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Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors!! (Scab) - The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 370)

Scab of Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 370)

Scab of the Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors YouTube channel joins Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco on Episode 370 of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

Scab started the Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors YouTube channel as a form of therapy, and with the goal of using and learning about knives, bushcraft, kayaking, and the outdoors — all in hopes that the viewer comes along for the ride! His tastes in knives range from folders to massive fixed blades and mega-choppers.

Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors is intended to be a fun expression of his appreciation of all things with a blade and the outdoors!! And Scab always shouts out other content makers to build community and also honors veterans, law enforcement officers (LEOs) and those suffering from addiction.

Scab is not a veteran, nor has he ever served in the military, but he supports veterans and wants to raise awareness of the tragedy of veteran suicide! #22aday.

Find Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors!! on YouTube and on Instagram.


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Scab from the Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors YouTube (and Instagram) channel is my guest this week on episode 370 of #theknifejunkie #podcast. I went to his channel for the big knives, but stayed for the big character wielding them.… Share on X
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Choirboyz Cutlery Outdoors!! (Scab) - The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 370)

[0:00] Welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast, your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host, Bob the Knife Junkie DiMarco. Welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast. I'm Bob DiMarco. On this edition of the show, I'm speaking with Scab of Choir Boys Cutlery Outdoors.
Scab has a knife review channel on YouTube that has taken off in the past year and it's been thrilling to see because he likes the large combative and beastly fixed blade knives not featured on many of the channels I follow.

[0:39] He takes them out back, he puts them through hard use and it's like you're just hanging out with him thrashing on and with knives.

[0:46] Plus he's a Cold Steel and Emerson fanboy like me, so I find him relatable. In his case, I came for the big knives, but stayed for the big character wielding them.
Scab's heartfelt love of the knives in most all forms comes through and is totally relatable, as I mentioned.
So we're going to meet him. We're going to talk to him and find out all about him, his channel and his favorite knives. But first, be sure to like, comment, subscribe, hit the notification bell and download the show to your favorite podcast app.
Also, if you want to help support the show, you can do so on Patreon. The quickest way to do that is to go to slash Patreon. Again, slash Patreon.
Do you carry multiple knives, then overthink which one to use when an actual cutting chore pops up?
You're a knife junkie of the first order.
Scab, welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast. How you doing, sir? Good, man. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you very much.
Oh, it's my pleasure. It's my pleasure. As I just mentioned up front, I was really drawn to... it was it was shredder who recommended I check you out and he's like you're gonna love the knives
he features and yeah I did but I also like what's behind the videos and you know you definitely,
are doing this not just for fun there's there's stuff behind it there's a real.

[2:10] Mission in your work and I it resonates with me so anyway it's a it's a great pleasure to have you you on the show. In light of what I was just saying, every one of your videos kind of starts with a preamble. And I want to ask you about that. Tell me about that.

[2:28] We started off and to be honest with you, when I started the channel, I wasn't really part of the knife community, meaning I didn't engage a lot. So when I started the channel, it wasn't long,
Bob, that I was, I was welcome in with open arms because that's what this community does.

[2:48] And man, as the channel started to grow, I had seen a couple things. I'd seen the hashtag 22 a day. And man, it just, it hit me on a different level. I'm not a veteran. I want to make that,
clear, but my son served, my wife served, my grandfather served. So veterans causes are really,
on my heart. And the hashtag 22 a day, man, it just, it gut punched me. And I thought, you know what, we're growing as a channel, and it's fun. And we,
have a blast, just like you do. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking we need to do more as we grow. And I want to be
able to put rubber to the road. So that's why we open the way we do with with, we start with the hashtag 22 a day. And really, all it means is this, if you are a vet, you're welcome,
here. We don't do any anti-military. You'll never hear that. I really, I don't do politics, religion, or her. I just, I just don't. And I had a buddy of mine, Trey Enfield, who's, who's law enforcement. I've got cousins and all that, who hit me up. He said, man, would you mind? And this was probably in 2020, right in there when they, when law enforcement was just getting nailed, he said, would you stay something for us? So we back to blue. So we say that and I catch flack for that.
That's okay.

[4:17] And then, uh, the addict, that's me. I've fought addiction for ever.
So, you know, those three causes are big and they're important to me. So I like having, I want people to know, you know, you're welcome here.
And it takes all kinds here and we don't discriminate. We don't segregate. Just come on in and let's have a good time. That that's where that come from.
It seems very, uh, it's sort of spelling out a lot of what you were talking about in terms of the knife community as a group of enthusiasts who have a love
for this thing, you know, knives. But there's, I feel like it's different from other enthusiast communities and that it is so open and, you know, even knife makers themselves, you know,
you could, you can call most of them up if you can reach them when they're not working,
and ask them how to do X, Y or Z and they'll tell you.

[5:16] I've gotten to where, as we've grown, I've gotten more into that. I want to show you something real quick. We were talking before we started and you love big knives and that's phenomenal.
Speaking of knife makers, this is, this is from alpha knife and it's their buoy.
And a guy, Jr, who is just a massive part of this channel, he keeps me in a lot of these knives. the guy's phenomenal. He's a vet. But Damon Lusky made this and Damon, his background is in
martial arts. He actually trains law enforcement and you can tell that in his knives, but he's a very, very relatable guy. You know, as we've grown and even before, a lot of the makers,
are willing to talk to you and help you and a lot of the designers are too. And that's why I love the community. I love the community because we're just an eclectic group. You know, there's,
different, there's disagreements, you know it on it. But at the end of the day, when it's time to rally,
everybody rally. And that, that's, you know, it's that bond and it doesn't matter guy, girl, whatever.

[6:28] I, that, I love that. And that was new and that was fresh to me. Like I said, I wasn't part of the community. And when I come in, man, it was just like, welcome in. Everybody's welcoming. It's It's been great.
Yeah, always been into knives? Yes.

