CRKT Provoke
The CRKT Provoke

On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco discusses Cold Steel’s 2020 lineup of new knives, what’s new from CRKT for the new year [be sure to see the CRKT Minimalist Clever below] as well as a welcome improvement, at least in Bob’s eyes, for SOG Knives.

Bob and Jim also get into Kunwu Knives and crowdfunding their business venture, and of course The Knife Junkie has a new knife that he has to talk about — the CRKT Provoke.

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found below.

The Knife Junkie looks at some of the new knives for 2020 from Cold Steel, CRKT and SOG, plus Kunwu Knives and Bob's new #CRKT Provoke, all on episode 75 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. Click To Tweet

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CRKT Minimalist Clever
CRKT Minimalist Clever

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Bob DeMarco 0:00
They're coming out with a bunch of different colors for the GR and kind of kind of cheering it up a little bit. You know, you could you could say that the SOG folding lineup is a little bit dreary, historically, I think, you know, they're they're meant for use and maybe not so much in terms of aesthetic has gone into them. And now it looks like they're kind of simplifying the design a little bit, removing some of the SOG kind of billboarding that they're famous for. And putting some color grn on these handles and just kind of I don't know classing them up a little bit

Announcer 0:35
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:49
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to episode number 75. It's our midweek edition of The Knife Junkie podcast. I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:57
and I'm Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, welcome to the podcast. We got a lot to talk about today

Jim Person 1:01
as we always do the supplemental edition our midweek episode when we get to hear from Bob talking about new knives in his collection as well as a knife life news what's happening in the knife world and and other knife stuff that that we want to chat about The Knife Junkie podcast is the place for knife newbies like myself and Knife Junkie like you to learn all about knives and knife collecting. And we're so glad that you are here with us as we begin our 2020 year, our new year here on the podcast and looking forward to it.

Bob DeMarco 1:35
Oh yeah, well, I'm recording this podcast from my flying car, Jim. And I love 2020 This is a great place to be

Jim Person 1:42
right and what is that we only have to work like one or two days a week or something like that.

Bob DeMarco 1:46
And we all carry knives like my new knife. The Columbia River knife and tool provoke

Jim Person 1:51
What a great segue. Hey, so did you did you buy that for your Christmas present to yourself?

Bob DeMarco 1:57
I did that you may you may remember I was lamenting the fact actually kind of shocked that I hadn't gotten myself a Christmas knife or two or three. And Christmas was already over and you know, on Thursday night knives the other night, Alex busted out Alex too. So busted out his joke as well. Custom morphin karambit and, you know, I've seen that knife before and it's it's definitely, definitely turned my head a couple of times, but having him pull it out, flaunted that sounds, you know, however that sounds right, but having him show it off really got me interested. So I took a look, I knew I wasn't going to get a Caswell but the car Katie version of it from all accounts is is pretty excellent. And Jim, I just trust in life the cost $200 What? What can I say? But I found it 450 bucks on Amazon and I already had a cart going with things I was getting from my daughter and amaze and for other people, you know, because I'm such a good guy. So I threw it in there and it showed up yesterday. And it's a very cool knife. If people don't know I'm talking about I'm sure you do, but if you don't check it out the car Katie provoke, just watch a video on YouTube and check out how it works. It is it's got these it's a kurama that you hold in your hand with the with the with your finger through the ring, and then you activate it with your thumb and the blade pops out down below your fist. And it is really cool. It works on two arms. There's no springs involved. It's just a detent and a bunch of pivots for pivots. And, well, I gotta say it's just a really, really beautifully engineered knife. It's very solid, very stout, would be an excellent program, but if you're going to actually use it for you know, doing doing martial arts, it would be great for that. I see now they have a search and rescue addition to this where it comes on a kydex sheath which I could see being useful if you were really going to use this in a pinch because it's got one of the interesting features of this night besides everything else is the Clip it sort of recesses and missiles into the handle until you need it and you pinch an upper portion of it and the lower portion pops out and you can slide it onto your pant leg. interesting idea. I'm not quite sold on it utility wise yet but like I said, I just got this thing yesterday. But if you're curious if you like kurama bits if you're interested in very interesting engineering, on knives, this is a really unique thing and would be would be a very, very decent addition to anyone's collection. Let's hear that. Let's hear that flick again. Alright, if I must. So Jim, Jim can see this right now. It's pretty cool, isn't it? I mean, it's it's working on these two swinging arms and it's just like nothing I've ever seen before.

