The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 77

“Normalizing” Knife Collecting at Work and the New Laser Edge Reader for Sharpening Knives — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 77)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast, Bob feels like he’s “normalized” knife collecting at his work site, plus he dives into the Benchmade Bugout and Bailout, LionSteel’s new Thrill Slipjoint and the new Laser Edge Reader for sharpening knives that’s already exceeded its Kickstarter goal with several days left to go.

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On episode #77 of The Knife Junkie podcast, has Bob normalized knife collecting at work? Plus he dives into the Benchmade Bugout and Bailout, LionSteel's new Thrill Slipjoint and more. Click To Tweet

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:17
Welcome to the podcast, the place for

knife newbies and knife junkies to learn about knives and knife collecting and bhava full supplemental edition for us to talk about this week and dozens continues to not ever surprise me the amount of knife stuff that we can that we can talk about.

Bob DeMarco 0:34
It always surprises me how much discussion there needs to be about this topic. You know, it's something that just keeps unfolding. And you know what, Jim, I think I've normalized this kind of talk around the office. I mean, there are well, okay, there are I feel like I've trained my office over the last nine years. There are several people that when I get a new knife, I have to hey Dude, you got to see this. You're gonna love this and I Go up, I showed it to them and I get different reactions. You know, it always I only ever bring it to people I know are going to appreciate it when guys this very big, tough guy. So I always give him the knives to see if they fit in his hand. Well, let me let me just tell you, I bring it around. People love it, people appreciate it. But that has begun to seep around the office in general because everybody knows when they need a knife to cut their sandwich or open a package. They always ask me and it's always kind of like, hey,

Bob, you know anyone with a knife?

And of course I love it and I get to, you know

Jim Person 1:32
Pull out all eight knives you have on you.

Bob DeMarco 1:33

Jim Person 1:34
and say which one do you think will work for you?

Bob DeMarco 1:35
Which which is most appropriate for this individual. Anyway, I came to work yesterday, and my boss handed me a box. She said Meet me in the garage. I'm like, okay, and she handed me a box and I opened it up and there are two, there's a pocket knife. There's a puma hunting knife, and there's a big old hatchet. And she said her son needs his his knives sharpened and he just found On this hatchet and he wants me to keep it for self defense while he's away at school. Well, I was like, right on, because I know I got this kid into knives because when he graduated from high school, I gave him a pocket knife. I gave him my my rake. p 801. sf, a great little EDC blade and kind of got him hooked on that and got him a couple of others for other achievements over the past few years. And now he's sending me hatchets and hunting knives to sharpen so cool. Yeah, yeah. And, and my, my boss was definitely not a nice person before I came to the office, but I can see her softening. Right.

Jim Person 2:36
That's good, though. You know, and, and sharpening the knives and taking, you know, the spa treatments, kind of building that little sideline business for you. I know you're not charging them, I'm sure but, you know, giving you a more practice and that kind of thing to kind of get into a sideline gig, if you will.

Bob DeMarco 2:52
Exactly. Exactly. It's nice to nice to surprise people you know, with a with something that that can help them out.

Jim Person 3:00
Right, I remember the the one knife you did for me, I don't know, six months ago or whatever the stag handled knife, you know, I said, you know, give me the spa treatment, because that's what you called it, because I was going to sell it. And I remember what it looked like when I gave it to you. And I remember what it looked like when it came back. And it was just, it was just awesome. And it was sharp, and you know, and it helped me essentially triple the value or triple the price I was going to ask on that knife. So there was some benefit to to the spot treatment into the sharpening and that kind of thing. So, thanks.

Bob DeMarco 3:32
And my pleasure and when you're doing that kind of work, especially to an old knife, and you start to reveal what the original look of it was. I don't know it's kind of it's kind of a neat process because you wonder what all the all the years and all the experiences that got that rust on that blade or that you know, made this knife look old and this knife that you're restoring. It's, it's kind of interesting to think about all the things that knife may have been through to get to that point

Jim Person 3:57
right don't need to get to the A couple of most recent knives I've bought a couple of month or two ago

Bob DeMarco 4:04
I've been meaning to ask you Did you didn't sell those yet?

Jim Person 4:06
No I haven't haven't done anything with them they're just sitting here in my my eBay pile to list. So I need to give them to you just to kind of, you know, spa treatment light I guess or whatever but

Bob DeMarco 4:18
right I can't imagine how how you can sit there and let that beautiful 1970s buck 110 sitting in a sale pile it would be sitting right next to my keyboard

Jim Person 4:28
Well, I mean the the death pile as as us online retailers or sellers say you know the stuff that's right here waiting to be listed for sale. My death pile is right here to the to the left of me so I can I can see it. So it's not on the desktop, but it's right there.

