If You Only Had One Fixed Blade – The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 319)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (episode 319), Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco asks and answers the question, “If you only had one fixed blade knife, what would it be”?

Bob starts the show with his “pocket check” of knives — the Demko AD20, the Jack Wolf Knives Laid Back Jack, and the Kramer Custom Knives Voodoo — while In Knife Life News, Bob reports on a new Gerber folder and something for the true Hipster from the James Brand.

Meanwhile in his “State of the Collection,” Bob looks at two cool things from DailyCarryCo — the Tipick and the MagBlade.

Everyone should have at least one fixed blade knife. But which fixed blade should you have if you only had one? I'll answer that on episode 319 of #theknifejunkie #podcast Click To Tweet
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The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 319)

Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
The place for blade lovers to learn about knives and hear from the makers, manufacturers and reviewers that make the knife world go round.
I'm Bob DeMarco.
Coming up, we're going to take a look at some dailycarryco.
Really cool stuff they sent out to me in life knife news.

What should you be thinking all that coming up on?
The Knife Junkie podcast.
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.
Your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting.
Here's your host Bob the knife Junkie de Marco.
Welcome back to the show.
This week I've been posting a lot of new videos about new knives coming through and coming across my desk, but this week in this week's pocket check, I got some old tried and true trusted faithful knives in my pocket.

And, well, I'm happy to show them to you right here.
Make sure that after I finish, you pause the video and type down below.
Let me know what you're carrying.
That always helps me discover new knives.
I rely on all of you to help me stay informed with what the latest coolest stuff is.
Alright today I'm carrying a a a modern classic, the Demco 8020 featuring the shark lock.
This is the MG version.

MG means machine ground.
That means that Blade was profiled on a machine and then the actual cutting edge was put on by hand in the grinder.
This knife is the first knife by Demco to feature the shark lock, which is an extremely extremely strong lock.
It's right up there with his triad lock if you ask him now.
I haven't done any of the tests and I believe him.
The triad lock is an amazing lock lock back lock that constantly through use gets even better because the notch that is provided for the Tang to.
To or the tab to drop into?

Well, look at the video, but this is kind of right up there because it's got a spring pushing a plunger right up against the Tang of the blade, so it's always forcing forward and and then through the use of the knife.
It's it just strengthens up the lock up.
Plus it's a great great fidget knife if you have if.
If that's part of your knife making criteria not knife making but knife collecting.
And carrying criteria.
How fun it is to use this one is way up there.
This cost me a pretty penny.

Over 400 bucks, if I recall correctly, so this is an expensive one, but they do make a much more readily available 8020.5. It is smaller, kind of in almost every dimension.
It's thinner, it's got grivory.
It's made overseas in Taiwan.
And uses US 10 blade steel and can be had for like 130 bucks.
I believe if you wanna scratch that itch and it also comes in this beautiful clip point and they're they're awkward but charming sharks foot, which is a sheepsfoot blade.
So I highly recommend a a demco sharks foot or or shark lock knife.
Whether you go all out and find the 8020 or even get a custom which is really going all out or you find the 8020.5 at at a dealer and get that.

Plus the cool thing about the 8020.5 the more readily available model is that there are scads of people on the secondary market.
Or in the ancillary knife markets making handles, we just spoke to someone transparent knives, who does a lot of red blades for the 8020.5 so it's one of those knives that is really going in the direction of self customization.
So great knife, great luck and we're we're we're lucky to have such innovators in our country.
All right Next up on my hip.
I had the tried and true voodoo made by Kramer custom knives.
Have been carrying this one quite a bit, remembering that this is a great spring and summer knife and where I live here in Virginia, it's gone immediately to summer this weekend, so this one gets a lot of carry.
You can see how if you're if you're watching on the side that touches my comes closer to my skin that's this side here.

You can see how it's a little bit darker north of where the sheath protects the micarta so you can see how the.
How my personal moisture has gone lovely has gone into that micarta.
Anyway, I like how micarta patinas so I wanted to show that off.
But this is a very thin very slicy hollow ground clip point blade or upswept Persian blade.
That's what Eric Kramer calls it.
I prefer to call it a clip point.
Doesn't matter, but very, very sharp on that primary edge.

Very thin behind the edge on that primary edge and then the swedge.
I had him sharpen that that comes to a much more oblique tearing, splitting, gouging, kind of edge more than a slicing edge on the primary.
A great knife for self defense if you needed it.
I have it set up to draw in reverse grip like this, but also just a great knife.
This is 154 CM blade steel.
One of my absolute.
Favorites and does a great job in utility.

Kind of just EDC tasks.
I've viewed this.
I have used this one for such things.
Oftentimes my my daily fixed blade carry is kind of strictly tactical and I don't don't ever end up carrying pulling it out unless I'm going to use it for something you know.
Just fiddle around with it, but this is one of those fixed blade knives that I will pull out and use just for everyday tasks.
This and the hog tooth tanto.
Get that a lot.

Uh, yeah, Eric Kramer?
Custom knives.
Check them out on Instagram.
I would say that these are custom fixed blade knives that are definitely worth the investment.
They are not this this.
Was a little bit more expensive than I've paid recently in fixed blade custom knives, but well, well worth it.
About the same cost as this knife here, so I was walking around with an expensive loadout today, but I guess that's that happens a lot all right.

And lastly, my my usual these days in the left pocket.
Is the Jack Wolf Knives laid back?
Jack I'll just show you briefly.
You've seen a lot of this knife.
I think there might be a few left at dealers, but man, they're going like hotcakes.
As is expected.
The last one, the gun stock Jack, went quickly, but I think this one even quicker.

I think everyone in the world loves a sway back.
I do.
I love a sway back.
It's probably my overall favorite pattern of of traditional.
Slip joint blade.
What he's done here or a knife.
I should say what he's done here is calm down that upward curve of the handle there's it's still there you can still see it and you can still feel it but it's it's a lot less pronounced and I like that because in the normal grip a normal sort of Saber grip where you have the edge down and you're

just using the tip it or it keeps the tip oriented in a in a in a place to use it for utility cuts in a you know those kind of pulling cuts.
In an easier way, you don't have to torque your wrist in any way, but you still get the benefit when you flip it around.
Like this sway backs are are are great for reversing the blade for a sort of pairing motion, or if you're whittling a sort of carving motion and having the blade the edge face use so you get the both benefits here.
Oh, Speaking of micarta patina, this one, this one's patina ING nicely, I was almost tempted to put oil on it, but I'm not doing that.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to see this thing.
I'm going to see this thing through and it's starting to 15 and nicely on its own.

