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A Knife Giveaway, Special Live Video Hangout and Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco on Episode 100 — The Knife Junkie Podcast

Bob and Jim celebrate a milestone — episode 100 of The Knife Junkie Podcast — by announcing a knife giveaway (listen to the show for details) and a special live video knife hangout on Saturday, April 18 at noon on The Knife Junkie’s YouTube channel.

The guys also celebrate the 100th podcast by Jim turning the tables on Bob — Jim interviews The Knife Junkie about the podcast, knives and knife collecting and lots more. We hope you enjoy this special 100th episode!

So humbled and honored that this is episode 100 of The Knife Junkie podcast. Thank you so much for your support and for listening! It's been a blast and I look forward to hundreds more! Share on X

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:17
welcome to episode number 100 of the Knife Junkie podcast. I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:22
and I'm Bob DeMarco. Welcome to the show.

Jim Person 0:24
The Knife Junkie Podcast the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie is to learn all about knives and knife collecting. hear from knife designers, knife makers, manufacturers, knife reviewers, anybody who loves knives, you are in the right place, and you are especially in the right place for clap time party celebration. Woohoo. Episode Number 100 of the podcast. Well

Bob DeMarco 0:47
that's right, ladies and gentlemen, Episode 100 100. Jim, I don't think I've done 100 of anything.

Jim Person 0:54
I've had 100 consecutive lunches.

Bob DeMarco 0:57
Yeah, that's that's Yeah,

Jim Person 0:58
there was a meal. But no yeah, this, you know, something like this. It's it's tough to be consistent.

Bob DeMarco 1:06
It is but men this past year and change has been awesome. I've had an opportunity to talk with knife heroes and just people I've always wanted to meet people I've been watching on YouTube people whose knives I've been buying and or just drooling over wanting to buy, yeah wanting to buy. And the funny thing is, and I don't know if I set this up subconsciously as a justification for future purchases, but it seems like everyone I talked to on the podcast after I hang up with them and the interviews done. I'm like, man, I gotta get one of their knives. I gotta figure out how to get one of their knives. And I would say maybe I made that come to pass maybe 50% of the time. Right.

Jim Person 1:47
Right. Well, a little tip then for knife makers out there. If you haven't yet been on the podcast. You may want to get on if you want to sell a knife. But yeah, the podcast started November 5. 2018 It used to be weekly. We were you were interviewing knife makers, reviewers manufacturers all that and there was just so much information to try to get into the, to the our show we typically try to keep it at an hour. And there was other things you want to do to get into so we added the midweek supplement.

Bob DeMarco 2:20
Yeah, well, it's very generous the way you say there's so much information to cover, I think really what it is and it comes down to a verb. We've used a lot here as bloviating to bloviate and to talk at length about a subject and you know sometimes you just like to get going about that new knife you have coming in or you know, I'd like to rattle off the knife drops as I see them on knife news and knife magazine and those were not really fitting in well with the interview show. I have a feeling just as a podcast consumer myself that when I, when I'm tuning into here, an interview with say Ernest Emerson, I don't want to hear Bob DeMarco talking about his new knife. I just want to hear about earnest I want to hear earnest And his own words. So so we broke it out into that supplemental show that we put out on Wednesdays. And the thing I love about that show is that it's totally freeform. Some days, it's just knife drops. Other days we do a first tool, you know, where, where I talk about the history of a certain design or something. And that's just a an investigation. I have no academic, let me put it that way. It's just out of personal interest. I kind of look like the Chris recently, you know, Cold Steel has come out with two fold increases, and that's an unusual blade and a difficult one to make and probably a difficult one to mass produce. And it made me interested in what the actual history was of it. I had a few facts kind of rattling loosely around the brain about it, looked into it and then got a first tool out of it. So I like those. I like the supplemental because it's just an opportunity to sort of freeform talk about knives like I just did, right 60 seconds.

Jim Person 3:58
Well and you know It was kind of an experiment and, you know, I think we're both pleasantly pleased and surprised by the number of listeners that the the midweek show gets, and that folks like it, you know, almost equally as much as the interview shows. So, you know, we will continue doing the midweek and always welcome Of course, feedback, suggestions, things that people would like to see but good opportunity to do some extra knife talking, which I know, you and the more folks in the knife world that I've come to know, enjoy talking about knives and it's not just to hear themselves talk. It's to really talk about the knives.

Bob DeMarco 4:39
Yeah, yeah, it's, it's true. You know, you get enthusiastic about anything together. Yeah. And, you know, you can talk about a sidekick all night with a bunch of martial arts guys. Right, you know, not get bored.

Jim Person 4:53
Well, we teased it last week, I think episode number 100. We're going to have a special announcement or maybe Two or three or whatever, what we would just see what kind of came about. And we do have a couple of special announcements as well as a special guest on the show, then we'll, we'll keep that guest silent for the moment. But we'll tease a couple of the other special things that Bob has put together for a special episode number 100 of the knife junkie podcast and one of those special things that we're doing to celebrate is a knife giveaway, Bob.

Bob DeMarco 5:30
Yes, indeed. You know, I wanted to give away a knife to celebrate this hundredth episode and I was racking my brain there are a lot of obviously great knives out there a lot of ones that I love and a lot of people I've interviewed on this show that I'd love to, I'd love to give away a Medford or an Emerson, that's not going to happen. However, if you were I'd be glad. However, I am going to give away a knife that has special meaning to me and if people have been You know, listening or watching the videos over the past couple of years, you know that I'm a big fan of the cold steel broken skull. It is a very thin, very capable, nicely sized clip point blade, and it is now discontinued, but it's got all of the strength of the tri headlock in that very super slender package. As I've mentioned, ad nauseum here I keep one in my waistband kind of all the time. And you know, when I'm wearing clothes, pants that is

Jim Person 6:35
I can't get that visual out of my head without pants

Bob DeMarco 6:38
with a knife. I mean, you know, not in jammies or sweatpants. And, and, and it's got to have a snaggletooth mF on it. So I'm going to give away a broken steel broken scold steel broken skull with a snaggletooth mF on it for this 100 giveaway. It will not be a pink Cold Steel broken skull now.

Jim Person 6:58
I was gonna say you're not giving Your pink one or you

Bob DeMarco 7:01
know, not my pink one. And as people know, you know, I'm a big fan of that knife for its cognitive dissonance and I have to say I like pink next to black. It's it has to do with having daughters, I think but so I like that knife and Rob Pena from snaggletooth sent me a sent me a pink snaggletooth mF. So I mean, my setup is awesome. But I'm not going to make someone else carry pink just because I like pink. So I'm going to send its od green, broken skull, and it will have a snaggletooth mF on it. Okay,

Jim Person 7:36
so now Well, I was gonna ask how can folks enter to win or how can they get a chance to win this?

