Bob’s New Emerson Iron Dragon, Soft Hands and Several Stories to Discuss in Knife Life News — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 97)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (Episode #97), Bob talks about his new Emerson Iron Dragon as well as a possible CQC-7 challenge – bearings model vs. PB washers model — plus Jim ribs Bob about his “first world” knife problems.

In addition, Bob covers several stories in Knife Life News, including Bharucha and Fiore teaming up for a Logan collaboration Balisong, Pro-Tech bringing back a limited edition Harkings ATAC, Gerber introducing a custom shop for four popular models and KA-BAR expanding two fixed blade series.

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found below.

Bob talks up his new Emerson Iron Dragon, Jim ribs Bob about his soft hands and there are several featured stories to discuss this week in Knife Life News on episode 97 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. Click To Tweet

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:17
Oh there welcome to the midweek supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast. It's episode number 97. I'm Jim Person. And I'm Bob DeMarco. Welcome to the show. Welcome to as I said episode number 97. And that means Bob number 100 is not far away. We're getting

Bob DeMarco 0:35
up there we are getting up there

Jim Person 0:36
kind of a milestone in the podcasting field. My math is correct. Were three away or two after this one. I'm gonna have to trust you on that. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, folks, seven to 44664487 we appreciate your calls and your comments and your questions. This is The Knife Junkie podcast. The place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie is to learn all about knives and knife collecting. As we alluded to, it is our mission. The week supplemental show where we get to talk more in depth about knives some of the new knife drops that around Bob talks about his collection kind of focusing on certain knives. Occasionally we'll have special segments like maintenance minute tip of the week, the first tool segment none of those today we've got a full section of knife life news we're going to get into as well as state of the collection. Bob's going to be talking a little bit about his new Emerson iron dragon and also something involving the CQ c seven so we'll have to

Jim Person 1:33
tease that

Jim Person 1:34
and see what's what's up with that. But first willing to address something you know, kind of serious still ongoing with the Cova 19 coronavirus situation. Just hope everybody that's listening is staying safe. If you're you know being asked to stay at home where everybody's being asked to stay at home certain locales or businesses are actually shut down and you're you really can't go out. Stay safe, everybody. That's what we're concerned about.

Bob DeMarco 1:58
Well take it seriously. You No, I'm sure most people are but you know, just take it seriously. And then this can be over quicker.

Jim Person 2:05
Yeah, I happen to here this past weekend here in our local area of a gathering of close to 500 people that were at a local winery. And I was like, why? How precious Yeah, and it wasn't, it wasn't an organized event. It was just a nice day. And I guess 500 people decided to go to the local winery. But you know, you got to think about these things. People, you know, we're being asked to avoid community spread keep yourself and and your family. And people you don't know safe. You know, just just do what's being asked of you. Yeah, yeah. Well, I'm sure I'm sure we're preaching to the choir. You know, when we say Don't be selfish, and don't be, you know, don't be impulsive and ridiculous like that. I'm sure most of the people who are listening to this, I'm probably sure everyone. We're preaching to the choir. So I know you're all doing the right thing, but it's kind of a bummer to hear one. You know, everyone's everyone's trying to do their thing and Everyone's trying to do their part. And then people are then a few knuckleheads don't our binary in cramped, ruin it for all of us. Yeah. All right. As we said, we got a lot of stuff that Bob wants to get into with knife life news. But first I want to remind you mentioned the listener line up front. But again, that number is 724-466-4487 724-466-4487. If you have a question or comment, we'd love to hear from you. We'd also love to play it on an upcoming episode of the podcast. So if you have anything you'd like for mom to discuss or a topic or whatever, just call the listener line and let us know