I'm a big nerd.
You know this has inner integral bolsters and liners of titanium integral, meaning that the bolsters are not soldered onto the liners, so integral has a slightly different meaning for a slip joint knife than it does, say, a modern folding tactical locking blade.
One other great feature on this knife is that full height hollow ground M390 blade.
Very thin, very slicy and then you have this great sharpening notch here that triangular sharpening.
Much, which is not only handsome but will allow you to sharpen all the way up to that top apex of the triangle and still have a thin and slicy edge.
So just a fantastic knife.
And man, it's been a pleasure carrying this on the daily see before.

Before I started with the laid back, I mean with the Jack Wolf Knives a couple months back I was not in a slip joint phase, a slip joints just weren't playing into my daily carry and now they're back.
Which means on the daily on a daily basis, I have full representation of my knife situation here with a with a locking front right pocket knife, a fixed blade knife on my right hip and then a slip joint in my front left pocket.
So I feel the family's all reunited.
And things are working great again, so that's what I was carrying today.
What were you carrying?
Let me note.
Are you a fixed blade knife carrier, daily fixed blade knife carrier?

If you are, let me know what that is.
That's always interesting to me.
How people solve the fixed blade problem.
It took me a long time, but now I have like I have my preferred carry spot and everything seems to work there nicely.
And if I were to actually need a fixed blade knife for a defensive purpose, it's set up for that.
And then if I need something a little more robust than whatever pocket knife I'm carrying, I have it on me.
And The funny thing is, is that that just does not come up in my daily life.

But if it does, I'm ready.
Let me know what you were carrying today.
Drop a comment down below.
We are going to be doing another gentleman junkie knife giveaway as we do every month on the 3rd Thursday of the month on Thursday night.
Now I have not decided what that's going to be, but it'll be a good one and.
Who knows what else might get thrown in this last gentleman junkie giveaway, we threw something in that was a cool little extra that showed up on my door.
They sent me two.

I kept one and I gave the sent one along.
I'm going to show you that in the state of the collection we'll get to that in a minute, but I want to talk to a a recent knife that I've gotten and shown off quite a bit that I I absolutely still love and that's this.
This is the goose works.
Resco instruments that the watch company has a little knife subsidiary, called Goose Works.
This is the goose works Mekong Delta combat folder.
Now I saw this originally on naff Sergeant.
Channel and he had gotten wind of this and thought it was he got a little bit of bad information.

And thought it was an American made knife and I I saw it fell in love with it from his initial impressions video and ran out and bought it like immediately before the video was even over and it showed up with no pomp and circumstance.
It was wrapped in foam paper and taped to the inside of a priority USPS box with no card, no receipt, no box or anything.
And I loved it.
It was like, ohh, this is like some dude just made it pulled it off the mill, wrapped it up and sent it to me.
So a bit of Mystique got built up around this very stout and large.
Washer knife that really does feel like the mix of a Chris Reeve sebenza and a Spartan harsey.
Spartan harsey folder.

Come to find out.
A couple weeks later through NAP Sergeant who who got some more information that this is actually made by bestech?
And, uh, some of the mystique has melted away.
I gotta say now, don't get me wrong, I do love best tech and I do understand the need for an American company to use best tech as an OEM.
And you know to make the the knives they want to make and sell.
And they never said on their website that this was made in the USA, so I cannot say that it's false advertising or anything like that, cuz in the sense they might just be making the knife and selling it, and with no pretense, but it's it's.
It's made by a company that that boasts its lineage, which is a bunch of a couple of old frogmen, you know a couple of Old Navy seals or from the days when they were called frogmen, making watches and making knives.

And I I just assumed that was my.
Problem I assumed from what naff Sergeant said and from the story behind the company that this was American made by someone with dirty hands somewhere in North Carolina or something like that but.
It was made in China by someone with dirty hands, and that's fine.
It is an outstanding knife.
I still adore it and love the feel of it.
It really does have a super sturdy feel and and it feels dense even though there's a lot of lightning pockets on the inside, you know.
It's just an American designed knife made in China, but executed in such a way made in such a way that it feels like a typical stoutly built hard use American knife on washers so and it uses CPM 20 CV, and it looks like it was kind of like stamped in there.

It it?
It just they did a really good job of making it look not like a best tech.
So here's the best tech and and whoever designed this knife.
Whatever the the old frog man is, who designed this knife?
I still love the design.
And it's it.

This does not reach the Jake Hoback level of deception in any way.
I I think Jake Hoback was was was very.
Uh, you know?
Well, dishonest I guess is the way they said dishonest through a mission and this they never said anything about it's about its lineage and they never didn't.
You know they never.
Whatever, I'm just gonna leave it right there.
Still love the Mekong Delta combat folder and starting to not care that it was made in China.

Would I get another one?
The answer, of course is no all right Next up.
On the Knife Junkie podcast we're gonna take a look at the knife Life News Gerber seems to be getting it right and I have a new one.
We're gonna look at the state of the collection.
A couple of things that were sent here that I really dig.
And then we're going to talk about if you only have one fixed blade knife.
I know a lot of viewers and listeners of this show are much bigger into folders and I want to talk a little bit of fixed blade knives.

But before we go there, I just want to say thank you so much to our Patreon patrons.
It's really been helpful.
We've been using that money to.
Pay for the show and I'm going to be using it to pay for some upgrades.
I need to get a new microphone that's just the start.
I need a new table because this happens I I need a whole bunch of stuff and the funds that come in through Patreon really help us wage or really help.
With the cost, I don't know what word I was searching for there, but it was big and fancy.

So thanks guys.
I I really really appreciate it and I just want to bring you more and more of this great content.
So if you want to help support the show go to the knife, junkie.com/patreon or ZAP this thing right here.
QR code again that's the knife junkie.com/patreon.
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast.
And now.
Here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.

So with the release of the zilch by Gerber that I've sort of got just accidentally or or or impulsively, that's the word I'll use.
It seemed to me that Gerber was starting to make good on their promise of a new Gerber.
And what I mean by that is a few years previous they came out with the with the Flatiron and a bunch of other knives that were much more in tune with, especially the blade.
Shapes, but with the designs that knife people like, not just big box customers who need a knife, you know they started to get a little bit more savvy with their designs and then the sills came out and though it was made of very inexpensive materials, showed tons of promise, I I do really like the
A great profile, great blade shape, great grind, great ergonomics.
Everything about it was great, it was just cheap, cheaply made so.

