Jonathan McNees, Custom Knife Maker – The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 278

Custom knife maker Jonathan McNees, a former Marine, has loved knives ever since he could remember and with a strong creative itch, he was compelled to make knives. In 2008 he began making knives with a self-built grinder in a small shop powered by a single extension cord run from his house.

McNees KnivesMcNees Knives is a family company with Jonathan’s wife Amy helping run the business and their adult children working at the company part-time. McNees Knives collaborate with Spyderco on the wildly popular and cute-as-a-button McBee.

The super-popular Mac 2 and the new Mac 2 3.5″ are from the McNees Performance Machined Line of folders, which aims to bring a more affordable line of knife to the market by outsourcing some of the work to other shops in the USA. Though the McNees Performance Machined Line of folders utilizes some outsourced work, the fitting, locks, detent and sharpening are done in the McNees shop.

You can find McNees online at and on Instagram.

Jonathan McNees is my guest this week on episode 278 of #theknifejunkie #podcast. He making some great knives in this family knife making business. Plus, I think you'll find his 'can do' spirit and attitude refreshing. Click To Tweet



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