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Frequently Asked Questions About Knives and Knife Collecting The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 27)
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? Welcome to the nice junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person involved the knife junkie to Marco. Welcome to the ninth junkie podcast episode number twenty seven I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com. Welcome to today's episode. And we've got a lot to talk about and it's gonna be kinda different. And I say that a lot of different episode. But today, we're going to kind of take a look at some of the frequently asked questions or most commented on time things from the knife junkie videos from the podcast and from Instagram comments. And I am messages, and that kind of thing that Bob the knife chunky DeMarco get so an interesting show. I think Bob where we've got a lot of some basic questions, but some that are going to lead to more involve kind of answers and things along that line. So it should be pretty interesting show and thinking, yes, some of the questions are personal, you know, about my collection about my my outlook on on certain things. Others are just questions about best practices in terms of collecting storing sharp knickknack kinda thing things that everybody really should. Need the know? I'm kind of looking forward to it. Because I need that basic knowledge. So I'm looking for some of those more basic things, but I for we get into that. I gotta say welcome back. Bob, you were on vacation this past week and hope you'll hopefully had a good time. I was indeed yet I'm trying to Slough the vacation off of me now. So I can go back to work tomorrow. But yeah, we had a wonderful time. I took my family. My my wife, and I took the family to a tropical location a place we'd been before. And we had a great time. Every day was perfect and beautiful. So perfect beautiful that after seven days, I started to feel a little itchy. If not not for my sunburn, just from running back home and into the thick of things probably more from the sun bird, again, imagine wanting to get back to work, but hey, you know, sometimes the routine out. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Sometimes the routine levels, you took one knife with me on vacation, Jim. Okay. And it's the the good old pink cold steel, broken skull with these negatives. Attachment on it. And this is the second time I've gone on vacation with this. And if you're if you're leaving the country going somewhere, actually, if you're going anywhere even in the country. Make sure you check the local laws that being said, I stuck to the resort where we were staying. So I was in in no real danger carrying this thing around. But it was good to have on me because there were lots of sort of like luau events and kebab events without without proper cutting utensils. So I had the cold steel broken skull on me, it's a great steak knife. And I'm not schilling for colts deal right now. But let me say I've traveled twice with this knife. And it's great slight weight. It's then it's capable and it's pink. So it it that adds a little cognitive dissonance of people ask kinda hard to hard to miss it. Right. Yeah. It's like a picnic picnic knife. But there are certain things. I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind is did you put it in your suitcase when you oh, yeah. You'll hopped on the plane for sure I put it. My doubt kit with my share. Moving stuff, and and my shampoo and to pace and all that stuff impact that in my check baggage. Yeah. For sure for sure I went through my backpack. Three times to make sure I didn't have a little knife here little knife there -cause that'll just hold up the whole works. As a matter of fact, a little a little can of pure protein held up the whole works. I forgot what it was in my bag. Yeah. Wanted to drink it when I got to the gate 'cause I was I was hungry. But we left kind of in hurry as he do you travel with the family, right? So well, and like Bob said, always be sure to be aware and know the rules and regulations not only of where you live, but where you're going to be flying through in going to, and please, you know, obviously, if you're flying don't put any of that any knives or weapons in gun thing. Like that in your pocket, be sure to put them in your in your suitcase and check the the rules and regulations again, we're not providing legal advice, but other than to be sure to check and see what is allowed. So that you do not get into any trouble at a gym one more inch. Thing. I just have to bring up. I we met an interesting person on the on the trip. He was a former NYPD guy ni- said quickly talked with Doug Ritter. We talked about how terrible the the knife rights are in New York. He agreed. And then he said, but I still have a box of knives. I picked off people when I was a patrolman. So he has a big box knives. He grabbed on purpose. Maybe one of the the perks exactly of ak- New York City police officer. I don't know what are the I guess they they keep them. I would have thought they would have turn a he said they were all gas station knives. What was I suppose they were all cheap cheese? Knives on okay. He made out with him Z T's. Gotcha. Well, you mentioned Doug Ritter of knife rights again that was back on twenty two.

