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Todd Brothers Roxi 4, the Gitano, Italian Switchblades, CRKT Provoke and the Hogue Knives Deka — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 69)

On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast [supplemental episode], Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco talks about the Todd Brothers Roxi 4, the Gitano, Italian Switchblades, the CRKT Provoke and Hogue Knives’ Deka.

In addition, he covers a knife rehab project for a friend — the CRKT Ripple designed by Ken Onion — as well as an update on the Serrated Delica that he received as a gift from a loyal listener that has now replaced the Cold Steel Talon 2 in his winter jacket.

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found below.

I'm SO LOVING my Roxi 4 by Todd Knife and Tool. I chat about it, as well as the Gitano, on this week's mid-week episode, plus Italian switchblades, CRKT, Hogue and more. Hope you'll listen! Share on X

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Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered next week on The Knife Junkie Podcast Supplemental edition.

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:17
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast. It's Episode Number 69 the supplemental midweek edition I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:25
and I'm Bob DeMarco

Jim Person 0:26
Welcome to the show. Welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn about knives and knife collecting another full fun filled episode this week bomb to talk about a lot of personal experiences with The Knife Junkie but also some knife drops and a favor to ask of our listeners. So a lot lot on this midweek edition of the supplemental.

Bob DeMarco 0:49
I like the way you say fun filled it makes it sound like a Brady sewed Brady Bunch episode there.

Jim Person 0:54
So coming up we're going to talk about knives Of course and starting out With CRKT ripple, but not kind of the traditional story we want to talk about this with this one.

Bob DeMarco 1:08
Yeah, no, no, this a friend of mine from work, I haven't seen him in years. He moved to Florida. He's coming back to the area. He's going to be working with us again. Great to see him but he's like Bob, I have a special mission for you and he pulls his CRKT ripple out of his pocket ripple is the ball bearing pivoted can onion design, CRKT that came out probably I don't know, at least 10 years ago, and it's a it's it's like a low end high end knife or a high end low end knife. I don't know what you want to call it, but it's a great little knife. And he pulled it out of his pocket and he said my wife. I think she used it for a screwdriver. I was like, Oh, I don't even want to see it. He flips it open and you know, sure enough at the towards the tip of the blade. And this is what is this. I think this is eight car at the 13 but towards the tip of the blade, they're all these gouges and, and divots just dug out of the edge. So I am going to use this opportunity to pull out the K me the the knife sharpener that I got a few months back and did a couple of knives on but got a little gun shy. I think I've removed a little bit too much metal from a few knives. But I'm going to dial it back a little bit and I'm going to use my k me to resurrect this CRKT ripple it really is a fine life, the ripple you could get at one point at Lowe's and at Walmart and other places like that and really had a few features that were before it's time for widespread distribution like Chief among those the ball bearing pivot so it's always been a cool knife and then all the extra milling on the handled. It's got an aluminum handle with all this crazy milling and it's got to skeletonized liners, so it's a really great little night. So I'm going to take it Gonna give it the full spa treatment DeMarco style and I'm going to try and not try. I'm going to use this Taemi sharpener to resurrect this blade this once screwdriver future blade

Jim Person 3:13
and turn it back into a knife.

Bob DeMarco 3:15
Exactly. I was so offended I'm like, you know people get offended a lot these days about things and I try I try not to be offended by things but this I was like really there is a thing called a screwdriver it's been around for like several hundred years at least. So go out and get one leave the knife or petting.

Jim Person 3:33
We haven't talked about this really in the podcast and now we've talked about a lot you know off air and you know as we're doing lunches and those kind of things but the knife sharpening you know, I wanted to chat with you about that maybe we can talk about that on a future episode to see how that's going and maybe a new sideline for The Knife Junkie at some point.

