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On this mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast [supplemental], Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco covers several items in the Knife Life News segment — the Benchmade Bugout G-10 Sprint Run, Steel Will and Amare Knives — as well as discussing the evolution of his knife collecting, the N.Y. Custom Knife Show, holiday knife catalogs and he reveals a new knife that is on the way from a listener.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. listeners who celebrate the holiday, and our thanks to each and every one of you for being a loyal listener.

Links to stories covered in the podcast can be found below.

Happy Thanksgiving -- and thanks for listening to The Knife Junkie #Podcast. This week I get into the Benchmade Bugout sprint run, Steel Will and Amare Knives Click To Tweet

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:16
Welcome to the supplemental edition of The Knife Junkie podcast. It's episode number 63. I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:24
and I'm Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, welcome to the podcast.

Jim Person 0:27
Welcome to our midweek episode. It's the podcast where Bob gets to expound upon things that are in the knife world knife news knife drops. We're going to hear some knife life news coming up in our beginning segment but we're also going to get into the evolution of The Knife Junkie knife collection. Talk about the New York custom knife show which was this past weekend. And as we know, Christmas and the holidays are coming up by the way, Happy Thanksgiving which is today or tomorrow whenever you're listening. This show is coming On Wednesday evening, so Thanksgiving tomorrow, but if you're listening to it Thursday as you're out and about enjoying your Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving, but Christmas is also coming. So we're going to talk about Christmas catalogs which you don't see much of the printed catalogs nowadays. But, you know, Christmas is the peak shopping season. So we get to see a lot of catalogs and Bob has a chance to talk about that. So Bob, Happy Thanksgiving to you

Bob DeMarco 1:24
Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir. I am. I'm ready. I'm ready to do it. This is the one time of year now that I allow myself to be 100% gluttonous, right with food anyway.

Jim Person 1:37
And I know I used to always we would always go out of town to relatives, so we would just get stuffed. Sit in whatever chair was available. Pretend to watch the football game with both eyes closed. Yeah, right. Exactly. Wake up and go eat some more and just you know, do it all day long. So yes, it's a great time for food and family and a couple of days off of work. Oh, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 1:58
You know, just like that. I used to tell my parents, if if we got presents on Thanksgiving, it would be my absolute favorite holiday because you would have everything you'd have the gluttony of food and the gluttony of receiving material goods. And it would be just the perfect holiday but I think it's probably good to parse it out over the season pretty good. I'm sure there's a Thanksgiving knife story we could probably get into as well but let's let's not go there.

Jim Person 2:23
But speaking of stories, we've got our opening segment knife life news, which is coming up next

Announcer 2:28
you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast, and now here's The Knife Junkie with the Knife Life News

Bob DeMarco 2:34
Okay, so benchmade is added again, they're releasing another bug out sprint run here, but this one has 20 cv steel, and G 10. Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. And they're acting like it's the second coming of Christ. I have over and over I'll come back to benchmade with with a love hate, you know, I love the bug out. Alright. It is, is one of my most carried knives. And you know I have this, I have the benchmade ak CF, what an eight, whatever Armed Forces only a fo switch blade that I love. And I just recently sold my crooked river to fund another purchase. But benchmade has some fantastic knives, you know, but they do this thing where they'll they'll release the knife in a in a steel that's, you know, great as 30 V is great, but it's a little bit behind the times, right? They must be sitting on a lifetime supply there. And so they come up with this great knife, and then they'll do the sprint run versions of it and upgrade it to a modern, you know, contemporary steel like 20 cv and upgraded to a modern sort of contemporary handled material like well gee 10 and then they act like it's like, oh, here, here you go. You want g 10. And so this latest, limited time limited supply yeah Yeah like this this new material they're using open space. Okay That being said I'm just kind of I'm just kind of resin benchmade but so they have this new bug out coming out with the translucent g 10 and the 20 cv steel. And you know it's got the same titanium access lock bar and it's, you know, it raises the weight from 1.85 ounces to 2.12 ounces and that that was the whole sort of USP of this knife is how light it is and how awesome you know it is for for how late but it's this new one with G 10 and 20 cv steel is $230 and to me I'm like you know it better have gold in leis and some sort of exotic Damascus steel for that price. It is just a bug out in G 10. But anyway, I'm sure it'll be sweet. You know me I love translucent, g 10 and 20 cv steel is is Playing prominently in my collection right now. So I mean, I think it'll be a fantastic knife and all joking aside, you know, I'm sure it's worth the money to some folks but you know, why not buy a bug out with the with the s 30 v steel which is 100% adequate if not just awesome and then buy new skills and you do all that for less than 230 bucks so anyway, you mentioned me that's that's all I'm saying. Okay,

Jim Person 5:26
well maybe, you know, maybe capitalizing on the the holiday gift giving season and, you know, thinking that a lot of folks will put it on their list where they're, they're not buying it but getting it as a gift. You know, who knows?