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And a folks want to go back and listen to that they can go to the knife junkie dot com slash two two. That's twenty two the knife chunky dot com slash twenty two and you can hear that too. Good conversation with gritter of knife rights and lot more interesting guests coming up, and we'll try to recap some of the past guests we have to but Bob I kind of wanted to get back to a point before. I forget it. We mentioned you're being on vacation. And we mentioned no YouTube videos this past week. So it may be some folks kind of figured something was going on because you always turn out one or two week. But some, you know, celebrate ori- news for the knife chunky regarding YouTube you on a spill beans yet. We just we just passed one thousand subscribers on the year than. It's pretty cool. You know, it was hovering for a long time just just south of thousand. And then finally broke through. I think maybe the Elijah item podcast may be brought in some new new folks and I'm super excited. And so that means we're going to do a giveaway. It middel. I I haven't picked out the knife yet. But I think it's going to involve a a snag onto the setup maybe and it'll be giveaway knife. Okay. For thousands of scrubbers. Okay. So folks subscribe to the YouTube channel just what are we gonna do? Stay tuned. Watch for video announcing it, and how are you going to? How are you gonna nounce it over this next week? I'll announce it out put out a video and you'll have to be a subscriber. And so that means if you're not a subscriber you have to subscribe to win. So if you're listening to this podcast right now in your not subscribed to the knife junkie YouTube channel, be sure to go to the knife, junkie dot. Com slash y t subscribe that stands for YouTube subscribe. So again, the knife junkie dot com slash y t subscribe, we wanna make sure that you're eligible to get in on this give way again, you have to be a subscriber to the knife junkie YouTube channel. So again, then I've junkie dot com slash y t subscribe, Bob, before we get into the common questions frequently asked questions comments kind of things that we've got kind of planned. I I do want to mention Douglas Esposito. I think was on the knife chunky dot com. Episode number twenty five a knife, junkie dot com slash two five and a little more news. You wanna drop about that one? Yeah. Douglas has zero of attention to detail mercantile maker of fine custom handmade knives. Sent me a text of a work in progress. If you recall when we were speaking, I dropped to him what I thought the sort of the dream combination in his blade language would be and. That say double-edged fighter with blackened flats and tortoiseshell handle and low and behold, the man is making one for me as we speak, and so he sent me a kind of halfway through shot, and it is gorgeous. And wait, and this will be my first custom knife. Ooh. Okay. Well, that's that's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I am super super excited. And I feel like it's going to start a trend that I might have to start selling some things for real. I know I'm saying I'm gonna but I'm real for real for real real. Because there there some people on Instagram that I'm just whose blades lusting after maybe it's just time. Well, you know, anytime you have a guest on the podcast, Bob, just, you know, do as you did and super blatant hint about if it's not like avionic, if it's not a gif pay for this thing true. But at least you get what you what exactly exactly what I want. Well, I knew it's maybe not. A question on our commonly asked question but frequently asked questions, but talking about custom knives like that. I mean, I can see the value from a resale perspective because that's kind of where I'm coming from in. This is you know, buying and selling the knives because there are valuable things custom knives are more valuable. Yes. Yes. Because each knife gets hours and hours and hours and hours of personal attention, whereas production knife, even even when that's made in a smaller facility is getting passed around. And yes, it's getting hand finished. And and I'm not trying to take away from smaller production houses, but handmade knife, a custom-made knife that maker spending a lot of time and imbuing a lot of him or herself into that blade. So, yeah, they are more valuable, and so they draw more money, and they they they can get more money on the secondary market to what what should we be looking for when we're talking about a custom knife is it is at. The maker is a the design is that, you know, fix versus folder. You know is the handle material. I mean, they're certain things that we should really be looking for in a custom knife to maximize our investment if you will allow if you talk about maximizing your investment, and I hope I'm not speaking out of school here.

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But right now folders are are hot. And it just seems like they draw more money though, there are certain fixed blades that from coveted makers that will bring in a lot of money. There's there's no replacing the time in energy that goes into engineering good action on a folder. It's a more complex process. And then and I'm not even bringing in forged fixed blades. That's a whole other thing. So so really, you know, there are some fine fine. Art, forged fixed blades that draw tons and tons of money. But right now what I'm what I see a lot of. And maybe this just due to my own personal taste is high folders bringing in the most money. Well, and I can't remember which episode of the podcast we talked about it. You actually mention if you find a knife maker knife designer who style you like, you know, that's a good place to go. That's a good starting point. If you will because you found something new you like it's going to bring you value, and theoretically, and hopefully will increase in value the longer you have it as well. Yep. Yeah. And and I think you can you can lock onto a certain kind of aesthetic and then work your way up the value or price ladder. If you if you like a certain kind of like camp knives while you can start with something. That's obviously hand made like a Condor hand made in a factory in in El Salvador, but you can move all the way up through a smaller production companies to one off handmade camp knives. Say you like tactical knives. He can do it the same way start start with something. If you like Ernest Emerson's designs start with a Kershaw. And pay thirty bucks. You can work your way up to a number Sohn or Z T Emerson or a handmade hand ground Ernest. Emerson knife, there's their levels. So lots of options. Yeah. What to look for in a custom knife. I say, yeah, I think you're right start where you like what about kind of a common question that you get or comment. It's about eighty C the initials, which is everyday carry. And I think one of the questions that we often see on the YouTube comments or Instagram or Facebook comments, or whatever is what's the best knife for everyday carry it is there a way to answer that is their way to answer that I'd say, I think you need to start with blade length. How much you're willing to carry because it's it. It's not an easy. See if it's a if it's a knife. That's too big view to carry every, you know, I personally as you know, I like overkill, and I I prefer a four inch blade for my main Kerry. But I have I have a couple that go way over that. And I don't carry those every day, but I have from time to time. So it has a lot to do with what you're willing to carry a lot of people carry a lot of stuff big phones. Other tech. Devices. I try and keep that stuff too. You know, limited. So I can carry more knives. Right. But lots of people like light and flat, and then and then blade links three inch to three and a half inch. But also doesn't have to do with what you're going to be using it for if you plan to be using it. Sure. Sure there is that if you're yeah. So I mean, really on the whole I would say a thin thinner blade is better. You'll see a lot of really tough folding knives that have really thick blades. But unless those blades are really wide in in profile, or or hollow ground, they're going to be very obtuse at the cutting edge, which means they're not gonna slice his well, and slicing is the kind of cutting capability you want most often in an everyday carry task say, you're you're cutting in errant thread off of your shirt collar, or you're, you know, cutting up avocado at work or something or or an apple better yet. You don't want to allege you don't wanna wedge part that apple you wanna. Slice it. So a lot of spider coz are excellent everyday carry knives because they're thin blade stock and their ground real thin. So that they make for great everyday carry knives. Noca- is that is that one of your favorites? Do you have like a top two top three top five kind of ADC knife. All right while my top five are are my top here. I'll just tell you what my top five ADC knives are, and they don't really make sense for what I was just saying. But that's because I carry multiple knives in for for doing those other little tasks that rotates around a lot lately, I've been carrying a lot of traditional knives, but anything from Z T, especially the Emerson models, and I have new my Kara handles on those which I love the Riyadh K two. I love the spider co JIMBO to and I just got the new one from blade HQ. We'll talk about that more later who. Yes, the hinder XM twenty four which has a ridiculously wedge like blade at least the old one. I have and the my new favorite the best in drag attack such a sweet night, but none of those are really classical ADC knives.

