Hey U.K., That’s Not a “Zombie Knife”... This is a Zombie Knife: The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 476)

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Hey U.K., That’s Not a “Zombie Knife”… This is a Zombie Knife: The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 476)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 476), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco looks at what he calls “real” Zombie knives, including the Cold Steel Chaos Khukri, Odenwolf Sow Catcher, and the WTG Puzon Predator Hunter, among others.

He also shares news of two upcoming giveaways on “Thursday Night Knives,“: a Northern Knives/Lynch Northwest/Colorful Filth package and a Pinkerton Ringed Inversion.

comment of the week - Hey U.K., That’s Not a “Zombie Knife”... This is a Zombie Knife: The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 476)

comment of the week #2 - Hey U.K., That’s Not a “Zombie Knife”... This is a Zombie Knife: The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 476)

Bob starts the show with his favorite comments of the week, followed by his “pocket check” of knives: the Microtech Ultratech, JWK Sharpshooter Jack, Kramer Custom Knives Voodoo, and the Civivi Sentinal Stike (Emotional Support Knife).

In Knife Life News:

  • New Buck Knives Announced at SHOT Show
  • Another Cool New Terzuola/Fox Collaboration
  • Case Takes Steps to Modernize with the Bridgeline Series
  • Spartan Blades Announces New Harsey Collaboration

Meanwhile, in his “State of the Collection,” Bob looks at the Stump Lifter (AKB/BladeHQ), the Son of Sam (Tashi Barrucha & Mechforce), and the Reate Exo cleaver blade.

Find the list of all the knives shown in the show and links to the Knife Life news stories below.

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On the mid-week supplemental episode (#476) of #theknifejunkie #podcast, Bob looks at what he calls 'real' Zombie knives, like the Cold Steel Chaos Khukri, Odenwolf Sow Catcher, and the WTG Puzon Predator Hunter, among others. Click To Tweet
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[0:00] Coming up, Bob Terzuola and Fox Knives announce a new knife I'm very psyched about.
We also announce two exciting new general audience giveaways coming up.
And, hey UK, that's not a zombie knife.
That's a zombie knife. I'm Bob DeMarco. This is the Knife Junkie Podcast.
Welcome to the Knife Junkie Podcast, your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host, Bob the Knife Junkie DeMarco.

[0:35] Welcome back to the show. My favorite comment from this past week was, again, someone very concerned about my pronunciation of the word Bowie.
And he says, I'm very happy to hear you pronounce Bowie correctly.
I do appreciate your input, Thomas Raines, 3663.
I'm getting there. I'm getting there. I say Bowie now, I'd say at least 50% of the time.
And when I say Bowie, it's starting to sound weird And that is strange I grew up in Ohio, and that's how we said it We said Bowie night You didn't say David Bowie The pop star from the UK You said David Bowie And same with Jim But I am now pronouncing Bowie correctly More and more So thank you one and all It's a journey getting there, but we will get there, Okay, so let's take a look At Oh wait, wait, actually Actually, I have one other comment that I also like.
And this comment I like because it just shows variety.
Off-grid knives. Those are some ugly-looking knives. And we're talking about the Cayman XXL Booze. And he said, I guess they are not for everyone.
P.S. Love your vids. And this I really like. This is from Mr. Janker T64. And...

[1:49] In an age where people are polarized over everything, people getting bites and tips over everything, you can see it in the knife community.
It's just good to see someone say, agree to disagree, and, you know, I like your taste, you probably like mine, but those awkward knives are dog ugly.
And I like that people can say that and we can disagree.
So, Mr. Janker, thanks for your comments. Thomas Raines, thanks for your comments, and thanks one and all for watching and commenting this past week.
All that said, let us get to a pocket check.
What's in his pocket? Let's find out.

[2:25] Here's the knife junkie with his pocket check of knives. Front right pocket today was the Microtech Ultratech Double Edge with the serrations on top.
I've had this knife for quite a while, I'd say at least five years, and it gets very little carry. But recently, I've had to, you know, I went to a funeral yesterday and carried this in my suit because it's nice and light.
And I'm kind of John Wick-y to carry a nice, light, double-edged automatic knife when you're wearing a suit.
I cannot pretend that that didn't work into the calculus.
However, I don't like to wear a suit and have a knife in the pocket of the suit, so I put it in the waistband. and it can't be seen. It doesn't flop around.
The material on seat pants are way less stout.
I've been carrying this a lot over the past week and loving it.
This one has been very, very, like I just hurt my thumb opening it, not to sound like a total wuss, but this has always been a pretty stout push and pull to deploy.
But I feel like either my thumbs are getting stronger or it's breaking in even more.
But I mean, if it hasn't broken in, this is 10 years old at this point, I think.

[3:41] I think this was a 2013 model, maybe not.
But if it hasn't broken in by now, when will it ever? But a very cool knife and a very serious knife.
Not only is it very tactically serious, you look at it, it's double edged.
But you can get a lot of work done with that knife. if you just keep your thumb off the back of the blade.
Because you have two M390 edges, he treated really well, very sharp, and one of those sides is serrations.
So really, this very tactical knife could be a very utilitarian knife in the right hand.
Okay, next up, I had, here it is in its pouch, I had the venerable and gorgeous Jack Wolf Knives Sharp... Oh, that's the wrong one.
Sharpshooter jack on me oh boy oh boy all right i think uh i grabbed the wrong slip you know what the sharpshooter jack looks like uh and the one that i have is with the blue arctic, storm carbon fiber but the reason this one is out the low drag jack i'll just talk about this since it's out this is one of my um dye jobs on the black canvas micarta that came on this which was It was really just pretty gray and never really took much color when you put oil on it.

