In this week’s episode, Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco talks about his informal rules for buying knives for his wife or mom for Mother’s Day, as well as discusses five types of knives that you could get for your mom/wife, along with several specific knife recommendations. Mother’s Day is coming (Sunday, May 12, 2019) so listen up and be prepared.

The Knife Junkie’s recommended knives for Mother’s Day:

  • Opinell
  • Shun Kitchen Knives
  • Victorinox (Swiss Army Knife)
  • Syperdo Delica or the Dragon Fly
  • Small Fixed Blades (Cold Steel Urban Pal or the CRKT Minimalist)
  • Bonus Knife Type: Folding Pruner

If you’re needing to pick up any of these knives — or others — be sure to use our shopping links below. The Knife Junkie will earn a small commission that helps with podcast fees, etc., but you won’t pay any  more for the knife. It’s a great way to help support the show, so thanks!

Don’t forget to call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any questions or comments on today’s show. And let us know what knife you plan on getting for your mom, wife or daughter? Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know.

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Knives for Mom Top Knife Types for Mothers Day (The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode 28)

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? Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts Jim person involved the knife junkie DeMarco. Hello. And welcome to episode number twenty eight of the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the knife junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Welcome to another great one. We're gonna be talking moms and mother's day one of the special events coming up in the month of may and a lot of special things going on Bob during the month of may in addition to mother's day. There's Cinco Demayo the Kentucky Derby Memorial Day holiday lot. Lot of stuff in my my mother Earth Day comes right before mother's day. So it's a double whammy to gifts for her then. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. And and usually it's flowers will suffice for one of them because she loves flowers, and she's trying not to accumulate too, many things, you know, in the autumn of your years. You don't wanna keep collecting more and more stuff. So, you know, fem like flowers are good. But when you have a birthday, and then mother's day, you know, five days apart, you can't send two batches of flowers. You know, that's a lot of death. A witness as well. Well, what I've what I do for a lot of special occasions. Give them a plug, even though the not a sponsor of the show is Sheri's berries, my wife loves chocolate dipped strawberries out yet. And so do I. Yeah. And you can justify eating those late at night 'cause you can you can call it fruit. You know? So it's like health hall thought about that. So mother's day. We're going to talk about mother's day moms and knives with a with a special show, but just wanna kinda use this opportunity to remind our listeners, especially regular listeners will know, but our show production schedule is that we like to come out on Sundays, which is this episode, Cinco Demayo. So if you got any special Cinco de Maya plans for for today up we'll we're going to be making fish tacos. And I saw my wife got Bala tequila. So that means something not. Sounds like good anyway. So I just wanted to drop that let folks know that that's our normal production schedule we liked to try to get the shows out on Sunday. So that if you're finishing up your weekend, you can listen to it or it's it's indique-t-on waiting for you on first thing. Monday morning. If you happen to have to drive to that J O B, you can listen to the podcast in your car. Also wanna remind you that today's podcast is brought to you by audible, get a free audiobook download and the thirty day free trial at audible trial dot com slash knife junkie. There's over a hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone, your Android, your kindle, or even your P three player. Again. Go to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie, and Bob, I sauce some news yesterday or this morning. I can't remember when it was about case knives and forged in fire, which I know is one of your your favorite shows yelling at looks like a case is going to be featured on the neck. A couple of issues or the first couple of episodes of the of the new season of fortune fire. Oh, that's great. Because first of all that shows mazing, it's I just have to give an unsolicited plug yet. Again. I I love that show. It was a show. I was wishing for for a long time after years of watching substandard reality. I was like why can't they just do an timed edged weapon competition show, and boom there it is somebody stole your idea. Exactly. Well, I'm glad they did. Yeah. But they they do very little with folders on that show. They've done they've done a couple of challenges. Our people have to make friction folders, and I believe the had to make a big Nevada, you know, a Spanish style fighting knife, you know, with the with the ratchet lock and all that. But they've done nothing in the way of making slip joints, or or modern tactical folders on that show because it is a those aren't knives. That are frequently associated with the forging process as much as fixed blade always camp knives and stuff like that. Yeah. That's exciting. That's a good. That's a good partner. Case front. Partnered up with southern grind that Zac Brown from the Zac Brown band. That's his knife making outfit his his knife company out of Georgia. They make amazing small batch factory knives here in America. And they just teamed up with case, I believe it was last year to come up with a pretty racy look in folder something new for both brands so cool. All right. And don't want to let the cat out of the bag to or lay we won't confirm anything, but we are working on some forged in fire. Guest cast. Yes, indeed. We'll leave it right there. Yeah. I'm very very much looking forward to speaking to him slash possibly them. Okay. Just a couple of promotional housekeeping items, if you will before we move along, did, you know, the knife junkie has a newsletter comes out every Monday sometimes on Tuesday for running a little late.