Bob DeMarco 3:51
Sure. Maybe you know, Jim I have always used the Spyderco sharp maker you know with the range of stones from the core Diamond grid to the super fine ceramic grid they have. And I can get a knife really beautifully sharp with those. But there's always the human element to it because it's not a fixed angle sharpener. So this k me that I that I got, you know, it does take a little bit more work than expected work, meaning doesn't take that much work to get a screaming sharp edge, but to get it nicely polished and even looking, and it takes a little bit more elbow grease than I thought going into it. So I want to get good at it on some of my cheaper knives. But I've gotten rid of most of those are many of those. So it's, oh, no, I have to buy some

Jim Person 4:41
more just to practice.

Bob DeMarco 4:44
All right, so you know, you know how I'm thinking

Jim Person 4:47
that I help you justify that you did.

Bob DeMarco 4:49
Thank you, Thank you. I can refer to minute 455. Knife, Junkie 69 Thank you.

Jim Person 4:56
All right, we'll talk about kind of modifying knives, fixing knives, cleaning them up making them more of your own you know your style to how you like them. serrated Delica that you received a little while back from our buddy or listeners Stu, you kind of did some slight modifications on that and maybe modification is not the right word but something to make it more your own.

Bob DeMarco 5:23
I did I did. I'm sure Steve's getting sick of hearing his name but I just want to put this out there to say it is finally found its forever home if you will. So this is now living on the inside left breast pocket of my jacket, which my winter jacket it's a Duluth trading company. It's got this network of inside pockets. That's pretty sweet. But every year you know I've I've worn this model jacket for quite some time and every year I put my cold steel black Talon to on the inside pocket. I switch the clip over to the other side and I pop that in there and that's a big That's a four inch knife with a big long serrated s shaped blade it's it's not in any way something you could pull out and say yes officer I need this for work it's it just looks like menace and anyway I kept that in my coat for a long time but now I am keeping the serrated delicate in there. I switch the clip to the other side to the left hand carry side and I did the little zip tie modification so that you can wave it open out of the pocket, which is something I I hesitate to do on a beautiful knife because it's kind of looks kind of cheesy having that plastic knife there. But you know I really think this is an emergency knife for whatever kind of emergency situation so I'm going to forego the aesthetics for now. I'm going to leave this zip tie on there, leave the clip on the left hand side and carry this on the inside left pocket of my winter jacket if I ever need to You know, cut myself out of a car out of a seat belt. It'll be there. And if I ever need to cut through someone's leather jacket, I have serrations Hmm. You know,

Jim Person 7:12
the only thing I can think of as a past Thursday night knives episode when you guys were talking about that you mentioned one of your most, I think it was your most one of your most carried knives that you could use to cut ankles if you were in a gang fight or something like that. And the comment was, Bob, you must really get into a lot of trouble. Or have a big fantasy life.

Bob DeMarco 7:33
Yeah, it's more it's way more of the latter. I just don't get into trouble. I'm a nice guy. People like me. Oh, yeah, right. Okay.

Jim Person 7:42
We'll tell some stories on an upcoming episode. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Hey, do you want to ask our listeners to do us a favor? We are planning a Christmas Day show a special show. That is all listeners. It's listener. Comments listener questions listener thoughts, you can call the listener line with a message 724-466-4487. Let us know what you'd like for Christmas. Maybe you opened up something early, maybe you bought something for yourself for Christmas. Let us know what that was. Let us know your most carried Knife of 2019 Let us know your favorite knife. Tell us a nice story. It doesn't matter whatever it is, we want to get your voice on the Christmas Day supplemental edition of the Knife Junkie podcast. So please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 we'd love to hear your voice. And and again, please you know tell us your name. Tell us your YouTube channel. If you're a knife maker, knife manufacturer, please you know give us your website. Give us your Instagram account, whatever. use that time to promote your business and yourself. But call the listener line with your thoughts. Now if you don't want to be on with your voice, Bob says you can email him at Bob at The Knife That's Bob at The Knife Junkie calm and give us your email story and we'll be glad to read it. So, again, just just kind of a fun holiday show that we thought involving you our listener.

