Favorite Folders from Favorite Brands – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 337)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 337), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at his favorite folders from his favorite brands, including the Hinderer XM-24 Wharncliffe, Off-Grid Knives Black Mamba V2, and Civivi Praxis. The kicker is that he must have at least four knives from each brand in a sub-collection. Find the list of all the knives shown in the show notes for this episode at https://theknifejunkie.com/337.

Bob starts the show with his “pocket check” of knives — the Zero Tolerance 0630, Cold Steel Voyager and the Tactile Knife Co. Rockwall — while in Knife Life News, Canada’s Flipped Tool makes an OTF bottle opener and Civivi caps off July with the arrival of the Cetos.

Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” Bob shows off the Artisan Cutlery Sirius.

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On episode 337 of #theknifejunkie #podcast, I'm going over my favorite folders from my favorite brands. The caveat is that I have to have a sub-collection of at least 4 knives from that brand. Click To Tweet
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Favorite Folders from Favorite Brands
The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 337)

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
The place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers, manufacturers and reviewers that make the knife world go round.
Bob DeMarco and coming up a Canadian company makes lemonade out of stupid knife laws.
I add the artisan serious to my collection and favorite folders from favorite brands.

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
Your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host Bob the knife junkie, DeMarco.

Welcome back to the knife junkie.
Podcast with midweek supplemental it's good to have you back.
My favorite comment from this past week was on a video I posted this past weekend on Saturday, where I took a bunch of Wingard wearables.
Three of those Tomahawks, and well, finally dispatched an old watermelon that's been sitting around all ooze aside.
The family that slays outdated melons together.
Stays together by Lone Wolf.
Lone wolf.

Truer words have never been said, and that is a that's a very old saying.
You know, it's a it's a commonly known branch off of the family that prays together, stays together.
So I'm glad you recognize that it's it's much less recognized than it's more popular cousin.
But I like this saying better.
So thank you, excuse me, thank you.
Lone Wolf and thank you all for watching this past week.
Let's get on to a pocket check.

Today I was carrying something that was my absolute favorite knife for a while when I had it.
When I first got it and I haven't carried it in quite a while, but this is a a hard use knife that I actually have put to hard use.
This is this is 1 expensive knife of mine that I've actually used in a hard use way and this got all sorts of carpet cutting done few years back when we redid my wife's office.
OK so this is the 0 tolerance 0630 designed.
By Ernest Emerson.
As if you couldn't tell.
This was the 2nd in their line of collaborations.

He did the 0620, the 0630 here and then the 0640, which is by far been the most popular based on.
What what were those knives called now from the SPECWAR series?
Umm, and really great knife.
That one is, but this one is great too.
And when this came out, a lot of people claimed that the 0 tolerance Emerson Knives were better than Emerson Knives.
And one could argue that but.
Emerson knives themselves are an acquired taste in a very particular thing.

With the break in period and with the feel and there they have two different fields across time.
You know, before 2016 it was a double detent system, and then after they went to a single detent and both have their own unique feels and I like them both.
So Emerson is a complex and acquired taste, whereas 0 tolerance.
You know, if the design is good, they're gonna put the thing together just how you like it.
So this is a titanium framelock S 35 VN.
That blade is based on the.
Tiger no no yeah.

The tiger and the CQC eight.
It's kind of like a fat CQC 8, which is basically what the tiger blade is.
So really nice.
I love the handle shape and this is it.
It did come with very vanilla black G10 scales with some really generic milling in it.
And you know, it's fine.
It works fine and it belied it's working nature, but I got a a more.

Suitable scale I got this linen micarta scale.
It's an olive green linen micarta scale does great for gripping age and for looks and this one has taken on the patina.
Well so.
Did not cut carpet with this today but it I have in the past and I can attest to it as an excellent night for that.
Usually we think of a hawk bill, kind of as the as the appropriate carpet cutting knife.
Pardon me, OK, Next up today.
This is a weird carry today I have to say rather aggressive seeming but not but not actually.

The other thing I carried today was the Voyager XL in drop point.
It's like a barong.
This is their.
Pardon me, this is their barong version of the Excel Voyager and the Voyagers.
I just love, but this one is new because or or different in in a number of ways.
First of all, it's a different blade shape.
This was they did the vaquero, the Tonto and the clip point for a long time and then they came along and then they did the Chris and then they came along with this one and this is the first Voyager with jumping.

I love it.
It's great.
The the jumping is perfect, the length is perfect.
So even if you're up here.
And sort of a choke up position.
You have length enough there to stretch out your thumb and use that jumping this knife is very sharp and it's pretty thin behind the edge because this is about an inch and an eighth that the length of this.
Flat grind here and then.