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So those are mine a lot of people recommend something thinner in a little less robust again, personal preference. What you're gonna be using it for a Mattel long. The blade is how how Wadey it is in your pocket. All those things come into come into play. Exactly. It's moving along. I think a lot of folks buy now. No, the knife junkie is martial artist. Big into self defense that kind of thing the question is why carry a knife four self self-defense. Yeah. Well, this one we've we've addressed a couple of times, I think the question is, you know, why carry a knife for self defense when when people have guns, you know, you're gonna bring a knife to a gunfight, but I think it has to do just with levels of escalation and a knife in a in a in a tussle is obviously the very very last ditch. Each effort to save your life. So it's just another tool. It's like the you would draw at using the same instinct you would in poking someone's eyes or mining someone's ear. It's like the last the last thing you have. So that's that's why I say you carry it. I'm not saying you you square off and getting a knife duel. Right. But at least you've got though, I have a few fantasies about that. But yeah. But at least you got it and most likely you're going to be cutting cheese in sausage on that picnic and not cutting people. But it's just could have, you know, do you have a you have a favorite warmer talking self defense? I gotta say anything by Emerson anything that. I can wave open is is the quickest is the quickest way now that now that there's the snuggle tooth and also cold steel does a lot of kind of a pocket deployment knives with their thump plates and stuff like that to me. Those are the ones that if I'm not carrying a fixed blade. Those would be the ones I'd go to go towards speaking about self defense. Another question was. The Karamjit isn't that the ultimate self defense knife? Yeah. If you train and see lot if train in Cali really know what you're doing. Yeah. It's it's awesome. If you're super-duper close to someone is it the best because it has a ring, maybe. But if you're getting in a situation where you're going knife to knife, and someone's trying to disarm you. I mean, you're probably outclassed anyway. So in the hooked blade is amazing those, you know, it takes very little effort to do a lot of damage with hook blade. But again, if you're if you're in that situation, it's anything you have is the any knife. You have that you have ready to use the ultimate knife. Was that from previous podcast. It was a drew swift said it was a the the warriors Myron Talay any weapon one mine mind any weapon. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. Douglas Zito also brought that up all the trim thing molester. Yeah. For we move onto the next question. More personal one for the knife junkie. Doing remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by QuickBooks self-employed, it's your year round tank solution. It's a must have if you're a contractor or freelancer, whatever you do if you're self employed and you'll wanna go to the knife, junkie dot com slash QB. Thirty nine junkies will get a free thirty day trial of QuickBooks, south employed, again thirty days for free. All you have to do is go to the knife, junkie dot com slash QB thirty that's QB three zero baba more personal question that has come up how many knives. Do you have in your collection? Have you counted kind of business? Yeah. I have about Al and more importantly does your life. No. No anyway. She doesn't listen to this. Anyway. So I'm gonna be on this. I have about eighty some odd folders, including the ones that I keep in various bags in the my cars, which is shocking because to to have an answer for this question. I did some counting. And I was really thinking that I was hovering around fifty but I have a little more than that. So I swear I'm gonna sell some where I have a great many fixed blades, but in terms of because I have a lot of swords and knives that my parents have picked up for me their world, travelers everywhere, they go have them get me, something authentic, the culture a lot of stuff like that that Noah ethnographic weapons, and then I have a small collection of tops knives about eight love those bunch of cold steel fixed blades. So I don't know. I can't really put a firm number on the fixed blades because I don't feel like going around counting. But I'd say probably around forty fixed blades, right including neck knives. And. And then about eighty folders, and then I have slipped joins about twenty of those. Okay. Two hundred more a bunch just a bunch. But you know, what I'm changing my ways. There's no there's always more to buy. That's right. What do you mean? You're changing your ways, and that will now get my feet wet with custom knives.