[5:00] And so I decided, well, maroon is like my favorite color. Why not just dye the slabs to this aluminum?
So, I mean, maroon. So that's what I did. I love the way it turned out, and that's why it's kicking it out here.
I have a drawer of my Jack Wolf knives very, very nicely set up, and it's not in there because, well, I just dyed it.
But today, what I was carrying was the new Sharpshooter Jack.
And if you haven't seen mine, you probably have.
It does have the black bolsters and the black blade.
So just a really beautiful affair and incredible walk and talk.
I swear the walk and talk is maybe the stoutest so far.
And I like a stout walk and talk. All right. So as my EDC fixed blade today, I don't know why I'm showing it here.
I'm going to move it anyway. Anyway, I had the beautiful Kramer Custom Knives Voodoo.
And this is Eric Kramer, Custom Knives, making custom tactical fixed blades and folders.
His folders are few and far between, but they are there, and they're very cool and pretty valuable.
There's also a Bob Kramer who makes custom kitchen knives, and I always have to sort of differentiate because.

[6:19] Eric Kramer made this. Very, very thin. Carries so nicely.
I had him sharpen the swedge. Ordinarily, this doesn't come with a sharpened swedge. Nice, deep, hollow grind.
And really sticky sharp on both edges.
Though this edge is more of a tearing, gouging, splitting, ripping edge.
And this is a really thin slicing edge. 154 CM blade steel.
I love the way that gray looks with the micarta.
This micarta has really taken on a nice patina this this was probably the first, this is among the first of the fixed blades that i began carrying on a daily basis and thought wow this is easy this is not as hard as it seems because you have a very thin knife like this with a shortish blade and rounded surfaces like the handle um that you can carry it easily and and almost forget it's there.
Last up for emotional support, I had the beautiful and action-packed, no, that's not the right, I had the very attractive and very functional.

[7:30] Sentinel strike on me from Civivi. Now with the green backstrap, it's an integral backspacer that goes over the back, or backstrap I should say, meaning it's just one piece, and then it holds these two aluminum slabs together.
With a really excellent button lock. The very first button lock I had from Civivi slash Sencut was the Sencut Watuga, and that one had kind of a sticky button lock, and since then, they have really perfected it.
I have this one. I have the Arc Blast by Sencut, and they really have the button lock nailed.
I love this one for a bunch of reasons. I think it's very nice to look at. It feels great in hand.
It cuts very well. It's got a very useful blade shape, and it's fidgety and oftentimes not all the time but oftentimes i go for fidgety for my emotional support night sometimes fidgety could be like this opening up a slip joint and closing the slip joint sometimes fidgety is a button lock sometimes fidgety is just having a big old buoy on you to feel safe so this is what i had on me today this is my pocket check let me know what your pocket check is let me know what's in your pockets today uh was it useful did you use them uh is it it just pocket candy?
For me, I know a lot of it is just pocket candy.

[8:48] Because not that I'm not ready or trained to use it if it comes up, but heaven forbid, you know, something more than cutting my sandwich comes up.
All right, let's talk about giveaways here. We have a lot of really generous patrons and folks watching the show.
And well, these two patrons here have given us some knives to give away and i'm very excited about it first one uh is actually not a knife the first one is from northern knives up in anchorage alaska and they teamed up with colorful filth that's paul monco and lynch northwest the makers of some of our favorite aftermarket clips to create this really cool package of knife adjacent accessories um so you have.

[9:39] First of all, I love this design with the Doberman and the axe and the American flag.
Very nice. So in this box from Northern Knives, Colorful Filth, and Lynch Northwest, you have this Lynch Northwest flight tag style keychain.
Those are the things that they have clipped into the bombs and the missiles and various things on fighter planes that you, it's like pulling the pin.
I guess you go around and you pull those tags off and ready the aircraft for its mission.
You have this nice little bit of cord, which would go great in my Swiss Army knives.

[10:20] I like this kind of thin cordage, especially as a fob on a Swiss Army knife.
You have a Northwest, yeah, Northwest Lynch, Northwest fold-over titanium deep carry pocket clip. Now, for what knife?

[10:35] I do not know. I got to figure this out. I think there might be something in here that says what it is.
There's the Lynch sticker.
There's the card.
Thank you for your support, Casey from Lynch Northwest.
Here's a sticker and a birth card. But here what you're looking at is a really cool pry bar.
It's anodized and cerakoted.

[11:06] Creates this beautiful image of the astronaut on the moon there. Pretty cool stuff.
Very light. I hold this in my hand. It is super light.
You've got like a nail lifter, pry bar, tap lifter. Is this one of those slots for air tanks maybe?
And then an overall, the overall ergonomics of a knife handle.
So very nice. We're going to give this away on Thursday Night Knives tomorrow night.
Olight, and then we have another giveaway the week after, and I'll talk about that in a second.
Thank you, Mike and the guys at Northern Knives. Really appreciate this, and Paul Monco and Northwest Lynch Clips.
I look forward to giving this stuff away.

[11:50] We give away a lot of knives here, but it's nice to also have other sort of accessories to give away.
I know when Olight has sent me things to give away, Olight's not crazy about me.
I didn't hype up their stuff enough and uh you know uh but they did send me a batch of stuff once and uh it was nice to give away those lights it's cool to give away oh lights maybe i'll just buy some anyway to give away because uh though we are about knives we have to recognize the importance of lights pens watches and other things on this channel very important okay lastly in the giveaway thing this is very exciting uh we uh two weeks hence so a week actually i should just say a week from tomorrow Tomorrow, uh, Dirk Pinkerton is going to come on Thursday night knives to give away this knife.
This is, if you know, Dirk Pinkerton, he designs a lot of knives for, uh, the likes of concept and Kaiser and, uh, those kinds of companies, uh, beyond UDC shielding, et cetera, tons of designs out there, uh, being made. And, uh.