I I put a video out about that and then they sent me this a duo to check out and I really liked the sadula and.
And so I believe that they are back on the right track after many years of not being so, and they're bringing out knives in better materials with much better designs.
OK, that is the background.
So Gerber just came out with the savvy.
Now this knife.
From the knife news.
Article looks pretty damn good.

There are a lot of design cues and and that we see in the zilch.
The overall profile, except here they've gone with a more worn Cliff style bellied, worn Cliff style blade.
But the handle looks a whole lot whole lot like the zilch and I loved the handle on the zilch.
It was very, very comfortable while being quite neutral.
You have, you have the finger guard up front, which I always appreciate.
Appreciate personally.
And then you have a long straightaway that flares towards the back.

So just a great neutral handle.
Excellent for all grip styles, even reverse grip.
I'm looking at that great landing pad for your thumb there.
And in this savage, in the savvy they have gone.
They have upgraded the materials OK, so the red one we were looking at before is aluminum.
And then here we see a marbled carbon fiber just beautiful.
This is beautiful, nice looking clip, not deep carry, but it does look like a nice looking folded clip.

It's got a little bit of jumping on it for pulling the blade out and then you've got a thumb stud.
It looks like a single single sided thumb stud.
And then you have an Axis style bar lock.
Now axis style bar locks have been very, very common since the patent ran out for bench made and people people.
Different companies have been.
Doing it great, I think it's a pretty relatively easy and robust lock style to get dialed in.
I think the biggest issue has always been the Omega springs.

I have never broken an Omega spring knock on wood, but that's because probably I have tons of knives and rotate them in so frequently that nothing gets too much use.
This is exciting to me.
This savvy.
I really want to get my hands on it and check it out, because if it's anything like the silk, just higher quality I'm I'm in, I'm in.
I love the look of it.
I do love aluminum knives but also that shred carbon fiber looks great and I love what they did with the blade shape.
The drop point on the zilch is very very nice, but to me this this Warren Cliff is a much more useful shape and also I just like the way it looks and you're asking, well, what is the Blades deal?

Well the blade.
Deal here is CPM 20 CV, which is awesome.
I love 20 CV steel.
It is the American version of M 390. If you want to put it that way or an American made M390 style recipe.
That's why I just prefer it over M 390. Otherwise, I personally actually honestly couldn't tell the difference.
They both are kind of a pain in the tuchus to sharpen from my perspective so but both very robust deals you're not going to have to sharpen that often so I'm really excited about this knife.
This savvy, I think it's a good name.

I think they're becoming more savvy with their designs and such and I hope they continue that way.
This is this made in the USI don't know.
I hope this thing is made in the USA because.
The Cedula, which was one that I I did a a a video on recently.
Was made in the USA and really really excellent.
An excellent pivot lock is what they're calling it.
They're their take on the axis lock worked very, very well.

And yes, this is made in the USA.
I'm looking at the at the picture here and you can actually read it.
So very excited about this model.
I hope to feature it here on the channel.
All right Next up.
This knife we featured this on Thursday night Knives and it just puts a smile on my face.
This is from James Brand, the James Brand and you know there are a company that I always talk about.

Being the the hipster brand because they're are lifestyle company.
They they are made up of designers or started by a designer who I believe came from Nike so so their idea of.
Of does product design and and and what a product line is is a little bit different from just pure knife guy.
And so it brings in different influences.
I like to diss them because it's fun but they do some really cool and interesting work and but this is the hippest knife ever to exist.
This knife here.
This little fixed blade knife here is made specifically.

For opening Vinyl records, this is specifically for drawing across the opening of a an LP record.
You know that little opening on the side and just to split the the split the cellophane so that you can leave the cellophane on the record but have a perfect slice down that down that opening.
It's a knife that you didn't know you needed, but if you are a hipster and you have or if you're old like myself and you still have a bunch of LP records, I got rid of mine a long time ago.
But if you're an audio file and you do have a record collection, this is the knife for you.
It's called the Abbey, and I can only imagine that's after Abbey Road, the greatest Beatle album in my opinion, and I don't have much of a strong one on the subject, but I love that album that Abby is A is it is the perfect little worn Cliff for your record opening needs.
Is this something we need?
No, but I mean, do we need any of these things?

Do we need anything more than a buck 110?
That so a cool thing about this is that the handle is not made from G10 or micarta or what you might expect, but from recycled record vinyl which is pretty cool I think so.
It's all in keeping with the theme of the knife, and it's got that cool little fob on the end.
Any audio files out there?
Let me know down in the comments.
Is this something you're going to buy?

If you're actually?
If you're listening to this right now and you are an audio file and you like and you have a bunch of records, you have to get one of these and then you have to report back in and let me know how that little worn Cliff does at slicing the record.
Now it's very small, so maybe that's the whole point.
Very, very small.
You're not going to overshoot and and risk scratching the grooves of that record and and then, if you're one of many of the listeners or viewers here who don't even know what I'm talking about, a record is like an MP3.
In the real world, it's like a tangible MP3 that you can pick up and break and you gotta put it on a another tangible machine that will play it so that you can hear a music sounds.
Alright, that is what we got for the state of the collection.

I or not, the state of the collection for knife Life news.
I'm I am excited about Gerber I. I hope they they continue with this.
And start a robust US line of knives.
I think they've already begun.
I can't wait to check out the savvy and James Brand.
Thank you for always always supplying interesting color.
And interesting knives for all of us.

OK still to come on the knife, Chucky podcast, state of the collection.
We're going to take a look at two items sent to me by a company called Daily Carrico.
Kind of pretty cool, impressive things.
And then we're going to take a look at fixed blade knives if you only get one.
What should it be?
Alright, all that and more coming up on the Knife Junkie podcast and now that we're caught up with knife life news, let's hear more of the Knife Junkie podcast.
I received one of my favorite types of emails and that's the type where a interesting company reaches out and says we have an interesting product.

Are you interested in checking that out and oftentimes I say yes, and if it's not in my I get a lot of stuff that's way not in my line at all.
I'm not sure what people are thinking and I'll say no.
Thanks, you know.
Send it to someone else, but in this case this was a really cool one and this company daily carry code that's based.
In Utah, I think they design their stuff in Utah and then have their stuff manufactured overseas.
Uh, they said we have this thing called.
Let me get the little package in here called the tie pick.

