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The Knife Junkie Bob DeMarco puts his Fantasy Father’s Day Knife list together for episode #33 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. His criteria — it’s a production knife, one he doesn’t already own and money is no object. Of course he’s not buying any of them — they’re gifts right, so why should money matter?

What's on your father's day knife wish list? The Knife Junkie covers his list of want to have knives for Father's Day. Share on X

He also covers several categories and not only tells us his ultimate favorite in each group, but also several “runner-ups” just in case:

 EDC Folder
 Tactical Folder
 Automatic out the front
 Automatic side opening
 Fixed combat
 Fixed camp
 Slipjoint
 Machete
 Custom

What knife is on your Father’s Day wish list? Or what did you get for Father’s Day? Call the listener line at 724-466-4487 and leave a recorded message about what knife you want — or got — for Father’s Day. You can also contact Bob via email at with any questions or comments on today’s show, or about knives and knife collecting.

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Fathers Day Fantasy Knife List Great Gift Giving Ideas
0:00 - 05:01

. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. Your weekly dose of knife, news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts, Jim person involved, the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello, and welcome to episode number thirty three of the ninth junkie podcast. I'm Jim Person, and I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com, welcome to the show. Welcome to interesting one today. We've got Father's Day coming up, but it's not your traditional Father's Day knife show that we're going to talk about now. Bob's got a little something special planned for that. But I do wanna let you know that today's podcast is brought to you by audible get a free audiobook. Download and thirty day free trial at audible, trial dot com slash knife junkie over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your phone or Android your kindle. You've got an MP three player again, simply go to audible, trial dot com slash knife junkie, and you can get that free audiobook download and thirty day free trial, just for being a knife junkie podcast listener. So Father's Day, Bob, you and I, both dads, hopefully. Significant others or kids or whatever may be listening to this episode so handle something different fathers day related for knives. Here's the thing, Jim, I am so easy to shop for. I don't know anyone ads easy to shop for. Yep. Doesn't matter what it is to have. An is metallic. It doesn't even have to be out of medal. Now I'll take it. But inevitably the question comes up, what do you want for this? What do you want for your birthday? What do you want for? Give me a knife or a watch. I like watching. But, but, you know, really, you know my me as knives. So give me a knife place. But I'm sure they, I'm sure they need a little more specifics, though. We'll yeah exactly. And so now that I know my wife does listen to this show on occasion, high Missa junkie, putting this out there as a subtle sort of buying guide, but this is a fantasy fantasy Father's Day knife list, and I have a couple of stipulations they have to be production knives, because customize, that's, that's a whole nother deep hole. You could go out and I'm not prepared to do that. But so it has to be a production knife that I don't have. In other words, it can't be a double of something that I already have a different steel. And on this list money is no issue. Well, that's really that's really nice of you isn't that yes, I don't wanna put limitations don't wanna hinder the, the gift givers hinder. He said. Hinder that, oh, him up later ender will come up later anyway. So yet production knives, that I don't have money is not an issue. And so, you know, the most popular category of nice these days is the folder, so that's where I'm gonna start. And, and I'll tell you how I define the every every day carry folder. My everyday carry folder has to be large tactical. So I am going to call the, the regular ADC folder, a three and one quarter inch or less nontechnical, sort of locking folder. And since money is no issue. It gets a little spicy here. Anyway, I'm going to start the one that I would choose if I could choose any right now, it would be the Hogue Ritter are as k Mark one and actually I think it slightly over three and a quarter inch blade size. But, but it is the, the current version of the vaunted Ritter grip pillion now made by Hogue to exacting. Standards there. They do everything in house, and it's running on a platform that locks up with their able hawk, which is a ever so slightly improved bench made access lock. So since it's in limited production and he can't find them anywhere. I would say, Honey. If you can find the Hogue Ritter. R S K, Mark one or the new Riddick rip Pilion snatched it up for me. I'll take it. You said it's a limited availability. So what, where would one go to try to even find not liking this go to the corner store. This this one. I think right now at the moment, you know I'm on, I'm on a pre pre what do you call it, the preorder preorder when, when it comes back online because it's an limited production, but it is a production, I've, so you would have to find this on the secondary market, someone selling it on blade forms. There's no now I, I don't wanna just stop right there. I wanna give you my three runners up. And so since. Again, money's no issue. I would get the pen yet Lanny's clip made by Riyadh reorganize. Okay. So let me tell you what the Lanny's clip a Lanny's clip. Is a traditional knife pattern. I it's a clip point blade.