Bob DeMarco 3:36
Jim, before we get into life knife news, I just wanted to I wanted to bring up an observation with you and with our listeners. And yeah, and see if there's any. If I can get any corroboration on this. I have noticed that with each new knife I get a new callus develops or a new callus is required. It sounds funny unless it's something like a weeknight or something. thing that is just so civilized, that it doesn't require a new Okay, what I'm getting at is this I got my new Medford which I've been talking about a lot recently from Alex the slim middie. And it is a really rock solid. I mean it is a really rock solid knife but it is thin it It reminds me of the Spidey chef in its dimensions. So it is a thin titanium thinner. It's not it's not huge and bulky like a normal Medford or like your average Medford and so when you go to unlock the lock bar, which doesn't, which, which isn't given a relief cut for easy access, so you kind of have to dig your finger in between the two scales. And the scale is thin and there's a little bit of channeling in there which makes it even thinner. So it was becoming painful on the thumb and I hate to sound like looks like a soy boy. Yeah. Yeah, you know, like, I can't it hurts when I close my eyes. But you know, so I was you know using alternate methods my other hand or my my forefinger and and then I decided Bob, this is a lesson you've learned before suck it up just get your thumb in there and develop that new callus and now a week later of playing with this thing and thumbing the luck sorry for saying that but it the calluses developed and now it feels like a normal knife now it feels like I'm disengaging some sort of highly civilized knife rather than this high speed low drag you know manly man tool here and then the other the other knife I got recently the iron dro Oh, hold on. I want to I want to let our knife maker friends know that from now on. If you make knives that Bob is going to buy, please consider his gentle hands so that he doesn't hurt himself when he opens your knives. I would say On the contrary, please make them painful like this because it's making me more of a man a better man a stronger man.

Jim Person 6:00
Medley man,

Bob DeMarco 6:01
I can't believe he just dissed my my curly hands right here on the air. No comment.

Jim Person 6:07
I guess I said it.

Bob DeMarco 6:08
Okay, so I also got desire dragon from Alex and it's, it's this awesome Emerson knife, but he had precision gray thumb disc on it. And it is this beautifully machined and sort of gear patterned thumb disc. It's bigger than the ordinary Emerson Thumb Thumb disc and just, it's just cool looking, beautifully machined. It's thin on the side. And at first I was like, Oh, this this is like a little sob lay this is like a little circular saw blade. And then I realized no Bob, you just have to develop the callus. And so in opening this and closing this a billion times over the last, say four or five days since I've had it that callus has developed. I am a stronger man and a better knife owner and So I want to thank you all for putting me through that.

Jim Person 7:02
So these two knives and these two new calluses, are they in different locations?

Bob DeMarco 7:08
Now it's it's just turned my thumb into one one giant callus. Yeah, exactly. I thought it already was but but these two knives touched parts of my thumb I didn't know existed.

Jim Person 7:20
Well, let me ask you a knife newbie question. You said a thumb stud. Could you explain that? Oh, I said a thumb disk, disk thumb disk.

Bob DeMarco 7:29
So the Emerson knives and many others use instead of a stud that goes through the blade and allows you to open up with your thumb, places a flat disc on the top of the blade, allowing you ambidextrous access to one handed opening, because the disc spans across the spine and gives you kind of a half circle on both sides for your thumb to reach. And, you know, Canada,

Jim Person 7:54
okay, so it's more than just an aesthetic feature. Oh, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 7:58
Yeah, as a matter of fact. I don't think it really has it. This one in particular this Gray's precision one has aesthetic value they they took something that was totally utilitarian and turned it into you know, a little flourish thing.

Jim Person 8:13
Okay, all right. So can be both.

Bob DeMarco 8:15
Yeah, it can be both exactly and is now

Jim Person 8:17
Alright. Well we'll give Bob a moment to soak his thumb before we get into knife life news. But I do want to remind you that if you'd like to support The Knife Junkie podcast as you're doing your online shopping during this coronavirus situation and trying to stay out of physical stores and that kind of thing, we would love for you to use our affiliate links let you know up front. We do get a very small commission if you shop on Amazon for any of your needs. Go to The Knife Junkie comm slash shop Amazon we get a very small commission helps support the show but it does not increase the price that you pay for your merchandise. Just as a nice way to say thanks to Bob and Jim for The Knife Junkie podcast so The Knife slash Shop Amazon wiki wiki wiki knife life news you can bring it in.

Announcer 9:06
You're listening to The Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the nightlife news.

