropping Recap
[5:59] – Blade shapes and their utilities
[6:38] – The drop point
[7:38] – Clip point (Bowie and Navaha)
[9:20] – The mystique of Jim Bowie
[10:40] – Dagger
[11:36] – Tanto
[13:15] – Wharncliffe and Seax
[15:05] – Recurve
[16:27] – Choose and search knives by shape
[16:55] – Types of grinds
[17:25] – Hollow grind
[18:22] – Saber grind
[19:14] – Flat grind
[20:38] – Other types of grinds
[20:57] – Listener Line
[21:20] – Recap of shapes and grinds
[23:20] – Scalable
[24:00] – Listener Line
[24:09] – Knife Life News – Product Review
[26:43] – Snaggletooth recap
[27:15] – Quick topic recap
[28:20] – The Knife Junkie’s last word


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