05:01 - 10:13

It's a beautiful. It's a beautifully shaped blade and a lot of knife makers use that pattern the Lanny's clip as a pattern to sort of show off their talents, sort of, like, industrial designers make their signature share the land clip is often a knife, that knife makers will show off their skills with the Penha Enrica penna who's a making slip joints for years. Custom slip joints, and has recently moved into the locking knife arena, has created a modern locking version of the Lanny's clip and Riyadh knives out of China builds it. And it is beautiful. It's outstanding to the one that I like is the recur tanto with the with the hallowed ground. You know what I'm talking about are your eyes glazing over Jim. Because you should be writing this down, right? Oh, yes. Well, I'm not buying it for yourself after that went down. So I would also get the spider co drunken, which is a sink of. It's designed very, very cool. Looks like that. It, it is it is a beautiful knife, and it has these drunken wavy pattern so inscribed on the hand thought it was like a knife. You go out drinking with well I you know, I think that's a good. Yeah. Exactly. And then the third would be the we allies Aisha pleura we had alisha on the show a couple of weeks ago. And the pleura is his lacking version of the switchback, Jack which curve blade. Beautiful knife. That's pretty good list. Yeah. So but but at the top would be that the Hogue Ritter grip. Right. Just in case, MRs knife, junkie missed the first the second or third, but this is not just a selfish selfish show. Not for you. To draw Nance. This is really this is to give other people selfish ideas. Yeah, a good chance to get some exposure to some knives that maybe we haven't talked about in, in the past podcast, exact few that we have, but some others as well, so well, it's because I don't have these knives. And I really want these knives, then number talking about them. And because they all have something that with without ever having held any of them just has something very compelling to me. So I'm going to go to the tactical folders next, and that's, that's basically to me three and a half and above in terms of blade length and my winner as a knife. I've been I've spoken about. I spoke about it with a. Number of guests recently is the Riyadh. Crossroads another Riyadh night Riyadh knives, produced knife out of China. It's a Kirby Lambert design, he's a custom knife maker who whose designs of always resonated, with me this crossroads is a beautifully subtle clip point design. It's, it's sort of tactical sort of dressy. It's got a bolster the version, I like has a marbled carbon-fiber and it's a Riyadh. So it's outstanding in terms of fit and finish. And, and how it's put together. So that would be my number one. I do have runners up. I would get a strider S N G. I used to have strider I got rid of it, and now they're so expensive. I just don't see myself buying one because there, I wanted, just for the collection. Let me put it that way. I'm not crazy about carrying or using them. But I just think cool, the hinder Maximus, the only folding dagger I can think of that's full-on dagger with both. Sides sharpened. And you know that's a huge hinder fan. But again, that's a huge price tag, but then again money's no issue. And the last one is the brand new version of the brand new, would you wanna call iterating of the Leong eraser, which has been produced by a number of different custom makers and probably most famously by Columbia River knife and tool. The new one is a is also reproduced knife. And it's just I don't know. It's got a foreign blade with, you know, Masako for the long foreign blade, and it's a mix between an assassin's knife, and a chef's knife. And. I don't know. It's, it's very appealing. But, but the winner of this tactical category, would definitely be the Kirby Lambert designed, re up produced crossroads. Okay. And if you're listening with the mobile. Okay. Let's get it right here. Again, we're doing a fantasy Father's Day. Knife list. Production knives that Bob doesn't have and money is no issue. And we didn't set up the categories really well, but we've covered ADC folder, and tactical folder, Bob. You're also got a few other categories here. I'm gonna run down just kinda give preview automatic out the front as well aside opening. You got fixed combat fix camp, slip joint machete and custom. So several more categories to cover so they should be a lot of choices for people to, to get for dads or brothers or sons or whatever the, the Father's Day gift that they wanna get, so next is the out the front automatic.