Bob DeMarco 4:45
You call it the death pile?

Jim Person 4:47
Yeah, the death pile because I don't know. I don't know how that term came about. But it's kind of what they call eBay resellers, you know, have this pile of merchandise because we we find it easy to go buy stuff to resell but then it takes work to get it listed to sale because you have to write out descriptions take pictures you have to list it so this this pile of money it's kind of this death pile you have sitting right there it's not it's not doing anything for you if you don't have it listed so that anyway thing

Bob DeMarco 5:15
I was thinking, yeah this knife is dead to me. I'm going to sell it.

Jim Person 5:18
Oh absolutely not.

Absolutely not. Yeah, I love all three of those knives that I bought but I think I'll be keeping the buck 110 and selling the others too because that's that was the original purpose that I bought.

Bob DeMarco 5:31
So I but anyway, solid plan.

Jim Person 5:33
Yeah. All right. Anyway, let's move on. I want to remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible, you can get a free audiobook download and a 30 day free trial of audible. If you're just go to audible slash Knife Junkie, over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android Kindle or mp3 player. Again, go to audible trial dot slash Knife Junkie get a free audiobook when you

Announcer 6:00
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the nightlife news.

Bob DeMarco 6:06
So Jim, as you know, we just talked to David C. Anderson on The Knife Junkie podcast interview show, and he mentioned the catalog that they just came out with the paper catalog. And I'm sure that there are other knife junkies out there like myself who filmed at the mouth at his description of this thing, because I don't know I'm of a certain generation. I love paper catalogs. I love the feeling of paper. I love books, I like to thumb through pages and knife Center has just come out with a 1700 and 44 page, full color catalog of basically everything that they sell everything that's on the website and a few things that aren't even on the website. Apparently,

Jim Person 6:48
I wouldn't call that a paper catalog that's like, I don't know what to even call it. What 1700 pages.

Bob DeMarco 6:55
It looks bigger than a it looks bigger than a phone book. I know that the pages are thicker than a phone book. I mean, this thing, you know, this is like an interrogation room book. And it's originally on sale for 22 bucks right now it's on there, they're selling it for 22 bucks, I just went to the website, it's on sale for 1495. And I'm going to have to get one. I mean, it's rare I get the Smoky Mountain knife works catalog every month, and it's a extremely truncated version of their, in their inventory. It's still nice to thumb through. But I don't get any paper catalogs from anyone else anymore. And occasionally cold steel and I love that catalog too, as you know, but this is a definite purchase. And when I buy it, I'll have to throw a knife on to the order because you can't order something from the knife center

and not get a blade in return.

Jim Person 7:47
Absolutely. Holy cow. I'm still I'm just speechless still you know that the size of that catalog?

Bob DeMarco 7:53
Yeah, that's got to be a very expensive publication. I'm not shilling for knife center, but 15 bucks is a pretty good deal. It seems

I'm definitely gonna grab one

Jim Person 8:03
well and even if you didn't buy any knives just to have that as a resource for being able to see all the different knife names and the pictures of the knives that kind of thing just as a kind of a historical document saying Yeah, that would be worth the price there.

Bob DeMarco 8:19
And if you buy, sell or trade on the secondary market, it's a great resource for you know, for specs if you're listing it on a forum or also just for an idea of how to price it.

Jim Person 8:32
Well knife knife center dot com is where you can find that catalog and knives and David z Anderson videos and all that kind of good stuff and great interview that was number 76. So if you missed that, go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash seven six. You can hear that interview right on the website. Also. Nice life news, Bob, you want to talk about a little bit about benchmade

