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Doug Ritter, chairman and CEO of Knife Rights, joins The Knife Junkie again to talk legislative updates, specifically about Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Montana and New York City — as well as great advice for anyone carrying a knife that may be stopped by local law enforcement about what you should and should not do.

Doug also provides updates on the Ultimate Steel Spectacular including custom, limited edition and production knives, celebrity signed knives, firearms and more. At the time of this recording, there are over $160,000 in prizes!

Great interview with Doug Ritter of Knife Rights ... legislative updates from Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Montana and New York City, plus the Ultimate Steel Spectacular. Click To Tweet

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Doug Ritter of Knife Rights Legislative Update and the Ultimate Steel Giveaway

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These are inanimate objects, and then are incapable of doing any harm in and of themselves and people's shouldn't be arrested simply because they're carrying some sort of inanimate object and not doing anything wrong. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person involved the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello knife junkies. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Another good one four you. We've had a had this gas on before it's a repeat. But some good information Doug Ritter with us from knife rights gonna be talking specifically about some legislative action that happened in four states, plus New York City, so good interview and timely with some of the recent action that's happened in those in those jurisdictions, Bob, that's right. We talk about Texas, Ohio, Montana Virginia, which hits close to home for us and New York City and all the happening there. And and we also dip into we talk a little bit about the ultimate steal, their the knife rights donation drive, and it is well worth your time and money to become a member of knife rights. And when you listen to Doug Ritter talking about all that they've been doing across the nation. You'll see what I mean. Yeah. Ultimate steel dot org. As where you can find out more information about that. And I think you'll be just blown away by the dollar amount of stuff that is in that giveaway that that fundraising event if you will. Yeah, I mean, just from donating you could win a one of thirty special rig ripped with the with Damascus blades or you could win any one of number of custom knives in the have just tons sharpening systems all sorts of different things like a hundred sixty thousand dollars worth of prizes. So it's yeah. It's worth your while to get involved with knife rights. Lot of good stuff. So again, that's awesome. It's field dot org. You can learn more about that. And what remind you that our podcast today is brought to you by audible, if you love audio like I do Bob does you can get a free audiobook download Anna thirty day free trial by simply going to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie. There's over a hundred and eighty thousand. Titles to choose from for your iphone or Android, kindle, or even your MP3. player. Again. All you have to do is go online to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie and get a free audio audiobook download right now and a thirty day free trial. So Bob, I can't wait to hear more about the giveaway the ultimate steel dot org as well as knife rights dot org as well. As legislative action that's happening in this jurisdiction. So what do you say? We jump right into that interview. Yeah. Let's find out. Do you use like handled the blade ratio? Walk into all hair. Pop and sharp or tank like the new are a door and knife junkie. Doug. I wanted to welcome you back onto the knife junkie podcast. Thank you so much for coming back on. It's a pleasure to have you. Mar pleasure before we talk about some of the action happening in some states recently with knife writes in their knife legislation. I wanted to ask you a little bit about a what's happening with the Hogue made our S K, Mark one. And the reason I ask. Is a is a selfish one after we spoke last time. I went on the web to find one by one and realized that it's an exclusive and and that I'd have to wait which was because I wanted right. Then in there, I can assure you that that were frustrated as you are, but Hogue is ship the first shipment of new knives. Again, a back to production today, literally. So they will start flowing out every Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday over the next continuing weeks, we hope to get the backlog filled here shortly, and then be able to to go forward from there. Also, I'm kind of giving the world a real inside scoop here because I know they're going to be a lot of people who are who are kinda clamoring to get that. Nice. We have that rob lem, which is which is compared to other problems. We could have a lot worse. Sprawl? It is frustrating Hogue is is is producing them as fast as they can given all the circumstances. They have to deal with including some major government contracts that they've gotten, you know, we're hoping that over the next few months they will be delivering on a regular basis, which will put us in a position to do. Some some fun stuff as you may have noticed the thousand dollar donation bonus knife in this year's ultimate feel is actually one of my knives with a carbon fibre panels and demand steel blade.