Do you want to check it out?
It's a titanium toothpick.
And I said, well, of course anything titanium, and so they sent this to me, comes in a cool little box here.
Pull it out and this is the tie pick.
Now this is something that you can put on your key chain, or you can throw a fob on it whatever, because it is pretty small.
It'd be easy to lose if you didn't put it on a key chain or something like that, but all you do is unscrew this end.
To reveal a. This is an airtight.

There's a little gasket there, a little airtight.
Tube and then you screw this on.
This way it's very small so it's kind of hard to get there we go and then you have a little toothpick.
Look at this thing, it's tiny, but it comes to a very acute point.
It's really did I say it comes to acute point or an acute point.
I mean an acute point, but it is kind of cute.

I guess we were out at a barbecue the day I got this and I was like, oh, I should bring this and I just didn't.
I just kind of left it on my desk and ran out the door.
Cut to an hour later.
My daughter is complaining that she has corn on the cob, wedged between her teeth, and if only we had a toothpick.
So yeah, this is going on my going back on my key chain.
When I got home I threw it on my key chain for purposes here.
I took it off, but just a cool little thing that you know you didn't know you needed until you needed it.

Say you don't have your Swiss army knife on you?
Well, you have this on your keys all the time.
I don't currently have a classic Victorinox classic on my main key chains.
I do my work keychain, but my other one I don't so this this is going on there.
Right next to the Kershaw launch.
I think it's very cool.

Thank you.
Daily carrico.
They sent me to the other one we we threw in the giveaway on Thursday night.
The other thing they threw in the package is way cooler.
I mean I, I really like the tie pick titanium nano toothpick him but I like this a lot better.
They put in there a creation they call the mag blade and this is designed by whomever designed the tie pick and manufactured somewhere.
Overseas so it is grade 5 or series 5 titanium and M390 blade steel, so it's got this super clean look.

Look at this when I got it.
I hadn't really done my research and I was like.
What how do we?
How does it?
And then I realized it opens like this.
It opens kind of like a butterfly knife just on a perpendicular axis to A to a traditional butter fly knife.
So here we have the Kerch Kershaw, Lucha, and you see the handles cover the edge and the spine well on this knife you have a similar rotation, except just on a perpendicular axis, and the and the handles cover the left and the right side.

And encapsulate the spine and the blade.
So just like you can flip this knife, I don't have a lot of room to do it.
It's a big one, but just like you can flip this knife open.
This knife here.
The mag blade you can do the same thing.
So what you do is you put it in your hand and you Orient the little finger groove towards you and then you just kind of break it apart.
Break the magnetic thing apart and then you flip it like you would a butterfly knife.

Now it takes a little getting used to because those handle scales are flat and not rounded.
Relatively speaking, like you would have on a butterfly knife on a regular ballet song, but.
You can, if you kind of handle it loosely.
And you're not doing it under a camera.
It's a really cool knife.
I really love this thing.
I I gotta say, I looked at the website once I got it and and I determined being realistic that if this were just on paper and I I hadn't have looked at it, I would probably pass on it like you know, just someone told me about the knife and be like.

But man, I don't know who who they had make this, but whoever made this did a beautiful job and the knife itself is actually very comfortable in hand and useful.
It's got this really Great American tanto blade and on the website it says it's M390 blade steel.
It's very well ground, very sharp.
It does have the geometry more of a wedge.
It's a you know behind the edge it it does.
It does come in at an oblique, more oblique angle, but it's super sharp on the tabletop.
I did a close up video of this and posted it on this past Saturday and I showed just cutting through paper.

I can make.
I can make continuous curves with this so it it it is wickedly sharp.
It's just not necessarily a sleazy as some knives are.
That secondary tip extremely useful.
I also showed how you can use it percussively, but that's more of a tactical thing.
You know tactical fighting thing with this?
That's not this kind of a knife, but if you had to press it into that need, look at this.

I mean, it's great in reverse grip edge in is how I would probably use it or edge out.
It's fine too.
You've got a four handed grip for me, I mean A4 not handed 4 fingered grip full 4 fingered grip and then you have a spot for your thumb.
You could use this in a pinch I always I always think of knives that way even the most EDC of EDC knives.
Just just where my area of interest lies, and so if you needed this as a tactical knife it would be fine, but I think what I'm going to do.
Is keep it where I had it so I I dropped it in the front pocket of my backpack that has pens and there's a binder clip in there which I should definitely remove.
Other pocket knives string all sorts of crap so I threw it in there to bring it to work because I was going to fidget with it while I was editing and it acquired snail trails in the process and I love snail trails on on just plain titanium, so I'm going to put this back in there and let it be.

Uh, just a daily carry, but a daily bag carry.
This could also work well in a pocket slip.
Whoops, a leather pocket slip like you would carry a slip joint knife, but just a really unique and and cool knife.
I suspect it's made by one of the better OEM's.
The cost of this knife is $200 or 199 bucks.
I. You're you're asking, is it worth it?
Bob, I'm gonna say yes.

If you consider other three inch OEM.
Knives made of titanium and M 390 worth it.
This also has a bit of different kind of engineering here, so I think with the magnets and everything.
Oh by the way, here are the magnets that hold it shut on both sides.
So maybe maybe a little pricey.
Because and and I, I'm only thinking that way because when I'm spending 200 bucks on a pocket knife, it's usually not a 3 inch pocket knife.
It's usually bigger.

And so in my mind it makes that more worth it, but.
If you think this is cool, if you think this is a cool design, I would go for it.
It is a an interesting company making interesting things, small and out of Utah, and this knife is really good.
I just I really like it and it would be cool to see this with a few different blade shapes.
Love to see this with a worn Cliff.
I'm not sure how that would work, you know?
Take a little bit of redesigning of that handle, especially right here, but I'd love to see this with different blade shapes as well.

So very cool thing.
Two very cool things from Daily carry Co. Check them out daily.
Carry co.com.
All right, so that's it for the state of the collection.
It's nice to have.
Sometimes it's feast or famine around here and it's nice to get new things coming in that that I'm not expecting.
This is actually something I forgot that was coming and I didn't even know the knife was coming and.

