Great Tiny Knives - The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 367)

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Great Tiny Knives – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 367)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 367), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at 10 great tiny knives, including the Cold Steel Micro Recon 1, Ka-Bar Dozier Lockback, and Fred Perrin Le Bowie Neck Knife among others. Find the list of all the knives shown in the show, and links to the knife life news stories, below.


comment of the week episode 367


Bob starts the show with his favorite comment of the week (as seen above) followed by his “pocket check” of knives — the Boker Smatcchet, Ritter/Hogue Mini RSK Mk1 (Emotional Support Knife) and the Bark River Knives Mini Bush Seax — as well as looks back on Knives Live 2022, which was rebroadcast as Episode 366 of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

In Knife Life News, it’s the New Jack Wolf knife (a futuristic traditional) and TOPS goes full hipster with the Tac-Rake.

Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” Bob shows off his Orion Knives Scorpio, Orion Knives Cetus Prototype, Jack Wolf Knives Cyborg Jack, Hogtooth Knives Ruffian (this year’s birthday knife) and the Rough Rider Black Mule Bowie.

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10 great TINY knives -- that's my topic this week on #theknifejunkie #podcast. What do you think? Like tiny knives or are they a 'no go' for you? Let me know. Share on X
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Great Tiny Knives - The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 367)
[0:00] Welcome to the knife junkie podcast the place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers Manufacturers and reviewers that make the knife world go round. I'm Bob DeMarco and coming up. We're gonna take a look at tops
Going full hipster We have a bunch of Orion stuff in the in the man cave here And then at long last we're gonna take a look at ten great tiny knives
Welcome to the knife junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host Bob the knife junkie DeMarco.

[0:42] Welcome back to the show my favorite comment from this past week was from a longtime contributor Oregon knife guy one of one of my slip joint brothers out there and We did a Thursday night knives in which the topic was what do you?
What are your knife your non-knife friends think of your obsession and his response was easy answer is Don't have any if a man doesn't carry a pocket knife already.
Then we have so little in common There is no chance for a true friendship and I read that and I have to say I chuckled and I was like, you know Oregon knife guy he walks a hard line, but I have noticed in my Conversions at the office so what we'll call them conversion cases.

[1:25] Oftentimes people just need one in their hands to to let the the.

[1:33] Long-standing, you know genetic history that they have with the knife Come through and suddenly they see how awesome it is sometimes people just need a little permission
Oh, yeah, it's totally acceptable to walk around with a pocket knife Especially depending on where you live my part of the world is a little bit pearl clutching on the knife end of things
but uh, I
But people are still people and they still love knives. So Organ Knife Guy, I say to you, you're probably one of the best people out there to start converting people because I know you have
a really nice collection of slip joint knives and that's a great way to get people, hey, remember your grandpa's knife? Here, check this out. Put it in your pocket and that's how you germinate the
seed of a knife junkie. All right. Well, thank you Organ Knife Guy and everyone else who commented and participated in Thursday Night Knives and well, the rest of the week. Speaking of the
rest of the week, I just want to say a little thanks to everyone who participated in Knives Live 2022. It was a great honor to be a part of this 24-hour Knives Live Streaming show to benefit
KnifeRights. It was awesome. I had a chance to talk to Doug Ritter on the knife junkie hour slot and we also had Kerry from Off Grid Knives and just had a great conversation ranging from different.

[2:58] Efforts that KnifeRights is going through to different ways to protect yourself if you need to use your knife and you get busted and then we talked about some stuff coming up in the
often for Off Grid Knives. But I was watching the many of the hours before and after and it was amazing to see how many people were there the whole time commenting and just raising money,
raising awareness and having a great time with their Knife Brethren and Sistern.
Or whatever that word is. So great. I just want to tip my hat to Shane Gables, who germinated, who started this idea. And of course, Kev left the EDC and John Evans, who helped put the whole
thing together. I'm very impressed by the effort and was honored to be a part of it. So thanks to everyone for Knives Live 2022. Now, with that said, I think it is time for a pocket check.

[4:02] I've liked wood on knives recently and I was in a mood, wood mood today. So I grabbed this. This was a gift to me from the great and powerful Dave of this old sword blade reviews. This is the
Boker Smash It and I adore this knife for many reasons. Not the least of which is that it was a gift from a friend, but also designed by a great guy, very creative guy.
Chuck Godritis and this is probably a Perfect rendition if you ask me of a folding smash it smash it was a big.

[4:41] Double-bladed fighting knife from World War two used a lot in the South Pacific that had these sort of bellied edges to twin.
Bellied edges like a giant dagger like a short sword almost and I love the way Chuck Interpreted that in a folder. This is made by boker plus. This is a really outstanding.