Bob DeMarco 8:54
Yep, yep. benchmade is coming out with their new bugout and bailout models and By new I mean updated materials that have the bug out coming out in an all black version. It's very fetching to the If you ask me, the bugout 535 bk dash two. And the changes they're making with this is primarily on the handle the handle, they're replacing that grivary, that thin blue, kind of nerve wracking grivary with what they call CF elite, which is a sort of carbon fiber blended into reinforced nylon like like gravity. So it's basically carbon fiber, injected gravity and injected is not the right word. Now the way it's described in an article on knife news, when discussing discussing it with Matt glass of benchmade. He mentioned that it's integrated and in a way that that you don't see the weave on the outside, but you get the tensile strength and the strength, overall strength of carbon fiber throughout. So it's still basically going to look like a black ribery handle but it's just going to be stronger. more rigid. And that's one of the main complaints that customers have given over the years over the past couple of years. About the bug out the bug out is is, is, you know, the talk of the town for that for that company. It's the I think it's there. I love that knife. I have a bug out. It's my favorite benchmade and I think it's their top seller now. But people Frank frequently would mention how the handle feels like you know, you can squeeze it and you can see it flex and everything and, you know, just might not be ample strength wise for the kind of work people put their knives through. So this is a case where benchmade was reacting to customer. I don't wanna say demand but customer feedback and gave them what they want. I think that's awesome. The blade is still as 30 v. And it's DLC coated and and all that and I guess it's it's a little bit lighter. So you have that bug out is already super super late. Also the bailout Now the bailout was the knife that came out hot on the heels of the bugout. It's sort of similar, but less backpacking, more tactical, it's, it's a tanto blade slightly longer. And it was meant to have the same quality of sort of lightness than this and discreteness that the bug out has, but would be more suited to a military or law enforcement application with the blade shape and such. So this was the knife that came out in three v three V is mostly a blade steel used for larger fixed blade knives, knives that that receive some impact or it's a semi stainless steel. It's tough. It's more suited for high impact activities and people were excited to see it on a small tactical knife to see what it would do how it react and this is the knife that had some heat treat issues. Some some customers investigating the hardness of the blade didn't didn't like how benchmade heat treated the three v they thought they should have heated Did it differently. And so this is another case where where benchmade reacted and I think reacted in a great way they changed both the handle and the blade steel. Now for the blade steel, they got rid of the three V which was causing them a problem and they moved to M four which is a similar steel in that it's you know semi stainless, but this one has excels more on the edge retention side and less on the toughness side. And really, I mean if you think about it for a small light pocket knife, that's probably where you want to put all your eggs or more of your eggs in that basket, the edge retention basket chances are you're not you're not doing activities with that light pocket knife that requires that toughness necessarily on this they added they they changed the handle from bribery to aluminum, which I love. I love aluminum. I love how it wears the end. And I love how it feels and it's nice and light and and it's more rigid and the At the end, the Back spacer protrudes beyond the pommel to form a lanyard hole and that's something that people have been hot or cold about some people like it. Some people don't. But they really they they they doubled down on that and added a glass breaker to the tip of it. I thought maybe they would have eliminated that and gone for a different more bug out like lanyard hole but instead they added a glass breaker and kind of made it more tactical or more law "enforcementey"

Jim Person 13:32
well the lanyard hole for the lanyard I assume that Knife Junkie likes that because you like to put lanyards on some of your knives if they're true keepers.

Bob DeMarco 13:40
Yes, that's true. That's true. I do like it and actually I like I like the concept of having that. That hard piece of metal protruding beyond the handle as like a little little noggin knocker or

glass breaker

Jim Person 13:55
well when you get in your knife fight and you know you need that other end. You can

Bob DeMarco 14:00
Yeah, yeah. And I found through my vast experience and I fighting that I need that.

Jim Person 14:05
That's right. Hey, I was going to ask you three v vs m four but I think you did a pretty good job of kind of describing that but I gotta say I just, I just love air quotes here love these names three v. and M 4

Bob DeMarco 14:20
Yeah, you know what? Sometimes or maybe all the time the V maybe that stands for vanadium the M maybe that stands for molybdenum, or one of those. I don't know how they come up with these names, but you know, I'm pretty sure it has to do with the with their key element, you know that they're pushing right. But I like them when they're longer. like eight cr 13 mo v. Not that I particularly dig that steel but I like how long it is and and just rolls off the tongue. Yeah.

Jim Person 14:52
You like the the the bailout better now than the bugout?

Bob DeMarco 14:55
Well, I don't have the bailout but I think I will get this new model. Aluminum handles really speak to me and I have to be hundred percent honest, the three v if it were if it was actually soft I wouldn't have felt in any way because I'm not a hard user. But I love the idea of the aluminum handles. I do love the the idea of the glass breaker. They're carrying over that small clip from the bailout that that I love. And I'm a sucker for Atlanta. So yeah, bring it out.

Jim Person 15:25
But so the ballpark price range do you know?

Bob DeMarco 15:29
see, I think the I don't but but bailouts in the past are like, one 20 to 140 somewhere in that and I think the bailout is, like maybe in the 160 area. I don't know. I actually don't know.

