On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast, Bob has a change of heart about the Zero Tolerance (ZT) 0223 and discusses the Strider SMF from Mick Strider. The Knife Junkie also salivates over the 2020 knives from TOPS, including the Yukon Hawk, a filet knife, the Night Spike and the Storm Vector, as well as new for 2020 knives from Ka-Bar.

In addition, Bob and Jim listen to two voicemails from listeners covering knife storage options and a listener’s favorite knives of 2019 (the Gerber Fastball and the Spartan Harsey), which had Bob drooling again! And let’s not forget the story about “Avocado Hand”!

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found on The Knife Junkie website.

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:17
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the midweek supplemental episode of Knife Junkie podcast. I'm Jim the knife newbie person

Bob DeMarco 0:24
And I'm Bob DeMarco Welcome to the show

Jim Person 0:26
The Knife Junkie Bob you are him indeed.

Bob DeMarco 0:31
It is I indeed

Jim Person 0:32
The midweek supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast where Bob gets a chance to, I'm gonna use my favorite word that I learned from Bob bloviate about knives. And if you don't know what that means, I don't either but I just love saying it. But Bob gets a chance to talk about knives and that's what we're gonna do tonight.

Bob DeMarco 0:49
It's kind of onomatopoetic, which is a hard word to say, but it's kind of it is what it sounds like. It's going on at length like a bag of hot air

Jim Person 0:57
like Wow, that's really a stretch For you, isn't it? Hey, we got a good show coming up for you today. Going to hear a couple of voicemails from listeners. We've promised to do that. So as long as you keep calling and leaving messages, we're going to keep playing them coming. That's right, mom's got a chance to talk about a knife he's had the opportunity to review the zt 0223 that money stew gave him to on loan to review and then we had just had the Super Bowl but going to talk about avocados and the Wall Street Journal so what does that mean? We'll find out we're gonna see what new knife is in mom's hand most recently wink wink the Strider SMF and we're going to have our knife life news segment. Of course, we'll also have some knife shows to take a look at and then our featured segment tonight Bob's gonna have a chance to talk about Mick Strider and Strider knives. So a jam packed show Bob.

Bob DeMarco 1:59
Yep, yeah. Indeed, actually, I'm going to talk a little bit more specific, specifically about the history of the SMF after receiving it, which I was going to leave as a surprise, but I guess that's not the possibility now, Jim, is it? You're like my wife you're full of spoilers, man. No kidding. But I'm going to talk a little bit about the SMF because after getting it back in hand, I used to have one and then I just bought one from Terrell. Zelick 42. And it's a it's a different model and oh my gosh, it's a revelation so made me do a little little tiny bit of research about it. It's an interesting knife.

Jim Person 2:34
Well, did you want to go and talk about your new Strider while while you while you broach the subject and I spoiled the spoiled the news?

Bob DeMarco 2:41
Well, you know what I think I want to talk first if you don't mind, let's go with with what you laid out and we'll we'll get back to that. That'll be kind of like a cliffhanger for people. Okay, but first, I want to urgently say that the zero tolerance 0223 I need to say that I gave it an unfair Jake now I don't know what in what show but I know it's been a couple of times on the Knife Junkie podcast, I've sort of lambasted the design of the 02 to three, kind of calling it things like superfloris or like busy or, or whatever and and having having mentioned my dissatisfaction with this knife, the 223 was kind of the big release for zero tolerance in 2019. One of our awesome listeners stew who's got a knife company up in Vermont called stone and steel and he goes around to different gun and knife shows up in New England and sells knives. Anyway, he got in touch with me said I think maybe you really need to get the two to three in hand before you make such severe and harsh judgments on such a lovely knife. Now he didn't say that like that. But that's that was what I inferred from this. So he sent me this knife. I've had it for nearly a week. I told him I would keep it for a week. He was very generous. He'll in his note to me to say, by the way, this is a loner. So check it out, make a video and please send it back because I love it so much. And I see why actually, when this knife was released, I remember looking at it and just kind of dismissing it and thinking boy, zero tolerance really lost their compass. It's a Tim galleon design Tim galleon works for Ki USA, I believe he's an in house designer, as well as a custom maker in his own right. And this knife is a tribute to military combat knives to our current bayonet. Also, you can see some influence of the K bar and the blade. And in looking at it on paper, it looks like there's a lot going on in the design. But then when you get it in hand, you know, to me, okay, I just made a video of this Jim. So this will post in the next week or so, a review of this just from carrying it for a week or so. And to me, there's one Too many design flourishes on it. But that being said, it's definitely not a deal breaker. This knife is extremely sharp, it's got great action has a wonderful feeling the hand it's like the perfect thickness and then this wraparound g 10 over the top of the handle the spine of the handle. I wrote off as a gimmick, you know, just because it's fun to make snap judgments sometimes. But in hand, boy, that g 10 going over the top and creating sort of a solid handle feel is great. So So this knife I just I just want to say here and now I definitely made a snap judgment due to my first impressions of the design of this knife, just aesthetically and then getting it in hand. You know, change me 180 degrees. I really dig this knife now.

