Benchmade, We and Hinderer Knives, Plus Christmas Knives for Both Bob and Jim — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 73)

On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast [supplemental episode], Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco goes over some Knife Life News involving Benchmade discontinuing several of its models, and We Knives and Hinderer Knives coming out with late 2019 additions to their product lines.

Jim and Bob also chat about their new knives they got as Christmas presents, one each from awesome listener Stu, Stone and Steel, a New England area part-time knife seller — the Malware from Bestech, a Todd Knife and Tool Design (for Bob) and the CRKT CEO (for Jim) — along with a Bowie Knife Bob got from his brother Vic. Bob might need your help with the Bowie though; give a listen and see if you can assist in providing any identification.

The knife is  marked “W.J. McElroy 1863” and “Macon Ga.” on the other side. Bob will be reaching out to past podcast guest Mark D. Zalesky, Editor of Knife Magazine and author of “A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife in America” for assistance, but do you have any thoughts or information? Email Bob if you do.

Happy New Year! Episode 73 of The Knife Junkie Podcast features year-end product updates from Benchmade, We and Hinderer, plus Christmas knives for both Bob and Jim -- a Bowie, Bestech Malware and the CRKT CEO. Click To Tweet

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Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered next week on The Knife Junkie Podcast Supplemental edition.

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:17
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the midweek supplemental edition of The Knife Junkie podcast. It's episode number 73. And I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:25
and I'm Bob DeMarco. Welcome to the show.

Jim Person 0:27
The Knife Junkie Podcast the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie is to learn all about knives and knife collecting. And it's our midweek supplemental as we say and it's the chance for bomb to really dive deep into knives and tell us everything that he knows and wants us to know about knives and knife collecting and talk about some of the new knives and his knife collections of knife life news coming up with benchmade we and hinder we're going to talk about a couple of new knives in our collection that actually came from a listener and then we're going to talk about bye Christmas Bowie and Is it a bowie or a bowie?

Bob DeMarco 1:03
Well this is actually a buoy because it's a southern Bowie, so it's bowie

Jim Person 1:10
alright so we'll hear we'll hear about the bowie coming up in just a minute but you know hope everybody had a merry Christmas Did you have a good Christmas?

Bob DeMarco 1:18
I had a great Christmas I went home and visited my my folks so my brother and sister How about you Jim?

Jim Person 1:24
Good time stayed here had the all the family here and you know did some Christmas stuff you know, Christmas presents and actually went out to see Jumanji the new movie Yeah, day or two after Christmas. Yeah, I really like that one. So yeah, just just family time hanging around chillin, nothing, nothing much spectacular, but just a nice restful week.

Bob DeMarco 1:44
That's exactly what my family does. We get together we just, we eat, we talk, we laugh, we chill. And then I usually end up digging around in my parent's garage because I that's where I find kind of artifacts from my childhood that are still left you know everything else is gone but in the in the garage. I was digging around in the garage this time I was looking for a specific knife actually, that we acquired when I was probably four or so I was with my mom at this local farm called Cole's farm is this kind of place where you can bring your kids and have pony rides and this was in the 70s so there is like rope bridges and things that were probably more dangerous than you would today. But I remember my mom and I were walking out onto this pier into the middle of this lake. I guess it was a pond. And I remember running my hand along the the wooden the rough wouldn't handrail and kind of looking up at it because I was short. And my mom yanked my hand and we stopped short. And I looked up and there was this knife stuck in the wood stuck in this handrail and it was now i i know it was a marbles hunting knife with a with a nice stag handle and everything. And my mom was so pissed that there should be this knife. Just let out in the open and in my mind it could have sliced my hand clean off right right. My mom was so pissed she she just took the knife out of thing put it in our person. This is our knife now. And so that knife lived in our garage for years and years. I threw it at trees. It got used for gardening. You know, it was just a jack of all trades. And I was digging around and I did not find it I was broken hearted. I gotta say mom mom with a knife go the knife you know come close for him. She's like, what are you talking?

Jim Person 3:29
Yeah, and I was like

Bob DeMarco 3:31
so it's it's lost to time But that night I mean to me that was a pirate like that that was leftover from some sort of bandit or pirate that you know, it really activated my imagination this could be one reason why I'm Knife Junkie. I gotta say I look for that nightfall in there but I need to buy a modern modern version of it. You my voice cracking brings me back.