And then other times I have weeks where a bunch of knives that I may have purchased or traded for or am receiving as loaners all come in at once and I don't know what to show.
There's so much so it's it's funny the the rhythms of how the knives come through here, all right.
So the main topic of conversation today, I want to talk about fixed blade knives and this is something that's been brewing in me for a while because frequently I will say when I'm doing a fixed blade knife, close up video, or talking about a fixed blade knife.
Thursday night knives.
I'll frequently say if if you only get one fixed blade knife, because I'm aware that a lot of people are folder only collectors, I'll say if you only get one fixed blade knife, it should be this.
And I feel very strongly everyone should have a fixed blade knife.
Whether you're a collector of anything or not.

Like what I'm saying is, even if you're not a knife person at all, every household should have like a K bar or some fixed blade knife in it.
And actually, that's the first one I'm going to recommend.
But before we get to that, I want to show you the knife that didn't quite make the list, but it has been my one and only before I acquired a collection.
This was the one fixed blade knife that I took with me.
Everywhere I lived, you know, I lived upstate New York and then Philadelphia and then New York City and then Virginia.
Every apartment, every house, every place.
I lived, every bed.

I slept in.
This was the knife that was next to me.
And this is the master tanto by cold steel knives still in that old 1987 leather sheath.
That's about to just fall apart.
A great great fixed blade knife.
Those scratches on the bevel you see is something I did to this knife after years of having it pristine.
And I had used it for various things, camping mostly, but I tried to make a kydex sheath and scratched it up anyway, this knife has been with me through thick and thin.

That sounds corny.
It's not like I was in out in battle or anything with it, but this has been with me the whole time.
I this is not making the list because there's a different cold steel that I would recommend over this if you're only getting one.
So I just wanted to show this off the the cold steel master Tonto.
I've talked about this a million times.
This is one that was made in Japan and just a great great knife.
The first expensive knife I ever bought.

Way back, way way back in high school.
Also the handles on these cold steels that have especially this one is pretty aged.
You start to feel the rubberized handle start to feel a little sticky like I don't know.
Like maybe you don't want rubberized handles for too long.
Like you know what I mean?
Start like, feels like it's almost breaking down.
What's not breaking down is the handle on this knife which.

Is probably the knife.
I would say you have to have if you're not a fixed blade knife person, but you want to get a fixed blade knife and that is the USMC K bar or any version of the K bar.
This one is a early 90s release that my brother got for me.
I think he got this from my graduation from college.
So so in any case he got this for me way back in three or 94 and it is a AK bar that they they dusted off the design of the original K bar that was made for U.S. Marines in World War Two.
So they copied the sheath as it was then with the staples and the stitching.
Beautiful leather sheath.

And then they made the knife just like they made it back in those days.
So here it is.
Ah, such an excellent knife.
So back when they did this rerelease they put a double edge on it like it was originally.
This swedge is very sharp.
Here comes to a very sharp edge.

It making this an excellent fighting knife.
That Bowie shaped that hooking shape?
I know a lot of people have used sharpened swedge knives like this and the Randall made number one in this grip when they're fighting, so they'll taking advantage of that curved clip and it's a really nasty thing to come in contact with.
If you're slashing, you can still stab and thrust like this.
But if you're swinging and slashing, instead of having the blade glancing away from what you're swinging at with that upward belly, you're gouging in tearing like a like more like a talent.
So I think they called that the Randall fighting method holding the blade like this, but in any case, this particular model, like I said, is an old one, but but you can get all manner of K bar these days.
They make them with.

It's still with the with the leather stacked handle.
They also make them with composite handles.
You can get one in D2 blade steel, but most of them are in that Crovan 1095 coated and with an unsharpened swedge.
Unsharpened swedge is a little bit better for utility.
Also, the Swedge is a little straighter on the on the more modern K bars, but that sharpened that unsharpened swedge allows you to put pressure on the back of the blade.
It allows you to baton.
It allows you to do a lot more utility stuff than having that super sharp back edge for half of the blade does.

So if you're only going to get one knife, get A1 fixed blade knife, get OK bar for sure, and you know this is.
This is assuming you're not an outdoorsman, because if you were you'd probably have fixed blade knives anyway and and you just want something around the house.
This is great for utility.
You could use this in the backyard on, you know your Sunday, clean up or whatever, but also great to have next to the bed for for whatever eventuality.
So the the K bar.
The USMC K bar in this case.
You can get the.

You can get the here.
I'm going to keep these off screen.
They're so big.
So USMC K bar or the Navy version or the army version whatever.
Just get a K bar, another knife that falls a lot in that category that you might want to get if you're if you are a hunter or looking to get into the hobby.
Most people kind of grow up in the hobby, not the hobby, the activity, the lifestyle.
I guess I'll say of hunting.

But I guess there's the rare bird who just sort of starts late in life.
I wouldn't mind starting at some point just going out with other people who know how to hunt and learn how to do it and experience that.
But this is the buck 119. Another super classic.
I put this right after the the K bar.
I'll show it in the leather sheath first.
I put this right after the K bar because it is a classic.
It's one that a lot of people have passed down through their families like the kebar and.

And it is a very very useful knife both around the house and in the woods.
Alright, so here it is in its leather sheath.
It has this sort of very signature giant.
What do you call it?
Retention strap.
I love this.
It is a little awkward when you draw the blade out, but.

Here it is beautiful beautiful 1090 or what is this?
This is I'm sorry 420 blade steel just a beautiful blade shape and so classic.
OK, so you have a hollow ground blade, so nice hollow ground blade and then a very sharp edge look at.
So hollow ground, it does get pretty thin for how thick the blades deal is, but look at how broad the sharpened edge is.
That just means it comes to a super acute edge.
It's very very very sharp.
Straight from the factory, this was a gift to me for my birthday many years back.

I think it was many years back I think about four or five years ago a. One of my wife's cousins husband who who I I know but I don't know him that well and I like him.
I've always had great conversations with him during family get togethers.
He shows up to my birthday party with this and I was I was touched.
What can I say?
I was touched.
I'm like man, you're I always liked you, but now you're really awesome.
This is one of those knives that I used to look at in the glass cabinet at well.

We had a store back in Ohio when I was a kid called Uncle Bills.
There were some other stores like like you would see this knife in in hardware stores and and sporting goods stores and I would lust after it.
That clip point Blade was just like oh so incredible to me.
But all of that aside, it is extremely useful.
You say 420 blades deal.
Well, Buck does an amazing job with their 420. They're they're 110. They're one twelves all their standard models.
You know they do a lot of upgraded models these days, but all their standard models are in that 4:20 and it's awesome.