[5:05] Production, you know, I think people give mixed reviews to boker I've had nothing but great experience with with my bokers, but I don't have a huge collection
This however is is one of the smoothest ever
just falls back in. Now it is a four inch blade and you get a little bit of weight, but it's not a super heavy blade like a hindrower blade or something like that.
So that is real super smoothness and and pivoting action that's making that fall in there. I love that giant fuller and really it would take very little to put an edge on that backside.
But you would be a mad person to do so because of course you would always have that exposed edge. So just a moot point, but I always like to show off a thin thin enough swedge to sharpen
really cool sculpted pocket clip and this wood is just gorgeous. I believe this is
Cocobolo or Rosewood. Hmm. Didn't do my research as usual. I can't remember what kind of what it is. I do know it's beautiful So I had this in my front right pocket.
Vg10 this in a pinch would be a fearsome weapon that wide broad blade
Okay, next up for emotional support today and just general utility if it came up. I had the RSK mark one Just I just love hoax able lock. That's.

[6:30] Ambidextrous bar lock enhanced and man, they did enhance it They just do a phenomenal job with the bar lock and I love this.

[6:39] This one in particular was a gift from Um Doug Ritter and so we'll never leave my collection. I had the large size one that I bought I gave that to someone and
This one means more to me anyway, and I'm more likely to carry the mini of this one I must say I love the the G mask is here that purple black and gray and then I ordered an aftermarket.
Bugout clip for this one. I just don't like hoag clips. They are of a thinner gauge than I prefer I've never had a problem or issue with them never had one just fall out of my pocket or get snagged out of my pocket
Never had one bend. It's just a feel thing and it's just a taste thing. So yeah, I tend to replace the hoag clips.
All right, uh, let's see lastly on me was a fixed blade and.

[7:30] This is one I almost never carry and uh, I should more it's it's an easy carry and it's a great knife Bark River knives mini bush sacks. This is a.

[7:42] A kydex sheath that I made for it when I bought it I bought it for Carrying and it comes with a beautiful little leather pouch sheath like Park River does but
that's tucked away somewhere, it doesn't get used. This is how I carry this knife with the ulti clip. And I carry this in the three o'clock position in the waistband. Usually when I do that,
the edge is forward. In this case, I keep the edge back. If I need to pull it out standard, I have it just like this. Great little knife. That's AT tool steel. But if I do a natural draw
in reverse grip, it comes out pick all styles. I need to get all defensive.
The Lord, I don't have to. This is beautiful polished Micarta, that canvas Micarta with the subtle thin red.

[8:35] Liners there. You got a coke bottle swell in the center. Now this knife I tried to force a patina on and it was an absolute disaster. Now I'm not sure why, but this this steel did not patina the way
others do for me. So I polished it off. There's in some areas like right here wasn't able to get it all off. Anyway, just a great, great knife. I love Bark River knives and I love their.

[9:02] The utility of this this knife in particular. So that's what I had on me. What did you have?
Leave it in the comments below. So mine was the Boker, the Smatchit mini RSK Mark 1 and the Bush Sat from Bark River Knives. All right, I want to show off another cool knife given to me by
this old sword and it's going out as a gentleman junky giveaway knife because this thing is utter sweetness. It's from a company I really like. I've only had a few knives from them. I have one in the
collection right now, but it is the Max Ace and this is the Balance K.
The one that I have is the big sandstorm K that is a cool night. They do incredible work. I love Max Ace knives and one thing that I like about them is that if you like a design of theirs,
like the sandstorm or this balance here, it can be had in an inexpensive K110 version.

[10:01] K110 is analogous to D2 and you would get the sculpted G10 or you could upgrade the whole thing and get the expensive version with the fancy steel and the fullers and the sculpted titanium
frame locks and man, they just do beautiful work and you can get it either fancy pants or you can get it inexpensive and inexpensively and that's what I like. I like the sandstorm model and I
like the big size of it but I don't like it so much that I want to spend 300 bucks on a titanium version and as a matter of fact, I like the look of the inexpensive version better. It's just less.

[10:43] Fewer notes. It's a little more of a classy design to me, a little less overdone. And that's also what we see with the Balance K in my humble opinion. I think this is a really.

[10:55] Nice knife and it's the kind of thing that I just want to get this out of here. This has been here for almost a month now and it's one of those knives that could just slip into the collection accidentally and get lost there. So I got to get this out into the hands of someone who will appreciate it and use it at Gentleman Junkie.

[11:15] So this is what we're going to be giving away on November 17th, the third, my voice just cracked, the third Thursday of November, that's what we do here,
third Thursday of November, or of the month, we do the Gentleman Junkie Knife Giveaway on Thursday Night Knives. And then you'll notice on episodes surrounding or before or after.

[11:36] We'll usually just throw a random giveaway in there of a knife. That's always fun to do.
Anyway still to come on the knife junkie podcast We're gonna take a look at the new jack wolf knives knife I have it in my hot little hands
Now we got some Orion knives and then we'll take a look at ten just fabulous tiny Knives
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podcast. It's time now for the latest Knife Life News. It's a rare occasion that there's an intersection between Knife Life News and the state of the collection. But I happen to be on the cutting
edge of this one. And that is rare. So I'm going to take advantage of it. So in Knife News, you will see an article on the new Jack Wolf Knives knife. And I have that in my hands here. This is the
Cyborg Jack. And it is a different kind of knife for Ben Belkin. It is an angular look to this one.

[12:59] That is why I think this is making such a splash. Now, you know Ben Belkin and you know Jack Wolf Knives. It's a traditional modern take on traditional designs. He takes and tweaks.