10:14 - 15:11

And they're not too many companies that make them. So my answer is probably going to be somewhat obvious. But I would choose a Microtek and to me, it's the combat Trowell down all the way it's got a three point eight inch dagger. The handle is on the bias. So just looks different from any other any other out the front. And I'm talking about the angle of the of the of the hilt. And so it's a it's obviously, it's the size that I'm going for it. Also the aesthetics. And and again, gimme that dagger blade. You can get the combat tro down in a number of different blade configurations, but any opportunity to get to edges. I go for it. You know, the honestly that's one. I have not heard. You talk about not only not only on the podcast. But just in our normal conversations talking about knives. So yeah, yeah. Well, it, it it's kind of a touchy subject in our municipality. You know. So it's not something that I that I gravitate towards too much because I you know, it's not something that's that's endorsed in our area. So no, I gotta be careful about that. But I can have it in the house. And if I were to if ever to spend for hundred dollars on something that I just have in the house, the. Microsoft tro, Don would be awesome. And you know, Microtek is has been making their knives now in they've brought back bright colors for a while. They were, they were in the analyzed black olive, drab intense or military thing. And so they, they've recently been analyzing their amazing tactical knives, and purple and paint in green and blue. They're very cheerful. Jere full tactical knives. So to other to other, what do you call it? Also, rans here would be the heretic, Manticore. That's also an out the front that you can get in a variety of cool blade shapes. Recurvature antennas, and daggers also that company heretic knives is, is run by the, by the son of Anthony Marfan, I believe who's the guy who who runs Microtek and then the third thing would third would be the bench made pagan of beautiful out the front with, with a nice. Curvy coke bottle handle a dagger blade. That's four inches long. So automatic out the fronts, just like John wick, I wish I could carry them every day. But I can't put it in my boot. I'd have to. Right side, opening automatics Jim. So this is something I've been I have recently gotten a new side opening automatic. And I've been carrying it around the house, religiously because it is so incredibly awesome. And that was the, the protect TR three. And so that got me thinking about side, opening automatics and the next one, I wanna get yes to carry around. The house is the Microtek. L UD t-, it's a classic designed from Microtek, again, a famous name for automatic knives. And it's a it's basically classic frogman switchblade for underwater demolition. You know, kind of thing, I do on of sort of biweekly basis Noel. So I'd better have one of those. So it's got a three point four inch drop point blade. It's just got a very cool designed to me it looks futuristic from a while ago. You know what I'm saying not futuristic as we would depict today. But futuristic as maybe it would be depict. Did say thirty years ago? That's just me though runner runners up for the for the side opening though. So this Microtek, L UD is, is away at the top, and it also comes in the tactical, and the bright colors. I would go for the tactical. I dunno just to stand him, but runners up would be the protect brand three. That is a four inch automatic knife. And now Walter brand is a is a sort of hell will, he's a custom knife maker that has been what what's the word I'm looking for well hailed over the years. And, and this guy is so respected that he, he can still have as his logo of the confederate flag. So that's it competitively as my low, so. But I'm sure he means nothing by it. But that you will see that little tiny confederate flag logo on the Microtek Bren three which is sweet looking knife. Also, like the bench made CLA. And Microtek stitch again, which is a which is a a collaboration with Bork knives. Here's one of the, the knife newbie questions coming out of me, you know, automatic outta front and automated sign opening. Yes. Okay. You're gonna have to explain that to me, as a knife, newbie Sarai now, we're talking about switchblades, automatic side, opening is what, you know, traditionally as a like the Italians lettuce which blade like what James Dean was carrying in rebel without a cause when he got in the knife, fight up at these urva, Tori.

