Merry Christmas!

Updates on the Microtech Troodon and CRKT Ripple Rehab, a Cold Steel Product Wish List and Holiday Wishes — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 71)

On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast [supplemental episode], Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco provides an update on his Microtech Troodon as well as his rehab of a CRKT Ripple.

In addition, Bob reveals three products he’d love to see Cold Steel produce — his 2020 wish list for Cold Steel. And this Christmas Day edition of the podcast also includes holiday wishes from both Bob and Jim, as well as several messages from podcast listeners!

Merry Christmas fellow knife junkies! Today's mid-week #podcast features holiday greetings from me and Jim, as well as several listener line messages, plus updates on the CRKT Ripple and Microtech Troodon and a Cold Steel wish list Click To Tweet

Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered next week on The Knife Junkie Podcast Supplemental edition.

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:16
Hello Knife Junkie Merry Christmas and welcome to episode number 71 I'm Jim the knife newbie person and I'm

Bob DeMarco 0:24
Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and welcome to the show.

Jim Person 0:28
Welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn about knives and knife collecting and a mixture of stuff coming up today on the show. Bob's gonna have a chance to talk a little bit about the microtech troya Don, and also he's got his cold steel wish list for 2020 we're going to hear how the Crk t ripple rehab project is going. As well as some holiday meant messages after all, Today is Christmas Day. That's when the show comes out. So that's the reason we started by saying Merry Christmas and we've got a Knife Junkie holiday wish along with a couple of wishes and messages and just different thoughts from a couple of our listeners that we're going to be sharing later on. So Baba, a jam packed edition midweek here.

Bob DeMarco 1:16
I wanted to talk about the microtech true down that I've been kind of griping about recently, Jim, this is the one I got off of blade forums. And as time goes by, I think maybe I got it under false pretenses. I think maybe the person that sold this to me either never picked up the knife never tried it, or they got one over on me. I was excited about a good price and, and I jumped on it. And in my haste I got what I think is a bit of a lemon.

Jim Person 1:45
Yeah, I heard it.

Bob DeMarco 1:46
Yeah. Yeah. When you when it comes in and out the Yeah, it sounds like it sounds like a contraption, wily coyote would would have, you know, the spring just rings and in vibrates. You can Feel it through the handle and, and it was bumming me out and I was like okay, well this will be a good opportunity for me to, to to hit up micro Tech's warranty service and check them out and I can do you know, pass along what I found out in terms of how they're how their warranty service works. And which I've heard is excellent. So I had quick so I had no, no real fear about that. It's just kind of a bummer I got this new knife and I kind of wanted it to around you know, didn't want to send it right out. So I looked around and didn't find too much on spring ring. Or sometimes people call it spring sing like the spring is singing. But I did come across some advice on what to do with it. Now out the front at least I'll microtech like this when you need to clean it out. I've heard over and over with automatic knives. People say don't really use lubrication because it really can gunk up the works can attract dust and crap from your pocket but This suggestion I actually found a video on the microtech website in which they blast Remo oil which is a late gun oil have into the the opening in the front of the knife and just blast like a whole bunch in there and then they take compressed air and blast it out

Jim Person 3:19
basically to dry it out.

Bob DeMarco 3:21
Yeah yeah to get rid of the excess and to kind of just like move stuff around. And I did that and for Well, I'm kind of a knucklehead and and here's another example with this very knife about me not waiting and me being impulsive, right. Instead of waiting and getting rim oil which is what they suggest, which is a light oil I just grabbed the gun oil I have closest to me hops number nine and spray it up in there and then I'm like wait a sec, is this a light oil and I look at it says high viscosity. So I use the the wrong kind of oil in there. Basically little thicker than I was supposed to. So at first it was working great. And I was like, I'm a genius. Look, this is self reliance. I am I am the spirit of America here. And and then after about a minute of flicking it in and out, it just slowed down like it was in like it was in a swamp just trudging through the mire and it just the blade was not locking out and it was not retracting. And that send sent me plugging into disparage him it sent me like now is like not only do I have to send this into microtech, but I have to say, Yeah, I blasted some sort of crappy oil up in there and now it doesn't work. Can you fix it for free? You know, and move it to the top of the line, you know,

Jim Person 4:42
of course. Yeah, sure. I'm sure here. Absolutely.