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But if you're not yet on our newsletter subscribe list, we'd love to have you. Join the community go to the knife, junkie dot com slash subscribe and get to the newsletter. And if you happen to be listening to this podcast, somebody sent it to you. Maybe you're listening on YouTube, and you wanna actually subscribe on your phone or your podcast player podcast catcher app. Again, go to the knife, junkie dot com slash podcast. Subscribe. So for the newsletter, it's than I've, junkie dot com slash subscribe. And to subscribe to the podcast. It's that I've chunky dot com slash podcast such crime. So Bob mother's day as coming up. I've got a wife should I buy her a knife as a mom for mother's day. The answer to that is always. Yes. But I just I I've gotten. A lot of knives for my mother, my wife, my sister over the years, and I think I've gleaned a little bit of knowledge as to how to buy especially for my mom and just for mothers in general. And now, I have a have a couple of loose rules that that I've sort of you know, sort of acquired over the years couple of things that you have to consider your mother's age. How old issue what strength what kind of strength? Does. She have if you're buying her fixed blade. You wanna make sure that it's in a kayak sheath if it's in a kayak sheath it comes out without too much effort because he talked too hard on the kite sheath and and draw out a sharp knife. You don't know where that's going to that knife is going to end up at the end of that tug good point eases. Don't want any put anyone in dangerous situation. So something that has a relatively light pull on the sheath. Also wanna think about when you're buying for women? Do they are they into their nails? Some women are very into their nails or or at least take. Good care of them. Even if they don't grow them long and paint them. So you wanna make sure that if you're getting a folding knife? It's something that you can pinch open something that were where you don't have to dig your nail into that nail Nick and pull too hard 'cause you know, mess up the nails. Exactly. And you know, some of these GEC's are nail breakers there in there, you know, the spring very tight, and that's what you can do hard work with them. But we'll even I find it. Hard open some nice a lot of times. 'cause I keep my nails very very short. So I guess it's from either extreme, you know, long nails Verschoor houses is very difficult to get those things open. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So if you can find something that you can pinch open. That's that's a good thing to look for. And last of my sort of very general rules would be well, actually, there are two more remember that they don't have pockets. So you don't want to get something too big, you know, women's fashion is always, you know, pockets or the afterthought, and then lastly, don't assume pink or purple that was. I was thinking pink was one of your rules because we kind of touched on that last week and episode twenty eight and I've chunky dot com slash twenty seven twenty seven knife, chunky dot com slash twenty seventy said don't assume pink exactly exactly because you know, just because just she might be the most feminine person, you know, doesn't necessarily meet you pink, especially if it's a tactical knife. Some people want knife that looks like all business, you know. Well, and you mentioned you even you yourself have to pink knives and purple knife. And I'm fond of the pink and the purple as well. So I would like them. But again, don't zoom. What happens when you assume? Exactly. So let me get to my knife. I think I'm sorry. So you said you have five knives or I have have five knives. And a couple of our kind of general in other guy a couple of knives that could fit that category. Okay. But I have five in general. I'm gonna start with the open L number eight. Okay. And these are in. And these are in no order. These are no particular order, except this one happens to be by far the least expensive open ELS. This has been the same design. It's a it's a collar locking wooden a peasant's knife from France farmers knife. The design has been around for over one hundred years. They're very light, very inexpensive. You know, ten to fifteen bucks for for many of the models, and they come in a kind of ridiculous range of sizes of have about twelve different sizes from the one inch sort of key ring knife all the way up to their number thirteen has like six inch blade. It's huge. You know, it's it's comical, but the knives and sort of the middle. The number eight is is really the the one that everyone seems to gravitate towards it's like the perfect size. It's got a three in three in three and a half inch three quarter inch blade. I can't remember, which frankly for something exactly you can pick them up at REI or you. Get them on YouTube for so inexpensive. And you can get them screaming sharp, the blazers thin, they have a beautifully profiled a clip point blade. You can you can pinch these open.

