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Mid-week Chat About Knives Sold and Bought, Case, Serge Panchenko’s Thorn Gen3 and More — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 67)

On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast [supplemental], Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco features a couple of recent knife stories in the news — a knife attack in the UK (really more about the response to the attack) as well as how knives played a role in the recent take down of a terrorist.

Also Bob has sold some knives in the past couple of months and he talks about that process as he continues to “reduce and refine” his knife collection. Plus some chatter about the Case Knives Shark Tooth and Serge Panchenko’s Thorn Gen3.

Lots of random stuff in this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie #podcast, but I think you'll find it interesting! Thanks for listening Click To Tweet

Knives, News and Other Stuff Mentioned in the Podcast

Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered next week on The Knife Junkie Podcast Supplemental edition.

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:16
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the supplemental episode of the Knife Junkie podcast. It's Episode Number 67 and I'm Jim the knife newbie person.

Bob DeMarco 0:25
And I'm Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco Welcome to the show.

Jim Person 0:28
Welcome to the midweek supplemental edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast the place for newbies and Knife Junkie to learn everything about knives and knife collecting. And you know, Bob, it's amazing. We always able to put some stuff together to talk about mid week where you get a chance to kind of go a little more in depth about some of the stories in the news new knife drops and talk about knives in general. And I'm hoping I know we're enjoying the show and hoping listeners are enjoying it too.

Bob DeMarco 0:56
Well. Yeah, I think it was necessary to take some of the Some of the yammering off the beginning of the interview shows because people just want to hear the interviews. Yeah, but there are things I want to say you know, I do love the sound of my own voice and want to hear it a little bit so you'll catch

Jim Person 1:12
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What were you saying? I wasn't listening. So you'll find us on Wednesday right here yammering about knives. Yeah, well and if you'd love to give us a comment about whether you like the midweek supplemental what you do like what you don't like suggestions we're more than willing to take constructive criticism suggestions, anything we can do to make the midweek show better

Bob DeMarco 1:37
yeah or or you could just .

Jim Person 1:41
That was Bob and Knife Junkie DeMarco that said that. Anyway, good show coming up -- a couple of things we want to touch on. Then we've got knife life news with a couple of tidbits and then special kind of thing we're going to talk about or Bob's going to talk about he's been on the the knife selling kick the past several months kind of more of that reduce and refined so we're going to talk about some of the knives he sold in the past couple of months maybe whether he regrets it and some of the new knives maybe that have come in to replace that's all that's coming up on this episode of the podcast

Announcer 2:14
visit The Knife Junkie online at The Knife Junkie dot com.

Jim Person 2:18
All right before we get into doing remind you that our podcast today is brought to you by audio books now, you know, listening has never been more convenient and affordable. Get 50% off your first audio book just go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash audio books, start reading, listening and save 50% off your first audio book and at the knife junkie dot com slash audiobooks that's with an "s" on the end and I know that's the only way I read is by listening to book so I love audiobooks

Bob DeMarco 2:47
Jim I never ever would have consumed Moby Dick had it not been for audiobooks and man, it is awesome to listen to. That's true. I think reading it would take me about 90 years because you know i can i can only get about five pages before I pass out at night.

Jim Person 3:05
Exactly. Yeah, that's about my limit as well.

Announcer 3:08
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the Knife Life News

Bob DeMarco 3:12
So you remember a few weeks back there was that terrorist attack in London, where a guy was had had a couple of days leave from prison to go to a convicts reeducation class. It was in right in downtown London, right right near where my wife used to live in the in the London Bridge district. And during a break from that session, he ran out with two two knives and killed two people and stabbed some others along the way and ran across tried to run across London Bridge. So two guys one was a Polish cook, and I can't remember the other gentleman but one grabbed a fire extinguisher and the other grabbed a narwhal Tusk. Yes, the Tusk of a narwhal that will that looks kind of like the unicorn lives up in the north sees and has a giant test protruding from its head. Anyway, there were two on the wall of the place this guy was in and he saw what was happening he grabbed one of those norwell tusks and went after the guide. So this combination of chemical attack with the fire extinguisher and and good old fashioned Lansing attack within our wall Tusk, plus the addition of a couple other residents, and then the police stop this guy, this crazed lunatic, but the whole fact that it was done with a narwhal Tusk, kind of was news, you know, and it made me personally feel a few things like hey, maybe if they weren't so restricted with other weapons, this guy wouldn't have to rely on a museum, exhibition, something hanging on the wall. Exactly. But at the same time, I salute the spirit of that person and that culture, that society that has the pluck, to grab on our wall, Tusk off the wall, and get after it. But anyway, around the UK now popping up are these Narwhal Tusk surrender bins. And of course, it's a it's a joke. It's a joke by a certain, I think conservative Member of Parliament, but it's sort of a riff on those gun and knife buyback bins and programs that you'll see in different disarming societies. And it's just funny to me, you know, drop your norwell test here so you so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

I wonder how many Narwhal tusks there are.