Jim Person 5:47
Yeah. What's the one thing that you were surprised by?

Bob DeMarco 5:51
I was surprised that in person. The design looks great. I love the way it looks when I'm holding it in my hand. But it was making me angry when I was looking at it on paper for some reason. So polarizing design, you might say, but really getting an in hand and feeling the solidity of it. But also it's a you know, it rides beautifully in the pocket. It's not a very big knife. So you get a lot of blade for the size but, yeah

Jim Person 6:19
what was the you said there was one too many design flourishes. So you still have one additional design flourish you don't like?

Bob DeMarco 6:26
Yeah, okay, so so of the design flourishes, I would say the overall handle shape especially towards the tail end is, looks a little funky but in hand in reverse grip, the tail end of the knife is perfect for for locking your thumb on. So design flares, that's the first one the second one would be the G 10. Going over the top of the handle and third would be the sort of shell extractor shape of the forward part of the handle. The fourth would be the holes drilled in the handle there five little superfluous holes in the ricasso drilled in the fifth would be The cut through fuller and then the six would be the large notched jumping on top. So it's it's a busy looking thing, but in real life It seems fine to me like I said my I just wants to get rid of those five holes drilled into the ricasso other than that beauty.

Jim Person 7:18
All right. So the Z t 0223 is now on the knife junkies List of purchases?.

Bob DeMarco 7:26
It is not because The Knife Junkie his list of purchases has been too long for too long. So it's not there yet but i do dig it

Jim Person 7:34
alright so a great knife and review video that will be on the Knife Junkie YouTube channel at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube and you can check that out and get to see it more in person if you will. And leave your comments to mom about if you agree or disagree with all these design flourishes and his change of tune about the zero 223 All right, let's move on. Let's get some feedback from our listeners, Bob going to the listener line, which by the way, you can call and leave a message 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That number is 724-466-4487 724-466-4487. There's not a voice mail message from The Knife Junkie so you won't hear him when you call. It'll just be a quick message with a recording to leave a message. But do so and we'd love to play your your comments on the air on an upcoming podcast. And one of these the first one Bob is from Dave from Connecticut, who was one of those that actually somehow got lost in our systems he had been a few months ago when he had called and we actually did a segment on the Thursday night knives show with this topic you wanted to know about knife storage and get some ideas how folks store their knives. So we use that for a Thursday night knives segment. Let's hear that now. And then I want to come back and get your thoughts on it.

Dave from Connecticut 9:07
This is Dave from Connecticut, a question I'd like to ask you for your show to consider as a question is the same one I emailed to you, but I think it's been a while because I think my email may end up in your journal. Anyway. Maybe you could do a show the best way to store life collections, because I found that with well over 100 folders that it is a challenge to keep them all in one place. Keaton readily available Keaton safe time in the wrong hands, etc, all at the same time. So I've seen a number of solutions. I have a few of my own and just wondering what you guys think. Okay, best of luck and great show.

