Best “Grab-n-Go” Folders (Knife Junkie Edition) – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 323)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 323), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at the best grab-n-go folders (Knife Junkie edition), including the Kansept Pretatout, Civivi Praxis and the TRM Atom. Find the list of all the knives shown in the show listed below.

Featured Comment of the Week

Comment of the Week (episode 323)

Bob starts the show with his “pocket check” of knives — the Demko AD20, Hogtooth Knives Tanto and the new Jack Wolf Knives Little Bro — while in Knife Life News, Bob reports on the new line of automatics coming to Benchmade, and Demko Knives new fixed blade and custom folder at Blade Show 2022.

Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” it was a banner week for The Knife Junkie, with several new knives — the Two Sun TS 336, Petrified Fish Victor, Civivi Praxis, Brighten Blades keychain knives (for his ladies), a Fred Perrin Mid Tech, and an EDC Bowie from Mastersmith Josh Fisher.

I'm taking a look at my top 10 'grab-n-go' folders this week on episode 323 of #theknifejunkie #podcast. What do you think of the list? Click To Tweet
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Automated Transcript
The Knife Junkie Podcast #323

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
The place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers, manufacturers and reviewers that make the knife world go round.
I'm Bob DeMarco and coming up exciting things from Demco knives, a host of new acquisitions and the knives knives inspired best grab and go.
Knives, Knife junkie edition.
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
Your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host Bob the knife Junkie de Marco.

Welcome back my favorite comment of the week was by Flash force.
He commented on the fixed blade fighters episode of the Knife Junkie podcast and he says as far as Randall made knives being old fashioned I have a little saying for that best tools are old school or come from the old school.
Simpler is better, it just sort of rolls off the tongue so nicely, he says.
Now I like that that comment because.
I've we've been talking a lot.
I've been talking a lot with the others about.
This whole constant striving for better, better, better, super, super super steel and that kind of thing.

And it's it's good to remember that 440 stainless steel worked great.
You know, for a long time and before that.
There were other, either even lesser steels that were considered super steels of the day.
That worked great, so it's good to remember that your old tools aren't discardable.
You don't want to just discard them because something newer and better has come along and you can take that little tidbit and spread it out across the field of your life.
And it.
I think it's good advice that that works for a lot of different things besides knives.

All right, a pocket check.
What was I carrying today?
Uh, today was, uh?
Today was a difficult one.
I I gotta say, uh, I've been having a little postpartum depression from from the old blade show because it was it was such a good time and anyway I had something I didn't make it to their booths, their booth but I have this 8020. And I know, I I, I think I'm miss mismarked my script to Jim.
I think I said I had my a 2D on me.
I had this on me today.

Sorry Jim sorry to blind side you while we're live here but I had my demco with me and I was also at the at the booth trying to see that new 8022 I cannot wait to see that I was too late.
I was too late.
I was there on Saturday so I carried this in.
I carried this in.
Reverence or or I don't know, honor in honor of the Demco brothers and Andrew Demco, and and that new 8022 looks so cool and I I missed out on even seeing it.
So I wanted a demco close by.
I had that on me today I didn't even pull it out of my pocket I had.

I had a very busy day today that did not include pulling out knives.
The other thing I had on me today was the Jack Wolf Knives.
Little bro, it was a it was a spare day.
Just two knives.
The Jack Wolf Knives, little little bro.
I want to say little bro, but that's actually wrong.
That's a tops model I'm going to open this up here.

Man alive.
What a beautiful knife this is.
This is the boys knife that's out by Jack Wolf knives.
This is the the June release released on June 17th.
It will be and has been depending on when you listen to this a boys knife has about a two and 3/4 inch blade and just has the perfect size sleeve board pattern handle.
If you know Jack Wolf knives you know that they are all hand finished.
And just exquisitely made by a undisclosed company overseas.

But listen to this walk and talk right here.
Not sure if the the MIC picks up how awesome it is, but let me assure you it is and something about these smaller slip joints that are made to this sort of standard.
They have nice tight springs it it's hard.
I think it's harder to make a loose spraying on a smaller knife.
I could be totally I could be totally blowing that, but the the spring on this is really nice.
The walk and talk as you can hear is really nice and the cutting performance is insane on this.
I think it's thinner than the other two than the laid back Jack and the Sharpshooter.

I could be mistaken about that too, but this one seems thinner to me.
This just seems like a like a scalpel.
And it seems that then all the way up to the very top of that sharpening choil so.
Long long life out of that M390 blade.
I mean, I can't imagine unless you're really using it all the time and horsing it through heavy materials.
I can't imagine you you'd have to do too much sharpening on M 390. That's why I like.
M 390 and those kind of not steals those super hard super steels on smaller blades.

It just makes sense if you use them more often because it's more rare that you pull out at least in our in my sort of life style.
It's less often I'm called upon to pull out my 8020 than I am something like this so.
It makes sense to have a steel that you have to sharpen less on a knife like that.
OK, I'm going to move along from this pocket check, but I want to know before we do, what were you carrying today?
It's always interesting to me.
I love to find out what people are carrying because it helps me decide what I want to get.
I have to say this year at Blade show and you might hear me talking about Blade show for.

A week or two here.
This year people were asking me what did you really wanna get?
And really, I I wanted to troll around and find a custom fixed blades.
I've I found that very very rewarding last year and I did indeed get 2 little fixed blades.
This year we're going to get to that in a minute, but.
Folders, what about folders and and?
The only thing I could come up with.