Bob DeMarco 4:45
Let me let me just move this in front of all of these, these combat, you know, folks who are sending theirs in, you know, so I can fix your silly problem. But anyway, so I decided I was going to leave it open. I left the knife open and just left it on the cutting board in the kitchen face down, so that gravity would would drain it and did that for two days in a row and then, like a miracle, kind of like how I learned my multiplication tables in second grade, they just popped into my head all of a sudden, it was the same thing all the sudden. This knife is perfection. Oh, yeah, it had to go through that trial had to go through that tribulation and that, that Dark Hour to to emerge in the light as a seems like a beautifully tuned out the front. I'm wondering how long this is going to last. Right? Was that? Is that ring going to come back? Is there a problem with the springs that I sort of muted down by spraying, you know, thick oil on it? Or you know what, but I have to say the way it feels. It's very crisp. It doesn't feel like it's fighting any oil or anything like that. So I think I may be a genius, Jim, I think I may have just just beaten the lemon.

Jim Person 5:57
Well, let's just say maybe you were lucky. let's not get carried away with the genius part but you know hey you know, you know I'm glad you tried you tried something and it worked and you had in the back of your pocket if it didn't get still send it in. And if it happens to come back in a week or two months you can still send it back in and get it fixed but at least you'll have a happy holiday now with it. Singing properly. Yes, yes.

Bob DeMarco 6:22
Nestled snugly in my pocket in my holiday vest. Anyway, yeah, this this thing is cool and I'm glad it's I'm glad it's on the mend. Hopefully that last.

Jim Person 6:34
Well let's move along to the next topic for the show. We're going to move to cold steel and we're not going to necessarily talk about a specific knife or review a knife or whatever. This is kind of an interesting twist if you will looking ahead New Year's coming 2020 is here and The Knife Junkie has his wish list for cold steel. three items that The Knife Junkie wants to see

Bob DeMarco 7:00
That's right. And actually, if I am, sit down and don't even think very hard, I could come up with many others. But as we all know, Cold Steel has a huge product line. I mean, massive, they're very unabashed about the fact that they make weapons. So they have a lot of cool and exotic weapons from across time in their updated format, in their updated materials. And I love them for that. There aren't too many companies you can go to, to get a modern day version of a large folding of aha or a Viking scram sx or or a Viking axe for that matter. Or a Japanese samurai sword. What have you cold steel is just awesome. I don't care what you think cold steel is awesome. And here are three things that I think they would just take off with people would love and buy them and I would be the first in line. The first is the bulletproof Kevlar Cold Steel umbrella sword. So when we When you're out in the rain and you have this umbrella up the material that's actually guarding you from the rain is is some sort of high impact Kevlar that can stop let's say up to ak 47 rounds. So you can you can guard yourself like a spy from bullets, but also hidden in the shaft of the umbrella is as you would imagine a I don't know say 29 inch sword and it locks in there very tightly and it has maybe a two way release just just so that you don't accidentally push up your umbrella and unsheathed the sword. But yeah, this this thing would be you could sell it for a lot of money and and you could say you could like if you were cold steel you could like gift it to a couple people in the CIA and then say, you know the umbrella sword can used by the CIA. Great marketing tactic. Yeah. Oh, why Thank you. That's something actually that I drew a design for that years ago and thought I was into detail and Thompson never did

