Greg Lightfoot of Lightfoot Knives joins Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco on episode 44 of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

Lightfoot started in the knife world in 1988 wanting to “liven up the tactical knife market with new designs and nothing but the best materials,” and if you’ve seen any of his designs on Instagram, you’ll agree he has done just that.

Greg Lightfoot of Lightfoot Knives joins me for Episode 44 of The Knife Junkie Podcast. I don't own a Lightfoot designed knife (yet), so I'll have to do with enjoying the great conversation and continuing to enjoy his awesome… Click To Tweet

It’s an interesting conversation with another super talented knife maker that we hope you’ll enjoy!

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Greg Lightfoot of Lightfoot Knives The Knife Junkie Podcast (#44)

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Jimmy grinding is everything to make the ryan . That's cool this. I spent a lot of time doing the grinds and showing grinds off on my feet and stuff like that just because that's to me if you can't grind it properly. You know it's just a turkey. That's all cars. Stop i would much rather have a really cool girl blade. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast your weekly joseph knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your host. Jim person involved the knife junkie demarco and hello junkies welcome to episode number forty four nights junkie podcast. I'm jim person and i'm bob. Demarco from the knife junkie dot com welcome to the show welcome to forty four of the knife junkie podcast another interview show today but before we get into that bob wanna talk about a couple of things that collection selections on youtube keep rocking and rolling but also want to mention the reviews of the podcast. I don't think we've ever ask anybody to give a rating or give visser review and it certainly would be helpful for folks to do that but just kind of wanted to mention a couple of the reviews that we've gotten so far one of them says is a great podcast friendly informative and to the point and that's kind of what we wanted to to have on the podcast yeah yeah. I wish i could be more like that. In my real life i mean i think i'm friendly and like most people i think i'm informative that no one really likes that part but you're talking about getting to the point part yeah. I'm having a hard our time getting there even right now well yeah that was just one of the reviews and other five star reviews says great podcast looking forward to it every week. has the great has the best guest speaker list and that's kinda also what we were looking for on the podcast. Here is to bring knife junkies the the best brightest the newest the oldest anything going on in the knife world. We wanted to be the ones talking about it so well. I got to say i'm i'm humbled and flatter that i think it's i think it's amazing jim. You know when i started this less than a year ago just getting together talking about knives and podcasting things we love and i just think it's it. It just makes me feel great that other people like to listen to this kind of yemen and i know they're coming to listen to the guest. These are the people make this knife world this thing that we love make it possible and i i. I love talking to and kind of getting down down to the bottom of it so i'm flattered and i am so happy. People like the show and i continue well absolutely and we'd love to get your feedback. Please leave us a rating review. Maybe on your stitcher or podcast player app. Just give us a thumbs up five stars. Whatever ever you wanna wanna do let us know you're lacking it and as one of the review says we've we've got a great guest interview list and we're always looking for new guest. If you would like to be a guest on the show or you know someone who'd be a great guest email bob bob at the knife junkie dot com or call the listener line seven two four four six six four four eight seven at seven two four four six six four four eight seven. We'd love to hear from you with a suggestions about the guest here on the podcast. Bob mentioned the youtube channel. You're you're still going strong with the collection selection videos i think as of our show recording publishing today you're at like thirty episodes of africa today will be thirty. I'm having a blast with these jim as you know. I've always had a problem with consistency in my life and this. I'm just having fun doing these every day. It's it's it's kind of moment. I can break away from. Whatever i'm doing and feature whatever knife i've carried now. Usually i decided in the morning i should i should videotape this so i'll bring that knife life and then and then i'll talk about just having a great time doing it so i got a lot of knives to tick through a lot. There are a lot more left and i've decided i'm doing at some point will do all my slip joints nights and you know i'm working in my fixed blades and my swords and my ethnographic weapons you know so i got a lot of stuff and these are just a really fun to do so putting you back in touch with maybe some nigen kerrigan awhile yeah. That's exactly right and you know. I started this with sale selling in mind and you know i'll i'll i'll carry it one time and i'll i'll make a video archive of it and then i'll sell it off on the but reconnecting with these knives as you put. It has made me want to keep them there. We go darn. If you do darned if you don't wanna remind folks. I've junkie podcast is brought to you by quick books self-employed. It's your year round tax solution stephanie a must have for contractors freelancers knife makers. Anyone who's in business and who who is self-employed if you go to the knife junkie dot com slash q._b. Thirty knife junkies will get a free thirty day. Trial of quickbooks self-employed again thirty thirty days for free at the knife junkie dot com slash q._b.