That I really, really want it, no, no.
I I I take it back.
I really, really wanted a whole lot of what I saw, but what I would have been willing to spend money on if I saw one available and it wasn't too much was a Konig areas.
Yes, it's true.
I've come around to the Konig areas which I was kind of just lukewarm about for a long time.
But until last year.
Anyway, you guys all love that you all push me in that direction.

You push me in the direction of the beluga.
Love that knife and I got another petrified fish we're going to see shortly here anyway.
I want to I want to know what you were carrying.
I also want you to check out Patreon if you're interested in supporting the show.
Just go to the knife junkie.com/patreon or you can scan this QR code right here.
That's the knife junkie.com/patreon.
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.

And now.
Here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.
OK, so one of the companies I didn't look at this year was Benchmade.
I don't even know.
I'm sure they had a booth there.
I mean of course they had a booth there, but I I don't remember seeing them and I didn't seek them out.
However, I you know I do have respect for the company, it's just when I'm at Blade Show which I'm going to talk about again.

I tend not to go to the big the big makers.
It's like I can buy that on Amazon.
Why am I going to buy it here?
I'm going to find something that.
Sorry to be crashed there, but I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go find something that I can't just find on Amazon and buy so.
But Benchmade does have something new coming out and I'm sure they had it at Blade show.

If they were there and that's the new immunity family of automatics.
I think it's a interesting name.
It's a, you know, sometimes people are are companies or makers come up with naming schemes and it's no surprise to me that.
A new family of knives coming out of bench made might might be somewhat.
I don't know.
Pandemic themed.
Maybe a immunity.

And so I think it's kind of cool, but what it is is an automatic and it's an aluminum handled automatic with a contoured and sort of norled handle like softly merled or more like dimpled.
I guess you'd say, but the cool thing about this to me.
Besides the fact that it's what it's M4 I believe, is that.
Which is a great deal.
I love the blade shape.
First of all, it's a sort of warning.
It looks like it has a ever so slight belly and it's kind of a tip of the hat to two knives.

Well, let's say maybe three knives, but I'm not sure what the third one it is in their lineup.
But it reminds me a little bit of the contigo with that blade shape.
It reminds me a little bit of the bug out with the size and the clip and and then whatever automatic they have that's actuated.
By pulling back the Axis lock, I think that's a cool way of doing it.
Not my favorite way of doing it.
I I like to press a button or.
Push a switch, but yeah, you can pull back on that and it fires out hard.

I do know that from the ADAMIS automatic, a friend of guy that I used to work with had one of those.
And here right here we can see this is the California legal version of it.
So that's just under 2 inches and you know it's got about the same handle size and that handle.
I got to say this does look like a a pretty cool knife.
Now that I'm staring at it.
I I must admit.
And when I first saw it, I was like, OK, I'll just cover this because it's it's cool and they've been, you know, they've always been awesome with automatics and and interesting knives like Bally songs and stuff like that.

Even though they have this giant catalog of very good and serviceable but kind of drab looking knives, they have some real honeys.
And anyway this looked like a honey to me.
Yeah, and now I have a keen eye for automatics because.
In T - 24 days as we record this, I will be able to legally carry them around my state, which I'm very, very excited about.
Alright, so that's the new line of automatics coming from Benchmade next exciting things from demco knives to a two things I mentioned the 8022 before and it looks like they're going to be making that in a. Custom version or like a a machine ground custom.
Or when a hang on hang on, Jim flowed up the article.
OK, first, let's talk about the fixed blade.

I do know for sure that this awesome five and a half inch fixed blade is going to be made in two places.
In house.
They're going to have a machine ground version in house, and they're also going to have a awesome eight.
I'm sorry.
AUS 10A Taiwanese version made so.
You got both of those to look forward to.
Just that perfect demco handle.

With those perfect ergonomics that handle looks evocative of the 8010 and the and the A host of cold steel knives and and the 8015 a little bit on the bottom side.
So we know it's going to be comfortable in hand and also looks pretty thick around the handle, but that perfect spear point drop point blade there, spear point drop point.
You know what I mean?
I I can't tell if it's a spear.
It looks like that center like like the point is on center line and it almost looks like the top and the bottom are somewhat symmetrical, though there's a bit more belly towards the tip on the cutting edge.
They're going to be doing.
I'm sorry, I just banged my mic here that the interesting thing about this, besides the fact that it's an awesome fixed blade from demco, is that he created this sheath he was talking about how glass filled nylon and other sort of moldable plastics really dull out your blade quite quickly, and he

wanted to figure out a way to get around that.
So he's created a sort of a sandwich.
I'm not quite sure how it works.
Uh, yeah, I believe the sheath to be quite unique and that is able to be taken apart and cleaned.
He says he also utilized both fabric and nylon and stiff glass filled nylon polymer indiscrete locations.
And I take that to mean he only uses the glass filled nylon in locations for strength but not not going against the edge.
And you can see that when you look at the picture of the sheath it's it's almost like a you a use U shaped chassis that the.

The sheath fits in, but we'll find out once we get one which we will, uh, so that is, uh, from demco knives.
And then I was talking about the 8022 Jim.
I gave you a link to Insty Instagram.
What are the kids called Insta, Insta IG Instagram?
Anyway, Demco has been showing off this 8022 and it's a it's a 3 inch blade.
A gorgeous worn Cliff blade and the versions I've seen have this lovely fat carbon.
Look at that.