10:01 - 15:01

I use a number ten which is a three and three quarters inch. But it's almost a four inch blade actually, an I customize the handles, you know, did some carving on the handle and stained it, and this is my going out to dinner steak knife. It makes a great great steak knife. And when you go to the restaurant, you don't have to hold onto that nasty damn handled Sauber's that the Hindu this came out of the wash. Who knows of it's even clean, and it's just gonna shred that beautiful piece of meat piddle that money for so the the openness that come in high carbon steel, which is what I like, you can build a patina on the blade. They look really cool or stainless steel. My my work food knife is the stainless steel open. Now, I don't have to worry too much about. It comes all the sizes. You can also get him in. You know, this is the traditional olive would handle, and that's pretty much how they how they come except you can get them with the some fancy kind of plastic handles that they've been doing recently to kind of update them. But if you're gonna get an open L, you get the original. Anyway, it's a great mom knife. Keep it in their purse, very light. It's great to pull out my mom, my mom and dad travel a lot, and this is their main sort of picnic knife and do picnics when they travel for lunch. Cut up the the cheese and salami mica thing exact is making me hungry. Just thinking about right now ESO, and it's a great. Yeah. Impromptu food. So yeah, the open very inexpensive the barrier to entry is low. You get this. You give it to them with something else. Maybe it's just an answer. Larry gift they throw it in their bag and forget about it until someone needs a knife. And boom, there's the openness. Yeah. Again, no particular order, but that's the first one we've got feel more the potential mom's day gifts. And Jim if I were to add another rule to my list of rules. That would be don't assume that your mother wants a kitchen knife. I recently offered to make my mother kitchen knife. And she said, I have kitchen knives. Aren't me something I can protect myself with which. As that's my mom made me threat the knife junkies. Mom, indeed. But that being said, a very nice kitchen knife is a nice gift, especially if you're mom appreciates and likes cooking enjoys cooking, something you should pay attention to is your mother's hand size. My mom is very petite and the knife that I would choose for myself is different from the knife. I would choose for her. If I were to get her a really nice kitchen knife just to have in the in in the in the block, that's always sharp and looks really nice. Maybe just feels really good in hand better than all the rest of the knives. I would get her like a paring knife or a boning knife. Something small that I know she's gonna use a lot instead of the big prize chef's knife eight or tenants chef's knife, aren't but I I would go for a shun shun is a is a kitchen knife brand by KAI? USA? Kyw USA is the is the umbrella group that creates Kershaw. Zero tolerance ochre shun and their kitchen knives are beautiful. I've I've had a set of them since well for twelve years since I wife, and I got married they're really great knives. The the blades stock is very thin. You can get them very very sharp. They don't hold an for super long. But usually, you know, you should be running your blade over steel every time you use it in the kitchen anyway. And then you won't have much of a problem. It's like strapping for kitchen knife. Okay. But these should knives. They have these mass decined blades, they look like, Damascus. They're not actually real Damascus or some of them. Have counted hammered finishes and beautiful handles neutral neutral handles. So you can you know, any kind of hand can can grip them well, and they're just beautiful finishes. Nice and they perform beautifully so maybe shun kitchen knife or or something in that realm special. She enjoys cooking. And enjoys being in the kitchen, and maybe is and I don't want to say this. So that's gonna come out sound like age discrimination, but a younger mom who may not have had time to accumulate as many good kitchen knives. Yeah. Actually that could be that could be or I'm thinking the other end of the spectrum you've had your same kitchen knives for so long, and they're tried and true. And somehow you've learned how to cut with them. 'cause they're they're dull is as all get out. Right. So here comes along this. Oh my gosh. You know, this is my fancy knife. It's like a lightsaber, you know, it's license at Dyson the end thrones makes treats for the kiddies, so shun shun knives are awesome and just just to mention tops knives. You know, the tactical knives spider cold steel, they may kitchen knives as well. I have not tried out any of them. But just from looking at him the cold steals. Like gin sues concentrated, cheap. They look like they'd be great in an industrial kitchen the spider coz, just kind of weird. Spider.