Bob DeMarco 9:14
Yeah. And if you don't feel like reading it yourself, like we said, email us and we'll read it nice silver tongues and it will sound fantastic

Jim Person 9:23
Yes, I'll let Bob read that. All right. We've got Knife Life news coming up, and we're going to be talking about several knives as well as Italian switch blades. But that's still to come here on the Knife Junkie podcast,

Announcer 9:38
you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the knife life news.

Bob DeMarco 9:44
So I wanted to talk about the CRKT provoke morphing karambit. This is a very famous karambit that came out. I think, see arcade t dropped at the end of 2018, maybe early 2019 It's a Joe Caswell designed Joe Caswell from California is known for his incredible engineering in coming up with unique knife designs, unique mechanisms, unique locking mechanisms etc. And this morphing parameter is something he came up with. In his custom knives. You've seen it, you know what it looks like, but I'll describe it you just hold it with the ring through your with your forefinger through the ring. And then with your thumb, you just nudge a little piece of aluminum downward and the whole blade deploys, it sort of levers out on two levers and locks forward and it looks like a very useful tool. Yeah, you can use it in an EDC roll to open boxes, etc, etc, etc. Or you could flip it open and use it as a kurama it but the reason I'm bringing up the provoke is that they have a new edition coming out. For those of you Star Wars nerds. It's the Imperial edition. So it's in black and white and you can look like a storm trooper while you carry your new Imperial addition CRKT provoke morphing karambit. it's black and white serracote so you know it's a D to blade and D to it benefits from from being coded and Serracote is super strong and of course you can color it so you got your black and white Imperial provoke

Jim Person 10:51
that was my Darth Vader impression.

Bob DeMarco 11:30
That's right. I liked it. I love it sounds good. The one thing I have to say is, if I were at CRKT and I were in charge of the provoke morphing karamgit Imperial addition, I would have reversed the color scheme and made the made the finger ring and the blade black. And then the rest of the works white because you know a big white. I shouldn't say it's it's not big but you know the whole thing about a karambit is it's a sneaky weapon. So you'd rather have the blade black and harder to see than light and easy to index visually. So that's my my nerdy little critique.

Jim Person 12:12
Maybe they'll have a sprint run with your

Bob DeMarco 12:15
You're learning the technology or the terminology, the inverse Imperial and it will have yes the reverse color way. I think that's cool by The Knife Junkie, but now you know, you can expect kind of like microtech I bet you can expect to see a Mandalorian version where it's kind of worn down green and and you can probably expect to see an Imperial Guard version where it's all bright red and so good. Star Wars guy, but I kind of liked the way they look.

Jim Person 12:46
It took me a long time to watch the original Star Wars and then when I did I got into the series, and I haven't watched the Mandalorian or the last one or two of the latest movies but I like the older ones,

Bob DeMarco 13:00
So yeah, I do too. But when you mean, when you say it took a long time to see the originals Do you mean like the original original?

Jim Person 13:07
Original original?

Bob DeMarco 13:08
Yeah. You didn't see it in 1977 when it came?

Jim Person 13:10
No, it probably took me a year or two to finally watch it.

Bob DeMarco 13:14
Oh, okay. So you still saw it in the 70s?

Unknown Speaker 13:16
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Jim Person 13:20
Yeah, I think so. It might have been early 80s. But yeah, I mean, it I was not one that was like, you know, this is stupid, you know? Yeah. And I saw that once I saw it. I was like, Wow, this is awesome. And I couldn't wait for the next one. So yeah,

Bob DeMarco 13:33
I can remember lining up with my grandpa and a million people. I was like that, Oh, well, six or so. Left quite an impression.

Jim Person 13:40
Grandpa buy into it or he just wanted to take you

Bob DeMarco 13:42
No, no, he was cool. He was into it. He was into it for sure.

Jim Person 13:45
Cool. All right. Well, speaking of being into it, you are into the Hogue knives deka.