05:06 - 10:03

Well, tell the news about the ultimate steel that that sounds beautiful and tell tell everyone what the ultimate steel isn't how they can win this gorgeous R S K MK one. Well, the can't actually win that one because that was for the first pointy donors who donated thousand dollars, but we have a hundred sixty thousand dollars in growing. Worth of prizes in the steel from ten thousand dollar knives to four thousand five thousand dollar firearms packages without optics and suppressors thrilling silver jewelry Charpier 's. There are a lot hundreds of prizes worth thousands and thousands of dollars right now over one hundred sixty thousand it's growing every day every single one of those prices is one hundred percent donated all the money that you donate. Tonight, fright goes to help us get things done the early bird drying, which is production knives and sharp nerves and and pens and stuff like that that drawing closes may thirtieth. So anyone listening on to try and get their donations in before them because that enters you in two separate drawings. And even if you went in the early bird your entry is put back in for the main drying. So you you really get. Double the chances to win something. So let me ask you, Doug. Did you did you get one of these Damascus bladed carbon carbon-fiber handled? MK once yourself. This is a fundraiser. Yes. All right. But it's indicative of the sort of things that could be done going forward. Right. So, you know, we'll we'll we'll see how the action is the twenty knives that that were sent for thousand dollar donors. Those went in like fifteen hours. So they didn't last long so raising funds for knife rights knife writes, an organization that you started that is going state by state throughout the union trying to repeal or change antiquated nights laws laws that were born of different eras when the country was concerned with well different concerns, and these laws have largely gone forgotten. And you might be a criminal walking around having no idea. So you and your organization I writes has been changing that over the past what ten years right ten twelve years. Well, we really got started at the state level in twenty ten so nine years. Thirty bills passed in twenty one states and nine years, not a bad record, not a bad record at all. So I was on the website today, preparing to talk to you. And I wanna talk about five or so of these and a couple of strike home. Because two of them are one is in the state, I grew up in and the other is the state in which I currently live. But I I wanna talk about a high. Oh, what's going on with the Ohio knife, lower form, the high Bill was introduced just few days ago? May I it will remove the ban on the production manufacture and sale of automatic knives which way Nive which are currently allowed to be possessed. But you can't manufacture sell them, which is absurd. It would also remove all the band knives from Ohio law, Ohio knife laws or pretty vague this simply strikes all of those as well as a few other odds and ends. Like, knuckles and slingshots Billy's, and that sort of thing, and there's this thing here Sesto, which I had to look up. It's it's the it's the leather wraps that gladiator wears around his hand when he's boxing, and apparently you can't have those in Ohio either. No. But if we succeed in this, you will be able to walk up and down main street with those things on you know, I mean, it's it is our goal when we go into a state to simply strike their bands entirely. And certainly that's where we're going with this one Senator eager is been great to work with. It's been great getting the language, right? And by getting rid of the knives out of the state's ban, and by putting in an exception to their catchall deadly weapons other than a handgun that that basically says for the purposes of the section deadly weapon weapon does not. Include any knife razor, cutting edge. If the entrant was not used as weapon, which is way oughta be because it's like walking around with a hammer, essentially, it's a tool and it's only a weapon if it's used as a weapon, and then you deal with whether it's question or self defense or it's an offensive use of the weapon, which would be a legal and you go from there.

