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U.S. Marine Corps veteran Alex Tissot joins Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco on episode #50 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. Alex T. as he’s known is a knife collector, YouTube knife reviewer (Alex’s Knifebox) and co-host of the “Sharp Talk” knife podcast.

Alex and Bob talk about his Marine Corps background, his entry into knife collecting and its evolution and do a lot of name dropping about brands and models of knives. There’s also a lightning round at the end where you’ll learn if Alex is a form or function guy.

Alex from Alex's Knifebox on YouTube joins me this week on The Knife Junkie #Podcast. It's a great conversation about his Marine Corps background, how he started collecting knives, the evolution of his collection and lots more! Share on X

Be sure to call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any questions or comments on today’s show.

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Here’s the episode of “Sharp Talk” featuring Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco.


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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:16
Hello fellow Knife Junkie Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast episode number 50. Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:22
and I'm Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, welcome to the podcast.

Jim Person 0:25
Welcome to monumental episode number 50. Bob in the podcasting world number 50. Number 100. Those kind of things are our milestones, monuments, if you will. So I know we kind of mentioned it on episode 25. But Episode Number 50 minute

Unknown Speaker 0:40
doesn't seem like that long ago. No, it doesn't. It doesn't at all. Actually, I it makes me think of my new year's resolution to be more consistent about things and I had I had these different ideas of how I would do that. But it ends up that it's through this podcast that I'm fulfilling my new year's resolution for 2019. So let's

Unknown Speaker 0:56
say we go glad we can help

Bob DeMarco 0:59
you Like we're just getting started, Jim.

Jim Person 1:01
Yeah, absolutely. Well, I want to remind you that today's podcast is brought to you in part by the 14th edition of knives. 2020 man, it's a awesome book 40th anniversary 14th edition, if you will, it showcases blades of every class every style, more than 800 full color images along with descriptions of the makers who created them. The knives book bomb is a mainstay in the in the knife world, if you will.

Bob DeMarco 1:28
Yeah, it is it's one of those books that over the years. If I dipped into borders books, which no longer exists or Barnes and Noble, I would always gravitate towards that book and hang out in the stacks for you know, half hour just looking at all the new knives. I've seen that seen that I have that. And yeah, just it's a great book.

Jim Person 1:47
Well and you can get your copy now it just came out I think earlier this month, knives 2020 the 45th edition, you can get it by going to The Knife slash knives. 2020 that's The Knife Junkie. dot com slash knives to 020 and get your brand new hot off the press edition of knives. 2020. And Bob before we go any for any further, a little bit of sad news and the knife world. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Well, Pete Gerber, the founder of Gerber knives passed away this past week. And, you know, Gerber has has a long and storied history. In my own personal life. My dad had a sort of their version of the 110 folder back in the 70s. And it was a great, amazing folder I would used to have to like get up on my tippy toes to reach the shelf, where it was when my dad wasn't around so I could pull it out of the sheath. Amazing knife. So, Pete Gerber started the company in 1939. With his dad, they had an advertising agency and one year as a as a sort of gifts to their clients. They sent out a custom made knives, and people love them. And that same year, the brand took off as a knife company. And in a little twist of irony, Abby Africa Crombie and Fitch was one of the first companies to to add Gerber knives to their catalogs now, if you go to the mall today and go buy Abercrombie and Fitch all you'll see a giant posters of sort of pre pubescent models like hanging out half nude, but back in the day, it was kind of a serious outfitter and, and you could buy all sorts of outdoor gear. Anyway, under Pete Gerber's rain. He brought in Bob loveless, the legendary knife maker, as a lead designer, and they were the ones who who really pioneered injection molding handles with the LST folding knife. So I mean that they sort of helped usher the folding locking knife world into the modern era. And all of that was under Pete curbers watchful eyes. So it's, it's sad to sad to see a legend of the industry go, right.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
Well, we mentioned earlier this is episode number 50 of the podcast a milestone if you will, but some news about the podcast Bob that we want to share but we'll share that after this great interview that you had with and encourage everybody to stick around for that because you want to hear it but after after the interview with Alex from Alex is nice box will will will hear that news about the podcast. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Alex is one of my buddies online he's he's he's really my first close knife friend that sounds kind of goofy. And and he sort of epitomizes the knife community to me he's he's really generous and outgoing and and like everyone else I've met so far in this in this podcast. He's always looking to reach out and make bridges and talk to people about their knives and he reached out to me early on, and we've just been back and forth online. endlessly. He's got a beautiful collection. And he also epitomizes that reducing refined we've been talking about thanks to Epic snuggle Bunny, you know, he, he like me has a voracious at appetite for knives but it's not about necessarily the brand or what have you. It's the beautiful designs you know he'll he'll do anything from a CRKT peeler to you know Crimson mo Norsemen and everything in between and so it's just a real love of knives and we we had a great conversation we it's like a sewing circle you know, to two guys just talking about knives we could keep going and going.

Jim Person 5:22
How would you know about sewing circles? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 5:26
I grew up in the 70s I saw my Grandma Grandma and Grandpa. I mean my grandma and mom and sister hanging out just chit chatting. Okay, there you go. Well, we want to encourage fellow Knife Junkie that are listening to subscribe to Alex's nice box YouTube channel and will have the link to his channel in the show notes and that'll be found at The Knife slash five zero The Knife Junkie comm slash 50 Alex also is part of a great knife podcast called sharp talk. And he and his co hosts invited me onto their show a couple weeks ago and we hadn't asked absolute blast it was almost went three hours and we were talking about everything under the sun The show has a great format and we talked about that a bit in the interview too.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Yeah And we'll also try to actually put that on the show notes page as well so The Knife Junkie com slash five zero Knife Junkie comm slash 50 so without further ado, let's get to it Alex from Alex's nice bucks you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
If you've got questions or comments call the 24 seven Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4487

Unknown Speaker 6:36
I'm here with Alex T of Alex's knife box Alex his knife box is a new and growing YouTube knife channel and it's it's really killing it and Alex is killing it with his ever improving collection. Alex is also a host of sharp talk, another knife podcast and I recently came on the show and and spoke with him and his compadres and I had an absolute blast, Alex, thanks for coming on the Knife Junkie podcast.