[13:13] Some of the most classic slip joint knives and has them produced to the utmost.

[13:22] They're produced amazingly, let's say. Anyway, this last one, he took some liberties with the design and really, really did some cool stuff with the handle. He wanted something more angular.

[13:33] That is definitely what he got. And it is comfortable and it's different but the same. You know what I mean? It's the same incredible build, same incredible materials, M390, titanium,
mycarta or fat carbon. It's in an incredible build with great walk and talk.
So all of the hallmarks of a great traditional or slip joint knife yet he anglified the handle. No, that sounds like he made it English. He angled the handle in such a way that it looks
modern and has a real modern feel. But man, in hand, it feels great. Here it is with that sweet carbon fiber. He has been putting some incredible carbon fibers on these. There's a pink fat carbon fiber on this one. Also, that is going out. I got the green micarta.

[14:24] Man, that suits me. That suits me. Though pink carbon fiber, I have none of that in the collection. That would be cool to have also. I think it would be...
You know, if you have the means and the inclination, I think jack wolf knives would be one of those great things to collect, you know, like if you like PM2s and you just collect all the PM2s, it'd be great to collect all the different versions of all these knives. But I get ahead of myself. Yeah, these facets and these angles feel great in hand and you get the great walk and talk.
So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, that's the jack wolf knives cyborg jack as presented in knife news, but also as presented by my collection.

[15:10] So very happy to have that. Thank you, Ben. Second, I want to talk about tops for a second. You know, I love tops and they're really hardcore outdoor knives.
You know, great military knives, great combat knives, great outdoors knives, great and then started making the camping knives and all that.

[15:30] And then they dabbled in folders. That's really cool. And some of their friction folders. And then they and then they did the attack rays, which was cool.

[15:40] And then they did the attack rays except with a comb for your beard. Well, now they've gone full fixed bladed hipster right here with a fixed comb.
You've got a comb here for your beard.
That's it. It is a comb. They are making a 1095 comb with my carda and a leather pouch and all of that for your beard you hipster.
I don't know. What do you think of this? I sound bitter and I'm not I'm not I love tops. They're awesome This this does not take away from anything, but I wish that they would make some.
Way to cut with this. Maybe Maybe you make the teeth sharp. I know I know it'd be risky when you do this.
But it Can't be just a comb guys. It can't how about a how about a pokey pommel?
How about a glass breaker there that you could use for pain and compliance? Compliance something something you just can't go full hipster.

[16:41] But you did. And I must admit as a beer tourist who grows one half a year that actually is pretty...
Pretty nice. I have one in my car, of course, and it's bamboo and it feels good on the face. This might feel really great on the face, but I refuse to like this just out of principle.
Tops give me this with something else, a glass breaker, a hook, a sharp edge, maybe a point, maybe a tanto point on this. So you're just very careful when you comb, but if you need to thrust
your tan. All right. So that's Tops going full hipster with the tack rate, a bittersweet day on the KnifeJunkie podcast. If you think what we do here on the KnifeJunkie podcast is worth it.

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[19:02] And now that we're caught up with KnifeLife News, let's hear more of the KnifeJunkie podcast. I got a package from David Cam of Orion Knives and...
It excited me greatly. One had some swag in it, which I will show right here actually. Here's a really cool craft I'm going to do with my kids or with my younger daughter actually.

[19:25] It's a wooden version of an Orion knife with spring action that you can put together. We're going to put this together and this will be hers. And then he also sent me this fantastic knife
pouch. This is something they offer on their website. It has nice plush inner pockets here.
And you can put four knives staggered in opposite directions so they don't mar each other, which is appreciated. But the really exciting thing is this. He sent me, well, there are two of this,
but the first is this Scorpio. This knife is so cool. So you know the Polaris, the Orion Polaris came out maybe two years ago. And we talked to David on the show about that knife. And it was
a button lock before button locks became cool again. And man, it was great. Had great action,
great ergonomics. It looked much like this in handle design. The blade was different.
I think it was a little bit larger than this. I might be mistaken. But this is the Scorpio follow up design. And I got to say all things considered, this one really rings my bell.

[20:43] Something about this, whether it's that nice extreme clip point, you know how much I love clip points with jimping on the clip. I mean, I love jimping and I love clip points and you put.

[20:53] Jimping on the clip. I know that's utilitarian because it's a short blade. But it's just cool to major cool factor there. And then you've got, I think it's the blade man. This blade is so cool.
You've got this fuller that comes all the way to the front, giving you that shape up front. Love that. Cross section there.
And then you've got a very nice super thin, super sharp blade, really great geometry or I'm not going to call it geometry, whatever this is set up with the pivot, the lock, the flipper and the thumb stud.
And every way you can deploy this, which is numerous, it works great. You've got the fuller, you've got the flipper, you've got the lock itself, you can just hold the button in and let it flip out.
Or you've got the thumb studs. Just a really cool knife. I saw this come out.
Recently, I mean I saw when people got these and I noted it and I noted how cool it was, but I wasn't aware that it was available yet and it is so cool.
This is a 14C28N and of course that's my CARDA. It maintains a nice width which we'll see when we take a look at the tiny knives coming up here.
It's important for me personally in my enjoyment of a smaller knife. The links on this are outstanding.