Bob DeMarco 5:38
benchmade You don't have to do that. But anyway, steel will. Another company. I like to razz a little bit because I'm kind of getting tired of their D two and and grn handled or G 10. handled whatever's they have a new knife out that is actually really cool and unique. This not just in the market, but for them as well. It's, it's the new kobold it's a it's a, it has a inch and a quarter long blade. So it's California legal. It's legal in a lot of places that have size restrictions. And it's just a cool little tiny but very ergonomic, assuming you EDC blade, and it's got it's on. It's on ball bearings, it's got D two steel and G 10 handles and they have four versions all colored, they have one murdered out totally black version, and then they have what does it I think they have to have blue with a red anodized backspace or they have orange with a blue anodized backspace or something else can't remember what it is. And the black so it's this great little and it's also in their in their budget line. So it's affordable. It's this great little EDC I'm thinking of picking this one up actually, it looks like a three finger knife at most but It looks like it's set up as a two finger knife, it's got a finger choil and then another little swell for for your fingers and then and then you're on your own. So I think with a lanyard, this thing would be a fantastic drop in the pocket or more fifth pocket knife. And I gotta say, you know, it's easy to turn knives into the most important thing in the world and then get all preachy about steel Will's recent releases. It's kind of silly, of course, but all that aside, I think this is a pretty cool knife, the cobalt.

Jim Person 7:33
Yeah, I'm looking at the picture on the story that will have the link to and they've got the the orange one picture and kind of got a nice look. And I think, yeah

Bob DeMarco 7:44
And you've got that flipper and it comes out you know, rockets out on the on the ball bearings, but you also have a nice, generous sort of hole in the blade that you can flick it open with and it just seems it just seems more A unique release for them because it's different from the kind of 3.2523 and a half inch D two and G 10 kind of thing. And yeah, it looks really cool. Okay, all right.

Jim Person 8:12
So what's up next in knife life news that you want to address

Bob DeMarco 8:16
So next I want to talk about a Amare Knives that's only henyk cuz Hannukah has a knife company now he's a German designer who designed the Spyderco lyza which is which is a really cool, discontinued Spyderco it's got this long strenuous recur blade The moment I saw it, I don't know several years back when it first came out I thought oh my god, I wish I designed that knife. That was my immediate my immediate reaction because it looks like a small It looks like a pocket Filipino sword to me. That's just to me. But it but it was out there in the police line. It kind of has the same Dimensions just a kind of a different shape and different platform. Anyway, he created a company in Germany called Amare, and he's done all the designing up until now. And now he has Tashi purusha, the famed French knife maker and life designer, designing a couple of knives or hint for him for this line. One of them is a fixed blade knife for outdoor bushcraft stuff. And the other one is the one that's interesting that I'm bringing up right now. It's called the folding creator, which is an interesting name. And and it's it looks just like the baby machine, which I always thought was a hilarious name big machine that's like a Wilt Chamberlain. But um, it's, it's a knife. So this this new knife the folding creator is a slip joint, but it's using a different spring setup than a usual slip jointed something that Hannukah came up with himself and it's it relies on two prongs, spring and both prongs are under different pressures so that when you pull it out it's it's easy to open the blade but difficult or, or a lot harder to close the blade, which is a good combination, I think for a non locking blade. But this folding creator, like I said it's got the same sort of profile as the baby machine, but it's, it looks a lot more utilitarian. And something you might use. I think they're using it as a folding food prep knife. It's supposed to be a tiny folding knife, which just as an aside, I've always thought was strange people using their folding knives for food prep, like there's a whole world of kitchen knives out there with knives optimized for cutting food, right but that's another story.

