On Episode 42 of The Knife Junkie Podcast, Bob “The Knife Junkie” Demarco is joined by Pete from the Cedric and Ada Gear and Outdoors YouTube Channel. They get into video knife reviews and the making of the videos, commentary and comments on videos, and about knife-related collecting issues and how outside forces, such as the recent U.S. tariffs on China, could impact the knife community.

Had the chance to chat with one of my favorite YouTube knife reviewers -- Pete from the Cedric and Ada Gear and Outdoors #YouTube channel. Give a listen... I'll think you'll enjoy! #knifevideos #knifereviews Click To Tweet

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Pete from the Cedric and Ada Gear and Outdoors YouTube Channel

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That's generally what i shop for like. That's what gets me excited when i say new knife coming out if it's if it looks like it's gonna sliced well. If it's got a nice neutral handle then that's probably the nice to me and it leaves me with a lot of quite boring looking knives. He finds the differences in them and you fuss over in uruguay and you you say the militia your little knives tension the end welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly ghost knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your host. Jim person involved the knife junkie marco polo knife junkies welcome to another episode of the knife junkie podcast. I'm i'm jim person and i'm bob the knife junkie demarco welcome to the show welcome to episode forty two of the knife junkie podcast and great news to start the show bob. I think technical issues have been resolved on the knife chunky dot com website indeed those are in the past and that's where they will stay says so the podcast has been going up weekly on youtube and on facebook but we were. We were wrestling with our hosting company for our s._v._n. We finally reigned victorious yes and so the podcasts are going out on itunes stitcher and all the other all the other places you listen to your podcast yeah and just to clarify. They were still going out. They weren't getting out but they are in your your app your favorite player. I know i i use a stitcher all the shows are there so few if you missed them and didn't listen on itunes or or join our facebook group where you can catch those shows there in your podcast player so go back and binge listen. We've had some good. good shows the basta esta two three four weeks that need to catch up on yeah. We had knicks shabazz. We had an per karski. We had that josh from razor's edge we had bob her zola. so some big big interviews so yeah make sure you you go back into your stitcher menu or or whatever you're listening to and check this out and other goodwin coming up today but before we get into for that little bit of a knife news wanna talk about but i some personal new. She got a new blade. If you will just celebrated a birthday a. and my brother sent me my brother always sends really cool gifts. We are maybe my brother we are of similar mind and spirit and and so he got me a world war one . It's a spanish american war slash world war one era collins machete in. It's this giant ryan slab. It's about eighteen inches long. I'd say but the blade is this giant. quarter inch slab of steel and pretty much remains a quarter inch all all the way to the tip and it's a full tang with giant wooden. I think it's walnut handles in a big canvas wrapped metal sheath if it is a serious piece of kit altogether it's about three pounds. You made a video of it yesterday my collection selection and there i mentioned you could dilemmas just about anything tree human made for a man because as you said the things out some heft yeah it's it. That's the thing that really shocked me. It's so heavy and this. This was something that soldiers here's back in the world war one time would be carrying in addition to the rest of their kit and nothing than was lightweight. They didn't have an wait fibers or or you know wyking right fifty sixty seventy pounds of stuff yeah so this anyway this very cool birthday. Get this collins machete built for real man hearkening back to the time when right when men were indeed men and then when well let me let me plug plug youtube channel for you get too far if you wanna see the collins michetti review or any of bob's knew what he's calling a knife collection selection videos at he's turning out on a regular basis covering everything in his collection to give you a chance dance to to see it go to the knife junkie dot com slash youtube and you can catch all the videos and if you want to go to the knife junkie dot com slash y t subscribe that'll forget you subscribe to the knife junkies youtube channel so you don't miss anything so sorry for the eruption going on at all that was that was the best kind of interruption but you'll see so far i've posted hosted at least one tops knives on tops knife tops knives knife and maybe you'll be seeing these next to my collection sometime soon. I just wanted to announce or to say i'm excited about the two new tops knives that are coming out just this week one of them is the devil squads this. It's this small small town shaped blade that they've been putting out for a long time but they decided to put a along eighth handle slightly and put a karambi ring on the back and it makes perfect karamjit so the that's a cool little thing the devils clock rampant and then they've had one that i've admired from afar for years. I've never gotten called the street. Scalpels great naming uh-huh uh-huh yeah it's a full-sized handle but small bladed knife resembling a scalpel i guess and in tactical sense and they just came out with a new one that sorta reconfiguring the transition from the blade from the handle into the blade and gave it a little finger troy like it's probably made it a little bit safer for thrusting or just just harder utility tasks and it looks great and it's a thick slab metal but somehow they they seem to get the blade down pretty pretty thin.