Don't make a fuss surrender your test. That was their little tagline.

Jim Person 5:37
They got a great slogan.

Bob DeMarco 5:38
Yeah, man, they got a great sense of humor to the Brits over there.

Jim Person 5:42
All right, more serious. Well, I mean, that was serious. people killed Sorry, I didn't mean to demean that but a couple of recent terrorists that were taken out, but an interesting little thing here about that Bob that you wanted to share and we were talking off air you told me about this, and that I had no idea this is just way cool.

Bob DeMarco 6:02
Yeah and and and Jim, it's hard for me to tell whether it's an onion story and it's just a big joke and I'm not getting it or what but, you know, we went after this guy. Al Baghdadi recently killed him terrorist leader and then we went after someone last week, and actually the name of the person, it escapes me and that's embarrassing in the moment. But the important part is how it was done. frequently. A commonly used weapon of assassination by us is the hellfire missile, and it's an air to ground missile AGM 114 and they ride around on attack helicopters, but chiefly these days, drones like the predator and the and the Global Hawk and that and the Reaper, those kind of planes that are just kind of up there, remotely, just loitering and waiting. And so it's no no great surprise that we took out a terrorist with a Hellfire But these last two were taken out with Hellfires that didn't have explosive warheads

Jim Person 7:06
didn't bring the Hellfire

Bob DeMarco 7:07
didn't bring the Hellfire, what it brought was a you know, several thousand pounds of kinetic pain. These are totally kinetic warheads. And in addition, these Hellfire missiles have swords that like out the out the side switch blades, the blades facing forward, pop up upon deployment, kind of like wings that sometimes pop out of certain bombs and missiles once they're dropped from airplanes. And so this is a missile that is whose intent is to avoid collateral damage, right you you have a target rolling through a city in a car, and you drop a hellfire missile on him with an explosive warhead, and a lot of people die and a lot of damage is done. You drop a missile with incredible accuracy that has only a kinetic warhead and no explosions. Well, it's gonna just demolish the people inside that car. And that's about it so that's what they've created this weapon. But they added swords to it switch swords if you will.

it's It is amazing you're taking the very oldest weapon, the very oldest tool and putting it on the very most sophisticated most modern and targetable weapon and making a hell of a combination

Jim Person 8:22
It brings knife throwing to a whole new whole new level if you will.

Bob DeMarco 8:28
Yes exactly

Jim Person 8:29
some guy sitting in Las Vegas you know flying his drone and going yeah, deploy the knives well we laugh and we joke i mean it's it's serious business but I'm glad that technology is on our side.

Bob DeMarco 8:43
Yes, absolutely.

Jim Person 8:45
More knife life news. Let's get to a knife drop a new product case knives the shark tooth

Bob DeMarco 8:52
our friends over at knife magazine had been talking about the shark tooth recently. They did a great x x Jose that's so dramatic. They did it. Great big spread the shark tooth to two months back. And it is a great modernized version of a case knife. Well, along with their collaboration with Southern grind last year, it's the shark tooth is pretty much their, their only modern, kind of locking night. I believe they have a couple of they have the copper lock and a few others that lock but that fit the sort of modern profile the shark tooth is is is pretty unique, but they've just added a flipper to it. And as 35 Ian's DLCs 35, five Vienne steel, it's also on bearings. So in one sort of fell swoop case kind of emancipated themselves from the 1890s into the 20, whatever we're in 2020. And they're making it not 2020 yet, I know not not quite yet, but they're making a knife now that is, like totally modern. It's it's in that Modern format, I look forward to checking it out and seeing, you know, really seeing what it's all about that that collaboration they did with Southern grind was beautiful. And I know a number of people, JT from Katie's knife life pops to mind immediately, but people loved that night, but it's hard to tell how much of that was case and how much of that was Southern grind, you know, Southern grind who's 100% adept and born in making modern folding knives, kind of helping case usher in their their first era of modern holding. So it's kind of hard to tell where the case and where the southern grind ended and began, but with this case, sharptooth it's kind of a legitimate 100% case modern folder,

Jim Person 10:42
maybe a transition for case knives. I mean, you know, you think of them being you know, around for so long and kind of a stalwart. Is that the right word?