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Three zero bob we talked about one of the reviews talking about the great guest list. We pat and who's up for today's show today. I'm talking to a legend of tactical folding knives greg lightfoot. He's been in the game since the early nineties and i initially tuned into him because of his shark logo i've always been somewhat obsessed with sharks and and then got to know his his gorgeous knives earlier on in with some of his collaborations and and now he's just he's just making these incredible custom handmade knives in his shop and using using kind of the highest end materials he can find and and they're just crazy so his his shop out in the out in the woods right yeah. He lives in alberta canada. He he has a like a hundred sixty five ranch which just sounds dreamy to me man you know the grass is always greener those in in ottawa. I mean inaugurate in the great white north. Yes yes hey hey. What do you say we get to it. Let's do it all right here. We go follow the knife jokey on instagram at the knife junkie dot com slash instagram greg lightfoot. Thank you so much for coming on the nice chunk podcast. Your problem pleased to be here. I've been looking senate your knives for a long time. I've been aware of you for a long time. I've been collecting knives for quite awhile and your career so far spans thirty years i believe he became amo a knife maker true and true in nineteen ninety-one kind of at the birth of this sort of tactical folding knife era yes. I did ernie neela very popular back then so tell me how did you get into knife making and tell me how this happened. Well i was i was a machinist at one time and i quit that job and i went to the rocky mountains than i was tree planting and reforestation living in the bush and i went to town or a day off and saw magazine colonize illustrated ah i had before i had gone on cheap lending job ahead got. This book called how to make knives by hi david boy. It was made nineteen seventy. Three's have book was was done interested me a lot. When i found that magazine a my days off tree-planting people were making a living making knives and i thought that's pretty cool and i can do that so that's that's basically basically how it started and i was making him. I saw blaze just like the book and very archaic way of doing it but it seems that everytime i made one somebody was ingested trade you for something i sold it. It just kept on going from there and i got continually elite more equipment better equipment than realize that making him at a buzzsaw blades the way david wasn't the ticket. You had to do the different money so you live up in alberta and i don't think i've ever been as as a matter of fact i know i've never been there but my impression russian of it is as kind of a rugged rough-hewn territory. What what are the kind of things you use your knives for personally on on a sort of day to day. Eh see for me. I specialize in high pocket is basically now in my career but i still would have. You've got to do something with a knife. It's going to be i._r._a.'s grass-fed beef erase pheasants and so the butchering of that type of an apple would be part of it but that's not really a lot of fish knives and so on as well but it it's my career is changed in the last probably fifteen years more so than this is just the tactical article pocket knife and high end pocket knives it a tactical format meaning that designs i do and build they could go either way high end specialty materials. They can go tactical carbon fiber in green. My car not kind of thing so for for one i use mine is for our basically is that question is i don't really use the is for say if they're high end like if it's a high material israel has collector he wants to because it looks cool in it has john but then you got the other guy can't afford that ice expensive ebonite he will go for the straight tactical the same blade basically but with different materials so. I hope that you question right there i go. They did denies that is not going on every day in well.

