10 Great Utility Folders – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 331)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 331), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at 10 great utility folders, including the QSP Penguin, Finch Holliday and the Off-Grid Knives Cleaver V2. Find the list of all the knives shown in the show below.

Bob starts the show with his “pocket check” of knives — the Pro-tech TR-3 SWAT, Hogtooth Tanto, and the Petrified Fish Victor (his emotional support knife) — while in Knife Life News, Cold Steel announces an AD-10 Lite model and a graphic artist collaborates with Kizer on the Comet.

Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” Bob shows off the new Jack Wolf Knives Midnight Jack.

10 Great Utility Folders - that's my topic this week on The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 331). What's your take on my list? Have some other folding knives to add to the list? Click To Tweet
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10 Great Utility Folders
The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 331)

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
The place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers, manufacturers and reviewers that make the knife world go round on.
Bob DeMarco coming up a new Jack Wolf knife is on the prowl.
Cold Steel gives 8010 the light treatment and 10 great utility folders.
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
Your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host Bob the knife Junkie DeMarco.

Welcome back to the show, my favorite comment from this past week was on the unboxing of the new Jack Wolf Knives, Midnight Jack and Patty's potato peelers.
My good buddy said great first look them kids are fun.
Give them your stickers stingy dad lol.
And The funny thing is, is my daughter walked in halfway through my unboxing of the Jack Wolf Knives, midnight Jack?
And as you know, each knife comes with a sticker and a bunch of other cool swag, and.
My daughter's immediate reaction upon seeing the very cool sticker was can I have it and my immediate reaction was no like because I knew she was gonna ask that and and Patty's like you know, give her the damn sticker Bob.
Don't be so stingy but The funny thing is is she takes all of my cool stickers so not this one Eden not this one all right so let's do a pocket check here.

As you know, in my state of Virginia.
We can now buy carry own cell and manufacture automatic knives as of July 1st.
Thanks to Doug Ritter and knife writes.
And so I've been carrying my automatic knives and I may have may have just ordered one a new one just as a celebratory gesture.
It's kind of the right thing to do, but I've been carrying today my protech TR3 and this is just such a cool and classic.
Out the side, automatic knife from protech.
I really fell in love with this knife when I saw a video of someone who served overseas and he had one of these in the fish scale pattern which is really cool, which is what I wanted to get initially, but I've really grown to love this grooved pattern.

It's great for gription, but any case in any case.
In that video the guy was saying he lost his protect R3 in the sand and it was lost for about six months.
He found it.
With a whole bunch of really, really fine sand that had gotten into the works, I mean the thing was buried and just by chance he found it and he opened it up and immediately it worked.
So you know that sold me.
Not that I needed to be sold.
I've always liked protect, but just to hear someone tell a story about a certain knife when in use.

It sells it for me, so this is the TR 3 SWAT edition meaning it's all black.
There's an operator addition that has a little bit of tritium in the handle.
I mean in the button there and I'm not.
I can't remember what the milling and the scale is for that, but just a great knife, a great EDC knife.
This is about a 3.4 inch blade 154 CM which I love and protect.
Uses a lot.
Great classic all around kind of kind of military looking.

I do like that too.
It looks a little bit like a piece of military kit so.
Love that knife OK. Also Amy, today was the hog tooth knives tanto.
I love this knife.
I carry it a lot.
This is great for summer carry because it's small and discreet yet it has well and a great sheet.
That's why I always show it but it has a great size.

That's a 3 1/2 inch hollow ground tanto blade that's also 154 CM but that handle is perfect because I can get 4 fingers on it but it's small enough.
That the pommel does not extend up very far, so I can wear this.
Yesterday I was wearing this wearing this in my face in the waistband of my favorite pair of shorts.
Which are they're like, they're surf shorts.
I'm by no means a surfer, but you can kind of wear them as shorts.
They look good as like shorts, but you can also wear them as bathing suits and it's super light material that dries really quickly and you know, not the kind of.
Material that you would expect would hold up a substantial knife and this works great in that kind of you know that kind of garment.

Plus that short handle does not poke into the into the rib cage when when I sit down to drive and it doesn't interrupt my shrinking spare tire, I I will proudly say it is shrinking, but it's still there.
So great knife.
I love that thing.
That was a that's a relatively custom thing.
He'll he'll have a a few blanks cut out and make a few of them at a time.
He also does a worn Cliff.
Just an awesome knife handmade.

For a very reasonable price, now he he can.
He can go very unreasonable, which he's about to do for my mother.
She doesn't listen to this show, so it's all good, but.
Yeah great great great knife maker is Matt chase of hog tooth knives.
OK, my emotional support knife of the day was the petrified fish victor.
I absolutely love this thing.
It is beautiful.

I haven't used it.
I don't think for a darn thing, but that's K110 blade steel, which if you don't know is like D2.
It's got a very beautiful, lustrous satin.
Satin finish on it.
It is a fingerprint magnet as they say, but it's a flipper so hopefully you don't really have to get your fingers on it.
Much cool thing about it is when you flip it over for lefties, they have a thumb slot for righties.
They have a middle finger flicking slot cut into the blade.

I just think it's a very attractive Bowie blade.
I got this when I was searching for the beluga.
The petrified fish beluga.
And and I saw this and that.
It was new at the time and I I just had to have that that blade shape.
You know, I love a Bowie and a very nice Lee Dunn but just a guillotine for sure.
So smooth man, these petrified fish knives are awesome and that K110 steel.