Bob DeMarco 9:12
Famed French knife maker Tashi burka, who is known for his incredible designs, elegant, beautiful designs and small batch. Custom knives is teaming up or has teamed up with Vincenzo viola, someone I hadn't heard of until now, but he's an Italian Valley song maker who's known for his super high tech engineering capabilities. So they teamed up to make a Bali song called the Logan and as you may know from following Tashi on Instagram over the past couple of years, he likes Logan Wolverine from the x men and who doesn't who, okay, who who is listening to this podcast right now. It doesn't have at least a soft spot in their heart for Wolverine. If not have him Be their favorite superhero. I'm not much of a superhero guy, but I mean, come on Wolverine. Anyway, a couple of years ago Tashi made a set of Wolverine claws, a few of them. So, each set included six incredibly crafted Wolverine blades set in a handle, much like a push dagger that when you grip them, the blades came out, kind of protruded from your knuckles and it looked like you were Wolverine basically. I mean, so cool. Anyway, so he's teamed up with Vincenzo of Yoda to make a single bladed belly song version of this and it is gorgeous. The blade is has a gentle sort of hawksbill shape with a harpoon swedge on the top and it is almost five inches long, which is pretty sweet. And so which is gonna make it really big when you're flipping it around. I know Valley songs tend to be in the in the four plus inch range. But five inches is pretty big. It's hard to Well 34 and the two handle sides are integral titanium. So the thing is really light and it's pinless. And I don't even quite understand what that means. But But Vincenzo Viola is known for making pinless Valley songs. So this thing is only four and a half ounces. It's clipless and latch lists, which means you have to kind of carry it in a pouch. It's not it's not to free float in your pocket. And yeah, this thing is going for 1500 bucks if you can get your hands on it. Oh,

Jim Person 11:31
sign me up for

Bob DeMarco 11:33
the first one was auctioned up. You want two or three? Like Yeah, okay.

Jim Person 11:37
at that price. Absolutely. So yeah, these are sarcastic folks.

Bob DeMarco 11:43
These are very special one offs. I mean, they're gonna make a number of them, I guess. But they're, they're making them one at a time and they're just astoundingly beautiful. Now, Tashi brooch to me, is one of those guys whose work though it doesn't get too complex with The patterns it doesn't get all Mr. furley with all the different crazy materials but his work is artful in in, in their very designs in their lines and in their drafting that I think they're just beautiful knives. So to have this valley song would be something,

Jim Person 12:17
a knife newbie question I have heard the term belly song for a while now, you know being with you on the podcast, what exactly is a ballet song?

Bob DeMarco 12:28
They're also known as butterfly knives, these knives that have two equally sized handles that split open revealing the blade on the inside. And then there are there's a whole subset of the knife culture. There's a whole sub sub subset of the knife culture called Well, I don't know flipper, boys or flipper. I don't know people who like to flip these and they do outrageous tricks, flipping these things around throwing them up, in and around. Yeah, it's pretty crazy.

Jim Person 12:54
Okay, well as we continue on with the knife life news section. several stories upcoming Bob. We're not getting the same old knife companies that we're talking about. We've got to protect Gerber something about Tora tortoise gear we're going to talk about for a sack and K bar so we've got some some newbies in the in the lineup this week. So starting off or second up, I guess is something with pro tech.

Bob DeMarco 13:19
Yeah, yeah, pro tech, storied, switchblade makers, automatic knife makers from California. They're the best. I love them. They've been around for a long time. They just came back out with their Harkins at AC dual action auto. Ja Harkins is a legendary custom knife maker and it in the 90s I believe he came out with the 80 ac, which is a in the knife world kind of one of those older storied collectible blades. Basically I use that word storage twice in this piece. I'm going to stop right there. And so this knife is very complicated to make. So they Only come out with it every couple of years. I'll make a small batch of it, but it's a it's a dual action automatic and I have a dual action automatic that I've talked about on this show. And if you move the bolster and the blade pops out automatically or you can thumb it open, slow roll it out with the thumb stud. This one allows you to push on the thumb disk, this knife has a thumb disk and it will automatically deploy kind of like a assisted open or you can squeeze a special part of the bolster and the blade will fly out switch blade style. This thing is got a very very simple neutral handle and a very simple and kind of neutral drop point blade long and slender, well long and slender in proportion. It's only 3.25 inches long. And it's 154 Cm a classic protect steel, it's what they use most of the time. And this thing is just kind of cool in its in its Sort of historical reach back to early tactical folder blade folding knives. It's aluminum with carbon fiber inserts. And, you know, they'll only be making a small release of this and then they'll be gone for a while because they're a pain in the ass to make apparently.