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I guess i i know you're an outdoorsman and i figure in your outdoor activities cities knives play into it and i would imagine it's not the knives you make and yet as a hard core user and then a maker of these beautiful will works of of design and art . It's kind of a funny contrast to me. Tell me a little bit about your design inspiration. I know you take inspiration from sharks. What's that all about well. The the short term you as always the apex predator type and and the luck of the shark swimming in just sitting sitting still still loved fast and dangerous demand back in the day when i was really a using mine is building nice for hunting hogs with with dogs that i was raising insult stabbed these holidays with this breslow searchable knife basic use any night but at the time i was making special hog honey stuffing and fancy tips wouldn't break golfing so ryan the shape of the shark's head and teeth took a big time play doing design the blade h shape sorta look like the shark in the tip had the telltale shark meanness to it and the tips didn't didn't break off when i stopped off so that was that's where my signature subsonic design came from which have jerry over these rocket is was because is out of date fix play dr kerry. Today is the subsonic tip is that the one where the kinda deep switch kind of comes right to the front and then stops the is only on one side in knicks at blade like a bullet so it actually will penetrate but it's not like a fine final needlepoint adila break off each you know people tend to use a big big night for all sorts of things whether it be cutting try bari so if you don't put the proper jet bomber. You're really gonna use a knife. It will break in. That's cool about the stuff that i do. I think people like his because the models yeah they come with high end damage steal in damascus in curl but the shape and the usability is very if you chose to be well healed enough to use the expensive park jobs that could so it just just art is holiday. These things sort of ended up. That's actually something i was going to ask you. I mean there. There's such an obvious attention in pay to the aesthetics. They're they're absolutely beautiful and then you push every possible material to the limit a my question was going to be how robust are these. He's beautiful things. You know you you think of works of art as things that you don't want to touch well you see back in the day i would get knife back because the tip was snapped off or the clip broken off or their. There's a great big gouge in hand but you know the guy could care less. He said man. This thing is sweet. It feels made my hand can usefully shepherd it for me. Go logging augier for reefer because i'm really happy that you using it. He now is the point where you've made. The thumb. Stud to sharpen hurts my talk. Tom fingers sore his. Nobody cuts nothing with them. They just flick a ma being on the phone watching okay so i get the night back totally thrashed and there's razor-sharp geico has he's flicking thousand times so you have to put lock faces sustain. This lock faces other stuff to stop that happy now and that's fine. I'm no problem with that but is totally different who in a group of people album back in the day around the silence of military guys firemen and rescue these guys at just wanted something. That was seriously astrology. That's kind of funny. You say that the first time i remember seeing or hearing the word comfort in a knife review on youtube is kind of like like i okay. I guess if you're flicking it open a million times. It's gonna wear on your thumb but but aren't we supposed to be tough like we're knife. Users isn't supposed to be part of our and you know now i. I will admit if it's if it's too sharp a flipper. I'm like man this is this is killing me buzz. What do you you think of today's knife. Market of today's collectors could for me. I i have a great clientele people that you're getting my stuff always reorder enemy nazeh.

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That's kind of a the best compliment like you can have sunshine up up your butt all day long after guys by more. It's really you know that to me. That's the complement cards so i have love today. I would not be people that love my garage and so i'm i i made jokes about you know the the attorney might finger whatever but that just happens to be the way it is now so you go accordingly like you all all these down you do things to make it so it does it back in the day the edgy angles recall because it didn't rotate your hand handed it has to be a bar so very smooth and silky right which i can make you funneling yeah so mentors coming up east starting around nineteen ninety one who who were the people along the way that dead touchy with thing or two but you know i learned the bulk of this by myself because i was so far away but anybody but there is is the gentleman named rod olsen and ronaldson he he made pocket basically from day one remember going way to a show in in this city called calgary. Eighty lympics wasn't had a show there. I met rodney there. I couldn't believe how awesome his pocket knives were and i saw his kneeling in front of his table googling. This is pocket knife unease. He's a great big drag a cigarette and said he made a knife centre bargainers and i said yeah i can't believe into i shop so he saw us. Potential issues go to my shop and he he taught me lots of cool stuff in folders. Designing someone tourney murphy on was the one that taught me how to grind they do the way i speed bomb hollered ryan right now back in the day i was doing all free and flat grinds back in the day and in back in nineteen ninety nine i went to see tony in vero beach florida he invited me to come. He said he showed me how to do that. So that's two very influential people that that know got lead there today i. I don't really watch eight makers at all really they can do it. Mile away in makes it different because you're so a cookie cutter models augmented. It's exactly the same the last one that i didn't want to be influenced louis by that so but design now in my career. I've actually add a couple new designers to my roster is is it design is a paper that i made because you know they were had need ideas. That's juror van order. Lou who is one of them. Lorry arnold is another guy that that have excited to take on their design ideas and then mix with mine. Was it similarities with your style and your design instincts or was it contrast that attracted you to their work basically with jared. It was the fact that she was younger and a nice junkie. Okay he and i was you know not paying attention to that end of it very much so and certain the answer he easter no light but you gotta get on instagram. You gotta do these things that are just wasn't familiar with and you know he had ideas in that hunched into this new group of people that were utilized as much of a user as morris morris collectors want that the best materials you know the and also i wanted to say that the ability to work with the natural materials is my forte and that's why you know i would direct with woods pearl and mammoth all of these different things i find that to be the most fun and will spend my time you know i made a million black. carbon-fiber is not really really hard to do where you want to show your skills you know get a deep straight hall of grain and use would apirl around the tusk those things at what point being here is the those boys designed cool knives that had ideas eddie as my flare but when i put those materials those natural materials assays become wire man alive alive they're not just a punched out many more yes and and there's such a beautiful contrast between such such modern designs in lines with in terms of pocket knives with these ancient literally ancient materials natural materials.