Alex Tissot 7:03
Thanks for having me, man. Really, really excited to be here.

Unknown Speaker 7:06
I had such a good time on sharp talk. I think you guys have a great combination of temperaments, personalities, expertise is and passions. How did that all come together? When did you guys start doing that?

Alex Tissot 7:20
Thank you very much for the compliment. Really appreciate that. We definitely are different characters, that's for sure all of us. But truthfully, the way it came about is I started listening to podcasts on my own, probably, I don't know maybe like about a year ago, and including yours, the night nuts, podcasts and a couple other of them and I just thought to myself, man, this sounds like a great thing to do have some fun. I'm sure I'm not gonna be as good as the rest but you know, so I hit up one of my buddies that I talked to on Instagram and Facebook. And, you know, I just flat out asked him like, Hey, what do you think about doing a podcast? And he said, Sure. That's Tom from hosting outdoors. And then so Originally, we try to come up with a group of people. Jarrow, Gerald from Florida who runs outpost 76 on YouTube does a lot of knife testing and he does a lot of like knife reviews and such. So both him and Tom do a lot of like steel testing. And that's kind of the part of the knowledge that I'm less familiar with and the sharpening more on the collectors aspects more like the, you know, the designs and the locks and who makes what, and then they said, Well, hey, let's have a fourth person. And then so they said, Have you ever heard of super steel Steve? Like, you know, I really haven't seen his channel, but let me try Come out so I checked them out I'm like, Whoa that guy's the character

Bob DeMarco 9:07
of a long let's do it. But then it's been we've been part of a podcast and everybody said yes let's roll and we've been doing it ever since. You guys seem like like brothers up there or maybe cousins you know your your ribbing each other but you're also but obviously there's major love, but also you all seem to know when to step in on a topic you you guys have a great format you have a what's in your pocket which we will get to you sent me an instinct you sent me a text Today Show me what you mean. And just about fell out of my seat. But you know, you talk about what you're carrying and then you talk about new knives and I loved that aspect. I love that aspect of your show and I love being included in that. Where a town floats up a new note from whomever we talked about spider man we talked about the the gold class crooked river that was some that was some good dialogue, though. Yeah, yeah, I mean, that's just really like the fun part. And we try to make it a little bit less formatted at first. And, and me being the way I am I'm like, well, we need structure guys, we need to have segments and we need to have a system down and and it just kind of is some of those episodes are cluster F.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
But you know, we get through it and they're very long. And but we just talked about what we enjoy, you know.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
So you were the one craving structures that duty or Marine Corps background tell us tell me Oh,

Unknown Speaker 10:36
yeah, so I did four years in the Marine Corps field artillery.

Unknown Speaker 10:39
before you continue. I want to say thank you for voluntarily taking that on and fighting for my freedom and my family's freedom. That is greatly appreciated. No one told you no one made you go do that. You did that on your own. And it's greatly

Unknown Speaker 10:54
appreciated. My Thank you, man. Thank you. It's It was a pleasure serving this damn Fine country

Unknown Speaker 11:01
tell you that. So you were in artillery?

Unknown Speaker 11:03
Yes, yes, big cannons. I shot 155 millimeter howitzer. You know, we blew stuff up and I actually that's really what kicked off my need for a knife. When I was younger. I know some people had grandpa passing down a pocket knife. I came from a lineage of military and my family goes back generations and generations originating more in Europe. But, you know, being in America, you know, I walked into the recruiters office, and, you know, I look for the coolest uniform in the Marine Corps was the way So, but yeah, so when you when you serve in the millet in the Marine Corps artillery units, you basically have a five ton truck full of Marines to operate this big cannon. And there's these big pallets with these extremely Thick ropes that are tied around them. And you basically got to use knife as a pry bar, which everybody loves to hear. You know, and I broke countless knives in the Marine Corps, which eventually made me want to buy more expensive ones. And at the time for me an expensive knife was a $80 crucial. Ah, but yeah, in the early 2000s, your Kershaw was pretty respectable knife and, you know, you know, I think

Unknown Speaker 12:28
I would still find that an $80 Kershaw expensive, but No, I'm just kidding. But they are. They're fantastic knives. So so you broke a lot of knives. What about the ones? What about what was issued to you?

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Oh, I got a K bar. Okay, that's that that was issued to me. I had a very old hammy down bayonet that was given to me too. And that's pretty much all they gave you. You know, you kind of Marine Corps is the military group that does more with less, you know, the We get the leftovers of all the Uncle Sam supplied stuff.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Yeah, like they're still flying the the Cobras, right? The Huey Cobras. Absolutely still making good use out of that airframe.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Well, and that's funny, you know, I didn't I heard that going on from Boot Camp MCT and all my other training. And I didn't really realize it until I got to the point where I went to Field Artillery School. And you know, so we're showing up we're training this huge cannon. I'm like, Wow, this is amazing. And, you know, I kind of look over now I did my training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where most artillery schools kind of our center and when I went there, you know, we show up in our truck, all the Marines Get out, get ready, spread the cannon dig the space. And I look over to the left. And I'm like, What in the world is that? And I see the our army unit. It was two guys. One guy was in the driver's seat of a truck. And then they had this lifted up kind of rocket loaded, propelled, self propelled system going on. And then there was a guy in the back shooting the rockets from the back of the truck, two guys rocket assistant propelled stuff and I'm like, What in the world is that? They're like, Oh, that's their artillery. I'm like, Oh, so like 20 guys with an old school can get the rocket assisted crap.

Unknown Speaker 14:24
Yeah, you're taking those big long tampers and shoving it down the barrel to make sure that the powder is packed in and they've got rockets.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
So do you remember any of the What did you break? Do you remember what you may have broken on those big fat ropes holding the ammunition down?