Jim Person 9:51
Okay, Dave, thanks so much for that, that comment. And again, apologies for taking so long to get to it. Just one of those things, but nice Storage Bob, I know that's something you and I talked about in the early days of putting this podcast together. I was like, you know, as the knife newbie, that's kind of a question I had, how do you store these things after you buy two or 10 or 20? So yeah, a lot a lot of good suggestions and ideas.

Bob DeMarco 10:18
Yeah, I think a lot of people approach it. You know, in their different ways. I've seen it you know, a lot of it depends on where you're planning on taking your collection but in terms of size, I personally have found that a craftsman or otherwise you know, Husky or something like that, a metal tool chest with the ball bearing drawers and the in the top hatch is the way for me to go. I have a craftsman, it's got six drawers and a and a top of that swings open and I put some of that. You know that stuff you put under carpet or you putting into your cutting board that kind of cushions and stops things from moving around. Well, I I love Some outlined all the drawers with that so that the knives can can Nestle securely in the drawers without moving around when I open the drawers and without getting scratched up on the, on the metal surface of the drawers so to me that's that is my preferred way because I can also open up the drawer or open up the top and get a good view of a good number of knives at once. And I'm seeing the full sides of them. Whereas the second very, very, very popular option. I've always had that problem with it that you can't see the side to the knife and that's the Pelican case. Pelican cases are these awesome airtight or air I can regulate the air pressure inside for flight and they're waterproof cases that were originally designed for electronics and you know we use that a lot in video and those those kind of applications but a lot of people also store their knife collections and Pelican cases and you can get the The foam inserts that are optimized for plucking and and creating spaces for knives. And it's a great it's a great sort of innovative way to store your knives, but I have two main problems with them. The first one I just told you about is when you slip a knife into a pelican case, all you're seeing is the butt end or the or the top end, you can't see the full knife, you know, from the side. And to me, that's just something I like when I'm looking at my collection. That's a personal thing. My second problem with the Pelican case is that it's so very portable. You know, it's just a case with a great ergonomic handle, you know, that makes the whole thing seem like you can pick it up and walk right off with it.

Jim Person 12:39
Grab it and go.

Bob DeMarco 12:40
Yeah, exactly. Now, granted, you could take a tool chest, but it just takes a little more doing you know what I mean? So I love the Pelican idea. And I think it's probably a really great thing for the knives themselves to keep them secure from the elements. But the portability and the fact that you can really get a good view of the knives kind of bothers me. Now the third and final option that I'll cover and then of course there are many many many other ways to store knives but I think this is another popular way is now I'm not sure what to call these but they're like storage boxes you get at Bed Bath and Beyond and and you know you might you might store your winter clothes in them and put them in the attic. Well that's what we do in this house but you know the big plastic storage bins with the roads, right? That is what I keep my knife boxes in. I keep all the boxes to all the knives I have in case I decide to resell them. But I know that a lot of people like to store their knives either in cases or in the boxes they ship in and then keep those in those kind of plastic containers because they they supply a decent amount of protection from water damage anyway, and they're kind of a neat way to stack and stash things especially if you have a high volume of knives. Not all space to storm. Yeah, exactly, yeah. Okay.

Jim Person 14:04
So you have other storage options, we'd love to hear from you call the listener line at 724-466-44877 724-466-4487. And let us know what your favorite way to store your knives is.

Bob DeMarco 14:20
I'd be remiss if I didn't add right here that a good friend of the podcast and to Thursday night knives, Alex Tissot of Alex's knife box. Well, his whole channel and his whole you know, online identity is based around his knife storage, and he's, he's discussed it on the show. He has a sort of cool, clandestine way of storing his knives in a big leather. What do you call it kind of footstool slash coffee table thing that actually opens up and then has, you know, you can put safes and stuff inside so he has all of his amazing beautiful knives sort of hidden in plain view and And kind of unobtrusive in a piece of furniture that gets otherwise used