Bob DeMarco 7:42
Well, all you have to do because I don't have a complex mind for this kind of contest. We're going to make it simple. All you have to do is email me Bob at The Knife and in the subject line, right Episode 100. Look at that, so that we know And then you can write me a nice little message or not, but your email will be put will be put in a bin in order and then that will be fed into a random number generator in one week. So all they have to do is get that into me by midnight. That's it. Saturday, April 11. At midnight, Bob at The Knife Episode 100 in the subject line, you'll be put in order and then a number generator, and whoever that lucky person is will be announced on the show and I will be sending a broken skull out to you and you know, so far, postage is still working fine. So I'll send it with a with a little wipe in it for you.

Jim Person 8:45
Don't make promises you can't keep up but wipes are hard to come by.

Bob DeMarco 8:48
I think that's good etiquette in this day and age, you know, you send a knife to someone, you put a little alcohol wipe so they can be they can open it up and be sure that

Jim Person 8:56
we're we're particular at least my My wife has particular around the house now whenever we get the UPS packages or those things coming in, you know, we can't set it on the kitchen table like we used to, you know, we have the four year table, that's where we set all the bandages and you know, put gloves on when we open it. I'm like, you know, are we really getting too paranoid about this? You know? I don't think so. But it's sometimes I wonder if we are I don't know. Well,

Bob DeMarco 9:23
it's because this whole situation is so surreal. It's like sometimes like is this really happening? I have those moments. But you know, you have those moments when you have weird things going on. Right?

Jim Person 9:33
Alright, so again, to reiterate, Saturday, April 11. by midnight you need to get your email into Bob at The Knife Junkie calm and put in the subject line Episode 100. That way Bob will know you're sending your email in to enter this drawing for a free broken skull cold steel with the snaggletooth mF attachment if you will, and we will announce the winner on next week's show, which will be episode number 102. So get that entry in and good luck in advance. Hope you win. Alright, also to celebrate Bob, we're going to do or you're going to do a little something special on video as well.

Bob DeMarco 10:18
Yep, yep. Okay, so it's going to be Saturday, April 18. At noon, we are going to have a we're going to have a gathering online of people that we've interviewed and people Friends of the show and we're going to have an online knife hang it will be kind of like it will be kind of like a knife gathering that you might find in your local area people linking up on blade forums or on us and getting together in their localities to show off knives. Well, we're going to do that here on the knife junkie podcast, but it's going to be a live stream on YouTube Live Video live video on YouTube noon on Saturday. April 18. All right, cool. Sounds fun. Yeah, it will be cool and it's a chance to hang out. meet some of the people. We're gonna have a couple of very special guests coming in. We'll have a chance to hear from them briefly. And then also, it's a chance for us all to show off our knives. We'll have I'm sure Alex will join us. Maybe slightly dicey. Some of the some of Zell some of them are show.

Jim Person 11:24
Well, and I was gonna say in the show, like our Thursday night knives show will also be open to anyone that wants to pop in, maybe show off a special knife. Just say hi, I have a quick conversation. We have that capability to bring folks on to the to the live video chat live video Hangout, so all you need is a webcam and and you know, microphone, the webcam mic or whatever. And you can actually join in the show as well.

Bob DeMarco 11:50
Yeah. How cool is that Jim will float it in on screen. We'll have a chance to meet have a chance to talk show off our knives a little bit and then someone else will come to the door. It'll be I'm calling it a gathering of eagles. That's my code word for Jim. Okay,

Jim Person 12:05
Mr. Super spy there. Well as we're all practicing our social distancing This is one way to get together be face to face have a conversation, but definitely will have that social distancing in place since it's all done by remote video. So Saturday April 18 at noon then I've junkies live video Hangout. It'll be until until we finish all the guests we have or folks that want to join in. So there's no scheduled end time. It'll just be a fun time to hang out on a Saturday afternoon and we hope you'll go ahead and put that on your calendar. If you have any questions or you'd like to join in or whatever, shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie comm or call our listener line at 7244664 for 877244664487 and give us any thoughts or feedback. All right, Bob, as we mentioned, we're selling Episode Number 100 today of the knife junkie podcast and I was kind of surprised when I kind of quickly looked at some some statistics right before we started recording today, almost at 40,000 downloads. That's awesome. Yeah, just on the podcast statistics that's not counting listens on YouTube, which we put all the podcast up on YouTube and I know a lot of folks like to air quote, watch it on YouTube, you know, just have the video going and hear the podcast in the background as they're doing other stuff. So I'm thinking where we're at 40,000 already, if not well over with with the YouTube numbers added in so just incredible.

Bob DeMarco 13:40
I love it. I'll take that number. I just, I'm flattered that anyone would would pay attention. And and I know a big part of it is that we we managed to land some pretty awesome guests on the show not to not to toot our own horn but I know people are tuning in to hear from these people and I'm sure they they Like us just fine but really they want to hear from from these makers and these reviewers and said,

Jim Person 14:05
Well, that was the The goal of the podcast when we started was to try to, you know, bring the knife community together talk knives, have everybody be able to share their thoughts, their opinions, feature and highlight knife makers, manufacturers, reviewers, that kind of thing. And I think you've done a great job getting all these folks scheduled over the course of over almost a year and a half and still a lot more folks to talk to man, I don't think we're ever going to run out a guest.

Bob DeMarco 14:32
I don't think so. I mean, you know, just think of anyone, anyone who's listening think of anyone that you would want to hear from and I probably sent you an email and and you know, a couple and I understand people are busy or you know, old emails, get out there or maybe I don't have the right email or whatever. But I just keep sending them out. And that's how that's how some of the guests can Oh, I didn't see this. No, no. Oh, I said it four times, but I'm glad you saw it right this time. So I just saw the fourth one. Yeah.

Jim Person 15:00
But yeah if you if you do have a knife maker knife manufacturer knife friend somebody making knives in their in their basement we'd love to talk to them again shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie comm or call the listener line at 724-466-4487 with any guest suggestions you may have, or honestly Bob any critiques or feedback they have on the podcast, we're always looking to improve and try to get better. So you know if you have some constructive criticism, we'd like to hear it

Bob DeMarco 15:28
Yeah, yeah, just so everyone knows I went to art school I can take it. That's a whole half of what you do is hear people lambaste your work so

Jim Person 15:36
well and all the all the compliments go to me and all the criticism, because I can't handle it. Now. He's

Bob DeMarco 15:42
the guy with the radio voice. Yeah, he's.