Unknown Speaker 14:42
You know, I I wasn't into knives in the collecting aspect. I just went to the store. I'm like that looks good. I'm going to keep that in my pocket and I would pry it open and I would read sharpen it with a rock I found on the ground is we're out there for weeks at a time. So I didn't Yeah, I didn't think too much of it was just a tool that just beat the hell out of.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
So that scenario is real. That's something whenever you hear Ernest Emerson talking about his chisel, grind, he's always like, well, it's easier to sharpen with a rock in the field. And I'm like, okay, I like just a grind. You don't have to justify it to me, but I mean, come on. Who does that? You do that Alex t does that.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Uh, yeah, it's it's not pretty either, man. Yeah, you don't want to do that to a nice knife. But you know if you got nothing else, and you know, I mean it with all the crap that we did. We would destroy stuff. And we didn't have like a prior bar anything to us. So I just lit literally like what I have an extra knife in my pack. Have one in my pocket. Have a big fixed blade, but I didn't really want to break those. Right. So I would use the little folders. Have you seen less George's EOD knives?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Yeah. Oh my gosh. They're like they Thought you know people, people use the term sharp and pry bar well that's exactly what that is, I guess for digging around and rocks and sand looking for EDS and such. But that looks like those look like knives you could do absolutely anything you feel like to, and they won't even notice. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:17
I agree, man. And I love purpose driven knives. Like I even think there's a couple strikers out there that they made like folders which have like an anti magnetic type of blade. I can't remember what it's called, but it's got a gold color. And that was strictly for God, you know. So you're prying around, you know, since it doesn't have any magnetic properties to it, then you can kind of diffuse bonds. I don't know whatever those guys do.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
So fast forward 1920 some odd years or something like that. And what were you walking around with your pocket in your pocket today?

Unknown Speaker 16:57
So today I had a Michael Zika Mini s5 and that's a collaboration with Jason night which I highly respect awesome knife maker

Unknown Speaker 17:08
who is an rotating judge on fortune fire.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
Yes, I haven't seen him on there in a while

Unknown Speaker 17:15
and I'm pretty specialist.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
Yeah, that's exactly what he is. So it's no surprise if you look at the s5 it's kind of almost resemblance of a folding kukri and the blade was made out of red fields Damascus, which is a Dragon Skin Damascus.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
He had just described that for people it's it's it's unbelievable.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
So Redfield Damascus is I don't think anybody knows the recipe except for this one guy. And it's, it basically looks like a scaly pattern. And most people will treat it with hot salts like kind of a process that they do. And it will give it this blue purple hue to it. Which looks really fantastic. Mike made that For me, I think he made a total eight of those and he says he's probably never using that stuff again because it was a pain in the rear to collar and treat so so he told me flat out he's like try not to scratch this one Alex so I'll do what I can.

Unknown Speaker 18:20
So my Okay, so you you texted me that picture today and so that that it's that beautiful purple Blue Dragon Skin, Damascus blade and it's a recursive blade and it has a nice big kind of almost triangular fuller in it. Yeah. And then it's set against this gorgeous. It looks like a once bronzed handle maybe. And and but but it has this sort of feeling of where to it. And then you flipped it on the on the spine and that damn cool Backspacer it's like four or five skulls stacked on one another and I am not a skull guy. I've never been into that motif. Well, I have been that motif but I have I haven't been into that motif since you know, I was in the punk rock back in high school kind of thing. And skulls. I don't know. But the skulls on that are absolutely breathtaking. It's like a little mini sculpture jammed in there.

Unknown Speaker 19:12
Well Michael Zika think don't quote me on it but I think has a jewelers background if I remember right, which would make a lot of sense. But he he he has this whole line of his knives recently have a lot of skulls. He's made them from sterling silver. This one's bronze, like or brass he's made him in brass. He's made them and all kinds of materials even uses gold actually. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
And they're they're in full three dimensional relief. It's It looks like a bunch of little girls wedged in there. It's not like it's a Trump lawyer a picture carved into into the Backspacer and I remember he used to I don't know if he still does this. He had his pocket clips were like wings. I remember Yes, yes. Beautiful. Yeah, he does the devil's tail he does wings. He's done. As a matter of fact, there's a model called the Angry Bird is one of the clips his main to a face of the bird actually have one of those. Oh man, I love that thing. Well tell me about the evolution of your collecting and and you know, I was shocked it You gave me a tip for someone I should talk to on the show. And then you said yeah, you should see what he's making for me. Wink wink and this guy, you've got you've got a knife maker and every port making you something cool. How did you start collecting and when did it evolve to this heightened state?

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Well, so I started actually collecting knives other than just having a regular pocket knife. Probably back in around 2013 ish, maybe late 2012. And I just decided I'm like, for some odd reason I thought to myself look, I really want to have a nice pocket knife. That's going to last me on lifetime. So I started doing a bunch of research on the internet usually when I do any hobby before I jump into anything, I'm just like reading for hours obsessively about everything. So back at that time, and 390 was kind of a big deal it was not as common as it is today. Today you'll find it everywhere but so I decided I wanted every 90 and then you know, I'm like wow, they make these knives out of titanium and there's ball bearings what in the world and being a former military guy and having some friends you know, like bench made made kind of a lot of sense to me. So I found this bench made that I liked I didn't really like I didn't wasn't looking for anything to tactical or anything like that, but I wanted something really kind of classy, the slim, comfortable to carry, you know, it's just something useful, but with a decent sized plate so I end up with a monologue. Thanks 361 monologue. I can't remember the model number but it's a bench a monologue. It looks like a flat to look kind of looks like it's a Benza and in some respects I guess two flat slabs of titanium and Bry 90 ball bearing knife and then you know of course when you get one then you start looking around what else is there familiar with that kind of stuff? Yeah, right. And then you know, it just kind of went crazy from there and I did that thing that you know, knife collectors do where they're like, well, this is a really nice knife but what about in the purpose of getting like something cheap and I can beat up let me buy this spider Cohen and then Okay, oh, you know, this pm to looks good. I need one of those two and it just went crazy from there. So in essence, you're you're kind of working both angles, both ends of it. You love the super fine, handmade custom knives. And when I say custom, custom, you They're taking your order and doing what you want. But you're also not against slimming it You only got this pill or project what is that? Oh yeah, so that is you know, I know some people like to wait till the videos revealed but I'll just let you know it's not big secret. So I decided that you know it I do like inexpensive knives, the prices that really matter to me it's the design and function and an elegance of it. And then you know, it's no big secret that that pillars are pretty popular right now and have been since they came out. So I thought I would buy the pile or that you know, I wouldn't have to modify so I got one of those late HQ exclusives with the S 35 VN and the carbon fiber. However I really prefer my car to so you know, I bought in my car to scale for it. I bought a like green Backspacer of all kinds of little parts and and then the Blade I didn't disclose this on my YouTube video but the blade is actually getting rebounds like

