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On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco covers several stories in Knife Life News, including the Gareth Bull production Shamwari, ZT debuting the Ansø Slipjoint at Blade Show West, Lionsteel and Gudy Van Poppel rolling out a production Gitano, and Böker’s new flipperless Kwaiken.

He also talks about buying and selling knives on Blade Forums and a recent knife purchase — the Microtech Ultratech (see the Collection Selection video below).

On Episode 59 of The Knife Junkie Podcast, we talk about the Gareth Bull Production Shamwari, Böker's Flipperless Kwaiken, buying and selling #knives on Blade Forums and More! Click To Tweet

Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered next week on The Knife Junkie Podcast Supplemental edition.

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:16
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast episode number 59 the supplemental edition of the Knife Junkie podcast I'm Jim "the knife newbie" Person

Bob DeMarco 0:25
And I'm Bob "The Knife Junkie" DeMarco, welcome to the podcast.

Jim Person 0:28
Welcome to our supplemental midweek episode as we say and Bob the name supplemental is growing on me, for lack of a better word. I think I'm lacking I'm like I'm liking it.

Bob DeMarco 0:39
Well, I don't get the word out. I'm glad because I think we run the risk of having it sound like a dietary addition you know, a dietary pill or something supplements you know, you know well extra nice nutrition for your week.

Jim Person 0:53
That life was terrible. But this is the podcast the midweek edition of the Knife Junkie podcast. password gives Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco a chance to expound upon different things to what's the word ruminates to espouse to bloviate is a word to look that one up anyway gives Knife Junkie a chance to talk about stuff you know happening in the knife world knife life news as we like to call our segment I'm also talking about new knives and that kind of thing. And Bob, we mentioned this we tease this at the last week's episode Episode 58 the Sunday interview show but we have some exciting news you have some exciting news about something coming out actually, depending on when folks are listening. Could be tomorrow night or tonight depending on when when they listen to this episode, but something happening on Thursday on YouTube.

Bob DeMarco 1:50
It's called Thursday night knives Jim and it's a live night show at 10pm on you are going to be streaming streaming live on YouTube. It's going to be a Nicely produced conversation where we can get in the weeds. I'll have different rotating co hosts and guest hosts and and we'll just get into the weeds about what's new what's coming out what people want. And, you know, obviously people can be dropping comments and joining the conversation. And you know,

it's going to be like a big talk show.

Jim Person 2:24
Yeah, looking forward to it. So if you haven't yet subscribed to the Knife Junkie YouTube channel. Please be sure to do that The Knife Junkie. com slash YT Subscribe, that will carry you right to that subscribe page on YouTube where you can get subscribed. Be sure to click that little bell notification that way in case you know in case you forget, you know, it's Thursday night it's 10pm you'll get that little notification that The Knife Junkie has gone live and certainly do hope you'll you'll join us on the show. Please don't judge the quality right off this one but look for the conversation. As Bob said, definitely a chance to get down and dirty and Talk more specifics than we even have chance to hear on the The Knife Junkie podcast.

Bob DeMarco 3:03
That's right. And Jim's going to be wizarding behind the scenes the whole time he found he found some amazing production software we're going to be using, and it's no pressure, right?

Jim Person 3:13
No pressure.

Bob DeMarco 3:14
It's gonna be amazing, right, Jim?

Jim Person 3:17
Yes, it will.

Bob DeMarco 3:18
Yes. We've done tests. It looks cool as hell yeah.

Jim Person 3:22
Hey, want to remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible. You can get a free audiobook download and a 30 day free trial at audible trial com slash Knife Junkie. There's over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, your Android Kindle or mp3 player. I know that's the way I like to read books is to listen to them. So you know if you want to get a free book 30 day free trial just go to audible trial com slash Knife Junkie and audible slash Knife Junkie.

Announcer 3:52
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the Knife Life news.

