New Steel Will Scilla, Two Insane New Knives from TOPS, a Zip-up Hoodie Optimized for EDC and an Instagram Knife Auction! — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 109)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (Episode #109), Bob chats up his new new Hinderer XM-18 Wharnie and the Tri-way pivot and the Kershaw Bare Knuckle, plus he discusses Knife Rights Ultimate Steel and announces a special Knife Junkie auction on Thursday, May 14 on Instagram, with the winner announced on the May 14 Thursday Night Knives live video show on YouTube.

And in Knife Life News, Bob covers a new Steel Will Scilla folder that has an unusual opening setup, two insane new knives from TOPS (A Short Sword and Cleaver Karambit) and covers a new Zip-up Hoodie optimized for EDC.

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found below.

Whew! Lots of knife talk this week -- several stories in Knife Life News, including an EDC optimized hoodie, Knife Rights Ultimate Steelm a Knife Junkie Instagram knife auction and the Kershaw Bare Knuckle. Click To Tweet

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