[12:51] And then he grinds knives in his shop, makes beautiful custom knives.
I have a number of those. But he also just had this one built.
This was a preorder that I jumped in on, and I've been hearing, I've been seeing that, and then he just sent this to give away from this preorder.
This is number 166 in his ringed inversion series, and this one is arguably cooler than the one that I got because it's got the black ring and the black blade.
Oh, that black tumbled finish on the blade is just gorgeous.
It's got an orange peel finish on that titanium.
Of course, it's on bearings. It comes with a deep carry clip and a thumb disc if you don't want to use this sculpted titanium pocket clip and the wave feature there.
But talk about the ultimate classy self-defense knife.
That's it right here. We're going to be giving it away. This is not a Patreon giveaway This is a general audience giveaway So anyone here on Thursday Night Knives Next Thursday Could win this thing So be sure to join Join the conversation that night I will put up a couple of videos Hyping it and reminding you But do be sure to join us Thursday Night Knives tomorrow For the Northwest Lynch.

[14:15] Colorful Filth Northern Knives giveaway And then next week for For the Pinkerton good work. All right.
Let us get now to some knife life news.
Among this week's specials at Kniveship Free, the Lon Humphrey Mudbone Muskrat features a 3.1-inch blade of forged AEBL stainless steel.
Truly functional art that just happens to be a knife. The Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 31 Tanto with the MagnaCut Tanto blade and features the original sandblasted titanium frame and the Topps Mini Scandi folder.
This unique flipper features a Scandi ground blade.
The knife also feels super solid thanks to its construction of micarta scales over full stainless steel liners.
Get these deals and other great specials from our friends at Knives Ship Free.
Just use our affiliate link, thenifejunkie.com slash knives ship free.
That's thenifejunkie.com slash knives ship free. Support the show and get a great new knife at the same time.
Thenifejunkie.com slash knives ship free. You're listening to the Knife Junkie Podcast And now here's the Knife Junkie With the Knife Life News, This is a great time of year For gun and knife lovers Of course my approach is as a knife lover Because it's SHOT Show SHOT Show was last week And just like Blade Show a lot of knives are announced SHOT Show a lot of knives New product lines As well as other things I'm sure And all the other affinity groups are announced there And Buck just said.

[15:43] Dropped a whole new line of lineup for 2024.
And you can read about this in Knife News. Love Knife News.
Ben Schwartz is a great writer and comes up with new and exciting ways to talk about some of the same old things.
I want to talk about two knives here in the Buck lineup.
There are a bunch of folders that just don't do it for me at all, that are not meant to do it for me.
But this top one here, Jim, don't scroll past this one because this one I really want to talk about.
This is the the Buckmaster 2.0 in their legacy collection.
They have a bunch of older knives and patterns that they keep up, like the Kalinga and other hunting knives.
This is their new version of the Buckmaster.
It is a dumpster fire, if you ask me. I'm sorry to be so harsh on it.
The original Buckmaster, I don't know if you remember that, it was a clip point survival survival knife, hollow handle, had two little grappling hook anchors things that you could screw into the quillions.
It was a muscular, serious-looking survival blade, and I spent my childhood lusting after that knife.
And then this is what they do to follow it up. This is what they do to honor the legacy of the Buckmaster.

[17:02] God. First of all, it's a totally different knife.
It's like a dive knife. knife and um it is but ugly and then they have this thing called the emergency anchor wing that you that you slide into the blade and and i know that it's uh it's a tip of the hat to the old grappling hook anchor things that screwed into the into the quillions of the old buck master but it's just it reminds me of a of a gil hibbon fantasy knife you know with those things It's terrible looking I'm sure it's very useful 420HC 6.75 inch blade But come on Buck What is this? I love Buck.

[17:42] I love Buck, don't get me wrong. But this is ugly.
This is just a really bad follow-up to a classic knife.
That Buckmaster from the 80s was so damn cool. I feel betrayed.
But you make up for it with the next one. This is the 112 Ranger Slim Pro TRX.
Rolls right off the tongue.
It's coming up here. So this is one more. So this is the – actually, go one more down from there, Jim. This is a cool one, too.
But this one I like right here. This is the slim version.
They came out with the Buck 112 Slim not too many years ago, but this is the first time they're offering it in a very upscaled version.

[18:32] Modernized with S45VN blade steel and titanium slabs.
So this thing is already very slender.
The 112 Ranger's slims are very slim, obviously, and make it a titanium handle.
It's just going to float right off your hands. It's going to be super light.
This is something that's very exciting to me. And it also has a deep carry clip for both sides.
And it's got the modernized clip point blade with the straight clip.
I know a lot of people like that better because of how it places the point.
But I'm a sucker for this old 112 here Let me pull it out so you know what I'm talking about I like the swoop on the clip here, Much better than the straight back of the new one. That's just an aesthetic design thing.

[19:23] So they really, really crapped the bed with the Buckmaster 2.0, in my opinion.
But with the 112 Slim Pro TRX with titanium and S45VN, they have redeemed themselves.

[19:37] So I'm sure they will be happy to find that out. Okay, next up is from Fox Knives and Bob Terzuola. Bob Terzuola, if you don't know, I'm sure you do, but I'll say it anyway. Godfather of the tactical folder.
Very, very great guy.

[19:53] His contributions to the folding knife world, to the knife world, is immeasurable, and he's still at it.
As a matter of fact, I can't contain myself. I'm going to be interviewing him again for a second time, or I should say, I'm going to be interviewing him for a second time very shortly.
And he has been, well, he has been on the show, but it was very early before we were even on video.
So I'm very excited to have him back on the show. Anyway, his real legendary knife, the knife that really started the tactical folding knife craze is the ATCF, the Advanced Technology Combat Folder.
You will recognize this profile immediately.
So very, very, very excited that Fox Knives for their 40th anniversary is going to be producing this right here, this production version of the ATCF.
And as far as i know this is the most uh is the highest fidelity um reproduction of the custom atcf in a production model that i've ever seen and i am so excited and and they're keeping it on the large-ish side now the atcf is usually about a four inch bladed knife they've knocked it down to three and a half inches but i can live with that i can live with um.