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They start in a a little bit and then they flat grind. It and i don't know it's just when i'm really excited about and then since i'm on a little talking about knives wanna by the third and probably most imminent is purchase is a microtek ultra tech double edged. It's that says gymnasts and out the front automatic knife and had my for for years and i don't have any out the front six aside from this thirty five dollar chinese lightning then i'm sure a lot of people are familiar with and yeah so i think i might have an ultra texan all all right well before we find out who the guest is today when it reminds you that if you are like bob and you constantly or shopping and buying lying knives you may want to make sure you sign up and get e bates. It's free you can get cash back for your knife purchases or really any purchase that you use online as well as in stores but since a lot of folks are doing online shopping because you're loyal knife junkie listener if you're not already a member you'll get ten dollars just for joining e bates if you go to the knife junkie dot com slash cash back net super simple easy i use the e bates chrome extensions john so wherever i go ebay or any other online merchant ebeid so pop up and ask if i want to use their lincoln save some money and i'm like duh yeah so shop shop like you normally would get cash back go to the knife chunky dot com slash cash-back after you spend twenty five dollars. You'll get ten dollars back so again. The knife chunky dot com slash cash back so bomb. What can we look forward to or listen forward to end the interview coming up. Well spoke with pete from the cedric ada gearan. You're an outdoors channel on youtube and he's he's one of my absolute favorite knife reviewers. He's he's from australia and he might itself boy and he has a background in filmmaking and it really shows in his hilarious yet poignant videos and and they not only does he entertained with these videos but his opinion i i really value because he spends the time with each knife and and really figures out whether it's it's hype or if it's a really good working tool and he he does his own knife testing stealing us where he brings well. We'll let him talk about it but he's he's one of my favorites on youtube and we had a great conversation and if you aren't familiar with him. I'm sure after the interview to be one of your favorites too so let's get into it. Subscribe to the knife junkies youtube channel at the knife junkie dot com slash youtube aside from you. You know really digging your videos and you know watching everyone when they come out. I'm especially interested in talking to you about your about the knife lab about about your steel testing and and i i've heard you referred to it as bro science which i think is is a great term but but i think it might it might belittle what you do a little bit because you're you seem to be very consistent not not necessarily scientific. You know you're not taking these steals. Two labs was to test but your process seems very consistent. How did that start. What when did you become a steel nerd. Well i guess my my process is consistent. I suppose the results today relatively consistent as well still nerd i would say i think that's just the way my brain li guys i've got bit of a numbers brian and so i do like to be out of quantify things and it was when i started saying you get into knives and then you start saying the same knife with sprint runs yeah and it was the entire year rats when that come out and you say the press saying the one is coming out of detroit nasa. That's good for you guys what longer retention and my little numbers ms bryan wants to quantify these things like will has anyone actually tested those next to each other and i looked up on youtube and they had been a few guys have done this before. There was a fellow cold lunch truth for you is is an oath channel. It's not even say that anymore. I think he must have perjured or something. He did a similar thing with cod nestle so he's done this with cardboard. I think he was showing s g._p._s. That's vo can even add superstorm showing that next to nix the full forty or something and he'd go to really decent recent it was a it was a tangible showing that yeah there is something to having a y- it's best to steal enough and so i did that first test on tara ah one versus entire wine in u._s._a. And the d. two. I think it cut twice as long with a roughly similar edge and whole stuff and that sort of just set off this what else we can share that stews cuts within that suit.