Jim Person 4:46
Yeah, we'll try to I'll try to remember to put a picture in the show notes page. That'll be on The Knife slash 75, the Knife Junkie dot com slash 75. You also mentioned Thursday night knives with guests. co host Alex Tissot of Alex's knife box on the YouTube channel that was the January 2 edition you can find that as well as past episodes of Thursday night knives and also watch live every Thursday night. If you go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash live and of course a good buddy there Alex and encourage all of our listeners if you're not subscribed to his YouTube channel, please go do so. So because he's got lots of great videos.

Bob DeMarco 5:27
He is a man on a mission his collection is incredible and every time I talked to him he's got new and amazing interesting off the beaten path selections. He's he's he's quite a collector and a great guy. So definitely check them out.

Jim Person 5:42
Cool. A lot of stuff to talk about in knife life news coming up next, but first I want to remind you that this podcast is brought to you by QuickBooks self employed, you know, first of the year we start thinking oh, I gotta probably pay taxes coming up shortly. Hopefully you get some money back. But anyway, quick, quick. Self Employed is your year round tech solution. It's definitely a must have for contractors, freelancers, knife makers, anyone who's self employed and if you go to The Knife Junkie dot slash qb 30, Jbufe junkies will get a free 30 day trial of QuickBooks self employed again 30 days for free at The Knife slash QB three zero

Announcer 6:25
you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you've got questions or comments call the 24 seven Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4487.

Bob DeMarco 6:39
So Jim, you may remember at the end of last year, I had a list a wish list of things I wanted to see from cold steel. Three things in particular. First was a Kevlar umbrella sword

Jim Person 6:52
that in my book, my favorite

Bob DeMarco 6:54
total spy kit. It's a bulletproof umbrella that has a sword in the in it The other thing I wanted to see was a recon one XL, with a Seaux blade, a big straight edged. You know, wharncliffe knife kind of blade. And then the third thing I wanted to see was a wish that came true, Jim. I just saw it, they just released the news. It's a voyager XL with a wavy bladed Kris blade. So that's a five and a half inch wavy bladed Kris. It's got two peaks and valleys and it ends in a hook which is exactly exactly how that knife should be. And, of course, Mr. Lynn Thompson knows what he's doing. He's a lifelong or a 30 year practitioner of Kali and sword arts and the Filipino martial arts. He knows he knows the way to optimize a crisp blade and a few months back, I saw him in one of his YouTube videos, and he flashed one he pulled it out and he opened it up and I said that is a voyager like nothing I've ever seen that looks like it's a Chris, but that's Lynn Thompson. He could have just gone down to the shop and said, Hey, some someone made me Chris blade and, you know, been out the shop and 45 minutes with a brand new Voyager. But indeed, it was a prototype and I'm very, very excited to see that they're coming out with that this year. So everybody check out check out the Voyager Excel with the wavy blade, Kris coming. They also have another Kris blade coming out and it's one of the Lynn Thompson Signature Series kind of like the Voyager excellent lockira with the serrated blade of x hp. This year, it's going to be the Lind Thompson highlight. So it's going to be an extra or a large highlight that's a six inch highlight with grn handles. Green grn handles the same color as the as the signature Voyager and it will have a long sinuous, wavy bladed crisp blade, which is going to look so cool because you know that's the that's sort of the updated Italian stiletto platform. And we we may have all seen historical pictures of a switchblade with With that Chris shaped blade but they're rare and hard to find it and they get one made in modern materials this will be in 4440 see a steel that I'm not sure I've ever seen Cold Steel use at least not in a long time. So that's an interesting choice and I'm interested to hear why that in the age of all these updated modernize super steals, so that'll be interesting to find out another of the there are many other Cold Steel releases this year in the sword and axe and and knife lineup but I just want to mention one other that that really perked up my ears, the formax Scout, everyone knows the massive Andrew dem co designed formax which came out a couple years ago. I don't know 2014 something like that. It's a big, heavy duty. Andrew denko Cold Steel for 400 bucks you know they were making them in Italy for a while and then making them in the United States and there. They put some special care into them. They're they're definitely special Cold Steel knives. Well, to me that's a little bit beyond my reach. If I'm spending that money, I'm not spending it on a cold steel, but I love the design. And I love the utility of that knife. So they're coming out with this scout version, which is a formax by all other definitions, except it's got a gr and handle and it's got os 10 a steal Austin they've been using instead of OS eight, and I guess it's two better than OS eight. I honestly don't really know what the differences but I, from what I remember hearing other people saying, on YouTube os 10 is a definite step up and steel. So basically, if you like the formax platform, and you think it's a cool knife, but you just can't or don't want to lay down 450 bucks get the real thing, or the original thing I guess I should say. This format scout will be cool. I'm definitely going to have that in my cold steel. Large nice lineup.