That is just stunning and the fat fat standoffs love that.
And that's a demco clip to beat the band.
And they added jimping rows of jimping on that clip, which is a welcome addition I must say.
Uh, the handle ergonomics are slightly different than what I was just saying was typical when we were looking at the fixed blade.
Here you got a large scoop out for half of your fingers and then a raised portion towards the back that tapers at the pommel.
It's it's a beautiful shape and it also allows for for choke up.
Just an awesome knife and then and then.

Let's look at that giant vent.
There's a large sleeve board shaped vent in the.
In the blade, so you can slow roll it.
You can flick it and this is a nice looking shark foot.
I always kind of talk about how the shark foot is a little awkward, but that's a nice one to my eye.
And lastly, I failed to mention this is a shark lock.
This is on the shark lock platform, so just beautiful, beautiful and exciting and then hopefully they make an Excel version so there you have it.

That's the 8022, uh?
So that's it for knife life.
News coming up, I want you to take a look at some of the new knives I've got, and it seems like when it rains, it pours.
But it wasn't pouring at Bellagio Blade show.
I got some stuff coming in right before I left that I haven't made videos of and I haven't really even carried or used.
So I want to check them out and then we will check out the knives inspired grab and go folders.
Knife junkie edition.

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Junkie.com/save on gas.
Alright, let's get right to it.
This one I ordered and it was sent to me literally on the slow boat from China.
It took a couple of weeks but here it is.
This is the Tucson Knives TS336 and if you're watching well here, let's start.
If you're listening, it's a beautiful recurve tanto with it's about half front and half recurve so it's it's got.
That up, sweeping, very graceful shape.

It looks a bit like.
Like a quaking, I guess, quaking.
It's a long design 14 C 28 N you've got a. It's it's basically A-frame lock with inlays.
But the inlays cover the lock which is very nice and then you have this.
You have a scooped out portion that allows the titanium to.
Nestle perfectly up against that that scale.
OK, so that description OK, I also have to say it's got a very nice micro milled titanium clip that is very nice in the pockets.

Got an excellent backspacer here that has it's not quite jimping it's but it's scooping and it's great for your thumb in reverse grip and a little in your hole there.
I I really like this knife, it's got great action with the flipper there is a thing though and I'll tell you what it is.
It's got those great giant thumb studs that you.
That you see on the TS 300. I love those you can actually waive this thing out of your pocket if you care too.
With those thumb studs are are.
Pointy, but comfortable, but stand quite proud.

Of the liners like the other like the 300. The thing is, it came with a scratch on the blade and it's it's.
It's definitely not.
I'm not sending it back, but it's kind of a bummer.
You see that there's a little.
It's not even a scratch.
It's like a. Well, it's a it's like a micro scratch.
It's like someone brushed up against it, like right before it went in the in the sealed.

It was a it's not like someone else had this knife.
But it came from the factory.
I don't know someone brushed up against it and they they had sandpaper in their hand and it just took a little.
So that's sticking in my craw a bit.
But on the other hand, it's letting me use it with a bandit.
Not that I wouldn't.
In any case, it's not a very expensive knife and it's got a great steal.

14 C and.
What do you think?
What do you think?
Is it mall ninja I it might be.
I mean when I when I found this and ordered it I I thought that is the knife I was lusting after 10 years ago like that is that is the knife.
I was drawing 10 years ago or maybe not 10. Maybe like.
Three or four, but you know what I mean?

My taste has moved on a little bit to where I like things a bit more.
But I love this.
This is a very.
If this would be a very very, very wicked self defense knife, and you know that that's where my taste lies, so I'll just come out with it.
It it is a little molnija, but I'm a little mall ninja and I like it all right Next up, this one was a beauty that I could not resist and I was actually fishing for a beluga.
How do you like that?

No, I was wailing.
I was wailing for a beluga and.
Looking at petrified fish and came across this.
I did an unboxing of it.
This is the victor and it's got a number and I never paid attention to the numbers.
If they have names, I don't need the number, so this is the petrified fish victor in K 110, which is like D2 and this beautiful denim micarta people.
I finally got denim micarta.

I finally got it from my own.
I love this.
It is so nice.
This this.
Entire knife is really nice.
Clips a little little shiny, but other than that everything about this knife is.
Awesome, but I but the blade just steals the show.

The blade takes the cake.
The grind is gorgeous.
The satin is really nice.
The shape is just perfect.
Perfect Bowie shape perfect and the handle is extremely comfortable.
Right here, where your forefinger lands, there's that little dip down.
When I saw that, I, I wondered how it would feel.

Well, I'm here to tell you people.
It feels great.
Ergonomics on this are awesome.
The BACKSPACER is machine.
Well, it's not not a gear pattern, it's more like it's got jumping in it.
I guess some proud spots with jumping, but it's of the same material that that my card.
I can't wait till I use this and oil it up.

I'm going to have to like.
Make a salad with it just to accidentally get oil on it because I don't.
I don't oil my my card a but I I kind of put my micarta perilously in the way of oil from time to time and and then I just have to rub it in.
And because I I feel like I want, I want all my my car to patinas to come naturally.
Hang on, look at this.
Look at this.
Actions the action is sickening.

Sickeningly drop shut.
If you're not watching, it's like you know, it just drops.
It just drops like like, nothing like there's no, no resistance.
Very nice knife they do a good job and it was not an expensive knife.
I don't remember what it cost, but it was not much.
In the you know, relatively speaking much is a relative term.
Of course.

OK, Next is a late to the party thing.
This this if I if I ever do a late to the party review again another battery of them, which I'm sure I will.
I think I'm going to do this because this is a really awesome knife.
This is the sevi praxis.
And I got this one in.
Well, this is 9 CR.
That big, beautiful burong shaped blade is 9 CR.