Jim Person 3:55
He got emotional. I'd be curious to know what that knife would be worth today in today's marketplace

Bob DeMarco 4:02
The way we treated it It wouldn't be worth a damn

Jim Person 4:06
But stag handle and yeah,

Bob DeMarco 4:08
yeah I tried sharpening it i mean that that knife that knife took a lot of abuse from my brother and myself just over the years my parents wow so yeah rest in peace

Jim Person 4:19
well that that reminds me We asked last week on the supplemental issue to to make me work editing these podcast by by putting in your your listener line comments and your stories. So what kind of great knife story do you have like that, you know, remembering a knife back from your early childhood that maybe took you on a wild goose chase to the family garage to try to find that or whatever. Call the listener line at 724-466-4487 love to hear your favorite knife story or something starting off the year 2020. So give us a call on the listener line at 724-466-4487

Bob DeMarco 4:57
yeah Jim on the last episode. We played a couple of right up front and it was so cool to hear the voices of listeners that have been with us for a long time and just anyone who wants to talk about it just great to hear voices put to the comments and the emails.

Jim Person 5:12
Well that was a Sunday's Episode Episode Number 72 we heard from cabinman and Charlie the lefty both longtime listeners and i g followers and commenters and your you know, messaging back and forth so as you said, Yeah, good to have a voice with the name. Not a face not a face with a name but a voice with the name.

Bob DeMarco 5:32
Yeah, kind of makes it more personal I guess.

Announcer 5:35
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the nightlife news.

Bob DeMarco 5:42
So for 2020 benchmade is discontinuing a number of popular and not so popular models, the one that really kind of shocked me is the proper now they're not getting rid of the entire proper line a proper is benchmade for a into tradition. slip joint knives. I know some of our recent guests have taken exception to the term slip joint, but I'm going to use it. They are getting rid of all of the properties that come in Reggie 10. That's the kind of proper I have. I always kind of wanted the micarta because that's I'm a micarta lover. But when I found it at Rei for the exact amount that was on my Rei dividend, I just bought the proper read g 10. And now I've been always, I've been thinking I'm going to just die it because I can't stand that Reggie 10 and maybe that's why they're getting rid of it. It just doesn't work with the whole traditional look of the knife. I think so. wisely. They're getting rid of the proper in Reggie 10 but keeping the proper line in micarta. They're also getting rid of the weird aileron, and I say we're just because it is an interesting and unique design. It was designed by Steve Jobs. Ronnie who's a knife, self defense expert. He's a Filipino martial artist. Among other things, he's also the designer of a number of famous Korean bits. But he designed this knife for the airline pilots Association. And it's got a very broad blade that sticks out from the thing of the spine of which sticks out from the handle considerably. And then etched laser etched into the side of the blade is a sort of attraction pattern, so that you can it looks like the tread of like a tire, perhaps an airplane tire, and it makes it really easy to open this two handed, kind of a gimmicky thing I guess. But to me it never it never really worked for my eyes. So I guess that's why I'm, I'm not surprised. It's It was also a specialized release meaning it was for a specialized purpose and fewer, you know, fewer numbers made so Right, right. The getting rid of the precipice which is there out the front with the The spine mounted button and they're getting rid of the foray, which is kind of an EDC, little EDC thing. So, you know, I say fine, make make room for some new great models for 2020.

Jim Person 8:13
Well, I noticed one of the company reps on the benchmade forum said that they were reducing the number of partially serrated models.

Bob DeMarco 8:25
Yes, yes. That's, that's right. That's the biggest part of the story. Thanks. Thanks for bringing that up, Jim. Yes, finally. So the trend away from serrated and half serrated and partially serrated knives started a long time ago. People, you know, if they want serrations, they will seek them out. I think the idea is you put serrations on a knife, you just sort of cut. What do you say? You split your split your odds, and you put serrations on everything that you're going to put in the store because you're assuming that the guy who's just walking into a store Just kind of buying a knife, and he's probably not going to keep up with the with a clean edge blade keeping it sharp. So if you put serrations on there, it will kind of always cut least until the death of a knife basically. But I think people are more savvy now people like they're playing edges and if they want serrations they will seek them out. People are now more savvy with sharpening, not as afraid to buy a sharp maker and start you know, working on their edge or what have you. So I think that is a very smart choice by benchmade that I bet they're they're selling way more plain edge blades than they are partially serrated. Plus, I gotta say, some companies make partially serrated look good like microtech. Emerson also benchmate does not make partially serrated look good. They got this weird, funky thing down by the choil. There's always a little lobe of unsharpened steel that just it just looks awkward. And it seems like it might not work right but that's just my eye,

Jim Person 10:01
Right. Well, more than 20 models being discontinued with more than a dozen of those having the saturation so perhaps a trend for benchmade

Bob DeMarco 10:12
yeah and and a trend for them recently has been coming out with really sweet knives with great quality insurance assurance. So let's, let's hope that trend continues. Also, I want to see some cool new different looking knives.