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What else can we show. It's changed a lot. It's changed how shopping's i've initially initially i think i initially did think i was a bit more scientific than actually was tempered that over time i think the safest way approach is that this is oh just for fun and end paper can build their own meaning into it from there because it just kind of protects may from having really intense discussions with paper sometimes as well because i said about most recent via some folks literally will look at a high cuts four hundred twenty versus g ten time so that students better isn't it and i'm just really trying to souv- scouted back from that and trying to avoid that level of intensity to it so why have diluted at a little bit more often lightly saying adds a little bit of brian soldiers acidify may having fun in my house because in essence as what it is but i'm really happy with it is a body of work. I'm really really happy with this huge list. I've gotten i've got oh this amazing in america. He's oversee even more of a numbers brain than i do because he's he's more or less. He was asking me to chattel my steel. Was i did this really really. I'm really bad with those sorts of things on views add. Did this really average looking list. It was garbage justice where everything was and he's come around with this google shape the tom you can say at the bottom of videos so davis the analyst out of the two of us as well so the tem say i'm. I'm really happy with it as a body of work in usa sir happy with it as just when i do a knife review i can then to say hey this still in the past in in massive rape testing. It's done this so i have this opinion still because of that rather than just having a less tangible anecdotal. I feel like they still last longer just because because it helps me in my reviews as well i i'm a firm believer that two things that are that are opposites can be true at once or anyway to opposing ideas can be true at once on one hand. It's saying you're not sending it to a lab and it's not super scientific but that doesn't really play much into it anyway. Because we're talking about a tool that does a practical chore and so if you're doing a practical experiment you know i think the results are are just as valid they might be anecdotal but they're just as valid as sending it off to a you know a steel lab ab been collecting knives for a long time but only really aware of steel for the last ten years whatever came on it as long as it looked cool is. I don't live a real high speed low drag lifestyle style. If it looks cool i'm down but i i've gotten sucked up into the heavy winds of this alpha numeric entry nine m three ninety just has such a nice ring but i will never never pushed it to its limit in this the companies that have done that as well started kind of branding steel was just as much as they branding their knives cyclical things i the mo the company's talk about stealing the most consumers like any enthusiasts community were all intense without interest that when we say it just gives us more to fatal then it becomes this kind of self perpetuating thing and i don't know what i'm not sure what they're going to be talking about nick so it's been steals for ten years of people being fussing overlooking the next iteration but even state with smaller things like you get this ceramic bearings people versus the steel bearings paper when we love these minute that the company's kind of give us to say the lucky if they just put in their ads. This blade is made of stainless steel and it's on a wash washes system if they gave us much less information. It may be a lot harder for soda. Dissect it as much so i think it's very much posed by industry but then the nature of the incident at the moment that is just grabbed these little things and just go running away with him and i think it's it's. I'm not sure what the end game of this is going to be. I'm not sure when everyone's going to get sick visit move onto the next thing if that's going to happen at all but yeah right now. It is definitely favored. Paik isn't it. It's crazy. People love their teams. You know no matter what what that team is and a lot of people on these steel teams now and i wanna know who is the person out there. What the hell are they doing when they have to re sharpen him three ninety. I gotta say you know i got a bunch of it in my little little case over there and it cuts those aaron threads off my collar well at his the thing i had to facilitate me doing a rope cut test for me to really be outta quantify these differences so it's it's exactly that you're exactly right. Most of us are just going to use an enjoy. Not we may in the back of mine thinks philip shopping this knife less over the six months of had or lack of shopping this not more but as a real end user that is the experience. I think most of us and there are some guys at cockpit within pocket knives. I'm sure there's guys who work in the book factory on boxing boxes in boxing mma boxes good stuff for sure but i think they're in the minority a little bit like as i said i hat to make a test because i wasn't doing enough to be out of say adequately that i could.