Jim Person 10:56
Okay, well, and I love the way you described Aus 8 and Aus 10 because that's the way I would have described it. It's two better

Bob DeMarco 11:05
there's two more Aus' to it. That's right.

Jim Person 11:08
And speaking of Cold Steel I think you mentioned on one of the last podcast or maybe it was a Thursday night knives. year or two ago the the recent change with cold steel and the catalog

Bob DeMarco 11:20
you talking about with the steals how they, they came out

Jim Person 11:24
releasing the catalog

Bob DeMarco 11:25
Oh, I'm sorry, that's, that's Spyderco we were talking

Jim Person 11:28
Oh, yeah. My bad.

Bob DeMarco 11:30
Last year was their first year doing this. I can't remember what they call it but it's like a delayed release. Instead of saying in January look at these 20 amazing knives are coming out with this year, but you can't get your hands on them until November. They just kind of tell you in November, boom, check out this new knife and then they they they they drop it and they do all the press then

Jim Person 11:51
Okay gotcha. But we'll have a link to knife news article about the cold steel 2020 lineup that as they say Say balances new models with some line expansions that will go more into depth about all of the ones that that Bob didn't cover. So cold steel 2020 all right what's up next you want to talk about SOG 2020 updates

Bob DeMarco 12:17
another article from Knife news I was perusing mentioned the updates for SOG this year solid has had a speckled past I think in general or among knife nuts and and definitely for me I'm I'm a sucker for their fixed blade knives, especially the ones before they started kind of incorporating modern materials. I love their stack leather, you know SOG knives, I did their their Mac v SOG and the other traditional knives they've put forth. I've never been a fan of their folders, but this year it kind of looks like they're moving more into my wheelhouse and I know that's what they were trying to do. So The ages is a long standing, big seller for them. They've kind of retooled it. And it still looks like an ageless, it's still got has a very cool drop point blade. I was like that knife blade. But the handle looks simpler. They have a new thing they call the A t lock, which is different from an access lock. I'll just say that it's different from an access lock, but you kind of actuated the same way, at least on one side. And so it's got a different lock, and they're coming out with a bunch of different colors for the GR and kind of kind of cheering it up a little bit. You know, you could you could say that the SOG folding lineup is a little bit dreary, historically, I think, you know, they're they're meant for use and maybe not so much in terms of aesthetic has gone into them. And now it looks like they're kind of simplifying the design a little bit, removing some of the SOG kind of billboarding that they're famous for. And putting some color grn on these handles and just kind of, I don't know classing them up a little bit I'm looking at, they have this thing called the ultra xR. It's a very simple looking, tough looking classy knife with carbon fiber handles. They took the flash which was a knife I was never found up and they totally redesigned it and it looks really cool. Now, again colored this I think this has g 10 and D two steel. I know it is grn a variety of colors. Nice looking blade shape. And then they did the same with the Pentagon. The Pentagon has always been there kind of jaggery folder Hmm. And it's a it's a folder version of their jaggery little dagger boot. They did a cool retooling on that so, to me, I gotta say as not that the biggest SOG folder fan it's very I like what I'm seeing is encouraging. The one thing I don't like if you take a look at the Trident, the Trident is there. Well it Was there bowie knife made for the Marines? for the for the Navy, it's a different steel and and different I think the stack leather handles were black or maybe it was black micarta. In any case, they made a folding version of it called the Trident. It's been a very famous, popular folding buoy over the last 10 to 12 years. But this one they have they have had this giant slot cut out in the handle.