15:12 - 20:06

It's a it's swings out the blade swings out like a like a regular folding pocket knife. However, it locks open a and b it's sh-. It's deployed with its under spring tension and locked close. And when you press a button, it releases that spring tension in the blade flies open. Now they have been a legal in many states for a long time. And now as you know with the effort. Of Doug Ritter. Knife, writes, a lot of those laws changed in, in many actually most states, but it is no faster than sable bearing pivot flipper, or a twenty dollars spring, assisted Kershaw or an Emerson wave knife or fix played it just has a stigma because you press the button and there's a little machine that makes the blade fly open at stigmatized, but anyway, so yes, I'd opening a Matic is a spring, deployed button, pushed out the side knife Melker, and then the out the front is what people used to call stilettos, which is actually incorrect term. But it's basically a knife, you the has an enclosed handle a slot in the very front, you push forward actuator, a lever in the blade flies out that slut flies out. It shoots out that slot a point. I doesn't swing out shoots out straight. Okay. They're, they're used to. The misconception I think it's, it's probably all, but gone at this point, but that you could hold that, that knife up to someone. And actuate the blade shoot into you like a like one of those bolt guns you put down cattle with, but it'll, it'll stop but most out the fronts are double action, which means pushed lever forward. The blade comes out, you pull love lever back and the blade comes back in, so it's got two different springs. Okay. There are some others that you have to sort of reload by by pulling back on lever that pocket. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Okay. But I like the idea of the double action better more cinematic, will you mentioned Doug Ritter there. And some of the legislative action and those kind of things just remind listeners if you didn't catch episode twenty nine Doug was on kind of given legislative update of some of the most recent action, you can hear that. The knife junkie dot com slash twenty nine than I've junkie dot. Com slash two nine and give another little plug for the ultimate steel raising give way if you will, and Doug Ritter talks about that on that ups owes well. So sorry for the digression there with your explanation. You're, you're, you're good. You're good explanation for me. So I appreciate that. Well, that's perfect, because because because of Doug Ritter more and more and more people can carry these it's, it's funny, at just the, the raft of people I watch on YouTube who review knives over the past couple of years watching them, add automatic knives to the knives. They're reviewing on their channel as their states have been cleared of these ridiculous antiquated laws has been interested. All right. So moving on yet next gutter fix convicts fix on that. Yeah. Yeah. So everyone knows I love cold steel than I love tops and some of my runners up the cold steel type pan. Classic beautiful full belly dagger that I would love to have never never pulled the trigger on that. And the past twenty years, tops, love tops, you know that, but there are also on a runners-up list, the top Rangers Edham sort of since its combat. I'm thinking couple of edges. So it's another dagger or the Spartan knives. Knicks and Spartan knives. I I've never held or used one they're, they're extremely high priced. So maybe that's risen, I had never heard of. I mean they're they're cool. I mean they come out of a small shop for sure, but they're little little rich for my blood. And it makes me think they must have magical properties, every everything about them is, is sort of a Greek mythological themes. So maybe there's two that or the Chris rock Pacific field knife, which is designed by Phil hardy. Who makes beautiful connives those are all cool all runners up. But what I wanna try if I could just request any fix combat. Knife for Father's Day would be an RAM J tactical knife, a jungle combat model armed. A tactical is known for their amazing Tomahawks and tactical battleaxes. And what do you call it war hammers and door breaching equipment that he was making originally of for, for servicemembers only who are active duty when he when his capacity was smaller, and then as he grew he's been able to produce these amazing Tomahawks and battleaxes that are their combat.