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I needed to say when the rope cuts this this couple this. It wasn't occurring to me naturally correct yeah. You're absolutely right. It's sam roe v at a puzzle paid for an interesting video. Yesterday i was gonna ask his mental masturbation and he's he's somewhat riot battle and i say shame a something that should be shameful or anything like that. We're talking about mental . That's not we should be ashamed anything to do with their bodies but anyway somewhat correct there was a lot in that video a lot to unpack and yes really it was very much say that we are going to have to do with these big long tests to be able to figure out the differences between the steelers rather than just vipin these upping envelopes menaka two weeks and still has dealt because that isn't really many abel's lived experience birds yeah that was just one take wet took from that video before the comets go ten dolphin. Yes yes yes. We've got this real intensity to this is is what's. This is what i'm supposed to be out of step with. I haven't really been up to speed with the hey chessy. Supplements being gone on lightly at the what i'm sorry this rockwell testing stuff. That's going on lightly got. It and i have a really stayed out of it because i thought anything about require testing particularly knowledge of the correlation between it's an edge retention. It got really intense with just that no vitriol but like a lot of just everyone seems to be after we've got your moment or after a bit of a m yes suv scandal. Something interesting negates a bit like that isn't it. It's it's like the bench made cutting up guns things. Dan say we're after the there's like this undercurrent of people who is just because i've got at least d._m.'s on instagram thing saying hey rub talked about sissel. Ripen is at the end of this video and you should do a video about just thinking. Can i think all that's gonna give it is it's just kind of perpetuate this a bit more and everyone's going to have another and it's like this isn't. This isn't the fun part of the of the knives to mesa sir. I think it's an interesting undercurrent right. Now is just this is. I'm not sure if it's anger but it's it's everyone wants to be yet catching someone out or getting that new hit even at neighborhood gossip or something in it yeah i kind of just like to cut my life in my shed and and my very noncommittal should have hey. This is just my fun testing but it almost seems like that's enough affects at the moment but i guess was to say how to pans out. Is i think in in its purest form. It's a really admirable thing. Doing we always used car analogy algae stanley because i guess that's a pretty understandable. Things have run but i guess it's that whole thing he buying a that supposedly got an excellent engine even though you're only gonna go forty five miles an hour tops that engine you wanna buy the it can do what it says on the box. I guess so it's really it's anyone feel like you've been had. It's an it's an admirable thing to super shoes that these companies who are giving us these superstars they should quite rightly be putting it in presenting it to us in a way that is super so say if you're giving us k three ninety ninety subject to spot a police here on the table spider could does this k. three ninety to about sixty four quo it presents to us at a relatively thin behind the grind. I think it's twenty thousand the summer. It's fun so it's a good presentation of k three ninety right but if they put this on a shopping pry with a twenty five degree aside edge really fat behind the katri nine he's not gonna imai's well have been one fifty four samsung just more and more less exotic steel and then they're not going to be in shape and all that so in a sense consistently doing that but it's just the nature of the incident just gets really out of hand really quickly with the names and with the with the intensity to it and it's just something i've kind of stepped a a little bit back from that is very interesting to say that that robots yeah. It's a ten comments on video. I think you put yourself out and what happens is exactly the things kind of probably why i haven't really made like a direct address to it because i i thought i didn't have the knowledge to be out. I saw him forge george guys you have them on recently. They did have about the same to get mixed responses. It's the same thing no matter what you say. You're going to get really mixed. Response again ended up in an an argument and so. I guess i'm just saying i don't know much about it to have an opinion say. I probably caught contribute to this discussion too much more than just saying. Maybe it's just over current. Relax relax in these are my findings and it's it's really it's not that important. It's important because it's important to us because we get you know satisfaction out of in our lives more interesting and fun but really you know one thing he said about that. i in that video that that really resonated with me was when he says you know. These are experts at what they do. You know a knife companies manufacturing knives for a long time. It's probably their intention to stay in business and probably not their our intention to hoodwink anyone.