Bob DeMarco 3:58
Famed knife maker from South Africa, Gareth Bull, maker of the Shamwari, , which is just a sort of a knife that is taken the custom knife scene by storm in the last two or so years. The Sham warrior. It's this very beautiful, very simple. And I say simple like a Rothko painting is simple, beautiful, functional tool that they make 36 of per month their labored over, Gareth and his brother Jason are the the two who labor away to make the show mores. They're huge. They're there, they're grills there. What can I say? They're there the very, very, very hard to find unobtainium in the knife world right now. Well, anyway, the bold brothers or Gareth bull has has announced that through the production of knives in China, they're going to be coming out with a production, three inch bladed chamois three for the hoi polloi. For the public. I don't mean it like that. I think it's a great idea to make something desirable, widely accessible, they're doing what a lot of designers that I admire have done and they've made their designs that people just want and they've put them in reach through the use of an OEM so it's we knife company and they're going to be producing these and the blades are going to be 20 CV they're going to be using all all sorts of you know high end materials 20 CV blade steel, titanium that we process of putting a knife together but they're going to come out under the under the Gareth bowl name they're not going to be branded we at all. So these will be available through Gareth bull on his website but this has just been announced so I'm not sure when these are due to come out but I think it's a it's a really it's an interesting thing to see this happen in real time because the the chamois he popped up I think it was first time I saw was was when Dr. Frankie did his video. On the show Mr. IO, what is this thing looks kind of like as events it looks, it looks different looks, you know, I saw that I took note and then I saw how much everyone else was clamoring over this knife. And then to see it, go through the go through that process of being wanted. And then and then being reproduced for a larger, broader audience. It's cool. It's inspirational. I love it because it means two things. It means you and I can have one of these potentially could have one of these memories in our pocket next year. It also means that Gareth bowl can widen his reach, you know, in an era where we can just log onto the internet and talk about knives and anyone in the world can can tune in if they have the right equipment. Well, it's kind of the same thing. It's like the knife world catching up with that concept. Now I have to say Gareth bull has another model called the mirror. That is stunning. People should check it out the mirror like the Spanish fighting bowl, like the Lamborghini from the 1960s the mirror is this incredible looking knife and to me that's the one that I would want the MRT is cool. And it was one of the first kind of front flippers and it's it's classic, but this mirror is something else. So Jim Christmas that's all I'm saying.

Jim Person 7:18
Oh, is that a hint to me? I'm sorry. That was a hint to use your i was i was listening. Maybe when you talk to Gareth here on the podcast Bob, you can talk to him about the two differences of knives and why you like one better than the other? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Bob DeMarco 7:32
I gotta I gotta find his email and send out that invite.

Jim Person 7:35
Hey, blade show West was you know now in the past it just happened. But you know, a lot of news coming out of there. Well, we'll talk about some knife awards and stuff in just a minute but ZT debuted a knife at blade show SU wanted to kind of cover

Bob DeMarco 7:50
Yeah, they debuted their first slip joint falling in line with the rest of the of the modern knife makers. They are making their modern interpretation of a non locking Folding pocket knife. This one is designed by yen's Ansø of Denmark, and it's the 0230. And it's pretty neat looking Actually, it's grown on me a bit. It's a it's a sheep's foot. It's based on his Monte Carlo custom slip giant, and it's a it's a sheep footed blade with quite a blunt blade. That's the part that's growing on me. You know, I like a little bit of point. And I guess this has a little bit of point. But it's in a, you know, it's this traditional non locking design and yet it's it's iterated and ZT sort of modern language. It's got carbon fiber handles, it's got blue analyzed aluminum Backspacer and 20 CV steel is is there is Derek here for them these days to 20 CVS with their, with their putting everything on, but it's a nail Nick opening and instead of the traditional sort of back leaf spring that holds the that tentatively holds a slip joint open. This is done with the ball bearings and we've seen this with where did we see this I think lion steals knives there slipped joints like best man and all those folders I believe those work on this ball bearing sort of system where instead of locking out with that leaf spring it's it's more like it's more like a modern tactical folder and how it stays open. So it's it's their first lip joint it's their their most inexpensive knife at 180 bucks whoo bargain. And it's light it's like two ounces or it's I think it's a little less than two ounces. has no clip has the the ends of sort of standard little pop up lanyard hole in the back. And it's cool. I bet they sell a lot of these. It's sort of in the tradition of the bench made proper and all the lion steel knives and speaking of which, actually on on that line steel recently came out with a slip joint that I keep going back to Jim and I was when I first saw it, I'm like oh Good I don't have to buy it it's a slip joint and I'm not in a slip joint phase right now but damn does that look good? It's the lion steel get town Oh, it's basically a small well it's a three and a quarter inch which is a pretty big blade first lip joint. It's like a little little slip joint. Haha. It's got this beautiful dramatic sort of belly first clip goin blade It looks like a Spanish Nova fighting knife. And then it's got that sort of tapering off handle and it's got a it's got deep very pocket clip. It's got nylon steel titanium liners, and you can get all sorts of different covers on it from the synthetic to the natural woods. And that thing is a knockout that people are just going crazy for slip joints these days.