It's got a pretty big or broad sharpened cutting edge there, so it's it's very slicy, so it's it's all gunked up.
I left the gunk on to show you that I used it, but the reason I carried this today I didn't carry it all day, but it was once I got home I had a bunch of divining to do our neighbors.
We had new neighbors move in.
They did a great job of cleaning, cleaning up their property, but you know how I complain about vines more of their vines have escaped their property and are coming towards us.
So I had a lot to do, just just mostly Virginia creeper and Grapevine and this just it was really fun to use this actually and and I mostly used it in this choked back position and you can get good leverage and it stays in your hand nicely with those with that contouring and the and the and the
textured grip.
Iron Cross textured grip in that Grivory so awesome knife and really put it to good use today.

Yeah happy happy to have it.
I need to.
We need to re acquire the clip point in the Tonto in the Excel Voyager because I got rid of it.
I I gave them both away as gifts to two rather large people.
For whom this seemed like a normal pocket knife.
So I'm I'm glad that they have it.
But now now that they're making them an AUST 10. Maybe that's my excuse to reacquire the XL tanto and clip point, but maybe this time serrated?

All right last up, sort of an emotional support knife or just a what if I have to cut something in front of the boss knife and that was the Rockwall by tactile knives.
I love this little knife.
This was their first knife.
Now they have the bear.
And they have a kitchen knife.
I can't remember the name of that one, but it's named after some counting in Texas and they also have this in a really cool acrylic version called Ulum I think UL.
Uhm, ulum.

I think now I I can't remember exactly but.
Look a couple weeks back in the midweek supplemental or knife news or go to the tactile website, but it's a beautiful semi.
It's a like a translucent amber.
But still milled, it still has the milling that they do, and all of their stuff like the titanium.
It's just sort of see through but but it's on the bear there.
They're slip joint.
Very cool knife I I really like the guys over there a tactile.

I love their pens and how they've translated their their knowledge of building high end pens into building.
Really beautiful, really, wonderfully engineered and all made in Texas I think except for the stop pin knives or no they make.
Everything except for the stock pin, the stop pin, but they buy that from a company in Texas.
So I like that kind of outfit.
I love the knife small enough to fit in an old five stick juicy fruit pack so you know it's EDC table, that's for sure.
All right.
So that was my pocket check for today.

Let me know what you were carrying today.
I had the.
ZT0630I always get these numbers mixed up on the Emersons that they do.
I had the Voyager XL cold steel in the drop point with the jinpin and by the way these the Triad locks can be fidgety and then last thing I had was the tactile tactile knives Rockwall flipper.
Let me know what you were carrying and I'd be happy, happy, happy to check it out.
You can call the listener line too.
Either leave, leave a comment below or call the listener line 724-466-4487 all right.

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You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.
And now.
Here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.
So we all know that Canada has a very restrictive laws on guns and knives and and by all accounts the country seems to be going through a bit of a dark phase.
But no doubt Canadians will pull themselves out of that.

We we are not ones to speak so you know, as we pull themselves out ourselves out, it will be nice to see them pull themselves out.
But at least we have great knife laws.
I mean, among many other things.
Of course our knife laws are killer and now that.
Now that I live in Virginia and Virginia's good to go thanks to knife rights with automatic knives, I'm feeling very optimistic.
But in Canada they have a harder road to hoe with knife laws so.
A company up there called flippin tools or flipped tool has taken the concept of the bottle opener and put it in the concept of the out the front knife.

You cannot have an automatic knife in Canada and if you are jonesin as a knife junkie mite for just the fidget and feel act of the action of an out the front knife.
They offer this bottle opener this out.
The front bottle opener flipped tools does.
It's an aluminum chassis and a a steel.
A bottle opener, but it comes out just like an out the front knife.
And I saw this and.
It made me feel two things.

It made me feel sad and it also made me feel well, you know, proud of the resilience of humans in general.
But also knife junkies to get some satisfaction.
I mean man, if if all you can get legally isn't out the front bottle opener or comb, you know I'll take it if I'm living in Canada and that's what I want.
I mean, I just spent a considerable amount of dough on and out the front knife because it just.
Became legal for me so I can totally understand where flipped tools is coming from or flipped tool.
Yeah is it tool or tools tools?

So this is their first project and they have a. It's a crowdfunding, a crowd crowdfunded project.
So go check it out.
Help these guys out and I have no doubt that it would be.
It's a Kickstarter that it would be a cool and fun conversation starter at a party.
Maybe something you keep on your home bar to to, you know, when you're entertaining, you want to crack open a beer for someone.
You pull this thing out.
I think it it deserves support.

And I think man I. I just hope that there are a couple of Canadians out there who buy this thing, which is very a very cool tool and then cut it down a little and and and put an edge on that on that.
Bottle opener just to just to.
Thumb the nose at the man, all right.
So there we go.
That's flipped tools up there in Canada, making lemonade out of stupid knife laws.
Next up a very cool knife coming out of all right.
I'm going to.