[22:19] You really want to use that choil. I guess you don't have to. But it's like a three finger grip if you don't and man that's a solid grip.
So very cool knife, Orion knives.
Scorpio, by the way, it's got purple anodized backspacer, blue anodized pivot collar and it's beautiful.
So also he sent me to check out a prototype and this one is the Cetus CETUS and this one I believe is a steel frame lock and it has a really cool profile.
This to me reminds me of the Gununting, the storied short sword used by the special marines in the southern Philippines and they use them to great effect.

[23:11] It's sort of a sickle shape but it has a point that you can use for thrusting and this is definitely, to me, that's what it reminds me of because that's the lens through which I see things.

[23:23] So to me this would make a really great sort of self-defense knife and also, I mean just look at the angle, look at where the tip is, a really, really aggressively awesome utility knife.
Okay so it's hollow ground, it's very thin, plunge grind gives you plenty of...
Space to sharpen upward on this. This is 14C28N. You get really nice smooth action on this. Great jumping on the top. I do like the fuller. The fuller can be used as can the opening hole.
Again this is a prototype of Ryan Nives back there.
Prototype. I guess for me the one thing I would say is the flipper is less strong than the flicking out. That's something you see in prototypes. That's part of the prototyping
process, is dialing in the detent to be ideal for all forms of opening. That's definitely a challenge when you create a knife that has a bunch of different forms of opening. We've
kind of heard that. We've talked about that a lot on the interview shows. What I really like about what David did here with the flipper is how it nestled, first of all, it's a real low profile and it comes off of this ramp so that that ramp sort of dictates how you should use it.

[24:44] But also I like how it hides in the frame once it's open.
So the flipper tab isn't the guard itself, the flipper tab nestles inside the guard. And I like that it has that guard because this does have a point and though it's not.

[25:01] You might not think of it as a thrusting point with that pistol grip, it could be used, or that overall arc, it could be used as a thruster very well, so it's good to have this guard here.
Now I would bet that David did not design this with gununting and tactical stuff in mind, because really what he's done is design a nice full-size utility blade here.
So I think it's a great flex back and forth. It'll be cool to see what changes he makes and I think it's very handsome knife too.

[25:38] That's a big thing. So that is the Cetus prototype from Orion Knives. David, thank you so much for loaning me this to check out.
It's an honor. What can I say? It's really cool to see this knife in person. I've seen pictures.
Okay, next up, I just want to note that I just showed off this cyborg jack. This was new in my collection this week and of course it's getting tons of play and replay in the pocket.
And I'm looking forward to the leather slip taking on that cool angular pattern. You know how leather slips end up kind of impressing or yeah,
embossing themselves around the knife.
Well, I look forward to seeing that angular shape on one of my...
Leather cases. All right, next up. This is a big one. This is my birthday knife this year and it just arrived this past week from Hogtooth knives. It's the Ruffian and.

[26:38] It is man It's a great great knife. So now I have this and I have the tanto We're working on the prototype as a matter of fact. I thought the prototype was coming in the box with this.
For our collaboration knife But now I have three hogtooth knives this my 50th birthday knife the extravagant.

[26:58] Subhilt fighter and then I have the the tanto EDC that I carry all the time Well, this one is quite possibly going to eclipse that though This is a little bit larger and not always as comfortable as the small one depending on what I'm wearing.
But anyway, I have to show it off with the sheath because this is how he sends it with the awesome discrete carry concepts Uh Clip I love those clips a great sheath with great retention and the push-off which I love.

[27:27] And here's the knife Just a beautiful Fully swedged clip point. I mean look at that long swedge almost you could call that a harpoon perhaps.
But here you have really nice sharp fine cut jimping And a great place to put your thumb. I mean this just melts into your hand And this is uh acid tumbled.

[27:52] 154 cm hollow ground Not as thinly hollow ground as the tanto, but it's a thicker.

[28:00] Blade stock here and Oh my god, this thing is so wickedly sharp So wickedly sharp. I might show it off in a second if I can access a piece of paper without moving.

[28:12] You've got this really great sharpening choil. I love that and the blade and and the finger guard is just awesome The ergonomics it just melts in your hand as I mentioned and then the use of the anzo pattern here in the milling.
Or the you know File work here is really nice because your fingers do fit into those grooves They find their way into those grooves really nicely and the fact that there aren't any grooves down here at the pommel and the last
Fit one fifth of the handle is full width it almost in in hand makes it feel like there's a ball there.
Or something that you're not going to come over like the pommel of a sword.
So it gives you especially in reverse grip. I feel it just a really positive feel It's it's it's just not going to slip out of your hand and also with that blade guard. It's not going to slip forward
I really like the idea of carrying one, two, three, four, yes, four and a half inches. I love having a four and a half inch bowie on me. I love that. Now, is it always legal.