Jim Person 15:46
Alright. A lot of good stuff we're trying to do here on episode number 100. And we've, we've purposely held off the special guest because it's a guest who has not been on the podcast before. For as a guest, but this person has been on the podcast before every time. So does that narrow it down? Bob, do you I think I said too much about who our guest today is.

Bob DeMarco 16:15
I don't know, but I have a feeling that he's brilliant and handsome and just a wonderful person overall. So you're interviewing me, Jim, how you doing?

Unknown Speaker 16:24
Hey, no, seriously, we are interviewing Bob today or I am interviewing Bob today. It's kind of a flip. Bob is used to being on the other side of the mic asking questions. today. I'm going to be asking the questions of Bob and we chatted about this several weeks ago and we're thinking you know who would be great to have on episode number 100. Every one of our guests would be appropriate for a 100 Salvatore podcast, but we decided that you know, even though you have gotten the chance to learn a little bit about bomb from the podcast, And from the Thursday night knives video show in his YouTube channel, it'd be a good opportunity to learn a little bit more about The Knife Junkie. So that's what we're going to do. All right. Okay, so you're ready for the grilling.

Bob DeMarco 17:12
Yes, let's get it and people might not know this about Jim because he's Jim is a magnificent interviewer in his own right. I produce a number of podcasts that he does and he's an outstanding interview so I'm excited to be interviewed by you sir.

Jim Person 17:27
Now I'm scared. Hopefully I don't let you down. And you listener as well. But anyway, Knife Junkie podcast. How did this come about? Bob, this idea of of talking knives.

Bob DeMarco 17:41
Well, Jim, you were a huge progenitor of this. You know, at work. You know, you and I as Jim and I work in the same place. And our jobs intersect at podcasting and I have produced many, many podcasts for him over the years and in In the hours and minutes between those podcasts when we've just been talking about personal stuff, you know, you always mentioned that you noticed my love of knives, my obsession with knives and, and that I should do videos. This was back in 2013 he told me I should do videos. I'm like, No one wants to watch my videos I I just like to watch other people's videos. But I started to make some then because you suggested it. And they were pretty good, but I did not have I talked for too long. And I wasn't shocker. As I am right now, I wasn't consistent. I didn't have a schedule. And now Now this was something that you have shown me time and time again because I i veer towards the chaotic and less scheduled just by temperament. And you have a more regiment a regimented sort of Outlook. And you sort of showed me that when you do something like this like a podcast Or a video channel on YouTube, you have to be regular. And being a podcast listener myself, if I don't hear my podcast that I like, coming out with regularity, I start to panic, not panic, but it's like, what am I going to listen to now? And, and, you know, I want to check in with this person and see what's happening, who they're talking to you that. And then at some point you suggested we do a podcast. I don't know if you remember this, but do you have this special interest? And I and now I'm speaking as you I have this special interest in actually producing podcasts, but also kind of cross platform. I don't want to say marketing cross platform exposure of content. So when your interests met my interest, it just seems like a perfect sort of marriage because I don't have necessarily the same interest that you have and you don't have necessarily the same intensity of interest in in the knife thing.

Jim Person 19:56
I remember that lunch well over a couple of slices of pizza. Yeah, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 20:00
At my favorite pizza place that you just don't seem to like, which is bizarre. Yeah. The last name is DeMarco, who you gonna trust in this conversation? Sure. So yeah, Jim, it was it was you and then. But I was like No, no podcast, how many podcasts are we gonna be able to come up with? And then I was I was driving I had to run an errand into DC one day and I was driving back. And I decided to check out a podcast that I had heard mentioned on the Joe Rogan podcast. It was the science podcast. I won't mention it here, but I love it now, but I turned it on. I thought the two guys were total dorks. And I was like, Oh my God, if these guys are doing it, Jim, and I can nail it. So I called you from the car right there as I was listening to this episode of this podcast that I now love. And I said, Jim, I think we can do it. I'm listening to two guys who are such Mamelukes, I think you and I can do it. And that's when we started

Jim Person 20:57
to mama Luke's talking knives. That's right. All right. So what was the purpose, though of this podcast? What did you want to happen? Or come from having a weekly and now twice weekly podcast about knives?

Bob DeMarco 21:12
Yeah, I really wanted to get myself in a position where I could speak to the people whose knives I was buying, you know, and I had seen enough in terms of interviews on YouTube and, and, and such to know that these are interesting people. And people who devote their lives including their livelihood to knives to me is interesting, because that is always a step that that has seemed unrealistic in my own life, but something I've wanted to do, man, How awesome would it be if you know from from dawn to dusk, my whole day was about knives in one way or another, you know, making them of course, I'm a handy guy and I went to art school. So for me, it's always been kind of The idea of eventually having some way to produce a number of knives so I could sell them I I mess around in my own shop here and burn. I'm inconsistent with that lately I've been doing it a lot. But you know, it I am no career knife maker, but I'm fascinated by those who are and so just to kind of get to meet these people and talk to them, see where they come from, and inject myself into that world a little bit. I know that sounds a little self serving, but

Jim Person 22:30
yeah, I just wanted to be part of it be part of the knife world. So what have you learned now over 99 episodes and the the recent Thursday night knives video shows that that you've added into your repertoire of products? What What have you learned?

Bob DeMarco 22:47
Well, I think that it takes an extraordinary Okay, so you know, I've mentioned a couple of times, even in this podcast, how I I have an art school upbringing. You know, I came up through art school and then To succeed at that, to succeed as an artist takes almost an insane amount of dedication and belief in yourself. And by insane, I mean just, you know, the average person might find it difficult to muster that much self confidence to be someone who is putting their entire livelihood into their art. Now, knife making is not strictly art because knives have a purpose, they have the purpose, they are the original tool, you can basically do anything with them. You know, in essence, it's so being a knife maker is a little bit different than being an artist because you have something real to sell. As an artist you only have, you know, your vision to sell and people have to resonate with that vision in a pure and abstract way. You know, you can hand me a knife that I think is ugly and I can still use it. But you know, you show me a painting that doesn't resonate with me and you may as well use it. This Tinder

Jim Person 24:00
But doesn't that get into this question or this debate about form versus function and people collect for two different reasons So can't you as a knife maker have a vision of a knife and somebody not see that vision and therefore not want to purchase it? Oh yes,

Bob DeMarco 24:17
most definitely. But also, I've also seen in myself how your own vision can change how your view of what is. In terms of knives what is a good knife has changed the first time this is the perfect example The first time I saw a med for Praetorian I laughed, you know out loud. I lol that was like, What? You know, is that Come on, right, but really, you're gonna call that a knife. Okay, that's, that's, that's interesting. You know, I like I like when people make bold statements and flash forward five years, I've just, you know, I just bought one and it's on the way At no inconsiderable cost, you know, I've had to move some of the things that I like to get it and, and that is a, a stark sort of example of how my tastes have changed originally, you know, thinking that it was just a an attempt, you know, an attention getter. Look at this knife I made.

