My Top 15 “Bestest” and “Mostest” Knives – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 361)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 361), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at his top 15 “bestest” and “mostest” knives, including the Boker Squail, 1918 Trench Knife, Emerson Elvia and the TOPS Felony Stop among others. Find the list of all the knives shown in the show, and links to the knife life news stories, below.

comment of the week episode 361

Bob starts the show with his favorite comment of the week followed by his “pocket check” of knives — the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21, JWK Vampire Jack, Boker Texas Toothpick and the TOPS Express.

In Knife Life News, Divo Knives builds its brand with its second release, the Buzz, and an extremely unique fixed blade knife is coming from Civivi and Torbe Knives. Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” Bob shows off his Boker Texas Toothpick, Boker Shamsher, and Schrade Leroy SCHF45.

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On this week's mid-week supplemental podcast, I'm looking at my top 15 'bestest' and 'mostest' knives! I love everyone of them. Are any of these on your bestest and mostest list? Click To Tweet
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My Top 15 "Bestest" and "Mostest" Knives
The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 361)

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast, the place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers, manufacturers, and reviewers that make the knife world.
Go round on Bob DeMarco.
Coming up, we're going to take a look at an extremely unique fixed blade new coming out from sevi.
I get my Tempest pinion, which excites me greatly, and then the top 15 bestest and mostest.
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast, your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host, Bob the knife junkie DeMarco.
Welcome to the Night Junkie podcast.

Welcome back to the show.
My favorite comment from this past week was from the Marshalist on my Jack Wolf Knives Vampire Jack Video.
This beautiful thing, he said.
Are you supposed to tell your viewers if you received a knife without paying for it?
I added the part, but that's kind of what was implied in the question, and it's a good question.
Uh, it's not a bit snarkily asked, but a good question nonetheless.
For a reviewer I however, I don't tend to review knives.

I'm not really much of a knife reviewer.
I show close-ups of knives that I like on my channel, and I tend not to do any negative reviews you'll find even.
Knives that maybe are not knives I intend to keep.
If I see something redeemable in them, I'll talk about that.
But to your point, the Marshall list.
Yes, Jack Wolf knives, if you'll notice, my video always goes up.
You know, I have the video I'm talking about the knife several weeks before it's released.

And that's only because I consider Ben Belkin a friend and he considers me a content creator that he wants this in the hands of.
So yeah, I get these from him and other knives and I usually mention it.
But I'm most proudly mentioned it when it's, you know, from a friend like this.
And this is awesome.
Yes, I got this from Ben Bell.
Thank you Ben.
Once again, this Jack Wolf knives vampire Jack.

By the way, for October, as Ben mentioned in the comments section, is the perfect slip joint knife for a dagger guy such as myself.
Was about symmetry.
Alright, the Marshall list.
Thank you for your comments and thank you, one and all, for watching the videos and commenting and and writing in.
It's greatly appreciated.
I love your perspectives.
Or I should say I value your perspective.

All right, I think it's time for a pocket yet.
No, I did not have that on me today, but I did have this most beautiful Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 in my pocket today.
I was just talking about this last night.
I appeared on Casey's channel on his live show and we were talking all sorts of knives.
What a great guy.
Got to check out knives fast.
If you don't, I'm sure you already do, but.

Anyway, we did talk a bit about the sebenza and it just got me wanting it in my pocket this morning and something I was commenting on besides how great the knife is and how luxurious the feel of that glassy opening and closing or hydraulics some people call it.
I love the micarta, I believe it's end cut micarta and when this knife arrived shortly after weep day of 2016, the day it.
Was made.
It was made on leap day.
How cool is that?
So this knife is like it's only three years old, I guess.
But this knife came all Gray.

The whole thing looked as Gray as can be.
It all looked as Gray as that blasted titanium.
And after having it in my hands for like two or three times, a blackened up and it's I was so excited to see that my car to blacken up.
Now that is not a testimony to how grimy and greasy my hands are.
It's something about.
This micarta, I swear it doesn't happen to all my my card is.
I kind of wish it did.

You'll find me sometimes oiling my micarta and then shamefully rubbing it off with a cloth as if I've made some sort of ethical breach.
Perhaps I have.
This is such an awesome knife.
This one was sharpened.
I could never quite get this sharp enough for for myself.
I I sent it to Jared Nieve and he took great care of it.
Also, I did knock the tip off of that.

When he took care of the tip of that night too.
All right, Next up in my pocket, Speaking of the Jack Wolf Knives vampire Jack.
Also in my pocket today was the Jack Wolf Knives vampire Jack in that beautiful purple storm carbon fiber.
So nice, man, I I'm becoming a carbon fiber convert.
But not not fully.
I'm not going to say fully it's not every carbon fiber I like, but just now most most carbon fibers I'm like, and I. Complaining about the the regularity of the basket weave carbon fiber and how boring I thought that was.
Well, those days are gone and I shouldn't stay in those days, right?

I should, I should keep up with the times and see that most carbon fiber out there is unique and beautiful and cool and has some sort of unrepeatable pattern.
That's what I like about these.
These kind of carbon fibers are the opposite of the first carbon fibers we were seeing.
Besides their qualities in terms of weight, I'm sure these are less.
Tensely than the other carbon fibers.
I might be wrong.

Let me know.
Anyway, love this one, love that blade shape.
And this is a pretty this is a biggish slip joint.
This is kind of like on the outside of what I like to carry.
I do have a couple of larger slip joints, but that's just for the collection just to have.
In terms of dropping in the pocket and forgetting all day about it, this is perfectly sized.
That blade is just about 3 inches.

Uh, let's see.
I had a couple of others.
Oh, here.
This one is in the state of the collection, and it's in the final.
It's in the final topic here.
This is one of the best and mostest, and you'll see why later.
But this is my new Boker, Texas toothpick.