Jim Person 10:45
And I never think of reaching in my pocket for a knife when I'm in the kitchen. Yeah, exactly. I reach to the chopping block or block holder for the knives, whatever you call it thing

Bob DeMarco 10:55
Exactly. Unless you're making a YouTube video and you want to talk about well you know, fantastic discussion. nofas for food prep

Jim Person 11:01
not not that you know anything about that.

Unknown Speaker 11:04
No, no no not at all.

Bob DeMarco 11:06
Anyway so I think these Amare knives are cool i like i said i love the Henniker designs and I think he's got a fantastic guy and I think bringing Tashi peruca into it is is you know, kind of genius I'd love to have that guy on too but I'm not sure if he speaks English I'm sure he does.

Jim Person 11:22
Well I just remind everyone listening that if you want to see the links to these stories, you can go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash 63 The Knife Junkie dot com slash six three will have links to the show notes these stories and other items that we talked about in the show notes and if you want to keep current on some knife news in the industry you can go to The Knife Junkie comm slash news that's where we aggregate a bunch of news from just tons of different places so that you can stay current on what's happening in the knife world. Knife Junkie dot com slash news but but one final kind of funny or interesting story. You want to kind of wrap up knife life news with them.

Bob DeMarco 12:02
Yeah, yeah. Okay. So sometimes I scour the news for just news stories that have knives involved, but this one came right to me in my mailbox. And anyway, this this is just kind of funny. This local person local to where you and I are Jim is actually a woman but she looks like Sean Penn on a terrible day. Okay. So I'm just going to read this brief little thing. a commotion at the Social Security Administration office escalated into something more bizarre when the subs when the suspect was arrested on Tuesday, around 1024. officers responded to the government office for report of an assault on a security guard. Now police say a woman was yelling at employees prompting the security guard to approach she responded by striking him in the head with a fanny pack. When the guard escorted her out of the building. The woman reportedly took out a knife and threatened him. A police officer located her nearby took her into custody and when they searched the fanny pack. The officers found a live pigeon inside what a pigeon officers took the pigeon to the animal shelter where the staff determined it was not injured. You know pigeons are tough they live in the city. The bird will be released into the wild once check this out. The bird will be released into the wild once the police investigation concludes. So that made me think that have this pigeon strapped to a chair you know where were you on the night of the fifth

Jim Person 13:25
bright light neon.

Bob DeMarco 13:27
So this this woman I won't mention her name is not from where we are. She's from New York. Surprise, surprise faces in the temp attempted unlawful wounding and

Jim Person 13:39
a little bit of animal protection problems there. So there's so much going on in this story, Bob, I can't even I don't even know where to start.

Bob DeMarco 13:47
Well, she's threatened the man with a knife and she pulled

Jim Person 13:49
out a pigeon and yeah, it looks like Sean Penn on a bad day. I mean,

Bob DeMarco 13:54
yeah, she's kind of handsome.

Jim Person 13:57
Yeah, okay.

Bob DeMarco 14:00
Okay, whatever only matters been to the gym before we move on, I just want to mention that the knife drop stories oftentimes come from nice news. And news is a great outlet if you're interested in in keeping up with how things are dropping Ben Schwartz over there he runs the show and I was in brief communication with him a few months back and he just seems to be a great guy and he has his finger on the pulse of the knife world. So definitely check out night news if you have a chance.