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I i love that contrast. I have a a fantasy knife growing in my mind i don't i don't know who's it is or exactly what it is. It's a modern knife with the most beautiful stag. I'd love stag all the sudden to sort of popped out of nowhere. It's the vast but it's hard to get an issue issue making low low knives in the pocket knife realm of you make infix ways you can get a stick by stag no problem but you know i i was the touristy known for making big. You know bigger knives and as of late. I've scaled down full-contact. Doc fire wasn't life online that they're ran. Were world. I get i made so many folk on backfires because mixed mar slice thing all that and it was a big knife and now no laurie naral design. We've got some in the cadillac. They're just they're more pocket edible and this kind of looked like a reluctant inspiration froze these sometimes colorful colorful beetles by those beatles are small iridescent the light flickering this kind of thing. That's somewhat in a smaller pocket knives to me. You know they resemble in my mind. Okay so obviously it's a bit different design trait in the shark but it still that's ram taking some inspiration from these always materials that are coming out now. That is time. Ask your stuff all these but you know it's funny like i don't use the patterns i flip the stuff over in used the random side uh-huh because the random side is more alive. You know it's it's more real hose. Gonna say that makes perfect sense. If you're dealing with natural materials you're gonna want the side that takes form naturally not decide this manipulated you bet and that's guys and they look at stuff. They go these things look they. They look alive or the second hand gun or your feminine old world type design great call because his i'm not trying to you know this going to mars. Bull crap probably swear on this broadcast soot but what do you mean going to mars the hell's gonna make it the mars nobody's going to mars august die joke but they make these this stuff is hijack looking at these and i'm just i'm more. I'll do some high-tech look and stuff but i tend to bring being a factor warrant than to alive as opposed to stray titanium as an example. You said something interesting in a in a video i saw of you where you mentioned the re curve and and how it's sort of inherently appealing it is and you ask a stranger. Would you want this or the straight and people will naturally go to the curve but there's this prevailing attitude in the knife world at large that that re curves are just unchargeable and so it to you know all i would love this knife if it never recur and that's a deliver over and to me i'm like well. That's that's easily handled with a with a circular ceramic rod or a sharp maker that there are ways you know other than who who's who's sharpening on big flat stones people who are experienced with that so my my point is i agree with you about the recur. Tell me about some of blade shapes you say you're not going to mars with them but they're they're very unique and very modern in a lot of ways and yet organic and natural seeming the millennium tanto back in two thousand or something that i got it and it was it had that that sort of like a japanese japanese flair but yet with the north american spin on it and now with with these the way i'm doing these grinds subsidy kip but you you're having heavy re curb at the back which joins into a straight cantu squared off kennedy at the gym and those contrasting that contracting mix.