And they've been using it forever.
And by gum you don't need 20 CV blade steel to cut something.
The handle here is a is a resin.
I can't remember what it's called.
Always thought it was kind of funny how fat the handle is, but it's very comfortable and I I think.
And this is pure speculation on my part.
I think they made that handle so fat because it's a an inexpensive resin and it's very smooth.

So if your hands are covered with blood and viscera, and you're opening up an animal and and doing all your.
Obviously I'm not a hunter as mentioned, but you're you're dressing out an animal, you're you're opening it up and and it's your hands are getting slimy and wet and you have this very slick handle here.
Maybe having it really thick like that as thick as the guard helps keep it in hand.
You know, especially if you have big giant farmer hands and and you know you need something to hold on to.
That's just speculation.
What do you think?
Let me know.

Love that the classic aluminum ****.
Tap and or or pommel and and the asymmetric asymmetrical guard here, so you can put your thumb comfortably on the back of the spine without having to negotiate a big tall guard.
But down on the bottom you have a nice large guard.
In case you're using this in another way, this could easily be used as a as a combat knife.
I would imagine I might want a little texture, put some tape on the handle, but this thing could be used.
Is a in ways more than just fighting, so it's nice to have that guard there and to have that bird beak Palmer.
All right, so another great my only fixed blade knife is the buck 119. They have as I started to mention they have.

It's 35 VN and micarta versions that they've been that they've had out for the past couple of years now and their buck is doing really cool stuff with their premium models.
Also they have.
They've always had and you can get a premium version of I think it's the 1:20. It's a larger version of this knife.
So let me put this back in the sheath and move on to the next.
Now this is a much more modern knife, but really struck me.
When I got it and I mentioned it at the time when I did my reviews and I was showing off showing it off a lot.
On Thursday night, knives etcetera.

Is the Doug Ritter, RSK RSK stands for Ritter survival Knife Mark three.
So this is basically the fixed fixed bladed version of the mark, one that we all know and love the Hogue version of the grip of the Ritter griptilian.
So this uses the same blade shape, but before I get there, great nylon sheath and that is not something you hear me say frequently, but a really great nylon sheath coming from Hogue.
It's got a very very sturdy.
I mean like like I can't even compress it.
Maybe if I squeeze really hard it's got a very sturdy plastic lining that is ambidextrous.
Meaning you can drop the blade in either way.

And it's fine as opposed to this knife in which the blade has to go in a very specific way, you can't put it in like that, nothing more annoying to me than when you hand a fixed blade to someone, they pull it out, and then they put it back in the sheath the wrong way.
I'm like, dude, do you not have eyes?
Can you not line up that that very specific shape?
But I don't say that I just say I'll put it back.
I'll put it back.
OK, so the Hogue here has an excellent excellent nylon sheath.
And then it's got these Molly compatible straps here.

They're also very easy to put on.
It's a double strap system here so you can Molly it.
Or you can just put it right on your on your belt, but you don't have to pull your belt off to put it on, which I really appreciate you just unsnap it.
And goes right on and these snaps are very stout and sturdy.
And then it comes with a a nice length of paracord here and a little one of these things.
Compression things, but here's the knife.
A beautiful knife it is.

I have mixed feelings about the looks of this knife.
I'll be honest, but it it is beautiful in a in a sort of way like the sharks foot blade by demco is beautiful.
It is beautiful in its utility and it's also beautiful in how it Harkins, the RSK mark one the famous knife.
But then you look at the utility of this, and that's where the true beauty and this comes out.
Because this is a tall blade of well at the at its tallest part.
An inch and a half.
But of that flat grind is 1 inch and so it's very, very keen and slender behind the edge, making making a really, really nice slicer.

Now this is a survival knife.
So what would you be using that slicing for?
Well, you'd be using it for handling vegetation of all sorts.
Also for making fire sticks, you know those.
What do you call feather sticks for fire making?
For all manner of carving for trap making for anything you want you know people.
Think of survival knives sometimes as being big, thick, thick, robust blades.

This has a decent blade thickness, but really what you're getting is a super slicing machine here in a very it's not a machine tool in a in a very stout build here and that's S 45 VN, which means it's a little bit tougher than FS35 VN and.
35 yen was a blade steal.
Invented dissolve a toughness issue with S30V, so this is 15 more tough than S 30 in here S 45 VN all that being said, I I really can't tell the difference with the way I use knives.
However I have taken this out in the backyard as my you know, as my weekend outdoors knife just when I'm farting around clearing vines and that kind of thing and this thing is awesome for that it it does lack.
Size and that is 1234. It's four and hang on one 234 and a half.
Sorry I get stage fright when I have to count on camera.
It's got 4 1/2 inches of that 45 VN so when it comes to using it like I mentioned for vines, it's much better in this grip in this reverse grip and pulling than it is on some of my larger knives where I would just use them as a chopping thing with this.

I would put a lanyard on and then choke way back to use it as a chopper just due to its size, but this is a great overall one knife to have because you get a stout survival knife, but in a in a in a relatively swelt package and you get a whole lot of slicing out of it.
A whole lot of slicing in that tall flat grind.
Tall, thin, flat grind.
Another thing you're staring at right now is the handle.
The handle is very, very evocative of the RSK mark.
One pocket knife and that it has that those radiating sunbeams coming from the pivot area or in this case that first grommet.
And so you have lines radiating.

In all different directions, so it's very, very grippy, very grippy in the hand, but they've knocked down the texture enough so that it's not annoying.
Lee grippy, so let me see if I can get the camera to focus on some of that texture.
There, there you go.
So you can see texture in all directions.
Meaning if your thumb is pushing this way, you've got something to catch you.
If it's pulling back what that way you have something to catch you if it's going downward, you got a lot to catch you.
If it's going upward, you have a lot to catch you, so just really great patterning on the handle.

Here you got a little exposed in the pommel for not knocking all right Next up.
Is the.
Put this back in.
The thing is the street Bowie.
I'm going to show this in no.
Yeah here we go.
Here it is with the Spyderco here.

Here is the Spyderco St. Bowie comes in this nylon sheath that.
Rattles a little bit.
It's not very tight, but this is a great great, fully flat ground Bowie blade and this reminds me of a small version of much smaller version of the cold steel Vaqueiro Grande.
Or enough Vaquera Grande one?
Am I talking about of the?
The of anyway, I'll I'll.
It'll come to me.