[6:45] Since I was, I'm a southern boy. So you start carrying a pocket knife early, you start using one early. I've always just had, you know, some guys are into guns, some guys, and I,
those are fine, but I love Blake and I love all Blake. Uh, that is exactly how I am. Uh, my brother is, you know, and I have a, a, a close friend who is also a gun aficionado. I'm like, I, I like them them and I'm, you know, I've got mine, but I don't have this need to, to,
constantly acquire more of them.
I love the engineering. They're beautiful and all of that, but there is, yeah, I'm like you, anything with a blade or a point, um, just I've always gravitated toward them.
Um, also, so you're, you're a kid growing up in the South. You're always carrying a pocket knife.
Um, how did this evolve into, um, a love of the big fixed blades?
I've watched some of your stuff kind of in preparing and I love a lot of your knives and I'm a kid just at heart, just like you are. There's just something about it.
Here's how it really started. If you want to know the truth, here's how it started.
When I started the channel, I had watched D-Bad, Donnie B all day and I had watched Advanced sniper and I watched all these guys.

[8:04] And then I started watching other guys and I watched like Big Red and I watched all these folks. And I thought, I can do that. And I watched Donnie be all day, I'll never forget it, with a 1917 Cold Steel, but in the excitement and the passion he had, and I thought, I can do that.

[8:22] What I couldn't do was, what I found out very quickly was that the folders, I've used one my whole life, but having the knife acumen, knowing the terms. And if you watch some
of my first videos I'm riding in a truck showing a knife which isn't the safest but I found out real real quick Bob that uh I'm better off to pick up a knife head out in the woods let's cut some stuff up,
and and learn as we go so I shifted the the the channel and and basically what the channel is you're going to see big knives you're going to see some boulders from Rosecraft they've jumped in
they're sending some which I'm greatly appreciative for them but you're going to see a guy learning how to use a knife as far as really building a skill set. And so I found that when I do it that way.

[9:17] It translates if that makes sense. I can show one better than I can tell you about. Yeah, it's kind of like you're going out back and learning about the knife and taking the camera
with you. And actually that's something I love. I love all sorts of knife videos, just like I love all sorts of knives. I love the real close up ones. I do a couple of those. I do those,
where you show things really well lit, really up close. That's nice. But I stock channels where guys are out or or gals are out thrashing on knives and because I've always been squeamish about them you know I spend money on a knife and I'm like you know but watching you watching uh,
D-Bad watching the shredder guys um and you know going back to my old nut and fancy days,
I'm like yeah I can baton you know if so I've been I've been starting to really work out some of my knives that have been kind of sitting there and not living their best life.
That's what I mean. That's, you know, at the end of the day, it's fun.

[10:23] And I was talking to a drugs from Legion tactical and he started to get out now and he set up kind of a studio and Joe from steel, forged a fire.
And I don't mean to shout people out as much, but that's, that's just part of what I do because all of you guys inspire me. All these channels inspire me. And one thing,
and I wanted to talk to you some about this, one thing that I would like to do with your help and with other people is kind of bridge that gap because there is a gap between tabletop guys.

[10:59] And demonstrate and it shouldn't be there's to me personally there's value in every single knife review that's out there that's legit you know you know full well what it takes to do this,
to put yourself out there you know when you put in and i'll give you an example when when you're in the community put out a video today and 99 percent of the comments man they're great scab great job and that's good and I appreciate that. But I've learned with doing some of these shorts,
when you leave the knife community, the love's really not there, you know, and that's fine.
But what I would like to do is, is, is, because it's a noticeable gap and it shouldn't be, it's like two sides and I'm like there's value in everything. You'd be amazed at the amount of
channels that I watch, I don't say a lot and don't comment a lot. I always hit like, always make sure they get a view. But to me, we are one community. And I, you know, there's a lot that I learned from watching you guys and vice versa. And I think it's a shame sometimes. And it's not really between,
I don't feel like it's between the reviewers, because there's always that good rapport, you know.

[12:21] Know, but, but I put out a short not long ago and I started reading comments from other channel subscribers and I thought, wait a minute.

[12:33] There's a gap. And I want to make sure one comment that I just touched on it real quick, it didn't bother me at all. But it started me thinking because one guy was like, well,
you know, not everybody works in industrial environment and not everybody wants to abuse or not. And I thought, well, the industrial environment part, I understand. But I hope people don't think I'm abusing the night. I try to be, I know there's a, I know there's a fine line.
And the other thing is this, Bob, it's everything I've got.

[13:07] Everything I have is hard use. Even if I go with my, um, drop one. Even if I go with my Billy Wademus, which I want that. I want that so badly.

[13:20] I, sorry, this night, but door this night and. And then, but it went right into a tire. And here's why.
And I think a lot of people don't realize like the DJ horn sent me his, he said, I want you to do a hard use review.
There's going to be certain folks watching. He said, I'm going to be mad at you if you don't go hard on.
He said, you know what? So I did Billy wall, you know about Billy wall, right? No, Billy wall.
Wall is the oldest CIA paramilitary man in United States. They dropped Billy why in Afghanistan in 2001 at 71 years old. Yeah. That guy, Colonel Kurtz. So,
the Billy wad demo is Robert Young Pelton, Bill Harsey combo design with Billy was influenced. They, they, they, the story's incredible.

[14:26] And I actually talked to Bill Harsey about when they decided to do a knife, he and Robert Young Pelton teamed up, which is was just an insane combo to begin with.

[14:38] Mr. Pelton met Billy Wa at a waffle house, I think in Texas. And said, hey, I want you, we want you to design a knife if you were behind enemy lines.
And this is what he come up with. thing Billy Wall said was why the hell would anybody want anything with my name?

[14:56] But that's where this and then you throw Bill Harsey in the mix who isn't absolutely legend, who's the guy. It's just a legend. But even this knife went hard use.