This just so you know, the Marshall List was sent to me by Chaz who was on the show Chaz General manager, Chaz Fisher, general manager of Boker USA.
I requested it.
He asked if he could send me a boker and I said yes you can.
You could send me a whole bunch of them because I really dig the brand.
But I was especially curious about this little VG10 knife, kind of in the in the spirit of the.
Urban trapper.
This is not designed by the dude who designed the urban trapper.

Sorry, failing me at the moment, but I it has that cool Texas toothpick blade, that long slender, downward reaching California clip on our tax.
What am I talking about?
I mean Texas clip point on this really awesome toothpick and it has the same shape as a Texas toothpick handle.
And it's got.
Sharing action.
It's very slender.

This is Coco Bolo to just beautiful.
Coca Bola.
Odd odd clip, odd clip.
I'm just gonna come right out and say that is an odd clip.
Looks like a titanium banana.
Weirdly blasted, nothing else on.
This is blasted.

Just kind of incongruous, but interesting.
And definitely necessary for that thin knife to actually hold on to it while flipping it open.
I use that to open up some bags of nuts in front of my boss today.
It was like she's.
And it's because it was a cool and classy knife.
If I pulled out this next one, which was my bag knife today, probably wouldn't have had the same laser.
Fair reaction.

This here is what I had in my bag today.
This is the tops Express designed by Lacey Zabbo, a tactical knife designer extraordinaire.
And actually, as I'm mentioning, Lacey's Alba right now.
One of his other designs which I have is also in the in the best is the most is I I love this guy's designs.
This is a fighter.
A lot of people call it a dagger, but I'm going to get nerdy about it and say it's not a dagger, it's not symmetrical.
You you've got.

A A shallower belly on top.
Um it this is a fighter.
This is more look.
You can see it better when you turn it upside down like this, you can see the shape of it a little bit better.
It's almost like the clip point Fighter blade you'll see on a sub hill loveless model, sub sub hill fighter.
Great thing, great thing is this 6 inch blade and and really nice micarta sculpted.
I've tried numerous times to carry this on my person in in a like all day long kind of way and it's just not easy for me to do with my lifestyle.

However I love carrying this walking the dog.
This rides upside down in my clip in or in my belt in CM carry.
Some of you might know what CM carry is.
And well, anyway, that's what the the handle facing down.
So you can reach down this way and pull it out and have it in the reverse grip.
Coined by CMD.
Uh, some of you guys might know who Matt Freeman was that this is a an awesome knife.

It's just a hair.
Just a hair too big for my daily concealed carry and probably a little too much anyway.
Like if, heaven forbid, something happened where I had to, you know, take a jacket off, take my main shirt off in front of a police officer.
For whatever reason, this would look bad.
So this is.
Probably should just stay in my bag.
But the bag knife is a a thing.

Um, I keep my bag locked up at my workplace, but you know, I I work in the kind of workplace where, who knows, you might need something like this.
I don't know.
I don't know.
But I haven't yet, and no one has yet.
So knock on wood and I'm going to change the subject now.
Love this knife.
I'm putting it down next to the others that I carried today, which were the Chris Reeve knives.

Sebenza 21 with the micarta.
Inlays, the Jack, Wolf knives, vampire Jack, and the Texas toothpick knew from Boker plus knives.
What were you carrying in your pocket?
Let me know.
Did you have any of these or did any of these resonate with you?
What do you like about them?
Let me know what you're carrying.

As I like to say, it's one of those, one of those ways I can keep my eyes on the mavens out there.
Let me know what I should get and what I should carry.
I want to thank all our newest patron that came out with our newest patron is a gentleman junkie, Francis Velaire, Francis Volaire.
Thank you so much Sir.
I really appreciate it.
Jim does as well.
This goes to help keep this show going and keep newer stuff coming in like I would like to get a new computer one of these days to to have a little bit more robust capability for this show and and Francis.

Your help and everyone elses who who is a patron, it helps very much.
I appreciate it very much.
Francis, thank you for joining us.
Let me show you what you stand to win on Thursday night.
That's tomorrow night.
The off grid knives worn, Cliff rapid fire blackout.
Blackout has to be on there because there are a couple of other versions of this that aren't blacked out.

This is blacked out.
And actually while I have this out.
I have a great comparison I have to show this with but this is a a new version of their rapid fire in 14 C 28 N. And of course, that beautiful, they're calling it Warren Cliff.
I might be inclined to call it sheeps.
Foot or we'll call it a sheep.
Uh, we'll call it one quick play.
The blade is has a nice point, but a very nice rounded arching drop that allows you, especially on the rescue model that I have in orange and it's got serrations to, to get somewhat under a seat belt without without doing too much gouging and stabbing.

It's a nice rounded surface there.
Who knows?
If you're actually thinking of using this for that purpose, you might even.
Around the tip like you see on the on the Sark the Emerson survival and rescue them.
This thing is a it's called the rapid strike.
And that, I mean the rapid fire.
And that is because it fires like, uh, the stoutest switchblade I've ever felt.

It just really.
It doesn't jump out it.
It's it lunges.
It lunges for the throat of whatever is in front of it when it when it pops open.
This thing has awesome, awesome action.
You can see it kind of shake.
I you don't you do not hear me often or ever say this thing has awesome action when I'm holding an assisted knife.

But this is the this is the exception, the exception to that rule.
I also found that with the with the cold steel, I liked the cold steel.
Can't remember what it was called now.
But I hear those did not age well.
They used some sort of lock integrated spring which.
I could have told them, but it was a bad idea.
Just kidding.

I'm just kidding.
This is what you stand to win 14 C 28 and stout feels great contoured handle.
You've got those elongated hexagonal.
Cups divided out.
Um, I wanted to show you this.
This is the old, and I say old, but in a very good way.
0 tolerance zero 200. This is what a lot of us think of when we think of 0 tolerance.