Jim Person 10:46
Alright, so what's next? I know you had four or five different things on your your list of knife life news, things that you want to talk about. I kind of lost my order here Lost my way.

Bob DeMarco 10:57
Jim, I'm glad you asked. Because this is a Also at sort of a slip joint a vacation of a classic and by classic I mean of the last 1010 to 12 years of a classic modern folder, poker, Lucas Burnley, the Kwaiken, there's like 8000 versions of the Kwaiken and out there from automatic to special materials to their baseline plain Jane versions to their flippers to their thumb stud version or their thumb plate versions. Well, they've come out with a new version of the Kwaikenand they're calling it the flipper lyst quake and even though they the first Kwaikens were flipperless we won't even go there. So this knife makes it extra difficult to open up the knife. So this is they've turned this knife it's still a locking knife, but they've turned the quake in into for all intents and purposes, a 100% two handed knife. It was a why I don't know because it's still three and a half inches or it's Three 3.15 inches so I think it's still and it's still locked so I still think this doesn't make it legal too much in Europe but you know I don't know European knife laws that one but so it's a locking blade over three inches but you have to really kind of Jimmy your nail under this slight little nail neck and and kind of pull it out in a very specific way at a very specific point. At least that's how I'm reading this article from from night news. So basically they're taking something that was handy and and useful and turning into something that's only handle it handy and useful. Once you've gone through a trial, a sort of tribulation to open it now

Jim Person 12:41
doesn't sound like I would that would be a knife for me

Bob DeMarco 12:44
No, maybe, I don't know, maybe if you you're using it all the time you love the design, but you're in an atmosphere where flipping it open would just be totally inappropriate guess but it's just kind of interesting. You know, we mentioned a couple of things. Joint drops that I I'm pretty excited about that I think are pretty cool and then this is kind of a weird turn. It's a weird turn for Böker and I'd be really interested to find out what the what the thought process behind it Okay,

Jim Person 13:14
well we'll have to do some investigating and get to the bottom of that one.

Announcer 13:18
Subscribe to the Knife Junkie YouTube channel at the Knife

Jim Person 13:23
We mentioned blade show West interesting you didn't want to cover the whole thing. But they had factory and custom knife awards that came out of blade show so I think there was just a couple of them you wanted to kind of hit that you found kind of interesting or want to talk about,

Bob DeMarco 13:36
Well yeah, Spyderco has two Japanese style cooking blades are like sushi meat fish knives out, and they look beautiful. The one that one Best in Show is called the banca macho, and it really just has that traditional sort of handle. It's an octagonal oblong octagonal handle octagonal in cross section of course. And then it's got sort of a stick Tang and a beautifully shaped blade that looks rather like a sax it's it's really cool looking I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those my old Chi shun kitchen knives or I don't know they're looking a little long in the tooth and they don't hold their edge very long so I might have to go out and buy one of those. Another interesting thing sugg