But I got it in the wood.
I opted for wood and I. No, never opt for wood.
Almost that's not true.
I do on occasion and this just looked really handsome to me.
You know it's not beautiful.
It's dark wood and black and it looks like a like a like a den.
It looks like it looks like what this room will look like someday.

You know, dark leather and dark wood and smoky atmosphere and and with a with a tad tad bit of menace but.
You know you're still safe there.
That's what this knife is.
Plus it cuts like like madly and the only thing I've cut with this you're gonna laugh.
But is loose.
Saran wrap loose.
Saran Wrap and I know you're saying ohh you live such a hard life and you put your knives through such torture.

Well, I'm not saying that but what I am saying is that your knife has to be wickedly, wickedly thin and sharp to cut.
Saran wrapped the way this did.
Anyway, I will have more exciting stories to tell you about how this thing works later.
In the meantime, I'm just going to appreciate its beauty.
It is an awesome knife and I'm happy that I finally finally got it.
And yeah, I am indeed late to the story.

I on that one.
Next up.
OK, I mentioned this on the podcast right from Blade Show.
I'll show you I got three of them, one for each lady in the house.
One for each daughter and one for my wife, and they're from Brighton Blades and Christine, you know her as women carry knives brought me over to their table.
She said there's a company you gotta check out and we're going to have him on the show.
I just don't know when I have a bunch of scheduling to do now, but they want to come on the show and I'd love to talk to them about this.

It was someone I'm not sure if it's one woman or two women who worked at Fox Knives.
The American outpost of Fox knives.
And branched out on their own another another one of those stories where people are branching out on their own.
I love that and wanted to start a knife company based on what women might want to carry and what how women might integrate knives into their everyday carry.
And so they had these cool little wallets with knives in them and and they had these cool key chains.
I just I wanted to support them and I and I thought my my my girls would love these so.
So I'll just show these here and they have the packaging have.

Really nice little.
What do you say affirming statements and affirmations?
I think they call them.
So for instance, this one.
The piece I got for Eden, my older daughter.
She used to draw peace symbols out.
She's probably beyond that, but we'll probably be awkwardly, you know, sad to tell me that and she'll she'll be like oh thanks for the peace symbols Dad.

I still love them.
We look forward to a time when the power to love will replace the love of power.
Then will our world know the blessings of peace?
So each one of these have like a little thing on the back, a theme.
You know this one, uh, has some dandelions on it.
Says when you look at the field of dandelions, you can either see hundreds of weeds or thousands of wishes.
I got that from my wife.

That's kind of the things she might she's.
She can be optimistic like that, and then my youngest daughter.
If you think Sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't danced in the rain, so she's a free spirit.
I thought she might like that so interesting company and I love it.
I love it.
As you may have noticed, a preponderance of guests.
On the show have been men and it's interesting to to talk to women.

It was great to talk with.
Just recently I had on Alicia from Blade Show and I saw her at Blade show directing traffic totally hoarse voiced.
Anyway, so yeah, I I like seeing more women coming into knives and and seeing more acceptance that you know you're not a psychopath.
If you like knives, you know actively, not just a ohh well they're a necessary evil because you gotta cut your sandwich.
But like, really, I like knives and I like feeling the independence of having a knife.
You know that's what we want.
OK, Next up.

Who this is a good one?
Ohh I forgot to list this.
Sorry Jim.
I'm just gonna show it anyway and people can look it up.
This is the vast deed.
Bellamy, this was sent to me by Vasd.
They sent me initially the vast.

Did Morgan, an awesome kitchen knife.
I just used it about an hour ago and.
They I gave it a very positive review because it's a very good knife and they said that's awesome.
Thank you very much and I said hmm couldn't help.
But notice that you have a knife called the Bellamy.
I wouldn't mind checking that.
Well, I said I couldn't help but notice you have folders.

I wouldn't mind checking one out and they sent me the Bellamy which is a really nice thing to send.
This is a $125 knife with carbon fiber handle that is really feels nice and looks really cool and is very light.
And if you're not, if you're not watching it's it's not a basket weave carbon fiber.
It's not a marbled anything, it it it it looks.
It looks slick.
I don't know.
I don't know in it and it's got lines in it and just just look this up and let and watch no.

But the carbon fiber feels like charcoal.
I've spent a lot of time with charcoal in my hands.
I went to art school.
It feels like charcoal.
It's got a. I like the texture and then it's got this beautiful clip point blade with the fuller and hollow ground thin as can be.
Great flipper.
Great with the fuller.

I am and then with the front flipper.
Canada, Canada.
I think it's me.
It's not you Bellamy, it's me.
I can do it but.
It's me.
I really like this knife.

I have carried it a couple of times and I could see this being a great EDC for people for whom that is the perfect size.
It is great, it's looks cool.
It's it looks wicked, but it also looks classy and it's got great materials.
Great build for not that much money.
Given you know.
Given the materials OK, sorry to drop that one on you Jim last second to last.
Here is a blade show acquisition this I mistakenly called a custom.

This is a mid tech by Fred Perrin French.
Former commando from France who's just a cool dude and he's designed a bunch of knives for Spyderco.
He's got a new one coming out, called the subway that's about this size.
It's very small, or it might.
Actually it's even smaller than this, but this a little honey is a mid tech.
So the blade and he had the he put on the handle and then sanded the the sides and everything.
It is a beautiful knife.