This is the kind of knife that initially jumps to mind.
Well, this knife has always reminded me of this knife, and I'm very fond of a zero.
200 it is that.
Fat handle the the curve and textured G10 just feels great in hand and just feels so sure.
O that is it.
That is the gentleman junkie knife giveaway knife of this month of October on the 20th.
It will be on the 20th tomorrow night.

Looking forward to seeing who gets this.
Also they do the clip right recessed in the handle with flat screws so there you have it, looking forward to giving that one away.
So everyone stay tuned and if you want to get in on this action or I just got a bunch of new knives from Dave, this old sword blade reviews where it could be giving some of those away awesome, awesome knives.
Join us on Patreon, or at least check us out.
Go to Patreon, you go to and you check out the three levels of support we got.
There's a lot of exclusive content.
There are stickers, there are.

Chances to win knives, etcetera.
So well, if you want the good feels, go over to the knife Junkie County patriot Patreon and check it out again.
I'll say that again, that's the knife
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You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.
And now here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.
I'm very excited to talk about the Devo Buzz, our good buddies over at Devo Knives now that's Kev.
That's Kevin Johnson, lefty EDC and Colin Maison, Pierre of.
EM knife designs.

Uh, they got together to form devote knives.
We know about this.
This is their second release coming out and it is so cool.
It's called the buzz.
Everything is beer themed with them.
The first one was the stout.
This is the buzz.

I've seen the growler and they have a couple of other really cool prototypes in the works, but this one.
This little honey right here is very exciting to me.
I love that blade shape.
Now they're calling that a sheep's foot.
And so I'm going with it that that that looks like a nice angular sheepsfoot blade to me.
That's 20 CV steel and a titanium liner lock.
That's right, a liner lock.

I do love that.
And one thing, you know, Kev and Kevin and Colin are both, you know, super, super.
Super knife junkies.
Their love of knives exceeds much and most and knowing that they went into this build looking to see how this could resemble opening UA Zippo really, I don't know why that gets me excited.
I used to be a used to smoke cigarettes way back in the day and it was because I loved zippos.
I was like, yeah, I'm willing to trash my health for this, this thing.
So when I saw that they were they were aiming for something similar to that experience, it really got me excited.

So I'm very much looking forward to this and I'm really happy to see two great guys succeeding in this venture, in this knife venture and then and they are not one trick ponies and this does not look anything like a sophomore slump.
This looks like a beautiful follow up to the stout.
So I'm very excited for this.
You can't wait to get my hands on one and check it out.
So congratulations to the gents over at Devo knives that pre-order is open and go check it out.
There are a number of different ways to.
To get it.

All right, Next up, this is an interesting one going to be coming out from survival knives.
It is a fixed blade that is just bizarre, but it's from and I don't know how to pronounce his first name, but torby knives.
Torby knives I follow on Instagram have for years.
And this is his second night knife I believe with Savi had won a little while back that looked.
Let's see, I think they have the name in here somewhere, but they had one.
He designed one for savvy a little while back that had a very unique like, torby knives look.
To me.

This thing is just outrageous though.
It's a big outdoor clean, very kind of.
Hatchet axe thing, I don't know.
I don't know what it is.
It looks like something out of a comic book to me.
You know, it looks like something one of the guys, Conan the Barbarian, would be fighting would carry, but.
It it it is apparently a great chopper and then look it's almost like a. You know, with that big void in the blade, if you put your finger through there and you're choked up and then you have that blade extending all the way under your half, the way under your knuckles kind of looks like it could be

a great kitchen knife, but.
I don't know I mean who knows?
I'm great kitchen knife maybe not but but useful and unique I don't know might be good for scraping down the cutting board.
It's it's definitely a unique knife and I I can't quite gauge the scale of it.
You know from looking at it I know that's like a 7.3 inch blade so that's like the basically the blade is the length of a K bar and I guess if you add so I guess the overall package of this looking at it is about the the overall length of the K bar.
If you look at it handle plus plate, that's big for that kind of.
You know, it's a lot wider than it came out.

Very interesting thing.
Nice, like acts like object and looking forward to to borrowing one from someone else.
Very interesting.
I just like seeing that something unusual is happening because oftentimes, I don't know, feels like maybe is this peak knife?
Are we done?

And then something like that comes out.
So all right.
Well, still to come on the Night Donkey podcast, let's take a look at some.
Great knives in my collection.
And then Speaking of greatest, we're going to look at the bestest and the mostest, the top 15 of them, right here on the 19th.
If you're a knife junkie, you're always in the market for a new knife, and we got you covered.
For the latest weekly knife deals, be sure to visit the knife

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That's the knife
And now that we're caught up with knife life news, let's hear more of the Knife Junkie podcast.
OK, so the first one up you've seen this evening, I was carrying this today or this day, whatever, whenever you're watching.
This is the Boker of Texas toothpick.

I am really excited about this and Dad government.
Having this in my hand and having this in my pocket makes me realize there is a glaring hole in my slip joint collection and that is a hole that could be filled with toothpicks.
I have one very small and somewhat inexpensive and cheap buck toothpick that gets used for a lot of grimy jobs around here.
And then I think that's it.
I think.
I think that's it.
And so having this in hand really makes me want a larger toothpick.

You don't see large toothpicks on offer much at all.
I know I'm great Eastern cutlery had one a bunch of your a number of years back at this point.
But look at this long slender knife.
It is so, ah, this is so gentlemanly.
I love this thing and it fits great in the back pocket.
So I'm very happy to have this and I do love the coca.

You know I've been into the wood handles lately, so very cool knife.
Happy to have this.
Thank you Chaz for sending this along.
And then he sent me another little knife and it's a tiny, tiny knife called the Boker Shamsher and I. I gotta be honest, I I lost it in one of my one of my pants over the last few days.
It's so small I've been fifth pocket carrying it and I realized I don't know where it is so I'll bring it out when I find it.
But it's designed by D rocket dariel task and someone else and it's really cool.
And I was going to show it to you little auto but that'll have to wait Next up this.