Jim Person 10:24
Well, speaking of new knives, more in the knife life new segment we're going to talk about we some late 2019 year and new model reveals if you will you want to talk specifically about one of them.

Bob DeMarco 10:38
Oh yeah, the Scoppio. It's a new folding, flipping folding variant of the react so which is a fixed blade that they came out with at the beginning of this year, which really caught my eye. It's one of the few fixed blades that we has put out. I say few relative to how many folders that put out. And it's this beautiful, multifaceted compound ground fixed blade with a with a blade to handle ratio that's about one to one it so it kind of looks like a folder with a great hand blade to handle ratio. But anyway, so they're they're releasing a folding version of this a flipper version called the Scoppio. And this was designed by this guy Toni Tietzel from TNT knives, I shouldn't say this guy the designers name is and I have to say the Scoppiois an even more elegant version of the fixed blade in my to my I got a slightly sharper point. The blade is beautiful, and it's a 3.6 inch you know, so it's a it's it's a little bit over medium and it's just got a beautiful neutral looking handle but you got that flipper there, which stops your hand from going forward onto the blade and on the fixed blade version of that there's nothing stopping your hand from coming up. So I always kind of feel Like the fixed blade version of this was sort of, you know, the react so it was sort of a novelty, a good looking piece of hand art, but not necessarily fixed blade I would want to carry because it's it's the it looked like there was zero stopping you from coming up onto the blade, no oil, no garden or nothing. But with flipper, you got that flipper holding it down and it's just a beautiful, beautiful knife.

Jim Person 12:28
Okay, so we continues their their trend of releasing more and more knives every year so

Bob DeMarco 12:35
they always have this cool looking, push, push dagger thing. It's a it's a really skeletonized titanium knife but I have to do more research on on titanium knives. But this looks like a last ditch kind of thing. Remember that last ditch like it's not the kind of knife you keep on you to cut card. General you keep it on you. Casey got it. Use it once and they'll

Jim Person 12:59
hear your friends. knife fight scene. Yeah. Well, continuing the trend of releasing more knives at the end of the year hinder they capped off the year of 2019 with a new fixed blade model that you want to talk about for for a bit.

Bob DeMarco 13:15
Yeah, my beloved Hinderer knives has come out with the Hinderer Ranch Harpoon Spanto road and right off the tongue. The Hinderer ranch was a fixed blade that came out with a year ago. It was in 28, maybe sometime in 2017 2018, a fixed blade bowie knife, about five and a half inch bladed Bowie and just a beautiful beautiful night. Now they've come up with a kind of the same version of that knife except with the famed span toe blade. That's something Rick Hendrick came up with it's got a the length of the blade is is thin and a thinner and more slicey and then the front part of the blade is thicker, kind of like Americanized tend to that you can use that tip for utility and puncturing and stuff without without worrying about it because there's so much meat up there. Well hinder also puts the harpoon on the top that's a harpoon swedge it's kind of an extra bit of material, but it's in cross section shapes the tip kind of like a diamond, so it penetrates better. So now I'm going to editorialize just a little bit on that shape. Really? Yes. So this is just me and this is just my I, I understand that the harpoon swedge on any knife enhances its ability to puncture just because it changes the cross section tip but I hate the way it looks Jim. I hate a heartburn switch. People love it. People love it and and, you know if you're gonna, if you love it, hinder, does it great. And it looks like it's a workhorse this knife It's beautiful, you know it's a it's got a one tool steel, it's parkerized and it's got a walnut grip. It's their vintage series trim, at least for this first release of the ranch harpoons panto. That's something about that. That harpoon sweat. Does anyone else feel that way? Please, please let me know, you know, because I feel like I'm the only person out there who thinks the harpoon switch kind of makes things look awkward and like they might stick you know, if, if the if the point is puncturing power What if you puncture a little too far then you have to pull it back out and that harpoon switch will will will make that more difficult thought.

Jim Person 15:38
Okay, well, let's get listener line thoughts. First 724-466-4487, 724-466-4487 I'm looking at the picture, you know, and I, I guess I'm ambivalent. I mean, I I like it. I could see your point about not liking it. I mean, I don't dislike it, but yeah. You know now as I'm looking at it, I I might like it a little better without it, but just dislike it.