[21:11] Magna cut, very exciting, and a very low-profile flipper in line with the original thumb disc, liner lock.
Those are in the original ATCF designs.
This will have a full tie version or, like you see here, a black G10 version.
And oddly enough, this is one of those rare cases where I think I might be prone to getting the G10 version. I'm just looking at it. It looks so cool.
We'll have to see what the tie version looks like. I'm sure it's kind of just a plain Jane tie, which is also great. But I'm loving it in the G10.
Bob Terzuola's knives do it for me. He's like Bill Harzy and a few other people whose designs I can spot immediately and just warm the cockles of my heart.
Okay, next is Case Knives. You know I've been into Case. I just showed one off, just flashed one, the Case Canoe. Love Case Knives.
Not always a popular taste. Some people don't like them because their fit and finish can be spotty.
I say you have to know how to choose them and which lines to look at.
But anyway, they have been in a modernizing streak over the past five years, coming out with their frame locks and flippers and liner locks over the past few years.
They have a new series that bridges that gap. It's a modern traditional lineup they're calling the Bridge Line Series.

[22:40] Bridge line so um you sort of get you sort of get it there bridge line it's bridging it's the line that bridges from their very modern to their very traditional uh first one is the high banks um it is a really nice looking wharncliffe uh a non-locking with a fuller style nail neck i have seen this knife on a number of people's uh videos from shot show when they're talking to case knives that's a cool looking knife good looking knife 20 cv blade steel so uh modern steel uh a modern design uh of a slip joint and then the longhouse that's the one that we just had up on screen this is a front flipper only liner lock with 20 cv and for me personally this is the kind of flipper kind of stuff i want to see from case uh there there are other flippers or.

[23:38] I'm sure people love them. They don't do it for me.
To me, the real USP of case is not only the traditional builds, but the traditional sensibilities and designs.
To me, this really does tap into both the traditional design sense and what's happening now with front flippers and liner locks and 20CV, that kind of thing.
Supersteels. So pinched bolsters on that one as opposed to the fluted bolsters of the other and also a nice deep carry pocket clip.
News to come on their availability and they are also intending on growing this product line. So that's exciting.
All right, last up in knife life news today, Spartan Blades. Oh my gosh.
Spartan Blades, they just keep releasing knives to vacuum my wallet. it.
And this is from Bill Harsey, who I was just talking about, who to me is one of those designers who's just absolutely beyond reproach. This is the Clandestina.

[24:39] Clandestina. I like the name. It is a 5.5 inch MagnaCut spear point in that same design language as the Defensa, the larger Defensa, and the smaller Tactical Trout.
So this is now completing that lineup as a three-knife lineup.
They all kind of have the same profile, just different sizes.
Tactical Trout is the smallest at, I think, a 3.75-inch blade.
You've got this 5.5-inch blade, which kind of is right there at that sweet spot.
And then the Defensa is a 6.5-inch blade.
So to me, these are so beautiful, and they are really emblematic of Bill Harsey's designs.
Look especially at the hand guard or the finger guard area and the ricasso of course the blade shape and the handle shape but that area to me you've seen that on so many different uh that that little area right there at the ricasso so many uh knives all the way down to the gerber rock do you remember the gerber rock what a cool knife that was you used to be able to buy a bill harsey knife at walmart in the shape of a gerber rock it was a 40 outdoor fixed blade with a rubberized handle but it had a very similar profile to this knife and the defense of the tactical trout and i don't think that exists anymore, i had it i think i gave it away or sold it i don't know what happened to it but um.

[26:07] Classic design and and then made by um uh spartan blades and s in in a magna cut it's going to be expensive 350 bucks something like that prohibitively expensive for me for a production fixed blade if i'm spending that money i'm spending it on a a handmade custom fixed blade but i love this thing i think it's beautiful and i really really have to figure out how to get more more Bill Hersey Jr.
Designs in my collection.
Okay, I think we're done with Knife Life News. A lot of exciting stuff announced at SHOT Show.
A lot of exciting stuff coming in 2024, and I'm really excited about it.
If you want to help us get our hands on, not on these knives, but on the ability to bring these knives to you in the shape of this and other videos and podcasts, you can help us out at Patreon.
Just go to theknifejunkie.com Check out what we have to offer In return for your patronage A monthly knife giveaway Is probably the most exciting Besides the interview extras Everyone I interview here We do an extra interview And that becomes available to patrons A few days before we release The podcast interview Proper So be sure to check us out on theknifejunkie.com Or scan the QR code Right on your screen I will repeat that complicated address It's TheKnifeJunkie.com Slash Patreon.

[27:37] If you search Google for the best knife podcast The answer is, The Knife Junkie Podcast And now that we're caught up with knife life news Let's hear more of the Knife Junkie Podcast Okay, so Ah, sorry I don't mean to start I'm never going to start my sentence with okay or so again.

[27:58] Launching right into it many exciting knives came to my door this week uh and none of them are mine but uh it doesn't bother me they're on loan i love it actually i got one little gift and i really appreciate that i'll show that off to you in a second but this one is not my knife this is jock's knife from jock's knife uh on instagram he's a great friend of the show patron of the the show on patreon and let me see if i can okay and he lives over in the uk oftentimes he'll buy a knife here have it uh shipped to me so i can check it out and then i send it along to him it's a great uh a great little back and forth we have there um this is the stump lifter from advanced knife bro and blade hq this is an exclusive from blade hq and uh we know uh advanced knife bro what a great guy he's been making filmic cinematic quality and funny knife videos for years now he was on the show early on here we talked to him when we were just uh audio interesting guy uh mark is his first name uh big big slip joint collector and big big fixed blade collector and uh.

[29:12] His videos feature a big stump in his backyard that that he batons things on and test knives badge out on so that badge there that uh is the stump everyone thinks it looks like a cup of coffee but that's the stump he does all of his testing on so it's called the stump lifter and it's his slip joint design manufactured or oem'd by um qsp and we i have a bunch of qsp manufactured uh slip joints and they are awesome and this one is no exception.