Jim Person 15:18
So limited run painting the estimate equals many dollars.

Bob DeMarco 15:22
Yeah many dollars and but a classic sort of style to bring back not style classic model to print back. Gotcha.

Jim Person 15:29
So speaking of we didn't speak of custom But speaking of special limited run custom kind of things. Yeah. Gerber knives has a custom shop for a few of their models. Not Not all of them, but a few of them.

Bob DeMarco 15:46
Yeah, yeah, this is part I think of they're sort of rebirth they've been the last two years or so with the with the advent of the fastball, and the strong arm, the strong arm, a fixed blade that came out too much acclaim a lot of people reviewed and loved it and still do. And the fastball knife they came out with last year a ball bearing flipper worn Cliff blade, cool looking knife. I've never I've never held one myself. But they've been retooling the works. They've done went through a dark period where they were sort of rejected by knife people and more embraced by casual knife users. Maybe the person who's going camping with his family and picks up a knife at target those kinds of users and and I am so happy that they have been working their way back into the hearts of knife lovers because when I was growing up in the 70s when I was a little kid, my dad had a lock back that was sort of you would put it on the same shelf with the buck 110 but it was more stylish, it was thinner and and just really cool. And then it came in a leather sheath my dad kept it in his den and that knife to me and it said legendary blades on it the sheath and and that had that worked its way into my psyche I always loved that knife and Gerber was an awesome company at that time making the the mark to dagger which was also really cool. And then they went through this time where they I don't know they just kind of weren't weren't speaking to knife knife lovers like myself and and now they are again and I think that's a great thing. So anyway, this this new custom shop allows you to personalize four of their different models the fastball, the shark belly, the US one and the strong arm. Here's a statement from their creative director Todd Bishop, he says Gerber custom empowers users to take part in the creative creation process, pairing the precise engineering and reliability I'm sorry, reliable quality of our best selling knives with a unique aesthetic. So basically you can you can Color the hardware, you can color the G 10. In some cases, you can mess with the coatings. And you can do different laser engravings. And to me, I think this is a great idea. It's it's sort of in line with the, with the benchmade Custom Shop where you can order. I'm not sure if you can order all of their models, but you can pop, you can customize many of their popular models. And I think that's just a great idea. Because the more attached you get to a tool, the more you're going to keep coming back when you need a new one to that company. So that's a smart idea.

Jim Person 18:37
Yeah, well, instead of you know, having to buy the one knife they make and then find I don't know what aftermarket accessories or other products to like said change the color, do this, whatever. Just go ahead and make it like you want to right off the bat.

Bob DeMarco 18:51
Yeah, yeah, actually, that's I didn't even think of it that way. But yeah, you're totally right. Because it's you when you get a knife that resonates with you and you want to make it yours. It's consumptive times be hard to find someone who makes a for instance fastball aftermarket micarta scale. So if you can just go to the Gerber site and get it there. That's you know, that's great all the more power to everyone involved. And by the way the the picture I've seen of the of a customized fastball looks really cool, actually looks pretty cool. Okay, gotta check that one up.

Jim Person 19:23
All right next up and knife life news, what do you got for us?