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I'm broadening my horizons me be less quantity and more expense. Yeah. Yeah. Something like that is like that. Hey, speaking about collections and people that have knives. You know, there's there's all different kinds of collectors as I have learned on the on the podcast so far from folks that by knife use it keeping in their pocket to buying a knife. Never take it out of the box or container put on a shelf just to look at it for its ascetics, and beauty, and you know, try to retain the the resell value, but a collecting kind of inventory related question. Do you have insurance on your knife collection and should folks get some of the more expensive knives insured, and how would you go about that for real expensive knives? Like things out of my league. I would I would say yes, most definitely. But if even if you don't have knives in the art knife category where you're spending thousands and thousands of dollars in. Maybe you don't want to ensure individual knives. Definitely valuate them and put them on your homeowner's insurance or your renter's insurance for sure. I've always done that just like your wife's jewellery if some bus into the house and takes her jewelry box. You know? There's grandma's diamonds and her wedding ring in that kind of stuff you account for that. While if they come in and take your pelican case, or whatever you store your knives in they're making off thousands of dollars to it's just a different form. So make sure you mentioned that on your homers insurance. And I would think that would lead to having some type of inventory system. So you know, lease roughly ballpark. What you have how many quantity what the brands are the models those kind of things so yeah. Yeah. Depending on how quickly or collection turns over take a snapshot. Every once in a while good gun. Yeah. Here's an interesting question. Bob, and just, you know, be careful how you answer this one. I don't want you get in trouble and the the Popo come after your later. But this question says with all the cool stuff you carry. Do you always follow your local laws? Well, the the correct answer is yes. But I'm going to this is what I'm going to say. Yes now, though. Before we spoke to Doug, Ritter episodes back. I was I was just a actually it was even before we spoke with him. I did a lot of research on knife rights dot org, and and saw some horror stories and realized how I was kinda playing with fire, even though, you know, I don't get in trouble with the cops ever. And actually my job puts me in touch with a lot of cops. But I just I just discovered how free and loose. I was with. I was I was thinking the knife laws where we are Jim. I thought there are a lot laxer than they than they are. So I do now follow my my local laws for a long time. I didn't. But it wasn't. But it wasn't intentional. It was just not knowing. Yes, it was not knowing and luckily, I don't live in New York City anymore where they'll throw away for for just carrying around a Swiss army knife. But but still things are not what I thought they were here. So I'm a little more careful. I got a lot to lose. So well. Again, that was Doug Ritter of knife writes dot org, and he was on episode twenty two of the knife chunky podcast app. So twenty two so the knife chunky dot com slash twenty two and we are working on getting Doug back on a future episode to try to get some some recaps of state legislative news and everything that's been happening over the past few months. So stay tuned for that one. Hey, Ed, Jim I wanted to ask you a question. I saw a number of questions, and and this is kind of more your Metei resale people wanting to know, how how do you price said knife, if you're gonna resell it, what are the what are the things you wanna take into account when you're putting a price on that on that item that you wanna resell and get some money back for well. I'm I'm coming at it definitely different a different viewpoint than you. Because you know, what it is the features. The, you know, the knife steel the handle material, you know, is it collectible or folders hot now or they not. Hot. Now, I sell on EBay, but I also sell on Amazon as well as some of the local local sales games like Craigslist Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for me, I have to look at EBay solds. You can actually go back and look at what items have sold on EBay and for how much so I would probably quite honestly as I have done in the past with you say, hey, Bob, I bought this knife at auction. You know, help me figure out what it is. And do you have any ballpark idea? You would look on blade forms and helped me there. I would look on EBay solds and look at some of the other like the local absence if anything is listed and just trying to figure it out from there. And you know, the the few nights, I I've actually bought and sold that way I made money I was happy.