Jim Person 25:19
But that evolution, we've talked about that here on the podcast, it's that, that evolution of a collection or a collector, regardless of what you're collecting, you know, I had a few things that I collect and it was always about at the beginning, wanting more wanting a large collection. It doesn't didn't really matter. Yes, quality, I wanted it and then after I started, it was like, Well, I don't want to buy that one because it's not the best quality. I'll wait for the next one. That's better quality that may cost me more, but that's where I'm going. So it's natural.

Bob DeMarco 25:55
Yeah, actually, I see what you're getting at that is that is a continuous process. In my collecting very much, I'm still kind of coming out of the headspace of everything that I find appealing to my eye that I see on YouTube that falls within a certain size parameter I must buy, I must figure out a way to get it so I can have it in hand. But I realized and it takes a little it's taken me a little bit of thought and discipline to realize this, but it's only because there are no knife stores around here. Jim, if I could go into a knife store picks up Mount be like, this is cool, but I don't have to own this. I know, chariot. Right? That would resolve some of that for me. But the idea about you know, I'm seeing a revolution in my collection. I just see flippers on the way out for me. I have a few that I love that I will not get rid of but on the whole flippers and bearings even are on the way out for me to me they're they were an interesting side path for me. And I'm not saying wholesale across The board but I just know in terms of where my tastes really lie across large spans of time, I like things that are more hard use tactical, phosphor bronze thumb study kind of stuff. And it's not because my use demands that it's not because I've been out in the field and those bearings have have seized up in the moment of truth because some grip got in there, it's not none of that. I could see how that could be the case for for an operator, you know, so to speak, but for me, it's just a matter of taste. And, and I've mentioned it before and Rob Bixby called me out on using the word but I am an estate. I like the way things look and feel first, and if I know that it's something capable and if I actually have a use for it, which you know, let's be real people I have, I have a knife with just I have a case with just south of 100 knives in it and you know, really Use some maybe three or four of them get real use.

Jim Person 28:03
And handful those get carried 20 20% 30% Yeah, yeah. And

Bob DeMarco 28:10
then they all get carried every once in a while, you know, I should bring this one out. But now at this point I've been collecting for so long and people have known it for so long that I have knives that I cannot get rid of that I would have gotten rid of. If they weren't gifts, right. If you had bought them, you would get rid of them. Exactly. Exactly. So you're I know I've heard you say this before, so your criteria for not getting rid of a knife. Okay has to be well, gift. Definitely will not get rid of a knife that was a gift. I have a couple of knives. Like, for instance, with knives that I've had for over 20 years like, like my Emerson commander at this point or my cold steel. l lm Bray. You know, I have a couple of knives now at this point. I'm like, why would I get rid of it? I've been toting it around for 20 years now. Can't get rid of it. It's like You know, at this point, now this is gonna sound overblown, but it's like a family photo at this point, why would I get rid of it? You know, it represents a time and a place. And, you know, that's another thing. And this is something I always associated with making art. I can look at anything I've drawn in my whole life. And kind of remember a time and place be like, Oh, I remember what was going on. I remember who I was dating. I remember that, you know, the shirt I liked best at that time. Whatever it is, it's like a marker in time. And knives are kind of similar for me.

Jim Person 29:32
So if a knife has a story, that means you pretty much won't get rid of it or you won't get

Bob DeMarco 29:38
rid of it. Right and now everyone's gonna roll their eyes at this because it is totally corny, but if I've, if it's drawn my blood

Unknown Speaker 29:47
I know it's ridiculous and a lot of them have

Jim Person 29:50
when you open them from the package.

Bob DeMarco 29:52
Yeah, right. Oh, I better stab myself. So I know you're I never get rid of it.

Jim Person 29:56
But you also add personal touches to your knives. I'm assuming also means you don't get rid of them.

Bob DeMarco 30:02
Yeah, yeah, exactly like my, um, my hinders I've gotten, you know, remember Josh from razor edge. He was one of our guests, right? He's, he does awesome, like enhancement work on knives and he'll even re blade knives and now he's making his own knives he just put out a video of US of A fixed blade knife that he's producing. But I sent a knife that I love from Ohio knife maker, Rick Hinderer I love Hinderer knives, and I love that he's from Ohio because that's where I come from. And I had the, the old spinto Xm a team that was like a pry bar. I sent it to Josh he turned it into a straight razor. And I put a different micarta scale on it now I'll never get rid of that knife. You know, there's no reason for why would I Why would I do that? You know Josh just took an amazing knife and perfected it. So

Jim Person 30:55
so if you may be using the corona virus as a good example. So if things went from bad to worse, and you had to get rid of knives, would these untouchables become touchable?

Bob DeMarco 31:09
Okay, Jim, so don't think I haven't thought about this. Okay. You might not know this about me. I know you know this, Jim but I went through, I went through a highly protective phase after my first daughter was born. Some might say, like my wife, a paranoid phase, but, you know, I was spending a lot of time considering various conspiracy theories and, and considering how extremely screwed we were, and I started a policy of acquiring knives that I wouldn't get rid of, in case in the future, I had to trade knives for food or, or anything like that. Open barter market of the post apocalyptic world. So the thought was, these these knives here will be ones I will get rid of last because they mean that much to me. And then I'll go to Walmart, I'll buy a bunch of $1 knives over the camping section. And those will be like my my throwaway knives, my giveaway goodwill knives. And then I'll have a second tier of knives in my collection that I like but that I might have to trade. So this is the this is the kind of multi tiered underwater four dimensional chess I was playing to justify buying all these knives. I've heard that word a lot on the podcast justification for knives. You gotta have them, you have to be well armed with them if you expect to collect something that, you know, it's kind of like collecting crystal penguins at a certain point. It's like, you know, what are you going to do with them? Well, you

Jim Person 32:47
need 100 more. Yeah. So do you what were a couple of the knives that you bought for this post apocalyptic meltdown that you would have on hand to trade for food? Well, you remember

Bob DeMarco 32:59
so when you go to Walmart. Jim, if you go to the camping section, you'll find Ozark Trail knives. They're very inexpensive, but then they have a tear below. They're inexpensive knives that are that are just, you know, they're nice like objects. And they were $2. And there was a time where I bought a whole bunch of them and they're in a box in my, in the attic. And the idea was, those were going to be the ones that I give away first. Okay. But But in terms of post apocalyptic, I figure anything sharpened blady will work for most people, you know, and then I've made an A bunch of them I can't wait to so I don't have to give away my Emerson.