It's a little, uh, Bowie, little tiny Bowie.
It's a neck knife feels great in the hand and I have I discovered I I I had a revelation about something that Fred Perrin does with his knives.
I talk a lot about so if you're wondering who Fred Paron is and you it he is the guy who designed the street Bowie and the street beat Bowie for Spider Co and he's got a you know another line out.
I think I can't remember who makes.
Makes, uh, a very inexpensive line of his stuff, and then you can get a more expensive mid tech line of his stuff anyway.
He's all about self defense and he creates these knives in a sort of French tradition and the sort of meaning where the ricasso of the blade and the actual width of the blade is the finger guard, and you have a handle that tapers to a thinner dimension behind that ricasso, but in this case he makes
a choil instead of doing like a gradual think of a chef's knife.

Instead of doing a gradual.
A taper in to a much broader blade.
He has a handle that is about the same width as the blades, and since it's a small blade you want as much handle as possible so that you can control this, and then he puts the choil and then the choil is the thing that stops you from running up.
So again, it's like the the French kind of traditional fighting knife, and incidentally, chef's knife.
The thing I always wondered though, is why does he do that shape with the?
With the choil, instead of doing just a half circle, which most designers do and it feels really comfortable why this sort of.
You know, oblong shape and I realized why with this little knife, it's because of the angle it presents the blade compared to the knuckles.

Here, let me put this here.
It tilts the blade down so you get more cutting power.
You're you're your finger instead of the the back part of your finger.
Instead of engaging the center of the circle as it would if think of the Alan Folts minimalist, it's 3 circular scoops.
You know perfectly circular and your your finger nestles in that quite comfortably.
Well your finger in this case seeks.
Your finger in this case seeks this flat area so that tilts the whole blade forward, and I think it's really effective.

You can really tell in the cutting, so if you're using this like most people will as an EDC blade and you're cutting open boxes of new knives or whatever you're doing, you don't have to torque or or can't your wrist to use that tip.
You can do all sorts of draw, cutting, and all sorts of you know utility cuts with this without changing the orientation of your wrist.
To to to make that tip work, and if you don't and you wanna use it like this, it's perfect.
You can actually do it and by that I mean putting your finger your forefinger on the tip and using it and draw cuts you get a. You get a perfect hold and a perfect tip orientation.
Alright, so that is the Fred Paron.
Small Bowie neck knife.
Mid Tech last up is a knife from mastersmith, Josh Fisher and this thing is stunning and the story about this is and I'll make it quick here.

Look at that.
Really nice kydex sheath.
Still a little tight.
Gotta work it in.
I was wandering around blades show and I saw a lot of things I liked.
I saw this and two other small knives by this guy.
He had a line.

He had a couple of them, three of each samples I believe and I bookmarked it and took a picture of it and I was like I really like that and I slept on it.
And the next morning I I couldn't wait to find this guy and and buy it.
He is a master Smith.
And his young daughter is a journeyman Smith.
I mean like she's like my daughter's age, young, very young, and I think that's incredible.
But anyway nice recurve Bowie.
With that presenting a downward angle of that blade puts the tip right in the center so you kind of always know where it is.

I love that you've got a nice long swedge and an incredible handle.
The handle is subtle, it's very thin.
It's got perfect ergonomics in terms of its profile, and then it's got a. A little waste right here, right right before it flares back out at the pommel.
It is so nice to hold on to because a thin knife can be difficult to hold on to it.
This he just made it perfectly.
It's a little bit more towards the blade, a little bit less at the at the pommel.
Until it flares back out, it just fits perfectly and I am going to put a concealed carry concepts I can never remember the name of that damn clip on my sheath and start carrying this thing.

It is a thing of beauty by master Smith Josh.
Fisher it's got 1558 and it's a Corinthians verse and I don't.
I will have to look that up, but that is the state of the collection and what a what A and the state of the collection is strong.
All right.
Moving along, I'm going to sheet these up.
Sheet this up because I don't want to cut myself while I'm leaning on my desk.
But now we're going to talk about the grab and go folders, knife junkie style.

So the whole concept behind this video.
Jared never did a A tag video where he tagged a couple of people.
I think stasa and and I can't remember who but about what their grab and go EDC's are meaning a knife you know is good to go when you're in a rush.
You don't have time to labor over your your choice that morning, you just got to go.
You got to get out of the a phone call comes, you got to go.
You got to go pick up your mom at the hospital, what now?
If you're going to grab, you're not going to spend time thinking about what knife you're going to grab.

You already have a knife in your pocket, no doubt, but you you get what the concept is.
OK, so for me it's it's a little different from what a lot of people who are, you know, EDC.
It's just a little different.
It's Bob de Marco edition.
OK, it does not include a knuckle duster on the wall or a a sword or anything like that.
What it does include?
Is and I just discovered this in the last few months.

The concept pratu I've just been carrying it a lot so I got the the all titanium and Tonto edition and I really liked it.
Carried it a bit when I first got it, but then when the micarta version came out liner lock.
154 CM steel right?
Yeah 154 CM one of my faves.
I jumped on it and this has been finding its way in my pocket a lot.
You can see I'm I'm starting to patina the my card and that's all without accidental dripping of oil, that's all my greasy hands and so very nice there and that beautiful blade just cuts so well.
So when I'm feeling ambivalent or in a rush, this is one that is definitely a quick grab and go.

I recommend this knife.
Highly if you can.
You know it's just what is it?
3.6 inches.
It's like if you can.
If you if you like that size or bigger you will like this knife.
If you're a guy who likes big pocket knives like you know in the four inch range, this is an awesome knife too.