Bob DeMarco 13:51
Yeah, I could be Jim I could be a big fan. This is the I'm gonna say it because it's been said a million times and it's so corny. But it kind of It feels good to say it's the new bug killer from dawn dawn. Yeah. So it's basically in the same wheelhouse. In terms of size and weight, it's a little bit heavier well here, so the deka it's a beautiful clip point blade. Well I'll get to this little critique in a second. It's a beautiful clip point blade. You can also get it in a compound ground wardenclyffe three and a quarter inch blade is got the ABLE lock that's ambidextrous bar lock enhanced. So basically, good access lock, better access lock, it comes in at 2.3 ounces which is very, very light. It's not quite the 1.85 of the bug out. But this also has g 10 handles and G 10 is a little denser and heavier than the grn that comes on the bug out and it's got CPM 20 cv steel 20 cv over the 10 year old or more s 30 v that they have the The bug out as 30 V is a fine steal, don't get me wrong, I love it. But, you know, things have moved on and people are now charging a premium for premium steals instead of a premium for old premium steals. So I think hoga is very competitive with this deka. And it's only $15 more than the bug out

Jim Person 15:27
a lot of what they call a senior moment.

Bob DeMarco 15:30
True. I'm like lots of words just came out of my mouth.

But but the decade to me, I think it's going to be a big hit. It's got a really cool kind of wide checkered milling on the G 10 handle that it comes in their g mask is they have layered g 10 with different colors and then the way they sculpt into you know three dimensionally into the G 10. It reveals all the different colors and it looks kind of like Damascus steel or time ask us except it's in The G 10 format. So I don't know I've seen a number of my favorite guys reviewing this thing and it looks like a cool knife. I gotta say, a couple of little nitpicks. They have a scooped out pocket a milled out pocket into which the deep ride pocket clip fastens, which I like, because it puts the, it puts the mounting base of the pocket clip on the same level as the G 10. So it's not scraping up over your pocket, but the thing I don't like about it is on the left side, they also give you a pocket and then they fill it with a with a tab, kind of like on a hinder Xm 18 and I just don't like it. It just looks like extra to me. And so that's just totally an aesthetic critique on my point. And then the other critique I have is, well, I'd say maybe five to 10 years ago, I would have loved the Jimmy thumb ramp on this. There's a thumb ramp that continues off of the handle. With jimping and then the rest of the blade kind of occurs after a dip, and I don't like that so much anymore because it restrains where your thumb goes to that thumb ramp period. And if you want to ride up on the blade at all with your thumb for extra pressure, you have to kind of get beyond that little step down. So it's just a limitation that I don't like kind of like an over overly contoured handle kind of reduces your options for grip. I kind of feel the same way about that thumb wrap on the top of the very attractive deka clearpoint blood

Jim Person 17:38
but what do you think about the the deka Is it a bug out killer? Let us know your thoughts call the listener line or shoot Bob an email. We'd love to hear from you about what you're thinking about the hope knives, deca

Announcer 17:50
and now that we're caught up with a knife life news, let's hear more of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Jim Person 17:56
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Bob DeMarco 19:38
Yeah, well, I guess the cats out of the bag but I was gonna say dad or Vito if you're listening. tune out.

Jim Person 19:45
Yeah, for a couple minutes. Yeah, just tune out.

Bob DeMarco 19:47
So my brother and I always get each other knives and those kind of cool items for for Christmas and birthday. And this year. I know that where they live thanks to Doug Ritter and knifer Switch blades and automatic knives are now legal. So he's very excited about that. I asked him, you know, I told him you're getting an automatic knife. What would you like? Traditional or, you know, microtech and he's like, traditional, he wants something like an Italian switch blade and I know he loves the swing guard switch blade, but I gotta say, Vic, if you're still listening, they don't have those right now, I just really couldn't find any swing guards. But I found a couple of Frank be Italian stiletto switch blades. So I got them and I've been, I don't want to say playing with them or breaking them in but you know, I've been making sure that they're up to up to standard

Jim Person 20:40
functioning properly before you give it as a gift .