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Did I sell them for less than they were worth? Who knows? Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. But I was happy with my my profit on those knives that I told. So again, again that maybe maybe I don't know everything. But you know, I buy very cheap. So most often I can make a profit without without knowing too much. Yeah. Those those two knives in particular were beautiful collectibles that. I would say you lucked into in a way. Yeah. Just adding onto that if you're if if you wanna try and resell at a non collectible knife. So you bought a cold steel recon one in it's just not to your liking, you wanna resell it, I'd say take a look at the cheapest price, you can find probably Amazon or or EBay used like, you just mentioned, and, you know, knock a couple of bucks off that you gotta remember it is in use condition. The condition those type of things, but you know, a, you know for me tip or trick. If you will not really a trick. But any of the knives I have bought and sold. I give to you to get the spot treatment done. So that they look better and their nicer in their slice is one of your favorite words. So the nice and sharp and sly. Easy. But you know, you gotta remember that that helps increase the resell value there to at least from from my my perspective, right? Exactly are knives. A good investment. And I know you and I have talked about this before. But again, one of the common questions comments that we get on videos on cast chats, those kind of things are knives. A good investment. And I know I have not been able to buy any knives at auction recently, just because the prices have been so high. So I'm thinking, yes, they are great investment yet. They I think they hold their value. Well, it depends on how you use them. And and and when you're talking custom knives. Yes, I would say they are. But, but as Dr Franchi mentioned and also Jim skeleton mentioned a, you know, it's not it's not a it's not a financial strategy. You know, you're not gonna you know, someone might by Picasso for you know, tens of millions of dollars and then sell it for a hundred million. That's a good investment buying knives. To to better yourself finance. Really is. That's just an excuse to by knives. If you ask me and others, but in terms of unloading, something that that just isn't to your liking, or if you have a an amazing collection like Jim Skelton or or Dr Franchi than you can sell those pieces for for what you have in them. I would imagine if you don't abuse them and kind of knock them down on a for me where I get my knives. Again, I'm I'm looking at yard sales. I'm looking at thrift stores, I'm looking at antique shops for his auction sites auctions. Exactly, those type of places where you're gonna find the knife collector who maybe knows what the value is. But the majority of people there are what do you call it generalist? Like, I like I was when I used to have antique booths in several different places. I would have to be a generalist and say, well, if I can get this for five bucks, it's worth forty or fifty. It's a good bye. You know, my willing to pay twenty or thirty not knowing, you know, maybe once I start getting some some knowledge about an idea so knives are everywhere and estate sales. That's a great place where I love to find knives, especially kitchen knives because often the they'll just open up the kitchen drawers, and, you know, say anything in here's a buck or whatever or make a lot of all these kitchen utensils, and you get a bag for five bucks or whatever. So I love going to a state sales. But again, it seems to me that the better knives. There's always somebody there that knows really what they're worth and in. You're not going to get a great steal on them. That will what you just said is my biggest nightmare someone coming into my house opening up my knife gays and saying anything here is a buck telling my wife my daughters, you don't need to know about my knives nominee. I have and how much they cost, but if I die do your research. Right, right. Don't let them go for one five even ten pound bag knives for a dollar. Yeah. Well, you know, that's the reason. I'll be honest. That's the reason when I was hot and heavy into the anti booths. You know, had several around town I would love estate sales and estate auctions because oftentimes, and it it. It sounds bad. When I when I'm going to hear this coming out of my mouth, you're not taking advantage. But it something at some point. You really are because people don't know what they have. And they just want to get the house cleared out. See you can get a great deal. And especially if you go in and and bundle or make a big lot of stuff. You know, you're buying all this stuff, and you can get very cheap. You know? So that's a great place to to buy knives. Secondhand get good deals again. If if you're wanting to spend the time to do that kind of thing, right? I mean, this reminds me that video you sent me of the guy who got he got like fifty or sixty Randall made knives for fifteen hundred bucks and any one of those knives was worth fifty.

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Eight hundred bucks. So that or you know, somewhere around there that was back before we started the podcast, and I sent that to you. And I was like, hey, I don't know is this this sound like a great deal. And you're like, oh my gosh. What deal it was? So. Yeah. That that broke my heart Olea that guys rolling in his grave. Yeah. Honey, you go for what you know, you got if you have a collection, let your family your your estate person. No at least a ballpark value of what you're dealing with. So as as we say, they don't throw him in the kitchen door and say, you know, any knifes of buck. You know, take your choice. Let me take this moment. I know people ask me this a lot is where's the best place to buy? They say idea by those knives for new happy new for that most of my knives. I buy in the secondary market, and I just wanted to mention kind of those kind of places blade forums. I'm a member on blade forums and for thirty five bucks a year. You you get gold status, and that means you can buy and sell, and there's a vetting process there. And there's a rating process so you can be. More of sure of who you're buying stuff from. It's kind of you know, the way EBay does the reviews figure you get a celebrating out. Yeah. And I'm blade for him. It's knife people selling tonight people, and I'm not saying that people don't get cheated things happen from time to time, but it's a sort of a self policing environment. US end, the usual suspects network is another one they actually hold an annual meeting as does blade forms. I believe and then also it might be a you have to be more on time with this. But trusted YouTube reviewers like the apostle P. I mean, he does a Thursday night knife sale. And he's a he's a well known and well, trusted tried and true individual on YouTube. So people like that I always tune into these knife sales by guys that I know I've never bought one. I have to I have to say because I'm never quick enough. Have you have to have your cashing your hand your pocket your finger on the trigger as I said? Yeah. And you have to be watching live. So speaking of that, which is Lee gonna lead into a storage question. But from an investment re-sale perspective when you're storing knives, but thinking again for maybe the potential of getting rid of at some point. Do you? Keep the packaging the boxes those type of things. Yes. Yes. The funny thing is I always used to harass my wife or keeping boxes. Why do you keep in the box to the crock pot or never gonna like put it back in the box. Why have the box? And so I got my wife to get rid of all of our old boxes. And then she started noticing, what are these boxes full of little boxes? Well, those are the knife boxes. A have to keep those boxes in case someone buys one of these knives. So it might be a pain in the butt. But chances are, you know, your collection, isn't that huge that it takes more than one of those kind of plastic storage crates, unfortunately, sooner or later, we all are going to move on to to somewhere else. And so we probably should keep the packaging, even if we have no plans to sell. Our knife collection when we're alive, so when we cross over to the great someone will have to sell it. Yeah. You may or may not get more money. Yeah. With the box people like to I like to receive things in the original box by the mused. Well, I know when I resell stuff on EBay at they always make a big point of original packaging, and all that kind of thing. So right. You know, it may add a little bit. But yeah. So then storage, you mentioned you have a big box will always a little boxes and those kind of things. But then so does that mean, you're storing your knives now? That's just where I start the boxes. I keep. All right. I know the knives themselves in a m in a craftsman tool chest. And and then I have, you know, soft leather beds for them all have. That in that internet that kind of spongy stuff you put under your cutting boards have that laid down. So when I opened the drawers, the knives don't slide around, and it's just a an organized way to keep them locked up and keep them. So that I can observe them. I love the idea of the pelican case, that's what a lot of people carry their their stuff in. The pelican case you store microphones in, you know, high tech equipment, and you can get those with foam inserts, and you can pluck out the inserts to fit your knives. The thing I don't like about those two things the portability of it. You know, someone someone breaks into your house her apartment in they see that case, they don't know. What's in it? But they know that whatever's gonna pelican cases of values grab it. And there they make off with your with your collection. The other thing is you don't get to really see the knife. You see the butt end. 'cause they stick down vertically down into you. Okay. Into the foam. I mean, I suppose you could you could make it. So that they sit flat. But that would just be a waste of space. So yeah, this this way is a little more permanent.