20:06 - 25:01

Ready in there, actually made for soldiers to, to bring into theater, but he's been able to produce these more and more and recently past couple years. He's been giving it to knives. And so this one that I'm suggesting to try the armed tactical jungle combat night is a beautiful six and a half inch Bowie and it. Sort of it, it looks like sort of a mix between a cowboy knife and an K-bar with all with all the modern sort of Kusuma, so, and I think it's a pretty thick slab. So seems like it make a pretty cool knife. You're dropping some names and some brands and those kind of things again that, you know, I'm not familiar with being the knife newbie, and that we haven't talked about a lot here on the podcast or or ever on the podcast. So it might be interesting to hear from our listeners if they actually have any of these knives, or have some experience with them or whatever we'd love to get your feedback. You know, give us a call on the listener line at seven two, four four six six four four eight seven, please leave us a message on that listener line. That's what it set up for for you to leave a comment leave a question. If you're if you actually own one of these knives, that Bob is his on his fantasy Father's Day, knife list. You know, calling give us a quick one or two minute little review about the knife. We'd love to play. Back on upcoming podcast. And, you know, maybe that would even lead to a future gift for the knife, junkier whatever. But the left love to hear from. If you've got any experience with any of these is Bob, that you're kind of going through. And Tim is funny. You should say that because this next knife, the fixed camp. I know for a fact, one of our listeners, one of our, our biggest and oldest fans cabin man has. Yeah. And actually recently had this knife up for sale. And I just didn't have the money to pick it up at the time. But this is the bark river shining mountain Bowie, it's a beautiful. Big camp Bowie camp. Everything boat, and the, the profile of the blade is exactly that of the knife carried by Brad Pitt in the Tarantino movie, inglorious, bastards, which is has a lot of fantastic Bowie knife, scenes that. That same blade profile, and I would get it the way he had at the movie with a big stag, antler handle. Right. We're going to listen to do it go all the way. Yeah, exactly. So I don't know of cabin man sold off his bark river shining. Mount bowie. But if he doesn't not there might be a future for me with it. I don't know. I don't know. I can't I can't commit runners up in this category, the tops to home field knife, and cold steel recon scout. Next slip joints. Jim, you know, I'm a big fan of slip joints. I know you think that my answer is going to be a great eastern cutlery slipped. Bob at this point in the show. Can't begin to think what you're they so. But it isn't in this case in this case, it's the new Chris Reeve knives impinge. Oh, yeah. I've heard about that one. Yeah. Yeah. At believe epic. Snuggle bunny was carrying it too, when we spoke with him. And he, he spoke very highly of this. It is a beautiful slip. Join T. I think Chris rea did a little bit of noodling with the mechanism. So it's not exactly your grandfather, slip joint, but it is a, a slip joint with, with some of the hallmarks of modern folding knives some of the materials titanium, it looks kind of like a modern folding knife. But then you see the, the nail Nick and it is just beautiful. And judging by the only other Chris Reeve knife. I have experienced with my, my own personal large sedans at twenty one. It's gotta be built just like I don't know. I don't want to say it. I don't want to okay tank. All right. I hate it. But it's it must be this beautiful. Little thing must be built so tough just judging familiar thing. So that would be my first choice second choice would be the very large and new greatest. Cutlery number ninety seven can't get away from that. It's alarming point single. AC DC snug in there. And then there's the AD that's on Andre DeVilliers. He's a is accustomed maker, who does small runs of midtech stuff, but his mini pocket butcher with sweet to have. And then, of course, Elijah item Blackstar. Yeah. Remember you guys talked about that. And I also told him I hinted that he didn't. Create a large fixed blade version of that because the blade on the black star would make seriously, cool and menacing Bowie knife. And maybe he'd have to call up, you know, the my junkie something in the I don't know, call it the, the demar Marceau you mentioned Elisha me was on episode twenty six and epoch.

25:01 - 30:01

Snuggle bunny was episode eighteen million. Yeah. So guys all of these people, and, and hopefully I speak to some women in, in the future, too. But all of these guys who are into knives. They all come at it from different angles just interesting. Yeah. Interesting people not only different backgrounds coming into it. But yeah, as you said, different perspectives on the collecting the making the reviewing we you've talked to all different types of folks, you know, knife makers designers knife, reviewers knife, collectors knife user. I mean, you know, you you covered again. So. Yeah, it's, it's a great just a great route. Well rounded perspective, I guess that, that, that are getting he, you know, one of the one of the questions recently that has been the most interesting for me to the answer of has to do with the status how, how much the look of it has to do with how successful a designer or maker, thinks they're knife is because I've come to realize how much it is about the look and feel of a knife. The aesthetics of of the knife in the. That really keep me with it. That draw me to it and I don't know. It's interesting to find out the person who actually produces it. How much of that goes into the production of it? Well, you know, as a newbie and a novice collector if you will, that's what I would be looking at not necessarily the function, I think, as you call it. But, you know, the design the look, the aesthetics, you know, I like you mentioned earlier colors the colors of the knives. Right. And the handle materials. That's that's kinda what intrigues me about it. And that's part and parcel of, of how you would be using it on. Whether you know, I, I am very light user have some very high speed low drag hardcourt knives. But the it's to remove it's cut my sandwich in half or a threat off my I do very little to fighter up stuff my, my day. So cardboard better watch out. Yeah. You up into so many small pieces of never gonna be able to reclaim you so to two more. Yeah. I was gonna ask, what's, what's next on the make sure I get this, right? The fantasy Father's Day, knifeless so second to last is the machete category. And. Let me let me just say this. You're just so excited. You can't get the words, what I would order, what when I would ask for it would be the Condor, Parang Michetti, which is made by Condor knives in Salvador, and they make incredible somewhat rustic knives. And this they make a lot of machetes in this Parang, machete is a really beautiful interpretation of the classic sort of Indonesian Parang knife. And I love the way it looks. So since this is all about fantasy. I would get that. But if if it's about having a working machete to do machete work. Sounds funny. I would I would get the Ontario. I always talk about that, just the straight up on Teruo machete that they give to army army guys. Right. The same one I got in nineteen eighty five from the of the US army navy surplus because I know from first hand experience, the thinking is go through any uh sent a centrist thing. I think that's the. First one that you've kinda covered on this list, so far, that you would have like two two choices depending on what you're gonna use it for sets. That's interesting. E-eh kinda know that, that since I already have the anterior. I I'm sort of breaking my own rule. I already have a, but I have to say if anyone's listening, and they really wanna get a machete the that Ontario, just like the straight up on -tario South American style, machete, is just so awesome. Okay. But, but I do have some runner ups the cold steel barong, machete, with, with the traditional style handle, so cool and the Columbia River knife, and tool a name, you don't hear too much here their chance in hell Michetti have an eighteen inch it's called chance in hell all the name. And it is just a good lookin'. Machetes got a superb Anamika looking handle, which love it or hate it at. No, I don't know. Sometimes, I think neutral handle is better, especially with the hardworking knife like that. But. That would be my those would be my runners up and then and then custom knives, Jim. And if I'm gonna go for custom knife, I'm not going to touch the fixed blade knives, yet that will be another time. I'm going to veer away when stay away from custom fixed blades right now because it's a a huge field. And my knowledge is limited, so I'm going to stick to custom folding knives. And I'm going to have to say that it would be anything by tough knives. Jeff, blah. I love his knives as you know, from my gushing interview with him. They're just they're just really gorgeous to have a very nice. The lines are elegant.