Jim Person 15:24
Yeah, that's what I was looking at. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 15:26
presumably you feed paracord in there and cut it without opening the blade or you are you feed a seat belt through there with the blade shut. And, and you cut it that way. But I have to say like, with those feeding channels where you where you feed material into a blade without being able to move the blade, unless it is absolutely freshly razor sharp, shit does that stuff just does not work. I mean, in my experience, you need you need a little movement on the blade. You need to be able to change your angle and your pressure on the blade and I just don't think that and to me, it just looks like liability It looks like a place where the handle could snap on you if you were really going hard at it

Jim Person 16:04
well as I'm looking at it as you were talking about I was like what's wrong with that picture? Something isn't that they mess up on the handle there they did a Photoshop error or something.

Bob DeMarco 16:14
Yes. You see what how to find the blade

is closed. It's exposed in that way.

Jim Person 16:17

Bob DeMarco 16:18
yeah. So I'd say that's a misstep personally, but hey, what the hell do I know? I don't, I don't design knives for SOG so that's right. But cool looking blade shape though.

Jim Person 16:28
Yeah. And you mentioned the flash at the picture I'm looking at has a Carolina blue handle and I'm I'm a Carolina boy. So I definitely love the tar heela. So I I like to look at that but i was i was i was looking at that in relation to the Pentagon x are that you were talking about the the dagger dagger. And you know, as I'm learning my my knife styles, I like the I like the look of the blade on the flash better than the dagger tiny way

Bob DeMarco 17:01
Me too. And so, that that is a drop point blade. Okay, which is a very I mean, it's kind of a generic term, almost anything can be a drop point, but that is definitely a drop point blade. And to me that big sharpening oil, that's the space between the, the heel of the blade and the handle. Okay, you know, that allows you to sharpen all the way to the edge of the, to the end of the edge without getting a weird curve at the end. Sometimes when it terminates against steel. It's a it's a weird spot to sharpen. So I like that. And I also think it makes it look cool. Kind of looks like a pirate knife or a chef's knife or something. Yeah,

Jim Person 17:35
yeah. Okay. Cool deal. Yeah. Well, Cold Steel, new stuff for 2020 SOG with some new stuff for 2020. But we also need to talk a little bit about CRKT as well.

Bob DeMarco 17:46
Yeah, yeah. So as usual, they have 8 million new models coming out this year, but there are two that I wanted to that that stuck out to me. You know, I love the foltz minimalist neck knife. That's the one that I Carry quite a bit and I've mentioned quite a bit. And I love the way that handles his muscles between your, your, your three fingers there. So they came out so they have a variety of blade shapes. They have the Bowie shape, they have the recurve tanto, they have the karambit and they have wardenclyffe the drop point and now they have the cleaver. So if you want a little minimalist cleaver

Jim Person 18:23
who doesn't need one of those

Bob DeMarco 18:24
Exactly. You can get your 2.13 inch cleaver, from CRKT, I gotta say, I think I might just have to get it. Okay, minimalists are only about 20 bucks and not to sound like a rampant materialist. But, you know, I've spent 20 bucks in much worse ways. So why not just instead add a minimalist to my collection. I'll have a little mini cleaver. And you know, I'll be the talk of the town. I like the look of it. Yeah, it's pretty neat, isn't it? And you can see how your thumb could right up right right to the end of the blade where it kind of swoops up and it's got a little hole on it like a meat cleaver like you're gonna hang it on the wall.

Jim Person 19:02
Exactly, exactly. Well I'm looking at the website as you were talking it looks like it's 40 bucks

Bob DeMarco 19:08
oh it's 40 well that's if you buy it from them I'll be sure you buy it on the street

Jim Person 19:13
if you know The Knife Junkie connections

Bob DeMarco 19:16
yeah blade HQ knife center right?

Jim Person 19:22
okay, well it might as well and you know we we do have some affiliate relationships with some folks so if you want to go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash knives, you'll find some knives for sale there by some manufacturers and others that we have, like said affiliate relationships with and what that means is that if you buy a knife from that page using our link, you'll pay the same price of what the manufacturer the reseller has, but we get a small commission just helps support the podcast and the channel and the website and all that kind of good stuff. Or you can also if you want to go to the next junkie dot com slash shop Amazon or The Knife Junkie dot com slash shop eBay, and that's links to the Amazon and eBay. Again, affiliate links if you buy anything from there, we'll get a small commission but again, it won't affect the price that you'll pay yourself support us The Knife slash shop Amazon or The Knife Junkie. com slash shop eBay. And Bob I think it was this past Thursday night. You and Alex talked about Kunwu knives will address that a little bit more.