Like I said I have.
I have not really used it but if it is well heat treated which I hear they heat treat their steels well if if it is like the two and well.
He treated no doubt it is extremely capable, but like I said, this was just my emotional support knife today, meaning the one I had on me to flip while I was working, and I do that a lot.
Some some emotional support and knives from the week have been the send cut Bronte.
A great one because it's a front flipper and it started out oddly stiff for ascend.
Cut slash service Slash we umbrella knife.
It was very stiff actually, but I've broken it in nicely and I I really enjoy this knife.

Love the shape.
Another emotional support knife this week was the old TR.
Two, you know.
Why not have a couple automatics on you now that they're legal?
I just have to be careful of the double edged like I don't think this is legal.
Because of that double edge, so I'll I'll.
I will keep the daggers in the safe for now, but yeah.

And then I had one more emotional support knife.
This was the at home emotional support knife, the.
Lynn Thompson addition, Chris.
Excel tie light.
So again, just something I had on me just to enjoy and to flip and to and to, you know.
Brace myself against the wickedness of the world so.
There you go.

That's what I had in my pocket check this week.
What did you get?
What have you been carrying?
Let me know what's your favorite?
Have you guys gotten the victor?
Have you gotten this knife?
It is a really really if you're going to get one petrified fish.

I would say the beluga or the victor.
Those are the I have experienced a number of them, but those are the two that I've been the most impressed with.
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You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.
And now.
Here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.
So you know, cold steel is one of my absolute favorite knives.
One of knife companies.
One of my absolute favorite knives from them is designed by Andrew Demco surprise surprise well.
Yeah, a whole lot of them are designed by him, but the 8010 was a custom demco knife for years until cold Steel licensed it and started producing it.

And man did they do a fantastic job by all accounts, even Andrew Demco says they have virtually made his knife.
You know the the best production version of his custom knife they could have and I love mine.
I got in on the very first drop when they first came out and got the hollow ground.
S35 VN.
And I love the hollow ground aspect of it, or no, no, that one's the XHP I believe my my 15 was the 35. But in any case I got the hollow ground.
Now they're coming out with that but but the price kept creeping up when it first came out.
It was like 110 bucks.

Price kept creeping up now it's.
Way north of 150, but they're coming out with the light version.
This is with August 10 and GRN.
You got that molded GRN handle and Austin, the AUS 10 by all accounts.
And from what I know from my a couple of the Austen knives I have here, like the Voyager, I just got the drop Point XL that almost 10 is really good.
I mean, I was hacking around with the saplings and vines and stuff like that and and.
It it was great so AUS 10 if you don't want to spend a whole lot of money is a great blade.

Steel to get now.
The handle is still that contoured textured handle but instead of G10 it's the GRN they do it great.
I think they call it.
I know they call it grivory.
I'm not sure if they still call it grivory now that they're under GSM.
I don't know who knows, but that's an aluminum backspacer that equals a little glass breaker.
He sort of point I'm.

Actually, not sure if you can break glass with it, but it also gives you a lanyard hole.
And of course the world famous and Ultra Stout triad lock.
You know, before the triad lock ever came to be now, the triad lock takes a traditional back lock, and between the blade Tang and the lock interface, it puts a stop pin and and a deeper notch in the Tang of the blade so that as the knife gets used it breaks in further further, further and further.
But all of the force on the blade is transferred to the stop pin and into the frame of the handle and not into the lock bar.
Uh, even before that, and that's what makes the triad lock so incredibly strong, even before that, just a regular traditional say Delica or or anything, or buck 110. The back lock is in extremely strong mechanism, so it's.
Now you've got this Ultra Ultra strong folder in the 8010 you got the styling of that custom knife with just the only difference is the materials are of a less luxurious grade and do we need that luxury?
Many of us don't, especially if they're getting the 8010 as a work knife and this makes a fantastic work knife.

You can hold it in your hand all day long and and cut hard with it and it's so comfortable.
Just a great knife.
So it's good to see that they're giving it the light treatment as they did the four Max, and as they did, the SRK folding SR1, I mean is what it's called Sr one.
So it's a great little trend to see them going through but but don't get rid of the good the the premium models.
Cold steel, OK?
Next up, Kaiser has a really cool knife coming out.
I wish it were larger.

Maybe I'm happy it's not larger, but it's called the comet and it's by a graphic designer who has done a lot of stickers and logos in the knife industry.
But this is his first design and it's being made by Kaiser.
I think it's a really good looking knife.
I got to say my initial impression was it does remind me of a will moon design, for whatever that's worth, that's just, but I wouldn't say it's.
Derivative or or a copy or anything like that.
It just it just is in the same universe to me.
Design wise and.

I really like the look of this blade.
It's got a pretty dramatic swedge it's under 3 inches, which means I don't have to buy it, but it might be a nice one to buy just because it's.
Really cool looking comes in a denim pouch and well, the blue denim version of it does.
But it has brass bolsters and micarta 154 CM.
I love 154 CM and it's going to keep it below 100 bucks which is a great deal.
So 3.14 ounces 90 bucks denim stylish design I think.
Really nice looking blade and and as mentioned in knife news, a dramatic swedge.