Bob DeMarco 19:26
I want to talk about two new k bars that they're riffs on classic blades. They came out recently with the extreme D two and it's uh, instead of using 1095, crow van, they took their classic K bar and started making it out of D two, they gave it a polymer handle, but still with that fluting that classic fluting that goes around, but they also changed the butt cap and the guard. The guard is now a single quillian and it's pretty small but it's more substantial and heavy. Heavily sculpted or more sculpted than, say the classic K bar which is just a stamped piece of steel that's that sits perpendicular to the blade. This is more integral. And same with the butt cap which is which flares out down towards your pinky, which a allows it to stay in your hand during a during a robust swing. A little bit better ads acts like a bird's beak, but also increases the surface area that butt cap. So you can use it as a as a hammer in the field. So they came out with the D two extreme, but each model I mean each one of them was partially serrated and that stuck in the craw of many a K bar lover You know, a lot of people just don't want to deal with situations especially on larger fixed blades that they might be using in camp and you want to use that sweet spot close to the close to the guard to do you know, as they say close in work, you know when you're carving or whatever. You don't want to deal with situations there. So they listened and I love this I love when companies are nimble like this, they listen, they came out with their K bar straight edge. So it's the D two extreme with just a straight edge blade. And, you know, it looks like a great it's a seven inch blade, it's their usual sort of K bar clip point profile. But now you can get it a little bit thicker too. And it's 12 ounces. So under a pound, that's cool. Big fan of K bars. Let's see Oh, the other the TDI investigator, so I have one of these TDI knives. It's a pistol grip shaped fixed blade. It's a small fixed blade, originally intended for carry by law enforcement. And the idea is law enforcement does not drill with regular knives, but they do drill with their guns a lot. So you make the knife shaped a little bit more like a gun. It'll be more instinctual for use. And the idea was you put this next to your gun and or on the opposite side of your gun and then if someone is trying to get your guns You can draw that knife and and use it to save your life. Well anyway, they came out with a new one that's just smaller and I have to say I think that's a welcome addition. It still has the same two and a half inch drop point blade, but the handle is just smaller. Instead of a full four finger grip. This is looking like a three and a half or three finger grip, but the kind that that fills up your palm, because it's sort of teardrop shaped. To me, I think carrying fixed blades The smaller the handle, the better for me, and the more the more blade you can pack, the smaller the handle. So I think this was a good move. I keep a TDI this I keep the the older version of this knife in one of my in one of my gun safes right next to my pistol. Incidentally, I just think it's cool.

Jim Person 22:54
All right. All right. Wrapping up. Nice life news, something with tortoise gear something I haven't I'm not familiar with.

Bob DeMarco 23:02
I am totally unfamiliar with them too. They are known in the Swiss Army Knife world in the sack world Swiss Army Knife world for that. Let's see they came out with a firefly toothpick Firestarter. You know you know how you are a Swiss Army knife you carry the Tinker i think you know how it has a the toothpick i know i know you know because I've seen you use it after our Chinese lunches.

Jim Person 23:25
The best feature there is

Bob DeMarco 23:26
I agree. Well, this company tortoise gear had created in the past a Firestarter that fits in that slot well now so that you don't have to get rid of your beloved toothpick but you still want a Firestarter. They have made one that very cleverly screws into the wine, the wine,

Unknown Speaker 23:46
that's corkscrew. Yeah, thank you and it goes into

Bob DeMarco 23:50
the corkscrew it screws into the corkscrew. Now I've seen really small micro screwdrivers that that fit in that same spot. So it's a Great spot, great little bit of empty space to fill on a Swiss Army knife, because you're all about maximizing the tool set in a small space. But so this is a Firestarter that fits there. And I just think it's brilliant. So I just wanted to want to dimension that.

Jim Person 24:16
Well now you can start your fire cooker meet and pick your teeth. Oh,

Bob DeMarco 24:21
yeah. And then open your wine and wash it all down.

Jim Person 24:23
There you go. I love it.

Announcer 24:25
And now that we're caught up with a nice life news, let's hear more of the knife junkie podcast.

Jim Person 24:30
All right back on episode number 97 of the knife junkie podcast, a lot of news there but good stuff, Bob as again, as I said some, some different companies that have a chance to talk about instead of the same ones all the time, not that we have anything against the same ones we talked about. But you know, we can't control the news and what's coming out but a good recap of some of the news and in the knife world to talk about. Now kind of moving on to as we call it, the state of the collection gives you a chance to talk about about some of your knives and things we did a lot of talking about your your poor little hands with your, you know, your new knives but you wanted to talk some more about I think something with the CQ c seven first you wanted to kind of kind of get into