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There really really looks cool . It's an eye catcher and if you didn't take those grinds at you black in the grinds and then mir polisher sat in finished flats you end up with unbelievable contrast but extremely cool grind leuser zor sticking in your face. It's it's showing that the grind is perfect because you're not trying to hide. Anything ks a great grinder. Here's here's why they actually black. Put a joined up the trying to finish screwing up. It would instantly see it's. It's yeah so that that's part of this is like to me. Grinding is everything to make the the grind dot blade. That's cool. I spent a lot of time doing the grinds and showing grinds off on my feet and stuff like that just because that's to me if you can't ryan it properly. You know it's just turn that's all stop. I would much rather have a really cool girl blade will you you keep saying cool which to me is talking about aesthetics but but when you're talking about that re curve that's close to the handle with an in a long straight tanto tip like that. That's the best of both worlds in terms of cutting. you know you got you got the capturing ability of that curve and then you have all of the other utility of that straight edge so it's not just looking cool which it is but the reeker tanto is one of my favorite blade shapes girl. Oh yeah that's well. That's that's neat to hear that because that's exactly what my brain is thinking when i when those shapes during to come together to me jerry early was was one of the guys at that he incorporated those two things together in a couple models that that i started building in just took off like for me that shape those particular saves okay you you in malcolm new at the old type. They got that. We're we're coming back that that tends to be to me a good design gay. That's that's a good design design. Sell stuff. I remember telling story where time right added knife on the table and it it was just black prototype girl come along who didn't know nothing about is in his office is in the table and they asked the first nassar what you think it is immoral. Sexually i find this team on. She picks up the blackwater tape there. Was this a sexy and to me. That was a super compliment because the shadia this shape bri. I heard it all. That's a pimped up stuff in that team but you pick this blockchain and that was a great compliment to me. I think the straight edge okay just speaking strictly to the i and i i'm talking off the top of my head right now but you're making me think that re curves and sinuous shaped blades like you know well. You know what i'm talking about. Cookies and curvy re curvy blades are an inherently pleasing like on a biological level whereas worn cliff which is another one of my favorites. is is almost appealing on an intellectual level it reminds me of vikings and it and its angular and not natural looking so i mean they they both have their appeal but but it's it's like the re curve appeals on a level below. Aren't that's a bunch of philosophizing. Tell me about your design process do you you use . Pencil and paper is basically how i designed not basically and then i'll take it overdrive friend of mine who's a cad guy and he will sit together and you know he's he's such a you just lost some guy because he will. I don't have to use hand puppets when i'm talking to the media's advice as up. He's like i get dropper unit. He says we in email legit this problem in its he understands the world and so it's so much you send him something that i have an idea for any egos. Y'all this just isn't gonna work. Kobe railway wait you think until i can beg off him too and that that really helps because from their the shapes like my handle shapes they get it has to go to to shop or the handle will get cut out than the i'm.

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I'm milling the blades belt being that the shape is not. It's bang on the money wins the half the machine pops out in all the every edges perfect today. There's no cure for nothing like that so i need to have the cad too so nice start off. I start off with the perfect pieces of material like some guys like to start off with the piece of roadkill damascus and they they they're able to make fun of that. I can't i have read wrap killed damascus to have something. That's very flat in perfect to start building when i observe. Let me back up a little bit. You said that the gentleman gentleman you collaborate with on the cad when he said this just won't work is he speaking from a mechanical perspective he can spec it out the machine basically in the computer he just he has an eye for how a he can see for ahead like when i own nucleoside when you put the handle on this. It's gonna look funny at the back. You're like an so. I have the after all these years. I can make a ball volve and you know that's not a problem but they'll be just a slight edge it. It's extreme. It's the details that set these things apart like you gotta look at that. That's very important like so. Many people can make channel but there's a slight little details just pulling you either. You think that's really sweet and that's what this is about with my immediate than than bernie has the ability traded to change then no jurors designs coming my way having some ideas so that i can talk with with it. It helps for me to talk to these different. People and i find excuse me the end result is something's just a tad gifford. Everybody the and that's important. It sounds like your level of collaboration has increased over the years but sounds like this gentleman with the cad plays a role these other two younger designers play a role. Is there the opportunity to get a lightfoot foot on somewhat of a budget in the future. Do you have any plans to collaborate with a we or a riyadh or a an o._e._m. I tried that numerous times it. It just never seems to gel like you. You always get promises and just always dies like i don't know what to be as why it does not be but it always seems that them something happens to cough the deal cer- basically premie i make recollecting making is i mean i'm hoping i could one day not jump in my car and go for a rapid. They're solid some of that has to happen. I need some guys. Some guys just just falls in their lap attributed to a lot of times too. I live in canada and i wasn't in the military and so that tends to pull a lot of weight if you've ever in the u._s. The u._s. and you're in the military some point in time but i was none of those things in so. I'm not crying about the nothing. I enjoy the job what i i do but as you say the cheap stuff just hasn't happened for me and the thing is about that you usually have the make they have to make thousands and then you know it works out for the you know the designer the custom maker got he actually makes you know it's not that lucrative as people might think gay when i was asking from a strictly selfish oh fish point of view 'cause okay okay sorry. I'm not in the market unfortunately for your knives at this moment. Maybe if my five year plan works out yeah but you made the full contact fighter. Didn't you collaborate with that within that. Make someone someone make that other than you. There was a company called timberline knives said yes that may start to make it and then went under by shortly after actor thing came home never never even really got to go anywhere. They also made the goblin right the that sort of famed curvy tactical tactical knife that was made by so many different people.