Jim Person 15:05
in a box, which is a knife box since Alex's knifebox. Exactly. Wow, he's smart. All right, thanks Dave for that question, get us thinking about knife storage options and another voicemail that we got from Tori Murphy, who was relaying back to a request from Episode Number 65 was The Knife Junkie his top 10 most carried knives of 2019 and he had some thoughts that really made The Knife Junkie go Hmm So let's use that is

Tori Murphy 15:42
Hey guys, Tori Murphy murph news on Instagram, just getting caught up listen to the podcast regarding Episode 55 you guys talking about best times of the year things like that. And I think you guys were pretty spot on with your taste. I don't have much of the same taste. So despite didn't do anything for me. But the job was basketball for me the probably, surprisingly eye opener, especially convert over the years they've dwindled as far as quality. It seems like they're trying to come back a little bit more American made there. They're focusing more on that. I was really surprised by that one. I ended up picking up a Spartan horsy folder that's lived in my pocket since I picked it up. And honestly, those are my two for the year. But for the rest of years, I was I was really impressed with the rest of the list. So get out there keep me sharp.

Jim Person 16:35
All right, Bob. So interesting comments there from Tori. And I know you were just like going, Oh,

Bob DeMarco 16:41
well, both knives resonated for two different reasons. He mentioned the Gerber fastball, and for me the fastball was the first knife I'd seen in the past couple of years coming out of Gerber that I said nice move and it felt good because in the 70s growing up, my dad had a Gerber It was sort of it was sort of a 110 ish Gerber but it had a sleeker more modern profile and it came in a beautiful leather case and he kept it way up on his bookshelf and whenever I could kind of grab it I would and and i coveted that thing and I always thought Gerber man someday when I'm older, I'm going to have a Gerber and you know, they sort of fell off a little bit, but now they're making their return and I think the fastball, what a great way to do that. And then he mentions the Spartan halsy, which is a knife that is on my short drool list. I love that knife. It is beautiful. Anything that bill Harvey lays his hand to his beautiful as far as I'm concerned, every knife I've ever seen him. He designed a Gerber knife that was cheap and not great, but it was beautiful. He has he has the eye in the hand. And so that's part and Harvey that's what I want to get my hands on. So when I heard him mention that I felt jealous, not envious. I want him to have one two. Okay, but I feel jealous. All right.

Jim Person 17:57
Well, good for Tori, calling in and Getting some feelings there from The Knife Junkie. So anyway, thanks to Dave and Tory both for calling and leaving messages on the listener line again please give us a call leave your comments your thoughts your questions. love to hear from you love to get some additional voices on The Knife Junkie podcast

Announcer 18:18
have a knife you want featured or reviewed. Call The Knife Junkie. 24 seven the listener line at 724-466-4487 and let us know

Jim Person 18:28
hey, Bob, Super Bowl last weekend Did you have a chance to get some chips and some dip? Or maybe some guacamole?

Bob DeMarco 18:36
Yeah, yeah, I did all of those things. But I The reason I The reason I really wanted to mention this bring this up is that I saw something hilarious and knife oriented because we got to keep it that way. Oh, absolutely. In the Wall Street Journal and it was here was the headline Super Bowl means avocado hand is back with a vengeance. And it made me think avocado man what is that again? Oh yeah, that's That's an ailment that afflicts hipsters making their avocado toast but who have no idea how to DC than avocado. And this was going around I remember a couple years back it was like this thing that was going around social media and the sidebar of the of the news websites where people were, you know, avocados for some reason after being on earth for several billion years, we're really hitting stride a couple of years ago with avocado toast and other avocado things. So people were cutting a lot of them and you know, you, you you, you stick the knife and you drag it around the the seed, you spin it and you open it up. And then you have to get the seed out of the one side and of course, it's kind of like golf ball shaped and everything is slimy in there. So how do you do that? Well, people were taking the point of their knives and trying to stab it and I really appreciate the spirit