The Swedge is has a cool kind of swooping motion that you can sort of see if you look closely in the other photograph, but it it's just something to check out for sure, and I love Kaiser.
They've just been absolutely crushing it and look forward to seeing this now.
Yeah, yeah, thank you, Jim.
As you can see that swedge on the top forward of the you know right by the point, has a nice swoop down into the main bevel and I really I like that, and obviously so it has Ben Schwartz.
All right, that's it for life knife news, I am looking forward to checking out all those new knives when they come my way like that.
Kaiser Comet, who knows?
I don't need the 8010 because I have the heavy model but love to see that they've come out with that.

Alright still to come on the knife.
Your podcast we're gonna take a look at the New Jack Wolf Midnight Jack and then inspired by the blade of that knife, we're gonna take a look at 10 great utility folders coming up on the.
And now that we're caught up with knife life news, let's hear more of the Knife Junkie podcast.
Alright, so this week I got the Jack Wolf knife midnight Jack.
Thank you Ben Belkin.
He sent out these to a number of Youtubers and reviewers and.
I I don't have to speak for us all, but I know I speak for us all when we say thank you.

These are incredible.
OK, so let's take a look at this.
The midnight jacket came in the usual packaging and dagnabbit.
As always, I've already put it away.
And, uh, I should have pulled it out, but it has all the usual.
It has the POG, it has the beautiful artwork.
This time it's a. A wolf screaming in the dark with the moon behind him.

It's pretty cool.
Looks like a dog man or a wolfman and.
Midnight Midnight Jack Purple theme the color, the color theme of the whole motif of the POG the sticker all of the artwork it's purple and incidentally are not incidentally on theme is the.
Is the carbon fiber which looks amazing, it's purple.
It's a purple fat carbon.
Looks incredible.
OK, so this one is now.

They all come in either they they come in three different like cartas and carbon fiber, a fancy fancy carbon fiber, not your grandpa's carbon fiber and and then either natural tan, olive drab or black micarta.
This one is the green.
Now I show it with this because this is the beautiful leather slip that every Jack wolf knife comes with and this is the one for this one.
Well, look at this.
This is called a coffin handle.
Barlow now coffin handle.
Because of the shape it's very evocative of like a coffin handled Bowie and I'm sure that there is a history of coffin handled slip joints.

I just always think of the Bowie when I see the coffin handles.
I love the shape of this very neutral but squared off and kind of dramatic.
The Barlow aspect you see in that extra long bolster most of the time.
You'll see a bolster from a knife from a knife, a bolster on a knife's going to about there.
Don't worry, I'm not touching it.
Going to about there, and a Barlow is a working man's knife.
It's a hard working knife, so they made they make bolsters on Barlows much longer to give sort of that to give extra torsional rigidity, or back and forth strength and or torsion is, I guess is twisting, right, so?

Gives it a lot of lateral and torsional rigidity with that extra long.
Bolster and then.
That also makes an extra long Tang, and so the extra long Tang fitting into the extra long bolster just makes it a more solid work knife.
Look at this breathtaking sheepsfoot blade.
It is just.
Astounding, it is so beautiful.
Why do you say so, Bob?

Well, it's it's a perfect utility shape.
You've got that nice.
A straight edge, very straight edge, but it comes down at the same angle that the handle comes down with a straight spine so it presents a cutting angle that it accelerates the cut.
If you if you see what I mean there you can see the way the cutting edge is angled down.
Because the blade widens towards the tip, that means I'm going to get almost a recurve action as I go in there.
It's not recurved but it's drawing the material in because it's a straight edge, but it's presented at an angle downward.
It's fully fully flat, fully hollow ground, meaning that grind doesn't stop until the spine.

It's a it's a perfectly hollow ground blade and it's M 390. That really nice looking swedge and a long pole.
That long pull right here.
Hmm, and then you've got incredible walk and talk.
I'm gonna put it in front of my mic so you can hear it.
This of the four Jack Wolf knives that are out strikes me as the hardest worker.
Perhaps that's because it's the biggest.
It feels the largest in hand and with that blade, that is a 100% bonafide utility blade shape.

And when I think of a blade like a utility blade, what I'm thinking of is something that is.
Good for draw cuts where you're using that tip, and you're doing precise sort of cuts or slicing open boxes or something like that.
Or say you're cutting out something detailed in paper or or you're just using that tip, but also a good utility knife.
You can push, cut, push through, say, cardboard, and it's not going to slip off the top like if you have something that is an upswept.
Has an upswept edge you?
You're only gonna be able to cut for so long before that tip is gonna slip out of the material you're cutting?
Well with that straight edge.

And now with that slightly downward presentation of that edge, you basically can push cut with this and kind of trap the material in this little triangle triangle here.
I'm not talking about that notch, I'm just talking about the the area right in here and that cutting area.
I'll demonstrate in a second on a piece of cardboard, so you've got your Jack wolf knives.
You've got a triple fluting on that long bolster, which is beautiful.
Beautiful, beautifully done that is blasted titanium, the bolster and the liner are integral.
That's all one piece on both sides.
In other words, on most traditional knives the bolster is is attached to the liner well.

This is all just one with a. Notch cut out for the cover.
The canvas micarta is just feels great in hand.
I put a little oil on it because I wanted a little bit more contrast the the raw green canvas micarta kind of looked a little bit like the grey bolster so I wanted to create a bit of a contrast and the longer I have this, the darker that will get just from patina and my personal funk and it will be.
It'll show even more of a of a contrast.
This thing is every every new Jack wolf knife that comes out.
I'm like, oh, this is the one.
This is the best.