35:01 - 40:05

It's heavier to pick up in lift and the drawers you opened up in their arrayed. You know, it looks like a movie like John wick for dessert the knives. Are there other storage options for collectors I've seen a lot of people storing their knives in knife roles? Imagine a yeah, they're silverware kind of thing. Exactly, exactly. It's a it's a large folded out the piece of fabric, and it has a bunch of little mini slots to put knives in you can hold them up or you can hang on the wall blade age. Cues sells them spider Cosell's their own branded versions e t. I think they all sell them. That's a good way. That's a good way to travel with them. As a matter of fact, and I would think not take up quite so much storage base as well. Because. Lied him in their role on all up. Exactly. And maybe not so obvious to the criminal who bust into the room. He has five seconds to scan. He sees a pelican case he's like, I don't know. What's in there? But I bet I could resell it, right? Exactly. Just just a case of nothing else. Yeah. Yeah. All right knives. Our metal steel are they always going to rust, and and how do you deal with knives that do get rust right another another question that we that we get well, you know, they're all except for a few steals like spider coz, h one or L C two hundred n I think it's called the one on talk those numbers. The one on the Spidey chef in a couple of all their new salt series, most steals will rust eventually some like, most modern coveted modern stainless steels are very very corrosion resistant, but some like like M for on this new blade H, Q exclusive yo JIMBO to they will rust and they will start to pit. And hopefully, you're those are coated or you're keeping your keeping an eye on wipe them down maybe putting a little code oil on them. But if you do start to see rust, and that kind of pitting all I recommend is a very mild steel wool with mineral oil or sharpen oil machine oil works and just put a couple of dots that on the steel and just gently rebbe the rest, it will most likely leave a little stain. But what I say is that's character. That's like a scar. Patina? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. A couple more questions. Wanna try to get through before our time runs out here on the knife chunky podcast want again, thank you for listening. We're kind of doing kind of a recap of some of the most commonly asked questions frequently asked questions or comments that folks have left over the past few months on YouTube, videos, or podcast or Instagram or just emailing the knife junkie. Here's an interesting one. What is the best gift knife for non knife people best gift knives for non knife people? Okay. Well, I've had I've had a chance to think about this. And I I'm covering a bunch of bases here. And I'm gonna give five answers. Relax. But the the first thing I'm going to say is if you're buying for your wife, which is a great idea to give a wife knife or a girlfriend knife. So that they can keep in their bag 'cause ladies don't have pockets as you know, gentlemen, you're gonna want to not assume she wants pink. Okay. That is something I've learned you're gonna want to assume that she does not want pink that being said, I love pink knives. I I have to that my daughter's gave me, and then I have a purple knife that they also gave me the my Delica. But but don't assume that you're buying a knife for girl. She's going to her woman she's gonna want pink than that's just kind of a rule. I've. My wife. I got her a pink knife. I knife. I got her and she's like, oh, that's cool. But can I carry your American lawman? Okay. That was back in the day. Now now now, I know it together so for a gift knife for a non knife person. If you have a lot of money to spend, and you wanna really I would say get a bench made bug out. It's small light. It's just over one hundred bucks. It's an incredible night. It's got a great steel. I mean, I loved mine with the stock blue glass reinforced nylon handle, even though it felt cheap and cheesy. It's a great light little knife. I got the new Allen Putman my car scales on mine in it's even better. So if you have if money is no object, and you wanna get a non knife person a great knife. I would say get the bench made 'Bug out. Now, if you if if you wanna get the same kind of thing a locking knife that's small light in really really handy, but you wanna spend twenty five bucks get the ten. Groom Santa Fe tank. Rem is a Kaiser spinoff company, and they make real. High-value knives. That means inexpensive, but great of wonderfully made knives, and the the Santa Fe has an has an awesome.