[15:09] Well, I want to, you know, talking about this gap and actually talking about that comment in particular, not everyone works in an industrial environment and not everyone wants to abuse their knives. First of all, there's an assumption there that you're, and I never get this from you,
that you're one of these, you've got to use your stuff, man, kind of guys, you're just out there using your stuff. And we all get to watch. For me, a guy who's squeamish about doing the kind of
stuff you do, it's nice to know that some of the knives I have that you have can stand up to the stuff you put it up to, you know. So to me, that's a valuable service in a way. But also, that gap,
I think might also be and and and by the gap I mean between tabletop say folding knife reviewers versus out in the woods chopping with choppers review
knife reviewers that gap is also a taste gap though where some people just,
someone that I love that I know you love I offered to send him a fixed blade and,
And, uh, you know, a nice, uh, in, in, in, uh, as a thank you for him sending me something.
And he said very politely, no, thank you. For me, it's all about the mechanism, the fidget.
Oh, that's interesting. Okay. You know, to me, I'd be like, battle acts. Sure.
Send it, uh, you know, whatever you got that's got a blade, but that's not everybody.
No, no.

[16:38] And that, you know what? That, that's important to distinguish. I do. I started off saying use your stuff or you know the term, but I did want to say since I'm with you, I did want to explain that because I do try to explain that in the video. Here's my thing. You have a Randall.

[16:58] Which I'm very jealous of now. Rumor has it.
I've got one coming in next month. I'm not going on record yet, but here's the thing. And here's here's when I say use your stuff. Here's what I'm talking about.
Just like this knife right here. Prime example, the Spartan, hardsy folder.
This Brandon Thrasher gave me this Thrasher's garage man.
I love this thing, right?
But when you when you get a Spartan hardsy folder, it is a tactical folder. That's what it is. You know, we, we overuse the word, but that's
what it is. What I'm saying to people is this, if you buy this knife, cause you'll hear this a lot. Well, everything goes to hell. This is the knife I'm taking. Have you ever used,
it? No, man. It's $500. If you buy a knife for that use right now, if you buy a knife and you go, man, I can appreciate everything about this knife. Yeah. I don't advocate taking can, um, a two, $3,000 knife and batoning.
That's, that's, that's not what I'm saying.
What I am saying is if you buy something for a purpose, build that skill set.

[18:13] Because, you know, you, you have all kinds of knives, just like I do. You have all kinds of weapons, just like I did.
And, and one of the great joys that I take from doing this, and I've said this before too. I'm the most you'll find the most redundant human on planet. But man,
using a different knife every day is a challenge. The last the last three reviews I've done, I did a folder today, did a kukri. And I believe, oh, it hasn't come out yet. But the work tough gear,
blackout. Three very distinct styles. When you do that consecutively.

[18:55] There's times that I've watched videos and went, you may want to redo that. Not because of the knife, but because of this, you know, I got to run, say you get in the run of bullies, a man you're just,
tearing with you do that. And then you stop and you turn and you go immediately, say to a couple of kukris and then the folders and then you come up with a Nesmic. You're, you know, and that's
where my whole user stuff came from. Don't have 12 knives you're going to take, have a couple,
build that skill set, keep it fresh, use something else. That's all I'm saying when I say is if you buy something, be proficient with it. Yeah. So recently I've been in a Bowie phase and I've
gotten a bunch, some expensive, some inexpensive and the inexpensive ones, three in particular,
the Black Mule Bowie by Rough Rider, the Ontario SP-10 and the.

[19:59] What's the third one? Oh, the Shrade Leroy. These are knives I bought the Shrade Leroy for my car. You know, Carboy, you gotta have one of those. And, and then I got the other. So I've been having fun thrashing on them. And what I've noticed is kind of like, when you train to fight, until you're actually making physical bodily contact with another person. It's all theoretical. And it's the same thing with a chopper, for instance, slamming it into wood and hitting a knot. Well, when you're thinking about swinging that knife,
you're not thinking about the knot. And you're not thinking about that jarring energy. So,
sometimes you just have to wake up your physical your body just by that kind of activity.
That's absolutely right. And it changes in that that the SP 10 is their Marine Raider Yeah, I love my love it.

[20:55] And it's a beast of a blade. But that's going to be a different skill set from the from the blackout. The handles different, the weights different, the whole nine yards.
But now that Marine Raider, there's just something to be there's something to be said for it, whether it's budget or not. There's a lot to be said for that. said for that blade.
Yeah, it's a really, really excellent blade. And it's also just, it's got the bowie.
It's got the perfect look. It's beautiful. And to me, that plays a lot into knives that I love, that I'm attracted to.
As I'm not, for my lifestyle, a hard user, I'm not buying these knives because I think, you know, this is the one I'm gonna need for work.
I'm buying them for other reasons. And one of them is aesthetics. I love the way they look and feel and how much of that, the aesthetics plays into it for you.
Well, for me, it's twofold, right?

[21:57] The channel choir boys cutler outdoors aesthetic spit and finish are not a factor because on the channel what i want to do is demonstrate the knife learn how to use the knife and and and basically
go ham we talked a little bit about this blade before this is the nomad camp yeah now this is the bowler i believe this is the i'm sorry this is the at or this is the k340 i apologize this is,
K340 my car to handle. I love the way this looks for the channel. It doesn't matter for me. Yeah.

[22:34] And I'm like you man. I like the big knives. Obviously I like the aesthetic. I like this screams at me because it's a little different. Yeah I got one. I'll tell you the perfect aesthetic for me.
Me perfect shape for me what I like.
Personal I just got this one in. Oh wow, that is awesome. This is the Amish John.

[23:02] Again from work tough here. Everything Bob right here that I love.
I like a toil on a bigger blade because I use that fencing grip a lot.
I love a recurve. I love a clip point and then the hand. the inner grip and for those folks who watch my videos a lot, I'm always going to give you this measure, right?