Bob DeMarco 19:51
of the thrust by such

Bob DeMarco 19:53
but but in this case it was it's the wrong surface. A hard, slick rounded surface is the wrong thing to stab at so what you want to do so well so people were getting avocado hand which meant they were stabbing at the pit, the blade glanced off the pit and goes through the avocado which is very soft and through the hand. So it was a condition that was actually being recognized I believe by the AMA. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but it was a term that was getting serious play in the in the medical circles. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that if you if you don't know how to take the seed out of an avocado, I'm sure if you're listening to The Knife Junkie podcast you you probably know but after you you spend the avocado and you take the half away that does not have the seed. You just take the edge of the knife and you lightly hack into it and lightly hack the edge of it the straight edge of your blade into the seed and then you just turn it like a clock and it'll pop right out. So that's the way to do it. That's the way to avoid avocado hand

Jim Person 20:53
but if you want to read that article and learn more will have a link in the show notes at The Knife Junkie dot com slash 83 Three, Knife Junkie calm slash eight, three,

Announcer 21:03
you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. And now here's The Knife Junkie with the nightlife news.

Bob DeMarco 21:09
Alright, Jim. So the last couple of shows, we've been talking about revelations from the 2020 SHOT Show all the companies are coming out and showing what they're going to be featuring in their 20 2020 lineups. And I thought that was winding down and then I saw the tops releases, and you know, I love tops knives. So I have to tell you what, what I'm what I'm thinking from what I see here. As always, lots of cool things from tops, they're doing some new things. It seems like every year they challenge themselves in a way that, you know, just pushes their product line and expands the kind of people who their knives appeal to they started off as low speed high drag, you know, knives for operators, and no doubt they still make those kind of knives but they've also expanded into camp knives, outdoors knives, and even EDC. So this year A couple of things that are really turning my eye are they have this Yukon Hawk they have two new axes coming out this year. The Yukon Hawk is the smaller of the two it's got a almost five inch blade with a very uniquely shaped handle that really maximizes the leverage of an axe. I like that they're going into into x making they've been doing that for a few years now with their using their sort of signature, quarter inch thick 1095 crow van What a great material. And, you know, their their whole recipe for making a knife translates beautifully into making axes. In terms of chopping, we're talking about chopping, let's talk about the best idea or the beast. Yeah, I'm not sure how it's pronounced but since I don't see too as I'm going to call it the best year and it is a they call it the spiritual successor to the day. The chetta as you remember, was the big giant sort of cleaver a machete chopper designed by Leo Espinosa that came out last year. Well, this is like imagine a kukri but all the curves are straight lines. So it's a big inward turning chopper without curves. So it's two straight lines. It is a menacing unique looking thing and it also looks like it might present a challenge to sharpen in the in the elbow of the blade, but you know, it just looks like a brutal piece of outdoors like the equipment there. They have a great looking fillet knife coming out that that is built on the on the lioness platform that looks cool. They have something new this year, which is they're calling it the muli Skinner and saw and it's a combo for hunters. So you have a knife for skinning that looks somewhat reminiscent to the text Creek, but a little more spelt. And then you have the Muley saw that goes with it. And that's you know, for The sort of song applications you would need during hunting and they fit in complimentary sheath. And it's a cool little to tooled package to others that really jumped out at me, Jim, this one, I'm going to have to figure out how to get this really quickly. It's called the storm vector, storm vector.

Bob DeMarco 24:20
Cool name. It's a giant 12.7 inch seaux. It's it looks like it might be real, it's like machete length, but it's more like just a big giant Viking sacks. And you know, that's right up my alley. And I've never seen tops do something like this. It's got a very ergonomic looking handle curvy and looks like it provides great grip. And that terminates into this wildly Angular and creepy looking sacks blade. So I love that. And then the last knife from tops that I wanted to mention was no sorry, two more knives from tops. You know, every year they do an employee knife. Design Competition. You might remember Craig Powell mentioning that, well, this is the third year they've done that and what they've come up with or what one of the, one of the employees of tops came up with is a four and a half inch clip blade. It's very simple. It's called the trail seeker. It looks very simple, but extremely useful. And I gotta say, it's pretty handsome looking knife too. So it's cool that they do that. I think it's great gives the way to build morale and let let the let them take a little bit more ownership of the stuff they're making, right? two quick things, the unzipper also built on the lioness platform, except it's got an inverted blade, meaning the top edge where the spine of the blade normally is is sharp, and that is for very specialized kind of self defense uses. Interesting it's kind of trendy and interesting, but really takes a lot of getting used to and I i would hazard to say quite a bit of training to make that effective. But for those of you who do that, I have no doubt tops makes Great one. And then finally and I would say this is probably the one that they're leading with this year is the night spike. It's this very attractive or it sounds creepy saying that but it's a very nice looking recur tanto that is long and spiky and thin and it's got about half of the top edge is sharpened or sharpen a bowl. And really it's built to be a throwing knife, but it looks like a knife I would love to just have and just kind of wear on my belt. It's a five and a half inch knife that is really set up to throw. But I say sharpen it and wear it in the small your back