I'm going to rephrase that and be more specific.
A very elegant and beautiful knife coming out of savvy to to round out July 2022. This thing is it's called the Sitos and God.
It is beautiful.
It's got a bayonet blade and a fuller and A and a quite neutral handle, except that has a handy little birds beak at the pommel, and the one that I'm looking at has a a beautiful or we're all looking at, has a beautiful.
Micarta handle here.
It looks kind of like a burlap or a or a dense canvas micarta, but look at that blade.
That blade is is to me stunning.

Something about the combination of the flat with the fuller butting up against that nice long swedge it has at at once.
It has sort of a traditional slip joint feel, but it also has a sort of bayonet or militaristic sort of feel, so this is a hitting me on a couple of my knife obsessions, you know, slip joint.
And combative, it's a regular flipper.
It comes in some dressed up versions here that have the carbon fiber sitos with Damascus blade.
As Sylvia is doing has been known to do.
You know that kind of dressed up version?
I like that, but I would certainly opt for the other one that my card up.

I love what they're doing.
Savi has kind of become.
A bit more premium and their prices have gone a bit more well, a bit higher.
I think we just saw the advent of a nearly $200.00 avivi or or way over 100 bucks with that frame lock.
What was that?
Oh, the frame lock elementum.
I think no no, no, not frame lock button lock, elementum without the without the detent.

So you have to use the button to open and close.
I just saw a great video on that it.
Unfortunately, they they took the hollow grind away.
Not sure why they did that, but anyway this is about the Cheetos and I would I would jump on this.
I think I might jump on this, not literally.
Of course that would be bad for my health, but a sitos.
I guess the root word to that that is Greek for dolphin is that right?

So I think that's kind of a cool concept, though it doesn't look like a dolphin to me.
To me it looks more like a. Well, looks more like a bayonet to me, so.
There you go, the survivie bayonet, or if you must see toes on its way to to wrap up July 2022. All right, coming up on the knife.
Chunky podcast.
We're going to take a look at a what I consider a rather large gents folder that I got that I love and then favorite folders from favorite brands.
And now that we're caught up with knife life news, let's hear more of the Knife Junkie podcast.
I've been eyeing this knife up for a year about it's been in and out of my Amazon cart for about that time, but I couldn't decide on materials and color way.

Sorry for the expression, but I ended up going with the least expensive option because I've been noodling and vacillating for so long that I decided just to pull the trigger because it's it's sort of.
This knife has popped back up in the zeitgeist and I've seen it show it.
Show it.
Here it is.
Oh bad bad flip.
This is the artisan serious and this one is in their a RPM 9 proprietary steel that's a powder metallurgy, steel and contoured G10I adore this knife.
This thing is very thin and slicy and it's just got the classic beautiful lines of Arabella Conoco.

Believe it or not I have never owned a rayla Conoco knife and.
I I feel I feel kind of odd about that because I've been admiring them for so long and I think my excuse has always been, uh, I really like that, but it's small and and if I'm going to spend Rayla Conoco money, I want Raila, you know a bigger size.
Well Ray Laconica does a lot of designs that are well within well within reach with various production companies.
Artisan being one of them.
I'm going to.
I'm going to treat you to a view of this with my right hand because my left hand is doesn't seem to be working today.
Really, really smooth.

Action on this knife, of course.
It's on bearings.
And you see it didn't drop there, and that's because the front flipper tab extends pretty far back and I have to get used to with this one.
Kind of lifting up my finger if I want to free drop it if I don't, my finger will be in the way you know.
So just let it drop.
But look at this blade.
It even looks beautiful when it's.

So when it's open, it's got a an angled sharpening choil that's sort of evocative of the Strider sharpening choil, which I like angling in like that, but nothing else about this is evocative of Strider.
The blade reminds me a little bit of that sitos we were just looking at nice long swedge and then a flat grind.
But seeing as it's so thin that flat grind that high height flat grind is really, really thin behind the edge, this is a very sharp and slicing knife.
You have two two methods of opening it.
You've got the front flipper there and you have the thumb stud.
Not a very lefty friendly.
Knife if we, if we care to notice there, there's a one side pocket clip.

Very nice titanium sculpted pocket clip with a hidden screw which I like but it does not go to the other side.
The thumb stud is only on the right side.
So if you're OK with just using the front flipper and carrying it like a right-handed knife, I guess it's fine for lefties.
This also comes in a maroon micarta handle with S 35 VN, which is quite handsome, but it's also twice the price of this, and I wasn't sure if this was going to be something that I was going to that was worth that money for me, so I am happy with this one and I have been flirting with the.
Idea of upgrading materials, but only because I like the look of the maroon and the black blade and the micarta.
But that's not a good enough reason, so I I will have to move along because there are other things I would like that are in the same $55 price range that I'd like to check out.
So I like that little brass pivot collar.