Jim Person 15:43
So not too much price difference. Seems like they're they're pretty, pretty close in price.

Bob DeMarco 15:48
Right? Right. It's not one of those benchmarks where they where they put a different steel on it and G 10 and charged three times the price.

Jim Person 15:55
Gotcha. Okay, let's move on another subject and knife life news. Want to Talk about lion steel. I think we've talked about them occasionally a couple of times where they've got a new slip joint you want to talk about the thrill.

Bob DeMarco 16:09
Yes. You know lion steel out of Italy has has always produced very, very well made, high performance sort of tactical knives and and other kind of folding knives, locking knives. But in the last couple years, they've been on a slip joint tear making these really really nice slip joints. I only have one though, I would like to venture out into the rest of their product range and the slip joints that I have the cold steel gitano I've been talking about a lot recently that it's like a nova high It looks like a Spanish Nova. But they have a new the last slip joint they came out with in 2019. I think it's just dropping now called the thrill. And this really looks like a modern folding knife, except it's a slip joint and so it comes in either an aluminum handle or a sculpted titanium handle and it's got this long slender drop point blade that's it's a it's a beautiful blade, and it's got holes on both sides. Those are called French cut poles. They're not, they're not shaped like fingernails, they're just shaped like long thin slots. And it's m 390 a steal everyone loves and I think is a great idea for EDC because if you're doing light work and you have em 390 and it's sharp, you probably never have to sharpen it or only only very occasionally. Anyway that the two USPS the universal selling propositions of these two knives, our our unique selling propositions of these knives are the solid integral construction so they're, they're milled out of solid pieces of aluminum or titanium which is unusual for a traditional knife. And also they use their HWAYL clip whale clip Which is a interesting system that allows the clip to hide into the inside the handle so that you don't feel it when it's in use. And, yeah, and it doesn't protrude from the side if you're just, you know, carrying it loose in your pocket. But if you want the clip, you press a button on the opposite side sort of pops out of the handle scale, and, you know, you slide it over your edge of your pocket.

Jim Person 18:25

Bob DeMarco 18:26
Yeah. So this is a truly to me, you know, everyone uses the term modern traditional, that's a traditional style knife, slip joint kind of knife in modern materials using modern engineering and design. This is the epitome of modern traditional because the thing it really looks like a titanium frame lock folder, you know, when you look at it, it's just totally modern. It just doesn't have a lock.

Jim Person 18:51
So where does this fall on your list of all the knives you have to buy now?

Bob DeMarco 18:55
You know what, Jim? It's it's not really there. It's not really there. I do want you know I don't have unlimited funds and really you might not know that from my the way the knives come in but I want some more Lionsteel slip joints, but this is low on the list. I want the I want a couple I want their best man. I want the DOM. I want a couple of other ones. Before I would go for this, but I love I love hearing and reading about the innovation.

Jim Person 19:24
Well what do you think about the lion steel thrill slip joint, call the listener line at 724-466-4487. That's 724-466-4487. Leave us your thoughts about lion steel or the lion steals new thriller slip joint what you think if you're going to be buying it, or actually any thoughts, any comments, any questions? We'd love to hear from you on the listener line at 724-466-4487. And regular listeners know that we've made a committed Between Bob and myself that when we get these comments in we'll get them on the next episode of the Knife Junkie podcast so call in let us hear your thoughts. All right Bob finally in knife life news, some interesting Kickstarter news, I guess a new laser edge reader for sharpening knives. And they are already at the time of this recording with just under two weeks left. They are already over there. $8,000 goal for the Kickstarter?

Bob DeMarco 20:28
Nice. Yeah, we talked about this the other night on Thursday night knives. This laser knife edge reader it's a it's a really innovative device by a professional sharpener named Ken Leonard. And really what it does is uses laser technology to read your edge and tell you exactly what angle it's ground. You fit the blade into a thing that looks kind of like a three dimensional protractor. You can even look it up and find it on knife news. Are or elsewhere. But it fits into this frame, a laser points directly at the edge and the edge splits the laser. Now the two beams of the laser that are split shoot off in angle directions onto a demarcated curve that has all the angles on it. And so you can read right away because the angle because the laser is split across your cutting edge and refracted onto a graded surface, you can see exactly what angle you've sharpened to that. You can either listen to that and try and figure out what I'm saying or look at the picture and get it like right away. Right. Anyway. It looks like a really, really interesting system something that edge geeks will will definitely have to get but apparently it says here that the laser can tell you other things to can tell you if your edges dull. If the if the refracted laser beams are fuzzy or, or blurred. That means the edges don't will give you two reflections for a double bevel and convex edges create wider bands of light so this thing is not just telling you telling you what angle it's at. It's telling you the state that your edges in also, which is kind of cool. Anyway, so we did this Kickstarter and while we were talking about it on Thursday night knives, two people, two of the commenters were at least that we know about it at least that we know about dipped out of the show for a minute to go jump on this Kickstarter and order it so yeah, hopefully one of those guys will tell us what they found out. Once they once they receive it.