Jim Person 14:29
Absolutely. And that's one of the sources we we pull from on The Knife slash news so you can find everything you need to know there. And now that we're caught up with a nice life news. Let's hear more of The Knife Junkie podcast. All right. We want to move into and away from nightlife news and into The Knife Junkie Lee's collection but not going to talk specifically about what's in the collection. But kind of the, I guess natural progression, the natural Evolution of a knife collector and you're going to talk about it firsthand from your experience and, and hopefully our listeners that are listening to this can can, you know, see some similarity with their collection and, you know, love to hear from them as you kind of go through your evolution and get some perspective from from our listeners as well. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 15:20
well, this first kind of popped into my head when we were doing Thursday night knives live. And I was talking with Alex from Alex's knife box. And we were talking about how our collections are evolving. And I noted that his is going in a in a man he's like a, he's like a, an art curator, his his knives are getting more and more amazing as he works with more and more custom knife makers to create these unique, amazing pieces. And I was thinking about how my knife collection is evolving and maybe evolution is not the right term, but how it's how it's shifting. And I see To be going back to my roots Gemma, the whole reason I was ever interested in, especially folding knives that you can carry with you, I'm kind of into the weapony aspect of them or the tactical self defense martial arts aspect of them because that's just, you know, my area of interest. But being a subscriber to many, many, a very influential and very influential knife critics on YouTube, I have ventured out into the world of jewelry knives, that's why I call them kind of like NACA jewelry, purple anodized knives on ball bearings with this and that. And so I accumulated quite a number of those kind of knives and then recently have decided that I have to go back to my roots because I rarely carry pocket jewelry knives and when I do, I kind of am looking forward to the next day when I'm carrying an Emerson again or or a hinder or something a little more Tactical and high speed low drag, as they said, and that's not because I live that lifestyle that's just simply my taste right? So that's that's where I'm headed and and, and it occurred to me last night actually, that it's like I've gone through a long phase of promiscuity you know what I mean? You maybe maybe you're in college, you've just left the house, you have freedom, and you want to explore all that you can explore, you know, variety is the spice of life. And then you can justify that by you know, justify it in terms of the knife collecting by say, Well, I have a wide and varied collection. You know, I have a sample of each kind of knife from many different makers with many different materials and and then you start to think like a curator in a museum, like I have a knife museum and I have to represent all all sides of the knife art. And I've had to realize and admit to myself, I am not a curator and can afford. Yeah, yeah, yeah. More importantly, cannot afford to Be one, no one's coming to my house to look at my collection unless I hey, guy, Hey, come on downstairs, let me show you some. So it's more important for me to rather than have a representative of each kind of knife. It's just to have an own the best of what I actually carry in us. And so I'm kind of whittling away and kind of heading back in that direction. And, you know, actually, this is seeing pictures on Instagram of everyone that I admire in that in the knife world at the New York City custom knife show has kind of reminded me of that. Because immediately you get that sort of social media. I mean, social media was built for this. You look at people and you get jealous. Oh my god, they're living their best life. Look at them. They're at the custom knife show in New York. And so I'm seeing these amazing photographs of these amazing knives from the New York custom knife show and I'm thinking Wow, now that's something I need to add to collection but then I say slow down there Bob know you would never carry that $800 knife it looks beautiful and it would probably be great to play with for 20 minutes for me personally right? But you know that if you had it it would sit in the box locked up and you would probably decide not to carry it on any given day so these new york custom knife show photographs are kind of helping me kind of return to my magnetic north. I said it that way that sounds like kind of a Hollywood term but you know it's it's kind of helping me get back to that to what I really enjoy about knives and, and realize that you can look at them and appreciate them. Just like you can go to a museum and look and appreciate. Look at and appreciate a Willem de Kooning painting but you don't have to lay down 5.6 million bucks to have it in your own house. I can return to videos on YouTube Oh, I feel like looking at that. That particular night maybe I'll just look at a video and and that will assuage any sort of this desire to sell off my life to pick it up, right?

Jim Person 20:04
Well as I'm beginning my Knife, Junkie hood, if you will, as a knife newbie, I think I would be the one that likes pocket jewelry or likes the look of the knife or whatever. But I don't have to carry it. So I would be the collector that would buy the nice knife, the knife, the whatever to have in the box or on the display cabinet or on the shelf, whatever to be able to look at it without having to carry it. So that shows that there are differing styles of collector collecting for everybody.

Bob DeMarco 20:39
Yeah, just kind of depends on where you fit into the spectrum. But I think it's important as you are to realize what type of collector you are and then to go down that road 100% I agree with you. Off the top of my head two channels on YouTube that I admire incredibly are cutlery lover and bergeon Ivy, and these guys birdshot of course is Frankie and birth or a married couple and they are Knife Junkie like to the nth degree. They have a huge collection, they seem to have a huge collection from what I can tell from from their YouTube videos. And obviously, they're not carrying all of these, and they probably don't carry most of them. And also, same thing with cutlery lover, Jeff over there in Pennsylvania. He's got an amazing collection. And I know, he keeps a number of them, his slip joint collections and display cases. So he's has them up and you can see them and appreciate them. But these are people who have sprawling collections. And it's unrealistic to think that you're even going to carry one of those knives, even once in a year if you have that many. But I admire that and there's part of me that would really, you know, if if money were no issue, I would have collections like that too. And I'm not saying that money is no issue for them, but but that's how they prioritize