10:03 - 15:08

I mean, these are inanimate objects and objects are incapable of doing any harm in and of themselves and people's shouldn't be arrested simply because they're carrying some sort of inanimate object and not doing anything wrong, which which leads me to Virginia the state in which I currently reside. And last time we spoke this the suggest happened, but we decided to table the conversation to a later date break down a little bit. What happened here in the state of Virginia with the switchblades right now possession of switch wages entirely banned. The this effort was effort to assist the manufacturers distributors that. Are in Virginia, including glitch Nive, which is the largest distributor in the world. And allow them to participate in the huge market for these knives throughout the United States. I mean at at this point forty five Sates allow full-fledged one degree or another that's huge market that they fighter locks out of. So the effort was successful in that past about that assembly. And the and the Senate would bipartisan support we had indications that the governor was going to allow it to become law. And then he issued a pretty striking veto of the of the Bill, which you know, is unfortunate. It took a a bit by surprise a lot. We were expecting. And you know, it's it's frustrating when you work so hard to get something done to suddenly have governor. Earner veto something that you know, doesn't make any sense. This was all about commerce was had nothing at all to do with Cary, which might have been a bridge too far for Virginia. And the governor basically said, you know, since we don't allow our citizens to carry these. We're not going to help anyone in any other state carry them, which is just that's just about as absurd a a reaction as you can imagine. Or even help anyone in this state, produce them and sell them out of state like we don't even with the money from it. It's so dangerous. And I think what must be remembered is that governor north was in hot water at the time. They had people looking at him up and down because of all of his, you know, yearbook pictures, and all of that you remember what was happening with him then. And so this this struck me as a one hundred percent political move without any without any rationality. You know are sought that went into it. And if you read is response, it was quite turn. It was a five line paragraphs if I remember correctly, and that's pretty typical of governor's veto messages. Dang is a long way is a lot of time. Yeah. I mean, this Bill would have benefited one of the most economically depressed. Areas of the state where adding one job would be huge in this head the possibilities of adding dozens of jobs, so there's no rational sense to these things, and that's not unusual. When we do get a veto. We've had those before and we have come back, and and succeeded in getting bills plast, and we don't give up easily, and we'll be back to, you know, try to get this done next year and ministrations change, and such but people have to remember, it's not just the jobs created by the one small nice making factory. It's the delivery driver jobs. It's the cafe down the street that selling more coffee at these all have. Effects these kind of decisions, and yeah that really bummed me out. I had to say I didn't grow up in Virginia. When I moved here. I kind of felt like move into like, a a southern state things are going to be a little more to my liking in those kind of terms, and boy, I was wrong about that. There was a time, but Virginia's very purple, you know, they have elections coming up this year, which turn the state blew depending upon how things go, so it's, you know, for for these kind of issues, it's it's not a good place to be. I mean, hopefully things will change we're going to certainly continue working had a conversation. Just the earlier this week on some possible strategies that we might use next year going in the bad thing is you gotta beat oh, the thing is when you get a veto you have a much clearer picture of what you need to do. To to address those issues, and you know, part of the secret to our success is we don't give up. I mean, there have been many states were taken years and years to get things done. I mean, the Bill that we just filed in Ohio. I mean, we've been working with the Senator there for maybe four years to get this done, and you know, all the stars have to line, politically, and they have.