[29:49] Nicely hollow ground spear point blade, beautiful swedge, long pull.
And then over here on the other side, this is a two-layer knife, so each one of these tools has a spring.
Here we have a cap lifter, screwdriver pry bar type tool, both on half stops and both of 154CM blade steel.
So great steel. I like this choice. I know from watching his videos that that was sort of a compromise. To me, I'm thrilled.
154CM is a great blade steel. It's easy to maintain, easy to sharpen.
It keeps its edge very well, reasonably well, depending on what you're doing with it, obviously.
And it's very corrosion resistant. I mean, people still use 154CM a lot.
So I'm very happy with the choice of 154 on this.
I love the green bone it also comes in yellow bone and blue denim micarta I believe however right here on this on Jock's particular knife it might be hard to see but around the badge it's like they forgot to re-buff it so it's like nice the bone is nice and shiny and buff all around.

[31:06] Here but you flip it over and right around the shield it's a little bit it dull or unpolished.
If this were my knife, I'd hit it with a little bit of flits and see what that did.
You know, it's not that far gone, but we always talk about fit and finish and we say fit and finish like it's one thing, like LMNOP is one letter.
But fit and finish are two different things. How well do the pieces fit together and then how well is it finished?
And the fit on this This is extraordinary. The finish is almost perfect.
Just the finish right around here is lacking. But I have no doubt Jock can take care of that lickety-split.

[31:47] Stump lifter, I got to get one myself. Not only is it a cool knife and I'm really in a slip joint phase, but always fun to support our friends in the knife community.
That's my excuse. What's yours? Okay.
Next up, these are also on loan. and and this is also a case where it's a patron who lives overseas who drops ships up to me so i can check it out send it along to him okay so next up uh let's let's look at this this is cool when this box came this came in a large box because uh this person also ordered a case uh for um it's a popular case right now for showing off your knives um it's not in here and it's upstairs stairs and it's got a name that begins h and h something anyway when i opened it up i was like.

[32:38] I had been contacted by a company who wanted to send me a knife storage case, and they never sent it. This happens a lot, actually.
Hey, we want to send you this thing, and then they never do.
So I thought for a second, oh, it finally came, and I opened it up, and there are three knives in there.
And I'm like, wow, they really like me.
They're sending me not only this free knife case, but they're sending me two very swish free knives.
And my daughter was hyping me up. I'm like, Dad, you've arrived.
This is awesome. People are sending you tons of free stuff. And I was like, this doesn't taste right. This has happened to me before.
And this is not mine. But whose is it? And I had to go through all my messages to remember.
So that is always funny when that happens because it's happened more than me.
So this is not my Riyadh, but I wish it were.
So check this out. This is the Riyadh XO.
It comes with all this stuff, this cool leather pouch for your belt and a cleaning cloth and a sticker and the extra hardware and all this really cool stuff.
Check this knife out. You've all seen it a million times. This is their barely legal gravity knife.

[33:49] But have you seen it with that blade? Look at that blade.
It's a really crazy-looking cleaver blade with quite an interesting grind.
I like this almost slicer-style grind. And I say slicer style, just referring to the upward sloping grind on the XM-18 slicer by Rick Hinderer.
But just very interesting blade. I had not seen this blade with that.
It must be an exclusive from MechForce, which is where this stuff comes from.
Look at that. Look at how that works. It's so...

[34:30] So cool. Do I need this in my collection?
No. When I thought it was mine for an instant, I was thrilled to have it for reference.
But yeah, this is one of the locking ones. It doesn't have a clip.
It has that pouch. But it's just a really unique and cool thing and not extremely legal in many places as it's a gravity knife.
And somehow legislation...
What am I saying? somehow legislatures have not gotten over the gravity knife thing maybe they haven't given it much thought that's probably more likely uh okay next up in this order that is not mine but i am getting to check out and send along is something that i would love to have this night this this blew my mind when i saw it and uh and and broke my heart when i when i came down to earth and and realize, Bob, what are you daydreaming?
This is not your knife. Look at this thing.
Tashi Barucha. I love Tashi Barucha's designs, and what a cool dude.
He is a cool guy, man. He lives in Paris, France.
He's got some really cool job in the design world, and he's just a classy, classy fellow.
He designs these really sickeningly sweet knives. Look at this thing.

[35:52] Wowza recurve harpoon clip point um you've got this to me this is sort of a i don't know if it's intended to be so but it's sort of a tip of the hat to tom mayo that reminds me of a tom mayo kind of flourish um look at the sculpting on this it's a bronze titanium pocket clip, But the outline, the profile of this is just beautiful.
So I'm going to do a couple of close-up videos. I'll do one on this and one on this so I can catalog it and show what it looks like in my hand because that's the only way it's going to ever be in my hand probably is just to look at it.

[36:35] I'm just noticing now it's got a compound grind right here, too.
So this is all hollow until it gets to the tip.
Man, okay. Well, thank you so much, guys, for entrusting me with these incredible knives.
I'm really thrilled to have them in my possession.
And I will get these along for you post-haste.
One thing before I get out of here. uh this was sent to me by jock a little thank you i keep this on the back of my work id um and this is a a little a fred perrin designed little get out of trouble thing and it is awesome man it is so sharp it is really wickedly sharp little beak here just a little claw to take care of business this, you know, opening packages or whatever.
Fits perfectly on the back of my work ID.

[37:33] And so I'll always have a little edge on me. However, I did notice it popped out of the sheath and I didn't know where it was.
It was somewhere in my car and I'm like, oh, this is not a good thing to have loose.
So I'm going to, even though the sheath fits pretty well, I'm going to take another piece of tape and just batten that down to the back of my um to the back of my id so i don't have any surprises okay let's get to this that's a very very very small knife let's start talking about very large knives and uh uh this this section called hey uk that's not a zombie knife this is a zombie knife you know i hate quoting that crocodile dundee thing it is such a well-worn trope it it almost makes me cringe um like when when carol brady used to do her hero that's the funniest thing i ever heard on the brady bunch and if you're old you know what i'm talking about that used to make me cringe too zombie knives what are zombie knives zombie knives are uh according to the united kingdom they're knives large enough to take out a zombie really what they're talking about are those really ugly green handled knives with all the crazy blade shapes that are super cheap uh well people are are buying them to do knife crimes with in the United Kingdom.
We know knife crime is a big issue in the United Kingdom because they don't have guns to do their crimes with.
They have to do them with knives, and so knives are disproportionately picked on.