[23:28] Because that's important. So for me personally for scab, yeah, this is me all day. I love the ergos, love the aesthetics and I just think they're badass. Yes. For the channel, we got to,
you know, it's like, hey, we got a job to do. Yeah. And I'm going to bring some crazy stuff out on the channel because it's fun. And, and you know, how long have you done this, Bob?
I've done what exactly making videos and stuff. Yeah, the knife junkie podcast for four years now.
How long have you done the reviews? The reviews for I picked it back up four years ago. I started doing them in 2013, but man, I lost steam right quick.
So so early on, I only did about, say, 20 videos. And I came back to it when I started this podcast, when Jim and I started this and I started doing review videos again. Yeah.

[24:22] Okay. Well then, and you know how important it is to have fun. Yeah.
There, there are, there are guys out there and I admire these guys who run, who run their channel like a brand.
Know what I'm saying? And, and it's, it's organized and it's clean and it's neat. And I admire that. That is not me.
I'm all over the place. If it's a riding with scab where we're hollering at people and talking about knives or a kitchen conversation with scab or whatever, we're in the swamp, we're in the woods, we're in the front yard.
Um, but I learned from everybody. And the one thing that I've learned from everybody is this.
There has to be a measure of fun and element of fun.
I think to persevere when it's not fun anymore.

[25:13] But right now it's a blast, you know? Well, in a way it seems like channels that, well, like yours, it's more like their journals in a way or vlogs or blogs, you know what I mean?
More than some of the other more regimented channels that you were mentioning. And actually, I personally, and I would bet most of us have used for all of them. I like the warm blanket feel of watching someone's videos and I know exactly what they're going to do and how they're,
going to and I know their opinion before they even tell me because I've seen so many of their videos.
I love that because it's the personality you're tuning into.
You know, I'm thinking of all these names right now.
But then but then there are, you know, then there's also the videos or the channels like yours that are more catching up with scab.
Where are you? I'm showing you my knife or, or I'm out here in the swamp and I'm showing you a battle ax, you know, it could be anything.
Yeah. And that's, that is exciting. Just like there's that, uh, the security of that warm blanket. It's also cool to go out and just explore.

[26:25] Yeah. And that's what I was talking about too. Just to me, every review has value on a lot of, no matter how you run your channel no matter how and there's a little bit of everybody in their channel. When I look at it,
when I look at a channel or when I watch a channel or when I watch a new channel,
one thing that I love is trying to figure out the psychology of that channel, right? Like I love the knives. I love knives, axes, spears, swords, machetes, tomahawks, daggers, you name folders.

[27:03] But I also like to know their thought process behind the chip.

[27:09] Why are you doing it? What's your approach? Because part of the phone for me, Bob, is building the champ.

[27:17] You know what I'm saying? There are a lot of guys and I talked to a lot of guys and they're honest. They're like, dude, look, I'm just here to show my collection.
Have a good time.
Hang out in the chats.
And I think that's cool. I really do.
I really do. And then there's the guys who are like, hey, man, I'm on a mission. This is what we're doing. Here's what we're going. This is this is the end result.
And I like seeing that because, again, end of the day, and you take the tragedy with Jason Brown, everybody goes, everything stops and everybody comes here.
And that's what it's about. That's what it should be.
And so I love that. But I love figuring out why people do what they do.
You know, why do you show a knife that way?

[28:03] What's important? Just like you said, what's important to you about the knife?

[28:08] You know, what are some things you look for in a knife? Like if you're if you're going to buy a knife, if you're going to purchase a knife, what's what?
What's the first thing?
A first thing. Oh, man. Well, I get I get on Jags, I get in little fits, you know, where like I've been in this Bowie fix and fit and I've been in one many times.
That's why I have a lot of Bowie knives. But recently, I've been taking taking it more seriously. And I, like until I get a Natchez Bowie, like it probably won't stop. That's kind of my I love fighting Bowies. I, you know what, Scab, like I approached this all from a weapon.

[28:49] Point of view. Like the fact that that I now like EDC knives, like this QSP Penguin, which is an awesome knife, has been an evolution while doing the podcast and meeting other people who have,
shown me how great these things are, but really I come at it from a weapons perspective. And,
that's just always been my, my thing. So what I look for is something that no matter what, no matter how small or insignificant can be used as a weapon if possible. That's always
kind of my first jumping off point. I like it. I have, well, I have a little collection of ice picks. So I look at things in it, you know, when I started, when I started, honestly,
a lot of mine was necessity, right? When I really started collecting hard, I was doing underground utility location. So we're in the woods, we're in the swamp, a lot of times.

[29:49] We would go help survey crews cut lines into which was a blast, because it gave me a chance to take all my new machetes out there and just cut. You know, nobody's going to say,
why are you doing well? We're cutting line. But as I've done the channel, it's funny you should mention that as I've done the channel and the skill set has grown and we,
all can cut zip ties, we can all cut cardboard, we can all, but when you get down to like making a truss truss stick or you get down to the nuance of shaving a piece of wood to start a fire.

[30:29] As as that skill set has grown i've noticed i've started leaning more and more to the you know to the medium size knives and i love every plate there's not a knife you can show me that i would go

[30:58] I have that very one that's an awesome knife. The HK five. Yeah, I just used it in earnest for the first time this past weekend. And I was using it for I basically I took whittle down a big log into
a baton, you know, and I use that to carve out the handle. I could not believe how sharp it was. That thing is awesome. And they're they come like this. I've got the Well, I had it, I dropped it. But.

[31:26] But I was telling you before we started, big time into the pocket fixed blade.
Right? Yes. And I love those. And as a matter of fact, I wanted to show you a couple. So this is what I was gonna ask you about because I know you carry a fixed blade knife every day.

[31:46] And I was curious how that has changed. I know now you're into medium fixed blade knives and I know you carry them daily because as you mentioned, the environments that you work in are just not appropriate. A folder is not appropriate.
Um, so how, how do you carry your fixed blade knives on the work site? But then how do you carry them once you leave the work site? Like how does your whole fixed blade system work?
Honest to God, I have there that there's, I have, I'll show you a couple of different kinds.
This is the silent hero four from talks.