So that's the Preta 2 that's designed by Kay Maxham out of France, Jonathan.
Renowden and.
He goes by Kamax rum, and he also has a couple of knives with Kaiser.
And yeah, I love his designs alright.
Next up I'm gonna say because, OK, this is not one of my grab and goes yet, but I can tell it's going to be and I was just talking about it and it's the sevi praxis now.
Why do I say that?
Well, because firstly.

Looks, I think this looks like a barong and that's the sort that's one of the swords on the wall.
That's why I went for the wooden handle.
It's evocative of this Filipino sword that I love, but also it's a nice long blade.
3.75 inches and it is broad, very thinly ground, and very, very sharp.
And then all the trusted voices that have reviewed this and cut through stuff with it and done all sorts of chores and such and such.
Love this thing.
To the Max, bring it up even years later and that's why I got it in the 1st place because people are still talking about it.

But when I saw it in that wood, I thought that is something I like and sometimes I am not either in the mood to carry a fancy pants knife or sometimes it just doesn't make sense where I'm going to have something that nice on me so it's nice to always have something to grab that feels luxurious and I
got to say, this woods.
These wood scales do feel and look luxurious.
Think the dashboard of a Mercedes-Benz or no a Rolls Royce you know or the handle of a beautiful.
Barong from the Philippines.
So I love this thing and I can tell it's gonna be a grab and go knife.
OK, now that I've gotten that deception out of the way, everything else is truly legitimately a grab and go option for me.

Next up is my TRM, Adam wearing the GLG GL Hanson and sons scales that beautiful green and purple.
Sort of herring.
Bone up, close look and the black DLC blade.
I love the way their DLC looks.
It it's weird, it's it's.
It's like the surface of a UFO.
You can can't describe it.

It's not.
It's not like black and shiny, but it's not.
I don't know.
It's sort of absorbs light, but it also sort of reflects light.
I don't know, but it's got a really cool look and this one was a factory 2nd and and their standards are so high that a factory second means look at that tiny little blemish right near the plunge line.
That's you know and and legitimately.
So I mean any any brand with you know.

That wants respect will do that, but I I just love that I gotta deal on this because of that, because that doesn't bother me at all.
Those two little dots next to the USA indicate that this is a factory 2nd.
Uh, but.
Marianne gave me a deal on the knife and threw in these luxury scales, and I gotta say, GL Hanson and Sons G Carter material feels really good in hand.
Feels really good in hand.
I hear it's a pain in the tuchus to work with, but.
You know what?

So are a lot of other materials, and it's worth it because it just looks so nice you wouldn't put it on a real hard use knife.
You wouldn't want to put it on the survival knife, but.
Yeah, beautiful knife.
Great cutting on this.
I've spent the whole time talking about the the the look and the mercardo but the cutting of this is great.
The cutting of this the way this thing cuts is great.
Plus I love that it has again that tip right in the center line.

That's just something I I mean, unless it's a dramatic Bowie or an upswept something on purpose I I look for that.
Actually, if you look at this it's even slightly below center line and it's got a nice long straight.
But but a a a respectable belly there for for the end of your cut.
You know just a great great knife and lovely to handle too.
It's got a nice washer action and there are a number of washer action knives here coming up right now is a washer action knife and I gotta say I I'm going to split this into two.
It's Yojimbo, yojimbo.
I I kind of consider him one thing sometimes it just depends on what I'm wearing, frankly, because the Yojimbo, even though it's a smaller than what I consider my wheelhouse at at three and a quarter inches, it's just a wicked knife.

And it's.
Optimized for being wicked, so I feel confident in with it in my pocket.
Not being at 3 1/2 inches so this thing and then I have the the five by 5. Pickpocket, I think they call it it, and obviously it waves open the blade when you open it, or when you pull it out of your pocket.
Actually, you gotta remember it's on there.
It does a very very effective job of we waving open the blade.
Let's see what I love most about this is that hollow grind on that Warren Cliff Blade just so beautiful.
And when I got the.

When I got the the little pickpocket thing here, I was worried I would miss that thumb swell that you bury your thumb into when you grip this in your hand.
I mean you grip this in your hand.
It melts into your hand and you know it would be very difficult to disarm someone holding this thing, but that that pickpocket does add a nice ramp.
It's just it just puts the tip down a little further, which accelerates the cut even more.
So this was a DLT trading exclusive with.
20 CV steel and kind of a kind of a bummer.
Kind of a straight laced.

Carbon fiber, I wouldn't mind getting some micarta for this.
I'm just, you know, lazy about it right.
Here is the Yojimbo that is also.
I mean, this is probably my preferred knife because it's just bigger, but it's got that same sort of worn Cliff with a beautiful hollow grind and and a nice ergonomic handle quite large.
I did knock off the peak here.
There was a peak in the center of the handle that is supposed to kind of partition your.
You know two fingers and two fingers.

I just don't like that, so I removed it.
You know, don't box me in people.
I removed it and but left this.
And then I put on an MG MXG gear clip.
Great knife.
Great for EDC.
Great for self defense.

I mean, that's what they're built for.
Both of these knives, but also.
Yeah, just ergonomic dreams and good for fidgeting.
You know if that's the thing that you like to do, good for fidgeting.
So I will put in the Yojimbo here in the family tableau just to.
Represent the type.
OK, Next up is a. Off grid knife, this is the rhino.

Now I do love the offgrid knives and and I. Let's see the smaller, more EDC knives I love.
For cardboard, they're my cardboard.
Go to knives.
But for leaving the house and in a rush, or just don't feel like like you know, laboring, I, I reach for the rhino.
I love this rhino.
And recently it's been somewhat.
I don't want to say, usurped, but I now I I go to the the Cayman Excel like I go to the rhino.