Jim Person 26:39
or keep it with

Bob DeMarco 26:40
you. That's right The night the night spike I'm not throwing that away.

Jim Person 26:44
So a lot of knives there from tops that you wanted to hit. Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 26:49
Thank you for indulging me but you know every year they just they make so many knives and as I mentioned when I spoke with Craig Powell, it always amazes me that they have such Huge and broad product line and then when you go to the major retailers, they almost always have it all available except for the things that they've retired you know a good.

Jim Person 27:11
Alright, so tops but also quickly some new knives from K-bar that you want to do.

Bob DeMarco 27:16
Yes, real quickly the Becker bK 18 that's another Ethan Becker knife but this one's a little bit smaller. It's a four and a half inch 4.6 inch, a harpoon style kind of clip point blade, I would call it him It looks kind of like a harpoon style bow. But this is unique in that it's it's set up with a polymer sheath and it's got a tan coding and to me it just looks a little more tactical than camp. And I always kind of think of Ethan Becker stuff is outdoors and camping. This list looks a little more stabby and adventure some. And then the other knife from K-bar that is very interesting to me, is the new Gunny knife. It's the last project that arlie Urmi as you know him as Gunny. He was the drill sergeant In Full Metal Jacket very involved in the knife community before his death and he worked on this it's a beautiful big looking outdoors knife 9.75 inches it's a 1095 it's got a big leaf shape recurved to me the reason I like it so much is it's evocative kind of a wrong you know of a Filipino barong with with some with some fresh English put on it, but it's a very attractive looking knife so I think they're gonna, they're gonna hit the ground running with that one.

Announcer 28:30
And now that we're caught up with a knife life news, let's hear more of The Knife Junkie podcast.

Jim Person 28:36
All right back on The Knife Junkie podcast,

Jim Person 28:37
kind of a featured segment one of the chance to talk a little bit more in depth about the Strider, s m f. So I'll just let you bloviate

Bob DeMarco 28:47
Well, thank you as you know, I got my new SMF from Terrell Todd, you know misael Rick 42 we were talking on the last Thursday night knives are a couple of weeks back and He was mentioning we were talking about striders. And he mentioned his nice little collection. I said, if you're ever looking to unload one I've been looking for an SMF for a while, and boy did he have one for me that he was looking to get rid of an SMF it's a concealed carry. That means it's thinner than your average Lego SMF. And it's a handle is contoured, and it really rides in pocket beautifully. He sent it to me, I got it. today. I've been so excited about it. And I've been doing a little research about it. And I just wanted to I just wanted to bloviate about it. The SMF was actually originally designed for the first Special Operations Command unit of the of the Marine Corps called detachment one and so this was an outfit that that it was the first outfit in the Marine Corps to be issued a knife. In 40 years since World War Two the last knife that was issued was the marine Raider stiletto along thin sort of Fairburn, Sykes inspired murdery sort of dagger thing. Not great for utility great for great for a couple of tasks. And so this, this group thought they might be doing some covert operations. So they decided they wanted a folding knife, something robust, like a fixed blade knife, but something that could fold so they could move about slightly more discreetly. So that's, that's what they ended up making it. So mixed writer designed, designed the SMF. And they ended up making 100 300 versions of the knife. They made this is interesting 150 for these operators in the Marine Corps, and then they made 150 for civilians, and they made the civilian version with black g 10. Whereas the military version was a coyote Brown, and they put serial numbers on the civilian version. And yeah, yeah, and and so the whole purpose of Doing that was to sort of offset the cost to the Navy of commissioning these knives

Jim Person 31:07
and nice Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 31:09
yes. And and in doing so created a rabid fan base for this knife. It this this knife was as one general mentioned, selected by built for and issued to the United States Marine Corps. SOCOM detachment one.