Jim Person 9:05
go ahead and send it into him. Yeah, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 9:08
Yeah, I'm trying to get him on the show. So maybe maybe that could be another good little icebreaker got here Do I have a product you could make for me. Another one you could make for me is part of the x l Voyager series. We all know the Voyager series. It's it's a more value minded but super strong, folding knife series and it also happens to be founder Lynn Thompson's I think that's one of his favorite knives because he's always carrying an XLR Voyager that's their five and a half inch bladed version in the vaak hero blade. The Voyager comes in a tanto point, a clip point and then of Akira, which is a crazy sort of recurved clip point blade, and I'm thinking it would be cool to see that knife with a Christian Blade, it's not very much of a stretch to go from the waviness of the vacarro blade to the waviness of a crisp blade. Of course, you would have to be single edge just by nature of the fact that the spine would be out and exposed. But how cool would that be to have a wavy bladed Chris? Xcel Voyager. Now this idea like I like to think I'm, you know, brilliant for thinking this up, but I am just preceptive and I saw at the end of one of the cold steel videos with Lynn Thompson that they put up this year in 2019 was in the fall, I believe. And at the end he whips out a Xcel Voyager and it happens to have a Chris blade in it and I'm like, what's that is that? So I left a comment that that let that was unresponded too but I left a comment asking, Is this a prototype of something new or is this just a one off that Lynn Thompson gets to carry around, so haven't heard anything about that? But how cool would it be to see an XL Voyager? In Chris blade? I would love that. You know to Chris's Gemma. It's that wavy Filipino sword that you've seen before. So okay.

Jim Person 11:13
All right. didn't know what it was called. But yeah,

Bob DeMarco 11:15
yeah. Lastly is the x l recon one with a sax blade. Okay, how cool would that be? They haven't really done much in the way of sax blades. Well, they haven't done any really, or wardenclyffe style blades in folders. I know they have the new scram sx. Historical reproduction of the large fighting Knife of the Viking or It almost looks like a short sword, but it's a straight edged straight bladed knife and it almost looks like a flattened out buoy knife. And I would love to see a sax or a wardenclyffe blade, the Recon I think that would really round out that series. They have the tanto which is unique from the clip point, which is not very unique from the drop point the drop point and the clip point to me I think the drop they call a spear but in any case, it's got pretty much the same edge profile, you know, if you look at it and silhouette, the blades are kind of the same except for the clip on the on the top side. So those two kind of cancel each other out in my mind. So they have one curvy and one straight with the tanto with that penetration. How cool would it be to have the sax in there it could be a slightly curved or straight up Warren Cliff style sax. I think that would that would make the Recon one series a well rounded series.

Jim Person 12:39
So three pretty cool sounding ideas there for The Knife Junkie for cold steel the bulletproof umbrella sword, exhale Voyager with a crisp blade and excel recon one with a sax blade so maybe something for everyone there on your on your wish list for them. That's right. I think I would like the umbrella I

Bob DeMarco 13:00
think me too, because you can you can hide the fact that you're carrying around a sword and you can be a gentleman and walk around and be dignified. But you know, if it goes down, you can come back

Jim Person 13:12
and not get wet.

Bob DeMarco 13:14
Exactly, exactly.

Jim Person 13:15
So I guess my question and maybe is would that be legal everywhere? If you did have an umbrella sword? Well, I doubt it.

Bob DeMarco 13:25
Jim might not be legal anywhere. Sure.

Jim Person 13:28
But hey, that's a great thing to have.

Bob DeMarco 13:30
Yeah, it's the the umbrella the CIA uses then you know, excuse anyway be great to hear what what what other people would like to see Cold Steel make I'm sure I'm not the only Cold Steel fan out here screaming in the dark. So if you have some sort of fantasy Cold Steel product, like I've just listed, comment or leave a leave a message on the listener line, let us know I think it'd be awesome to hear

Jim Person 13:55
seven to 44664487. That's the listener line. Number 724-466-4487 or you can shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or as he said, leave a comment on the podcast app or on the YouTube video of the podcast asked the question about whether it would be legal I guess that would be the the question for Doug Ritter over at knife rights. And, you know, definitely now is the end of the year of time folks are thinking about getting their taxable, or their, you know, their their tax write offs, charitable donations in place, and is a 501 c three, so it might be nice to make a contribution there. So, something to think about. That's right. That's All right, Bob Crk t ripple. You mentioned that last week or so you're doing rehab project for a friend just kind of wanted to touch base, kind of see how that's going.