15:08 - 20:01

And now the Bill is filed now, hopefully, we'll get that done main Texas is a state where this is our fourth session over eight years that we've had a Bill to continue to peel back the layers of of their knife band location restricted knife. What is that so back in twenty seventeen when we when our Bill got rid of all the illegal knives. Took that out of of statute in Texas, tragically a week before the Bill was voted on virtually. A young man was murdered stabbed to death at the university campus, literally blocks from the capitol, and as a result of that we got most of what we wanted. But they took the old five and a half inch knife rule that you couldn't carry and it became location restricted Nuys that were restricted from Kerry and bars and amusement parks houses of worship in places of execution in schools and places like that. So what we're tempting this year is to continue to rollback their bands by removing the location restricted knife locations from bars, and amusement parks in places of worship all places where someone should off to be able to easily readily carry a knife that five and a half inches or more. So those locations don't necessarily ban you from carrying nisi banning from carrying a knife with a blade over five and a half inches. Correct. Okay. Our definition. Of reasonable is. No restrictions. So, you know, we're we're working on it. It's it's the Bill passed the Senate it's out of the house committee. So it's it's ripe to be passed. We don't foresee a problem going forward. But it's politics. You never know every Bill we've run in Texas has ended up being passed the eleventh hour, but we are working their Todd tiebreaker after might director legislative affairs has been Texas five times so far this year. He's spent the better part of you know, four weeks total there altogether in the five trips. It takes a lot of effort to get Texas legislation passed I fully expected to be back in Texas next week working on this and then onto to Hieaux. There's a reason that that taught and I travel under thousand miles a year 'cause you get things. Yeah. In person face to face out, imagine especially with something like this, you know, which might need a little face to face convincing. If someone is aligning it unfairly with NRA issues, or or other you get you get action when you're this week he will and and being this week you will in person being this week will over telephone or via text or Email is a whole lot different bright. Yeah. Exactly and showing up year after year is also an import yet at this point, everyone in Texas legislature knows who dot is. You know, I think Texas has this has this traditional sort of image as being a kind of live, and let live kind of place, you know, especially when it comes to weapons, and so I was surprised to see any sort of the restrictive legislation here. But then I saw that it contains two of the ten worst anti knife cities in America. That was a little surprising at one point. It didn't till we got preemption pass. So so Texas isn't nearly as Texas is everyone thinks it is. But but as as I told the governor when we finding ceremony in twenty seventeen for for the Bill that finally allowed Texans to carry a knife. I said, you know, we're we're honored to be able to make Texas more like everyone thinks Texas's and that got a good got a good laugh out of of. But but really that's what we're doing. I mean, people have a vision of Texas that doesn't really align with the reality. And we're busy making Texas like everyone. Thinks Texas is by getting rid of their restrictions. So I saw that you had some really good news in Montana, Montana. We passed our Bill that that got rid of their band, or they're they're extremely limited ban on foot blades and pass knife law preemption, so that state law prevails over any local restrictions there. Now known void that that. That's a big win for us. It was a bipartisan effort, we had a democrat governor signed the Bill. He seemed thrilled with receiving the the specially engraved protec- autos what a sweet gift our good friends of protect they want.

20:01 - 25:06

Berg literally we found out we were gonna have signing ceremony two days before. And he literally turned those out overnight for us. Great friend greats worder suspended effort on his part to get them out. And then overnight to us. Our one of our board members eighth and Becker lives part time in Montana was able to literally drive there for the for the signing ceremony. So it really went off. Well, we love doing that. With governors that help us get rid of knife, restrictions by signing the bills that their legislatures fats, and what you know, what a beautiful way to Mark that with the protec- less George extremely found of his designs. It's beautiful little knife. It's for those who haven't seen it yet. It's a mini version of the rock. I auto folder, and yeah, what a great way to show the person who just allowed this to happen. Why? And that it's a great little tool. It was his first auto, and I understand that he's been flicking around the capital. Driving everyone crazy within the within earshot. This reminds me a little bit of something you mentioned last time. We spoke you wanted to underline the fact that a lot of knife legislation. I suggested it was born out of hysteria from movies like rebel without a cause. And you took it back even further you said, it was more of a Jim crow kind of restrictive law racially charged. Could you explain that for me? Sure. So they've been two waves of knife restrictions that have passed through the United States prior to the civil war. Knife, restrictions were virtually unheard of any sort after the civil war as you note, there were number Jim crow laws passed among the laws that were passed were restrictions on large knives. Some of these were length limits a lot of them named buoy knives, and toothpicks and other types of large knives. That were viewed as weapons as restricted items. And this was a way of keeping what were perceived as weapons out of the hands of the newly freed blacks. Sad commentary certainly something that that we want rollback the the second wave of knife restrictions which was on automatic knives. Switchblades as as they were commonly called Ben came in the nineteen fifties. As result of as you note hysteria over the inaccurate portrayal of gangs, and such in big cities that also had its it's racial overtones, for example, west side story, you had the Puerto Ricans know, it's it's it's it's unfortunate by the same token when we worked to get these laws repealed week get support from both sides in in part because unfortunately, still. Today. A disproportionate number. People of color are those who arrested for carrying knives in New York City where you know, our our cases on appeal to ring court eighty percent of the individuals arrested persons of color, even in white majority neighborhoods that just not a good thing. And and it's one of the reasons that we get support from both sides of the how to criminal Justice reform issue on the one side, and it's it's all about freedom on the other. And it's one of those were issues where we can meet in the middle. And we both have a reason for wanting to support this, and we're able to move almost all our bills with bipartisan support, sometimes incredible bipartisan sport, I mean, our Bill thought unusual move unanimous. What is the situation in New York City? So our petition for writ Assadi is at the spring court, the DA the and New York City. Declined to provide a response without response. The court typically doesn't take case the court required. A response they directed the city DA to respond that is due on may thirteenth once that is in. We will have a chance to respond. We have till the twenty eighth which because of Memorial Day. Basically, we we have to the Friday before that to respond to their response. And then we ought to be on one or the other or both of the June calendar conference calendars when they'll make a decision whether they're going to take the case. So we've got three very strong amicus recieve been filed. We believe it's a strong case. It'll be interesting to see what what the city and the DA come up with in in their response to try to tell the court that this isn't a case worth taking we have a circuit splint which.