Bob DeMarco 16:08
I think people should let us know does it break the flow visually? Okay, now and I'm not just talking about this subject.

There's also the extraction problem. You know,

Jim Person 16:18
if a sharpen up on the tip and you make a puncher and you cut it, it's probably not going to have any trouble coming back out right because it looks like it's got that nice sharpness to it coming back on the backside too.

Bob DeMarco 16:30
I don't think that's sharp. I think that's the full width of the blade behind that switch. Okay, but maybe Rick Hendrick will come on the podcast at some point and address this with me live to talk about that.

Jim Person 16:42
Well changing subjects going from one end to the other. I really like the handle the would you say also all not the one hand? Yeah, I love it. Yeah, that's how long the lead mobile rightful kinda, yeah, yeah. So yeah, definitely like to get some more knowledgeable night folks opinion. than mine nothing I've Jackie's but you know more knowledgeable than me about the harpoon swedge. I can see your point that it looks like why the point

Bob DeMarco 17:11
looks a little extra extra on the edge of the blade and the end of the blade. But I gotta say You're right about that handle. Oh my god sumptuous and then it's also got that that old school rifle look especially with the parkerized Yeah.

Jim Person 17:28
Well, maybe that swedge.

Bob DeMarco 17:31
Harpoon Swdege

Jim Person 17:32
Maybe that's the reason they need to call price at $400 maybe that's what makes it 400

Bob DeMarco 17:38
Yeah, yeah, well, it's also Hinderer.

Jim Person 17:41
I'm just teasing. Enough about that love to hear from you about your thoughts about the the Hinderer knives, and the new the new knife to end 2019 as we are in 2020 now Bob. We had mentioned that this is our new year's day edition, that Happy New Year.

Bob DeMarco 18:00
Happy New Year to you, sir. I mean, can you imagine? 2020 I'm okay. I'm maybe revealing my age. But I mean to me, I'm like, 2020 when I was a kid, you know, obviously you hear this a lot. We're flying in our in our cars to work and no Have you only have to work two days a week because everything's automated and somehow producing wealth for us. But, you know, this is the real is it? This is the real 2020 and it's going to be fantastic.

Jim Person 18:33
Yeah, still having to drive myself to work. Yeah. All right. All right. Oh, no, sorry. Maybe something.

Announcer 18:40
And now that we're caught up with a knife life news, let's hear more of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Jim Person 18:45
Alright, that's it for Knife Life news. Let's move on to another topic of discussion. Two new knives one for you. One for me. And I've got to say big thanks. Big, big thanks to our buddies do.

Bob DeMarco 18:58
Yep, yep. stew up in Vermont. stew of stone and steel. New England knife sellers. Great guy has has been a good friend of the show for half the year at least that I've known of and we've been in in semi Constant Contact. What a great guy. He He sent us a Christmas present.

Jim Person 19:23
Yeah one for me it was free. Yeah, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 19:25
And so I'm going to talk about mine first Jim if you don't mind, go right ahead. I'm so excited about this knife. I couldn't kick it out of my pocket all Christmas vacation. And it is the Todd knife and tool designed best tech malware or as I like to call it my Vikings gentlemen carry Space Age Vikings gentlemen carry. So Stu heard me talking about this with Terrell Todd. When we were talking about their designs for Todd knife and tool, and I told him I was fascinated with it and was really looking for Getting my hands on it because I had just gotten the Roxy for a beefier four inch wharencliff holder. This malware is a near Wharncliff. It's got a little bit of a belly, but he's got this long, long clip on the on the back end. And by clip I mean I don't know slope down to the point. It's a long thin, beautiful blade and it's been really well executed by best tech. My exposure the best deck is limited to the what is it the the tanto D to tanto that they have the katana I can't remember what it's called. I'm sorry. But that was a fantastic knife and a budget knife. This is their high end and man best tech is killing it. But Todd knife and tool. They just make a cool looking night they design a gorgeous knife and this thing, though. It's all Angular looking fits in the hand. So so beautifully. The one Achilles heel of this knife design is not it's not an activity. It's it's not of the design itself. It's of the user. It's got a tip that I'm terrified of break, because it's so perfect and acute and pointy. And so I am just using this for delicate things. It's sort of a gentleman's carry and Viking because it looks like a space age sex. So anyway, Stu, thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it. It blows me away. Your generosity and yeah, man, thank you and just keep the home fires burning and people. When you're up in New England and you're the knife or gun show, seek out stone and steel, you will not be disappointed.