Bob DeMarco 20:33
Yeah, yeah, this is well, it's a new knife maker out of China new, presumably high end knife maker out of China. And I saw an article in the news about it and it just struck me and perhaps it struck the author as well. But it's just kind of an interesting thing. This this company, they have a knife design, it's based on Shimano part. It's basically Some of the parts the cool modern parts on a on a racing bike. And I don't see that from the design I, I see a very run of the mill design. Okay, my whole point of bringing this up is they don't even have money yet for their first production night. So I'm not exactly sure how how you bust into a scene that's populated by reott and we knives and rake and, and best tech with a design and kind of put it forth publicly when you don't have the funds to actually get it going. Cuz I mean, that's a crowded market. It's a well, I should say it's a it's a very competitive field right there in China producing these high end holders. It kind of seems like an interesting misstep to come out before you're funded to even make one production. Unless Unless you do in a kickstart. I don't know what do you think?

Jim Person 21:57
Well, I was gonna say, you know, there's a lot of business models that do the Kickstarter or, you know, GoFundMe or whatever, you know, to, to fund their business to get started, you know, create a product or you know, some type of thing, you know, etc with the goal of raising x and then the the initial funders get that product. You know, I'm, I'm not opposed to it, because it you know, it's kind of commonplace now in the business world, or more more commonplace.

Bob DeMarco 22:28
That's, that's actually that's an interesting point. It would it would be actually very, I'd love to talk to the people involved in this just to actually, I sound critical, and and I guess I shouldn't, it'd be interesting to find out their strategy. Yeah. Yeah. It's because it's a little confusing to me, especially with, especially with the competition, I guess. I guess maybe this is a good way. I don't know. You could see it both ways. You either come out of the gate super, super strong, or you come out and say hey, Look at our stuff. It's great. Help us help us into this community.

Jim Person 23:03
Well, if and if you just look at, you know, just take China out of it, it's a heavily competitive field regardless. So I mean, you got to do something to stand out and you know, in reading the article looks like they've got a team of four guys all with up to 25 years of experience in the knife world. So they're, they're not knife newbies like myself. So my initial reaction is it sounds like a good way to start business to get into the business side of it. But yeah, it would definitely be interesting to to talk to Kunwu and see kind of what's their thinking process and and what led them in this direction. I guess.

Bob DeMarco 23:47
You know, what, actually the way you put it? Yeah, I think I think you're right about that. I don't my initial reaction was to bristle I was like, another, another awesome knife company I have to keep up with or whatever, but they're not even here yet, but but the way you're laying that down that is the way a lot of people start their businesses.

Jim Person 24:06
Yeah. And and they bootstrap it either with a Kickstarter campaign or bootstrap it themselves or bootstrap it with

Bob DeMarco 24:14
a credit card. So Exactly. Jim Who among us has not bootstrapped it

Jim Person 24:18
bootstrapped a lot of stuff that will come

Bob DeMarco 24:21
on the podcast let's talk about would you say bootstrap,

Jim Person 24:24
bootstrap a lot of stuff and I get in trouble with my wife, sometimes bootstrapping stuff. Yeah, well,

Bob DeMarco 24:30
anyway, Fortune favors the bold, sir. Yeah.

Jim Person 24:33
Well listen that we'd love to know what you think about konbu knives and this concept of kind of kick starting their business, call the listener line at seven to 44664487. That number again, is 724-466-4487. love to hear your thoughts, comments. And again, if you call please leave us your name, your website, your Instagram handle your YouTube page you know whatever you want to do to promote your yourself and your business and as Bob and I have committed We will do our best to get comments in the show as you give them to him. He give them to us each and every week here on the podcast that we would definitely love to to hear from you.

Bob DeMarco 25:18
Yeah, let me know Am I being Am I being a curmudgeon about this? Is that just my my closed minded let me know

Jim Person 25:26
Well, maybe not just about this. No. I won't go there. Let's give a minute to talk about video Bob. I know this is an audio podcast and folks can't see the car k t provoke that you keep flicking open and everything going on as we're talking but you've got a great YouTube channel a lot of videos want to kind of talk about that and encourage listeners to go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash y t subscribe to get subscribed to The Knife Junkie his YouTube channel because not Well you get the videos and that type of thing but be sure to click that little bell notification because Knife Junkie goes live at least for now every Thursday night on Thursday night knives and you don't want to miss that. So definitely wanted folks to to know or at least remember Bob about the Knife Junkie YouTube channel.