[32:22] And I'm just, I'm going to show you these just to give you an idea. Here's my RMJU cap. Here's an alpha AK5.
This is this thing's dope.
That's cool. When I'm on the job site, they go in my pocket. I literally, that's why I call them pocket fixed blades.
This is the one I was showing you that I carry every day of my life, the Nomad EDC. And I'll show you my, this is exactly the way I carry it.
It's just a little pancake canvas. It slides right in my pocket. I use it just like a folder.
On the weekends, I've got a leather sheath. It's got an ulti clip. I still stick it in my pocket with the ulti clip and that's how I carry it.
Or Scout, or it's always low key, or the Laguna, which is just a fantastic, again, I work tough gear stuff.

[33:19] I just put them in my pocket. And I know that sounds so stupid, but I just put them in my pocket. Well, that's not stupid. I mean, you got to if you have to carry a fixed blade every day,
and I prefer to, you got to have some sort of system worked out. Otherwise, it's kind of like a gun. It you're not going to carry it because it's always kind of, you know, and it's too big.
Like I have, I have, I have a quite a collection of knives that that fit in the waistband just nicely just how I like them. And I and the funny thing is, is I only actually carry about three,
of them. Usually, I rotate through three that I just love. But fixed blade and a folder, do you,
what do you find the ultimate value of having a fixed blade on yours?
Well, for me, a fixed blade. Well, I'll tell you just like with with with the one that I carry every day. Zeke Monacho design is work tough gear made it and and I've got
a couple videos on it but the benefit Bob is it's not breaking there's no mechanism to screw up there's there's you know you don't have to worry about action you don't have to worry it's there it's in your hand it's ready to go,
anytime I need you know what I'm saying yeah for me that's the benefit and in and sandblasting and powder coating, I'll recognize.
And I don't want it to.

[34:46] The other side is, if you're holding something up and you've got to cut it, I do stick it in my pocket. I have a way where I'll tuck it in my belt where I can just pop it and it's there, cut what I need.
And if I have to, I'll put it down.

[34:59] You know, but again, I'm not worried about it breaking. It has the thickness, the sturdiness, it's made for everything that that for me is the benefit. You know, I don't have to worry about the lock up the lock failure, any of that. It just it's there and it works. Or grit in the action,
which would just drive me absolutely up a wall. So okay, so for most people, I know that the work work tough gear knives are released in very limited batches and that little,
Nomad I'm sure is not available.

[35:32] If it is, it's it's not now. Oh, OK, we'll be OK. So in your opinion, what is a great fixed blade knife to recommend to a folder collector, a folder user, a folder guy?
Many, many, many, many of us are exclusively folder guys. But I feel like guys and gals, of course, Cause there are a lot of women out there who collect knives too.
Uh, so what, what would be the best fixed blade knife? Because everyone's got to have at least one non kitchen fixed blade knife, you know, just because what would it be pocket fixed blade,
medium sized fixed play what just, just one fixed blade.
You have to say that Nomad EDC.
Yeah, but they can't get, oh, they will be able to. All right. Let's keep it under a hundred bucks. So you're talking about something that's going to be there every day all day.
Yeah. I'm talking about, uh, there's a, uh, you know, folder collector and you're like, you gotta have a fixed blade.

[36:31] I'd say the silent hero for silent hero for, I mean, because they're going to be there.

[36:39] But for a fixed blade and for a lot of folder guys, a lot of guys carry folders a million different reasons. And I promise you in the comments, I'll get there. No.

[36:49] But this to me would be conducive. See, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a big folder guy. I just like Billy wall. Now let's put it up against the silent hero four, right? It's bigger than the silent hero four.
So and I believe this is a four inch blade.
So for me, easy access and I'm not sure the cost on this, but I don't think it's out. I don't think it's crazy.
And I think that's their 154 cm top stuff so nicely.
I believe you're right. But the thing too, for me, is that handle, because I've got busted up.
So for me, if you're a folder guy, I'd say start off with a Silent Hero 4.
Just something that you like you said. Now, if you can get them, the Nomad EDC is it, but you can't, I'd say a top. That's just, but you know, again, that man, there's a million different, but I'm talking about if we're talking about if you're a folder guy, you still want something small, you're not sure because you can carry the scout carry, or you can just stick the darn thing in your pocket.

[37:58] And start to get used to it. You know what I'm saying? Get used to carrying a fixed blade. And I would advocate that.
I really would, Not because I think they're better than Folder.

[38:10] But again, it goes back to that skill set and get you a knife that you're going to use. Don't go out and buy a $400 knife. They're not against that. I got them, but I use them that you're not going to use. Break it in, you know, go in that, go in that a hundred to $200 range. Use the knife.
And then as you go, hone it in, if that makes sense.

[38:34] Yeah, yeah, sure. And I feel like with the with the fixed blades, if you're going to carry a knife at all for self defense, and you're going out thinking that that's what you're doing.
And I do that. Definitely. I consider every knife on me a self defense knife. But if you're carrying a knife for self defense, man, manage a fixed blade, because you don't want to have to manage opening a folding knife in a situation where you're actually gonna use a knife to defend yourself.
That would just be, to me, that just seems intuitive. I don't know, I don't have the experience, thank the Lord and hopefully never do.
But it just seems to me like dealing with that mechanism.
You know, that's why I love Emersons. You know, that's why I love the Wave. That's why I love Cold Steel.
As I mentioned upfront, you're a Cold Steel guy, you're an Emerson guy. And I think I know why, but let's talk Cold Steel for a minute.
How do you feel about cold steel and how did you feel about the sale? Do you have any, uh, opinions about the, the sale to GSM and all of that?
Well, I, I, boy, I love cold steel.

[39:46] Oh yeah. I mean, that I got this one. I just love cold steel as far as the sale goes, you know, there's a lot of people that get upset.
All they sold out.
Well, you know, here's the deal.
The land was in it from 1980.
The man put in 40 years.

[40:08] Of his heart and soul and I just feel like if he wants to sell it. I see I'm a big believer in that if if if that's like some of the stuff you know that the riffs are American made or this and that at the end of the day. I hope GSM can maintain their legacy,
and do right by land that's big with me I hope they can because Colt listen Colt still built who they were, whether you like them or not, on big, badass, fun nights.