I I I, I sense I'm sensing from what people are saying and from how people have responded to my unboxing of this that this is going to be a Jack wolf knife that draws out a whole bunch of different people from across.
From across a wide range of knife users and collectors, I think this is gonna be the one.
I say that each time.
But man, this thing is this thing is really quite perfect.
OK, let's move on.
Now let's go to the the 10 great utility blades.
Now they were.

This subject was inspired by this new Jack Wolf knife and here let me show you what I'm talking about with the.
I'll I'll use the first one.
This is the concept Main St. This is a great utility knife because it's got great ergonomics.
That's kind of a a prerequisite you can.
You can hold it for a long time without it without having to over commit in the handle to choices and grooves and stuff, and it's neutral enough that you can change your grip as you use this.
If you're using it for a long time and you're going to find different places for your hand to land in a comfortable manner to use.
This excellent blade that has a tip down towards the bottom.

Now the tip down towards the bottom presents the tip for easy.
Cuts like this.
Where you've got your finger down the blade like this.
Just think of a mat knife or a utility knife you might get from Home Depot to cut out and score and to open boxes and whatever you have this sort of presentation of the tip and then for the draw for the push cutting you have this long straight edge.
In this case it's 3.4 inches I believe.
Yeah it's about a 3.4 inch blade and a straight edge, and when you hold it like this again.
Sort of presents well, this one comes pretty pretty straight off the knuckles, but you can still trap that material in there for your push cut.

And get through it very nicely.
So to me, that's what a utility knife is great with the pull, the draw cuts and the precision tip cutting and also great for just kind of gripping in your hand and a hammer grip and powering through a bunch of material, rope, cardboard, whatever, whatever, and what have you.
So this Main Street really is an awesome knife.
This for a while was my inside the waistband knife where I was carrying this in the waistband.
You know how I how I do?
I've had different folders take up that role famously or I I guess I used to talk a lot about it.
Was the pink broken skull.

This took the place of that for a long while.
It's nice and slender.
It's got that nice burlap micarta and.
A really nice clip.
The sculpted clip.
I'm not sure if it's titanium.
I actually I'm not sure it great standoffs.

Interesting thing happened with this knife.
Oh it's on bearings.
Super Smooth a Dirk Pinkerton design.
Dirk Pinkerton, a favorite designer of mine.
This is one of the sort of emblematic designs or or or styles of design.
He's got a number of knives that look a bit like this, and it's just kind of his style.
Great liner lock concept is.

Is awesome, uh, this is 154 I believe, and this is from the first run that was mislabeled.
Little Main St. Because this also comes in a small size called the little Main Street, you have 154 CM.
Interesting thing happened with this.
I was about to say I had a nice.
Patina if you will going on in this burlap micarta just from being next to my skin and then also from you know just in how I carried it and then also from use because this one does get quite a bit of use.
And then one day we went to the pool and this was my pool knife.
And this was last summer and after I got out of the pool, I put it back in my pocket and the chlorine bleached out.

The patina in the micarta that also recently happened with my pritu.
So a word to the to the micarta lovers.
If you like a patina on your micarta and you're going to the pool you might not want to take your micarta knives.
Gee 10. Take G10.
Why not or DRN this is.
I was gonna say one of my favorites here today, but they're all one of my favorites here today.
So this is the concept.

Won't be 4 CM.
Pinkerton designed Main Street.
Highly recommend that and it comes in a bunch of varieties of very good looking.
One is the is the deep purple G10 with black handle.
I mean that's that's gorgeous.
If if you like if you like 70s heavy metal or like prints that will resonate with you all right Next up.
We've got the Kuba vagrant.

This is such a great little knife and it comes in two different varieties, two different blade shapes.
This is the worn Cliff and then they have a sheep's foot.
This obviously looking at it is a modified Warren Cliff.
It is not a straight edge, it is a a continuous belly, but a pretty gentle belly.
Nice point.
I love the point on this and that point is just below center line so you can use it at all, right?
I'm going to say it.

For for the utility thing, it's kind of a given that they utility knives do make very good self defense knives, and this little guy always makes me think of that.
But that's not what this discussion is about.
This is about the utility nature of it, and if you look at that blade, it is.
It is perfectly set up for that sort of that sort of draw cut with the tip.
That sort of tip cut.
I guess I'll call it and a great spot there for your for your.
Forefinger, but if you have to power, power that tip because you can't power through material with your thumb there, because.

Your thumb will stop it from going through, but if you have to put some power into the tip, you've got a great spot there.
You've got really nice jimping.
And by the way, this is like 3540 bucks, very inexpensive and has a quite a number.
You got two different blade shapes and a million different colors.
I think this is This Is Us.
Yeah, yeah, this is Austen.
A good blade steel definitely for the money.

This is a good blade steel.
It's got a nice blasted sort of finish on it.
Blasted, tumbled finish.
Great action with the with the middle finger flip.
And that's left hand people.
Let's see and.
Let's see how does the thumb work on this, and I rarely use the thumb.