30:01 - 35:01

They look beautiful and I don't know. He just his taste level is right on right on for me. And then on the other end of the of the taste level runner up would be Todd beg. Who's who's knives are, like so ornate. But the, the field the field grade Bodega is beautiful, and then another runner up, would be Peter. Resent. Anything by him? Love the Nevada. But, but my custom knife choice would be something from tough nights. So again, Bob has been taking a look at his fantasy Father's Day, knife list. If money was no object bunch of different categories here and another caveat. These are production knives that the knife junkie doesn't already own, so you know, maybe your fantasy Father's Day knife list would be much different than than Bob's. But, you know, that's fine everybody, everybody would have their fantasy. Father's Day, knife list. What's on your fantasy Father's Day? Knife list as dad's day is coming up. Give us a call on the listener line and let us know seven two four four six six four four eight seven please. We want to hear from me. We, we don't just throw this number out there to, you know, say we've got a phone number. But, you know, we really truly want you to call and leave some comment. So seven two. Four four six six four four eight seven. What's on your fantasy? Father's day. Knife list. Or if again, as I said earlier, if you own any of these knives, that, Bob doesn't and his is put on his list that he wants a call. And let us know what you like about it or maybe what you don't and maybe it'll continue to be on. Bob's list or maybe go off his list, but anyway, yet love to hear from you or you could call and let us know at night, you for Father's Day or what color ties shirt combination that you actually got. Oh, that's a low blow. The tile, thanks. Thanks, baby. Love rate matches my socks in that need. Well, again, reminder that dad's day is coming up. So hopefully it's, it's a good one, and you get some knives or a knife or something knife, or lated to, to make it a happy, Father's Day. Interesting lists. They're bombing, again a lot of knives. And, and some designers makers that, you know, I haven't heard of I'm not familiar with, so that was that was kind of opening for me. Well, let me just tell you before we sign up. I always get my dad knife for Father's Day. And it just occurred to me. I it's, it's coming to me the different knives. I've gotten him. I've gotten him a lot of spider, coz over the years out of a spider co native five Allsteel few years ago. I got him a g C. I mean, I'm sorry, a case, doctors knife, because he's a doctor and figure that'd be a cool thing. And then I recently got him, the spider COPA Totta because we're of Italian ethnic extraction. And the Todd is a classic Italian knife. He's. Also got spider co military. He's got colts deal that he bought himself. He's got some other cool stuff. My dad's happening man. So yeah, it's always appreciated. Yeah. Interesting kind of pre show discussion. We had we were kind of looking at all these knives, and the fantasy list and all that. And you kind of touched on it a little bit during your discussion about forget, which knife, but talking about the, the colors of the knife in the handles, and that type of thing and kind of what makes it collectible. You know, that's kind of a personal thing. You know what, what makes it a collectible item and what makes it worthy of adding to your own collection, that's going to be a topic. We're going to kind of get into an future show to talk about the philosophy of collecting if you will yet. Well, I think you know, manufacturers and designers are smart. They, they hit upon a design that really resonates with the with the knife buying public. Let's just say. Say, for instance, the spider co para-military to. It's ubiquitous, it has gone through so many different configurations whether it's many, whether it's purveyor exclusives. Like the blade H Q exclusive or the deal, t knives, Occlusive et cetera et cetera or manufacturers sprint versions with different steels, different handle colors. They get a design that people like, and they just keep putting it out in different. Steels Unietd it in 'em for you. Need it with the green handle, you know, and he didn't believe in black nudity? You need an strived. Poke you need in one of those little airplane bottles. He needed a little flask unique fifth behind your bar. You need a giant magnum of it's, you know, it's kind of the same thing, it's dealing with the, you know. Is locking onto what hooks people. Right. Well, if, if you are a true collector, you bite on that yet, it's like, yeah, I, I agree. I've got to have that one in that one.