40:05 - 45:04

Little Warren cliff blade comes in to comes in tan and black and it's just a great cheap little knife and buy cheap. I mean inexpensive. My third answer would be Victoria, knocks cadets the famous Swiss army knife of. But it's this one has few tools, but has most of the essential tools, and it comes in a really classy looking aluminum handle, the only thing about the you might not like is that it doesn't have the toothpick or tweezers, which to me are my favorite features. Yeah. Yeah. So in which case, I'd say just get another kind of Victoria cts. My fourth answer is the case peanut as you, Jim. No, a slip joints can be very very handy and the peanut is small, and you can get you can get certain models of it for very inexpensive. Gentlemen can throw it in there. Watch pocket. Women can. Throw it in their purse and forget, it's there until they need it great little knife. And then my final gift knife for the non knife person would be a fixed blade. I would say get a U S M C United States Marine corps K-bar with the traditional stacked leather handle. That's that's my fix blade option for this question. It's just a classic on a number of fronts. It was a knife carried by not only marines. But the but the army carried version of that. And they still do I think they stopped carrying that. But all throughout World War, Two all throughout the Cold War era. And it's just a classic American Bowie blade. But it's a it's a great utility knife as well. And I personally love the US MC leather sheath in that stacked leather handle on. I think that's the way to go. So we're those your final answers his, yes. Those are my so five I I gave a good a good range. Well, and if you wanna get. Even more of a range, again, this is timely at at the time dated if you will but still a lot of the recommendations in there will be relevant the holiday knife giving guy that the knife junkie did back in the holiday season of two thousand eighteen you went through a think like several different categories. I think of of price knives and had like five different recommendations and each one. So folks wanna listen to that holiday knife? Giving guide is the knife junkie podcast episode seven so the knife junkie dot com slash zero seven, and you can hear that and here bombs recommendations at the time, which a lot of them are are are still would be your recommendations because those are all knives you personally own personally care. Yeah. And if the knives themselves by the time, they're listening to that are dated those manufacturers will have updated versions of those quickly. I think one or two more questions we need to move on through. So here's the question. What's the best way to get into slip joints? If. You don't want to spend GC money G E C migrate eastern cutlery might what if I don't wanna spend a hundred bucks on a slip joint knife, a traditional grandpa, non locking knife. Well, you tell me Jim do you like the case canoe? Are you still carrying? I mean, the not the case the buck canoe love it still carry it in my every everyday have been right beside my Swiss army knife, which is what I used to always carry. And now it's force of habit. I reached for that one. Instead of the Swiss army so carrying it every day, and that that knife has a has beautiful nickel, silver boulders. It has a beautiful bone handle and too sharp for twenty eight c blades which verse Licey. Yep. It take a little care every now and again, but that knife was seventeen bucks, I feel cheap. Now. Now that I'm telling you what it was. But you can get into slip joints by going to WalMart. That's where I bought that go to WalMart. They have a selection of buck knives. If you wanna bring it up just a little bit you can. You can get case you can get into a case knife. They have many different levels of expense. He get in there for a high value workman style knife. So yeah, it doesn't take much took bucks lip or don't have to break the Bank yet or oh my gosh. I should say rough rider to checkout smokey mountain knife works rough rider, they make they make knives even less expensive than buck, and they have a wider range of of those slip joints. So check them out to Chinese knives. Your thoughts on the whole they used to be Junkin. Now, there's some in criminal the best knives. I have are made in China not Riyadh knives. We knives Reich. I don't have any right knives. But they make some incredible knives of their hummingbird and a bunch of and some other pretty exceptional looking things Kaiser knives. Best tech. There's there's a strata. There's a hierarchy to me Riyadh is at the top Riyadh and Reich. But there. Just making incredible incredible folding knives with incredible action and materials and fit and finish.