Bob DeMarco 20:44
Thank you. And I've found a couple of things. They're very solid. They're built very, very much like the sort of tourist switchblades I bought in Europe in the 80s. And my brother also bought and my parents had bought from me over the years. They're just built like that just a lot stouter. They have actual beautiful real materials like I bought one that has actual stag, it's gorgeous stag and the other has cocobolo. Wood, the kind of tourist pieces I had from the 80s had simulated versions of those. They unlike like a micro tech or pro tech, a modern manufactured automatic knife using modern techniques and modern materials. These knives have different blade springs, one of them fires out the one I got from my dad fires out nice and hard. The one I got from my brother might take a little more Nash, if you will, a little more savvy to get it to open perfectly every time. So these are interesting because they're handmade and they're handmade in a traditional way. So each one is a little different, even though they're, you know, they they have the same specs and the same measurements. there's a there's a marked difference between the two of them fit and finished. They both actually Have great lockup and which which was unexpected to me and great action this just you know spring tension is different than little other things are given so it's interesting these are Frank be I want to try the ag a Campbell in those are that's another famous Italian switch blade brand but if you need to know what I'm talking about they look kind of like the switch blades that you know James Dean carried in in Rebel Without a Cause that kind of thing.

Jim Person 22:25
Well maybe if you haven't wrapped them up yet with the the bow and the ribbon and everything all around them, maybe we can grab a quick picture and put it on the the show notes page for this episode of the podcast.

Bob DeMarco 22:36
That's a good idea. And I'll tell them not to look yet. But that's right. Another thing I wanted to mention Jim, another marked difference between these and the tourist versions of these, the blades. The blades are beautifully ground on these. They're not super sharp, but it wouldn't take much to make them so they're very nicely ground as opposed to the sort of full flash Ground stamp blades the tourist things that happen

Jim Person 23:04
well again if we can get some of those pictures and other resources and links to the stories recovered a knife life news all of that, that'll be on the show notes page at The Knife Junkie dot com slash 69 The Knife Junkie dot com slash 69 and Bob, what would Christmas shopping be without shopping for yourself?

Bob DeMarco 23:22
Well, Jim, I was on Amazon and I had a cart going I was picking up some some Christmas gifts for people. And you know that Amazon algorithm just has me nailed, you know, and they're like, Hey, I see you're, you know, spending money and you look serious. I think you're about to press by. What about the TOPS FDX 66 and what do they do? They parade a $40 affordable little tops fixed blade in front of me and ask if I want to just throw that in the in the bin before I purchased and of course, I said Of course, I said I'm offended, you know, I'm not just some robot, you can, I'm not just sure I'll take it. And so I put it in, and I got it, you know, because it's research. So I gotta say this fdx 66. If you don't know what this is, it's a little three finger at most fixed blade, but it's got a super deep choil finger groove pocket thing for your index finger. So you really lock in there. It's kind of like a paring knife design, where it almost doesn't matter how long the hand or how short the handle is, because of how locked in your forefinger is. So this one gives you about three finger grip and that deep pocket, and then it's got about a two and a half inch, very broad tanto blade. And what you get out of having a very broad but short tanto blade is a lot of cutting edge because you have the primary edge and then you have the terminating edge that leads to the point and since it's so broad Each one of those is long. So it ends up being about a four, almost a four inch cutting edge on a on a two and a half inch blade. And it rides in this beautiful little thin, but very stout leather kind of slip sheet. And it fits in your pocket. You can have it, you know, carry this nice fixed blade in your pocket or very discreetly arrives on your belt. It doesn't print, you know, it's just, it's just sitting there sideways or you can also run it vertically and that would be a little more conspicuous, but it's just a great little knife. The thing is, it's a piece of steel, it doesn't have a handle. It doesn't have handle scale. So I'm sure tops would make them for you because they have other other models in this line. And so I'm sure you could get handles for it, but if not, I have mine wrapped in paracord and it works great.

Jim Person 25:53
Okay. Well, happy, Merry Christmas to yourself.