[29:20] Only unless I show it? And actually, I've been, I don't want to say showing it, but I have been making it somewhat visible. Oftentimes, you can see the handle of it if you look,
but because my shirt plumes over it or whatever. But anyway, we don't have to talk about that.
The point is I do love having a bowie knife on me at my disposal, but one that is small and carryable, very, very usable knife. I use the Small Tonto EDC, which is definitely
a backup tactical knife. I use that as one of my best, I'm pointing upstairs, like you can see,
one of my best feather stick knives for the hard kiln dried wood I get from the grocery store to do a family fire pit knife. So, yeah, Hollow Ground 154CM is amazing. I also want to show off
the point of this knife. That swedge and that edge comes to such a point, it's like a dagger.
It's like a full diamond tip.
Just beautiful.
Very very sharp. It's probably in my sharpest knife currently That is my birthday knife the hog tooth knives ruffian.

[30:38] So very very proud to have this in my collection and Man, I just love Matt Chase's work. He's a great guy too. It turns out.
But even if he were not a great guy, I love his knives and I think I'll make a maybe an annual tradition out of getting a hog tooth knife for my birthday. Who knows?
Maybe I'll widen that out, but I do know that next year. I want a bowie from him like a full-size 9-inch bowie, but one that I don't feel squeamish about.
Taking out and Smackin around. All right, speaking of bowies that I'm not squeamish about taking out and smacking around this is a man This is an impulse by Though it's an impulse by that I stocked for a long time.

[31:25] Um, this is a this is you know, I call myself the knife junkie. This is a fix. This is a bowie fix Whereas the bowie I just showed you that hog teeth knives. That was a like I took that was a.
You know, uh custom I chose the handles and and we you know, we worked out and I considered I saved up for it and all that.

[31:44] Not this this is like this is like Hmm, this is a great knife and I'm I'm I'm almost uh, I'm shocked. This is the rough rider black mule.

[31:55] Bowie in three cr 13 mo v Three three CRs. That's all just three.

[32:05] All right. I got this knife because it's 25 bucks and it is a 25 dollar version of this the shining mountain bowie.
Um designed uh by Mike Stewart and just a a gorgeous bowie shape.
And uh here this one Is a bark river version of the of the design and it costs literally 10 times more I paid literally 10 times more for this
Now it goes for much more because it's they're not making them right now, but you know recently I took this out and.
Used it a little bit and made a video of me chopping a little bit of wood with it and such and I loaned it to Kepp Mugneshart who took it out into the out into the bush and I think in Canada and did some camping with it, but I.
Always kind of feel like that's a nice expensive knife. I don't know So I got the same knife same blade shape for 25 bucks one tenth of the cost in three CR 13 and so yesterday when it arrived I.

[33:10] Took it out and I I did I did a bunch of batoning with it I baton some of that nasty kiln dried wood. I did some feather stick You know carving with it just did some general like pointy stick carving and.

[33:25] I'll be damned but this rough rider three CR 13 MOV Bowie is still paper-cutting sharp.

[33:34] But after all the abuse I put this through, you know, seeing if it was worth it, this 3CR is still slicey and sharp. I don't know what the hell they did with it. I guess it's a great heat treat or
something, but man alive. This thing has taken some abuse. So if you need a Bowie fix and you don't want to spend much money, oh gosh, I recommend it without any reservation. Here, this is the Hogfee.
I mean, the hog tooth just slips between the atoms. It's totally different kind of sharp. But I assure you this black mule bowie is really good. And I guess I shouldn't be so
shocked and I'll tell you why. About a year and a half ago, I spent a good deal of money getting a whole bunch of a rough rider slip joint knotted because I was so impressed with them. They're
so inexpensive. They're built so nicely that I figured why not? I could get patterns that I want to check out.
And then maybe I get more expensive versions of them, but Rough Rider gave me that service of experiencing a pattern or a style for very little.
So if you're interested at all in Bowie's or you just want a fixed blade knife to bang around and you don't know what to get or you don't want to spend a lot, I got to say.
And now the only place I think you'll find this is Smoky Mountain Night Forks because it's a Rough Rider.

[35:04] But go get one of these. It's not going to win a beauty contest in terms of the finish or anything. And I haven't flitched it, but I've used alcohol to get some of the sap and stuff off the blade.
And you can still see the marring and stuff. That's all fine. It's a $25 knife.
I highly recommend it, I got to say. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised because their slip joints are good.

[35:29] Also not for nothing, it does come in a pretty damn good and stout nylon sheath. I like this better even than the one that Tops sends with their nylon sheath knives.
So that is the Rough Rider Black Mule Bowie. Look, it even just looks cool in hand.
And those grinds, by the way, they're perfect. Perfect grinds.
And I guess it's machine perfect, but it doesn't matter. They're great. So check it out if interested.

[35:56] All right, we go from this large 9.5 inch bladed Bowie to tiny knives. Now tiny to me is smaller than three inches, three inch blade.
And some of them get very tiny and some of them are just right at the three inch mark. But I wanted to make a special note before we go into this list that I wanted them to be knives that are available.
So I have a couple of tiny knives here that you cannot just readily get. Like the GEC number 19 or the GEC number six.
These are tiny little Warncliffe slip joints and I love them. You drop them in the bottom of your pocket and they rattle around in there.
This is a two inch. These are just two inch blades.
You don't need a slip for them. You might want to if you want them to stay pristine. But they're just small and nice to drop in pocket and forget about and then use when you need them.
Beautiful materials too. But they're not readily available, so they didn't make the list. Also, of note, is a knife that Mike Emler made and gave me. This is a little Kiridashi he does,
and this is such a great little knife. It's a chisel ground, modern, stylized take on a Kiridashi, and it works great. Keep it on my desk and pull it out and use it when I need it. I got this,
I just put a fob on it to beef it up a little bit, but also not readily available, super sharp.