I could not.
I just couldn't you know I couldn't resist.
In a poem phase, as you know, and the more I say I'm in a Bowie phase, the more I put myself in a Bowie phase and kind of justify the purchase of further bodies because I'm in a stage and I said it publicly, but.
I actually have been curious about this knife ever since its release, and this is the Schrade SCHF 45, the Leroy's.
Now you might I might be hearing some groans in the audience from my.
From my devoted Bowie fans or not, I don't know.

I don't know.
But this is clearly a knife I did not need.
This was this was a curiosity purchase.
I'm going to show you the sheath first because I have a serious issue with it, and that is this.
Quote UN quote dangler or what we'll just call this the belt attachment.
This belt attachment is fixed solid to the knife.
So there is no give between this and this.

So it's one solid piece which I haven't even built carried it but it's murder I I can tell without doing it it's going to be murder.
Having that thing this big heavy thing without any sort of give or flexibility in the OR hinging here just hanging from your.
I think maybe not.
But I don't like the sheep and it's hard to extract this from the sheep, but once it's out, I gotta say.
I've never been so impressed by an 8 CR 13 MOV Bowie.
I hear the groaning.
Yeah, but.

This was really pretty good.
I mean, so I got this last weekend.
I came in on last Friday night.
Had a fire pit Friday night with some friends.
That was a. That was a. That was a trailmaster evening.
You know, I didn't I didn't want anything to go wrong with guests there.
So I used my trail master for although the woodwork and the and the batoning and splitting.

But the next morning I was like, now I'm going to take this thing out.
I brought the SCHF 45 out and bang down to your baton this through some wood and banged on it a bit.
You can see a little bit right here and it did great.
I I brought it back in.
It dulled pretty quickly and I was using paper as my test.
And it's it went through it, went through it great, now I. I would use this.
I got this thinking I was going to keep it in my car.

Honestly, this is like I need a car Bowie.
Let's get something inexpensive.
But it's too big and menacing to put in in the car.
But you know what?
This is a good knife take out and to have, you know, to to bang around outside.
I don't know.
I've got so many of them.

But I had to see this.
I love the blade shape.
So I'm done justifying and I'm putting this away in the very subpar sheath.
Doesn't have to be.
I mean it.

It does all right.
But this part is vexing and and annoying.
All right, that's the Schrade, Leroy.
You know, one of those, uh, what do they call them?
Guilty pleasure.
That's a guilty pleasure right there.
Because I actually really do like it.

OK, last up.
You know what this is?
This will be a segue.
I'm gonna show this off, and then I will tell you how this is the first in my list of bestest and mostest.
But last up in the state of the collection is a knife I've been waiting for for a little while and was so excited to receive and like it even more than I thought I would.
And that is The Tempest inion.
Designed by Casey Spiria Spherion of knives, fast the knives, Fast Channel and Tempest knives.

Now if you've been following this channel for any length of time I recently had the prototype he loaned me a prototype and I did a review of it and or you know my thoughts on it close up and.
Really liked it.
In in some ways more than his first effort a a fancier knife.
The Mach 51 also very beautiful but this one just I don't know that blade shape really did it for me and so when the preorder opened I got in on it.
And I am not a pre-order guy.
Often you'll often you'll hear me complaining about how I didn't know or I'm so slow or I don't do pre-orders or whatever I say to.
But I got on this one, I'm so glad and I've had this for now.

About a week, maybe a little bit less.
And the micarta is has really darkened up nicely.
I think a but B I've used it for a lot of stuff.
And two two standout things, very different tasks.
This did great through double walled cardboard from a fire pit from the new fire pit and there was a lot of cardboard, a lot of packing and this, this did it all and it did a wonderful job on the factory edge and then it was kind of dull.
And not dull, but you know, it was a little bit worn out, but the factory edge.
Needed some stropping.

I strapped it up and then it was sharper than it arrived after I dropped it.
So very responsive steel, very nice blade.
I love the blade shape, and there's some.
That tip reminds me a little bit of the 9:40. It's like the 940 part of the 9:40 that I like.
But beautiful shape and just great in hand and a real addictive fidgeter.
This one has my kind of action where it drops shut but it doesn't guillotine on your on your finger.
It just nicely.

Falls in.
So uh congratulations and great job and this is the first in the bestest and mostest top 15 and that is this is the best looking knife.
close I think this knife looks so cool.
Closed and.
Well, it's been sitting on my desk at work for about a week like this and it looks like a car or a plane or a something fast.
And it's no wonder knives fast and you see the proprietary pivot that looks like a. A hubcap of a sports car, but.
I I I don't know this this is a. Top closed knife.

So that that's top of my list.
The very first knife is the best looking knife.
close and well.
I'm sure you weren't going for that Casey, but man alive, did you succeed?
Beautiful knife.
I love this thing.
I'm thinking of getting the lynch clip to replace the wire clip because I'm not aesthetically so drawn to the wire clips, but I got to say it feels stouter than most wire clips, so.

It'll do till I get a new one.
Because I might.
I might just try that out.
I wouldn't slip there.
OK, Next up is the most like an Italian speedboat.
Now, this is a well, this is a descriptor I've used for a number of knives in the past.
Here's one.

The A 2D mark, one I've called in Italian racing boats or speed boat.
This one, the.
The synapse you know from Viro Engineering looks a bit like an attack, like a donzi.
These look like Italian speedboats to me, and to me that that is shorthand for, uh, super beautiful, classy, looks like it's going fast, but also actually looks like a boat.
So this one does actually look like a boat.
Yeah, I think it's beautiful.
This is the Boker squeal and it is a production version of my true GRAIL folder.