By the way, very nice, classy touch.
Very nice G10.
I've kind of fallen out of love with G10, but when it's contoured like this it's so nice.
I guess I just have a lot of peel ply grippy G10 in my collection and I'm kinda.
I'm kinda over it a little bit.
Alright, so let's talk about some of these folders that this is favorite folders from favorite brands.
This was actually a video.

I realized I did not come up with this concept.
I mean, I came up with my version of it, but this is something that Stasa 23 did and I was like, yeah, that's it.
That that is a great idea, so I'm going to do it but but for me my stipulation is I have to have at least four knives from this brand in a sub collection and.
I am ruling out any sentimental value.
I'll give you a for instance with Emerson Knives by far the sentimental value goes to the Emerson commander, which I got, you know, 22 years ago I would take that for sentimental value, but that's not the one I chose for this.
This is just knives that are favorite from that brand.
OK, first up Kaiser.

I've been really loving Kaiser again.
I used to have a bunch of them, sold them off to get other things years ago and but I've been reacquiring them and I have 4 kaisers.
I have the Roach, I have the.
Well, it doesn't matter what I have, but my favorite out of all of them because I can't remember what the one is called the the it's made by.
Anyway, the one that is my favorite from Kaiser is a very unique one, and it comes from a designer.
I love Dirk Pinkerton.
This is the Kaiser inversion a knife.

You don't hear much about because it's weird looking and it's a pic hall style folder.
This is optimized for.
Tip down edge in fighting use.
That's what this is designed for, but it is oh so valuable as a a utility knife.
It is actually quite comfortable to use in this grip.
You know with your thumb up here and you have a little space there, but it feels it feels really good.
Actually this is a an excellent knife in this grip and I think it does not get it.

Did not get a lot of attention because it's just sort of odd looking.
You look at it and it.
It it seems like things are caddywhompus or backwards, but they aren't and it works great as a traditional knife and it works great as a pical style knife.
You've got terrorist scales here of titanium.
A little bit of weight relief.
Oh no, no negative, no weight relief and.
A nice pocket clip.

You can flip it.
Using this tiny little nubbin that comes off of the Tang like that a lot, I love really low profile yet traditionally placed flippers.
And then it comes with two different thumb plates.
One that is more flat and then this one in brass which is canted up so that you can wave it out of your pocket and and bring it to bear as a weapon quickly, if that's what you're getting this for.
And that's what this is for.
You know, that's where the clip is placed it so that when you pull this thing out.
Like this?

This snags on your pocket and then you just swivel it into your hand and you have a pical style knife in S, 35 VN and titanium ready to go.
Theoretically so very cool knife, really like the Kaiser inversion and of my kaisers.
That is my favorite.
Next up is the concept, brand and concept is I don't want to say an offshoot from Kaiser because that's incorrect there.
Concept is a company formed by people once with Kaiser.
So they brought all of their manufacturing and engineering and design prowess and not all of it obviously.
But they brought it from Kaiser with them and started concept.

And I love concept knives as a matter of fact I have the boldness I want to get the the bulldozer in D2 and and tan micarta.
Anyone have that anyone like it?
I know a lot of people do, so I want to get.
I want to get that one nice Warren Cliff, but with a point alright, but of the ones that I have, my favorite is the K Max ROM designed PRETA 2 love this thing the Preta 2 Preta 2 means ready for anything in French and it is ready for anything really like this.
A 3.6 inch blade.
It comes in this clip point or it comes in a umnumzaan esque tanto I have that in the titanium.
Version, but I have to say I the titanium version is absolute butter.

It is beautiful, beautifully done.
The one thing is the way the.
Lock is set-up.
I have a hard time using the the thumb studs on that knife, but on this knife I do not and the flipping action is awesome and also the fuller action is awesome my it's my left hand that is not hang up there we go.
Fuller action is awesome on this thing.
When I talked fullers on the show last week this was a this was a big star because they just did it right.
They put it in the right place, made it the right depth but just a beautiful knife by K maximum French designer like him a lot.

Jonathan renowden.
He does these double peaked knives that I like so much you look at the spine you got those two peaks.
Kind of like a a Mac V SOG Bowie classic from the Vietnam era does that on the Tonto also and.
With 154 CM and great blade geometry, this is an awesome awesome knife.
It feels like you know it's like a $75 knife or $80.00 knife and it feels much more premium.
This thing is great.
I highly recommend this knife.

It also comes with Black Micarta and a blue pivot collar and a stone washed black blade all right.
Next up is the Finch knife company.
They have a lot of really great offerings and at this point.
They have, I think, exactly twice the amount out than what I have, so I have some catching up to do.
I have no.
No goals now to have a full flock, as they say of Finch knives, there are a few that I feel are somewhat redundant in design, at least for my use, but most of them most of them are just.
Awesome, like the Chernobyl Ant.