Jim Person 33:40
Alright. So, transitioning from that you're talking about buying knives for the future in case you need to survive or you know, hopefully knock on wood a an unrealistic thing that will happen. But what about buying these knives as investments or clothes to resell for profit later, is that a real thing for you or the knife community,

Bob DeMarco 34:06
it is a real thing for the knife community, it's not much of a real thing for me. Because when I get a knife even if it's one that even if it's one that I don't think I'm going to carry a lot, I still like to carry them initially. And I don't like to worry about brushing up against things with the pocket clip. And, you know, generally my knives stay in pretty good shape because they don't see much actual hard use or anything like that. But the idea if you're going to see a knife as an investment, first of all, I'd say there are probably much better ways to invest your money and to make money. But if you're going to do that with knives with your hobby, you kind of have to keep them extremely pristine. And you also have to hope that the box comes to you in great shape. I feel like you might not get the full experience from the knife if you don't allow yourself to carry it. So for me personally No and and it's an interesting question you raise right now because a knife that I want to get rid of or that I've been thinking of getting rid of to help fund the Praetorian is something that I've been on the fence about for a while. And so I've been carrying it the last few days. It's my react crossroads, by the way, okay, and I got that one from Epic snuggle Bunny, and I've been carrying it and, and of course, the moment you want to get rid of it, it's like, it's like when you decide to get a haircut on that day Your hair looks awesome. It's the same thing with this. It's like now that I'm like, I could probably get a decent penny for this. And I don't carry it but I love it, but I don't really carry it but I love it and I can get good money for it. So I'll carry it for a few days and fall back in love with it. That's what's happening. So when you're using knives as an investment, you have to stay detached. And you know if you want to get more than what you paid for it. First of all, you have to be Johnny on the spot with exclusive drops and stuff like that. So when are sprint runs when Spyderco comes out with a sprint run of one of their knives in some coveted steel you got to be ready to snap a few up and then you also have to be ready to turn them over quickly you know while there's still a hot desire for them and thirdly you have to probably put up with the with the side I from a lot of the knife community a lot of people bristle at that kind of behavior you know there's something coming out that that a lot of people are excited genuinely excited about. But some dude you know who who's home all day waiting for the drop on the website, hitting refresh snaps up a bunch of them is now selling them at a premium. Now a lot of people look sideways at that so you know, like I said, if you want to be quote unquote ruthless and you want to make money on things that are that are really desired by a wide community. knives are probably not the not the savviest place to look. Hmm,

Jim Person 36:56
okay, um, I know I've heard this story With your brother Vic on the podcast, I think I looked it up. That was episode number 74. We had your brother on and told stories I remember a fascinating story about hand grenades. If our listeners didn't catch that, when I would encourage you to go back and I've slash 74 but there was a knife that he had that you coveted that you really wanted was was that the impetus for your your knife collecting interest? Man? i?

Bob DeMarco 37:29
I really think so. And it wasn't even a real knife. I mean, we're talking. You know, we were probably my daughter's age. You know, we were very young. I was four years younger than he was and he had this and you still learn? Oh, yes, that's right. And I still see you're also much better at math. He had this play bowie knife, and it was, it was awesome. It had a black plastic handle, I can still see it. I can still feel it in my hand. Now you can conjure up sensations like that, but Had a clip point blade, it was probably about a seven inch blade. And it was plastic and I've never seen one like it before or since. And this thing was I was not allowed to touch it. Okay. My brother would not I mean, he was one of those things. I see it I see this dynamic play out with my girls. It's just like, I see how much you want this and I'm not gonna let you have it. This is my knife. And I would I would sneak it I would try and and no wasn't you know, my brother would find out he freak. And I love him. He's a generous, awesome guy. But with that knife, man, he was very guarded. So my mom saw this dynamic playing out and she thought, you know, I don't want this to you know, turn into Cain and Abel. So I'll get Bob has his own plastic knife and God lover. She got me a plastic knife for Christmas birthday. And it was cool. And I can still remember that too. It was a clip point and it looked like an Air Force. survival knife if you're familiar with the Ontario stack leather handle hex hex pommel clip point bladed knife it looked just like that in Toy version we're talking the 70s here and I should have been happy to have that but it was not my brother's knife and yeah I kept it and I used it but only begrudgingly because big Vic had this awesome bow he set up a whole lifetime of love for the bow he was it just because it was his or what was it about that toy knife that really set you off? Honestly, I think it was the size it was big and you know at the time Grizzly Adams was on TV and Daniel Boone was on you know, all in rerun, but still and all the real manly men. You know, GI Joe included. The 11 inch version, by the way, carried a knife on their hip. If you're a man you carry a knife on your hip, and that that knife might be used to, to to start a fire might be used to cut a bar, kill kill. Bear or to get in a fight, you know, if you run out of ammunition. So, you know, a man carries a knife and and Vic's knife was bigger and I wanted it dammit.

Jim Person 40:09
Well, maybe we'll be on the quest to help you find that toy knife that will that you could get one day.

Bob DeMarco 40:15
You know there's a there's one that this conversation is making me think of that is on my dresser and it's a it was my grandfather, my mom's father's knife and he was an outdoorsman, and carpenter and I mean he could build anything. He was a renaissance man. He built his own house, which was fortress, like up in New York. And he had a knife that I now have, but it was in his workshop. He had the perfect workshop. It was beautiful. It had every single tool known to man, all neatly organized and and he had, you know, bushels of wood and he could make anything on the spot. Anyway, he had a knife hanging in his right by the door in his shop and It was a I think it's a marbles, I have to look at it again, it was made in New York only in New York. And it's a skinning knife with a stack leather handle. And it's old and it says on the side, his last name which was to new rally. And then it says 1937 and you know, carve it kind of etched in the leather sheath. And this knife is a scanner and it has a symmetry like a swept blade. It's really cool only about four inches long or so and and I keep it as a representation of my grandfather on my on my dresser but there's a little mythology behind this. He told me a once that he's skin to bear with it, but I, I didn't know what skinning meant. So I thought I'd build a bear with it. I think like went toe to toe. And even though I'm older now and I know that that's not the case. That's still what that knife means to me. So

Jim Person 41:50
yeah, yeah. It's those kind of things that formed that formed it. A love of this stuff. It's interesting how just a story just kind of Memory attached to a thing. Yeah, you know, can kind of bring it to life if you will. Yeah. So from this plastic knife, you know, high school college, where did this progression happen? Where did this kind of come about? Do you remember the first knife you actually bought?