Unknown Speaker 24:07
the $400 car KT peeler

Unknown Speaker 24:11
I love it and I got a blast this guy because he's he's been part of our he's been like kind of like a background podcast member. It's a knife maker who's fairly new. Surprisingly he only lives like 30 minutes away from me so I'm gonna go check out his shop but it's called transparent nice. And the reason why he calls it transparent nice because all the pricing everything like what he buys stuff or he's all transparent about it. Ain't just builds you, whatever. So he did this crazy finish. Lately on a couple nights that he called shattered mirror and almost looks like a stone wash, mirror polish, but it's got kind of like a little like crack going all the way through. It looks really cool. So it's cool. So he ordered some new belts he's like I'm excited. I'm gonna use this new finish on your pile are like dude just do what you do like I give you free rein of making it look however you want to look just grind it thinner and make it look cool. So

Unknown Speaker 25:14
well how does that work? I'm I got one custom knife from one of the guests on the show Douglas Esposito of attention to detail two beautiful It's a beautiful double edged kind of gentleman's fighter. I know you've seen it in pictures with the tortoise shell handle so that was done exactly that to my spec. And now I'm having my second custom knife which I will reveal when it when it arrives. is being made my question to you as someone who I am finding out, you have a lot of projects, a lot of irons in the fire, pun intended. What is your Do you sometimes let a knife maker just do tell them give them free rein to do whatever they want because you love them. vision and other people, you say I want this, this, this and this. How does that work? I'm going to need to know soon.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
Oh yeah, man. So I do things a couple different ways. there's times where I buy a knife and I'm like, man, I really love this knife. But I could I could do without this and I would have changed a little some about that. And, you know, most of the time, I'm not shy, I just hit up, you know, whoever I'm interested in at the time and I asked him flat out like, Hey, can we build a project together, you know, and like, I'm building a project with Fernando Medina from Medina, custom knives, YR line works, whatever he calls his company. And I flat out told him so he has this model called the Hellcat and I've been on his waiting list for a while it gave him a couple hundred bucks to pull the spot for me about a year ago. And then I hit him up and I said, Hey, is it time? He's like, yeah, you know, let's let's let's get it going. So, you know, when he when him and I were talking he's he's telling me Well, you know, so right now I have the two in stock for steals. How about you know, or do you want me to offer you some temporary 90? And I asked him like what you got in Damascus? And he's like, well, I don't have anything and like, don't worry about it. So I called Vegas forge and I ordered some razors, Damascus. And I had I paid for it and I shipped it over to them. It's should be there on Friday. And then I went and did a little research, I found some legit Westinghouse my car to land and I paid for that and had that shipped over and hooked up Fernando with the guy so that if he wants some for future projects, he can get some. And I told him exactly what I want. He said, Okay. I like just make it sweet, you know? And so that'll be a very nice knife with some sword Kony and bolsters warriors. Do my card a pivot colors, my card scales and my quarterbacks base are all in Westinghouse. And then it should be. Yeah, like a tuxedo.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
So that's a that's one Cliff style blade, right?

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
So tell people at Westinghouse, you and I are my car guys and Westinghouse is kind of the Holy Grail. That's an overused term. It's what is it? It's the elusive fountain of youth or whatever for for my card. Oh, to tell people what Westinghouse's?

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Well, I mean, you can definitely Google it and find tons of information on it. But basically it was it was used as an insulation for electronics and other different kind of components. I think it started in the early 1900s. And it's just usually found in old warehouses of like stock that never got us. Or and people have been going crazy for it for making custom knives I mean and it's nice because when when you shave down the layers of it you get different color texture to it so almost looks like a Carmel flop you know like this Scott kind of like a birth center and then on the outside gets creamy color so it looks really nice. But there's also like dark brown Mike, Westinghouse my car, there's Maroon Westinghouse. There's all kinds of colors. One thing I do want to mention, I know a lot of people have fear of asbestos, because there was Westinghouse with asbestos in it. Wow. That's disagreeable? Yeah, yeah, but that stuff is very very rare now if any exists at all, and it's it was all based out of Europe. So it's very unlikely to find that stuff in America. So you can rest assure your you'll be okay from the still feeling Ma

Unknown Speaker 30:03
so so what about knives made in this country? Is that all you do? I've posted a number of reacts and and wheeze and such and you have complimented their their beauty but uh but I've also inferred you know use you stick to American made when it comes to knives anyway what what's your what's your philosophy on that?

Unknown Speaker 30:26
So it's it's one of those things like

Unknown Speaker 30:31
you pin me on this one

Unknown Speaker 30:35
I get I get called out

Unknown Speaker 30:36
on this all the time nothing wrong with a man

Unknown Speaker 30:39
alright so so so here's how I feel so I have no problems with with Chinese made lies I actually own quite a few Kershaw's that are inexpensive Chinese made knives and the the problem the or the way the reason why I didn't like a lot of them was because I felt like Like a lot of them were missing soul, they all look like they're factory cut and you know, just kind of like, you see a rush of a million different designs and although they function quite well, and maybe they're aesthetically pleasing to some people, they they didn't have any soul to me any character in a lot of respects and now, there is one Chinese manufacturer that I feel differently about and that's going to be rethought because I've found that I've held a few and like today, one of my co workers brought a Chavez to 28. Riad the Randy ceiling or whatever it is, and I was blown away I mean, that thing dropped shut like my rooms will Norsemen it was it was bouncing off the stop hit. Wow. And the quality fit and finish was just unbelievable. And I can't argue that. Now will I go and buy one of those now probably go by the real Chavez. That's just what I do. I'm not all American. As a matter of fact, a lot of my buddies are making fun of me because I'm doing a lot of Russian nice. Wow, okay. Yeah, with the whole Russian, you know, thing going on.