35:01 - 39:38

And that one, the ones who have mastered it for all time case knives as knives. They have no say on the outside twelve to twenty different patterns at most. But the have a smaller grouping of traditional knife patterns that they produce and mass and every year, they come out with a couple of different cover materials this year. It's going to be, you know, blue camel bone, and then everything is in that in a couple of different and people keep buying the same knife. Ning by in that trapper knife. But they buy in this year's handle cover, and I totally get the impulse of the buyer, and I totally get the impulse or the, the instinct of the of the manufacturer to. Why, why, why disturb that beautiful so business washing or are you that type of collector, do you have to have, you know, X knife, in, you know, twenty eight different variations I feel like I could be if money were no issue. I have a couple of doubles. I have a few hinders because I'm the type of person who will buy it with the different blades, not so into buying in the different blade steels. I have to your JIMBO twos. He just because I like the the way they look in the in the steel combinations. But but mostly. No. I am someone who collects on design. So I'll buy a Boker, even though I'm not a big Boker fan abaya Boker, because it's the Boker squeal, and it is a designed by designer of Marlow who's knives. I could never afford. So the way I can get any what is knives as to by Volker. So I'm more design oriented interesting. All right. All right. Well pretty pretty cool show. Bob. Thanks for your, your fantasy Father's Day. Knifeless again production is that the knife junkie doesn't own money is no object. So, you know, MRs knife junkie or fans followers or whatever feeling by the knife junkie, a knife. There you go. There's his list of what fifty knives. I guess. Yeah, you know what? I'll take anyone. I'm sure you would and art and even one. That's not on the list. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. All right. Bob ramming up here. Wanna remind folks that today's podcast has been brought to you by audible? If you're a knife junkie listener, and you like audio, like Bob, and I do we encourage you to get a free audiobook. Download along with your thirty day free trial just by going to honorable trial dot com slash knife junkie, over one hundred eighty thousand titles choose from for your iphone, Android, kindle, or even an MP three player again, free audiobook, download thirty day free trial. All you have to go. To audible trial dot com slash knife junkie, funnel thoughts. Bomb from the knife junkie as we wrap up episode number thirty three of the podcast. Well, I'm not just saying this because I'm you know an obsessive about this. But really, you know, when you think of fathers in the roles they play one of those traditional roles fathers plays teaching a self reliance and the ability to do things by yourself until you really need to ask for help. And one way, you can ensure that you can be self reliant is to have the basic tools for life on you. And one of those things as pocket knife. So I think it makes a great gift for a father for for your son, or for your son on Sunday, which is every other day, the year threat. My my son's birthday is, is right around Father's Day. And whenever I say something about father's day's like, oh, Dan, it's my birthday, and I'm like, okay, yeah. Right. So I get no respect them. Like let me tell you. Let me tell you. All right, for Bob the knife junkie DeMarco, Jim. The knife newbie person. Thanks again, for listening to the knife junkie podcast. Thanks for listening to the knife junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate, review review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes. Visit our website the night, junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube, the ninth dot com slash YouTube outs. Great night photos on the knife, junkie dot com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group, but the knife junkie dot com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment emailed them to Bob at the knife, junkie dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two, four four six six four four seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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