Jim Person 21:50
Well and Stu left us a voicemail message that we played on the Christmas Eve show that I think he's got a next show is going to be at is March 21. 425 if I remember correctly, so sometime in March, he'll be at a at a show. So selling and I still I just got to echo Bob's, you know, thoughts, you know, I'm totally just blown away man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I never suspected anybody would listener would give me a knife. Yeah, you know,

Bob DeMarco 22:19
so you're talking about what the CRKT VEO that you give to you.

Jim Person 22:23
Yeah and I love it I I pulled it out of the box and you know showed my wife my daughter My Son ... look what I got! and of course you know, like within the first 30 minutes of you know, opening it and having it I found a cardboard box that just was begging to be cut up you know, I had to use it. And man was it slicey and just just went through that went through that and I went through that box but I don't know all the words to use to describe it like you described your knife but I love the pocket clip because I wear button down shirts to work and I can just slip it in the pocket. Or, you know, underneath, under, you know, inside the shirt underneath, you know kind of like, I don't know.

Bob DeMarco 23:07
Yeah yeah but I kind of kind of in the front where your button like

Jim Person 23:11
yeah you get down the middle way buttons. Yeah, yeah and it looks just like a like you said it looks like it'd be a pin nobody knows that I've got a knife and I can just pull it out as

Bob DeMarco 23:19
he was walking around with a knife on his chest. I know man.

Jim Person 23:23
And the the handle when when when you we we have in this and you came you we got him a couple of days before Christmas. We're both at work. You brought it up and we both opened up. What I love the handle this it's kind of brownish with a little pattern.

Bob DeMarco 23:38
But yeah, that's actually that's glass reinforced nylon, which is a which is a budget minded material, a high value material, but they made it look expensive. I gotta say we made it look like carbon fiber look sharp. Yeah. So this pen is meant to kind of mimic. I mean, I'm sorry this knife is kind of meant to mimic a pen in the pocket. So Yeah, just so people don't know. Tell me about the opening.

Jim Person 24:03
Well, I'm still playing with it. still learning how to open it. I still have to use two hands to get it open. having not been able to figure out how to quite, you know, flick it open with one hand but yeah. Oh, there we go.

Bob DeMarco 24:21
It's definitely a feel thing you'll find. You'll find the right angle. You'll bear your thumb in there and flick it out. That blade hides completely in the handle. Is that right when it's close?

Jim Person 24:31
Yes, it does. And it is sharp. Yeah, I remember when I yeah, very pointed. I remember when I opened it up and I was showing my family and everything and I said, Look in the tip. It's so sharp and I just put my finger on it was how

Bob DeMarco 24:46
sharp serves you, right?

Jim Person 24:48
That's right. Yeah, this is beautiful.

Bob DeMarco 24:51
That is a nice. Eight cr 13 mo V, which is a great everyday steel because it sharpens up easily and unless you're using it over and over and over. You know, you're fine with that steel. And I couldn't help but notice Jim that blade HQ has an exclusive version of that. Oh, look at that. That is gorgeous. Jim keeps holding it up to the camera.

So now I have to buy one. Sorry listeners. You can't see it but yeah, they have

blade HQ has one with brass fittings and green micarta handles. That looks cool.

But I think it makes it a little bit heavier, which might defeat the purpose but I don't know. Right?

Jim Person 25:27
Yeah, this is very light and could definitely fit in the pocket. I mean, I had it in my pocket on on Christmas day because we're opening presents and everything and I was like, you know, hardly knew it was there. It was not very heavy at all. So man I against do I just you know, I'm just blown away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. The only knives that have ever been given to me. I've been by The Knife Junkie, except until now. So thank you. Well, it's not only that, but he also picked it seems like he picked the exact right knife to get you. He did, man. This is awesome. Thanks, everybody. Yeah. All right. I guess we can both quit gushing about our New knives.

Bob DeMarco 26:01
Well, not quite yet because I have one more.

Jim Person 26:03
Oh, that's right.