Yeah, I would stop collecting folding knives if I ended up with a Marlo square square, a custom Marlow Square, and I would have to end up with it because there's no way I would actually.
Be able to go out and buy one because a I don't think he makes too many knives, period.
But be I don't have what it costs and I have no idea what it costs.
But until until that day comes, this will certainly do till the real thing gets here.
But love this, I think it might be that recurve.
I think that this looks like the hull of a ship.
Wow, that's so this looks like the is this the whole or that's the hole and then that's a wave.

And then this is the cockpit.
I'll slung back and you know there's some good looking Italian couple in there and they're sipping on something and just speeding through, you know, Venice.
Or something.
So yeah, that's that's the Boker squill the most, like an Italian speedboat.
Alright, Next up is the most useful but weird blade shape.
Weird, useful, weird, but very useful.
And that is from off grid knives.

That's the Raptor.
This thing is.
Vexing or confounding will will say when it showed up, I was like, ohh, really?
You're gonna do that?
Like you're just trying to be different.
And that was my initial knee jerk reaction.

And I gotta say I'm I'm glad I recognized it as such because this is an awesome blade shape.
OK, you know that I always talk about how thinly ground and excellent the off grid knives are at cutting anything, but definitely cardboard.
Anything you need to slice, anything that needs to slip through the material, you're going to be in great shape with an off grid knife.
Well this has all of that, this tall inch and 1/2.
Uh, flat grind on this already thin stock is a great push cutting edge here because it angles down ever so slightly, trapping the material and this sort of triangular area.
And then it's just very thin and very sharp.
And that broken part or the part that looks like it's a broken off tip, Oh my God this thing is, this little area is great.

It is a really great little hawkbill surface for pull cuts, utility cuts.
You can see some action happened here with a school project a while a while back.
You know, cutting paper out and stuff.
This is a really good one for that.
Um, so that is a very weird.
But useful blade shape?

And then look at the facets, those five facets coming together at that one point.
I don't like it, but it works, and it's great.
But something about it I just don't like.
But man, it works great.
Sculpted handle.
Don't like the flipper?

I'm not crazy about this area.
This area.
Ohh I I mentioned that with Kerry and he said this knife presented a lot of design challenges and that was the compromise necessary to get the knife made the way he wanted with that blade.
Has a nice, wide, nice.
It has a big, big footprint.
I mean, that's a pretty wide footprint in pocket.
But this to me is not a pocket, knife or not for me.

I don't carry it in my pocket.
This is one that I. You take out to the back porch when I'm about to dress out a whole bunch of cardboard boxes.
Great action, best tech made, weird but useful.
And that is the off grid wrapper not wrapper wrap tour.
Next U is the.
Ohh well actually Next up is the the poker toothpick.

I'm sorry I've said enough about this Boker toothpick, but I'm going to show it to you.
This is the most gentlemanly, the most slender and gentleman.
I don't have too many gentlemen knives, you know.
I like the bigger, more robust tactical style knives, but I have a number of them.
But this one has become my favorite, and I do think it's the most gentlemanly.
It's the most spelt, that's for sure, and it fits great in the back pocket.
I like it in my back left pocket, right next to my bandana.

If you're a guy who likes to carry your knife next to your wallet standing up next to your wallet, this would be an awesome out.
An awesome choice for that that just came down on my knuckle.
This comes in a couple of other cover materials, but I love this Coco Bolo.
Still that weird clip?
Most gentlemanly and most slender.
OK, Next up is the most tactical.

This is the most tactical list of folders, and I think I have and I have a lot of tactical folders, but this one is meta.
This is the meta tactical folder right here and that's the Z zero 200. This is just a kind of a ridiculous piece, but a beautiful knife designed by Ken Onion, as you can probably see actually now that I have this out.
This one looks a bit like an Italian racing boat too, huh?
A little bit.
But blacked out for night apps.
OK, so zero tolerance, zero 200. This is a such an awesome night.
This was a gift for my brother.

The sort of gift was like, wow, this is awesome.
And he's like, you want it, you can have it.
I never use it.
No, I couldn't possibly do it.
Come on, your birthday is coming up.
Like, OK, doesn't take much, but this is the most tactical because it's got a number of things here.
It's got a recurve.

It's got the.
Serrations on the recurve.
It has a thumb ramp and it's got the giant.
Contoured handle.
His handle is I love it, but it's almost too much.
It's almost too much.
Um, like if I. And what I mean by that is I have kind of, well medium sized hands and slender fingers and my hands fit in there kind of real snuggly, so.

People whose hands I've shaken that dwarf mine, I'm I'm wondering where they're, you know, this is a pretty tight choil for a big sausage finger, you know?
So I'm not sure if this is the most tactical for everybody, but to me this has the most tactical Ness to it.
And plus it's got that hex nut for the pivot, so it looks like a piece of of hardware, you know?
This thing is just awesome.
Uh, the most tactical list of folders in my collection.
I gotta, I gotta hand it to the zero 200 because.
It's one of the old, old lions in the group and you know, they deserve, they deserve their their due.

Next up, this is also kind of in a similar category.
I mean this is a very tactical knife, but this is the best broken stop pin look.
And that is the Emerson.
Elvia, you look at this knife.
And it looks like there's something wrong with it.
Until you know, you understand.
Until you're initiated, this looks like a broken knife.

This looks like a knife that was supposed to be like that roughly.
And then the stop pin broke and it kept going and kept going.
And that's where it ended up.
I remember when I first saw this knife, I knew what it was.
I knew that it was for, you know, but I was just starting to become aware of Ed Calderon and.
And his his use of the fruit knife.
And I was like, I think that's what that is.

But my God, that's extreme and weird looking and Oh my God, how's it going to work?
Where's it going to put, you know?
And then it all made sense.
By the way, that's an aftermarket aftermarket pocket opener.
Can't remember who I got it from.
Uh, if you're watching, please leave it in the comments.
It's an awesome opener.