If it's it's I just and I carry it around the house.
Lot 2 this thing is a workhorse.
I I also think it looks a bit like a Winkler knife, or it just reminds me of a Winkler knife with that long clip.
I mean, this is a this is a clip point blade and it's all clip.
Very broad inch and a quarter grind on relatively thin stock that comes to a wicked wicked sharp edge.
I love the round, fully rounded.
Flipper tab it's jammed all the way around it and you just can't misfire it.

It's this a perfect perfect flipper I love.
And it also reminds me a little bit of a 1911 like Commander Hammer, you know, the hammer on a 1911 commander.
I just think it's very cool stylistically, but also fantastic in terms of use, and this one has 14, I mean 154 CM blade steel.
Definitely one of my favorite go to blade steels.
Easy to sharpen, stays sharp long and you know reasonably long.
And is reasonably corrosion resistant, so just a great all around her.
I like the milling on the G10.

I like everything about this knife.
The action is exquisite.
It's made by best tech, you know.
Just about my favorite OEM though.
I have to, you know, pay reverence to to Riyadh.
I just love bestech knives under their own label, but definitely definitely the ones they OEM for some of my favorite designers.
Uh, OK, so that is the rhino now.

I was going to get get a secondary version, the baby rhino and show it to you, but it's my wife's and I think it might be in her purse because I was just looking on her dresser before we started rolling here and it is microscopic by comparison.
And and yet it is almost as ergonomically like perfect.
And the reason is, I mean it is a very small knife and and darn it wish I had it to show you.
Uh, but.
It is a three finger knife for sure, but it maintains the same exact thickness.
It's got the same exact profile, it's just like reduced by a percentage, and yet he kept the same thickness that he being carried.
Orifice the designer and it fits in your hand perfectly for such a tiny knife.

It fits in your hand perfectly and you can grip it in a hammer grip or it fits perfectly in that sort of finger out at the tip of the blade.
Draw cut.
So yeah, very very always impressed with the designs from off grid and then the execution by bestech.
But I think for grab and go no doubt I I go to the rhino.
Alright, Next up a classic and a fancy ohh no no, I'm sorry.
Next up is not fancy but it is a classic and it has earned a permanent place in my collection.
And you're saying Bob every knife has a permanent place in your collection?

That's not true.
I do sell them.
It just takes me time to part with them.
Not once they're sold.
I'm not like that.
OK, so here we go.
This is the Kuby flash.

This is the one that I the one, and by the one I mean one knife I took down to Blade show.
Besides the Swiss Army knife and the multitool, this was the one that I carried because I was nervous.
You know, it's it's been.
It's been two years since I've flown before before going on my trip down to.
Atlanta and I was worried I was like they they're gonna rifle through my bag they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna claim COVID you know because of COVID we're gonna take your knives I don't know I was thinking all sorts of stuff and I did not wanna pack anything expensive so.
I've been nothing but impressed with Kubi.
All of the knives by them that I've experienced, and then the two I have the vagrant and this the Flash, so impressed and then for $40 it's like if if if a TSA guy does take it.

It's something I could easily replace.
I like it very much.
It's got this lovely long.
It's three and 3/4 inch D2.
Bellied Warren Cliff.
With that swedge at the tip, this is, this is like 200% because it's 100% utility and it's 100% fighting knife and I love it for both reasons.
You know, fighting knife, so to speak.

Self defense.
It would be great as a self defense knife.
Again, you've got that center line tip.
You've got great ergonomics and then the angle presentation of the cutting edge to the knuckles is great for accelerating the cut you've got.
Choil in a pinch, anyone with bigger fingers than I and I do not have big fingers.
Would be uncomfortable putting any sort of power in a cut with their finger up in that soil, but it's there.
And of course it's got that swedge for enhanced penetration.

Great great great action, uh, pretty light you got black G10.
I really like how they discreetly.
I like how they colored the pivot black and I like how their logo is on the pivot.
However, I wish they didn't put the skull wearing the headphones and the beret logo on the on the blade.
It's small, it's discreet next to the next to the name but it it doesn't need to be double branded.
I just I like the idea of just going.
With the branding on the pivot and a lot of people are a lot of companies are doing that right now, like the next one.

I'm gonna or no, no, not the next one.
This isn't there, but like the petrified fish they do that.
This is not on the list because I haven't had it long enough.
You say you haven't had the practice long enough either, but I've known about the practice for a long time and I think that will legitimately be OK. I'm not going to justify myself to you people.
I love you people, but I'm not going to justify my my insanity.
All right.
Next is the Emerson Sachs Speaking of Wardenclyffe style.

Knives and this just beautiful beautiful sax style blade has been a grab and go for me for a long time since I got it first because it is what why do I carry 4 inch knives?
It all started as a weapons thing for me.
I don't want to say weapons thing but that's what it is like.
A self defense knife was what I was thinking and I started carrying this style knife back when I started doing martial arts.
So I. I figured I was justified and I don't think that's actually how it kind of works, but anyway, that's why I always carried large knives.
And also I was an early adopter of tactical folders once they became available to the hoi polloi such as myself and I started buying cold steel tactical folders and those were all four inches at 1st and you know so it just stuck in the blood just like just like I'm wearing stuff that I you know kind
of similar stuff that I was wearing.

When I came of age, what can I say?
You get, you get frozen in time sometimes, but this sacks.
I love Emerson knives.
I I I love this clip on the Emerson knife on this one in particular because this road audaciously high, but again 154 CM blade steel.
You've got that wave.
I love the wave.
This is the second knife in this list that has a wave.