Bob DeMarco 10:51
Yeah, well, hopefully it's not a transition in that they changed because they are 100% the pre eminence collectible, and I thought the You know, and and and Spyderco and roughrider and those others they play second fiddle by by quite a quite a distance because Casey has been around for so long runs annual schedule and they just keep pumping out new covers and all that. Well speaking of new knives, surge Pachinko. I'll talk about him for Yeah, yeah. So last week I saw that his Thorn generation three has is coming out and the thorn is this great little friction folder. You know friction folders are kind of those transitionary knives some knife makers make when they're trying to figure out how to get to the the folding knife locking nice thing and a friction folder is a good transition will search pachenko has built a career on these small sort of they look kind of antique almost steampunk but without any of the pretense you know, without any unneeded or unusable gear. Isn't that kind of thing but with the design and finishes on his knives, they have a real antique kind of feel to them. And so he's got a famous line called the thorn and his generation three has come out and and actually it's kind of funny because in my mind the term Thorn elicits an image of either a clip point blade or some sort of downward swooping hawkish blade or something thorny and pokey. But the new one has a cleaver he kind of blade on it, it's chisel ground so that if you don't know these knives, these thorns they they have one side completely open. So you see the closed blade completely on the closed side and then when you flip it over there is a handle side and so it's chisel ground so that the flat surface that the blade can meet up and meet with that handle side nicely without allowing without getting the user cut basically. So this knife has come out. It's a unsworn like, but it looks beautiful. And I'm very interested in the fact that he uses just the friction and the and the the tightness of the of the pivot setup to determine the detail of the blade. It's pretty interesting. And we'll talk more about that technology style, whatever you want to call it, or anti technology. Yeah, yeah, a lot of a lot of non locking knives that aren't traditional slip joint designs, use ball bearings, or little leaf springs or other things to keep the blade in and out. In a non blocking fashion. This doesn't use any of that. It's just how clamp down the pivot is, which is kind of interesting in this day and age when people are so anal retentive about having a loose pivot, you know,

Jim Person 13:47
so well maybe sounds like a topic for a future edition of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Bob DeMarco 13:52
We talked about those different different styles. Yeah.

Announcer 13:55
And now that we're caught up with knife life news, let's hear more of The Knife Junkie podcast

Jim Person 14:00
alright so we want to transition now to selling knives. Oh gosh it's just such a tough thing to do I know But Bob you have actually sold a couple of knives over the past couple of months that's going to lead to a few new ones but hey that that's a different story but selling knives any regrets over the ones you sold over the past couple of months?

Bob DeMarco 14:22
well okay so this this is what I'm here to tell you. And to tell all Knife Junkie is out there. chances are you won't regret it. Now I got rid of six biggies in my collection recently. And then five or six kind of lesser knives, my sold those in a lot

Jim Person 14:40
more than I realized

Bob DeMarco 14:41
Well yeah. I had that custom Greg Lightfoot element coming and then I had a couple of other things I had to buy had had to buy. And so I decided the responsible way to do it is to sell off. A couple of things I don't carry so much even if they mean something to me. Not we're not talking gifts. But even if, even if they play a special role in the collection, like the first one, the reott Horizon be the reott Horizon be was the second real big reott that came out after the district nines. It had an exquisitely milled handle. thousand hundreds, I guess of little pockets milled into the show side and the lock side and the lock bar and everything of this handle it had exquisite milling. It was also a classic reott in that it was super tight, super solid, beautiful action, the whole nine yards. It was an early one so so it didn't have the pockets milled out of the sides of the titanium so it had a little bit of heft to it that you don't feel as much in a react now because of all the milling they do to reduce weight. So I wondered how am I ever going to get rid of this horizon vi I barely ever carry it, but I remember when Jim Skelton Had we talked to him on this podcast here but when Jim Skelton reviewed it and said you know if you got 200 bucks in your pocket and can get to a computer buy one of these now it's like having a custom for 200 bucks and I did exactly as he said and was happy with that knife and figured it would always take it would always be in the collection as kind of a gargoyle kind of hanging out in the corners like you're never getting rid of me I'm here to protect the protect the collection I I represent beautifully milled handles and super sharp knife and I and a hollow grind. But anyway, I found a lovely buyer on blade forums, someone who promised to take good care of it and add it to his reott collection which is nice. This was a guy looking for a discontinued knife and he found one here and I I ended up selling it and I replaced it with a knife I had bought months earlier from Epic snuggle Bunny, his Reate crossroads. Reate designed by Kirby Lambert, one of my favorites, I love his designs. And so I figured I would I would trade in this design this horizon V, which represents a lot of what I like but isn't actually a knife that I love for a knife that I actually love but maybe lacks on some of the more interesting points like milling and such. So I did not regret getting rid of the horizon be the reality is on and I hope it's getting a lot of action with his news. All right, well,

Jim Person 17:29
sounds like you he made a better investment for you and your collection.