[37:22] Not readily available, but just another testimony to the fact that these tiny knives can be really, really useful, awesome knives. All right, first up in this list is new and something I'm very
excited about. Been carrying this a lot. This is the QSP Penguin Mini.
The penguin mini so we all know the penguin regular penguin this is the regular penguin in in its original dress I believe that that blue jean my carda
So you get the same awesome blade shape just smaller and smaller handle it but the same lock pivot thumb stud setup. So you get great action out of this. I want it to be drop shut
eventually. It's hard to get on such a small blade but it is very smooth and it's getting there.

[38:15] Just one shake and it drops in. I like the triangle circular logo. What does that remind me of? Does that look like something from Harry Potter or Narcotics Anonymous or something? I don't know. It looks like someone else's symbol but I like the way it looks. This has jimping and.
It has a full four finger grip if you come up on the finger guard there which is actually very comfortable to do but how I've used this most is like this for opening packages, opening boxes,
that tape, that kind of thing. Such a great knife. Now if you go to the QSP website you'll see that.

[38:54] These come in a bunch of different flavors 14C28 but you can get different handles.

[39:02] Very very cool. I love the natural black, the natural with the black. All right next up in Tiny Knives this one has gotten probably more use than any other in this list and that is my Cold Steel Micro Recon 1.
The micro recon one still still with the triad law except this one is so small and so old and fussy it's hard to engage these days i need to take it apart and uh fix it up but i do know the guts of
these minis or these micros are slightly different from the regular recon ones and i just can't remember how it's been ages since i opened this up but i do remember noting that uh os eight from
back in the day when they basically just spray painted their os eight uh that coating just comes right off but that doesn't bother me especially uh this was my keychain knife for ever now i don't
have a keychain knife um for a while it was another knife on this list and recently i just have been not having a keychain knife uh great this is another one i was talking about those little gec's you
just drop it in your pocket and forget about this is a great one for that because it's very thin very light but the strongest and no doubt the strongest tiny little knife and charming and.

[40:20] You can get this uh in tanto they do not have it in clip point
Oh, also if you like the fluorescent colors and such, you can get it like that. Speaking of fluorescent colors, this one has been in my little EDC pouch that has everything.

[40:36] I might need in a pinch that I keep in my backpack.
I've had this in there forever. I got this one nice first started following nothing fancy. I guess in 2008 So I've had this probably that long.

[40:50] Um, and it just sits in that thing and goes unused and forgotten I've had to use it on rare occasion.
I do remember once This was my edc because I do remember once leaving the house without a knife and having my backpack And I don't know why I didn't have you didn't carry any one of my other backpack knives.
I keep a full-size recon one and and a sog seal pup and other things in there So but I guess I didn't have those at the time.
Because I do remember carrying this one only once.

[41:22] But what an awesome little knife now these got a lot of a positive press for a long time because they're designed by bob dozier Who's a great knife maker classic?

[41:36] They are manufactured in the United States, but oh no, this one's Taiwan. Take it back by an American company, K-Bar, that everyone loves and respects and are super inexpensive.
These were like 20 bucks and they're great. You can squeeze it. I mean, it's skinny, light, awesome little knife. You could definitely drop this one in the pocket and forget about it. You see, it's kind of encrusted with dust here because...

[42:06] It gets no action these days. I should take you out. I should take you out. You don't take me out no more Bobby, why don't you take me out no more? I don't worry. We'll go out and we'll have dinner. It'll be terrific.

[42:17] Okay, uh next up is a fixed blade and this man. I got this This is a little big knife for sure. I got this from the man himself pred parent at blade show 2022.
This is his leboi neck knife and these are made in france In france, uh, I can't remember the name of the company all of a sudden.

[42:38] That makes this uh But made for fred parent in france, uh and
If you know anything about Fred Parran or if you don't know anything about Fred Parran, he's got some knives out from Spyderco, the Street Beat and the Street Bowie and the new Subway Bowie and the PPT, a really cool Warncliffe style folder from him. He's a French dude. He was a.

[43:03] Commando and hand-to-hand fighting expert, not just with knives, but all sorts of dirty little weapons and pokey things and a very interesting guy. When I was talking to him at his booth,
he doesn't speak French so well, but he speaks the international language of violence.
And I should say he's a very, very nice and charming guy. I'm not saying he was rude or nasty in any way, but he was very enthusiastic about his products. He had one thing that kind of wraps around your palm and it just looks like a string going around your palm on this side,
but when you open it up, it's this nasty kind of claw thing you can swipe people with. He had a lot of cool things, things you could tie onto your boot lace that make your kicks worse and then,
of course, tons of little hideaway knives. And this is one that they manufacture that you can buy and sometimes you can find them like this with the G10 handles. Other times, I think they're more.