45:05 - 50:10

And those are two different things, but the fit and finish of these knives are are spectacular. Even the best tech, the kind of inexpensive end of it, and they're making credible knives. And so, you know, they're giving the US a run for their money there. There was a time where a short little window of time where people were only buying USA made knives or trying to only by USA made knives. But it's hard to do when their companies like RIA, we right Kaiser best, but that's good competition is good knife review videos. Most of the videos, you do on the YouTube channel, the the knife junkie YouTube channel at the knife, junkie dot com slash YouTube are positive and so then the question is are manufacturers sending you these knives to review are they paying you to review them favorably talk a little bit about your knife review videos. No. Now, these I pretty much only have interested. You have limited time to and I have interest pretty much only in making videos about things I like, and I pretty much only keep knives. I like pretty much only buy knives that I imagine I'm gonna like maybe at some point all get to the stage where I'm buying everything. New just why can try out everything? But I think I'd go crazy doing that. And this would be a full-time job, ROY be awesome and broke. Yes. But no, no one has sent me a knife to review, and and that's fine. I got plenty of knives. In my case that I haven't reviewed yet. So and nobody's paying you. So you're not as you say, not schilling for anybody. Honest opinions. Yeah, I'm ashamed to admit. No one pays me. Okay. All right final final question here. If you could recommend a knife set that you could buy and be covered. What would it be? And I'm not sure I underst- understand the question. It's kinda like a kind of like if you're going to get if you want, you know, some guns. What will you get a pistol and shotgun and rifle and those are your basic covering your base dog. So I would I would make it a three knife set not including kitchen knives ochre kitchen knives their own thing. But I would say get a multi tool of some sort whether that's a Swiss army knife or a leatherman or or something like that multi tool, then you want a tactical folder of some sort. And when I say tactical, I mean, a locking folder you want something strong. I like cold steel, I think for the for the money. The value is is incredible for the strengthen the materials and the design. But there are a lot of great options. And then Finally, I would say a fixed blade of some sort a camp knife or survival night something that you're in your backyard, and you discover a sapling that needs to go that you can take out news to chop down or you go on a camping trip with your family can bring or civilization ends and you had to run for your life, something like that. So I would say multi-annual attacked folder and fixed blade survival blade. Okay. All right. Good. Good answer to that question of understand it better now too. So that is going to ramp up all the questions that at least I have here in front of us. But it does lead me to a plug. If you will that if you have a specific question, we would love to hear from you and do it on a more regular basis in our podcast. Maybe answer question every every show or something like that. Call the listener line and leave your your question there. Seven two four four six six four four eight seven again, the knife junkie listener line. Seven two four four six six four four eight seven and that is set up. So that you can leave a voicemail there, then we can grab that. And actually play it on the podcast and then follow up in an answer your question from there. So again, we'd love to hear from you on the knife junkie dot com slash listener line seven two four four six six four four eight seven Baba's were kind of wrap it up here. I know you kind of mentioned it a little bit earlier about the JIMBO to than now new in your collection. I wanted to give you a chance to kinda gush about the will. Thank you. Okay. Well, I love 'em. Four steel. I just don't have much and blade. H? Q has been in this terrible habit. Lately of putting out exclusive models with spider coat, and as you know, most companies do when they create an exclusive they fixed one steal and the blade H Q has it in m four and they also fix a handle color, and they use what I think is beautiful natural g ten which has sort of translucent Jade, a shade to it. So they recently came out with the m for coated in black steal, your JIMBO to blade with the Jade g ten and and I was immediately smitten. And so I spent literally a week checking my Email with with some frequency like a like a thirteen year old girl checking to see the if they're going gonna give out a a release date.

50:10 - 53:39

And then when they did I was on it. And then and then like most people who. Ordered the knife. We all got an Email saying there's been a problem with your order. And so I called and blade HQ is so cool. I can't remember the gentleman who answered, but he was you know, I was number fifty in the panicked customers who got Email. So he took care of me. Right quick. But the blade came. And now, I hate to say it, I'm babying it. I haven't even carried it once I don't even wanna scratch, the the the hint of the the pocket clip. So I gotta get over it. But I love this knife. Maybe there's some knives. You don't carry or one of those that I have to carry everything on well, I'm trying to justify every purchase and not carrying. I mean, if I'm going to not carry a knife. It's going to be a lot more expensive than the spider co M for. Well, I'm sure we'll be seeing a video about the JIMBO to blade HQ exclusive coming up on the knife junkie YouTube channel. But again wanna remind folks who may have gotten into the podcast light didn't hear the intro knife junkies YouTube channel has crossed thousand subscriber Mark, so Bob the knife. Chunky DeMarco has a giveaway on talk about that a little bit before wrapping up. Well, it's it's actually embryonic in my mind. Jim I got I gotta figure out what the knife is going to be, but it's gonna be a giveaway of a of a nice knife. But you have to be a subscriber to the knife junkie YouTube. So if you're listening to this podcast and are not subscribe to the knife junkie YouTube channel again, go to the knife, junkie dot com slash y t subscribe love to have you on board on the knife junkie YouTube subscriber list, become part of our community. And also, maybe get a chance to to win my aunt to your collection. Bob's going to wrap up this episode of the knife junkie podcast episode number twenty seven we've covered a lot of ground here. But. I'm giving the fast the last word a final comments from the knife junkie as we close out. I was just going to say over this past weekend. I haven't had a chance to to answer many comments or anything online because I've been on vacation. But please keep those questions coming not only do I like answering them. But it keeps me sharp and keeps me thinking about about my feelings of my philosophy of philosophy of knife, collecting and using. And if you happen to have been sent this podcast or catching it on YouTube. You can subscribe to the podcast, and if your favorite podcast players podcast apps that kind of thing go to the knife junkie dot com, and you will find a page there under podcasts that has links to all the different places were at so that you can subscribe and get the name chunky podcast sent right to your podcast player or just go to the knife junkie dot com, and you can listen right there online for Bob the knife junkie DeMarco. I'm Jim that I've newbie person and wanna thank you for listening to the knife chunky podcast. Thanks for listening to the knife junkie vodka. If you joined the show, please rate review review, the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes. Visit our website the night junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at the Nike dot com slash YouTube checkouts great night photos on the knife, junkie dot com slash Instagram. And join our Facebook group the knife, junkie dot com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, Email them to Bob that the knife jokey dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six four four seven and you make your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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