Unknown Speaker 32:14
There's always a Russian thing going on. But you know what their knife makers are probably cool as hell just like they're all over the place.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
They're amazing. And they're very reasonably priced. And they're big fan of s 125, which is a steal I was really interested in. And I have actually quite a few projects going on on that side of the world. And I've been collecting a lot of nice from South Africa as well. Oh, yeah, they're they're blowing up or I don't know if they're blowing up but they they have a nice stable of like extremely talented knife makers. Amazing. Do you have a head chef? No, take care of the ball, right? Yeah, I've been hunting that but that's kind of like something I spoke to people about and The couple podcasts ago is just like the whole specter the Sham worry there's these knives they're so hot on the market right now that people are charging double. Yeah, I refuse I'm sorry. I will. I'll wait till they come down you know, but I do want one.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
I mean, you saw how it happened with hinders back in the day they were going for 800 bucks now you know, with with production the way it is and everything settled into a nice, nice pricing structure and, and you could have just waited a couple of years but sometimes you just can't wait. Yeah, and you end up laying down stupid money on something. Absolutely, man. So who would you say of the US knife makers? Maybe you don't want to go there but who are your favorites? My favorites? Yeah, I was gonna I was gonna ask you for one absolute favorite but then why why put you in that corner?

Unknown Speaker 33:52
Well, you know, I mean, it's really hard because if you if you see my collection, I really have a wide spectrum of stuff. And it's I'm really attached to all those knives for different reasons. I mean, I I've been enjoying, I've been enjoying interacting with some of the custom knife makers. Fernando has been a pleasure to deal with he's a lot of fun. Michael Zika is a knife maker out of Brooklyn that I've been talking to for years. He's He's wonderful. There's there's so many man that I really couldn't pick a favorite. They're all good in their own way. And I'm

Unknown Speaker 34:32
right, right. And if you I have a feeling your collection is pretty vast. I think you like me, or unlike a lot of us. fellow travelers, if you will, like variety. That's why we collect we like different shape blades, different style actions, different kinds of locks. I mean, I have to stop myself from holding on to things that I never ever, ever carry, just because it has an interesting mechanism and and I have to remember I'm not the curator of a museum. I'm not you know, I'm not responsible for for continuing the knife legacy into the next generation. All I'm really responsible for is not is not you know putting my family on the street with this hobby habit.

Unknown Speaker 35:17
Agreed. Agreed.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
So how many knives in your collection? Would you say if you had the number of them, crab?

Unknown Speaker 35:24
Well, my wife's not listening. She's tuned out by now.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Yeah, uh, you know, honestly, I don't I don't even know at this point, including fixed blades. Uh, probably somewhere in the neighborhood had been downsizing a lot. But probably still about like hundred and 20 hundred 30. That's that's respectable. That's not that's not

Unknown Speaker 35:46
extreme. That used to be worse.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
You said recently in a conversation we had that you recently unloaded 40 knives at once?

Unknown Speaker 35:55
A well, within a few months. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:58
that's that's Marine Corps discipline. You know, I'm astounded how you go through and find 40 like in a short period of time.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
Well, it's, you know, it's it's kind of like what you an epic snuggle Bunny, we're talking about an earlier episode and you've been mentioning, it's about reducing and refining. And it got to the point where I'm like, I started doing the math. I'm like, man, by the time if I rotate my knives every day a new one. I won't even see this knife for another like four or five months. Like this is ridiculous. You know, like, I Why do I need so many so and there's a another guy on Instagram that really inspired me to reduce and refine and his collection is absolutely amazing. He goes under that underscore, not underscore, a underscore a knife. It's like that's not a knife. Right right scores in between, right? My buddy Russell and hang out with him sometimes, and he Let me hold his black snow custom opiates he's got I think two custom things he's got like four blocks no knives to opiates and what's the other this the sabotage

Unknown Speaker 37:16
the one that they made into a

Unknown Speaker 37:18
psycho? Yeah he's uh he's Polish too right? No he's from Israel he's from Israel okay

Unknown Speaker 37:24
and he must be a jeweler also I mean the look of his stuff is he's

Unknown Speaker 37:28
definitely a jeweler that I know for a fact then not he is is known as being one of the nicest guys in the industry. But the poor guys you know, he can at the rate that he makes his knives I mean, he could probably pump out maybe two or three a month because the complexity of it so he's guy like a backlog of like five years. It's it's incredible what he does though I've I've held those knives have gotten the pleasure to play with Quite a few of those. And it's it's it's incredible. out of my reach though.

Unknown Speaker 38:06
Yeah. I mean, those are I mean, yeah, I almost wouldn't want one because you, you you would feel guilty about not carrying it because well, I would anyway. Yeah, the but when we got off on on black snow, you were talking about your friend who that's not a knife with underscores in between who's who has reduced and refined you think he has kind of crested that process in a way and you think he's hit a stride and now he can keep it to a manageable, refined level? Is that what you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Well, yeah, so I asked him straight up because the way him and I met is I bought a knife off of them from Instagram, and I used to follow him for a couple of years before that. Come to find out he lives about, you know, half hour away from me too. So we met up and then he's like, Hey, man, I'm just going to bring a whole bunch of stuff that you can handle, you know, when we need up when you buy this knife, like well, you know, just bring one or whatever. And he brings like a like, I think he brought like 10 knives. I mean, we're talking like, I think like four or five of them were Ian's knife from CMS. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
I mean, you're talking like Dude, I don't even know on anyone know how much money those 10 knives were. And I'm like, Jesus man, like well, how did you get all these? He's like, well, I started just like you, you know, but then had all these knives now. I think he's down to about like 20 or 25 knives, but he carries these things every day. And the cool thing about having you know a knife from a custom knife maker and he has relationships with these guys like he knows he and personally the The cool thing is you beat up the knife he sent it to him he he'll fix it. It's brand new again. So he's not worried about using it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:57
yeah and and makers. Take Special pride in their work and if there's something jacked up about it probably more likely than not they're going to want to fix it they're going to probably fall over themselves to fix it and make you happy you know because they it's not like they have a huge product line or or huge backlog that they can fall back on if people start dropping away right so really what I'm what I'm getting is the main thing is soul knives that have soul yeah and I love that um, do you know apostle p on YouTube? I do. He did a video a few years ago that changed my collecting his life he it was all about knives with soul and and that's when I was like Why don't I get rid of these five ZT hinders and buy one hinder and and that's how that started for me. It was the knives with soul thing and I'm like I just I've always loved hinders and design and function and he's from Ohio. I'm from Ohio was like yeah, support my fellow Ohio boy and all this and started getting few knives was sold and, and I would like to continue that, you know, with more customers but also like kind of tweaking and customizing the good knives I have like the ZT they're all finding my car to handles now and different clips and, and just kind of making a mind but that getting down to 22 sounds so good. Yeah, it sounds so good but it but it sounds like a pipe dream at the beginning of a diet, you know, I'm going to be shredded, you know, in a month and it's going to be incredible. You know, you get that enthusiasm the first day.