Bob DeMarco 42:18
Well, I remember the first knife I bought that was one hand open and had a clip and I'll get to that please remind me of that in a minute but right through high school and middle school I was you know, I was not the coolest guy. Right. And I know it's crazy. And friends of mine and I would would have bb gun wars in the woods and and you know, we you know, we listen to music that that the other kids in our school didn't listen to and, and I got some mall ninja knives. I got into that. But then my good friend Mike, who owns the Broadway cyclery in Bedford, Ohio, shout out to Mike showed me the cold steel tanto This was 1986 or something like that. And it goes through car doors. This guy's in the CIA carry this and like all this mythology behind it, and I'm like, and I had never seen a tanto before, you know, Lynn Thompson pretty much dusted off and recreated that design for the American market. And I was like, What is this crazy blade looks like a samurai sword. So I built this whole mythology around the cold steel tanto. And then when I was a senior in high school, or a junior in high school, I bought one and it was 115 bucks. I remember and I was like, holy shit. My parents find out they're gonna kill me. I spent 115 but but you know, I had a job at that point. So yeah, it That was the first big knife and and and that thing has been in my bedside table ever since still is today.

Jim Person 43:42
I was gonna say you probably still have that one.

Bob DeMarco 43:44
Yeah, that one's is always close. But the first modern folding knife, you know, with the clip and with the one handed opening that I bought, I got in 90 1995 are somewhere between somewhere between 1993 and 95. And I was living in Philadelphia, and I went out to a mall, the King of Prussia Mall, and there was a knife store there and I saw it was a fury knife. I don't know if anyone remembers this brand fury. It was Japanese. And it was cool. It had a very high it looked like a Persian blade swept. It had full fully serrated blade had a thumb stud and it was tipped down only. And I carried it on my belts. So I had the the body of the blade under the belt and the clip running over it. And I was an early adopter, man 1993 through five I was walking around with a knife all the time, this fury so cool. And I ended up giving it to my cousin, Tony. So I think Tony still hopefully he still has it. Hopefully that's a bit of history right there.

Jim Person 44:53
So it was that was that to use or just to show like, hey, look at my knife on my head. That was well done. You know I just started martial arts so that was to use you know in combat on the streets all those many fights you get in Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 45:08
thank the heavens. nothing ever happened to me on the main streets affiliate because, you know, you wouldn't be talking to me right now.

Jim Person 45:14
How did you go from that to this massive collection isn't just something you're you you saw in a knife magazine or saw online and later years and just just kind of crept up on you and kept growing and growing.

Bob DeMarco 45:28
You know what it was? Jim? It was YouTube. It was YouTube that did it to me. Yeah, YouTube. Yeah. Yeah, it was a by the way that voice was from Chinatown, the movie Chinatown. That was a specific character. I was imitating not just anyone from Oklahoma. But anyway. So it was years that I was just sort of in dribs and drabs, getting getting knives coming in, and then the internet came along and I discovered Emerson and I bought one of those and bought a couple of cold Steel's online, but it was it was around 2000 what was 2008 when I discovered nothing, nothing fancy on YouTube and he nothing fancy in his videos and not just as analysis which is, which is good and and at that point was like the only person I'd ever seen break down and review a knife. It wasn't just the information he was passing along but it was the actually sitting there and staring at the knife being manipulated in his hands for 10 minutes. At that point, you could only put 10 minutes on YouTube. That was a big seller. I'm a very visual guy. I'm like God, I'm looking at this knife for 10 minutes. I gotta have it, you know, I got it. So that really it was YouTube and those nothing fancy videos at first and then and then I branched out from there. But it was watching other people talking about knives and reviewing knives and holding them and opening them and hearing them and the whole sensory experience online that that really got me hooked, you know and then and then the ease of internet buying gym.

Jim Person 47:00
All right. makes it so easy one click and

Bob DeMarco 47:03
yeah, and if you have, you know, this, now that I'm a responsible adult, I can't do this, but there would be times where I'd be like, hmm, now that I have a couple of drinks in me, maybe I should look at knife center.

Jim Person 47:15
That's a dangerous comment.

Bob DeMarco 47:18
Right? So easy to hit, hit submit and then go Oh, no, I didn't mean that. I'm

Jim Person 47:24
on the way now. Right. Nothing I can do about him. I was lucky. But yeah, so the knife porn, if you will, on YouTube, does that go back again to not having a knife store you could go visit and actually feel it and see it and get that sensory feeling.

Bob DeMarco 47:41
Yeah, I do. I think that's a big part of it. I really do. For a while my attitude it was it was unconscious, but my attitude was like, This is the DeMarco Museum of knives and I must have representation of all designers and all makes and all types and lock designs and blades shapes. And this and that and, you know, it's for posterity, like that would be part of my again justification for buying it. Well, I don't have any worn cliffs that are multi, you know, that are compound ground and titanium frame with this deal. So I better get this, right. Luckily that sort of super acquisitive point of view has begun to melt away and I'm really focusing on what I like and realizing I don't have to buy it. I don't have to own it or even touch it and feel it to appreciate it. I almost bought the CJ RB that's best Tech's best tech budget line. There's a knife that has a really cool blade shape, but I know it's too small I'd never carry it and it's just not in the premium setup. I want I know I'd never carry it. I almost bought it. I stopped myself. Jim discipline equals freedom is Jocko willing says and you know that discipline to not buy that knife, put those funds in another fund to buy something better? Well, I know I'm kind of being tongue in cheek here, but it's something that can get out of control and you know I bet I bet it does from time to time for people

Jim Person 49:05
I'm sure it does and you know there's nothing wrong with collecting and you know spending your money As long as you're not neglecting yourself or your family needs and those kind of things you know you got to kind of put a fine line on that collection you mentioned blade length and I know some folks have heard some of these things before in past podcast but I want to kind of put it together right here in one one synopsis if you will, one capsule, but is your ideal for collecting blade length, handle material, knife, blade style, etc. What What is

Bob DeMarco 49:38
okay, you're collecting collection. So my this this would be the ultimate knife. Forget the design, forget the maker or make titanium frame lock. With my carta on the show side, three and a half to four inch blade but preferably way up towards the foreign side. I love s 35 vn for its ease and and for the ease of sharpening and and that kind of thing and a, you know, a nice clip, but really for me it's it's, I am becoming not necessarily a material snob but I know that I really like titanium. I really like titanium frame locks, not just because that's what the finest knives are made of, but but because I just really like that format. I love the material of titanium, but I also love my carta. And if I'm gonna carry it, it's got to be three and a half or over. That's just a taste thing. I can't explain it.