Jim Person 22:00
Well, you know, you're you're collecting will continue to evolve. So no telling where you'll be in another five years, 10 years. So yeah, you know, evolving now and continue to evolve. Yeah. Hey, want to remind everyone that our podcast and I've checked the podcast is sponsored by QuickBooks, and QuickBooks just had a live conference where they announced several features that are now going to be available within QuickBooks. First is QuickBooks live, which connects you to a team of virtual bookkeepers who you can trust to help get your books done right. Also QuickBooks Connect feature with cash flow planner feature that uses AI to address the cash flow stress that affects many small business owners. It allows you as a small business owner to predict your daily cash flow 90 days in the future so that you can make plans like deferring paying a bill or maybe requesting invoices to be paid faster and Also a feature that was added is something called QuickBooks payments, which lets you get paid faster. We all know in a small business, the cash flow is important, it's definitely important to get the money in your pocket. So QuickBooks launched this new feature to create a payment enabled invoice in less than a minute. So with ours expenses, mileage all added up by AI automatically. Definitely all these features are going to help you as a small business owner get paid three times faster. If you want to learn more about these features more about QuickBooks and get a 30 day free trial of QuickBooks. We've got you hooked up all you need to do is go to The Knife Junkie comm slash qb 30 that's The Knife Junkie. COMM slash QB three zero where you can find out all those details and like I said, Get a 30 day free trial. Bob you mentioned the custom knife show did want to mention that our friends over at knife magazine have a great list of knife shows and club meetings on their website at the knife magazine. com slash events. And you had mentioned the New York custom knife show that was just this past weekend. And I think it was, you've mentioned a couple of podcasts. That's the one and only knife show that you've been able to do in the end in the past.

Bob DeMarco 24:17
Yeah, that's right. Actually, I remember going I've gone twice and that was 15 years ago or so. When it was still in New York City. It was at the Marriott Marquis I think right in Times Square. I think that's the hotel it was in. But that was amazing. And actually, for some reason, the only maker that pops into my mind that I was just obsessed with and couldn't leave his table was alpo koski. And his knives man are so cool. He had these. I'm not sure if alpo koski is still with us. I should have done a little research but he made these amazing little hideaway fixed tactical blades and I remember him as being kind of a grumpy dude but, but his knives were so elegant and beautiful. And hateable and you know, Columbia River knife and tool I think had designed by him at one point of production design. But anyway it what a What an amazing show that is just really and kind of ironic being in New York which which has the most right the most Byzantine knife laws and actually it's now across the river in in another place that has horrible knife laws New Jersey, it's in the it's in Jersey City now.

Jim Person 25:29
Well, as you mentioned, you know, with the advent of social media and Instagram and particular, you can get some of the experience of being at the show with with folks posting a lot of pictures you definitely don't get anywhere near the experience or see everything but at least you can get a small taste of what it's like to be at the show.

Bob DeMarco 25:47
Right? It's like It's like having a bunch of reporters out there, you know, reporting from the front. It's pretty cool.

Jim Person 25:53
Going from social media to, I guess old school marketing, if you will know, it used to be the Let Sears and Roebuck catalog you know, would come out and everybody look forward to getting that catalog and, you know, then everybody was getting into catalogs and now it seems like you know, the printed catalog is definitely not as perceived value as much or produced as much are printed as much, except for the holidays. I think everybody kind of blows it out during Christmas and the holidays. But you know, with Christmas catalogs, and I know that several weeks ago, I think I mentioned to you off air off one of the podcasts that we needed to talk about because I saw case knives had their Christmas catalog out, you know, well before Thanksgiving. Yeah, several weeks ago. And it's like, you know, now's the time for Christmas catalog and you had one kind of interesting one that you wanted to kind of talk about a little bit