15:01 - 20:18

Coz all look weird. I love him. But they're just weird and tops. They look like you could you know, chop a tree down with them. So consider a nice kitchen knife, something like the shun get it all shiny, again remind you that today's up owed came out as coming out on may fifth Sunday fifth and mother's day is Sunday may twelfth. So depending on when you're listening to this. You've got a week or less to get your mom your wife, her daughter, a great knife for mother's day. We've gone through a couple and we've got three more. So what's next up on your spot? Well, the next is the ubiquitous Victorian ox. I could have you sell this product that the the Victoria Navas love it. Yeah. It's it's unrivalled. I think in in. I don't want to necessarily say utility because the leathermans are pretty sweet. But to me in terms of charm, have all these amazing tools on them. And I will note to me, the scissors the tweezers, and the toothpick are are the best you. Got great blade. You got all these other tools. You can get up and they come in a variety of sizes. You could get the tiny classic that gives you a lot of utility with five different tools. But if it's on the keyword you go up to the medium size. The tinker is just a great thing to have. I have one called the executive, and it's the same size as a classic. So it's very small, but it's wide. It's got a bunch of tools and even has a pen and a light on it to me. You know? That's that's like a great purse carry, you know. Yeah, I actually have as you know, several of the door knockers Swiss army knives and keep one in the car, and my wife has one she keeps on her car. And my daughter also has one I'm not sure she keeps it in a car, but I gave her one as well. I don't use the scissors, but the toothpick and the tweezers those are my two favorite parts of it amaze. And and you can get it. If you go on laid H Q or a smoking mountain knife works. You can find them in literally hundreds of different covers handles different customized handles. It's pretty amazing. Well, if you are wanting to get one of those four mom daughter, wife, or whatever you can go to the knife chunky dot com slash bait. Blade. H Q, and that'll take your over to blade HQ. And you can pick up one of those four for mom wife or maybe just yourself get too while you're at it. I might add him that something like, Victoria Knox is very unthreatening. You know, you pull that out of the. Yeah. People recognize it and they don't find it to be a weapon. Bright signs may be getting carried it in New York. Who knows? Yeah. Frawley probably not interesting several months ago he had to go to New York for about a week. And I didn't even think about it. I was kinda like you said when you live there kind of, you know, oblivious to the rules and regulations, I I had my Swiss army knife. I carried that one with me and said a little GC because of the toothpick and the other features. But I had that in my pocket every every day. I was out. You know to the hospital shopping down the street didn't even know you were a renegade. I could have been busted. All right. Three three down to go. What else we got from? I'm thinking a locking folder something that's a folding utility knife that locks. My mom is a very handy woman. She can handle a and the sounds patronizing. I don't mean it to be. So you know, she could she could use a locking knife. In other words, she does things rigorously enough that locking knife would come in handy for her a spider co Delica or Dragonfly are the first ones that pop to mind because they don't have complicated locks everyone. Everyone who's grown up with a grandfather or everyone who was born before nineteen eighty can look at a lock and see a back look at a knife. See a back lock in. No that that's how you close the knife. I've never seen. Anyone get confused by back lock. Whereas all hand someone a knife with liner locker a frame locker an access locker and there's like hallway how does this and the handed back to me. So if you want. That sort of utility that locking blade utility something like a Delica with three inch blade or just under and Dragonfly with believe, it's two and a half inch. They're they're light thin. They're not so expensive that if you lose it, you're gonna you're gonna cry. But you know, they come in a variety kind of charming. I don't know how else to put it in spider are not are not pretty they're charming. And so I I'm not necessarily spider co fan boy, I do like some of their their models. But for some reason, I just keep coming back to them and the the blade in particular. I'm thinking of is the Delica worn cliff. I could see my mom just using that to great effect because it's got basically a straight edge like utility cutter. All right. Sounds good choice. So what what did you say for last for last a small fixed blade, and I'm thinking in terms of this is going to sound more aggressive than? I mean it to sound, but like a small push dagger or punch dagger or a or a small neck knifelike CR KT minimalist, I'll get to the minimalist in a second.