Of course, Ernest Emerson invented that thing.
It was a happy accident.
The action on this was awful at 1st and just has become incredibly silky smooth, so nothing I can say bad about that knife.
Next up is the Demco 8020. This has been a a a big just throw in the pocket knife for me because I this is one of those knives that can charm a lot of people, especially in this.
In this format I I have pulled this out at work and I can pull out anything at work almost right now and people are just kind of know it's me and but I'm not flashy about it, but in any case this has been seen at work and I believe it was the red handle that saved the day.
This is like ohh kind of looks like a food service knife.
Yeah it was kind of is a food service knife OK?

So the color helps on this, but also.
For grab and go, if you're a fidget type and you're bored or you're working and you can use it as a pacifier, it's got great fidget factor.
If you're driving somewhere and you get lost in the.
You know, in the wilderness here you've got a great survival knife.
If you bump into another knife junkie, you have an 8020. And then lastly, if if there are people who are like kind of like ohh knife pocket knife you know you carry a knife and like you know I gave someone the lecture a random stranger Uber driver about.
Yeah yeah I've always believed everyone could I knew he was knife adjacent.
I knew he was like or just just ready knife.

Curious I don't know and I mentioned it.
I mentioned how like in the old days everyone needs to have them and how it's like you'll find a million uses for it was like yeah so I think I may have.
Gotten through.
In any case, this is a great knife for that.
I did not have this one there, but you know you pull it out.
And you show how the how the shark lock works and you know you let them see how smooth it is and you know the whole the the robust build and then you mentioned how you can get smaller versions of it.
This is a great grab and go knife for many, many reasons, all of which I've just detailed.

Also feels great in the hand.
It's and if you actually seriously need it for for real work, you're you know you've got a bunch of work knives because you work with your knives.
This makes.
An excellent, excellent grab and go knife.
Not inexpensive, but will last many generations.
Just like this next one, the Chris Reeve knives sebenza.
This one, the sebenza 21 and mine born on Leap Day 2016. Is just the definition of smooth and perfect this knife?

This I'm not gonna call it perfect.
I can't call it perfect because the thumb stud sometimes bothers my thumb.
Other than that, it's perfect and I love this kind of action.
Silky smooth.
Just that glass on glass, glass on oiled glass feel so nice, but the whole thing has a presence and a heft.
But it's light and it's so solid this knife is, you know.
Has has a bunch of qualities to it that I don't know.

I just I I think they have not been reproduced often.
And oddly enough, I feel like and I'm going to say something might might bristle some people rough, ruffle some feathers, but I feel like that best tech made.
Mekong Delta combat folder that I originally thought was American made approximates the action of a sebenza like it's so nice and but this is the this is the granddaddy and I have been grabbing go in this ever since I I re ever since we reconnected and reffell in love two years ago now.
Frequently we'll grab this sebenza lastly.
In the same sort of spirit, as many of these knives, but especially the sebenza, is my Spartan harsey folder.
Love is a word I would use for this knife.
I love this knife.

Everything about it really.
Everything about it.
I love that it doesn't have a lock bar insert and yet doesn't need one.
I love the thickness and the sturdy again.
It's got a presence and a heft, but is not overwhelming.
With its weight, it's got a beautiful design by one of my favorite favorite designers, Mr Harsey himself.
This is a bill harsey design all day long and I love that I love that you can just pick his designs out of a lineup.

Really great ergonomics, perfect size for me for a large knife lover, a perfect size.
They do make a 3.25 inch version of this looks slightly different, but awesome.
They're now making them in US 45. This is S 35 and after my interview with Curtis Avito of Spartan Blades he said send me your Spartan harsey and I'll put your logo in it so it's got wicked sentimental value and this could get you out of any number of.
Pinches and so this is definitely one of my grab and go knives.
Plus it's got that really luxurious washer action.
Oh, by the way, he also engraved the little filler tabs for the pocket clip a little.
A little touch of class.

Thank you Mr Avito.
Also grab and go because I I feel like if I'm going to run into someone and I'm talking about the show I could also I could always be like, you know, I feel like, well, that's weird.
I could say, well no it's not look I have it engraved on the side of this large folder.
Well, maybe I wouldn't.
Maybe that's not a good reason, but in any case, these are my picks for top ten grab and go folders.
I am going to do.

Yes, I am going to do a top ten grab and goal go fixes as well.
Fixed blades because I do that too.
OK, so that's the concept predator, the sevi praxis, the TRM atom, the Spyderco, Yojimbo or Yojimbo, the off, grid, rhino or baby rhino, the cube flash.
The Emerson Sachs demco 8020. Chris Reeve knives.
Sebenza and my case, the 21 and the Spartan harsey folder.
Just beautiful, beautiful, awesome knives throughout a range and we were going from $40 to I don't know much more.
40 to $400.

Will say in that list a pretty good spread.
All really really excellent knives.
Alright, thanks again for joining me on the Knife Junkie podcast that be sure to join us again on Sunday for Episode 324 where I speak with Mike Emler of Crazy Sharp.
Knife sharpening service, et cetera.
You know Mike emler.
I don't have to describe who he is.
We have a great conversation.

He's been doing some awesome content recently.
I wanted to bring him on and get his opinions on some stuff and boy is he free with his opinions.
Also join us on Thursday Night Knives tomorrow evening, 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Right here on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch for Jim working his magic behind the Switcher.
I'm Bob DeMarco, saying until next time don't take dull for an answer.
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie.
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