25:06 - 30:04

Is important. We have we have a strong constitutional question to be settled. What is what exactly is that question? Oh, so it's a little complicated. Okay. Man eggs. I'll I'll I'll I'll see if I can distill it down to really the basics of of the issue. So while while the the Genesis of the case was about the the issue of of New York City arresting prosecuting individuals simply because they were carrying common pocket knives. That supposedly officers were able to risk flick open while that was the key case keep the the the court is less interested in that. But they're really interested in his what constitutional issues have arisen from the way the case was decided when the second circuit. Sided the case. They actually gifted us if you will with a strong constitutional case where there's a big difference between the decision they made relating to vagueness issues, which which have constitutional underpinnings between them and other sorts and one one of the jobs to scream court has settling differences in how constitutional issue are dealt with by different circuits. So I deal they spring court wants all the circuits deal with similar issues in the same matter. What the second circuit did was really take a one type of vagueness issue and say, no, we're going to treat it as this type of vagueness issue because retreating Zach kind of issue you lose. That's extraordinary simplified version of very complicated legal issue. But the bottom line is. It it put them in conflict with other circuits, and that allows us to have a strong case second little wiggle room. Yeah. This this print port. You have to understand supreme court gets over a thousand cases year, they take maybe a hundred and supreme court is less about Justice and more about as I say making sure that decisions are consistent among the different districts in ten they're gonna choose their cases for the seas. Right. Which was why the fact that the second circuit decide this in a way that set up this conflict between the circuits actually helps us because now we have a real honest to God constitutional issue that that is causing part by some previous decisions that the spring port had made not particularly clearly so it's a sort of thing which depending on the mood digested are in. And how important they think this is. Does fall into the more commonly than not these are the type of cases that are decided by the spring court, and we should know by the end of June. Whether they're going to take the case, I mean, meanwhile, we also have this issue going through the legislature in New York again, the Bill to fix the gravity knife issue your city past New York assembly unanimously, and if now onto the Senate, so the main issue there was how many times it took any given police officer of flick it open like the knife open with gravity. Nope. Now, as you well famous you little different front that was a that was a lower court decision finding the law unconstitutional, but very narrow Lii and really has no bearing on or affect so. So the the result of that consort to be set aside it made a lot of head. Online's probably ended up with people being arrested because they suddenly thought that they were good, but really had no effect on ninety nine percent of the people who were going to get arrested just that law enforcement officers. We're going to try harder to open these nights the first time, but the Bill would remove gravity knives from all the statues in in the in New York state where they're illegal. So it would solve the problem with common folding knives being considered gravity knives by saying grimy knives are fine. They're not illegal, and that that Bill has passed the assembly, and is now over in the Senate, you know, this is not unlike bills that have been vetoed by governor coat twice before by the same token. You know, it's not entirely unforeseen that he would if we get granted cert.