[40:41] And if you don't believe it, go to YouTube and type in Cold Steel Fishing with a Katana and watch Buck Medley, the South Texas legend with a Cold Steel Katana Machete, stab a fish.
You know, I will go one further about Cold Steel. I love them always.
1988 or 87 is when I got my first Cold Steel and I spent 115 bucks on it. I got it in the mall and it was the master tanto still by my bed to this day.
I love Cold Steel and I have a huge collection. And I would say there, in addition to everything you've mentioned, a huge part of their value,
is the historical aspect of it because everything like the Navaja, you were just holding up the Espada XL. That's a Navaja, you know, and Spaniards could no longer carry their swords. They started carrying giant folding knives to settle their scores. And the fact that Lynn Thompson has a huge collection of historical knives and kind of goes into the,
into the archive and picks one out and has his come or had his company produce it. To me, that is the coolest thing ever.
Yeah, he listen and I know and there's both sides people don't like him all it.

[41:59] The guy was one of the best guys for this knife community there's ever been and there's no disagreement with that whether you like him or you don't he put out his product he stood you know he
was unabashed about it he carried i think two of these if not more i mean he would pull out knives from everywhere but to me he made knives fun it's just a massive I've got a I've got a short Bob.

[42:33] Now it's it's got I think 6.5 almost seven million views but it was up this night and it's just of pulling the dang thing out it evokes so much emotion I've been called fat in,
every language across the globe on seven continents.
And that's fine because it's seven million views. I mean, but, but it's any time you do a cold still, anything it's viewed because it evokes emotion and I love, I love, I watched to this day, I'll go back,
and watch some of their, you know, where they cut a boot full of me.
Oh yeah, the proof videos.
My brother and I used to get them every winter because then when the catalog came up and you know, Christmas break, we laid down on the floor in the TV room and watched, I remember my dad coming in once and like, what is this?
He saw, you know, pig getting chopped in half. Little did he know he'd be watching that for fun years later on forced in fire. But exactly.
But I mean, you know, as far as the sale, I hope they are able to maintain and continue. You know, I've got probably 70 pieces of cold steel.

[43:52] Maybe more, I know at one point I have more and then all of that. I think I only had one night that that I was really disappointed in.
And I think that was the heat treatment. If you think about that one in 80 and it's still key. I mean, if you want to look at it from that stage, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Or you'll, you'll still be able to survive with it in the woods at the end of the day.
And you brought up a valid point when it comes to a fixed blade and self defense.

[44:24] People have kind of mess with me, you know, cause I kind of, I shy away from the topic. There's a reason for that.
But if you want to, if you want to discuss folder verse fixed blade, ask Jim Bowie because his folder didn't work the first time when old boys shot him several times.
That's why his brother gave him the knife.

[44:44] Oh, it was a folder he was going for. for the first the first time he had one of those big ass folders and he couldn't get it out this precipitated the sandbar fight that's the first time he got shot that's why his brother,
gave him the knife and then from what i understand and there's a hundred different variations but we took it to the guy the guy made some alterations in the rest of history but the first very first action, he had a folder that failed on or he failed to open. That's what started that.

[45:22] So ask him and anybody that's ever been in a fight or been sucker punch. That's the thing, Bob, when you carry a knife again, it falls back to, and I've seen a guy the other day,
And why bought this for self-defense?

[45:40] And I'm thinking you'll get killed. The knife's got to be able to deploy.
I love the Emerson, but anybody that's ever been sucker punch and I worked in bars for 20 years, man, when you first get tapped and you see that wall of white, you're not, you're not, unless you're trained, right.
Unless it's instinct, when you're looking at a wall of white, you're not going for your knife.
You're thinking, what the hell? You know what I'm saying? Yeah. So I am an advocate. If you're going to begin, if you're going to have a knife for so make sure you understand how to use it.
Make sure you know how to deploy it. If not, it can be the seriously, it could be a matter. And you notice of life and death. And I think that's where I agree with you on the fixed plan.
No mechanism, no, but just you're there.

[46:41] And once you're there, you better use it. The years of martial arts training with friends, learning knife techniques, learning Filipino martial arts and and MDS with a knife.
And and this stuff has has taught me that I really like doing it and practicing it with my friends in a controlled environment.
It's also taught me that it's the last thing in the world I want to ever happen. And I also understand why people have a more visceral reaction to this, to that kind of thing.
You know, a firearm used in self-defense garners a different reaction than a knife.
And it's because of how horrifying the reality of it is. And, you know, all you have to do, and I'm sure we've all done it, is just type into the search engine, you know, knife fight, and you'll see some horrible pictures.
And it is true. It's the guy who dies second who wins, you know? So that's that is my way of explaining that really for me. This is a hobby. It's a love. It's a race You know, I don't want to say research that sounds but I like reading about the stuff and finding out about the history.

[47:49] You know and it just so happens that it's on the the weapon e side of things, you know But I like to tell people I'm no, you know, I'm not John Wick,
Obviously, I mean, I don't think anyone would mistake me for that for a tough guy but but I'm not trying to portray that, you know.
Oh, no. And you learning and understanding. Kirk, who I have on my channel,
frequently, he's the one that got me in and he took a lot of Filipino martial arts and he understands that I have a friend of mine who was in.

[48:22] With the teams for a decade or better.
And and he showed me a few things. Matter of fact, this past Friday, I was just sitting with him and we were talking about And it ran through my mind.

[48:39] That'd be a shitty way to go, excuse my language, but that'd be a bad way.

[48:44] And it's like when you really, you really start thinking about that's why I said a lot of times if you're, if you are going to pull a knife and you're going to use it,
you need to understand it's, it's, you know, you stab somebody, that muscle tenses up.
It's, it's, it's a weird feeling, you know, it's not glamor. It's not. th that's not self defense.
The law is not going to be on your side.
And I've seen guys do that. I've seen guys walk in, especially in South, everybody's got a pocket. Just do this the whole night.
Some old boy just wears them out and they want to pull her night and fight. No, that's not that's just you can't fight and you got what you got. You know, so like with with you doing the training, you understand.
You know, so like with with you doing the training, you understand.