20:18 - 25:02

But a push dagger is a knife that that has a handle that sits perpendicular to the axis of the blade. So it looks like a t and when you grip it on the small side of the t the blade protrudes from your fingers, and it's it's not something that's easily disarmed. And it's also something that's intuitive. You can punch or make a fist you can hold this knife. And be sure that it's not gonna fall out of your hands or be pulled out of your hands. You know, assures you can be about anything, I guess, so we've talked kitchen and basic utility up to this point. But this is really more for mom wife daughter, kind of more of a self defense type of thing if needed. Yes, that is how I I came to to think of these push taggers, but a great thing about. Them. I keep one on a key chain. And it's yeah. Of course, it's it would be used for defensive need be. But it's an incredibly handy tool. You can actually have the perpendicular blade. You can have that handle in your hand and do other things with your fingers and just have the knife kind of protruding. You can use a pen, you could fire gun if you needed to but you can use a pen you can manipulate tools. You can do other things in that knife is still in your hand with the blade projecting safely away from you. So it's actually it has a lot of utility a great utility properties. And if you get a with ceratinly, you can easily open up, you know, blister packages, or, you know, anything that that, you know, regular packages anything that your mom is going to be opening up. And then if heaven forbid, she feels unsafe about something she can grab it grip in her fist. And be sure about it. I mean that sounds a little crazy. But you know, you never know today's world you have to be prepared. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And and this comes from, you know. Hearing this from from older women from my mom and other people around where she lives something. I would add is on my little urban pal which is a tiny little inch and a half push dagger that I have on a spare keys. I do have a anytime. You have a fixed blade small fixed blade on a key ring fashion, some sort of an extra safety. So that doesn't accidentally pull out when his pocket or in your bag use use zip tie and fashioned ineffective. Little lassos that doesn't come out. The other thing is the the other knife is the spider co minimalist. It's a small fixed blade knife that it's three finger grip it melts into your hand. I've had a giants that I work with try it. And they love it. And I've had my mom try, and she loves it. So it's kind of a universal handle. It's pretty amazing. Okay. Yeah. So those are the two I would suggest for small plagues, I have one more bonus knife. But no specific suggestions. So the bonus one is a prune or if your mom likes gardening or has a green thumb Frunze. Are these have extremely curved hop Bill blades, and they're great for reaching a full stems and pulling towards you to great wave of pruning. So if your mother is into greenhouse stuff case knives or or G E C or rough rider open L even makes them, you know, I would say get rough rider because it's the least expensive. But it's weird handing your mother boxes has rough rider. So maybe maybe maybe you get an open L or a case first, and then graduate to the GEC. Okay. All right. Good. The good suggestions on kinda do a quick recap of the the five plus the bonus. Yeah. So I would say the most universal, and I would say at the top of my list, and then after this no particular order is the open L, and I would choose the number eight just the plain olive would handle with the with the stainless steel is probably the. Way to go because you don't have to worry about rust or anything like that. It's ten to fifteen bucks. You can get them on Amazon by the gross. You can get him super sharp. If you lose it. It's not a big deal. It's lightweight and very very utilitarian and officiant great travel knife, a shun kitchen knife. This would be a knife. You'd get a your mom on mother's day because it's a special knife. It's a knife. She would use when she's preparing a special meal, or it's the knife that only she gets to us. It looks beautiful with nice fit and finish. Got kind of a either a domestic scene finish or hammered finish very thin slices blades may shun. A back by say good choice. Always Victoria knocks. Everyone should have a Victorian or several. That's a Swiss army knife. They have many different combinations in many different knives. Different tool sets, the tools are all excellent.