You could slow roll it if you're in the kitchen at the at the office or whatever.
Great lock bar I. I like the jimping on this lock bar I'm I'm very hot and cold about gimped lock bars.
I prefer sort of contoured, gently scooped and just nicely placed but the the jumping on this is really good.
I don't like the jumping on sauvie.
Lock bars, but the cube lock bars I do cube makes excellent excellent knives like the way this one fits in the hand.
For a reverse grip, and sometimes you know for utility you do need to pound into something.
I I I don't recommend it because it's a folder and if you do I would recommend you turn it around this way so that if the lock if if it fails the stop pin is still here and at most and it's not going to close on your fingers.

You know for that 55. Gallon oil drum full of Uzis.
This is designed by Max Chuck and just a great knife.
Deep carry pocket clip Flathead screws but not recessed so.
Half good.
Nice weight reduction so cube cube knives are like I said, great.
This one with that, with that gently bellied edge and that great tip is an excellent excellent option at three.
What is this?

3 inches?
3 1/4 inches.
Alright, Next up a classic, but a great variation on a classic.
This is the Delica, but this is the Delica worn Cliff and mine is the serrated Delica Warren Cliff.
So just about as awesome as you can get for both utility and heaven forbid, self defense.
Those serrations are just make such short work of things like Sissel rope, or I was just doing putting new rope on the.
Wing set Outback, which you should I kind of recommend.

Actually, I only got one done.
I got to do the other before the other daughter gets on it, but.
Yeah, the ropes do deteriorate, but anyway this this just glides through rope like it's nothing in that that rope is nylon on the outside, it's cheap, it's cheap, kind of.
What do you call it?
It looks like climbing rope, but it's just stuff you get from Home Depot and it's it's got this nasty nylon core and this just shreds right through it.
I love the the Spidey serrations because I I do like that big scoop and then the two little scoops.
And the three points in a row that result from those scoops so very good, uh, most.

None of these have serrations, but this one is fully serrated, as you can see, and men you really, really benefit from those serrations, but.
Look at the tip.
They give you a nice quarter inch run of just flat for those utility cuts.
Again, look at that.
You don't have to torque your wrist at all to present that tip to whatever you're cutting, you know.
With that tip or slashing, open a box or whatever, uh, this one was a gift and and I really, really, really appreciate this.

What is the oh what I wanted to say is that it came in black, the black GRN with the with the multidirectional texturing.
A great handle keeps it nice and light but this knife is special to me so I decided to get special handles.
I got titanium.
Excuse me I got titanium but I got.
I have to admit and I do like the titanium.
It gives it really nice weight.
And but I have to admit, I just saw Jared Nieve.

Uh, put some copper scales on his and then he did this forced patina.
He calls a shipwreck patina and you can tell he kind of coated it with something so that it Oh my God, it looks beautiful.
So I think I might have to do that to this.
But you know, I have so many little ideas for knife projects that I'm not getting to.
As I mentioned before, you have one of the sturdiest locks ever in the back lock here and spider.
What does a great backlog, awesome jimping?
In that thumb ramp, because you can, you can use this for for all sorts of tasks like this.

You're not just using this knife like this, and if you're holding it in a Saber grip with your thumb pushed up against that.
That thumb ramp man, it presents the the point at a great at a great position and that edge at a great angle to the knuckles in the hand to do things like cut rope, you know, say you're on a ship and you need to cut rope.
It presents it at a perfect angle and also look at this.
Grab it like this, pull it towards you.
Just a great knife, the the Delica is a great knife.
I love that they're worn clipping their Delica and Della Endura and and ladybug and and.
All the others, they've just given them all.

The Warren Cliff treatment and I think that's great because they they're all born into the the leaf blade shape so love to see that they're changing it up, not only changing it up but giving a meaningful variety in that straight edge with the point downward.
OK, Next up is the classic or modern classic QP Penguin.
Got this a couple weeks ago and have used it a lot.
This is one of those.
Gives you know I'm sort of, uh, I can be sort of precious with my blades.
This is one that I don't feel precious about at all, and those knives, sometimes the ones you don't feel precious about are the ones you end up bonding with the most because you use them the most, which is kind of ironic.
But this has that denim micarta.

And as I like to say, this is the kind of denim you see on overalls, you know it's like a denim.
It's like a work denim like old school like I I see a a train engineer wearing this denim.
Uh, really, as opposed to.
This denim, which is more like on a on an attractive young woman, kind of denim or something.
This is a well an attractive young woman.
Could be a trained engineer, but probably they tend not to be.
But that's neither here nor I'm looking forward to seeing how this takes on my patina, because at first it seemed very resistant.

I thought that the blue would start to darken quickly, but now I'm starting to see just as I'm viewing it in the in the camera here I'm starting to see some darkening here, but I I find the denim micarta to just be a very appealing material.
I love jeans, I've been wear.
I've been wearing jeans all my life, but I mean I, I really go out of my way to wear jeans whenever I can.
I can even dress them up.
I can make them look good.
I can make jeans look good and.
You know, with a jacket and a skinny black tie and a white shirt, you know, and a look kind of like this.

So denim I love denim.
And here we have this.
It's a mixed.
It's a mixed sort of thing because it's not that bright, cheery blue, but it looks like it's going to turn into a natural version of that thunderhead blue that we see right over here on the queue on the on the cube.
Most importantly though, besides the ergonomics of this handle, which are very, very good, they might be, it might seem a little small if you got giant mitts.
I do not.
This is comfortable for me, comfortable enough for me, certainly because oftentimes you're using this knife in this position and kind of riding up towards the recusal a little bit.