Jim Person 50:43
Is there an upper limit on what you would carry? So it has to be over three and a half but

Bob DeMarco 50:49
okay, I never carry my seven and a half inch folding XL a spot. That is a gigantic knife, but I've carried six inch, the six inch Cold Steel knives and, and can easily carry the five and a half inch folding Cold Steel so no I have no upper end. And if it were friendly or you know if it were more legally accepted I'd walk around with insane stuff. I mean, you know, not because I feel I need it but just because I like it, you know, just because you could. Yes and you know, a woman a woman on any day can pick a beautiful scarf that she thinks, you know, enhances her neckline or what have you or her outfit and can go out with it. Well, you know, maybe someday there will be a time where a man can be like, I think I'll just put on this eight and a half inch bow II blade because it really complements this plaid I'm wearing today

Jim Person 51:44
goes with my boots.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Yeah, it goes with my boots

Jim Person 51:46
and my belt buckle. Yeah, accessorize with a knife. You know what I'm talking about. So accessorize with a knife pocket jewelry, versus what a knife is made for. Were to kind of stand on that Form versus function kind of thing.

Bob DeMarco 52:02
All right Jim Well, this is this is exactly where my mind is right now because I have gotten rid of much of my pocket jewelry and it's hard to do because and I'll define it for me my pocket jewelry for instance I just got rid of just sold off my Wi Fi 609 it was a giant four inch purple Warren Cliff purple and black wardenclyffe beautiful, beautifully constructed everything about it great but just a little bit frivolous you know and I realized that you know, my my, my knife collecting in and of itself is just a little bit frivolous However, with my tastes it's it's I like that more combat II thing so the purple knife had to go, never got carried it got it got a nice sum for it to put towards something a little bit more in my in my wheelhouse. So yeah, the pocket jewelry. is is is almost all gone. From my collection, I am keeping. Now I have a couple of borderline pocket jewelry knives I would say that the Todd knife and tool malware made by best tech and the and the Roxy for made by we both very serious knives you could use them tactically you know all day long. However, their designs are so designing and futuristic that they they do veer into the pocket jewelry realm, but I'm not going to get rid of them because they have a sentimental value but be they flex enough into the you know, a space age Viking weapon realm that that they still have a place in my collection kind

Jim Person 53:38
of scratch both it both itches for you that functional tactical as well as the beauty in the style if you will,

Bob DeMarco 53:45
exactly without going full pocket jewelry. Now, I have to make one caveat to this gym, which is the realm of customs I know I frequently bust on the aesthetic of a lot of customs where you have how many Flex materials complex visual pattern materials like carbon fiber is next to mocha tie next to Damascus steel you get all these patterns I call it the Mr. furley effect. If you remember Mr. Earley from Three's Company, you know he always had a plaid tie and a polka dot shirt and another plaid pants he just had crazy patterns and that's what I think of when I see a lot of custom knives. However, there are some incarnations of those kind of Mr. furley knives that I love. You put a Damascus blade next to you know a titanium bolster next to a beautiful ivory or not ivory. When you call it stag natural materials mixed with these other kinds of alloys. I do find that very appealing. So for me, pocket jewelry will come back into the collection but it will be when I'm getting an RJ Martin custom or it'll be when I'm getting a some sort of like fancy fancy custom you know by a maker I'd like

Jim Person 55:00
gotcha. Okay, last couple of minutes, we're going to kind of wrap it up here. I'm not going to do a speed round like you normally do. But we'll, we'll try to get some shorter answers more concise answers as we go through these. And I'm going to put you on the, on the spot here with a couple of questions that honestly just kind of come to mind as I'm thinking about it. I've been thinking about this one. I know this one's maybe going to get you into trouble. Favorite knife manufacturer favorite company. And you could go top three or if you wanted to,

Unknown Speaker 55:31

Bob DeMarco 55:33
Could be

Jim Person 55:35
you know, we are on the clock here, Bob.

Bob DeMarco 55:37
Yes. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, okay, I gotta be 100% honest, the Emerson cold Steel's et, though. I mean, you said I could I could do it like that. So I'll do it like that. If I if I have to bring it down to one and this includes not just their product, but their their mythos and, and the people behind it. I'd say Emerson.

Jim Person 55:59
All right. So favorite blade style shape?

Bob DeMarco 56:04
The booy, booy. booy. booy and the Warren cliff. Okay, so Bowie Bowie first Warren Cliff second, I like Bowie for its utility and I like the fact that it's American. Okay. That's American. Yeah, me fills me with pride good. Least favorite. A sheep's foot even though I like them on a on a slip joint a sheep's foot has no stabby potential knife has to be potential to me.

Jim Person 56:34
Okay, so that's the Knife Junkie criteria, the stabby Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 56:37
yeah. Must be able to thrust as well as

Jim Person 56:40
okay. And does that relate to the martial arts?

Bob DeMarco 56:42
Yeah, to me, and and there's plenty of stuff you can do without thrusting but I it when I'm when I'm when I'm doing my shadowboxing with a knife. I'm always

Jim Person 56:53
okay. you've answered the the form or function question we've gotten into that before. And you've talked about fitting blades and folders but right now fixed or folder

Bob DeMarco 57:04
right now folder. I just I'm fascinated, fascinated by him even though if I had to just pick one for the rest of my life it would be it would be a fixed blade. Yeah.

Jim Person 57:12
Well I was gonna ask and maybe you already answered this with the Emerson knife what would that be as you ask in your speed round your desert island knife

Bob DeMarco 57:22
so yeah my my Okay, can we do a desert island folder and a desert island fixed blade?

Jim Person 57:27
Hey, it's your show. Oh, wow.

Bob DeMarco 57:30
All right, so my my desert island fixed blade. With the information I have right now. With the knives I've experienced would be my cold steel trail master buoy. That thing is just gnarly and will handle anything. And it's old. Mine is over. 20 years old. I don't even know what it's made out of, but it kicks out. And then the

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Okay, okay, I'm getting there.

Jim Person 57:57
You see how tough this is? When you ask people this question. Yes, it is.

Bob DeMarco 58:00
Okay, I guess I would say my Emerson commander, because it was kind of the one that started at all. The high end buying

Jim Person 58:08
biggest regret about a knife. You did not buy

Unknown Speaker 58:15
a knife you wish you had bought

Bob DeMarco 58:17
when it came out? Oh, I see. I see. Let's see. I do wish

Bob DeMarco 58:32
Oh, okay, this is gonna sound funny to you. But there are a couple of cold Steel's that I kind of wish I got when they came out the twist master. I don't know if you know what this is. It's like their version of an open l it's like an open l on cold steel steroids. I really wish I got that when it came out. I know you can find them now but they're their money. I don't want to spend on a cold steel twist master. Yeah, love that. And there's what there's one other thing It's the Bushmaster the cold steel, big Bowie Bushmaster. They don't make it anymore either.