Jim Person 14:29
though is your favorite

Bob DeMarco 14:31
SOG who you live bashed last week. You love to remind me that I bash on sugg but i i bash on saga with the caveat that they make sweet fixed blade knives. And I have I have the old SOG Super Bowl. And I always keep my eye on SOG's fixed blades. And they got best Best in Show for fixed blades though, with their seal FX and it's a it's a full tang and you can see the Tang, it protrudes proudly from the handle scales all the way around with jimping. So I mean, like there is not any place your hand is that isn't accommodated with ample jumping. It's got a pry bar that protrudes from the back. That's the end of the tank. It's got a sort of, well, it's a tiptoe blade, I'd say. And it's got a nice thumb swell, Jim also, and it only says SOG in one place that I can detect, which is my always my bash on them. They're like SOG, SOG, SOG, SOG. So, by the way, if you unscrew it, and remove the handle, it's a sock under there to here we don't have that here. We have actual business and, And to me, that's the that's the true legacy of the saga brand. born out of that, born out of that original song nice, so yeah. Alright, so

Jim Person 15:49
still solid fan, just a little little bashing last week.

Bob DeMarco 15:51
Yeah, I'm a SOG fan, but you know, don't forget your compass. That's all best best folding knife is a hipster knife and It's the quiet carry IQ. And it is a cool little knife I gotta say and starts at 23. One of my, one of my favorite knife reviewers on YouTube has been talking about this knife through its various iterations and loves it. And yeah, it just, it's just cool and, and when I call it a hipster knife that's, well there's another hipster knife the best EDC is from quiet carry. And it's called the quiet carry drift. Now you say Bob, why are you being all judgmental? and calling it a hipster knife?

Jim Person 16:30
Are you being so judgmental and calling it a hipster? No, I'm so glad you

Bob DeMarco 16:33
asked. I'm only saying that because these are actual practical knives that are made for people who only really want knives in their pocket and have a taste for quality. But aren't necessarily knife guys aren't like wanting all the sugg fixed blades and wanting all the tactical stuff are there. You know, you might say actual gentleman's carry. So I was pretty impressed by that. Okay,

Jim Person 16:59
well, let me More to read about those factory and custom knife awards from blade show West will have the link to that article as well as links to everything Bob's talked about in the knife life news section as well as other links of interest in our show notes that you can find at The Knife Junkie. com slash 59 The Knife Junkie comm slash five nine and Bob is always looking for knives to buy and lately selling some as he's reducing and refining I want to remind you that Knife Junkie comm slash knives has some nice for sale some of Bob's knives and he's getting rid of it with the sales video or some of that and then some knives that we have affiliate relationships or partnerships with some knife companies manufacturers you'll find it The Knife Junkie comm slash knives, but you kind of wanted to dive in a little bit Bob and talking about buying and selling knives specifically on blade forums because I think you've bought several recently and I always seem to have good luck on platforms

Bob DeMarco 18:02
I have I have, they've always been the place I've bought and sold you have to have a gold membership, which is like 35 bucks a year. And then you can buy and sell stuff. And recently, as you know, I've been looking to unload some of my Yeah, precious but unused knives, you know knives I just have. And when you do the mathematics and you look at, you know how frequently you're actually going to carry it if you're on a disciplined rotation where you carry one knife every day and then rotate all the way back around. It's just not worth having some of these. It's just not worth having a lot of these. And my tastes have have become more expensive. I'll just put it in a crass manner and Lately, I've been into micro tax and you know, buying these knives that well In any case, so knowing that I had to get rid of a few to afford the micro tax and also pay off the Greg Lightfoot custom. I got Been unloading some knives I paid that off and now I've moved on to the acquiring micro text section and I've had very good luck in selling knives recently I've sold everything from a small lot of inexpensive but beautifully made Chinese knives like tank rooms and right knives all the way up to I just recently sold my react horizon D It was my first kind of high end titanium milled titanium knife. So that and and have had great experiences with buyers who who pay on paypal right away. say they want it and they pay for it. And then I've been having great experiences with the people I bought these knives from recently about a micro tech I got this incredible LCC. It's the Lightfoot compact combat knife made by micro tech in the early 2000s. Mine's from 2002 it's got my favorite handle material on it, linen, micarta, and it's a dual action so it comes out like a regular folder, or it's got a hidden bolster fire, and you can fire it out as an automatic. Now this is a this is a grill knife from the early 2000s. And, and a knife that I didn't even know I was looking for until I found it and and I found it on blade forums and I was like that is one I must have that's worthy of collecting and the person was offering a very reasonable price you'll find that on blade forums also. And and and i know this just from selling when when the price isn't good people don't buy it. You know, and there are many times I've had to relist something and knock it down a little bit. And you know 150 seems reasonable so I'll ask for 135 and probably get it and those 15 bucks that it's worth not having that knife because further justifies other purchases right? So yeah, I'm really I'm excited about that. And the ultratech I got recently

