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On this episode of The Knife Junkie podcast we dive into fixed blade knifes — camp, combat and every day carry (EDC) neck knives.  Also this week are show segments “Knife Life News” and the “Tip of the Week.”

We’d love to get your feedback on today’s show. If you have any questions or comments — or a differing opinion — we’re taking your calls. Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know.

Pocket Check

• Jim continues to carry his Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
• Bob has several knives (again)

  • Spyderco Yojimbo 2-20CV
  • GEC #15
  • Pink Cold Steel Broken Skull (his usual)

Segment 1 – Knife Life News

Benchmade had a significant announcement this month. Founder Les de Asis announced that he is stepping down as President of the company, to be replaced by his son Jon deAsis. The younger deAsis says to expect Benchmade to build on its recent successes as the second generation of leadership in the 31-year old company takes the helm. Read more on The Knife News.

Main Show Segment

Lots to unfold — although this show isn’t about folding knives (get the humor?). Anyway … fixed blade knives is the subject of the week as The Knife Junkie continues his Knives 101 series.

Great information about fixed blade knives as Bob and Jim discuss several types of fixed blade knives — camp, combat and neck knives (every day carry). Bob also dives into the subject of fighting knives as well.

Segment 2 – Tip of the Week

The “Tip of the Week” segment is appropriate since this week’s topic is fixed blades. The Knife Junkie’s tip this week is about fixed blade lanyards and how not to cut yourself.

Links / Resources Mentioned

Show Highlights / Key Points

[00:30] – Welcome
[00:50] – Show preview
[1:30] – Pocket Check
[2:49] – Knife Life News (Benchmade announcement)
[5:30] – The Knife Junkie on Benchmade quality and the company’s future
[6:27] – Fixed Blade Knives
[6:47] – Three categories
[8:24] – What is a fixed blade knife
[8:45] – Main benefit of a fixed blade
[9:22] – Styles of fixed blade
[9:40] – Camp knives
[10:55] – Combat knives
[12:14] – EDC / Neck knives
[12:45] – Fighting knives
[15:00] – Collect-bility of fixed blade knives
[16:20] – Resale and collectibility
[16:51] – Plain or ornate
[18:06] – Not giving legal guidance
[18:25] – Jim’s preference
[18:55] – Not all knives are legal to carry
[19:43] – Call the Listener Line
[19:58] – Bob pulls out a dramatic statement piece (The Cold Steel Chaos)
[20:53] – Kukri blade (Wikipedia)
[21:31] – Zombies
[21:40] – Fixed blade knife recap
[22:18] – Support the podcast
[22:48] – Tip of the Week (Fixed Blade Lanyard)
[25:28] – Show wrap-up / Jim’s preference
[26:50] – Final Thoughts from The Knife Junkie
[27:12] – Show Extro

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