Zero Tolerance (ZT) 0055 Knife Review Video

A surprise new favorite pocket knife in my collection of modern tactical folders is the Zero Tolerance 0055, a show off piece for owner and manufacturer alike.

For the owner it shows off that you have a taste for the exotic and enough money to blow on a novel design. For ZT/Kai it shows prowess in manufacturing, in both the knife’s form and function.

The compound ground, stealth fighter wing blade is quite useful for anything you’d use a box cutter for.

The action uses Gustavo Cecchini’s relatively complex SLT flipper system and ball bearings for a super-smooth, double-action-revolver sort of feel.

The heavily milled handle is a sight to behold but if at first glance you guess the ergonomics leave something to be desired, you would be correct, however this is not meant to be used for extended hard use, though with it’s build quality it could be.

After all, isn’t that why we buy ZTs in the first place?