Bob DeMarco 25:16
Yeah, well, well that this the Segway with the new knife is actually this. The so the CPC seven is an Emerson classic Emerson and it is one of the knives in the Emerson lineup that you can get in both phosphor bronze washers at the pivot or ball bearings at the pivot in the in the flipper version. And I am starting to wonder now that I've gotten this the iron dragon, which is a ball bearing flipper, it's not a flipper, but it's a ball bearing pivot on a Emerson which is unusual. It's it's a mixture of pure joy to use and Well, pure joy to use. My question is, though, in an Emerson, which is a hard use knife, you know, and this is what we talked about when when he was on the show is the presence of ball bearings an issue a problem because I can, I can hold this up to the light and look through the pivot and I can see the different ball bearings in there, which means that if I can see them, dust can see them and grit can see them. And I'm wondering in a hard use knife, what is more robust? Is it the phosphor bronze washers, or is it these these bearings? I think I know the answer. But what I would like to do is get a C QC seven in in both with both pivots, and then put them through just a sort of average torture test in the woods. And by that I mean you know, nothing, nothing too egregious, but you know, pounding them into wood and and putting them in the stream and and kind of you Kind of accelerating the hard use of both knives and then see how they come out at the end see if there's any issue with opening the blade, or any difference in opening the blade between the one with the bearings and the one without, I think it would be a useful project just in a fun project is something I want to know. And so I'm thinking maybe I've had this Patreon account for ages that I've never activated. And I'm thinking maybe I'll start activating now start working on that get it activated so I can get some maybe get some fundage to buy a CQ c seven to two different kinds you know down the down the way I'm not saying that would happen right away, right and then actually perform this test because I do know that Mrs. Knife Junkie would positively murder me if I dropped 450 bucks to do a torture test on two knives. So right

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Hmm, okay, well,

Bob DeMarco 27:53
just a thought or is anyone out there interested in this project or interested in the in the in the question, I mean, We can say, Oh, well, obviously the phosphor bronze washers are going to be more robust. But really, in practical terms, how does that really play out? That's what I'm interested in. And I definitely don't want to test it out on this because it's my baby

Jim Person 28:13
after yet another ones for the purposes. Yeah, this is a test knife only. Right? Let's actually keep your testing environment, you know, pure, that kind of stuff.

Bob DeMarco 28:24
And then when it's done, I can't get rid of either one. Because think of all the time I spent with these knives, you know what I mean? So it's also baking in baking in the sentimental attachment.

Jim Person 28:34
Just throwing this out. If you're serious about kicking off that Patreon. Maybe you do have to get rid of both knives. Oh, it's true. Maybe the highest funder or the highest to funders of the Patreon for the test. I don't know maybe that's an idea.

Bob DeMarco 28:48
Gee, gosh, golly, that that sounds pretty generous, and maybe actually the way to go.

Jim Person 28:54
Well, well think about that. Just over that was off the fly. But anyway, something something to think about. You did. I mentioned Ernest Emerson case, folks didn't listen to that. That was just a week or so ago. Episode Number 94. of the Knife Junkie podcast. Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 29:09
I'm sorry to interview to interrupt you, Jim. But Wow, what an interview. I love that you have such an awesome time.

Jim Person 29:15
Yeah, it was a good interview. Good interview. All right, Bob, as we anything else with your state of collection that we talked enough about the iron dragon before. Do you want to talk about it? Again, I believe I believe we've

Bob DeMarco 29:27
discussed enough for this

Jim Person 29:28
sitting. We've discussed in this episode, that maybe next week, we'll get a thumb update. But yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
Some update. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome.