[44:00] Readily available in just the skeletonized steel handle, but it's really thin, wickedly thin and sharp, a very, very thin behind the edge, slicey kind of thing. And then just a full row
of jimping right up the spine for the thumb. That notch he designs is not a semi-circle. It's usually in his knives kind of almost triangular. I mean, it's curved here, but...
It, it orients the knife in a more downward angle so you get more cutting power out of your slashes and swipes.

[44:36] But as you can see, it keeps the point centerline. So in this lineup of tiny knives, I had to have a Bowie knife and this is the Bowie knife for that, for that category.

[44:50] Now I used to have the minimalist. All my minimalists are now either lost or given away.
And my last one that I gave away to my wife's cousin's girlfriend, lovely young woman who moved to New York.
I showed her that, she was like, oh, this is really cool. All right, it's yours.
Take it to New York. So...
This is my last small bowie. Perfect for this list. Sorry, I don't know why I went off on that tangent, but I did. And you all came for the ride. So, tiny bowie. Now we have a tiny switch blade. We actually have two.
This was my key ring knife for quite a while. It took the place of the micro recon one. And this is the Kershaw Launch 9. And before I open it up and show you the beautiful blade.
I just want you to see how nicely weathered that anodized aluminum got living on the keys.

[45:47] That was by design, of course. Look at that. Oh, I love this thing. Such a futuristic look. Beautiful little drop point blade with the fuller. This would be a cool knife to have non-automatic and maybe a little bit larger and with bearings. You could flip that,
flick it open, you know, spidey flick it, middle finger flick it. But just a great little useful knife. This is CPM 154 as are all the launch knives. CPM 154 is a great steel. First time I
had that steel as opposed to 154 CPM. They're both great, but the CPM is the powder metallurgy version of that. First time I had that was on a ProTech, ProTech Rock Eye and man, it gets laser thin and super sharp. A great action on this little launch nine. If it's legal in your state,
which more and more it is, like my state, Virginia and soon PA, you can have this. I think it is legal in the state of PA, but they still have the local laws. They need to pass that. They need to.

[46:54] Pass a lot to get rid of it and riddle the local laws. Now, for some reason, that term is escaping me. That's another journey I just took you on. Okay. Next up is a tiny automatic. This is the Shamshur and look at this. I love this pullback action.
This is a D rocket design, Dariel Castan and someone else. I'm sorry, I can't remember. Who is Bruno? BRNO. I know the Casteon. The D rocket is the logo to the left and then BRNO born is the.

[47:30] Other. This is a collaboration, but Bocher Plus put this little honey together and they sent it to me when I got the Texas toothpick as a surprise and I greatly appreciate it and I really love it.
No clip, which I also like, like this one here, no clip, just drop it in the pocket and that is that same with the mini or the micro recon one. I do like that in my tiny knives. I don't need a
clip unless it's so thin you need it for girth. Sometimes the clip is valuable for girth just for holding on to. In this case, it fits perfectly in my three finger grip and I don't need anything.

[48:13] Like that. Don't even need a lanyard for this one. This is D2 blade steel. I like the blade shape on this one and I also like the swedge. I appreciate the swedge on such a small knife. This is
something you might have on your person when you get to the car after shopping in Walmart and you need to open up that clamshell package. You have that swedge that is definitely going to help you
in penetrating that tough material. Next up is another fixed blade. This one, QSP, this is the canary and I really like this knife and I also really like the chain. Usually on neck knives,
I issue the chain for a 550 paracord. In this case, I kept the chain because it actually looks like
I don't know, kind of a necklace. You have the ball and it looks sort of like a Morse code necklace actually. What would that say in Morse code? Probably nothing. But you have a ball and then a longer one and a ball and a longer one. And so when you're wearing this, it almost looks like,
hey, Bob, I didn't know you're a necklace guy. Yeah, there's a lot you don't know about me.

[49:23] Guess what kind of necklace I'm wearing? So you have the carbon fiber-esque kydex sheath very thin, the whole package is thin on this QSP canary. And I have the
Luxe Edition. Look at this. So beautiful. Damasteel blade.
That's aluminum foil carbon fiber, swirl carbon fiber. Whoever heard of such a thing?
You've got diagonal fluting crowned spine so that jimping is on a diagonal and actually it first feels odd but it works really well and this whole affair is crowned up here and look at
the pattern on that blade steel
Just beautiful. This is a very lightweight knife. This is, it just, and it could be these four lightning holes which you also could braid a 550 pair cord and have a little fob on down here.
If that's your thing, this one, I don't require that at all. Even though it's a three finger grip, it's very, very secure in hand. It's just great design. Yeah, thin and light is this canary.
So I think the the sheathing system works great and not for nothing. I kind of like the little necklace effect. I look in the mirror and I'm like, yeah, yeah, necklace. Okay, so next up.

[50:46] Another fixed blade and this one is another drop in the pocket, tiny little affair, but it is for nastiness. This is a little lapel dagger SOE lapel dagger from station nine. This is there number four.