Bob DeMarco 17:34
Yeah, and getting rid of that one. Something Jim that I know I mentioned to you a lot and I've said on the podcast a number of times is I cannot view my collection like a museum and I cannot act like I'm a curator. You know, this is this this should remain as personal as possible. What I like what I like to carry, not what do I feel represents the knife. what's what's the word? xyc it straight down No, that's not that's not up to me. I don't know what that is. spirit of the times. You know what I mean? Like everything. No, right. All right.

Jim Person 18:09
So one or two others that you got rid of this year. I mean, the past couple of months.

Bob DeMarco 18:14
Yeah, no, no. So I got rid of my Kaiser Dorado, which I love, but a good friend of mine. Well, kertzer payda he's been on the podcast. He always loved that knife. And I have the compadre which is also a large recurve titanium Kaiser Bowie so that I like better so I figured the Dorado I need to get rid of I tried to sell it a few times it didn't sell. And so I I made it a gift. I gave it to my buddy Kurt, who had just ran his first marathon and has is making a huge life transition out of his old career into a new career. And I applaud him for that. So I gave him that Kaiser to commemorate, but the one I really wanted to mention Getting rid of is the we rectifier. The we rectifier. You might remember this one Jim. It's a small recur, Finn Finley ground hollow ground beautiful little little frame lock slipper from from. It's one of their in house designs and I always love the design and I bought one for my brother in law and that was an excuse to buy one for myself. Now I try and avoid large purchase it's $150 knife and I bought it. I tried to avoid large purchases that I know I'm not going to use and that's just a small knife and sometimes it would end up in my back left pocket but most of the time it was just played with and appreciated and then put back. So I figured I have to get rid of this we rectifier it should be in the hands of someone who loves a three inch blade and who will use it and appreciate it and maybe I can use those funds because it is discontinued and what untasted method discontinued the rectifier. Maybe I can get rid of that get some money and put it towards something else. So I did that and you know where it's going?

Jim Person 20:11
No, but you're gonna tell me

Bob DeMarco 20:12
It's going right back to the WE knife company. Okay, I'm feeling a pull more towards my country I'm feeling a pull more towards USA made knives these days. However, after talking with Terrell and Seth of Todd knife and tool, and always being a fan of their designs, the mall where I like but I feel like I would immediately destroy the tip. So I kind of stayed away from that. But they came out with the Roxy for which is a beautiful four inch almost Wharncliff on a futuristic titanium frame lock frame. It's just a beautiful night and by all accounts from people I trust like Kevin Cleary and others, it feels great in hand and it performs wonderfully so I got rid of the rectifier and with those funds I am buying the Todd knife and tool Roxy for, which should be here this week. Look for an unboxing video on the YouTube channel or no doubt and more banter about that knife after you have a few days to play with it. You know what it looks like it looks like a space Vikings night because it's got you know what I mean? He's got the wardenclyffe is kind of a Seax shape and then the rest of the handle looks kind of futuristic. So it's like you know, Vikings 2112

Jim Person 21:29
Well, you mentioned a couple of knives there by folks you've had the pleasure to talk to on the Knife Junkie podcast so I just want to kind of reiterate some some links here for folks if they have interesting names. That's right name dropping, bam, Mike knife drop in case some folks didn't get a chance to listen to those and a couple of those were episodes way back in the past you mentioned Jim Skelton that was back on episode number 24 so The Knife Junkie dot com slash two for Knife Junkie dot com slash 24 Kurt Zepeda was on episode Number 15 way back in the day so The Knife Junkie dot com slash 15, The Knife Junkie dot com slash one five. And you mentioned the Todd brothers Todd knife and tool that was a fairly recent one number 54, so the knife junkie dot com slash 54 so definitely want to check those out as well.

Bob DeMarco 22:17
You hear that? That was that was three cross promotional name drops there. I'm like I'm a marketer's wet dream. Okay, sorry. Sorry.

Jim Person 22:27
Okay, there goes our clean reading I guess.