Bob DeMarco 29:38
Okay, so before we leave, and you were just talking about we were just talking about Ernest Emerson, but I wanted to talk about one thing that's kind of Ernest Emerson related, which is the snaggletooth mF, Rob penna, of snaggletooth tactical, who invented this awesome, who with his nephew, I should say, came up with this awesome aftermarket. device that you can put on your removable thumb stud knives that helps that pocket deploys the knife much like an Emerson wave. And it also gives you an additional thumb ramp which is great on certain knives I have. I carry almost every day a pink Cold Steel, broken skull, very thin knife in my waistband, and I have a snaggletooth mF on it to open it. Rob Pena knows all about my my love of this pink knife and he sent me a prototype of their new aluminum snaggletooth mF pocket deployers and what an improvement I love it and he sent it to me in in pink. Alright, so he's not only going to be making these aluminum, brushed aluminum and natural aluminum but he's going to be coding them and the colors match the the color range of the broken skull series perfectly. At least my pink one matches my pink broken skull perfectly. And I'm a sucker for Aluminum aluminum was what this thing needed. Now don't get me wrong, the high the high impact plastic Jia grn I believe that they're using normally is great. There's no issue with that at all. It works perfectly but just in terms of materials I like aluminum is way up there. I think I almost like it more than titanium actually. So to get this I just wanted to give rob a shout out and snaggletooth mF I love the product you're making these pocket deployers are awesome. You've also sent me the cog rings. These are career ambit, like pole rings that you can attach to your code for or your recon one and they sort of turn you or they turn your recon one coat for into a into a corral and so they just make really cool products. I'm really glad they're making them they're going to be making them out of aluminum so keep your eye out. They also have another size a smaller size. So you can put the put the damn thing on your eyes. Your bug out. Who doesn't need a pocket deploying bug out? I think it's awesome. Shout out to rob and snaggletooth tactical. I think you're doing a great job.

Jim Person 32:08
All right, keep them coming. And you can find that online. I think it's what snaggletooth is a snaggletooth tactical comm I believe it is.

Bob DeMarco 32:17
But we will we will find that out and put in the show notes.

Jim Person 32:20
Yeah, and just remind you that again, Rob Pena was on the Knife Junkie podcast, Episode Number 23. We had him on to talk about some stuff and then he was the main featured interview on episode number 16 of The Knife Junkie podcast so you can go to The Knife Junkie. COMM slash one six, or The Knife Junkie. COMM slash two, three, and hear those interviews with Rob and Bob also, I think I saw a video on the YouTube channel that you did about the snaggletooth Yeah, I was out.

Bob DeMarco 32:54
I go out for a daily walk with my girls in the woods and my old their daughters and aspiring cinematographer, at least it's an excuse for her to get her hands on my cell phone on my iPhone. And so we took a little movie out there in the woods and I just wanted to show off you know the light, it was overcast so the light was perfect. And I wanted to show off the, the nice pink color. And as a proof of concept that I imagine all the other colors are high fidelity to the handles, the G 10 handles of the various knives. So yeah, it was fun. It was great. Check it out.

Jim Person 33:32
All right, well, that that web address again for snaggletooth tactical is snaggletooth m snaggletooth m So you can find all of Rob's products there. Alright, Bob, as we wrap up, I wanted to kind of mention that we from time to time, take a look at knife shows and knife events and our good friends at knife have a great listing of the shows. If you go there now you'll see cancelled postponed, postponed cancelled because of the corona virus. So if you have any shows that you're thinking about going to they're probably not happening. But you can find all the details again at knife magazine comm slash events is where they have a great calendar of nice shows, as well as nightclub beatings and those kinds of things that you probably definitely want to check before you make any travel because of the current situation. All right, that's probably about gonna do it for us on this issue or this episode number 97 of the Knife Junkie podcast, Bob, final thoughts, man, anything we haven't said anything want to kind of wrap up with?

Bob DeMarco 34:44
Well, I feel like my just out of necessity. My current thoughts about buying and selling on blade forums are, you know, kind of stalling a little bit. So I've been actually having an interesting time unearthing old news That I can't get rid of but I never carry and actually carrying them. So maybe, you know, it's a good opportunity to dust off old hobbies to dust off old knives to finally get to that stack of papers in the corner of the office.

Jim Person 35:16
You know what I mean? Well, well you've dusted off your knife making hobby because you're having home more often. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 35:22
yeah. So anyway, Everybody stay safe and we'll talk to you real soon.

Jim Person 35:27
Episode Number 97 in the books as they say so for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, I'm Jim the knife newbie person. Thank you so much for joining us on this midweek supplemental episode of the knife junkie podcast.

Announcer 35:39
Thanks for listening to the knife junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast comm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos On The Knife Junkie calm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but The Knife Junkie calm slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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