[49:49] You've done the training, so you understand everything that goes with it. You understand that there's a repercussion and a consequence.

[49:56] That's part of the train, right?

[49:59] A lot of these guys just get mad. Well, I'm going to, you know, and they'll get a knife this big. And it's like, you know, sword fight them. What are you? I mean, you know, or they'll get a knife
this big. And it's like, you'll never get that out of your pocket. You know, I think you have a very valid point. I say learn how to box. That's what you should do. And if you got to get in a fight,
box it out by each other a beer and be done with it. So I want to double back to your, we talked a little bit about the shorts. You mentioned how the shorts have been your,
a lot of comments or controversy happening in your shorts. What is that about? I love your shorts and I see a lot of them pop up. What's controversial about them? Well, I did one where,
where I was talking about, I think I said.

[50:55] Twinkle Toes McFingerbite.
I wasn't saying it against anybody. I know what I said.
I said, if you wanna see this knife work, watch this channel. If you wanna hear about it, watch Twinkle Toes McFingerbite. Just playing around, not thinking anybody in particular.
And I guess when I made that short, it was a terrible time because there was already something that had been said. Now guys like Mattis faction and lefty and those guys, they died
laughing and me and lefty had a back and forth and and it was a lot of fun but there was some people in the community that really just got bent over. I'm like wait a minute but it goes back to
me not I was never a part of the community beforehand so some of this stuff I'm learning on the fly, you know what I'm saying?
A lot of this man is all new to me.
So that's kind of what I was saying in a lot of my shorts when I do shorts, because that's kind of what the recent growth is really from that, because Here's the truth and you know it.

[52:02] We bust our butts to put out video. We work hard to put out the videos and put time into the videos and all that. YouTube does nothing to push nothing. So it's either word of mouth or you got to guess
the algorithm which good luck with that. But then they come along with shorts and I've just honestly I found a way to reach a broader audience. So that's what I've done. And I found that,
the shorter the short or the cutting, you'll never, there's a ton of people. And let me say this, I did want to get into this a little bit. I don't know what kind of time we have, but I want to get.

[52:47] Into it. So we're blessed in this country. You've messed with knives your whole life. So have I, right? It's just part of life. So if you say, scab, what pocket knife are you carrying today?
And I show you, we're going to have a conversation. One of the things that I found with doing the shorts and everybody's different, you got to figure out your timeframe. Like mine is my best
time for shorts is from 10 PM to 2 AM for whatever reason. But they go global. And Bob, I get all kind,
All kinds of comments legit is that to hurt somebody or say no to knife violence.
And I'm in it first. I was like, Oh, they're nice. But then I'm like, as, as I kind of delve into it, I've got to where I just don't respond because my humor doesn't translate and I don't want to offend anybody.
But what I've learned is, and this sounds so basic to elementary, but it's true.
This channel's really helped me sing the shorts helped me sing is.

[53:56] Knives are viewed, they're not viewed the same around the world as we view them. We view them as tools, as pocket knives.
Here I am daily, we use them for everything.
When in other parts of the world, it is nothing but a weapon or it's viewed as nothing but a weapon.

[54:11] So I'm like, and I found myself answering, no, this is a legit answer. No, this is what I use it for on my daily. And people have said, really, we can't do that here.
And it's been interesting, you know, because America has the United States has, we have basic freedoms across the board. There are some arcane and archaic knife laws.
Thank God for my rights.
Seriously, thank God for Doug Ritter.
But we can still carry a knife. And there's other countries, man, you can't walk out the house without. So are you were you hearing these kind of comments mostly from Western Europe?
I think South America is blade friendly, the South Pacific blade friendly. It was it mostly Western Europe, England, and a lot of European.
I've got, I got a lot, um, I guess from, I don't want to say anything wrong.
Um, like more Asian countries.
Okay. There was a lot of, a lot of comments there, middle Eastern. It wasn't that big a deal.
They seem to be more blade friendly a lot from from Europe there was as a matter of fact There's a lot in there and believe me. There's a lot more of eco-friendly people in Europe.

[55:28] You know when you go in the woods and you're cutting and chopping there's a lot of people My dear friends from over there I get guys,
But but I was kind of a star, you know And like you said, there's certain places who definitely understand that.
But some of the places it was just like.

[55:50] And then some of it, I don't know if it's an age thing, but I had one guy, he's like, so they're not meant to hurt him. I was like, look, no, it's the kind of an apple. It's the cut zip ties. And I honestly legitimately use a knife every day for legit use one every day. If we're, we're cutting,
hoses, zip ties, whatever, you know, splicing, doing all that. So for me, I never think about it,
but it's been a joy learning, you know, things are journey. And none of this is meant to be negative. It's just it's learning and growing and moving forward. Well, if nothing if nothing else,
those comments are a just put in sharp relief how lucky we are to live where we live, you know.

[56:38] Not only because of our hobby, but just in general.
Um, let, uh, I, I want to ask you before we, we do a speed round here, um, with people who have YouTube channels and review, uh, but before we do that, I want to ask you, where do you want to see a choir boys cutlery outdoors?
Um, where do you want to see, how do you want to see it grow?
I've set a goal. I believe in setting goals.

[57:05] What I want to do, I want to see us. us. I want to see us hit 30,000 by January 1st. I want to see us hit 75,000 by June 23rd. That's,
the anniversary of my channel. And I'd like to see by the end of maybe next year, this time 100,000.