Bob DeMarco 14:54
Yeah, so my friend at work, showed me his Kenyan car. Katie ripple and he loves this knife it is kind of a fancy knife. It's got the milled out, sort of alien looking handle alien like the movie, you know, hr gieger style milling, and it's on bearings. And it's just a beautiful little snappy knife and apparently his wife couldn't find the screwdrivers and use that knife his favorite knife as a screwdriver. By accident, I'm told and gouged out a couple of divots from right near the tip. And actually, you know, I've been freehand sharpening my whole you know, since I started sharpening, and recently I got a Cammy sharpener which is, holds the What do they call it a consistent angle sharpener meaning it, you clamp the blade in there, it holds it at the same angle and then the stone slides back and forth on the blade at all. At the same angle, and so you can be very consistent across your edge well before I got this having to rehab the tip, or towards the tip of a knife was just murder, and especially to keep everything, all the angles straight just by hand. But with the K me I've been using this thing to to basically grind out with the roughest stone here grind out the tip and get these gouges out. And while I'm dealing with eight cr 14 mo V, which I can only assume is slightly more, slightly stronger than eight cr 13 a movie I guess I have no idea which isn't, which is a steel I'm familiar with and it's soft and workable and gets nice and sharp and I can see how quickly and easily this little notch is being buffed out even even after you know about 15 minutes of work on it. And so I took the whole knife apart and I gotta say it's It's a really nicely little nicely made knife. The there's a liner on one side a steel liner on one side, and it is so nicely skeletonized it's got what Eight, Seven holes drilled out of it, and it's nice and light. And then the caged bearing system is really cool. It's a little bit different from what I've seen in like my CTS and such, which just look like washers with bearings kind of embedded in them. These are more like removable races that have the bearings inside of them, and they notch into the liner and the handle of the of the knife itself instead of so instead of kind of floating freely between the two, it locks into the handle side and the ball bearings race around in a little in a little grooved race. So it's a pretty cool design. It's the first time I've seen that I think this is just an old version of the coma korth the ikey I KBS system. But anyway, that this ripple knife is awesome, I would highly recommend it. I know it's affordable and it can be found at places, you know, like, like Lowe's and Walmart as well as you know any of your online retailers but it is a really nice knife. My one gripe with it is the is the one position, tip down pocket clip. And the positioning of it is right on the very edge of the top of the knife near the pivot. And it always seems to be bending off the frame just visually even though it's not it. I don't like the position it's kind of a hot spot other than that this knife is pure gold and I can't wait to have it totally rehabbed and nicely lubed up and ready to go for my buddy.

Jim Person 18:48
So you know with a full time job with doing podcast with doing videos with having a family life. How long does you know this type of rehab project? Take

Bob DeMarco 18:58
that Yeah, exactly. This This is you know, this is an hour or an hour and a half project soup to nuts but it'll take me weeks, you know, I'll noodle with it now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna let it take weeks I told him, you know, after the holidays boom, I'll have it for you and I, you know, so I don't want to be holding on to someone else's know for too long. That's

Jim Person 19:20
where you got to factor in fiddle time and fidget time and appreciation time You know, that's quality assurance time just to make sure it's working okay.

Bob DeMarco 19:29
I had to make sure it drives my wife crazy when we watch movies so I've been flipping it all week long.

Jim Person 19:33
Yeah. The guess what it does. Moving on to something else and other topic you wanted to do a little tease about something? Well, yeah. Recent Thursday night nine show.

Bob DeMarco 19:45
Yeah. On a recent Thursday Night Live Show with Zell Zell Rick 42. Terrell Todd, we brought up the issue of, for lack of a better term, the HRC police the the knife reviewer On YouTube who are doing research into the Rockwell hardness, the actual Rockwell hardness of production knives that are that are coming out and kind of ensuring that what we're being told in terms of how blades deals are heat treated is the case. And it's an interesting and genuine actual knife world topic of discussion. It's a hot topic, you know what I mean? Some people are not so happy with what's going on. Some others not so happy with what's going on and other people on the other side finding it interesting and valuable information. So I'm going to have one of those one of those gents on the show, to have an interview and just to talk and find out where this person comes from. And I know this person happens to use knives everyday for a living, so is not is not as much of a desk commander as myself. So it'll be interesting to hear how he kind of came across this kind of, well, it's gonna sound heavy Headed but calling to do this kind of research into into these products so it'll be great to talk to him I don't I'm not sure we haven't locked a date in and I'm pretty sure he's into doing it and and I'd like to I'd like The Knife Junkie podcast to be a platform for everybody I want to be I want to hear everybody side of everything I want to talk to everybody so I'm trying not to take sides first I have my own opinions about things and and I'll state them when I feel it but in something like this I'm not interested in taking sides I'm interested in finding out what's actually going on because I'm low information right now you know, so I want to information from the horse's mouth