Jim Person 21:03
well, and I think you did a video review of the microtech ultratech that will include on the show notes as well. So okay, yeah,

Bob DeMarco 21:10
yeah, it's sort of my Well, it was my collection selection, but definitely a first impression.

Jim Person 21:16
Well, and a couple other name drops here. You mentioned the Greg Lightfoot custom knife that you recently got. He was a guest on episode 44. So you can go back to the Knife Junkie, com slash 44 and listen to that interview and kind of a lot of this reducing refining that you're going through, we definitely give credit to Epic snuggle Bunny, who's been on the podcast twice. Shows number 18 and show number 35. So go back and listen to those if you haven't done so.

Bob DeMarco 21:43
Yeah, that's his mantra. I've totally borrowed it from him because it's, it's great. It's ringing alliteration, you know, always sticks in the mind. And, and that's what you want to do in life in your life collection, everything you want to start, you know, we go through this quiz. The stage when we're young and we just want as much we want to get as much as we can. And then eventually it's like Geez, I have all this stuff. I don't need all this stuff. Why not just have the best that I can afford? Obviously, if I've spent five years buying a bunch of mid line knives, I could get rid of those and kind of get the best I could afford and that's what I'm trying to do right now.

Jim Person 22:23
Okay, well before we wrap up want to remind you or promote I guess a little bit if you will, you know, we have we have tried in the past to promote upcoming knife shows and that kind of thing. And you know, a few episodes back we actually did some interviews with a knife show, folks organizers and we definitely want to continue doing that to promote live shows. So if you have any knife shows upcoming that you'd like to promote free of charge advertise here on the Knife Junkie podcast, love to do a little interview with you call the listener line and let us know your availability and the show you want to promote and we'll do our best to do that. But the listener line is 724-466-4487 ... that's 724-466-4487. And Bob we have had on our website a kind of knife show calendar but you know after we have you know been doing this for a while, I think it's best that we just let knife magazine do that for us because they they have an awesome list of knife shows, knife club meetings, all that kind of good stuff. Yeah, so I think we'll just be referencing knife magazine, their events calendar, if you will, but a couple of things I did want to bring up this weekend. It's the Texas custom knife show November 16. New York custom knife show November 23-24. Oregon knife collectors mini show coming up. first week or so of December that's going to be December seven. Also on the seventh of December the Kentucky custom knife show so just a couple of things that you can find on the knife magazine. com Events Calendar of knife shows so definitely a great resource there from our friends over at knife magazine.

Bob DeMarco 24:06
Yeah, and if you haven't seen it, check out knife magazine. It is a classy publication. It is. It's got the most amazing night photography and very in depth articles about knife makers, new knives that are coming out. It's a beautiful magazine and full publication.

Jim Person 24:23
Absolutely. Alright. I think we're about out of time, although we don't have a time limit, but we do want to keep it reasonable.

Any final thoughts? Any final words from the Knife Junkie as we wrap up supplemental issue of the Knife Junkie podcast number 59.

Bob DeMarco 24:39
Yeah, I think that's work. I think I think you're rolling into your parking lot. So you better take that last sip of coffee and hit him. Head on in

Jim Person 24:47
if I have to. Thanks for joining us on the Knife Junkie podcast episode 59. We'll be back with you this coming Sunday this coming weekend with another guest interview. Bob that interview is with ...

Bob DeMarco 25:03
Douglas Esposition of attention 2 detail mercantile. he's made his shift into folders and we have an excellent conversation about that.

Jim Person 25:10
All right, stay tuned for that.

Announcer 25:11
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie. com You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie. com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on the Knife Junkie. com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group with The Knife Junkie. com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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