But again, you got great angle of the edge to the hand.
You've got an awesome downward point, and this thing is just great for that kind of pull cutting.
It's on washers at least.
My version is there are many, many versions of the QSP.
Penguin, that's another great part about this knife.
And all of these so far is that they come in many varieties.
And this right here is a very inexpensive knife.

I think I paid $30 for this on Amazon.
I believe $30 and and when I picked it you had options for it like you had a million different options for different handle materials colors.
And then if you go to certain.
Knife purveyors.
You'll get exclusives.
And what is it?
Traditional pocket knives just released an exclusive version of this.

And it's a titanium frame lock.
I can't remember the steel, maybe S 35 VN I can't remember but it's got a beautiful titanium frame lock handle that's fully jigged, like a traditional pocket knife and.
And that's on bearings.
So this knife, this very inexpensive knife at its base, like this version, because this is D2 by the way, comes in.
Many different iterations on a range of prices, so I mean, if you if you really love this design and want to spend and and want a premium version of it, it can be had great pocket clip.
Easy easy lock bar.
I love this sort of rat to rat one super smooth washer action.

Didn't start super smooth but hasn't taken long to smoothen out.
Is that a word smoothen no Bob?
It's not a word you just made that up.
It's like Clapper, Clapper is.
You know it's like.
Ohh instead of laughing, clapped her.
It's when you clap and say oh that's funny.

OK so here, this is the Finch holiday.
It was a toss up between this and the.
What's that sad blustery 1?
And I'm not talking about the Chernobyl Ant.
I'm talking about the older one that's got a sheepsfoot blade with the downward angle.
I really like that one too, and dagnabbit for some reason I can't think of the name of it.
The harvester it was between this and the harvester.

But the harvester maybe is a better utility knife because of the angle, and I'm going to set this down here.
If you look at the line that this sits on the the perfectly straight edge on this beautiful curved worn Cliff blade here is or or or very sharp sheeps, but I'm not sure what we're calling this.
I'm calling it a Warren Cliff that very straight edge goes along the the base of that very straight handle.
It's all in line when you have the harvester.
The angle radically drops.
From this line, so that might make it a better cutter.
Certainly in terms of, uh.

How you hold your wrist you you don't have to turn your wrist at all and it will trap the material because it's got a somewhat radical downward angle by comparison.
But the tip of this one is puncture, it's it's it's you could.
You can puncture really well with the tip of this and use the tip in a pull cut sort of way.
So so basically this has puncture.
Over the harvester, the harvester, you can do that, pull cuts with the tip and everything and and and it's all presented at a great angle.
But this one just has the added benefit of you could really puncture well with that tip.
Also, to me it's just fetching.

It's just a beautiful knife.
You've got a. You got steel bolsters, steel integral bolster liner set up here with.
In my case the green micarta, but it comes in a number of handle materials.
I believe each Finch knife comes out in three handle materials.
Usually there's a micarta, something natural like wood and frequently bone which I love.
Funny back, I can hear my brother laughing, yeah but right here this is a a glow in the dark badge because they also or or Steven of.
One of the partners involved in Finch, one of the two guys in Finch Knife Company, also has a Raven watch company, so this this glow in the dark badge on all of their knives, which I absolutely love.

Some some killjoys don't like it, but.
That that's a tip of the hat to their their interest in watches and to their watch venture.
A great jumping here awesome 154 CM blade with a with a beautiful horizontal sort of rub.
Great bolster lock.
I'm a big fan of the bolster lock because you get the stoutness of a frame lock but you don't have to worry about exerting pressure on the lock bar itself and and you know hindering the.
Explosiveness of the blade or anything like that.
When you're when you're deploying it, this is such an awesome knife.

This has been featured in so many different little lineups.
For me, and one of them.
Ohh, by the way, Doc holiday.
That's why it's spelled with two L's Doc holiday.
This is a also a tip of the hat to Spencer, the guy who designed it his father's love of the Old West and Doc holiday as a historical figure and it has a doctor's knife handle totally square with parallel lines and then on a traditional doctor's handle this would be a solid piece of metal that you
can use to crush up pills and then.
Traditional doctor's knife also has a little paddle that comes out the secondary tool to the knife is a paddle so you you can break up the cut the pill in half with the knife.

Break it up with the thing, stir it up into a potion with the little paddle and so that's that's what this all is.
But what I was going to say, in addition to also nice titanium clip.
Utility and all of that.
This would also make a pretty darn good self defense knife and a pinch if you used it in that pic.
Goal grip and you know I'm always thinking that just because it's fun for me and because it taps into my areas of interest in martial arts and that kind of thing so you don't have that in the harvester.
So the Finch holiday I believe is is a better utility knife than the harvester.
Not that you wanted me to argue this point, but that's because it's more versatile and it's in the fact that in the utility role you have.

Upon a puncturing tip and in you can swing it into a self defense role if need be.
Alright, OK, Next up I this.
I would be remiss if I didn't bring up off grid knives in this conversation.
Off grid knives makes such awesome cardboard slayers as I like to call them, but this one.
This is the cleaver V2 I believe of all of their knives that I own, and I own quite a few of them.
This is the best utility knife because, well through experience.
I guess I can say, and it's probably one of the I don't know.