Unknown Speaker 41:32
He has the help of his wife. You encouraging that trust. She knows man she knows and he's like, man, my wife told me I got I gotta sell some. So then you know, and I go visit him a couple months later and he's like, Oh, dude, look at these three or four that I got. I'm like Jesus, another 15 grand. He's like Yeah, but is it my paper towels?

Unknown Speaker 41:58

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, man, that's that's funny money, man. Yeah, I have a friend at work who's obsessed with fly fishing and he's always like, we enable one another. He's like, there's another fly rod up and I got some PayPal money. Bob, you got a knife coming up, you know? Yeah, we justify each other's purchase. So what are your favorite materials? I mean, because materials really lend themselves to the idea of soul You were talking about Westinghouse, my carta, this beautiful old. You know, it actually seems to show its age without looking old. You know what I mean? Exactly. What other materials do you gravitate towards?

Unknown Speaker 42:33
You know, I've, I've tried all kinds of various things, everything that I've seen in a picture that looks really cool and it's hard to tell in pictures because everybody uses filters. But I want to say some of my favorite stuff. I have a custom knife that I had built with Casey from there, and it's escaping me right now but had a custom knife built with him. Call a trooper. Cobra and, and his knife. It's Old Dominion knife works is his company. Oh, he must be from around here where I am in Virginia. He is he's actually in Virginia and he is buying a knife with some superconductor bolsters. And I love that super conductor material. It looks awesome but it's really high maintenance. Everybody loves time ask is I'm really kind of interested I don't have a knife. I mean I have one knife with a pocket clip out of circuit tie. But I really liked that gray with the color contrast in between. That's pretty cool. But this will be my first Westinghouse my card and if I'm really interested,

Unknown Speaker 43:46
I'm on my card. For my level of collecting my card is absolutely my favorite handle material but I swear I positively lusting after some knives like a turtle. Will ATCF with with I love antique ivory.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
Oh yeah a mammoth ivory

Unknown Speaker 44:07
and dag and and, and those kind of materials that are from animals but have variations in color you know I love I love jig bone and stuff like that on slip joints and such to but that that stag and and especially that mammoth ivory is just so killer especially when you combine it with the modern materials of titanium and like really slicked out steel with, you know, with a nice grind. I love that contrast the new and the old.

Unknown Speaker 44:34
I agree with you 100% and mammoth ivory is definitely on my list. It's It's It's those natural materials that really give the knife a lot of soul, which is what we're talking about before, you know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:46
So what about fixed blades? I mean, you mentioned that you have some, you're more of a folder collector, I'm assuming, but what kind of fixed blades Do you gravitate towards?

Unknown Speaker 44:56
Well, truth be told if I had to leave the house there There's no way I would grab any folder that I have. I'm actually more all about the fixed blades. I carry folders and collect folders because it's it probably scares my wife less. You know, it's easier to store and I like the whole mechanic's locks and materials aspect of it but truth truth be told I if I had to pick one or the other fixed blade all day long, and I have I have a custom 1909 Bowie that was built for me from bark River. Oh, nice. Yeah, it's a big one too.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
Is that the one that looks kind of like the the one that Brad Pitt carries in Inglorious Basterds? It's got that big fat belly blade with a kind of relatively short but upswept clip

Unknown Speaker 45:49
a little bit. Yeah, yeah. They make it a couple different profiles. They make it in a clip point and then they have one that's a little bit more Bowie, like buoy Whatever

Unknown Speaker 46:03
I can ever say now I'm just here at Google we Yes, it's a clip point.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah, exactly. So But yeah, I have one of those. I have a Bravo survivor that I really like another buoy design. And then I have a Bravo for these are these are all bark rivers, all bark rivers. I have a couple other. I have a bench made our business in as 30 v. What else can I have a knife from Fox that was developed for the Chilean military. And it's a USMC edition with desert camel on it cool. I have some really crazy stuff

Unknown Speaker 46:54
is that a prank shaped one kind of a blunt, not blunt, but a very rounded front it looks kind of like a Indian machete but in my form,

Unknown Speaker 47:02
uh, it's it's definitely smaller than a machete is it's it's gonna be like I think like a five inch blade maybe around ish. I'll send you a picture later, whatever. I think that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 47:15
You should

Unknown Speaker 47:16
check out some tops knives. If you like the fixed blades. They are. They have so many different models and they're 1095 Maidan Idaho. Yeah, Idaho. I'm not sure I'm blocking. I think it's Idaho. So, yeah, right up your alley American made.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
Well, I have a tops Tom brown tracker, or

Unknown Speaker 47:38
That's right. That's right. You mentioned the you mentioned that to me before. And I have a desert harpoon from tops.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
I have a few feet tops myself.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
I got you there. There's some. There's a lot under the surface.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
Yes, yes. I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting. But I love fixed blades flat out.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
Me too. Me too. Have you ever tried your hand at making one? No, I've never tried making a knife.