Bob DeMarco 26:04
My brother Vic, who left a message on the last the last supplemental and has gotten me many many many cool knife and knife like object in the past did not fail this Christmas and got me this incredible Confederate buoy and I'm going to say buoy because it's from the south and that's how they say it down south. It's got a 10 and one eight inch Bowie blade, hollow ground. It's got a brass s curved quillian guard here with the one in the front a little bit longer, and it's got a big lobe down at the bottom. It's got a 15 pin bone handle and it's got a brass but cap. This thing is really really cool. If you watch Thursday night knives live, it will be hanging on the wall behind me from now on. It is such a cool knife now. My brother and I were looking at this And the tank stamp says w j McIlroy 1863 and then you flip it and it says Macon, Georgia. Now of course this made us want to research this knife and the jury is out my brother the person from whom my brother bought this he's got a lot of cool World War Two artifacts and, and stuff like that. And the guy thought it was real. And then looking it up online, we found a knife that looks just like it and a little bit of conversation on a plate on a knife forum. And guess who was on that? That was Mark zaleski was a part of that conversation guests from The Knife Junkie podcast, Episode 70. He is the editor of knife magazine and a renowned Bowie expert, who literally wrote the book on the American bowie knife for a big exhibition in Arkansas a few years back. He weighed in on the conversation is this actually a civil war era Confederate buoy and I'm going to need to talk to him and and find out what he thinks about this the it is if it isn't, it'll do until the real thing gets here because this thing is incredible. I love it. It's it's, it's definitely a carbon steel. The tank stamp actually looks legit but you know things can be faked easily if it if it is a gay z as they say it's a good one. What did it say again? What does it stamp? What's the the marks are the words w j McIlroy MC e l ROI, and then 1863. And the sheath that came with is is obviously not the original sheet, even if even if this weren't made in 1863. The the sheath is obviously a second sheath but also very old. So it's just a cool piece and kind of a little mysterious, and so I think I'm going to have to get in touch with Mark zaleski and find out what he thinks about It in the Bowie room he is the man for asking. And as I mentioned, you will see it on the wall behind me over my right shoulder. From that one it's it's going to find its place in and amongst my Filipino and American nice.

Jim Person 29:14
Well and as you said mark Zalesky Episode Number 70 you can listen to that at The Knife Junkie dot com slash seven zero and if for some reason you happen to have any thoughts or opinions about Bob's Bowie, stamped w j McIlroy 1863 call the listener line 724-466-448, 772-466-4487 or know of any resources or websites or anything like that maybe we're Bob can find more information that would certainly be helpful. Bob also mentioned Thursday night knives that's his live video show, which is going to be live tomorrow night. And that's if you are listening to this podcast when it comes out on January 1 if you're listening on Thursday, January 2 Hey Joe Join us tonight for Thursday night knives it's at 10pm on YouTube as well as our private Facebook group if you're not a member of the private Facebook group, we encourage you to to join The Knife Junkie comm slash Facebook you can watch it on either locale or right on the Knife Junkie website at The Knife Junkie dot com slash live will have the live show right on the website.

Bob DeMarco 30:24
I just want to say Vic, thanks again for this awesome buoy knife and Thanks for always remembering that I never ever get sick of receiving knives or blades. A lot of people gift giving. I don't want to give them another year. I don't want to be repetitive. Well, it's not about you. It's about me.

Jim Person 30:44
Be repetitive

Bob DeMarco 30:46
Vic understands. He understand. I never go so thanks again Vic. This is an awesome gift. America Christmas and Happy New Year

Jim Person 30:54
but I loved his his message that he left on the supplemental edition last week. Yeah, thanks for that. All right Bob amazing Our time is about up buddy we have we filled another supplemental

Bob DeMarco 31:07
Just bloviating about knives.

Jim Person 31:10
One of these days I'm gonna learn how to spell that so, so much All right, Happy New Year everybody thanks for being with us on the Knife Junkie podcast. We look forward to the year 2020 and look forward to having you join us on the Knife Junkie podcast as well as Thursday night knives please call the listener line shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com. If you have any questions, have any suggestions, show topics things you'd like to talk about things you'd like to see featured on nice videos or seen on The Knife Junkie? Thursday night knives live video. We'd love to hear from you and get your suggestions and feedback.

Bob DeMarco 31:47
That's right. Please give us a call. We love to hear your voices strangely enough. It means a lot to actually hear the the human being behind that behind the comment or the email. So again, everybody happy new year, and Thanks for tuning in and thanks for making this such a great year and being a part of this knife conversation it's been such a pleasure

Announcer 32:07
thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie dot slash YouTube check out some great night photos on Knife Junkie dot com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group at The Knife Junkie dot com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast


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A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife in America by Mark Zalesky, editor of Knife Magazine

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