But yeah, this this thing looks funny, but it is a very, very effective.
This is a knife that you use in a self-defense situation.
I mean you could use this for all sorts of things, but mostly opening boxes, envelopes, and criminals who are going after you and your stuff or your people.
So yeah, that that curved reaching outward blade takes it.
Advantage of your gross motor motions and yeah.
Is very effective in that way, but you got to admit, it looks pretty darn funny when you first see it so.
There's a D Calderone logo, the sneak Reaper.

And these are vantage point blade works.
Vantage point handles here if you if you want your Emerson Micarta ized or if you want new handles for your for your Emerson.
He does a great job.
He works on a little knobs too.
OK next one is a related.
This kind of feels like rewards to me are awards, but this next one is kind of related and this is the best broken lock look we had.
That's broken stop pin look.

This is the best broken lock look and that is the Volstead knightshade and audaciously.
Odd design that works so well.
This is a great knife.
Now if you watch, say, Jared Knives.
Video on this knife or or stasis.
They will show you and talk to you about all of the incredible ways this thing is a great utility knife.
That that obvious downward angle is what I'm talking about when I say the best broken lock look.

It looks like it has not fully locked open yet, but that is fully open.
And that downward angle presents the tip below or at your knuckles making it great.
Accelerating all of your cuts a but making it great for utility style cutting for the kind of cutting you might do or you're pulling towards you like cutting ropes or straps on like a big crate or something like that.
You kind of trap the material in this area and and pull so very useful.
Very useful setup here.
I have very odd looking set.
I'm very fond of it for a couple of reasons.

First of all, that blade is like a barong to me.
It looks like the barong hanging on the wall behind me.
And then and the prong is a Filipino sword.
And then this angle of the blade to the handle reminds me of other Filipino swords, like most of them Filipino swords and knives angle the the blade downward, which just makes.
Were more efficient chopping, slashing and cutting.
To have a downward barong that, like the barong, is one of the few that doesn't have that downward angle.
But in anyway, I like the spirit of this knife.

It reminds me a lot of my favorite Filipino swords.
It has that downward, that downward tip and that downward belly.
A lot of people are comparing this to a cookery.
I I say it needs a recurve if it's a cookery, but you know, we can have that debate another time.
Very nicely contoured G10.
They do the pocket clip right with the recessed.
Pocket in the flat, screws and justice.

Stellar action Bastid is an awesome company.
They sent me a chef's knife and that has become the house favorite.
And we have.
We have a couple of nice ones.
Nothing custom.
I'm looking to change that.
But uh, Vosti, awesome company.

I have three knives by them, and I love them all.
This one probably chief among them because it's just so odd.
The best broken lock look in my collection, anyway, is the bostad nightshade.
OK. Next up is very attractive.
Knife, but a little bit more in the cleverly realm where I tend not to tread.
But this is the most drop.
Shutty the most fall shutty knife, at least in my collection, and I've experienced a few extremely false shutty ones recently.

The North Arm Skaha and the Grimsmo Norseman come to mind.
Both super incredibly smooth.
Noticeably smoother than this Towser K I'd say no way.
If we're going to be totally honest and and when I'm using the term smooth in this case, I'm talking about that false shut.
Smooth to me is just a shortcut word.
Smooth does not mean fall shut because my sebenza is very smooth and it does not do anything close to fall short.
This action is just insane.

I think this one's got multi row bearings.
It's a great utility knife, very good ergonomics, beautiful blade shape, a little bit more pointed than say the sheepdog, also by Kaiser, and very, very popular knife for them.
This one, this one strikes my fancy a little bit more because of that blade shape, that point, and there's something very pleasing about how the main bevel.
Starts below, below the.
Thumb stud here but comes all the way up to the Crest of that blade.
I just think it looks beautiful.

And then I had to get the rich light, even though the red micarta is contoured nicely and probably feels better in hand.
I mean this feels fine but I don't have any rich lights.
Rich light is like a paper micarta and I thought that looked like the boson Higgs field there, which I think I saw once.
So I decided that buy this why not?
And then they they sort of half did the the clip right, but the clip.
So thin that barely makes a difference that they didn't pocket out some of that rich light to Nestle it in.
This I was trying to sell for a while.

I might try and sell it again, but you know how that goes.
You try and sell something, it doesn't sell and you're like, oh, it must be a sign I'm going to need this someday.
Right now I guess I needed it for right now.
OK, Next up, now this one.
This is not necessarily something that is desirable and yeah I think it is and I think this knife nails it and that is the most like a bearing knife in a washer knife.

OK, so this is my resco instruments goose works Mekong Delta combat folder.
That was a bit of a janky left-handed.
Deployment, so I'll use my right hand.
This knife, when I first got it had the glassiness, had the feel of my.
Penza or like my visa or my Spartan harsey folder, kind of like that.
Hydraulic resistance like smooth hydraulic resistance when closing, but it kept getting smoother and smoother.
You can front flip it just through through use.

This is one of my go to knives.
I carry this knife probably more than any other these days in my front right pocket but.
This one has really gotten smooth through use and it's on washers and now you know it's pretty drop shut.
You know the little little help and it just feels more like a bearing knife than a washer knife now that it is broken in.
But this blade is just this knife is just awesome.
I I'm thinking about getting another one.
I like this so much and you know I initially talked about how excited I was that it was American made and it's not and then I found out.

Was made by best tech and I was like Oh well I love best tech, big deal.
And then you know best tech is so in the mode of making flippers with bearings and that this new race car way of making knives and then and then they're task to make something like this like an American washer style knife and man they nail it, they nail it.
Beautiful knife.
I love this thing.
This is my most bearing like washer folder.
All right, so Next up, this one is most bite for the bark.
And yes you saw what I did with the language.

Clever guy that I am.
But really what I'm trying to get at is that it doesn't look like much but man alive is it nasty.
And that is the felony stop by tops.
Now before I had the the TOPS Zabo express out to show you.
Well, this is also designed by Lacey Zabo and by the way he's.
Martial artist and law enforcement dude.
So he has a lot of experience kind of meeting these implements.