This reminds me of the large, fully flat ground Bowie knife by cold steel that I love so much that I can't remember the name.
Uh, not the Natchez, but the other one, so you get a lot of performance out of this knife.
In terms of this is a VG10 blade, steel this.
It's a very useful utility blade with that full flat grind with the coding and with the VG 10. VG 10 is very corrosion resistant and you can get a wicked edge on it, but it's also pretty easy to sharpen so you can use this thing pretty hard and bring it back to to true.
Pretty pretty easily.
Keeping up with it with the Strop and such, you've got a long run of jumping on the back for putting thumb, putting your thumb on and powering, making power cuts and slashes, and you've got a great great point.
So this is a a Fred parent design and born out of a tactical use.

A stackable Bowie blade that you can carry on the streets and use in self defense, but would make an excellent one knife knife, one fixed blade knife because it's just an extremely useful.
Of clip point design and executed really well.
Got a rubberized handle for grip and a nice contouring there.
Next, in the similar vein, is the SOG seal pup.
The SOG seal pup is one that seals actually legitimately use.
I've read and I'm like man, you're a seal.
You should use some other cool stuff.

You know there's some seals out there who have their own knife companies, but yeah.
And and I'm sure those get used a lot.
But this is a great knife because it's inexpensive and and you can beat the snot out of it as they so disgustingly say it comes in a nylon sheath that had that is very good.
That has a big cargo pouch on it, but I've.
Swapped it out for this, uh, SOG.
Kydex a great clip point again and this one is AUS 8 Blade Steel.
You have a nice, uh, serrations there and very good grip.

Also, I think the things a looker I I've always loved.
The SOG designs, and so this is my dedicated backpack knife carry.
This is my backpack all the time.
If a fixed blade need ever arises, this thing is wickedly sharp.
It takes a very nice edge and and it's just really nicely done.
SAG when this thing, when this one was made SOG, was paying much more attention to knives like this, and I think.

In a much better job on knives like this than they were their folders at the time made in Taiwan an excellent excellent one blade knife do great in your backpack.
Do great in the woods and we'll also do great next to your bed.
OK, Next up is a big favorite of mine.
A recent big favorite of mine.
This is the off grid knives grizzly.
Comes in a great kydex sheath.
The cool thing about this is that it is a camp and kitchen knife.

You look at the shape of this big fat broad sax blade, and you can see how it can be used as both it in a pinch grip like this.
It is a great great kitchen knife.
You've got all of this knuckle clearance.
The OSS 8 Blade steel is great as a kitchen knife blade steel.
It's pretty robust for the purpose but but you can bring it back.
You can Strop it back or steal it back to true pretty quickly.
You've got a really nice broad blade.

I mean, what is this?
This is a 2 inch broad blade, and so you you make your you make your cuts, you cut your dice up your onion.
And then you scoop it all up on this nice big.
Surface here and drop it in your pan.
That's one thing I love about broad kitchen blades.
I always wanted that Mustaf Trident that was two inches thick for the same reason.
It's like a pal.

It's like a. What do they call it?
A cutting board blade and a?
It's like a A. It's like a scoop and a knife all in one, but you also have a very robust handle here with the contoured and textured G10, you can get a full finger grip on it and you've got the jimping.
This would be solid as an outdoors knife also.
So great camp and kitchen knife if you only need one and and you do those kind of things like travel, go anywhere where you might need a kitchen knife, but also might need a woods knife.
This is the one I love this knife.
That's the off grid knives grizzly.

Next up, I would be remiss if I didn't represent tops and I had.
I looked at all my tops and and they have dwindled in number, but this is one that I have used and will never get rid of.
I've used and used and used this one.
This is the text Creek and this is the original one.
They make a large version of it that I've never experienced, but I haven't needed to.
First of all, it's in this beautiful full grain.
I mean they make amazing leather sheaths, just a drop pouch sheath.

And here is the Blade Classic drop point blade with a with a swedge nice big top style jimping that feels great on your naked thumb or is grippy with gloves.
Also the palm jumping very important people forget about the palm jumping but it is very important so you got that there and a very nicely contoured micarta handle scale scales here how you got the coke bottle from that aspect.
You see the red liners and that quarter inch of quarter inch thick slab of 1095 very very comfortable.
Very, very useful to use.
I think it's one.
123 yeah, it's four and a quarter inches long, and then they make a 6 inch version of this.

The text Creek just an outstanding knife and one of the few knives in my collection that actually shows real where this is one that's hard not to use if I'm going outside and banging around.
Great knife OK. Text Creek by Tops Knives now.
If you're only going to get one knife and you want a super classic and you want to spend a lot of money and wait a long time to get it, or you you you go to knife center, some places that you can actually.
By them without waiting and ordering them.
That would be a Randall knife the the classic Randall knife.
Any one of them.
But there are a few that I. Think are more classic than others.

There's the number one the and there's the number 14. Those are my my two favorites.
They have a lot of others.
They have the number 2 which is the dagger which I love.
But if you're only going to get one, it's probably not going to be a dagger.
It's going to be something a little bit more universally useful, and so this is the number 16 SP number one fighter.
I'll tell you what that means.
This is the number 16 model, so it has the number 16 handle with the finger grooves and the longer sort of polymer.

Here it's a little bit longer than the 14. And the SP #1SP means special number one, meaning this is a number 16 handle and chassis.
But it has the number one blade.
So the model number one.
Is the most famous Randall knife that's the Randall knife from the song Randall knife.
That's the Randall knife that GI and World War Two carried.
And so this takes that blade and puts it on the 16 handle.
And this is something they've been doing for for a few years now.

And I just think it's amazing.
It's it's 440 steel and you're like, oh, 440 but they've been doing it for so long.
They they have it dialed in, they know what they're doing.
This is a slightly hollow ground blade, and that swedge, as all Randalls are, is sharpened.
All Randalls have of sharpened backside, almost all, even the ones that are more utility minded so.
This is a classic.
This is an heirloom thing, not that all of these aren't heirloom.

These will all outlive my you know.
Flesh bag here, but this is one that's kind of worthy of passing down.
In other words, when it comes time when I'm older and I decide I'm going to sell off a lot of my collection, this will be one that I don't.
This will be one that I give.
To my daughters, you know, and hopefully they don't just turn around and sell it to buy a purse or something.
But yeah, this is heirloom, heirloom quality and there are people out there who have.
Their own heirloom randals from family members who served and got those.