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You know there are mistakes. There was the hootenanny a couple of years ago where people thought they were getting thirty vegan. It ended up being some kind kinda carbon steel but really i experienced this in my in my work life. I produce television stuff and it's not infrequent that you meet a client who thinks thinks they're our producer and i'm like i don't do what you do and you don't do what i do so you can have a guidance envision opinion but you know kinda. Let me do what i'm going to do it. If i make a mistake i'm not trying to screw you over. I made a mistake yeah. Definitely it's funny what's and this is why i really try and get ahead of myself. Why voice telling you run. I'm really not an expert a lot. I'm just doing my certain thing on. I don't know that both store. I didn't even know the full story broke even rub seem to he suggested in a a bit more deny not sure of the full story but yet said just interesting to see just half april should of carried it is well. I'm just interested in a lot what the end stage of this is like because i think the guys now doing the thing they raising some money and doing some catch with testing and that is i guess that's a pretty well regarded probably regard catcher testing better than my cecil testing flat flat science. It's gives you very definitive. Numbers is that that the thing with the little wire that you cut the knife blade is sort of held at and it cuts for cots lexin cod stock in the same cat so it's all very controlled so i i think their intentions are really good. They they they rising some cash to go out and do some catcher testing so i think again what this saying is in it may still should be given to us in a way that they act like they are totally. Get that as well so i'm very interested to see what where it oh guys what the end result is official his yeah yeah. I certainly wouldn't making a video on it late. Because i'll just end up with my buddy thumbing my ass not knowing quite what to unite full story and one one half has half the store story. The other half has the other half lagging with each other and i just think we this is at leisure. Time isn't that people like this is what we're doing have fun into to unwind women unite jobs. Is the garage sign this. Let's do it in a file kind of what i'm thinking. I can never help but think when something like this comes up there some scandal and people start taking it seriously i think i impose my own thoughts on it. Which is sometimes. I catch myself falling asleep thinking about my collection and i'm like dude. That is not what you want to be doing like. Yes you know it's it's good to commanded your collection but i mean like when something really important happens in usually something really important is bad. When something bad happens all of these thoughts will be so long gone and if they're not at long gone i will be regretting spending all that time the you get that back united by the oldest got laid it on the entire supply. I change from the past new designs the company that makes the shop that sells it to the uses this that comes in does the testing and this is applicable to ever on by sizes that i i think everyone is just trying to invest in. Everyone's everyone is working. I think in good faith . I don't think there's too many shocks in the lodger production industry you hear about the dodged company that says it's made somewhere. That's not less stuff but yeah i think in real terms like whether it's the guy who's doing testing think. He's doing the right thing. He means well at but then and so then so does the customer service person he talked to when you send them needs to ran cohen. They mean well as well. They just wanna do their job. Ida very humbling experience last year win. I did one of my tests on still life and this kind of put a lot of it into perspective may still still still real still confused philosopy yeah yeah it was shit. I go to weird result with it. On the right path. I did do a pretty thorough tests on it but in my opinion in hindsight right i was too. I did that whole thing. You know what i felt lack. You know if it worked in retail. Yes and you get those people who take it out on you at the frontline and they've probably the problem is with the organization eight levels above you but you're the canada and you're getting the karen who's walked in with that short haircut. He wants to talk to the manager and she's she's and i felt like i was being in hindsight. I felt like i was being that person 'cause i should've i took the these these guys who this social media at these companies they just they just be like at a click. An admin person united lack it's and so i sort of think on a i was too intense. I was too. I was probably too too quick to think that i got the end i think in hindsight yeah i think there was a problem with that knife. They fixed it. It was just ended up being like a warranty thing or whatever i i always regretted that and i just this caution. I'd give to have run. Is that these i real paper at every step of this chain and you feel like you're in the riot but everyone noses. I honestly think most people just trying to just do their best when they come to work and do the right house.