[39:00] They have what they call the zombie knife. We all know what those look like.
We all agree those should be outlawed because they're atrocious and hideous and tacky and don't do the job of knifing very well, of cutting and being knives very well.
So yeah they should be outlawed but large knives should not be outlawed um.

[39:20] You know what? I'm not going to weigh in on what the United Kingdom needs to do with their laws.
But I do have to say, when you start talking about things like, well, gun legislation and knife legislation, and then you listen to people talking about guns and knives who don't know anything about them, it always is a little cringe.
So I decided if you're going to call it a zombie knife, let's not talk about those tacky green handled things with the biohazard symbols all over them.
Those don't count. Those are cheese.
Let's talk about if there were a real zombie apocalypse and Idris Elba did have to defend himself with a knife, what would he use? Now, I mentioned Idris Elba.
Great actor. I love that guy. And he's also about my age, so I have an affinity towards him.
I think he was great on The Wire He's great in everything I've ever seen him in But he's kind of part of this national campaign To eliminate zombie knives.

[40:17] And you know Celebrities they feel like they have to Use their platform to Further social causes that they agree with And I guess I understand that But Idris Elba It's not lost on me that he has Made a lot of money acting Or I don't know how much money he's made But he has maintained a career acting in movies where he has used weapons a lot and whether or not you like it or whether or not that is the theme or the message using weapons as a hero or a villain in a movie which is glorifies everything glorifies the weapon so let's not be hypocrites and i think maybe he got that message a little bit because he came out with a not a retraction but a clarification saying we should not make make illegal the carry of all knives.
I think he was more bent on these larger knives that thugs were vying to do knife crimes with.

[41:12] Okay, so there is a zombie apocalypse. Who knows? It's 2024.
We don't know what we're going to see this year.
So if there were a zombie apocalypse and you were to use a knife, you, of course, would have a knife in your kit.
It might not be your main thing. You might prefer a polearm or a sword, something you didn't have to reload, something quiet that didn't attract other zombies.
The knife should be large enough to both swing and take off a head because, and the reason I mentioned that is because we all know that with a zombie, you have to separate its brain from its body to stop it.
So these have to be large enough to take off a head.
So, you know, average neck width.

[41:54] And they also have to be long enough to go through and stout enough to go through a skull all in a in a thrust it's it's not pleasant uh conversation but you know sometimes we have to talk about things that are unpleasant because who knows we have to prepare for all eventualities first up on this is the kukri chaos from cold steel uh this one uh was it featured last week in the bevy of badass blades because it is all of that you have let's start first with the with the historically proven kukri style blade which was originally what the copus uh in in ancient greece um and then got i don't know i don't know the path it took from copus to kukri but it it's a very uh proven shape uh blade heavy point down deep recurve i mean you are you get incredible chopping out of this but something that people don't realize and you You can see Lynn Thompson videos where he talks about this.
The Kukri is also a great thruster because think of a small fixed blade knife with a pistol grip, like the TDI from K-Bar, for instance.
That pistol grip puts the point where you need it to be without having to turn your wrist.

[43:20] So when you're thrusting, you've got to turn your wrist like this to get a straight blade to go where you want the point to go.
But with a pistol grip knife You don't have to change your wrist That blade is right where you want it Well the same concept Applies here with the Kukri Because when you're thrusting, You don't have to change that wrist angle. You just push it in, and as it pushes in, it's also making a super wide channel in whatever you're pushing it into.
In this case, we're talking zombies.
The thrust is not going to be as valuable on a zombie unless you're going for the head.
This is probably not the best head thruster, but you could split a head in half with that, no problem, or just remove it from the zombie body altogether.
I'm talking very flippant about this, And I am not actually using the term zombie as an analog for living human.
Living human is something different. It's got muscles. It's alive.
Everything is tense and resisting.
And it hasn't, you know, it's not decomposing.
A zombie, we can only assume, is a frail creature besides its teeth and its lust for brains.

[44:34] Okay, next up is the Ontario. Now, this one's going to be hard to find because Ontario, well, I think they're going to be picking back up and changing.
I think they are going to be picking up production, but who knows if the SP line will remain.
The SP-10 Raider Bowie, this thing is so awesome.
Now, why this one and not any of the other far classier versions of this very blade that I have?
I shouldn't say classy. I should say more expensive, more premium.
Well, there are a couple of reasons. this is that great 1095 it's either 1095 or 1075 blade steel and it is super tough so you can so I've been banging this into that kiln dried wood a lot stabbing it into the stump out back a lot it can take it and keep going and it maintained a great edge you might run into some, eventually some corrosion issues because it is a high carbon steel.
But this traction coating seems to be holding up pretty well.
And though it starts off kind of rough, like a top snife, when it gets used, it smooths out and it slips through mediums even better.

[45:52] The reason I'm choosing this one in particular, besides the blade steel, is this handle is great.
It almost feels cushioned.
It's rubberized. It's thick.
And it is kind of sticky. Not sticky like decomposing plastic or off-gassing plastic, but sticky like rubberized enough that it's going to stay in hand.
You've got that great guard here.
You've got the bird's beak handle. You could be using this against a horrid crowd of zombies doing what you have to do, chopping heads and stabbing heads as you escape, or maybe you're making your way to rescue someone.

[46:31] But what I'm getting at is this will take all that impact and save your hand and save your joints and your arm.
Arm you know you hit enough hard zombie bone uh hacking through a crowd enough skulls it's going to start to rattle this rubberized handle is really gonna save that impact you know and um so this is more of a practical uh tool for the job uh i have more glamorous tools like the one coming up but this one's gonna save your hand this is probably the one you're gonna want to go for even the the kukri chaos with that uh with that knuckle duster very effective knuckle duster you can do a lot with it but it's going to hurt your hands after a while being hard aluminum next up tops knives made this for hunting wild pigs but i think maybe they had zombies in mind now this one here is you know it's long enough to to do the head separation chore but this is way more about about the thrust this is way more about the thrust because you have full um full.