Jim Person 31:25
That's pretty cool. You said that so well.

Bob DeMarco 31:27
Didn't that sound cool? And now I have one. I'm very excited. So yeah, I've got the holy triumvirate back together. That's the Hinderer Strider Chris Reeve sort of triumvirate so I'm going to see how that works for me.

Jim Person 31:41
Okay. What? Explain that again for me real quick, the triumvirate

Bob DeMarco 31:45
oh well it's these are the three royal holy knives of tactical knife you know legacy Okay, so So everyone well in the knife world for a long time, they were considered the three greatest Folding tactical knives, the Chris Reeve sebenza the Xm 24 or Xm 18 by Rick hinderer and the Strider SMF or sng

Jim Person 32:10
which now you have to complete Yes. All right, cool.

Bob DeMarco 32:14
All is good now All right.

Jim Person 32:16
So a little bit of kind of first tool-ish segment they're a little bit of history but I was kind of cool story there to learn how it came about and offsetting the cost to the military that's that's kind of cool.

Bob DeMarco 32:27
Yeah, because you know, they they need whatever

Jim Person 32:31
Yeah, well, we won't go there but yeah, nice, nice nice touch or thought or marketing ploy or whatever. Yeah. All right.

Announcer 32:38
You know you're a Knife Junkie. If you love your knives more than your kids.

Jim Person 32:43
Hey, before we get out of here last minute or two of the show do want to remind you we try to cover some nice shows to put on your calendar only one in February. If you want to go to Las Vegas be nice and warm there. If you happen to be in the in the north. Be my good time to get away. If it were a 28 the sun March 1 that's in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas custom knife maker show. Several shows in March not going to get a chance to cover all of them. But March six and seven, go to Troy, Ohio for the spirit of the blade custom knife show. Then Friday, March 13 to Saturday, March 14, that's the track rock hammer and that's going to be in blairsville, Georgia, North Carolina, the Tar Heel cutlery club show that's going to be Friday and Saturday, March 20 and march 21. Arkansas knife show that's a big one that's going to be Saturday, March 21. That's going to be in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Dalton Georgia knife road show March 27 and 28 and then the Bunker Hill nightclub show March 27 and march 28. Also Friday and Saturday, as in gun free Illinois. And again, thanks to our friends at knife magazine that puts together an awesome list of knife shows and knife club events, which is where we're pulling this information from the knife magazine.com slash events So Bob as we wrap up this midweek supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast episode number 83, you can find show notes for and links to things that we've mentioned here at The Knife Junkie dot com slash eight three, turn it over to you for the final word from The Knife Junkie.

Bob DeMarco 34:16
Well I would say this do check in with our Thursday night knives because oftentimes we break out some of the things we mentioned right here in this podcast and we get a chance to open them up and really talk about so definitely check out Thursday night knives and comment, engage and let's let's get the conversation going.

Jim Person 34:33
Yeah, and if you're listening to this podcast when it drops as they say on Wednesdays, Thursday night knives is tomorrow night. But if you're listening after the fact on Thursday, join us tonight. If you're listening on a Friday or Saturday hey go to The Knife Junkie comm slash live. That's Li ve we have an archive of all the past episode of Thursday night knives right there that you can listen and watch. All right, thanks for listening and joining us on the Knife Junkie podcast. for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim Person saying thanks for joining us

Announcer 35:04
thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show please rate review and review the podcast calm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm you can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie comm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group that's The Knife Junkie comm slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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