I don't know I, I guess I don't want to rank order these, but this would definitely be if I were to rank order these knives, this would.
We at the in in the in the top three for sure.
This thing is incredible.
This is a D2 blade.
It's it's a pretty blunt broad blade.
It's about an inch and 1/2 at that very front peak and.
Mostly flat ground, not fully flat ground, thin blade stock and then coated which is good because it's dead 2 coated with that black coating that this just slips through cardboard like it's not there.

This is a really really really excellent cardboard knife.
This is a really excellent utility knife.
Now I am not the biggest Cleaver fan as you know.
I like the way they look but I tend to feel under knifed without a point.
This one has all the benefits of a cleaver.
You got that tall.
You got the.

The tall, broad grind all the way down the blade and that is a benefit, especially when you're cutting through material and you're getting towards that tip.
You still have all of that shearing power, but it's got a puncturing point.
I know it doesn't, it's not as I I was just making that point about the holiday.
This is not as dramatic a puncturing point, but that really, really could work and and does work for getting into stubborn stubborn things.
I love the sort of look.
Of the cleaver with the hole on the end, like a traditional kitchen meat cleaver that you would hang from that hole.
So I like that little tip of the hat to the I keep saying that today to to the to the traditional cleaver.

Great action, best tech made.
I love best tech knives.
Really useful choil.
It's a big finger choil someone with fingers larger than mine could use that for sure.
Just a great utility knife and then all like all V2 versions are all the new.
Versions of off grid knives, whether they're new designs or new versions of old designs.
The pocket clip is pocketed out and they use Flathead screws, so carry orifice of off grid knives.

They're designer, does listen.
And so great great great utility knife.
And most of theirs are.
However, this is the most utility of them all.
Right Next up, a very inexpensive knife.
That I love from cold steel is the cure adashi excuse me, this one is in full.
40 thirty 48 thirty 448 steel.

I don't know.
It's it's some cheap steel, but it's a great.
It's a great little cutter.
I love this thing and it feels so good in hand.
I also happen to think it's handsome.
I think they should make a high end version of this with with Nice handle material.
And you know, like a contour G10 smooth contour G10 and but these ergonomics and a nice blades deal.

That blade is perfection.
I love this thing again.
Perfect for those kind of cuts.
A good cardboard cutter too.
It's not the longest blade and it does have a when you when you grip it in that as it is a kiridashi when you grip it in that hammer grip.
As I've been doing it does.
Sort of reverse the angle I've been talking about all day where when you grip this, the angle if the.

Edge angles down.
It really traps that material when you're doing push cuts, so for something like this you might end up using a Saber grip for cutting through cardboard and going through long lengths.
You might go with more of a Saber grip because it'll present that edge at a more friendly angle.
Just this one gets used a lot.
This one gets thrown in the pocket a lot when I'm.
When I'm working down the honeydew list, this is a. This is one that comes with me.
Oftentimes, it's got that funky little clip beckons back to the early days of cold steel and Spider Co when when the clips were integral to the to the GRN handles.

This one's actually screwed on, but at same thing, and it really does fill the hand nicely.
Actually, I don't think it looks great, but that's not so much what this is about.
Fills the hand.
Great awesome utility knife.
Very easy to sharpen that blade.
Steel doesn't hold an edge for very long but very easy to sharpen and very wickedly sharp.
Great angle that they sharpened the the sharpened edge at.

Sorry to end a sentence in a preposition.
Alright next is the Kaiser Towser Kay Kaiser.
Tauser K. It's a hard thing to say, but it sounds better in a DJ voice.
This is the cleaver slash worn Cliffie blade that got me really excited from last year.
I dragged my feet on it and they sold out.
It came in both this thunderhead blue rich light handle with engraving in it, or I'm sorry, milled, milled out pattern that looks like the boson Hicks field or or or the the the armature that undergirds all that you can see when you when you go to Brazil and trip on iowaska or whatever.

And it's on incredible super smooth bearings.
It is definitely a guillotine.
But the main thing this blade is just so awesome for me.
I really love the sheepdog from Kaiser.
I love the way it looks.
I've never had one and it's a lot about the tip.
This takes care of the tip while still giving you a clavery sort of blade.

Meaning you've got a full height of it's not full height, meaning all the way up to the spine, but the full height of the grind here is also here, so you get.
You get a a nice, even sharing power down that edge and and that's kind of part of part and parcel of a of a utility style Cleaver style blade.
So you you're you're getting that benefit, but this downward angle gives you a point.
You get a point that you can use.
Curved but gently, so a nice bit of gimping here on the on the lower part of the Tang here so you can.
You can come up and use that.
As a landing spot for your finger, just a beautiful beautiful utility knife.

Nice long run of gimping.
Also comes in a contoured red micarta.
I believe it's a canvas micarta or maybe.
I can't remember if it's canvas or linen.
It was hard to choose, but I had to get rich light.
I've never had rich light before.
It's kind of like a paper micarta and I love that color.

There is an exclusive now I think at Mojave Outdoors a an online purveyor that specializes in Kaiser.
As a matter of fact, I think that's the only knife brand they sell and they do a bunch of exclusives and such.
They have an exclusive of the Taser cane.
Now that's a blackwash blade with black micarta, but it's a much.
It's a thinner blade stock, but the same profile, so it's it's even slimier than this knife is and this is a this is way up there.
Oh, and by the way, that's 154. EM Blade Steel on the guillotine blade.
Here look at this.