Unknown Speaker 59:04
Darn. Right.

Jim Person 59:07
So I'll twist that around biggest regret of a knife you did buy, you're like you bought it anyway. Why did I buy this? Was it one of those should you bought when you had a couple of drinks or whiskey?

Bob DeMarco 59:18
Yeah, yeah. I'm kind of that way with the with the zero tolerance 0055 the Gus cine the SLT the one that I say it looks like a stealth fighter. It's cool. And I and I've tried to sell it so many times, but it's so it's cool. And I like it. And I'm like, I guess I'm glad I have this. But I didn't need to spend that money. You know, it was one of those things where it was discontinued. It was like, Oh my god, I better get this or I'll never have the opportunity to get it right. Let me tell you everybody when ZTE discontinued something that only means they're coming out with a different configuration of it. You'll be able to get it in blue and black or Tiger stripe or something. So don't don't sweat it.

Jim Person 59:58
Like I did. Good. advice from The Knife Junkie, what's something I haven't asked you Bob something you were prepared for me to ask or that I didn't ask you or maybe just something that we haven't talked about in 100 episodes of The Knife Junkie podcast that you think would be interesting for our listeners to know

Bob DeMarco 1:00:18
Well, I would like to say this and this is a I know I bring it up in passing and I and I make it seem like it doesn't mean much to me. But I do design and draw knives a lot and I and and then I make them out of steel and I have them professionally heat treated and so I slowly produce knives and I draw them and and I make it seem like it doesn't mean much to me, but it does and every time I finished a knife it makes me feel great and I I'm gonna say it right here I at some point, want tops to make one of my my designs or you know, I I want to have something mass produced that I've created because, you know, I like this one knife that I carry with me all the time I call it the Liberator. It's kind of a lofty name, but it's a great fixed blade knife. It's it's very capable four and a half inch bogey that stashes on your person very easily. And I think I think it could have a life outside of my own pants. sounds terrible. But, uh, so maybe people don't know this about me. But I do actually take the drawing, the designing and the and the making when I have a chance to making to make these knives. I do take it seriously. I love it. I love the way it feels when I'm actually working on them. And they're imperfect. And I don't spend nearly enough time to make them as good as the knives of the people I'm talking to, but I am inspired to keep trying. And so maybe in the future, you'll see more of this stuff come out from me.

Jim Person 1:01:56
And finally, what can we look forward to Bob in the next 100 f episodes of the knife junkie podcast are future episodes of Thursday night knives. what's what's in store for The Knife Junkie?

Bob DeMarco 1:02:08
Well, I would like to continue to that. I mean I have I still have a roster of designers both legendary and up and coming that I want to talk to. And so that's kind of a constant thing. I'm constantly reaching out to people and scheduling and doing all that so you'll see more great. You'll see in here more great interviews. With Thursday night knives, I would like to start bringing some of the people I'm talking to in on the action. We've done this a little bit slice and dice he came on Alex is a Alex to so of Alex's knife box is a regular contributor as is L he's a regular co host. These guys are great. I would love to have them and then bring in an Ernest Emerson or bring in an errand golf or, or whomever to have it a little less formal but they're not with us and we can ask them questions and it can be kind of interviewee but it's also kind of a hang. Hang out for 15 minutes with Ernest Emerson on Thursday night knives. He'll be joining us from 915 to, you know, something like that. That's the kind of thing I'm looking forward to in the next year.

Jim Person 1:03:16
All right, so a lot of great plans ahead for the knife junkie podcast and Thursday night knives with Bob The Knife. Junkie DeMarco. Bob, thanks for letting me interview you on your podcast, man. It's been a fun I learned a little bit more about you, even though we've been friends for years.

Bob DeMarco 1:03:32
The pleasure is mine, Jim. And it's, of course, it's an honor to be interviewed by you. And, and then just to just to sit and talk about myself to people who are listening. It's an honor if you've listened this long, I appreciate it.

Jim Person 1:03:44
Well, and I want to remind you that Bob is giving away a cold steel broken skull, not a pink one. But it'll also have the snaggletooth and that winner will be announced next Sunday. On this episode. The interview episode of The Knife Junkie podcast all you have to do is send Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie calm enter Episode 100 and the subject line and you'll be entered into a random number generator drawing to to win that nightfall and celebration of The Knife Junkie, his 100th episode. Bob, final word. Final thoughts, thoughts? Final takeaway from the interview? If you will, that's one of the questions I always ask you for your other interviews? Well,

Bob DeMarco 1:04:26
I have to say like, I've just just in reflecting over the experience of doing these 100 episodes so far, it has been a real growth experience for me, I mean, it's pushed me out of my comfort zone in a lot of ways. And and you Jim have have been instrumental in that. And I very much appreciate that and all the work you've done on this show to make it sound awesome and professional. And, and it's just been such an awesome experience. And you know, you and I have had a working relationship going into this but our relationship has deepened so much from doing this podcast and I also feel like your knowledge and interest in knives has deepened beyond just the resale value or that or the right the interest that you came into it and I just feel like I've met a lot of great people listeners and so I'm just grateful and happy for this opportunity

Jim Person 1:05:22
and I thank you Jim man for making it happen. Not a problem Thank you Bob for spreading your knowledge and sharing the wealth of information you have about knives with Knife Junkie is a knife newbies like myself and we will continue this Knife Junkie podcast train as long as we can. That's The Knife Junkie podcast at The Knife Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Or you can also catch the shows on YouTube at The Knife Junkie. COMM slash YouTube. We put up the podcast on YouTube there so you can air quote, watch while you work or do some Other things

Bob DeMarco 1:06:01
before we sign off I just want to say if I haven't yet thank you to everybody who listens to actually spends the time on this podcast. It's because of you that we keep doing it and it's such a pleasure meeting you when you when you email me and stuff like that. So thank you thank you. Thank you to everybody who listens to this podcast

Jim Person 1:06:20
can't say anything better than that and just echo that Thanks. Thanks for being with us Episode Number 100 of the knife junkie podcast so for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim the knife newbie person. Thanks so much for joining us.

Announcer 1:06:32
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast comm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm you can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie calm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but Knife Junkie comm slash Facebook and If you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie comm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487. And you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of The Knife Junkie podcast.


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