All right ... but it's interesting though, as we look back on these things. Oh, and I forgot to mention Kevin Cleary. You mentioned him. He was actually on episode number 32 of the Knife Junkie podcast

Knife Junkie podcast number 32 , the knife junkie dot com slash 32 But anyway, I was gonna say it's so cool that you've had a chance to talk to these folks that constantly seem to be in the in the name new segment are dropping new knives and that kind of thing.

Bob DeMarco 23:03
So yeah, and a lot of these guys like Kevin Cleary and others, Nick Shabazz, they always have these knives before anyone else seems to have them it's never been my priority to kind of get the newest knife and review it that's kind of not what I'm about. But I'm so happy and glad that there are people like the youtubers I've had on the show who are at the forefront of getting new knives getting new material from not only production makers, but also custom makers and kind of seeing what's at the at the at the vanguard of knife design and manufacturing right now.

Jim Person 23:41
quick question. I wanted to ask you that kind of came up as you were talking about the the knives that you sold to get a couple of new knives. And then you know, something we've been talking about, you know, credit to Epic snuggle Bunny, who's been on the podcast before this reduce and refined initiative and the thing I thought about Was does that mean now that your collection is going to have a finite number? Because if your goal is knives I'm going to carry that means there's only a certain number that you can have.

Bob DeMarco 24:14
So uh, Jim, I'm going to answer that. The quick answer is no. But but the but the more complete answer is Do you remember nights Thursday? I told you about night Thursday they were guys who blog and I'm sure they're doing something I'm not exactly sure what happened with knife Thursday but it was a it was a blog and and Youtube channel and to me for a while they were the experts. They were kind of like at the forefront of what's what's out there. What's going on. But I remember one random video that I watched from them, where they were talking about what is the number of knives you should have. Now, for them at the time they were they were custom knife collectors. So So it wasn't like they had, you know, zTs and spider COEs and Emerson's and and production knives that they had to worry about collecting slash wanted to collect. But they came up with this number 12 knives 12 knives because 12 I can carry on a somewhat regular basis and appreciate but if they're expensive it's not so much that you know the family is suffering or happy right?

So 12 nights now I'm way beyond that, but the way I justify it First of all, they're not Gods so so 12 knives might not be the number

Jim Person 25:35
well I'm pretty close to 12 already and

I'm a newbie

Bob DeMarco 25:40
That's what I'm saying. You gotta leave room for the for the wild, the PayPal money. So I have much more than that. But the way I've been justifying it is that I have a lot of it's almost all production knives. So I'm not buying 1200 dollar 1800 dollar, Brian the dose unfortunately, so I can make it up. volume in a way, but but not you notice how I'm talking faster and I'm feeling nervous. You actually asked me to put an arithmetic a numbers limit, and it's kind of nerve wracking.

Jim Person 26:13
Well I take it that you are not going to limit that you're just going to not going to do the too much of the reducing, but you'll do a little bit of the reducing to get to the really refining.

Bob DeMarco 26:25
Yes, yes, I know. I can. It doesn't make sense. And I cannot, you know, I cannot lose this curators mindset overnight. So you know, maybe I won't exceed five horn cliffs and five buoys all in Titanic, you know, that kind of thing and then move to fixed blades and swords. Okay, because you can always move to fixed blades or swords or other things, right. Okay.

Jim Person 26:52
Well, the evolution of a collection will only die when the collector decides to quit collection. So I think your your collection is always evolving so there you go. I think you're right man I just spit out a words of words of wisdom today

Bob DeMarco 27:09
I feel tears

Jim Person 27:11
all right well grab a hanky and I'll transition this into something else you had mentioned the was at the Roxy Roxy for from Todd knife and tool that you're going to be getting here very soon that will talk about on this podcast and we'll see a video on the YouTube channel I'm sure at some point if you're not subscribed to the YouTube channel, please do so The Knife Junkie dot slash y t Subscribe Knife Junkie comm slash YT subscribe that way you'll be subscribed to The Knife Junkie YouTube channel, you won't miss any videos and you'll get notifications about when The Knife Junkie goes live. For instance, Thursday night knives that's The Knife Junkie his new live Thursday night video show on YouTube, which you can watch there on YouTube at The Knife Junkie dot slash YouTube or The Knife slash live and Interesting show this past Thursday bomb that's where you kind of did the video edition of The Knife Junkie most carried knives at 2019. That was pretty cool.