I keep thinking about that I gotta get that knife.
The Chernobyl Ant is the sweet but the my favorite of of the Finch knives that I have are don't have so far.
Is the holiday designed for?
Or or with keeping in mind Spencer Spencer of Spencer and Steve the guys who run the company.
Spencer designed this with his father in mind who loved her loves, hopefully loves and not loved.
But the Old West and Doc holiday as a historical figure.
So this is holiday with two L's as in DOC it's a bolster lock man.

So nicely done.
These are made by QSP knives, or this one was.
I'm not sure if they are still making.
The current finches I'm not.
I'm not sure about that, but a bolster lock?
That's steel.
A steel bolster?

Lock just.
So nicely done, that the action is outstanding.
It's 154 CM blade steel, I think that's all of their blades do that are are are out of that.
They have this awesome Flipper tab on most of them where it comes up.
Just a little bit like that, but you get great purchase with the jimping and great action, and then you get a great little.
Inverse choil it's a. It's like it's a instead of going in like a toilet pops out like a platform, but it's nicely jumped and it's a great place to put your finger if you need this knife.
If you need to get a little bit closer to that cutting edge, this is a looker too.

This is in obviously you can see Green Micarta and it's got that glow in the dark luminescent badge in the middle with the F just a great knife.
Great blade of course I. I think of this as a as a great crossover of all my finches.
If I needed to use it in a defensive situation, this is the one I would want because it flips around perfectly into that because style and and it has a perfectly neutral grip based on the doctor's knife, you can see that flat end based on the traditional doctor's knife with the parallel lines,
dorsal and pectoral and with the flat top here.
So perfect for any grip.
Really perfect for any grip.
So if you needed to deflect this into defensive.

It would work great.
This is the Finch holiday and man alive.
Do I think their knives are charming and capable?
Next up, Speaking of capable is microtec.
I have 4 microtechs and.
They're all cool.
They're all super cool, but nothing nothing will will replace this in in in my heart this is the elite, the SOCOM elite.

This one was made in 2012 March of 2012 March the worst month of the year, probably March or February.
Just the doldrums.
Winter doldrums, when things seem their bleakest well, it's always darkest before the dawn.
And that's when this was made.
Bringing hope to the world of cutlery.
This is my car knife.

I talk about it a lot.
Not my car knife like it lives in my car.
More aptly, this is my road trip knife and it became that early on because it was my first knife with a glass breaker on it and I figured.
I should have it with me.
You know, when we're going on a road trip.
In case you have to break the glass and it's become tradition.
Nice and light, but you got a four inch blade.

Probably the most beautiful tanto blade out there.
In my opinion.
The old school or I should say.
I think it was up until about 2015. They were making the tontos like this and then they changed it to what they look like now which is also cool, but to me this is this is the most beautiful so nice with that swedge and the clip point or the drop point there.
Really nice knife.
This thing is very sharp and very capable and very sturdy and very strong and this.
This screw here up at the top right, where, uh, so this.

This uses thumb stud slash blade stops and it comes up against a flat portion of aluminum where these two pieces meet and then there's a screw not too far behind this screw here is very important.
Stasa did a some really hard testings with his Reich.
Made bravo so com bravo and he did some really hard tests and.
Noticed that without the screw there because they don't have a screw this far forward.
Without the screw there it started to loosen up right in this area when he was doing some.
I mean, albeit some some really or admittedly crazy testing like stuff you probably wouldn't use your knife for, but.
It just goes to show that sometimes the the.

The genuine article is the way to go and I'm not saying the bravo is not the genuine article, but it's not made by microtex.
So maybe, just maybe, if Microtec made that they'd put a screw there.
I don't know.
Any case, this one has the carbon fiber and the tan handle and I love the aluminum jimping.
I love the way they mill the jimping in aluminum, both micro tech and protect are awesome at it.
OK, so that's my favorite of the micro tech.
That's the SOCOM elite.

What about Rick Hinderer knives, eh, you say?
They're all awesome.
Of course they're all awesome, but of the four that I have, and incidentally of all of them.
My favorite is the XM 24 because it is the big XMI.
Love the XM18 concept and shape, but I love how it is expressed fully in the four inch bladed version.
These are just incredible.

I have two XM 20 fours, both older without the triway pivot.
This one does not need it, my other one would benefit from it definitely.
So I have an old Bowie from.
I guess their first run of Bowies.
Does not have spectacular action, but it is that one is a spectacular knife, but to me the Warren Cliff blade on the XM 24 is is just.
I'd just like to look at it.
Look at that.