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I think kelli ward and designed. I think that they did like chile. Worrying was a night fighter guy and overnight to away back in the day they did a little knife and it was called the urban shark and that now is a rock and roll highschool piece it were they. The bar graph dropped off a little low discontinued then get. These people are boring me and asking me glad no control whereas innocent. I have no idea i found out by some distributors distributors at the beginning anymore so that was so many years ago so by that time people were getting mine is free. Are you cheap and they were actually working stuff right but as those companies you talked about they make absolutely unbelievable stuff. I don't know how how they can do it again and somebody is getting a baller ice in a smack to build that because there is is just too too high end for how much you charge them for it okay. Would you say it's spoiling the the rest of the world. The western world with this is high quality. It's like these guys expecting sunali. Anything comes out. You've got some some guy whose whose jaw august grind six thousand lays will he bloody. Well better be good after you any still got all the rest to do and it just a for me. That's not what it is. I might life is seriously diverse in the things that i do. I want to say this is milo is create a lifestyle. You don't need a holiday from and and and knives and the people that are like my staff have enabled me me too. I don't mind my job in what i mean but then you've gotta go out shoot sporting clays. You're gonna ride motorcyclists and you're gonna race cars ars. You gotta do go camping shoot archery in riding mountain bike sectors. This always saying that help so in any comeback in the shop. You're all you go at it again so yeah but i'm sorry i attended there but those guys are making him. In those countries your is just jam obsta offs and everybody now expects a fifteen dollar knifed safe to be perfectly ground. You guys in the action in the lockup and then dropped close is going to make the certain sour all this so. I'm guilty of some of that. I gotta say i'm glad you meander down that path because you said the words create a lifestyle you don't need holiday from that's a great encapsulation of a mantra. I've been trying to come up with that well. It's it's me because i never ranch enemies. I made a lot in is to pay for this and i mean people travel travel from all over the world to come to a place where i live. I have to go anywhere because i'm already there. It's a spot that i wanna be. I thank people that like my stock because i'm able to do a job that i like and go out and do a few other things you know and thirty one years of doing something no aja. It's a long time and i'm still i'm still okay with it well before we wrap up. I'm going to ask you in a a minute for a a knife story. Whatever it can be funny can be horrifying your choice but i wanted to find out how people can find out more about you and get in touch with your knives. You know greg lightfoot went to three. That's that's always up to date always the latest the pictures of lifestyle stuff as well as no nice progress in complete knives and so on it's all is instagram is where i really spent a lot of time. It's it's an amazing place. It seems for any visual anyone who has something visual will the cell because it's all picture dominated those of us who buy them males. Mostly are very visual people you know i have. I have have girls that by doing thing is you can't be you just answer. The questions and i don't mind like think i get so rejoining gee. Thanks for calling me back. I hope what is this to help. I'm gonna call you back. How along like i just can't believe that so it's hard to get businessmen.