Just this is probably the smooth.
Definitely the smoothest knife here, and maybe the smoothest knife in my collection.
It is just it just.
Well, just drop shut.
What can I say alright Next up.
This one is very very very popular model these days.
This is the 8020.5 and this is the sheep's foot sharks foot blade and I always rag on it for being ugly because it kind of is, but man is it useful and that's all really men want to be is useful, right?

Even if you're stone cold, ugly or you have no style or or or you have an ugly personality generally.
People, just men in particular I've noticed and and women too I. I don't mean to single out women, but sometimes I'm just like I just want to feel useful.
You know?
Yeah, all all you know.
I'll, I'll do that stupid, lame, awful job because I'm not feeling useful right now.
Well, that's kind of this knife to me.
Just sort of socially awkward, but but very useful, and I don't know.

I don't know why.
Why that design just but but I was compelled to buy it.
So it's like ET.
I always say it's like kind of cute, kind of really ugly and but man, this blade is awesome.
It it is such a good utility blade.
Now that point is useful, but I'm certainly not gravitating towards this.
For the point, you can use that to get into stuff, but that's mostly because that edge right at the tip is very sharp and you can push that edge where it terminates in, but less less of a point, I would say.

But you've got the great action of the of the shark lock, of course, and really good ergonomics you can come up and choke up into that choil there, and that's very comfortable.
Now I use this.
The first chore I ever did.
With this, this is in August 10 and I was very like ohh how's Austen gonna be?
It was the day of my birthday last year and we had a bunch of tiki torches but the earth the ground was really dry and it was hard to push them in at the angle that you know they don't really give you a sharp angle.
They kind of cut it off but then it's blunt so you have to continue it on the bottom of these bamboo tiki torches.
So I carved points on a whole bunch of bamboo tiki torches with this with this Austen blade.

Uh, as as gifts as guests were about to arrive, and man, this thing did a great job with those with these kind of cuts like I really had to squeeze tight after a while and just power through it, you know?
The handle is nice and ergonomic.
It felt good in handy, a little thin.
You know you wouldn't want to do that all day, but that blade just was so useful so there is something that I love about that blade, but it's not the looks.
All right, last up and then I do have an honorable mention because I never would have placed it.
Well, I'll talk about honorable mention in a second last up here is my is the most luxurious of these.

These range in luxury.
Most of these are pretty inexpensive.
The most expensive one here is the 8020.5 or the Finch.
But this this is my.
Hinderer, XM18 Warren Cliff.
Now I also have the 24 Warren Cliff which I carried this week.
I used to carry all the time.

Haven't haven't in a while and just the hinderer worn Cliff is perfect.
It's the perfect worn Cliff to my eye.
It is beautiful to look to look at.
It has got a nice nice acute point.
It's got a great angle to handle for.
It's got a great edge to handle.
Angle is what I'm trying to say would be great in a self defense situation if need be, but just outstanding as a. Utility knife where does it fall short?

It does have a bit of a thick grind.
But I had to mention it because I have used this with that edge.
That's a now, albeit that's a Jared Nieve edge so it's quite sharp for for for the thick behind the edge measurement.
But I have used this thing to to just, well, just to.
Dress out giant cardboard boxes like the like, the big IKEA boxes and break them down and it does work well now it does not slip through the material like this.
This is what I would use all day, but this will certainly do as a luxurious version of all that we're talking about because you've got mostly due to the profile and the shape of that blade.
This is one that I've been considering getting reground into a hollow.

From BGM John Miller, having him just hollow it out and have it nice and thin, but I just haven't gotten around to it.
I do like it and do like to have it around as a as a kind of a thicker, chunkier work knife for that situation that just hasn't arisen yet.
That's these are my main 10, but I do want to show an honorable mention before I sign off, and that is the Emerson piece arc.
This is the police survival and rescue knife.
And I was carrying this this week and I actually ended up using it a lot on cardboard and it was great.
It was great.
It took a second to figure out how this tracks through the material.

It is uneven with its chisel grind flat on this side and steeply beveled on that side.
But it took about a second and plus I mostly use that tip where where it's the least amount of a factor.
So this thing did work great.
But I'm not gonna put it in the running as a great utility knife.
All right, everybody, thanks for joining me on the Knife Junkie podcast this week for my little survey of 10 great utility folders.
I happen to think that they all make excellent.
Well, I I like that they are extremely versatile.

You might have something like this Bowie, which would make a great, you know, fighting knife or self defense knife, but these do that as well as just our excellent at all sorts of around the house tasks.
And that's really what we use our knives for anyway, isn't it?
Coming up on Sunday in the Night Junkie podcast, Colin Maison Pierre of CM Knife design.
He's the guy who teamed up with Lefty EDC to form Devo Knives.
We have an awesome conversation and talk all about.
The Growler this is a prototype from Sheldon.
It's a great conversation.

Join us there.
Join us tomorrow night, 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time right here on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch for Thursday night Knives.
Also you can download us and listen to us on the podcast apps.
All right for Jim working his magic behind the Switcher.
I'm Bob DeMarco, saying until next time.
Don't take dull for an answer.

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10 Great Utility Folders

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  • Hinderer XM (Jade G10)


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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 S110V – upgraded Paramilitary 2! The signature combination of dark blue G-10 and CPM-S110V super steel makes this a favorite amongst Spydie fanatics.


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