Bob DeMarco 25:57
Well, thank you. It's the TOPS FDX 66 It's not new I think it's just something that's been in their catalog for a while. It's something I never would have even considered unless you know if Amazon hadn't so kindly pointed it out to me

Jim Person 26:11
Well speaking of our friends at Amazon great way that you can help support The Knife Junkie podcast is using our link to go shop on Amazon The Knife Junkie dot com slash shop Amazon we will get a very small commission but it does not affect the price that you'll pay just helps us pay for all the web hosting audio hosting all the other different tools and resources and things that we use to produce the podcast so thanks in advance for using The Knife Junkie comm slash shop amazon link and Bob you wanted to kind of wrap up the show with some thoughts on your your first week or so carrying a couple of different knives the Roxi for and the gitanos so yeah to two new knives for you, I guess

Bob DeMarco 26:58
yeah, lucky enough to To get these two knives recently, I'll talk first about the Roxi 4 by WE, you know I had, I had its designers Seth and Terrell Todd. The Todd brothers of Todd knife and tool. You know, Terrell is Zellrick 42 famous famous YouTube critic and reviewer of knives. Anyway, the two of them are knife nerds times a billion and they they have created some incredible knives. I can say that they're incredible because I have one in hand right now and it hasn't left my pocket in the week. It's the we made well it's it's a we it's not under their own brand. And so we know Roxy for and you can see their their Maker's Mark on the opposite side of on the lock side of the blade. But this is a like a space aged Saks knife. It's got a beautiful Wharncliffe blade. I mean, I just love this one clip blade. It's a it's got all the The utility of the nice long straight edge, it's almost perfectly straight. The Todd brothers will point out that it has a slight upward curve towards the tip. But I mean, it's very slight. And it's got a nice pointy tip. It's got that downward slope towards the blade from the spine is the perfect angle for me personally, because you can stab with it. It's got that penetration power. But the rest of the The knife is it's got a sort of futuristic design to it. It's incredibly comfortable in hand, it's got great action, as 35 vn is great steel, and, you know, no one has any problem with that. And it's so it's this incredible we build and the funny thing is, Jim, is that I was just two weeks ago saying yeah, I think I'm gonna sell off most of my my Chinese knives and kind of start veering back to more, you know, American ground but then after speaking with the Todd brothers, and then You know Terrell was on Thursday night knives last week. They're Americans and they're designing some incredible knives and they just happen to be being manufactured overseas so I'm thrilled to have this knife I think. I think I want more of their knives. They have the new shodan from bestech and then they have the malware from bestech which looks kind of like a a slender, younger cousin to the Roxi 4 and I'm just excited about the knives they're designing and you know they have a beautiful blend of futuristic with usable.

Jim Person 29:32
Well you mentioned Zelrick 42 Terrell Todd you said he was a special guest co host with you last week on Thursday night knives that was the December 11 episode that you can find on The Knife Junkie's YouTube channel at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube or just go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash live you'll find the when we go live you'll be able to see it there live but you'll also find an archive of the past shows on that page that I've junkie dot com slash live.

Bob DeMarco 29:59
Yeah, we Get into it a little bit because I had just gotten this knife and was so excited about it. And we talked about this knife for a while and and also the showed in and just the design process and the philosophy then in that went into making these knives and to look at it the Roxi 4. it doesn't look incredibly comfortable. But when you hold it in your hand, it's amazing. Feels good. Well, that's not a slight slight the gitano Let's have some equal time talk about that one, no sliding the gitano whatsoever. So I have a couple of Alliance deals. A couple of my best and these are made by lionsteel. And so I know them to be a great knife company but I never really had anything under their own banner. And then the Gitano came out that's a their recent navaho inspired slip joint. Had it in a in a couple of different cards on a couple of different websites for a couple of months and then I finally pulled the trigger and this my god this thing is amazing. If you're a slip joint lover and If you like big slip joints, just get this knife and if you need to sell it because you don't like it, you can sell it but I guarantee you're going to love this night. So for me the main draws the styling, how beautiful it is the the shape of that ever, ever deepening belly on that Nevada shaped blade and then it's got that handle that tapers off into a little knob and it just fits perfectly in hand. It's a big enough blade to be used as a food knife. You know this I like to use slip joints and steak knives if they're long enough. But also, you could pull this out and use it for a number of different chores because it's long enough. The other quality about this thing is it's not a locking knife but the spring on this is so stout that unless you're doing something really forceful, you are not going to get this thing to fold on your hands. So opening it, oddly enough, it opens easily But then closes very hard. It's very difficult to close it. I mean, you know very difficult on the scale of not right.