Jim Person 21:38
well and I'm no information so if you're low information, it definitely be a topic that both of us could learn for. And as I said in the intro to this podcast, the podcast is the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn about knives and knife collecting, so has got to do anything with knives. We want to talk about it. We want to hear about it. And as you said, You we we may have an opinion That doesn't mean we want to stifle anyone that disagrees with our opinion, we want to hear about

Bob DeMarco 22:05
Yes, Yes, that's true. And, and also, it's a good way to, it's a good way to practice the abstract art of disagreeing and the abstract art of discussing and debating because we all know that that this hobby is important to us because of the satisfaction it brings us. But we also all know that it's on the scale of important things. It's not that high, it's not high enough to actually bring us to animosity over knife world issues. So I think it's a great idea to just kind of talk and you know, if we can have a civil discussion about knife topics, nice hot topics, then maybe that can scale up and we can have civil discussion about other things we disagree about.

Jim Person 22:47
All right, there you go. Did The Knife Junkie strike a nerve with you that comment? Now just easy, but if he did, or if you agree or disagree, call The Knife Junkie listener line at seven 44664487 leave us a comment or question we'd love to play it back on a future episode of The Knife Junkie podcast and speaking about that, we requested comments, questions, thoughts, holiday wishes, whatever you wanted to do, so that we could play them or read them on this episode of the show our Christmas Day show. So we've got a couple of folks some some brave souls who not only left us a voicemail message but think one or maybe two kind of email written comments that Bob will read. But first I think Bob, you wanted to start with your own holiday wish kind of a merry Christmas wish and before you start I'll just say again, Merry Christmas you know, thank you so much for listening to The Knife Junkie podcast and putting up with me the knife newbie, with my limited knowledge and not understanding what's going on a lot of times, but thank you for allowing me into the knife world and being a part of my journey to start a nice collection. So thank you and Merry Christmas to nice newbies and life junkies out there.

Bob DeMarco 24:05
Nice. I just wanted to say we started doing this about a year ago. And in that period of time, I've gotten to meet people through this have that have just enriched my life. I'm talking about people that I've interviewed on the show. I'm also talking about people who have watched the show and watch the videos and commented and have started dialogues with me even if it's just a one line back and forth every once in a while, it means something to me. And I have to be 100% honest, I really didn't think it would go into this. I really didn't didn't know how much viewers and listeners and and whether they participate or not just just knowing there are people out there listening to the same stuff that I think is fun and important. It really enriches my life. And I feel like I've grown a lot in the last year. So I want to say thank you to everybody who listens to the show and who listens to the podcasts and watches The videos and, and comments and just Just let me say I love you guys and, and there there will be much more to come this year and I'm looking forward to some people we have in the wings that will be talking to I also, if anyone happens to be listening to us from far afield far away from the United States, your service member or just away from home. I just want to say Merry Christmas and and we all miss you and thank you for serving and thank you for protecting us and taking on their responsibility. And and we'll see you back here next Christmas. We love you. And that's what I have to say

Jim Person 25:45
all right, very well said from The Knife Junkie. But we do have some additional voices we want to add to the show. Who do you want to start with Bob? We'll start with a the call to the listener line. So your choice we're going to start with well let's

Bob DeMarco 25:58
start with our good buddy Alex Alex. Alex's knifebox.

Alex Tissot 26:02
Hey everyone, this is Alex from Alex's knife box. So I'm just calling in for the Christmas wish. And just wanted to say that for Christmas. I would like some more subscribers to check me out Alex underscore knifebox on Instagram and Alex'sknifebox on the YouTube channel as far as Santa Claus bringing me some new knives. I tried that last year but he said I had too many. So I'm not really expecting anything. So I bought myself some more. And I'll have some more coming up for the channel. Love you Jim. You're the best the man behind the board. Bob, you're the man. You are awesome. You guys make the most fantastic nice podcast out there and still my favorite so thank you guys.