Bob DeMarco 26:47
Yeah, well, I got the Bud-K catalog and Bud-K you may or may not know Bud-K, but it's kind of legendary. And this was introduced to me first probably in eighth grade by my dear old friend Mike, in Ohio and Mike, Hey, Mike, actually, Mike has this amazing bike shop in Ohio. It's all commuter bikes, shout out to the Broadway cyclery. But anyway, Mike was instrumental in my becoming a Knife Junkie, you know, it was started by my brother and grandfather. And then he, he and I met in middle school and he had a knife collection. And he really, he really helped me get get into it. Anyway, he's now a bike junkie, which is probably healthier. I'm convinced it's healthier. But if you ride them, yeah, exactly. They're a little more expensive to buy if you just collect, right? But anyway, he introduced me to the bug k catalog. And now I'm on a knife sucker list, which is awesome because I'm starting to get all these catalogs at the house. But the bug cake catalog came and it is spectacular. And it really brought back the inner child, you know, okay, so this is it. budke catalog is items for the budget conscious Hitman miscreant thug mall ninja type and it's just filled with cheap weapons. I don't know it was to put it or you know, and some knife deals they have things like this like six knives for 36 bucks. It's like a package. They have fantasy swords those are these swords that would never actually work in the real world but just look kind of cool you know with cross guards made of Dragon wings and crazy double bladed blades and check this out to him you're gonna like this. You can buy a lockpick set from bud K and learn how to pick locks. It even comes with a fake credit card you know for those kind of locks that you can just slip a credit card in the door. What do you think of that what everybody needs you got sword canes galore. Which you know I'm a big fan of sword gains only have one Cold Steel but it's it's awesome. They have this this is cool. That's is an idea I had years ago when I lived in New York and I used to walk around with an umbrella all the time when it was raining. And umbrella sword. And I'm a brella sword King. Oh, well, it's, you get it. You pull the sword out of the shaft. Right, right. But this one, the shaft looks like a big sword handle it looks like a big samurai sword handle so that it's not very discreet. You know? You think an umbrella sword or a cane sword should be something where people just think it's a cane or an umbrella. Right right. And then in the moment of truth you pull out a sword and they're surprised. Well this thing already looks like a sword with an umbrella on it. So it's kind of hilarious. Sword brella sword brella that's what we should be calling. I saw a blatant ripoff of the RAD knives field cleaver which is this beautiful knife made by Colin at Red knives and it's a you know, very expensive and custom made affair. And bud came from found found total rip off of it, you know and you can get one 12 bucks How about that movie? A couple of other interesting things that you can buy Lucille from The Walking Dead if you watch the Walking Dead neguin the mostly villainous character walks around with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire kind of like a world war one trench tool, you can buy that made from them which to me, I'm like, if you're gonna walk around, if you can have a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, you should probably make it yourself. kind of seems like it would have more meaning. You could buy this is this is hilarious. A spiked hunting club. Okay. I mean, this thing looks like a medieval, a medieval weapon. It's this you know, it's a giant club that has a metal collar on it. And a radiating and for directions out of that are rows of spikes. And I think it's funny, you know, they put they put hunting in the name, as if, first of all is if anyone goes out hunting with a spiked club. You know, even cavemen didn't do that. They use spirit. bows and arrows right? So it's a spiked hunting club but if you put hunting in the word it immediately takes it from weapon

Jim Person 31:06
or to recreational tool justifies it. Yes, exactly. Something that probably should use on AEW wrestling.

Bob DeMarco 31:14
Yeah, exactly. And then one last thing. This is funny, this reminded me of those six packs. You see wrapped up in stapled paper bags at the grocery store. When I have leftovers, you know, people go to the grocery store, they open up the beer cabinet and they take one or two of the six pack. And then they have all these leftovers. So they put them in a mystery bag, and you get a mystery bag of beer. And it's cheap, cheaper than if you were to buy a regular six pack of any one of those brands. You take it home you open it up. Oh look at this. I gotta XYZ to drink. Well, this is a mystery pocket knife set where you get 12 random pocket quote unquote knives that they send you for 40 bucks. How do you like that? $40 for 12 knives. He think he can cut me that he probably stabbed something with those. But in my math in my head what does that? three and three and change? Yeah. Wow. Oh boy. Yes.

Jim Person 32:18
Well that reminds me I think a month or so ago, I emailed you One morning I couldn't sleep and I was up at like 430 or five and I flipping through channels and there were two infomercials, my son some knife company, I can't remember who it was kind of the same similar thing, you know, get this pack of, you know, 185 knives for $99. And it comes with six swords and six of these and whatever it was like holy cow. Yeah. So and in principle, I guess

Bob DeMarco 32:44
YouTube could have right 36 zombie green unusable knives like what are you going to do with all those things? Start your collection now for just $179 with free shipping. So That's right. That's right.