30:04 - 35:00

In other words, the court says they. Want to hear the case it's entirely possible that they he may decide. Okay. I don't really want supreme court decision on this much broader issue that affects a lot of stuff, and I would rather just sign your stupid Bill. And and so we don't I don't really care how we went. I mean, if we win because our success in getting the Bill to be heard by the supreme court forces or were pushes the the governor to sign our Bill as an alternative to potentially. Losing that case I'm good with that? I'll take the take the win. Anyway, we can't especially after you know, basically, it'll be eight years. Yes. Log on a way to take it. How you can get it. Yeah. I mean, a win win win, especially when you look at what the results are, you know, and the freedoms gained gained back. So I wanna ask you a couple of questions before we wrap up one is kind of a general question. It's an opinion question. What are the best places and the worst places in the United States to be a knife enthusiast will certainly the best places are are states where we've gotten rid of their knife laws entirely. Starting with Arizona, which was the first state. We pass preemption Lasco. We've got Oklahoma Kansas there. There's a series of states worst places, certainly New York. New Jersey Virginia is is not very friendly to certain types of knives. Pennsylvania really, Pennsylvania that shocking to me because there's so many people making those in Pennsylvania there there are some of which are being made in violence of the state laws, but that's a whole nother. That's a whole nother issue. The point being that what we do is peel back layers of the onion K and the more. We get done in one place the easier going to be eventually to get things done in states where they're going to be the last man standing, I mean, nobody ever thought that Illinois would ever allow concealed carry firearms. And eventually when every other state allowed it they finally got that in. And just couple years after that we got rid of their ban on which leads for the most part. So you know, you just the secrets keep plugging away. I would like before we close encourage folks to go to nitrites dot org or to our steel dot org. Page donate. Get a chance to win some incredible customized firearms packages, African safari mean these are incredible prizes that people can win. So they consist access this through the knife rates dot org. Go to nitrites org. It's on the right? Just click on it on the right side of the page or it's down the page of aways. If you're on your mobile phone or just go to ultimate steel dot org, which takes you direct to the ultimate steel website. All right one last question. And I I feel like I should ask this of you every time I talked to you. So it it. So it's underlined in my mind and highlighted everyone else's mind. What should you do if you're stop by? A police officer for whatever reason and you're carrying knives. So the first thing you should do is not say anything that is the key to everything that follows that will make your lawyers job so much easier. If if you become a knife rights member, you get a membership card on the back of the membership card are Evan happens. SAC pneumonic s remained silent. I cert-. My right to remain silent a asked for an attorney, I want my or I want an attorney c do not consent to any search do not make her sign any statement without your these approvals you have to be respectful plight and cooperative. Certainly don't wanna physically resist under any circumstances. But you have to remain silent. You will have to reassert your request for an attorney over and over. Again, just don't relent just remain silent. There's a great video out there on YouTube that I strongly recommend everyone view that's called don't talk to the police by region law school, professor James, Duane, it is a encapsulation all the things that can go wrong to a totally innocent person by talking to the place. Just keep your mouth shut main silent assert your right to remain silent. And your turn is going to have a lot better chance to get new out. And it is very very hard. Especially for innocent people to keep quiet.