Jim Person 32:08
So all in all pleased with the gitano

Bob DeMarco 32:11
very pleased and then I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it has a pocket clip and that's been a huge part of why I love to carry this knife because this can ride in my back pocket now without incident. In other words, I don't want this like flopping around in my front pocket, but I can clip it to my back pocket and it goes great. So I'm really thrilled with this knife and Jim I got it in this olive wood handle, but now I'm like, Huh, they do have it in green micarta also

Jim Person 32:44
well, Christmas is almost here.

Bob DeMarco 32:46
Yeah, I know. I'm being ridiculous.

Jim Person 32:50
Alright, so that was interesting. back pocket knife. So let's see you've got the primary knives that are in your right front pocket as I'm correct. Yeah. And then your secondary knives and your left front pocket. So is this a tertiary knife?

Bob DeMarco 33:05
Yes, this

Jim Person 33:06
Okay, so the back pocket. So the ones Listen, let's not forget the neck knife and the

Bob DeMarco 33:12
la blah, blah, key chain that well there's usually something in my waistband. And the one in my front left pocket is either there or in my front back or in my left back pocket. I never I rarely have one in both.

Jim Person 33:26
So you rarely have 10 knives on you at one yes, maybe only eight. All right, well cool. Lots of good good stuff there in this episode of The Knife Junkie podcast interesting to kind of get your your thoughts to win a couple of the knives here that you said the Roxy for in the gitano after kind of a week or so of carrying them and getting those initial thoughts to make sure that they matched up with your thoughts about wanting to get them in the first place.

Bob DeMarco 33:53
Yeah, and plus, they make a great carry combination because the Caetano the guitar looks so tradition. And the top brothers, the Roxi 4 looks so futuristic. So together, they make a great contrast in pair

Jim Person 34:08
like pairing fine wine and cheese

Bob DeMarco 34:10
Spoken like a true nerd.

Jim Person 34:13
All right, any final thoughts from The Knife Junkie as we wrap up this midweek supplemental issue?

Bob DeMarco 34:18
Well, I would say definitely, now that I have this lionsteel in hand, they have a wide variety of modern slip joints in sort of traditional patterns, that now I'm kind of really keeping an eye on so take a look at lion steel if you're into slip joints, and maybe you've been resisting the modern slip joint poll, we'll take a look at it that you might be pleasantly surprised

Jim Person 34:42
and remind you that this Friday December 20 is the deadline we need to hear from you either shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com with your thoughts, your Christmas wish list what you got for Christmas knife story, any kind of fun thing. It's our planned holiday edition of the knife. junkie podcast where we feature you our listeners. But we would prefer and hopefully you would to actually lend your voice to the podcast by calling our listener line and leaving a recorded message 724-466-4487 -- 724-466-4487 and let us know any kind of thing you want to tell us any kind of story, any kind of thing you want to record, but again, use it as an opportunity to give your name give your website promote your Instagram account your your business website, whatever you would like. Shoot bomb an email or call the listener line and let us know again Friday December 20 is the deadline to get those in. So for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim the knife newbie Person and I want to thank you for joining us for this edition of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Announcer 35:48
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the for show notes for today's episode, additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit Our website The Knife You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie dot com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group as The Knife Junkie dot com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line that's 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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