[47:34] Width almost to the tip with this medial ridge here so you get really great penetration with this and um with that really stout tip you could go through um you know helmets and you know if you have like a football player zombie coming after you i mean you could really breach a lot with this uh with this tip uh slicing it's a it's a bit oblique on the on the grind uh but this is like i said more of a thruster great ergonomics you've got uh the great tread here on the on the micarta the micarta will stay in your hand even when it's wet you know what i mean and these ridges here are are great for just keeping it lodged in hand you've got the quillions here in the bird's beak great ergonomics, great knife this would be a light quick thrusting kind of knife alright next, this is a zombie knife.

[48:36] Right here uh so i thought about the gununting sword on the wall behind me and for various reasons i chose not that sword but this sort of knife version of it this is the cortada by doug marcaida produced by fox knives in italy and originally i believe produced uh through russian blades i think he's the guy who started the project you have a straight edged blade which is handy but it's also canted here i'm going to put the handle straight look at how downward that's canted so it it has the effect of a sickle-shaped recurve much like a gununting sword except you don't have to worry about the curve i don't worry about the curve anyway but it for straightening purposes and and general utility having this straight edge on a canted angle gives you the best of both worlds.

[49:33] Because you do get that accelerated cut of a recurve, but you're not dealing with the curve itself.
Point way down low has a very similar effect to the kukri on the thrust.
You don't have to change your wrist angle too much to get that point where it needs to go.
If you're wearing gloves, and who knows, while you're hacking your way through a crowd of zombies, or you're just kind of out there in the territories, you might be wearing gloves a lot.
Lots to uh lots to hurt your hands on and remember this is this is we don't have all sorts of modern medicine now at our behest and even a simple infection on your hand could be your undoing so you're probably wearing gloves this jimping works great with gloves without gloves this is more for trapping um trapping limbs and and catching them uh you're if you're in close close fighting with your opponent, you can do a lot with this, but if you're not doing that, you can also keep your thumb there and, uh, and thrust with it.
But the whole thing about the gloves is they are sharp. It would be uncomfortable.
So, uh, so gloves is jimping or just leave it alone and use it for a limb trapping, uh, limb trapping. I don't recommend with a zombie.
You're going to heal something off. It's going to be really gross.

[50:54] Next up, this is also on that pig hunting theme. This is the Odin Wolf Sowcatcher.
This is great because it's light. It's big and light.
And it's both a great thruster and a great slasher.
Slasher chopper, we'll call it. Because you've got the double edge here.
You've got recurve blades.
So this is going to help you when you have to lop off a zombie head.
Because of that recurve, you're not dealing with a sword. Sword makes it easier.
More compact space of a dagger like this, those recurves are really going to help.
But of course, you also have full thickness up to about very close to the tip right here with this fuller and medial section here.
And so it'll be great for a thrust.
Rust so this one is kind of a uh this is a shoe-in i think because it's the best of all worlds two edges two recurve edges a point center line point and then a thick medial section so it's not going to bend and break d2 blade steel with the uh with the tumbled finish it's an attractive knife too and a great coffin style handle the quillions are really good if you i mean that that's really really going to catch you.
You thrust this and run into something hard, that is really going to stop your hand.

[52:21] So just a great all-around knife. I've heard people are having trouble now finding the double-edged version.
I know that they have a single-edged version, which looks cool.

[52:30] But I don't like the single-edged blade, the asymmetrical single-edged blade with the symmetrical handle.
I went through that on Thursday Night Knives at way greater length than i needed to uh next up this one this one you got to eat your weedies if you're going to have this be your your uh your zombie apocalypse knife you got to eat your weedies you got to do your uh your kettlebell exercises and all that and that's the puzon predator hunter buoy here uh it doesn't even fit in the screen here let's do this uh i talk about this knife all the time I love Work Tough Gear.
Unfortunately, this is my only Work Tough Gear knife.
I'm always kind of checking them out on the various purveyors, and they just come and go.
So it's a small-batch company. It's six guys in Taiwan making these.
So they don't pump out huge amounts of them. So not only are they really interesting designs made –, Made for specific purposes, mostly outdoor and different adventure purposes.
But they're really nicely made, very nicely made. And then there's pride of ownership.
Not too many people have these. So if you're that kind of collector and you're interested in things that are uncommon, this is great for that.
But why is it great for a zombie apocalypse?

[53:53] It's big. It's heavy. Are you going to be able to recover? Is it more like an axe?
Well actually i've learned that this knife the balance it's got a big heavy handle it's still balanced uh it's like right here right forward of the choil but the handle and the weight and the length of the handle and and the weight in the horse hoof pommel here makes it actually livelier in the hand than expected this is not a fighting knife but you could you could uh use it for that purpose to great effect.
12-inch blade, very broad. This is a 2 1⁄2-inch broad blade with a high grind.
It's thin and slicey for such a big damn blade.
And yeah, it's got incredible shearing power.

[54:40] So you could, I don't know, I think that for extended engagements through large crowds of zombies, this would be cumbersome and tiresome unless you're a big, big guy.
You might want to go with something else. But for just the raw power, you know, say a professional wrestler zombie is coming at you, this might be the kind of thing you pull out.
It also happens to have a great kydex sheath.
I'm not a big fan of all of the work tough gear sheaths that I experience, but this one is stupendous and would be great like this.
Like for this knife, you hang it on your belt, you're going to have no pants.
But hang it over the shoulder, have it right here.

[55:26] Is that a baldrick? Is that what they call that? A baldrick would be very great.
Very great carry for that.
Okay, next up. This one also has great shearing power.
It is such a stalwart in the outdoors arena that I can't help but think it would do a very good job at the zombie lifestyle because you could use this for survival and and and zombie culling to equal effect so this is the our tack to from from Ontario knives also had lived a second life as the homeless the se homeless so kind of the same knife about a two inch broad blade here with a full height flat grind, very sharp, 1095 blade steel. This thing has been through the mill.
I've used this a lot, but not in a long time. This used to be my desk knife.
In other words, this hung on the leg of my desk before I got a new desk.
So it was always right there for what, I don't know, but a great big sort of machete style knife.