I think that's really cool.
Alright, so before I showed the master talento and I said that that wasn't making the list because there's another cold steel that if you're only going to get one fixed blade knife this is.
This is the cold steel.
I think you should get.
This is the SRK, the survival rescue knife from from cold steel.
This one is in SK five.
It's about.

I bought this one in nine in 20 oh six 2006 to put in a bug out bag that I made for my wife when she she had to move to London for a year.
This is before we were married and I made her a bug out bag in case she had to escape London and I'm sure this this knife is illegal in London 1000 times over but.
Send it over there anyway, just of of a classic at this point.
Here, we'll start with the handle.
It's got that crazy ex sort of rubberized.
Handle a coke bottle in cross section there or from the top and then here from the main aspect.
Very neutral handle so you can hold it in any any grip and it's 100% comfortable.

It's got that checkered kraton material there.
Nice big lanyard hole.
And a an excellent, excellently shaped clip point blade that is just.
Universally useful for all tasks, this would be great for batoning as it's got a sort of.
Well, it's got a a Saber grind flat Saber grind there, and a stout profile.
You've got a swedge that comes to a near edge, but you know if you wanted to sharpen that it's set up for that.
If not, you could still baton with it.

It might chew up your baton a bit because it is pretty acute there, and if you took it and whacked it against someone's forum, you might get it to split.
But uh, so you could go either way with that, turn it into a fighting swedge or or leave it as is and and have a more useful utility thing.
This is a 6 inch blade and just super super useful.
It might not get your heart racing.
It might look a little plain to you, but it does come in a number of different steels.
SK 5 is kind of their most inexpensive version and I think they have it in three V now.
So yeah, check this one out if you only want.

One fixed blade knife and and you trust in cold steel, which you should.
They're pretty awesome knives this SRK is awesome.
All right.
Penultimate knife.
In this list is my artec too.
This is an Ontario knife and tool knife and and this has turned into the SEC homeless but I'm going to show you my example.
This is pretty big, barely fits.

Uh, so.
This knife is standing in for all S knives.
This is an older one.
Like I said, this is before that kind of turned into SSE, but this is the our TAC 2. That as he hungus is the one that's this size and then they have all of the different sizes going down the SE 3 S. E5, and they're all really, really good knives and great for all around survival.
You've got a full flat ground, nearly quarter inch blade, and.
1095, which is tough and somewhat flexible.
And I don't want to say flexible, but is very very tough.

And then you have these micarta handles and it's big on this.
This is the big handle.
This makes me feel like a like a little kid when I hold it actually, but the SE 5 the S E3 and the other knives are are smaller than this and and actually more realistic for that one knife knife.
But I wanted to represent S knives here so I showed you with this.
Here's a little incidental story.
My brother has one of these.
He has the homeless.

And he was using it to chop wood and he chopped it into his calf.
And I'm not laughing, but it's kind of funny.
No, I'm just kidding, but he that was on his birthday or his wife's birthday and he had to go to the hospital and he kind of ruined the day with an SE knife.
OK, last up last up is covering 2 bases here and that's a brand.
And it's a type if you're A1 fixed blade only.
Person and you're not gonna get the K bars, just not quite enough for you.
I think what you need to do is just get a big Bowie knife and in this case I would also say if you're only going to get just one knife and you want to spend a little money, you could get just a bark river knife, whatever model.

But here I'm showing you both a large Bowie and a bark river.
This is the V 44 in a beautiful full grain grain leather sheath that comes with a frog.
So if you want to just slip this in the belt and have this little leather I mean this little steel nubbin hold it in the belt.
You can do that.
Or which is what I prefer.
Or you can keep it in this for belt carry.
Beautiful beautiful sheath.

Also when you buy them from Bark River they either come like this or you can get them treated for water and they come darker and they'll treat it for you.
But here is the blade.
Just a giant gorgeous Bowie knife, but not as big as some.
But based on that Marine Raider Bowie style knife with that big swelling blade there and then this one has the Moran style handle.
That's a fully sculpted horse hoof style handle.
That's what I call it horse hoof kind of looks like a horse hoof and it feels so amazing in hand.
And then if you use this thing to chop.

Which is a great application for this knife.
You can choke back and use this flare to hold it in your hands.
One of the USP unique selling propositions of the Bark River Knives is the fact that they do all of their edges convex.
So there are, you know, ever so slightly rounded, right before that edge makes it very robust.
Very tough.
This is A2 tool steel.
Also a tough steel, but it's a very tough type of edge for chopping and for all sorts of outdoor stuff.

So that's why I love bark river knives.
They have beautiful, beautiful designs, beautiful fit and finish.
And I just love those edges.
The edges are easy to maintain and they are extremely robust and for a large Bowie you can't go wrong with a bark river.
Bowie, they have a number of different bowies, but if if you're not in the market for a very expensive Bowie knife, cold steel makes some incredible ones and you can.
You can get a large Bowie from a number of different.
Reputable companies, including TOPS.

OK, I've gone long here I can.
I can.
I can hear Jim's eyes rolling.
Come on, Bob.
Just can Jim is the best alright, so here we go.
I'm going to jump out, but I want to make sure that you check out this week's coming up on Sunday.
The interview we do with Brian Kim of Transparent Knives.

He's a great guy.
Very smart.
We had an awesome conversation and he's got some very interesting things going on with hinderer knives that we talked about.
And man, it was great.
I really enjoyed talking with him and he's got a great perspective.
So definitely check out that show.
Also check out Thursday night knives.

Tomorrow night, 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Live right here on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.
And if you don't get all the way through this episode, well, I guess you have.
If you're hearing this, but you can always download the episodes to to.
The podcast apps you see to the right of my face alright for Jim working his magic behind the Switcher.
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Knives, News and Other Stuff Mentioned in the Podcast


Pocket Check

  • Kramer Custom Knives Voodoo
  • Demko AD20
  • Jack Wolf Knives Laid Back Jack


State of the Collection

  • DailyCarryCo Tipick
  • DailyCarryCo MagBlade


If You Only Had One Fixed Blade

  • USMC Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility Knife
  • Buck 119
  • Ritter Houge RSK Mark 3
  • Spyderco Street Bowie
  • SOG SEAL Pup
  • Off-Grid Knives Grizzly
  • TOPS Tex Creek
  • Randal Made Knives Model #16 SP#1 Fighter
  • Cold Steel SRK (SK5)
  • RTAK 2 (or any ESEE Knife)
  • Large Bowie / Bark River Knives V-44




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