Bob DeMarco 26:21
So this summer I was doing a lot of posting regularly, these collection selections where I'm going through my collection and cataloging what I have with little three to five minute videos. And a lot of it's because I was planning on selling a lot of them off, I have sold quit, you know, for me quite a few 10 in the last few months, you know, since summer, I guess that's that's a lot for me, right? But so now I have a catalogue of everything that I've had or everything that I had at that point. And I stopped for a while I think because my work entails making videos and I think it was kind of like was the pizza maker who didn't want to smell pizza for a while right but i think i'm going to start a season two of the collection selection because I have so many more knives you know kind of kind of getting to the end of my high end folder collection but I have a bunch of pics blades and swords and hatchet II things that I want to show off to so I'll be I'll be doing some of that

Jim Person 27:21
and used to do used to pocket check videos to for a while

Bob DeMarco 27:25
pocket yes I did I did but then I found myself altering what I was carrying that day for the video I was going to be made for sorry

Jim Person 27:33
not really wanting it in your pocket which is that your area for the video okay,

Bob DeMarco 27:37
I had I had an ethical problem with no so I keep saying I'm going to do a how to video but I want to do a how to build a cheap strop and I will do that I resolve I have the materials I just have to get off my my took us into it. So yeah, I mean a lot coming in the live videos. There. Man. They are fun and and people viewers are joining in and commenting and it's just been a lot of fun. I've gotten to know some of the people through Thursday night knives that I know on Instagram, like Edwin Edwin with the awesome Emerson collection. Edwin Calo and and others it's been spirited whiskey. Alright always has some spirited comments

Jim Person 28:22
and probably some whiskey as well. You mentioned Thursday night knives the next edition of Thursday night knives is coming out on Thursday January 9, and depending on when you're listening to this podcast I'll either be tomorrow or tonight but if you miss it, you can find it on The Knife slash live. That's where we have the current live broadcast of Thursday night knives plus an archive that you can find all the past episodes. The Knife Junkie comm slash alive that's for Thursday night knives which you know barring major holidays or major illness or whatever is going to be every week, every Thursday night at 10pm and that's Eastern time. So 10pm Eastern would be 7pm California time. And then you know, whatever that is central time, Mountain Time, etc. So you can figure that out. But Thursday night 10pm for Thursday night knives and you know, I'm behind the scenes Bob, but I gotta tell you it's it's really a fun show to listen and you mentioned the comments and the engagement from listeners from listeners and watchers. That's I think what makes this show special. So please watch Thursday night knives, comment, ask questions, because this past Thursday night, we had a kind of an outline of where we wanted to go, but a lot of it involved questions from viewers and going down that rabbit hole and you know, Alex Oh, show me this knife Alex. You know viewers were saying show me this show me this. So he went and got that knife. So yeah, that's kind of where we want to make it get get the get the viewer involved.

Bob DeMarco 29:59
Yep. So this coming week we're going to have metal complex on. He'll be co hosting. We've had Zell Zell Rick, you know, Terrell Todd nomas. Ella's already taken. He's been co host he's going to be back on. These are great guys to have on the show because they have such a breadth of knowledge that differs from mine. And we can really nerd out on and so join us.

Jim Person 30:24
We know you're capable next show coming up again, tomorrow night or tonight, Thursday, January 9, but again, every week, Thursdays 10pm. Eastern, and one of my favorite parts of the show, not only is to see what your special guest co host kind of features off in their pocket check or talk about some of their collection knives, but it's the knife fight. That's where that's where you pick two knives to go against each other two styles, whatever. And each of you have to defend one of the knives which might be not the one you want to defend. Yeah, but that's pretty cool segment there. Yeah we have we have fun with that yeah so if listeners have any suggestions about which knives should be in the knife fight well join us on Thursday night knives at The Knife Junkie dot slash live leave a comment about what you would see and like to see in a knife fight and we'll make plans to do that in an upcoming show. You can find again all the podcasts Thursday night knives knives for sale resources everything right on the Knife Junkie website at The Knife Junkie dot com so be sure to visit that for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim the knife newbie person want to thank you for joining us for Episode Number 75 of the Knife Junkie podcast which can be found at The Knife Junkie dot slash 75.

Announcer 31:43
thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes, visit our website, The Knife You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie comm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but The Knife Junkie comm slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line that's 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of The Knife Junkie podcast.


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