Jim Person 22:39
Yeah, like I said less than this one two weeks left on that. So again, I think as you said knife news has the story several other knife websites as the story you can find it on the Kickstarter com site as well, but well over the $8,000 goal with still time left for the laser knife edge readers. which according to Kickstarter is a handheld tool for knife sharpeners and users to instantly and easily measure the angle of a nice inch. So there you go. The laser knife edge reader, I mean technology and knives couldn't get any better, but I know

Bob DeMarco 23:18
I know. What you just read could have eliminated the last three minutes of yammering as I tried to describe what that thing was.

Jim Person 23:25
I just wanted to hear you yammer

Bob DeMarco 23:28
put me in the hot seat for a minute.

Announcer 23:31
You know you're a Knife Junkie. If you have your latest knife purchase shipped to your office so your wife doesn't know.

Bob DeMarco 23:37
Speaking of impressive cutting edges. Jim I just received my hinderer Xm 18 spanto reground back from Josh at razor edge as you remember. We spoke to Josh I can't remember what episode he was on. Great guy doing amazing work, modifying knives but mostly regrinding regrinding blades and oh my god, I gotta say So when I sent him this my my hinder Xm 18 span to three and a half inch it was sharp because I made sure it was sharp but it was really kind of a pry bar. I sent it to him I said can you hollow grind out the main bevel and then and then you know leave leave the tip flat ground and make this thing as slicing and sharp as you can. And he sent it back he did beautiful work. I mean just I'll talk about what it looks like first. You see that beautiful hollow ground edge meeting the flat ground edge up at the front. And it is it looks like a straight razor. It's gorgeous. And then he cut a swedge into the top. And then when you look at it from the front, it also looks like a straight razor It is so thinly deeply hollow ground and comes to such a perfect edge. This is now officially my sharpest knife. I mean without without a doubt. I mean, I've been testing and on all the materials I you know I do a lot of zip ties Actually around the holiday season it's like these guys aren't even there in that sort of weird week cellophane they put on meat packages it slices through like it's not even there it doesn't get hung up at all. I bumped it into my finger just like lightly and got a little Nick little cut. This thing is amazing. So I don't know he is turned this knife into something that I cherished and loved because of its legacy. I love that it's made in Ohio. I love that it's handmade. I love the way it looks. I like Mr. hinderer. I like the innovations. I love the toughness of it, but the one thing I didn't like about it was how it cut and now it is just now it's it's up there among my favorite knives. So I can't sing Josh's praises too loudly here does some work and now I'm thinking of what I can send back to him now. Here's the conundrum I'm in but he's he will not do my Xm 24 hours which is what I really want him to do because the value of the knife is higher than he's willing to replace that he has a threshold I can't remember what it is, but this is just above that. But that makes sense. Yeah, it does. I think I will beg him though and say if you mess it up and have to replace it, just replace it up to your threshold and I'll cover the rest because I don't think you'll mess it up and he does such amazing work and I think our other hinders deserve this treatment.

Jim Person 26:19
Well that's razor edge razor Edge Knives dot com if you want to take advantage of any of Joshua's work or check out his website and you're going to listen to that podcast that Bob mentioned, that was The Knife Junkie podcast episode number 39. And you can find that at The Knife slash three nine, The Knife Junkie dot com slash three nine and I want to remind our listeners Bob that you mentioned Thursday night knives live show minute or so ago a couple of minutes ago and I did want to remind everybody that if they want to subscribe to Knife Junkie, his YouTube channel which you can see the Thursday night knives show live on YouTube as well as Facebook and on our webpage but if you want to subscribe to the YouTube channel just go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash Y T subscribe. The

Bob DeMarco 27:14
Thursday Night knives I just gotta say, has become a very valuable experience. It's fun. I love it. I love how you're producing it. It looks great. It looks like a looks like a legitimate news show but about knives. But I have to say in talking to people in both the comments and then also the CO hosts I'm learning so much doing this Thursday night knives. So I really I really hope people start tuning in more and and join the conversation. Because it's a blast. It really is.