[56:38] It's got a generously sized handle. So big hands could could use this it's also a wide a broad handle um and and that is good in my opinion for um for heading off fatigue at the pass uh for for keeping fatigue away a wider handle not necessarily bulkier but but broader um kind of kind of helps helps the forearms and everything why this one it's that shearing power first of all you get an 11 inch blade so you got a good span um but you've got a thin full height flat grind which is just gonna zip through uh those those gross smelly bodies like uh like nothing and it's great for a machete it's good for clearing you know it's light enough thin enough you can use it for clearing paths you could use it for all of your camp chores uh this is a great all-around knife actually i i don't give this knife uh as much credit or or press as i should but this is awesome and i think in a zombie situation where you're out there surviving and killing uh zombies this would be awesome i need to i need to remember this knife and and pay more attention to it um and then i had this aftermarket sheath made by who by whom i don't remember but it was someone nothing fancy recommended way back in the day.

[58:05] Okay, next This is a cool one Here's the Svord-Vontemsky Buoy.

[58:11] This thing also, I believe, was in last week's Bevy of Badass Blades, created by one of the original badasses, or I shouldn't say that, but a badass from the 19th century, this guy, Von Temski.
He was a ranger in newly settled or settling New Zealand, and he had a band of thugs.
I shouldn't call them that. He had his own version of the Rough Riders, and he got everyone in that group.
A knife just like this head a knife forwards like this 11 inches uh 5 16ths of an inch thick uh super stout um apple seed edge and and and then this giant guard which not only guards you north to south but also east to west here you know so you have uh you have it on the side as well as the top and the bottom here so great guard very neutral coffin style handle it's just just two parallel lines, but is so comfortable.

[59:11] And you can swing this. You can chop your wood with this.
You can have zombies with this, health zombies with this.
And it's just going to go forever.
The real most exciting thing to me about this knife and why it's on this list is this apple seed edge, this convex edge.
It is extremely sharp, but extremely stout behind the edge.
So maybe not great for cutting thin slices of Swiss off of that block of cheese, but for everything else you're going to do, camp or zombie culling, this is going to be great.
The one drawback, maybe not drawback, but place it doesn't accelerate will be the thrusting.
It's got not the most acute tip.

[1:00:01] It does have an extremely sturdy tip with that swedge, but so it's kind of diamond like at the tip which is what you want you want a swedge to to meet the primary edges at the tip and create a diamond so you can thrust this doesn't quite get there but hey man this will do in a pinch great leather sheath too all right second to last here is a cold steel this one is is the Rondell Dagger, and it's a modern version of a medieval design, and, oof.

[1:00:40] This is strictly for breaching brain, for breaching skulls.
You know, those zombie skulls can be hard, but this thing will go right through.
It's a triangular-shaped blade, which is illegal, I think, by the Geneva Convention because it creates wounds that you cannot close or that don't close up easily, at least.
It's got these super oblique edges. I mean, obviously this is not a cutting knife, but if you took this edge and hit a blade, if you're fighting another blade with this and you hit it with this, you're going to snap.
You could easily chip or break a blade hitting it with this.
But really, this is a point-driven weapon. And then you have these rondelles at the pommel and at the guard here to keep your hand from slipping.
So this is an old design, and this was going through armor helmets back in the day and plate armor.
So no doubt this could take care of a zombie pretty nicely, handily.
All right, for this last one, I think I've got to go to the main camera because it's a little big.
But of all the swords on the wall behind me.

[1:01:57] This is the sword I would choose. This is about a 29-inch long.
Most Filipino swords are about that long.
This is the talibang, and this one is made by traditional Filipino weapons.

[1:02:13] And it is tremendous. Now, why this sword? First, we'll talk about the blade. The blade to handle.
Look at the extreme drop in that. So this is an incredible chopper.
But it's also light enough that you're not chopping hard, heavy things with this.
This is meant for two things, brush and people.
This is definitely a weapon, but it started life, as most weapons did, as a field implement.

[1:02:48] Deep recurve on that blade, nice point, great thruster.
We get that situation with the tip where um you don't have to change your wrist angle too much to thrust you've got a chopper you've got a thruster but what i love about this is it's light and it's balanced and you can use it all day you could you could fight with this thing all day and not be fatigued i could anyway and i'm not some tough guy strong dude um you've got that handle that's going to capture the hand and keep it in there.
You've got lace up here, not only for better grip to absorb the sweat, but hey, let's face it, you're going to have other liquids there too, so it will stay in hand.
The one possible drawback is that this is high carbon blade steel.
You're going to have to maintain it, but it will sharpen easy as it dulls easily.

[1:03:43] If you're interested in this kind of exotic bladed weapon, the The Philippines are full of them.
They've just got endless amounts of really cool knife and sword blade designs.
Check out traditionalfilipinoweapons.com.
They have smiths.
It's run by a guy who has a Pekiti church school in Connecticut.
He's got a bunch of blacksmiths down there in the Philippines who know these weapons, and they build beautiful versions of them.
You, too, can have one yourself. So, all right, thank you for coming in on this dark journey through the zombie apocalypse.
But I just wanted to straighten the record out a little bit with the zombie knife thing coming out of the UK.
So I figured, why not? Why not talk about what a real zombie knife would be?
And yes, yes, illegalize those ugly, tacky, green-handled zombie knives.
But not because they're knives, just because they're tacky.

[1:04:42] All right, be sure to join us tomorrow night for Thursday Night Knives, where we give away the Northern Knives package, and then join us for Sunday for the interview show.
It'll be great. We've got some really, really great interviews coming up, so stay tuned.
All right, for Jim working his magic behind the switcher, I'm Bob DeMarco saying, until next time, don't take dull for an answer. Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie Podcast.
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[1:05:49] Music.



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