I love to look at it and this is a great user.
I actually like using this better than my one Cliff XM 18 which is a little bit thicker behind the edge.
This one I believe, seeing as it has a broader blade is a little bit thinner back there.
The weight of the blade makes it snap out like this is a very well tuned pre triway pivot hinderer and it just came that way so very nice.
Very nice knife.
I do like the the choil.
On Hinderers, I've decided I like the choil better then no choil definitely on the worn Cliff that is the case my 18. Warren Cliff is a no choil, exclusive from DLT, and though it's nice to have that extra 8th of an inch of cutting edge, it's also nice to have the the.

The finger choil also act as the sharpening choil.
You can see how it clears that.
Thumb stud if you were to bring a stone up here, you wouldn't run into that thumb stud, which was an issue when sharpening my other.
My no choil Warren Cliff with a stone.
Jared Neve had some issues getting at the very end of the knife because he was bumpy.
You know he would have to bump into that thumb stud so we had to give it a more oblique angle.
So, ladies and gentlemen, that's your lesson, toil on the Warren Cliff Hinderers.

OK, Next up one that I have quite a bit of knives from and that I love off grid knives.
This is, I think, my favorite right now.
My current favorite it it.
It definitely cycles, but this is so awesome.
This is from their elite Series A premium lineup with.
Titanium handles and M390 blade steel and some of the finest manufacturing in the world from best tech.
All of the off grid knives are now made with best tech.

They used to do the elite series like this and the scorpion with we knives, but Kerry orifice, the designer and proprietor of off grid knives, was so impressed with the builds, build quality and working with best tech on his regular lines.
His you know most of his knives with G10 and D2 and 14. See and such, uh, that he decided to move his elite series over here.
And man, I'm you know, I think it was a great choice.
They make such awesome knives.
Best tech is.
It's no secret.
Probably my favorite OEM just due to their range.

They have a. Bunch of knives from in house designs and then they do some of the most spectacular OEM work for some of the best designers and makers.
This one, the titanium is is.
Has that nice golf ball parking texture in there, but on both sides and it feels so good in the hand and it offers great gription without being aggressive or uncomfortable.
It's just it's like a massage on your hand.
The action is stupendous.
It's on the bearings as you would expect and it rockets out and drops even though it's a slightly sub sub.
Three inch or just?

Yeah, it's just a. I'm sorry it's about 3 1/4 inches, so great action with that I like that sort of traditional file work.
Jumping on top does give you some tactile feedback, I'd say.
Had a little bit of grip.
So this is just like the enforcer, the Enforcer XL and the enforcer in terms of its profile.
But it's slightly pared down from the enforcer EDC and radically pared down from the Excel, obviously, but it's a premium knife that feels premium, and it's small.
And man, I love this knife.
The off grid knives.

Black Mamba version 2 Great Pocket clip.
All of the new off grid knives have the inset pocket clip with the flat screws he listened.
And redesigned, and when once he sold off all of his version ones, he he had the manufacturer start pocketing out for the pocket scale or for the pocket.
Clip and add flat screws.
OK Next up.
So Vivi have have a growing Savi collection.
I really like them.

I like them better than we and I am liking the look of some of the send cuts coming out now too but survives.
Just man they they make some really awesome knives and this is going back to one of their very first models.
This is the praxis.
Got this not too long ago and man I love it.
I carry it quite a bit.
This is the practice in Dark Wash 14, C 28 and.
Excuse me, blades deal Oh no, no this is 9. I take it back.

This is 9 CR, which is also really good.
Steel, very thin behind the edge black wash. It's already a thin, quite a thin blade stock, but also quite a broad blade with a very high height flat grind so it's it is like a laser beam.
And then I beautiful rosewood.
Looks very nice, feels really good and evocative of a guitar.
That's a. That's a a wood that's frequently used on fretboards.
It's either Maple or rosewood and fret boards of guitars.
That is, and I just love the way it looks.

Always have been a Rosewood fan so this knife, the praxis if you don't have it, it took me years and years to get it.
And you know me late adopter but it's been coming up recently.
People have.
Rehashing the practice and talking about how even though Stevie has a million mode, this is still one of their best and it's a big boy.
And but spelt and thin and slicy and just awesome.
Also reminds me of a Filipino barong sword so it has that going for it.
Next up, Boker knives.

When I first started.
Collecting bokers and they're not collecting brokers.
When I first bought my first Boker, and when I was.
You know, kind of first watching YouTube videos about knives.
Boker was having some issues with their quality control, but they cleaned that up post haste.
You know the Germans they got right on it, and I have never had an issue with a butcher knife.
I I have only been impressed by them, but my favorite of the four that I have, even though one of them has much greater sentimental value because I was carrying it when my second daughter was born.