This is a small dagger like knife.
But it's set up.
A bit like a pistol.
You get a symmetrical double edge dagger blade till there and then to accommodate your grip, there's a big Jim Swale there for your thumb and that curvy handle that that pushes into your palm.
So if you're using this in a thrusting motion man, you've got it all backed up right into your palm and you can put exert a lot of force behind that diamond like tip.
But this Swale here with the jimping is also great for trapping if you're in reverse grip like this and you need to trap your opponents arm or wrist or something.
And you know, in a transition or something, whatever, whatever kind of hold or whatever you're doing, this this curved surface here really aids in that.

In reverse curve, it puts a creates a little space where you can.
Grab onto someone's wrist or something like that.
So I've always liked that that aspect of it that you either use it for your thumb or you use it in trapping.
So you get a lot of different versions, a lot of versatility out of this knife too.
And then with the double edge sharp dagger style blade, it's just it's more than you deserve in a small knife and so that's more bite for your bark.
That is the tops knives felony stop design designed by at least.
Disable cool knife, next one.

Now this this one.
This one could also go in another category, and there are plenty that could go in this category, but this one takes the cake.
I think historically and and everything, and that is the most menacing.
Now what am I gonna show out of my large collection of menacing things?
I think you know.
It's going to be this.
Yep, the 1918 trench knife, US 1918 trench knife.

This is ohh got a cast bronze knuckle duster with points.
It's got a nut holding the whole assembly together that can be used as a skull crusher.
It's got a very wide guard to protect the hand.
It's got a double edged blade.
And it just Oh my God, it just.
It just speaks of brutality.
Um, this thing, I think more than probably anything else I have is is.

Symbolically it's just terrifying.
I mean, if someone came at you with this, so many things might flood your mind if you had time.
One of those being like, who is this person coming at me with that thing and where did they get that?
Did they use that often?
Like what kind of a person has one of those in the 1st place if you're not, if you're not in a trench, it's just a scary looking thing.
And it's not just looks, it is a devastating weapon.
It's quite heavy in the hand and you'll see.

Here's the thing I have I have issue with knuckle dusters.
I have a couple.
None of them feel comfortable.
This one feels incredibly comfortable.
First of all, I think men were a little bit smaller in those days before all the bovine growth hormone in our milk, and so this fits my hand perfectly, whereas I find knuckle dusters that I've tried now are made for people with slightly larger hands.
This fits my hand like a dream, but you could also fit larger hands in here for sure.
And the handle itself is flat and rectangular in cross section, so it's not turning in your hand, which is a a big deal when you're punching with a fist load that comes beyond your fingers.

You know if that thing twists it will crush your knuckles.
It you could really damage your hands with rings on knives and with with these you know with knuckle dusters if you're not careful.
This one, this is built for comfort.
I mean I swear it's really.
Comfortable in hand and I've hit my punching bag with it, much to my punching bags this may um, I hit it twice with those these things and that was just stupid.
But I was it was impulsive and I did not feel a thing.
Whereas with the other two that I have, I did quite a bit.

So I am going to call this the most menacing knife in my.
In my collection, or probably ever, at least of the 20th century, from the 20th century till now, this thing.
I don't know.
Do we agree?
Does anyone agree that this is probably the baddest of the bad?
Let me know what you think.
I'm sure opinions vary, but let me know what you think by dropping the comment down below.

OK, Next up, taking it back to this century, but also a dagger.
Best OEM knife.
And there are a lot of great OEM knives, and I'm not.
Testing any of those into doubt, I just don't have them and this one is so impressive to me.
It is a riot, but the design that goes into it is also what impresses me.
This is the arcane design antimatter.
This was also this was a collaboration, design collaboration with something Obscene Company.

I know that Felix had some say in this or some gave some help in this.
Um, design?
But the design is 100% symmetrical.
Well, on the on the side, obviously.
On the lock side it can't be, but it is symmetrical and it's very impressive how this all fits in the handle symmetrically.
Even when it's closed it's perfectly symmetrical.
I know there are a couple of others that have done that but it's impressive.

I don't think it's an easy thing to design and to have it come on, come on out looking this good and this well symmetrical.
I'll say it again, very cool clip on this by the way we got a little of Ferriday tower or whatever those things are called.
But so it's the double edged edness of this, the fact that the design allows for it and that Riyadh.
Was able to pull it off so well.
This is the best OEM knife in my collection and and and I don't know I would say it's a contender out there at least.
And I would say a lot of that has to do with the design.
We know that we know that Riyadh and these other companies can pretty much build anything that makes sense that you give them.

But the fact that this made sense in the 1st place and that they were able to design this is very impressive to me.
So that is the antimatter by the way.
I would love to add the Hinderer Maximus and the.
And the sharp by design archnemesis to my collection.
But until then this is the only folding true folding dagger I have.
So put that down.
By true I mean double Edge, not just dagger style symmetrical blade.

All right Next up the most likely to leave an impression.
And that being said, in a pun sort of way this could have been used for that too impression.
I only really realized that later.
I wish I were clever in real time and I could have done that.
So this is the the knife most likely to leave an impression.
I'll I'll have it out in the main camera first, just to show how big it is.
Yep, it's a big folder and it's the cold steel Espada Excel and in full dress may as well.

I mean, I have the other one, but all with the shiny bolsters and the shiny G10 and everything.
It's a it's a real looker and it's a real catcher of the eye.
This would leave an impression because it's very unlikely A7 and 1/2 inch folder.
We haven't seen one since, you know, the streets of Sevilla, uh, when we were, when we weren't allowed to carry our swords and we had to carry these giant ratcheting folding knives.
Remember those days, those heady Andalusian?
Fighting in the streets that this is what replaced.
OK, this is cold steel's modern interpretation of the navaja, the knife that replaced the sword when commoners were no longer allowed to carry swords in Spain.