[57:24] And the reason I'd like to do that is, is one, the challenge, just being the ego part of it. But I do know this, we do a raffle every year and what we do, Bob, is is I'll buy knives,
channels will donate knives and we raise money for veterans. Now nothing comes to us, nothing.
You donate to, we make sure we give you kind of a list of reputable charities, none of which we're involved with. You donate to them, you screenshot the receipt, send us, usually for every five bucks you get a raffle ticket. What I'd like to do with the channel is grow it to where I can do more.
And these causes that I have really put rubber to the road and really be able to help some folks. That's where I'd like to be. The numbers are great and the challenge is fun and the journey's,
the big part. But there is a big part of me that at a point wants to be able to affect some serious chain where if Bob said, scab, I need your help. We want to raise X amount. I want to have a channel.

[58:33] That can help you do that if that makes sense. Yes, it does. It just makes me think of my father and my grandfather and I just kind of remember or just sort of am aware that a lot of the adults
in my life reach about my age. You know, I'm in my 50s now and they reach about that age and they're like, okay, I think it's time for me to start giving back. You know, I've been taking a lot.
I've been, you know, I don't want to say selfish, but working on my family, working on my career and this and that. And now, see, for me, it's not quite time for that. I still have, no. But this,
idea of giving back, I think is, you know, everyone kind of experiences that at some time. And it,
seems like the knife world has given you a lot, you know, it's given me a lot. And just the, you know, I was just thinking the other day, what if I, what if Jim had never convinced me to start the the knife junkie podcast.
And I wouldn't have, I wouldn't have had all these experiences and all these conversations that would have been, uh, you know, it's, it's been invaluable.
You, you, I, I tell you, I, I have, my wife happened to look up the other day, top 10 knife podcast, and you were listed in the top 10. I'm cool. Thank you.
And she was reading them off and I said, Hey, I'm gonna be on that one. She said, no, seriously. I'm.

[59:57] We're in talks. So you're already and to me that's cool because when you look that up, they see Bob, they see the knife junkie they see. So you are affecting change and you are giving people a platform.

[1:00:10] That's cool, man. And the thing is this, and I say this honestly, and I say it earnestly, I'm to a point already, I've only done this right at Christmas will be two and a half, two and a half years.

[1:00:25] So we've grown pretty rapidly in two and a half years. But I'm at a point now where because you know you hear it I hear oh y'all just do it for free now I don't need any more free now matter,
fact I just told a maker the other day he said man how does this work you know if I want to,
get you to review a knife do I give it to you I'm like no just send me the knife I'm going to review it I said but now make sure you watch my reviews because that doesn't change we're going,
to do what we do, but I'll send it back." And he said, are you serious? And I'm like, bro, if I have one more knife that I get to keep, my wife's going to kill him. So if I'm, you know, I'm kind
of at a point and that man, what a spot to be in. Yeah. Yeah. To, to, to trouble. Yeah. I mean,
it's cool, man. I mean, now, then if I have a knife that I keep is when I make sure I'm And that's made me and you might be in this spot now to where it's like I used to if it was a blade and I want to avoid it now I kind of just like let's let's narrow this down you know let's let's get just what we want.
Yep. And we think we're not going to lose interest in... Quickly.
Quickly. And I am starting to find that the fixed blades will always be there and certain folders, but I'm not going for the flavor of the month folder anymore.

[1:01:55] Right. Right. All right. Let's do this speed round because there are some burning questions we have to get to here. And I think I know the answers to some of them, but I don't want to be presumptuous, so let's do this. All right, Scab.
Fixed or folder? Fixed. Flipper or thumbstug? Flipper. Washers or bearings?

[1:02:16] Bearings. Tip up or tip down? Tip up. Tonto or bowie? Bowie. Hollow ground or flat ground? Flat. Full guard or half guard? Half. Full tang or stick tang? Full.
Contoured handle or neutral like a coffin handle. Contour. Condor or Ontario Knife Company. Ontario.
Cold Steel or Work Tough. Work Tough. Single edge or double edge. Single edge.
With an asterisk. That one's closer than you think. Yeah, I get it. V ground or apple seed edge. V.
Finger choil or no choil? Finger choil. Form or function? Function. Okay now your desert island knife and it doesn't have to be on a desert island but you only get to keep one knife for the rest of your life. What is it?

[1:03:18] No mad at you see. Okay, I have to ask will this change in five weeks. No. Okay, that is a beauty and I'm glad you had your knife right there to show off. That's that's a perfect way to round it out,
scab thank you so much for coming on please tell,
viewers and listeners how they can catch up with all of your content. I,
Well, I'm on YouTube choir boys cutler outdoors choir boys with a Z,
Basically, you can catch me across the board with that choir boys cutlery outdoors.
I'm on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook is Scott Baldwin.
I do ask if you follow me on Facebook or send me a friend request, just post on one of my videos. Hey, scab.
I sent you a friend request and tick tock, which believe it or not, I have a pretty big tick tock presence, but that's nothing to do with knives.
That's more story time with scab. that that sounds worth getting tick tock for.

[1:04:17] That one. Well, you know what, man, I started off on tick tock just to have another little venue. And man, Bob, every time I put a knife video up, and it might just be me, it gets,
shrugged. And I got mad one day and I said, screw it, and told a story about an episode at a convenience store. And then it,
took off. So tick tock is literally storytime with scab there all three minutes and it's a lot of fun. But Wireboys Cutler Outdoors, man, thank you for having me. Really, really appreciate this.
The pleasure is mine, sir. It's been great to actually meet you in person. Well, virtually in person. I look forward to shaking your hand, maybe a blade show in Atlanta. And until then, sir, thank you for coming on the show.
Appreciate you.
The Get Upside app is your way to get cash back on your gas purchases. Get Upside is There he goes, ladies and gentlemen, scab of choir boys Cutlery, now at the stage where
he's giving back and what a great way to do it through this medium and with this community.

[1:05:41] And beyond. Speaking of which, join us next week for another great interview, as well as Wednesday for the midweek supplemental and Thursday night for Thursday Night Knives 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time right here on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. For Jim working his magic behind the switcher,
I'm Bob DeMarco saying until next time, please don't take dull for an answer.
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[1:06:46] Music.



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