But my favorite is the poker squill.
It's probably.
No mystery, I talk about the squirrel and Charles Marlow in general as my grail folder.
Folding knives.
I love Charles Marlow's knives.
If you don't know who he is.
Look him up on Instagram.

His stuff is outrageously beautiful.
He doesn't make.
Many knives I think.
I think he's he labours over them and.
They are quite expensive, so if you want a Charles Marlowe, your best option is without getting one and waiting for one and spending the money on one or trying to find one on the secondary is to go to Boker.
They used to have two knives by him.
I think they still do, but but I'm not sure what the.

They replaced one of them, the bull pup, which was a small clip point.
Kind of set-up exactly like this, which I regret not getting now and can't get it now and then.
I believe they came out with something else to replace that, but a little lower end and a little less interesting but still designed by him.
This and the bull pup were directly licensed versions of custom knives.
I think the third one that replaced the bull pup was a design he did exclusively for Boker.
In any case, this one, as you can see, is just stunningly beautiful.
It looks like an Italian racing boat from the 60s to me, and it's got a beautifully hollow ground recurve drop point blade with an with an awesome opening hole and.

Really great thumb ramp here.
Awesome hydraulic action on the washers.
Here you can flip it open or you can just slow roll it nicely.
Those are titanium.
Contoured titanium bolsters here and this is contour G10 at the time I got it you could get contoured green micarta but it only came tipped down and I was like man that's why.
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?

To me that's just harsh and then they changed it to tip up tip down but only offered it with black G10 as again why you know why a four inch blade?
Just outstanding that that blade is VG 10. VG 10, so that's the Boker squale.
My favorite from Boker knives.
Next up, Emerson.
We were talking before or I was talking before about how.
Sentimentality doesn't come into it.
This one does have a bit of sentimental value anyway, but it's always been probably my favorite pocket knife.

Bowie design and.
My favorite Emerson, probably.
Uh, it's hard to say, but until I figure that out, I will say it's the CQC 13. Just a beautiful Bowie shape.
An incredible looking and feeling handle that bird's beak at the end.
You are just your hand is encapsulated in there.
Fits my medium sized hand beautifully, but I've also seen it in large hands like like vastly larger hands and it fits comfortably there too, and nestles in there and locks in and then if you have it in reverse you've got a great place for the thumb.
I'm going to use my right hand for a SEC.

Great great setup for the thumb.
And then the star of the show, of course, is that is that.
Beautifully upswept curved Bowie blade.
This thing just it.
It's a classic Emerson but it also just looks like a classic style Bowie to me.
When I bought this, the only thing I could find it was a very hard knife to find and you know Emersons are catches catch can they don't make all their models all at once and the only one I could find was separated but.
I still it doesn't.

Doesn't bother me, doesn't bother me.
Some knives, I'm like God, that's a buzzkill to have serrations, but it's cool on this one.
It's one of two of my Emersons to have serrations on, and though I usually prefer fully serrated to to 5050 It works on this one.
Very cool knife and justice looks mean and fits.
You know, there's a there's.
There's got to be a sort of Fibonacci sequence for bowies and there's no.
You know this would fit it.

The 110 would fit it.
The Recon one.
Bowie would fit it just like perfect Bowie dimensions and shaping.
OK, I'm going to slide these down so I can get the last two on the board.
Two more Spyderco man that's a hard one.
Also spider code because I have a lot of sentimental spydercos so it's good that I didn't bring that in.
I also have something that I also am not including.

That's not true.
I was going to say nothing customized, but that last CQC 13 has customized skills.
Anyway, it is the Yojimbo I vacillated between this and the Yojimbo.
But the four inch blade wins out, even though I think the Yojimbo is a more elegant and graceful looking design.
They both feel great in the hand, and they both perform amazingly.
This one.
Here's the caveat for they both feel great in hand.

They both feel great in handed now because I sanded down the partition that little partitioned peak rise this one.
But in the center of the grip I don't like 2 finger partitions for for your hands on grips like that so I got rid of it and it feels much better.
The liner does not go up into that which is lucky, so I didn't have to sand or or alter the metal or expose the liner or anything like that so.
Just a matter of taking that hump down, and the same thing here at the tail end with the G10 if you wanted it to go all the way straight back like that like I've seen hilltop, do he man he does an awesome BJ hill does an awesome job on customizing your jumbos but for me I like having that little bit
there just to just to bracket my hand in and and be a little indexer for where my hand is on the blade.
Really awesome 4 inch hollow ground Warren Cliff blade.
It's all action.

It's just a pretty.
Pretty capable knife for self-defense.
I you could use this as a. As a utility knife and that hollow grind is thin but not so thin that you have to worry too much about it.
If you're going to use it as a utility knife.
But if you're, you know there are probably others that might be better like the Main Street by concept that has a blade that looks like that, but it's flat ground and just a little bit more robust behind the tip.
All right, last up.
Cold steel, my favorite or one of my favorites, but I guess over a lifetime you know they say they say Jordan Peterson says we like each individual is a community of people across time and passed Bob and future Bob and present.