Jim Person 32:56
Yes. There's a market for everything. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. All right. Anything else Bob? We have covered a lot of ground here Christmas is coming perhaps we'll have a Knife Junkie holiday gift giving knife guide or some knife guidance coming up sometime soon.

Bob DeMarco 33:14
Well yeah, we're going to do that we'll do a little knife buyers guide of knives coming out soon that I think are cool you know but that's not a comprehensive list. Yeah, cuz cuz you know me I get finicky and I get silly with and I start picking on people and picking on knife companies and knives but but it's going to be a realistic kind of knife Buying Guide. But one other thing I wanted to mention is that I have an incoming knife, and it's going to be a very special one. It's a

Jim Person 33:40
I am so surprised.

Bob DeMarco 33:43
Well, it's from our friends, Stu the law enforcement officer that we gave a shout out to a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yeah. Yeah, who mentioned how he carries a reader richer Hogue and serrated Delica wardenclyffe on the job, he uses them all the time, you know, he's in law enforcement and cuts people out of seatbelts, this and that. Well, he's sending me out of the generosity of his heart. And I think this is amazing. I'm blown away by this. He's sending me a Delica wardenclyffe, a Syria to Delica one clip for me to check out. And to check out and keep and and, you know, it's one of those cases where I'm like, please don't, please don't Okay, if you must, and, and men, I'm, I am not only very grateful I don't have it in hand yet. But I'm not only very grateful, but I'm really excited to check out this knife. You know, I have one Delica that was gifted to me by my daughter, and I love delicas and I've always been curious about the wardenclyffe and I love I'm headed back towards serrations I know it's a little out of Vogue, but, man, I'm really excited to pick up to get this knife in the mail. So Stu, thanks a million. And I'll be back to thank you once I have it in hand.

Jim Person 35:00
And we'll have a review of it on the Knife Junkie YouTube channel at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube and if you are not subscribed to The Knife Junkie YouTube channel be sure to do that go to The Knife Junkie dot com slash YTsubscribe you'll be able to see all the new videos that The Knife Junkie Junkie drops and he mentioned you mentioned Bob the Thursday night knives that we did a couple of weeks ago we missed this past week due to an issue that I had but we'll be getting back on those more regularly So if you'll go to The Knife Junkie dot slash YT subscribe not only will you get notified anytime The Knife Junkie has a new video but you'll also if you click that bill notification get notified whenever The Knife Junkie goes live. And right now it's for the Thursday night knives live show but you never know when bomb will go live on YouTube. So yeah, please be sure to subscribe.

Bob DeMarco 35:53
Yeah, we're going to have Austin from Epic snuggle bunny. We're going to have Terrell of Todd knife and tool that's Zelrich32 and and also Alex from Alex's knifebox. These guys are awesome individuals. I really like them as people but they're also wonderful knife. They have wonderful knife knowledge from all different angles and just great guys to talk to. So I'm looking forward to that. Yeah, so stay tuned for that in an upcoming Thursday on Thurday Night Knives.

Jim Person 36:18
Bob, we're kind of wrapping wrapping up here on the Knife Junkie podcast our supplemental episode number 63. final thought from you as we we close the show out today.

Bob DeMarco 36:31
Well, even if you don't buy anything from these catalogs, I would recommend get your hands on a Bud-K catalog, get the case catalog. Get the what's the other one? Well just get as many of these these paper catalogs as you can. I'm going to start saving them because I think they're I think they're going the way of the dodo

Jim Person 36:47
well and get on the mailing list email mailing list of all your favorite knife makers and knife manufacturers so you can keep up with the latest news and see what they've got going on and the new products they've gotten those kind of things. So great, great sources of information. And speaking of that The Knife Junkie has a newsletter that comes out you know fairly regularly we try to do it once a week but you know life gets in the way sometimes so will will keep you up to date with what's happening on the show and knife world that kind of thing so just go to The Knife Junkie calm and you can subscribe not only for the newsletter but also if you're not subscribed yet for the podcast you can get all that at The Knife Junkie dot com slash subscribe... so for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim the knife newbie Person and I want to thank you for listening to Episode 63 of the Knife Junkie podcast

Announcer 37:32
thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show please rate and review it review the podcast calm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm you can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie comm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group at The Knife Junkie comm slash Facebook And if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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