35:01 - 40:02

Yeah. Because they'll still be convinced if my innocence if I only tell them what I was doing the key is number one remained silent asks for your attorney and do not consent to assert. If you can do those three things, you're Turney will. Thank you, your family will thank you. And the cops will respect you may not be happy that. You actually know what the rules are. But they will respect. Well, there you have it people. Go to knife rights dot org and go over to the right side of the page. Click on the ultimate steel and donate you could win part of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of amazing knives, custom knives, guns and other other things. Follow knife writes on Facebook Twitter there on Instagram and keep up with what Doug is doing and help support knife rights because they are out there fighting for each one of us, Doug. I wanna thank you for coming back on the knife jockey podcast. It's been a pleasure talking with you. And thank you so much for everything you're doing for us. I appreciate it. And thank you for for for having me on and and for supporting our efforts. Have a question remain be just have a comment. Give us a call at seven two four four six six four four eight seven will answer your question on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast that number again, seven two four four six six four four eight seven. Welcome back to the knife junkie podcast. Bob, another great interview, a repeat guest with stuck Ritter. But definitely a guest worth having back on a second time. And just fascinating here. Some of the behind the scenes kind of stuff that they're working on some of these big states as well as the ongoing stuff going on in New York City. Yeah. Yeah. If you wanna talk to someone who really has their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the knife world in terms of legality. I mean, it's easy to get dizzy with all these amazing knives around. But, but it's also good to just ground yourself anchor yourself in remember, you know, the water's you're swimming in and you could get in big trouble for carrying around some amazing knife that you're just carrying around because it's an amazing knife biride. Right. Couple of things I listened to and heard in that interview. I think he said forty five states allow switchblade, and then they're the YouTube video that he was promoting think don't talk to the police by James Dwan. Believe a good video. I need to go watch and check out and we would recommend our our listeners checkout as well. So a couple of takeaways from me for that interview. What what was your big takeaway? Well, for me, it's the same thing. I mean, I I asked him last question. What was what what would you tell everyone, you know, concerned about this issue says if you get picked up by the police for some reason or another, and you have a knife on you don't say anything and get your lawyer, and to me, that's that's the big thing to remember because you know, I like to talk, and maybe even when I'm nervous I like to talk more. So a lot of folks to. Yeah. So it's a good thing to remember just kinda keep your mouth shut and ask for a lawyer little housekeeping stuff here before we kind of wrap up wanna remind you to subscribe to the knife junkie newsletter. That's at the knife, junkie dot com slash news letter. And if you wanna catch some of the past episodes of the knife junkie podcast, you can listen to those right online at the knife, junkie dot com slash listen in go back in. Here. Doug's a previous interview or some of the other past shows that we've gotten if you just catching the knife donkey podcast and listen to the back catalogue there if you will Bob what's coming up next week next week, I'm talking with Jeff Blau Veld of tough knives. And he is a great guy I've gotten to speak with him a couple of times, and I've just been a long distance admire of his knives for a long time. And actually, I loved his modding videos from way back in the day, you know, ten years ago on YouTube, and he's just a man his knives are just beautiful maranda. He's an art guy. I'm an art guy that we we resonate on a couple of a couple of different levels. So I was I was really excited to talk to him. Right. Those kinda had a at a good connection there if you will. Yeah. And and you know, hopefully that connection leads to some day my actually owning one of his knives. All right a goal their fourth. Indeed. And I just wanted to say before we wrap up happy mother's day. You too MRs knife junky who I understand actually does listen to the. When I said last week. Mrs knife Yankee and right back at your knife. Newbie wave thank you up. All right. Thanks, everybody. For listening to the knife junkie podcast for Bob the knife junkie DeMarco. I'm Jim the knife newbie person and happy mother's day. Again, all the moms out there that are listening. Thanks for listening to the ninth junkie podcast. If you join the show, please rate review with review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources into listen to pass deficits. Visit our website the night junkie dot com.

40:02 - 40:29

You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube, the ninety dot com slash YouTube checkouts, great night photos on the knife, junkie dot com slash Instagram. And join our Facebook group, the knife junkie, gut com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, Email them to Bob at the knife, jokey dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six four four seven, and you may hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this website contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). If you use these links, I might be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale. If you don’t want to use these links, no problem. But know that I truly do appreciate your support.


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