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Don't go too far before we wrap pope. Do you have a knife story. You could impart something funny something from the shop anything. I'm really as you said that are struggling to to find a free life story while i was going to say tell me about the first knife you sold. I bet you remember that well. The first by sold started out as a great big honking in bowie ended up dollar like a half ass paring knife by the time i get a ground properly life first night by ground owned on a on a four inch contact. We all made from castor of rolling shelf cast astor wheels in condom and that's why i was freehand grinding on grind myself so i started off with something real vega hagen had all these plans by the time i finished it had substantially law side but dallas. That's kind of a video that so long ago that you you know you think back to that using a cement mixer motor from my dad. I took it off his submit next. Put it on this. this greiner and now you go on the internet you can buy fifty different grinders back at that time that wasn't so okay and there would be lots of screw ups and mistakes. It's made the time were funny. I think about it. No on your bit comical. I could just see you know grinding one side perfectly the flipping it over and doing a lame job on the other side so you have to fix it and each time you do that. You're taking more and more and you don't think you know use that that cement mixer you could also that could also do double duty as a stone washer bam around rogan yeah yeah exactly so greg lightfoot real pleasure speaking with you. Thank you so much for coming on the knife junkie podcast. Hey i really enjoyed it. A uh-huh you called me on great. I can't wait to a haunt you on on instagram. I can't wait to see what you have coming up. After g eleven everybody check out greg lightfoot. Thank you take care have a question remaining. You just have a comment. Give us a call at seven two four four six six four four four eight seven. We'll answer your question on an upcoming episode of the knife. Junkie podcast are at another pretty cool interview here on the knife junkie podcast and we mentioned collection we mentioned youtube knife jonky on the beginning and the collection selection video still rockin strong going on as of the podcast today number thirty already on the collection selection videos is coming out today and kind of a little special story with that one. I know all the knives our special but a little something special in this one yeah yeah i i hooked up with my brother-in-law yesterday who had a birthday present for me and he got me the new artisan cutlery kinetic tool. Which is this really really really cool and very interesting mechanism that allows this knife like object it. It doesn't have a blade it has a blade like object with a bunch of tools cut into like cap hap- lifters and screwdrivers and stuff like that but it opens and closes it the mechanism is the is the feature here it opens and closes like a bali song and like an out the front outside aside automatic and fascinating. We were at a barbecue yesterday when my brother-in-law gave this to me and and me and several other men just sat around playing with it for about an in our . It's very cool and yeah. I'm gonna feature today on on today's collection selection yeah okay well. Let's get back to the interview with greg lightfoot. kind of wrap up the show your final thoughts final takeaways kind of what you gathered from that interview i love when i talked to these legendary designers who started off in the nineties. They all have of a mind for weaponry in there. They're all aware of the fact that their knives could be used as weapons and you know. I always kind of harp on that. I think that that's a cool and kind of honest approach. This guy uses the most unreal materials to to fashion these things if people if you're listening and you don't know what a greg lightfoot custom knife looks like google check it out there dazzling and so just hearing him you know this man living in this sort of rough hewn environment tournment pumping out these gorgeous refined creations it i love that kind of contrast and he said something that that i wanna keep with me which is create a lifestyle. You don't need a vacation from and you know listening to this. this perspective someone living on a ranch in alberta making making knives and just kinda living cool life.

00:45:02 - 00:47:06

I it made me think yeah. That's that's a great idea create a lifestyle. You don't need a vacation from take me away uh-huh l. gone. Hey that's power advertising remember but yeah how cool is that to deliver your dream live. Your lifestyle and make knives is man yeah. It's just beautiful refined high end creations again. Remind our listeners to listen every week. We'll drop a new one and if you want to maybe suggest adjust guest give us a call seven two four four six six four four eight seven seven two four four six six four four eight seven of you have someone you think would be great to who interview on the knife chunky podcast or you yourself as a knife aficionado aficionado every say that would like to be on the podcast. Give us a call or shoot bob an kneel at bob at the knife chunky dot com will i will say this just in closing in speaking with greg lightfoot and other people similar to him. It just keeps reinforcing in my mind. The reduce dussen refine mantra that i got from epic snuggle bundy. Just you know i i've been in an acquisitive stage of life and now i think i need to be in a in a reducing refined stage eighteen. I would love to get my hands on a greg lightfoot knife sometime in my lifetime okay. There's the challenge boom mic drop their or knife drop in there for bob the knife checking in america. I'm jim person thanks so much for joining us again this week on the knife junkie podcast. Thanks for listening to the ninth junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show please rate review review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources to listen to past episodes visit our website the night junkie dot com you can also watch our latest videos on youtube at night junkie dot com slash youtube check out some nice photos on the night junkie dot com slash instagram and join our facebook group the knife life junkie dot com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to bob at the night junkie dot com or call twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six six four four eight seven. Can you hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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