Jim Person 27:46
Well, it's it's fun for me to be behind the scenes to and hearing everything going on and really learning that way. But I gotta admit the thing that is really most, most fun and I know that's not proper English, but is getting all the comments from the viewers and we try to put as many of those comments up on screen and, and let you riff on those as best we can. So I think that's what makes the show unique is getting that, that viewer engagement. And if viewers will stay tuned, maybe in the next week or two or a month or so, we'll have an opportunity for anybody watching to join in and actually be on the show.

Bob DeMarco 28:26
How cool would that be? We just roll in a guest. Talk to them get their get their thoughts, and then they dip and we continue. That's an awesome, that'll be great.

Jim Person 28:35
Yeah. So stay tuned to that.

Announcer 28:37
Have a question? Or maybe you just have a comment, give us a call at 724-466-4487 will answer your question on an upcoming episode of The Knife Junkie podcast. That number again, 724-466-4487

Jim Person 28:52
Hey, Bob, before we wrap up the supplemental podcast, one of the things that we had talked about was making sure that We've promoted knife shows and we've been kind of dropping the ball on that a little bit. So I want to take a minute just kind of mentioned a couple of the knife shows. If you want to find any of those, our friends over at knife magazine have the ultimate list and that's where these are coming from knife magazine. com. You can find all the knife shows as well as a club meetings and that kind of thing at night magazine. com slash events. But of course, I want to remind everybody that SHOT Show January 21 through 24th. That's going to be in Las Vegas at the sands Expo, followed right up by the Las Vegas custom knife show, Friday, January 24. That starts at one o'clock a VIP pass gets in at 11am. And it goes on Saturday as well. That's at the palace station, Hotel and Casino Of course in Las Vegas. Then, Saturday, January 25, Sunday, January 26. At St. Louis, Missouri. It's the gateway and Knife club cutlery fair. That's easy to say the gateway area knife club cutlery fair 25th and 26th of January that's in St. Louis, Missouri, information there at their website, Then we moved down to Florida, the sunny state of Florida where it would be nice to be during winter. The Gator cutlery show is a Friday, January 31. through Sunday, February 2 Fridays hours 10 to five, Saturday nine to five, Sunday nine to three. That's going to be at the RP funding Center, which is formerly known as the Lakeland center then in Lakeland, Florida. More information there at Gator cutlery calm and then the spirit of the blade custom knife show in Ohio at the Miami County Fairgrounds and Troy that's March 6 and seventh but again, promoting some of the knife shows from the great list at Life magazine. com slash events and put a special offer out They're not really a special because you can do it at any time. If you have a knife show that you would like to promote the show and organizer of call the listener line at 724-466-4487. Leave a recorded message promoting the show telling folks the hours, the cost, website, all that kind of stuff we'll get into here on the Knife Junkie podcast free of charge. And if you would like to do an extended interview, to talk about your show and promote it again, all free of charge, call the listener line and leave Bob or myself a message with your contact information and we'll get back with you to do the interview and promote that knife show for you. We would love to do that. So Bob, a lot of great knife shows constantly going on that 2020 is our year, man. Yes, the show's knife show. Yes.

Bob DeMarco 31:49
Yes, it is. And for sure. I mean, you know, we were just talking before we started here we have to we have to engage. We have to embark on our blade planning. I am Really looking forward to that I'm really looking forward to meeting listeners and anyone else who's there who's you know, who's in any way engaged with this show and definitely looking forward to meeting the knife makers and industry leaders and such that we've talked to here

Jim Person 32:15
maybe we should plan a listener meetup as we look at the going to blade show

Bob DeMarco 32:20
that sounds fantastic


Jim Person 32:23
if you're interested in doing a Knife Junkie live meetup or whatever you know shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com or call the listener line and maybe we can put something together even if it's just getting together in our hotel room. I was gonna say suite, but hey, I don't want to get carried


Bob DeMarco 32:40
Yeah, Yeah,

Jim Person 32:41
Yeah, that'll be fun. That'll be fun. Cool. All right. Any final thoughts from The Knife Junkie as we round out Episode Number 76 of Knife Junkie Podcast

Bob DeMarco 32:50
No Jim all I would have to say

is don't take dull for an answer sir.

Jim Person 32:54
Thanks for listening everybody to the The Knife Junkie podcast for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco. I'm Jim that movie person Thanks for listening

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