Bob DeMarco 28:09
Yes it is. But what I wanted to say is if you appreciate the beautiful production value of this podcast, that's due to Jim Now, when we do Thursday night knives gym is behind a video switcher. And the man works magic. It's not just me putting a an iPhone camera on my face and going live for an hour on YouTube. This is like a fully produced. This is like msnbc or Fox News for knives. The way Jim produces it, it's beautiful. Check it out. And this last week I went up solo and talked about my 10 most carried knives of this past year and it was a fun episode. The episode before that we had Alex to so from Alex's knife box on what a great guy he's become a good friend of mine and he comes from a high end collectors perspective. I come from a different perspective. We had a great conversation and into the future will be doing the same. You mentioned the Roxy for designed by right terilyn set Todd Todd life and tool that's also Zelrick 42 you know him from his YouTube reviews, he is going to be a regular co host on Thursday night and he'll be coming up this Thursday night. Okay. And I'm happy about that. He's got a width and breadth of knowledge, not only in I mean, he's been he's been putting out some of the some of the top reviews of production and other knives over the past five or so years. But his knowledge just gleaned from the design work he's done with his brother and then and then the collaboration work he's done with we and best tech. This man knows what he's talking about. So it'd be great to have him on the show.

Jim Person 29:50
Well, and this supplemental issue of the podcast is published on Wednesdays so Wednesday night so if you're listening to this right when it came out Thursday night knives is tomorrow that's with zorich going to be the co host with Bob on Thursday night knives. That will be the Thursday, December 12. edition of Thursday night knives, which is a live show. He can't make it. Just that's okay. We'd love to have you live that way you can come in and interact. But you can always watch it on replay on the Knife Junkie YouTube channel. So every week, Thursday night knives except for I think what the week of Christmas. I think we decided to take that week off.

Bob DeMarco 30:29
Yeah, we're not being so hardcore about our Thursday night. Right. But pretty much every Thursday. Yeah, pretty much. For instance, this coming one will be after my my Christmas party from work. So we'll see what state I'm in. Oh.

Jim Person 30:46
Just kidding. I hope it's not too wild party. All right. As we wrap up, do you want to promote another one of our podcast, the Sunday podcast that's our interview show. And this coming Sunday bomb, you've got a chance Nice to talk to another YouTube reviewer who goes by the name of metal.

Bob DeMarco 31:04
Yeah, metal complex men. This guy has put out so much content in the last almost two years. He's only been up for two years and he's got hundreds of videos and he's got different series series about finding the perfect budget knife finding the perfect knife, just different, different angles at which he approaches his videos. This guy knows his stuff and has he has a coterie of people sending him sweet knives to borrow and check out and I need that coterie I need your need a group of people that are like your pup, take this knife and borrow it indefinitely and then send it back when you made your brilliant video. Right. So if there are any of those people out there,

Jim Person 31:47
maybe that's the part that we're lacking is the brilliant video part.

Bob DeMarco 31:52
Jim's been on me to make more videos. It's true. I will I will will

Jim Person 31:57
anyway that's The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube that's then I've checked his YouTube channel. So yeah, that would be fun though to get some different knives that you don't have in your collection and kind of give your honest review and opinion and get some interaction going. So yeah, worth the shot there. So we'll see what happens with that. All right wrapping up the supplemental edition lot of stuff covered here. Any thoughts from you please call the listener line at 724-466-4487. Let us know your thoughts about any of the topics agree or disagree or have suggestions for anything you'd like to hear in an upcoming podcast we'd love to hear from you definitely want to get your your engagement, your feedback, and also an honest rating or review. So whatever podcast app you're listening to, please give us a rating review. Let us know what you think about The Knife podcast

Announcer 32:52
got a question or comment. Call the Knife Junkie's listener line. It's 724-466-4487

Jim Person 32:59
Alright, I think we're running out of time although there's not a time limit but hey we try to keep it as short as we can but you know cover the point but anyway wrapping up this supplemental podcast final thoughts from The Knife Junkie.

Bob DeMarco 33:11
Well, one thing I was thinking about as this is gift giving season if you're going to buy knives for people, I understand that overwhelming desire to buy knives from people, but think about what they would want and what they would find useful. And by that even if it's just kind of a square thing to you, it's a product that doesn't appeal to you think about what they might want. Because there are a lot of if you put yourself in a different mindset, there are so many cool knives out there that you aren't even considering

Jim Person 33:38
good advice for any gift. Think about what the person receiving it would want and get that for them. You go all right for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, I'm Jim Person want to thank you for listening to our midweek edition of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Announcer 33:52
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