Unknown Speaker 48:03
I've been tempted but it's it's something that I want to go take a class I think before I try to get into it. Yeah, I've been recommended that a lot by a lot of makers you know, take a class first

Unknown Speaker 48:20
the way my hobbies work you know, I've always been into art and but but I'm always rotating through what I'm what I'm working on. And that is something that you can't just rotate in and out of and be excellent at, you know, I think you need to be you need to be getting yourself in the zone on a daily basis to really learn how to grind well, because that I've had times You know, I've made about 20 knives. I haven't worked on a knife in about a year and I just have an old Craftsman belt grinder. But I have experienced the flow state doing that, but only ever grinding one side of the knife. I flip it under the other side and the likes all have one grind on one side that's absolutely beautiful. And then the other side is totally wonky and there's nothing I can do to fix it. And the more I try and fix it, the more wonky it gets. I'm like, jeez, maybe this is why people do chisel ground. Yeah, really awesome side. Get get really good at grinding on one side. Yeah. But uh, yeah. Well, so do you have a knife story? Do you have some sort of funny knife story from all of these years? could be from the Marines could be from your most recent collecting experience, but I love collecting knife stories from from knife people

Unknown Speaker 49:36
and trying to think of a story.

Unknown Speaker 49:43
I mean, I could, I could mention a story about my boss, you know, the, so I started working with this guy, maybe about a year ago and he used to carry some spider goes I think I'd like to spice shelf was like the nicest thing he had. And he, all of a sudden, yeah, when I start bringing some customers to work, he's like, let me handle that real quick. So he started playing with some of these higher end knives and then he decided that he was gonna buy his first nice knives and I didn't want to help them through the journey at all, you know, I'm like, I want to see you, you know, you got to look and see what you like, you know, don't worry about what I have. Just try to figure out what you like Do some research. So he bought himself a micro tech so calm, but in custom one. Oh, man. He went right in. He went right in. And then he also started out buying a couple of paragraphs. So he, he has he has the budget for it and he just went nuts. So by the end of the first month, he had like three heroes he had like, think like three Custom micro tasks and now he is like a lot of the Instagram and the group's he's the custom SOCOM guy he has like 22 of them and abalone Mulkey May he has like every single SOCOM you can think of that cracks me up you know it's just it's it's so cool and then he just sent a production one to Bama knife guy on YouTube, which Bama nice guy is doing a whole segment on just torturing this poor so calm just to show you guys how terrible it is. It's it's pretty cool you guys check it out.

Unknown Speaker 51:38
That sounds awesome. It's funny to me how and understandable how people get can either be like you or me and have like, really very taste and want to touch all bases. And then other people just lock onto a design or a brand or a maker and it's just they want everything from it. And I can I can actually understand both ends I just can't afford both instincts but I just to have it I would love to have every single Emerson made I'd love to have every single here there. There are a couple of brands I feel that way about. And like tops, I'd love to have every single tops life. And then and then the ones I don't like which I can't imagine I give to friends or whatever. Okay, I'm going to ask you to get philosophical before we go to our speed round here. Sure. What is it about knives? Alex? What is it about knives that has people like you and me a talking for hours about them? spending money on them, thinking about them when we're not around them and planning our collection? What is it about that particular tool?

Unknown Speaker 52:37
Well, that's interesting because I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that. It's quite weird, but I will tell you this that when I started getting into knives, you know, I started getting into the couple Facebook groups Instagram, stuff like that and you start talking to the other knife guys. They really think and start going through you start to read realize these people are a lot like you, you know, like, even the funny stuff they do, like, you know, hide from their wives make sure they ship it to where, you know, you started really getting a kick out of like, Hey, how you doing man? Or like I you know like you got one guy post I remember I posted a video me like behind my gate like a sniper, you know waiting for the post man to drop off my box and you know, we just get a lot of laughs and then you start wanting to share information. Hey, where did you get that the knife community is a pretty incredible place. Yeah, I've seen people give away stuff, you know, out of good causes. And I've seen you know, like, I saw like a GoFundMe page just to an A fellow knife group guy. He got hurt at work and, you know, the knife group people started GoFundMe that ended up raising like $15,000 for him and his family to stay afloat. So it's a really incredibly Like, small, big place where, you know, all of us kind of like get away from our real world life and just enjoy our own company. And the cool thing is with the social media, you know, like you and I can be across the country right now, talking about nice and enjoying it.

Unknown Speaker 54:18
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. You know, what you can always do is if you're busted walking in with a box, you say, Oh, baby, this is a gift for you, but I didn't want you to know. And then and then of course, you have to go buy something and present it later. But you know, that's a

Unknown Speaker 54:36
great piece like about it. That's That's great, man. You know, and while you know my wife, I love her you know, she's, you know, she married the almost the wrong guy in some aspects because I like fast cars. I like knives. I shoot guns. Yeah, you're a guy. And you know, she doesn't like guns. She doesn't like nice. She doesn't like speed. You know, like we love each other and we never change anything about it, but keeps thinking like, I'm like, Man, this is so weird. Like there's nothing. So for a while she's like, what are you getting all these knives for? I'm like I'm collecting them. Yeah, she's telling me Well, okay, and then you know five turned into 10 turned into 20 turning 30 and then I ended up being buying a big box that's looks like a big, it's wrapped in leather and it's got a It looks like a bench. And then you lift it up, it's got a lock and then underneath you know is where I store all my knives and Alex's knife box. idea came around just a box of knives. And it was the best thing I could do guys because you know what, the box is huge and you can never tell how much was getting filled up.

Unknown Speaker 55:51
here Yeah. You know, you mentioned that the difference is though it is a beautiful balance. You know, I similar you know Just Just having having someone to temper you, and then you being someone that can introduce that other side of of life. That's kind of how it needs to be. Often, to have a successful relationship, but that's not what the show is about. But I like that balance. I like that she's not into that stuff, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:20
But you know, she's to say, Oh, is that another knife? Is I would bring on the box, right? And then it would and then now it's over the last few years. She She doesn't even ask anymore. Like, she's like, Oh, that's cool. And I'll show her I'm like, look how much this one cost. This one was like 500. She's like, Oh, it looks expensive. Yeah, it was 1200.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
Well, now I really hope she's not listening.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Alright, so speed round. Are you ready? All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
Let's go. You're familiar with these questions, but a few of them changed for for president Company Alright, alright. Fixed or folder fixed flipper or thumbs down.