Bob DeMarco 26:51
Well thank you Alex it's been a pleasure meeting you and becoming your friend and and doing these Thursday Night Live Show With you, it's been a blast. So thanks for that holiday message.

Jim Person 27:03
Yeah. And you mentioned Thursday night knives. But today is Christmas Day. We are not going to do a show tomorrow for listing on Christmas Day. We're not going to be doing a show on Thursday, December 26. We're we're taking this week off from Thursday night knives, but we'll be back next Thursday with another with another great show. So maybe now a email or a text message, something like that?

Bob DeMarco 27:26
So this is this is our our very oldest friend, the first person who ever got in touch with us about this podcast. Kevin man, Instagram awesome guy seems to have a awesome collection. He has a few knives that I that I lust after chief among them that bowie knife, that beer, bark river knives, bowie knife. But anyway, he was trying to get through I guess we had a problem with our listener listener line two weeks ago and he was trying to get through to tell us what his most carried 2019 blade was because that's what we were talking about. And So he sent me this message. I would have to say it's the cold steel recon one with the clip style point nice choice in s 35. vn. I am like you most of my favorite everyday carry knives are in the four inch blade length and I have a lot of them. The recon one wins my pocket because of the weight and size also must be the best all rounder in the four inch blade category. When you consider size, weight cost I appeal and steel choice. It's pretty darn hard to beat. And I have to agree with you, Kevin man, my my old Cold Steel recon one and clip point with the stripped down OS eight blade rides around with me every day in my backpack. And then I have one closest hand in the bedroom at just incidentally in the F 35 I love that knife and it's a classic and I'm sure it's never gonna go away.

Jim Person 28:53
Alright, so that was Cabin man on Instagram.

Bob DeMarco 28:56
Yes sir.

Jim Person 28:57
We did say we were going to promote the different channels. Folks and God can't remember case we did Alex. Alex is knife box that's on YouTube. So Kevin man on Instagram. And now another voicemail off the listener line.

Bob DeMarco 29:11
Yeah, next we have Edwin callo, who has been a frequent commenter on Thursday night knives and I follow him he's count over. I'm not exactly sure how you pronounce it on Instagram. He's just got I've got I love his collection, his stuff and I can always tell immediately that it's that it's his he's got some incredible custom Emerson's. Anyway, here's Edwin.

Edwin 29:37
Hi guys, this is Edwin. I want to wish you your family and listeners and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all your work and content. You know, I really enjoyed the interview conversation with the new makers, the background information of even the slideshows and news and all that man really on point

in terms of what is sent

You know, I really want to go to my first show if I need to pick one that will be the US and gathering next year. So I'll ask fans that and more importantly me Santa. If they approve that it will be awesome to meet some of the legends like guarantee their soul and all that you know. You can find me on Instagram under Carlo PR k l zero PR. I'm usually posting daily there pick up my nyla we'll do okay. Well that's it Merry Christmas. Bye. Thank you.

Jim Person 30:31
Alright, thanks so much everyone. We appreciate you for your your past participation and your continued participation and support of the Knife Junkie podcast as well as Thursday night knives and appreciate you leaving, leaving us a message for the show.

Bob DeMarco 30:45
Yeah, and we can't wait to see your next smart ality comment on Thursday night knives

Jim Person 30:50
That was Bob DeMarco.

Bob DeMarco 30:52
Keep it coming, Edwin. All right. Next we have Stu our good friend Stu. stew's, the gentleman who gifted me that amazing Delica wardenclyffe serrated knife that now lives on my person. This dude carries around a serrated endora in his back pocket. He's in law enforcement and incidentally also carries a raider hope. Great guy. He's up in Vermont. I love Vermont, especially in the fall in the winter. And well, thank you, Stu. Here you go.

Stu 31:24
Hey, Jim and Bob. It's Stu from stone and still up in Vermont. just calling to wish you guys a happy holidays. And to say keep up the good work. And that's what I'm thankful for this here is your your guys knife Show. The best one on YouTube for sure. I also want to let your listeners know if they're in Vermont. In March. I'll be at the gun and outdoor sportsman show at the fairgrounds in Essex junction, Vermont. 21st and 22nd. So they interested in picking up a knfie. I will be there. Thanks. Happy Holidays.