25:02 - 30:01

I love the scissors amazing very acute the tweezers toothpick. Of the nail tool is great. The blades are always nice. You can get screaming sharp. And then I like the executive because it has the pen in the light. I would say get a for for mother who goes a little bit harder. I'd get a folding locking utility blade. Something like spider co Delica or Dragonfly something that she can pinch open or manipulate open one handed, but does not have a complicated. Lock. Where your finger has to be in the way, the blade is it closes. So I would choose the back lock because everyone can look at it recognize how to close it immediately. And unless you're hot dog in it, it takes two hands to close, and my pick would be the warning delicate because that Warren cliff blade offer so much recognizable. Utility you look at it looks like a looks like a razor. I also wanted to mention that fixed blade knife other small push dagger from cold steel or the CR KT minimalist. Both are inexpensive super super utilitarian. And then also very Suren hand if you have to pull it in an emergency. So. Oh, yeah. Those are my choices. Well, and if you're listening right now, and you need any of these knives. You can use the knife junkies affiliate links, and what that means is if you purchase from one of our affiliate links than I've chunky gets a small commission, but it does not affect the amount you pay you pay the same price. It just helps support the knife chunky podcast. You can go to the knife chunky dot com slash shop, Amazon or that I'm junkie dot com slash shop. Ebay or you can also as we've mentioned shop on blade HQ field supply or knife ship free. That's the knife chunky dot com slash blade HQ. I've junkie dot com slash field supply or the knife junkie dot com slash knives. Ship free, again, those are all the Phillies links, and that means that knife chunky does make a small commission, but at no extra cost to you. Just as a way to help support the knife, chunky dot com. Hot Casten, Bob. I I don't think your wife like my wife. Listens to this podcast. If you wanna let the cat out of the bag about what kind of knife, you're giving her this year or knives. You given her in the past this year. She's getting something a little bit more special than a knife. Because what's more special than a knife? Come on. Yeah. Special to her especially her dealer if that is a word, but in the past I've gotten her the most recent one that she really digs is the the Kershaw at mose. It's so stylish sink of styling and in its light and flips open. Nice and yes, she digs up. Do want to remind our listeners that the knife chunky podcast is brought to you by QuickBooks self-employed. It is your year round tax Aleutian. Stephanie a must have if you're a contract or freelancer, whatever type of self employed work you do. And if you go to the knife, chunky dot com slash QB. Thirty nine chunkys will get a free thirty day trial of QuickBooks, self employed, again, thirty days for free at the knife, junkie dot com slash QB thirty Bob sad news for us. The big blade show is coming up this year and life events get in the way, J O B, and my son is graduating high school this year. So I didn't think I could. Miss that. So yeah, we will not be able to attend blade. HQ this year now, no blade show. No malaysia. At I'm already lay down the law right now in the in the other in the other areas of my life and telling them that I will not be present exterior right microphone at the ready, thus right? That's right. Pod sha. The podcast going on the road here. Hopefully, sooner than then later as we look to do some remote interviews and things from knife show. So if you have a knife show upcoming don't forget our counter events, we'd love for you to put it on. There would also love to chat with you on one of the podcast to give you some free promotion for your knife show. Just go to an chunky dot com slash guest, and you can fill out all the information there, and we love to chat with and sweeping about the knife junkie and resources and things like that. If you have a different knife that you've given your wife or your mom or your your daughter, or whatever you think of a knife that. Was not on bombs lists that that should be. We'd love to hear from you. Call the knife junkie listener line at seven two four four six six four four eight seven that seven two four four six six four four eight seven the listener line is set up. So that you can leave your thoughts and your recording right there. We love to play it on the podcast and share your thoughts with the rest of the night junkie upon cast listener. So if you've got a recommendation, or if you disagree with anything that I've junkie said we'd love to hear from you again, seven two four four six six four four eight seven as we wrap up. Bob, anything you want to kind of can end up with here.

30:02 - 31:00

Well, don't forget your mother on mother's day. And you know, it doesn't take buying her life to shore that you love her. But tell her that you love her and a knife shows that you do. Yeah. That's that's the way. All right. Thanks, everybody for joining us on the knife chunky podcast. We look forward to you. Joining us again next week, thanks for listening. Thanks for listening to the knife junkie podcast, if you joined the show, please rate. Review with review the buck cast dot com for show notes. Today's episode additional resources to listen to past episodes. Visit our website the night junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube. The ninth jokey dot com slash YouTube out some great night photos on the night, Cokie dot com slash Instagram. And join our Facebook group the knife, junkie dot com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, Email them to Bob that the knife jokey dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six four four seven, and you may hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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