Bob loves cold steel past Bob would say cold steel is my very favorite brand present.
Bob would say it's hard to.
It's hard to say, but my favorite knife from this brand.
Is this right here and my favorite folder?
I should say, the Espada, the Espada series, and the Espada large.
There is a medium, a large and of course the seven and a half inch bladed excel.
It comes in full dress like this with aluminum bolsters and contoured polished G10 and S35 VN blade steel or it comes in a G10 version with AUS 10. Either way they're incredible because to me they are well.

Not to me.
They are incredible and the reason is they are modeled after my favorite folding knife from history, the Spanish navaja, a kind of horn handled shaped knife with a big clip point blade and a ratchet ratcheted.
The traditional ones had a ratcheted lock, so there was a gear pattern fashioned into the Tang of the blade in a in a semi circular shape and then a a tab up here that could lock it into each gear.
So when you open it.
It ratcheted and then it locked open and it had a ring and you pulled the ring.
Or it has a little tab that you lift up and you can disengage it.
The Navajo was created in the wake of a moratorium on carrying swords, civilians carrying swords, and you know, if those passionate Latin tempers flared up in someone's honor was besmirched, and you had to, you know, fight for your Honor or call someone out, or defend yourself in the street.

Whatever it was, you pulled out your Navajo because you no longer carried a sword, so they started making navajas ridiculously large, including the scale of the XL.
Cold steel that that is not just a funny thing or or a an interesting thing.
They really did make navajas the sizes of short swords and because they they wanted to maximize what they could get out of their folders.
Since they couldn't use the sword.
But when you look at this thing beautiful, absolutely elegant blade shape and then you end blade handle the handle gives you multiple ways to grip it.
If you're using this in a utility fashion, you can come all the way up here.
This is the standard grip here for just, you know, Jason burning or or or dueling and then you can move back here and use this this back sub Tang thing and or sub hilt.

You can even come as far back as here and use it in a sort of chopping slashing motion because your fingers are held in with this sort of trigger like shape.
Of course I picked this one because I like the I like the bolsters and the Polish and the and the look of it it.
It reminds me of something from history that you would actually see.
Imagine that G10 is just Buffalo horn or something like that, so there it is.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's one favorite folder from my favorite brands.
And of course it has to be from a sub collection of four or more.
I'm going to rattle rattle them off here from left to right you have the the Kaiser inversion.

The concept predator in Micarta, you have the Finch holiday, micro tech, SOCOM Elite.
Hinderer XM18 wardcliff black Mamba version 2 from off grid knives.
The Savi praxis, the Boger squale.
The Emerson CQC 13. The Yojimbo, by Spyderco and the large Espada.
Full dress.
From cold steel knives.
All right.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for tripping, tripping down that little lane of fun with me and enjoying these knives.
What are your favorite knives from your favorite sub collections or favorite brands?
I I know that there are one or two here that weren't represented ZT, I have five ZT's I didn't.
I didn't choose them.
I kind of feel and I hate to say this, but like they're not quite as relevant at this moment.

You know they were once in future kings, but currently.
So I just didn't, wasn't compelled to to show off my favorite, and wasn't compelled to try and figure out a favorite.
I love them all.
Please join us on Sunday for Doug Ritter.
He joins us on the Knife Junkie podcast interview show on Sunday and we talk about all the latest knife news.
We talk a lot about Virginia naturally because he just helped change the law, helped.
He just had the law changed here through his efforts and the people he works with and knife rights.

And we also talk about.
The tail end bonus that the the tail end drawing for the ultimate steal the the contest where you can choose your prize once.
Once you give a once you give a little money, you're eligible for a prize.
You get to choose that they have amazing stuff and boy, now more than ever with the with at least the quoted 9.1% inflation.
They need money now more than ever to help fight for our rights.
Are are are knife rights alright and then also be sure to download the podcast to the app so you can listen when you're doing what you gotta do.
But you're actually thinking about knives.

OK for Jim working his magic behind the Switcher.
I'm Bob DeMarco, saying until next time please, I implore you.
Don't take dolphin answer.
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State of the Collection

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Favorite Folders from Favorite Brands (must have at least four from each brand in a sub-collection)

  • Kizer Inversion
  • Kansept Pretatout Liner Lock
  • Finch knife Co. Holliday
  • Mictotech SOCOM Elite
  • Hinderer XM-24 Wharncliffe
  • Off-Grid Knives Black Mamba V2 (affiliate link)
  • Civivi Praxis (affiliate link)
  • Boker Squail
  • Emerson CQC-13
  • Spyderco Yojumbo
  • Cold Steel Large Espada (full dress)


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