Unknown Speaker 57:07
Thumbs that washers or bearings washers, tip up or tip down to

Unknown Speaker 57:15
tanta or Boogie Boogie Boogie or bogey

Unknown Speaker 57:20
boo way

Unknown Speaker 57:23
I'll let you slide on that one hollow ground or flat ground

Unknown Speaker 57:30
these questions are hard when you're put on the spot All right, I'll go hollow girl.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
Okay so full size or small

Unknown Speaker 57:38
full size

Unknown Speaker 57:39
gentleman's knife or tactical knife, tactical automatic or Valley Sun Valley some grams mo or Zika.

Unknown Speaker 57:49
Principal sorry my

Unknown Speaker 57:52
ok we are react and you have to choose one

Unknown Speaker 57:55

Unknown Speaker 57:56
bench made or spider co

Unknown Speaker 58:00
milled titanium or spring clip? No

Unknown Speaker 58:04
carbon fiber or my carta my Carter finger oil or no finger oil.

Unknown Speaker 58:10
No finger choice

Unknown Speaker 58:11
form or function.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
Oh crap

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Damn it Damn it you know what form

Unknown Speaker 58:20
Damn it thank you thank you someone who finally admits it desert island knife now this is one for the rest of your life not necessarily when you take to an actual desert island

Unknown Speaker 58:30
I'm going to pick the park river a to steal Bravo's survivor. Nice. That's the that's the Bravo with the fatter blade right then right then. Okay. And a finger oil.

Unknown Speaker 58:46
Yeah. That's

Unknown Speaker 58:48
nice, very nice choice if I do say so myself. So Alex, how do people find your work? How do they How do they find sharp talk? How do they find Alex's nice box and how can they get in touch with Do

Unknown Speaker 59:02
so I'm on Instagram under Alex underscore knife box and you can follow me chat with me there I'm always happy to chat with everyone is a lot of my knives not all of them are on there but on my YouTube channel you can find me on Alex is knife box with the apostrophe s and sharp talk is you can find us on pod being iTunes Spotify, most of the regular ones that you'll find Bob on and we also do our episodes live on video so if you guys join us on Twitch on under sharp talk, you guys can actually see the video of us shoot us questions live and you know we can all have a good time.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Yeah, I forgot to mention that aspect. The live questions What a great What a great idea and then having it all live on video. I had such a blast. Thanks again for having me on that show. Man. That was great,

Unknown Speaker 59:57
man. We're gonna have you back. That's for sure.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
Everybody Do yourself a favor check out Alex's nice box on YouTube. We didn't really even go into your videos there's a lot more we can talk about maybe for a future episode but his his you can just kind of track his collection on YouTube and it just keeps getting better and better. And Mike Mike, what is he going to get next? Do yourself a favor check them out the videos are comprehensive and and he always gives an awesome shout out to people who gave one to me once, which I really, really appreciate. And yeah, it's just insightful and fun and you feel like you're hanging out with him. So Alex, thanks again for coming on the Knife Junkie podcast and we'll talk to you soon. Sounds great. Thank you so much. And thank you Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
You're welcome.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
You know you're a Knife Junkie if you plan your vacation around SHOT Show

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
about like you said on the intro. Just a couple of knife buddies hanging out chatting you and Alex Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
Okay, so I'll be at work and I'll get a text I'll be you know mired in whatever. Whatever boredom I'm in at work,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
whatever fun stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
I'm sorry. Whatever challenge And interesting thing I'm doing that day and I'll get a text and I'll look down and it's no words it's just a video from Alex of him flipping some amazing knife this last time it was the it was the Zika knife we talked about during this podcast and it's always a pick me up I'm like, Oh yeah, that's cool. That is cool. Nothing you know. Thanks. Thanks man. So that's what a knife buddy is sir. And I think we're going to look at maybe making a trade you know, we both have some lower end knives and I'm looking to move move them out of here but I'd love to trade you know, just see what he has and have some of mine and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
beautiful thing. Well, and you notice I did want to kind of mention one thing right there at the end of the interview, Alex said Thank you Jim. And and I responded, I just want to you know, in case our listeners don't know I'm always on the interviews that you do I just kind of the silent partner in the background. So I thought that was kind of cool that he he said hi so

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
much love coming your way sir. Well, I appreciate it on

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
my on my journey to Knife Junkie hood from knife, if you will. Hey, we teased that at the beginning, some some news about the Knife Junkie podcast. I was gonna say some exciting news, I hope. I hope it's exciting news for our listeners want to spill the beans?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
Well, yeah, it certainly is what we're going to come out with another podcast during the week. Bring it up on Thursday, right, Jim?

Jim Person 1:02:19
Wednesday night, Thursday morning, Wednesday night.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
So basically what we're doing is all of the segments that we've done before and after the interviews and different whether it's night news or talking about knives I've received over the week, we moment names, Mama, those kind of thing, all that stuff. We're putting that stuff in a show. Separately, it'll only be 20 to 30 minutes long, just so that we can get that stuff out as well as the interview because we don't want to truncate the interview just to kind of stay on time. And some of these interviews go up go long, not long, but I mean, I don't want to stop the momentum of the conversation, right to get in my little nice news bits. We're just gonna have a little supplemental show during the week to talk about current things in the knife world and maybe knives I've received that week or you know whatever's on our minds

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
as well. And right now we don't have a new name for it. So it's going to be The Knife Junkie podcast and us a subscriber don't have to do anything different. It'll just show up in your feed, as we said Wednesday night, Thursday morning, depending on your podcast app, a podcast player of choice, but you can always find it online at The Knife Junkie. com you'll find it there, most likely on Wednesday night so I'm looking forward to excited about it and hopefully not only share your journey, but but my journey. I'll just tease it by saying I'm bidding on about four or five knives on an online auction right now. So yes, we'll see. Maybe to hear

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
about that one.

Jim Person 1:03:50
Yes, maybe we'll have something to talk about. So anyway, so we're gonna wrap it up for episode number five zero Episode 50 of the Knife Junkie podcast. Want to thank you for listening for Bob. The Knife Junkie DeMarco, I'm Jim Person. Thanks so much for being with us.

Announcer 1:04:03
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie. com You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife slash YouTube check out some great night photos on the Knife Junkie. com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group at The Knife Junkie. com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie. com or call our 24 seven listener line that's 724466447 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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