[51:03] They have a lot of cool designs all based on sort of clandestine weaponry used during World War II and before that. Look at this.
So this, you may have seen these lapel daggers before. A number of people make them, but you've got these rows of essentially jimping on both sides that really grip the hand.
And even without the paracord, I remember this summer attacking a watermelon that no one was eating and I didn't cut up. And I walked by it and poked it a bunch of times immaturally and then later just threw it out because...
Because but the point is I didn't have this cord on there yet, and I was still able to grip this in my fist like this and poke and stab the watermelon rind without without any issue.

[52:03] These edges are very sharp. They are very cutting sharp and that point is wickedly, you know pointy and nasty diamond like But
the jimping rose here works so well that I didn't need this cord now this cord is great though for um now I can't remember how I was doing it I watched their website
they have a bunch of different ways you can kind of walk around like this and then flip it out and then boom have it have it in your hand but it it's also kind of lassoed in there
with that paracord so if it if you hit something hard as you're thrusting and it pushes back the cord will stop it from sliding back and cutting up your fingers
so there are a lot of different ways you can walk around with this little knife in your hands but I I just love it it is tiny but it is wicked you could do
if you are skilled or desperate enough you could do some some serious escape act with this thing this nasty little implement so I love that thing I want to get some more station 9 knives in here
they have some pretty compelling stuff so you might see some of that in the future here
Next up, couldn't have this list without a slip joint and without a classic slip joint. Yes, it's the peanut, in case. Peanut is a pattern that can be found across many different.

[53:30] Brands, but this is the case peanut. I'm not sure as I speak, actually, if they're the ones who first came up with it, but it's the peanut has a, what is it, one two inch clip point blade.

[53:41] This one is from their CV line, chrome vanadium. So that's analogous to 1095 blade steel. I bought this on blade forums from someone who patinaed it and just put incredible edges on these blades.
This is the most useful pen blade in my entire collection. It's such a great little pen blade and totally a scalpel.
Again, my hat is off to the person I bought this to because they put incredible edges on these. Now, I find that case puts way more attention into their chrome vanadium lines.

[54:21] You buy the stainless steel ones for their collectability, for their covers, for the series and that kind of thing. But I think for a serious case knife, you either go totally cheap and get the working man additions,
where they don't even polish out the grind lines, or you get a CV, whether it's the Yellow Delrin or one of these, what do they call these?
Brown Honey Bone or something. They're just really, really good.
So if you're a case, a skeptic, sorry, a case skeptic, do try the chrome vanadium models. Like I said, more attention is paid on them and they're outstanding.
Last up man. Oh, I love this knife and and kind of opened my eyes to the the genre As something I I want to continue to collect and this is the baby rhino by off-grid.
The baby rhino now this one is a.

[55:18] Small version of a large.

[55:21] 3.75 inch bladed knife one of my favorite off-grid knives to carry and and What's interesting about this is that it is a reduction by whatever percentage of the main design.
Without any redesign to accommodate.
The size difference Ordinarily, I would say that is not a good way to go because.
The design is naturally gonna have to change to accommodate the hand as it grows Smaller the hand doesn't grow smaller also. So but it just so happens that if you look at it This is an exact like.
Reduction by a certain percentage of the main knife and it fits perfectly Fits perfectly in hand that's
That's why I love this knife so much. You know, I thought, I thought initially when I saw it like, oh, that's cute. I like it as a concept. But how's it going to feel? And It's great and part of the reason.
Um, I think just by chance the the the profile works ergonomically.
Whether it's large or small just by chance But this is not by chance the full width of the original knife is maintained in the small version.
Which Makes all the difference. It's very similar to the qsp same thing with the qsp and it makes the reduction in size.

[56:44] Very much less noticeable and it makes The knife feels so sure in hand that you could do hard twisting work with this or the qsp whereas with this thin.

[56:56] Bob dozier k bar I would feel less inclined to do so.

[57:01] Less Less sure of a grip and less sure about the tensile strength because it's so thin Meaningless strength going this twisting it
So, I love this knife. I think that that Kerry's designs translate well large and small. But this one really, really illustrates that.
It really shows how a what is this two inch bladed knife.
2.5 inch bladed knife can really, really be a little big knife. I mean, I would feel confident if I had to carry this as my only knife. My wife has the gray version of this and she quite frequently carries that as her only knife. I would be confident. This thing is awesome.

[57:45] So are all of these. I love these little big knives. And so here's my list of tiny knives. Do you like any tiny knives? Let me know what they are. I know of one that I would like to add to this collection and it would probably be large on the tiny side, but I still think it's sub 3 inch.
And that's Colin Maison Pierre's CM Design Tonic made by Best Tech, that innovative back lock.
Really want to check that out. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for joining me on this episode of the knife junkie podcast Am I in my walk down great tiny knives Lane? It's been a pleasure.
Do check out the newsletter which I'm getting a little bit better at getting out and and Jim is totally making great.

[58:28] Adding pictures and stuff. It's just weekly thoughts or weekly things that have happened to me knife-wise And I dropped them down So check it out there and then also check out Sundays.

[58:42] Interview show it promises to be a home dinger. All right for Jim working his magic behind the switcher My name is Bob DeMarco saying until next time I implore you don't take dull for an answer.
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[59:35] Music.



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