Jim Person 32:08
And as we've mentioned, I think once or twice before that Stu actually buys and sells knives to on the side. So yeah, you know the listener so support him.

Bob DeMarco 32:19
Yeah, exactly. He's got a company called stone and steel up in Vermont and yeah, he sells a lot at fair County Fairgrounds and what am I trying to say? gun shows and live shows that kind of thing.

Jim Person 32:31
Oh, yeah. gun shows. And yeah, those are well, and last but not least, what do you call that? trying to think of the word when it's family and you intersperse that with business nepotism, or, but no, not really. It's it's a brother being supportive, right?

Bob DeMarco 32:51
Yes. it's my brother and he's been supportive of my knife habit. In many, many, many a generous and cool way. Over the over the years and Anyway, here you go Vito.

Vic DeMarco 33:03
Hi, this is Vic DeMarco. I'm not quite a Knife Junkie like my brother Bob. And I'm definitely not a knife newbie person like Jim. I'm more of a blade enabler because I buy Bob a lot of knives. And I give him an excuse to buy a lot of knives from me. I'd like to wish a merry Christmas to the entire Knife Junkie community. And I'd like to thank all of our listeners, and all of our guests. I'm very proud of what he's been able to accomplish this year with Jim, and I would like to request an all funny nice story supplemental episode. We could talk about the time that you stabbed me with the coldsteel ospray that you had just gotten me as a Christmas present. That was pretty awesome. Or we could talk about the time I nearly chopped my leg off with my se journalist. That was pretty awesome too, except for the sound of my mother in law screaming. Anyway. Merry Christmas, everybody. Happy Holidays, and have a happy and safe New Year.

Bob DeMarco 33:56
Thank you. Thank you, Vic. At this point. I've seen what you've got. Me and thank you. I love it.

Jim Person 34:03
So you would love it regardless.

Bob DeMarco 34:06
Maybe this is a good excuse for me to call him and find out early. Okay, I know what I mean. So I can record this and be genuine. Well,

Jim Person 34:13
whatever. Maybe we'll do better planning next year. Yeah, exactly. All right. Hey, listen, that's about gonna wrap it up. That's all we've got planned for this podcast but again to everyone that wrote in called in thank you so much for your participation. If you didn't Shame on you, we encourage you we wanted you to so when we ask you to call and leave a comment, do so the listener line 724-466-4487 if you want to see us or hear us do more of these type of audience participation shows or segments or whatever in the podcast, leave that on the listener line or email Bob at Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com and give us some suggestions.

Bob DeMarco 34:54
Jim, what do you Okay, so Jim edits the show and I don't want to I don't want to be presumptuous, but how about every time someone leaves a message. We put it on the show.

Jim Person 35:03

Bob DeMarco 35:04
Okay, that's all right.

So we need at least one person per week to call in and leave some sort of a message that can be aired on our show. And we put that

Jim Person 35:16
keep it clean

Bob DeMarco 35:17
keep it about knives. Keep it adoring and

Jim Person 35:22
getting, we've said this before, make sure to you know, if you've got a YouTube channel, drop the name the channel name, if you got a business promoted website, promote it. That's what we're all about wanting to not only get some participation, but share the share the wealth if you will spread the promotion for everybody listening in. You know, please make me work harder and edit in 2,3 or 4 comments per show. That'd be that'd be great.

Bob DeMarco 35:45
Yeah, yeah. make them work on it.

Jim Person 35:47
I am doing this for free, you know,

Bob DeMarco 35:50
not for long Jim.

Jim Person 35:52
Onwards and upwards there. That's right. By the way, if you've got a podcast and you want to editor call me. Oh my god. Anyways, shameless, shameless plug Alright, enough for rambling on Christmas Day. Let's get back to the hot cocoa and the Christmas presents and the family fun. So what do you say Bob?

Bob DeMarco 36:08
Yep, yep, I'm gonna have me some eggnog Jim all right Merry Christmas.

Jim Person 36:12
Merry Christmas buddy. Thanks everybody for listening to The Knife Junkie podcast

Announcer 36:16
thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast calm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie dot com you can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie. com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but Knife Junkie dot com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode episode of The Knife Junkie podcast


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