They're like, well, we still have duels to fight.
We still have our, our honor to.
Um safeguard and others honors to besmirch.
So we will still carry large knives.
We'll just.
Fold them and tuck them in our cumberbuns.
And, and man, I love this, this knife in particular.

This was also a gift for my brother.
He got this at some sort of a gun show once.
Hey Bob, you have the Espada XL?
And and even if the answer were yes, I'd say no because I don't have three of them.
But just look at that beautiful clip point blade and that handle.
This handle allows for so many different grips.

This one is my favorite grip all the way down here.
It really is like in a spot.
It's like a short sword.
You're all the way down here.
So just an awesome knife.
Very, very happy to have this in my collection and probably the most likely to leave an impression.
You know you're not gonna pull this out to cut your sandwich in the lunch room.

All right, second to last in this list of mostest and bestest is the best dueling knife.
OK, I think you know what I'm going to you know what I'm going to say it is, but I'm going to show it to you.
This is the hog tooth knives sub hilt fighter made for me by Matt Chase of hockey.
Knives commissioned by my folks and designed by me.
Well, not designed, but, you know, stipulate all of the pieces, parts stipulated by me.
But I'm going to widen this out and just say the sub hilt fighter in general.
I have the OSS, the the inexpensive version of this I mean by comparison this obviously made by cold steel and.

It has the same long slender clip point blade with two fully double edged edges.
This this one has a much both both hollow grinds.
This one has a longer bevel on the bottom and and you know that that is a part of the fighter thing as opposed to the dagger thing with the dagger would have two equal size bubbles there.
But the the real benefit here besides that beautiful long.
Nearly 8 inch double edged blade is the sub hilt this sort of trigger here which allows for a lot of different different ways of using the knife but also extracting the knife once it's lodged in the ribs of your foe.
That little bit of sub hilt allows you to to pull it back out without losing the knife, but it also you'll find if you if you have a sub hilt like the OS or any other.
Some help fighter you can get very percussive with it if you're you're swinging it around and and feel very sure that it's not gonna come out of your hand.

Whereas a normal knife you might wanna you might not want to do that drumstick sort of action if you're trying to flick or or do anything like that.
So the sub hilt fighter in general is just the best dueling knife I think if you're if you got to get in the knife duel.
You know, if it's a if, it's if someone jumping you.
You want something smaller no doubt because something you can bring to bear easier.
But if you're squaring up and honoring, you know, safeguarding your Honor sub hilt fighter and in this case the hog tooth knife, sub hilt.
OK, last up in this list of best is the mostest.
Coming back down to practical Earth and that is the best 300 plus dollars you can spend on a folding knife.

And that is simply this, the ad 20. It's like a modern classic at this point.
The demco knives.
A D20 is probably oz per oz, I guess.
I don't know.
It's hard to say, but it is, if not the best, one of the best expensive knives I have, $300 to me, is an expensive knife.
I know I paid more than that for this because they're unavailable, but I just couldn't remember exactly what it was.
I think I paid.

100 for this but.
I had to have it, you know, and I had saved up for it.
Luckily I had funds saved up for it when I got the call that it was available.
But when I did get that call I did not hesitate because of all that I heard and everything I know about the Demco and John Andrew Demco and his designs and everything I had heard up until that point.
And man it has not disappointed.
This is going on a year and a half old and.
It is probably the most luxurious um.

Hard use knife I've ever, I've ever held.
It's awesome.
Like I could.
I feel like I could do anything with it.
And yet it still feels precious.
So that to me is the $300.00 best spent on a folder possible, and that is on the machine ground.
That's the MG, that's the MG stand for.

Demco 8020. All right.
Well, thank you so much for coming down this road with me.
The best is in most is this thing.
This all started with looking at Casey's new knife and.
Seeing it and thinking, wow, that's a good looking knife closed.
And I thought what do other people have thoughts like this?
I bet they do.

Let me make a list.
So I'm glad you joined me.
Thank you one and all for joining.
And also be sure to check out Sunday show.
I'm talking with the great and powerful Dirk Pinkerton.
What a cool guy and his designs.
So cool.

We have a great conversation.
Join us then and join us tomorrow night for Thursday Night Knives live 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time right here on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch where we give away tomorrow night to 1 lucky gentleman junkie this Iraq.
Yeah, alright 4 Jim working his magic behind the Switcher.
I am Bob DeMarco saying until next time please.
Don't take though for an answer.
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.
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Knives, News and Other Stuff Mentioned in the Podcast


Pocket Check

  • Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21
  • JWK Vampire Jack
  • Boker Texas Toothpick
  • TOPS Express (Bag Knife)


State of the Collection

  • Boker Texas Toothpick
  • Schrade Leroy SCHF45


My Top 15 “Bestest” and “Mostest” Knives

  • ion — Best Looking Folder: Closed
  • Boker Squail — Most Like an Italian Speedboat
  • Off-Grid Raptor — Most Useful But Weird Bladeshape
  • Boker Texas Toothpick — Most Slender and Gentlemanly
  • ZT 0200 — Most Tacticalest Folder
  • Emerson Elvia — Best Broken-Stop-Pin Look
  • Vosteed Nightshade — Best Broken-Lock Look
  • Kizer Towzer-K — Most Fall Shutty
  • Resco/Gooseworks MDCF — Most Bearing-Like Washer Folder
  • TOPS Felony Stop — Most Bite for the Bark
  • 1918 Trench Knife — Most Menacing
  • Arcane Designs Antimatter/Reate — Best OEM Knife
  • Cold Steel Espada XL (Full Dress) — Most Likely to Leave an Impression
  • Hogtooth Subhilt Fighter — Best Dueling Knife
  • Demko AD20 MG — Best $300+ You Can Spend on a Knife




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