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It's just something that hope it ever on uprights with that in their minds because that's certainly half yeah lately. I agree with you a one hundred percent sorry to interrupt you. If if you're gonna try and bulk people out of money. There are way better industries stories to do that. Are you know why go under the knife industry. I'm going to try and like you know make millions of dirty filthy lucre so when pete. When did you get into knives. Have you always been a knife. Guy is i had now. I was a massive animated which is still a massive videogame which i would be if i had more time and it was really just saying this the other day. I can't remember what forum but i said that stage where i've had little little kids at high. I'm gonna give you know that free time. You have kids. Yes that free time you have. It's not really free. Tommy kids really small yet. They're still at your house but they kind of just doing much much for the whole day. So i had free time so you know where i could sink like twenty thousand videogame nowhere i could go out and do anything particular substance so i kinda kinda just collecting things and doing odd jobs around my house and so it would be pulling last eight years or something i would say i was living rurally. I was was starting to us just for practicality psychos using fixed blades and axes a sort of started out as a bit of an accent multi channel. Even i think for my channel bedtime yeah is out of necessity and then i moved away from that rural setting but i still had developed a love for the shop things and i've always been a bits creative it was yell was i was never surprised that ends up making youtube videos of always made stuff was like a drama student at school in the let's say when it's funny when i look back when my whenever my interest in knives has actually decreased my interest in the making videos increased to make it so the two things of pech traded in sacred around each other keeping in the ninth game very much so i am so sometimes you'll probably notice on my channel. I'll make videos proton knife century . The videos veges important to sort of even not even about knives. Sometimes they keep me in the game of making videos which will eventually bring me back to knives. It's it's a few chiba. Is it's a weird way of experiencing the knife hobby that's for sure and i think mache knife broad sign thing. I think it's it's it's sad. It's a mixing of two interests related mexico. One lodger one is kind of developed into that. It's very strange very strange. Yeah we were talking right before before before we rolled that you and events knife bro are to me kindred spirits in and you you sit on the same shelf in my youtube universe and it's humor moore and it's and it's filmmaking. He is a filmmaker by training and it really shows in his work and you can tell that now now that you say that you are a a drama student it all it all makes sense that stupid yeah. That's just that need to put something extra in the just to end. It's probably just it goes back to the old days when you're doing a play doing improv something like that and you just wanna do that little flyers to get you the big laugh and it still that translating into my dong on video 'cause i i do try and make videos like i think about the channels that i never miss videos and i think i wanna make videos like them and say the channels does i would never miss an advanced to knock gravity. Never miss a dutch bush craft knife city 'cause no matter what they reviewing. I know they're going to present it in a way that's this can have some flair. It's going to be probably probably funny. It's going to have some good shows. Where's the other channel was. There's a lot of channels that i love but say i went. Watch what review because i'm just not into watches butts if mock rocket not advanced not for review to watch out that review because that would get me that lund say those are the kind of video that try to make. I don't think i'm as shop with my riding because i didn't really rise have a process. Do kinda just stream-of-consciousness. My video is mike. Actually rights is videos say that's why they say like crispin and consistently funny monitoring slapdash. I think that's and the dutch bush craft guys. I do proper productions. Just one single weekly video that i so you can see where they i used time whereas just trickle out whatever johnson some sort of working on the time and conscious folks out at much ours guys mckeon not just they they do a fist event video found themselves comfortable with you mentioned how one interest feeds another and kind of back and forth and i i find that that with a lot of creative people that i've known and myself included i need various irons in the fire at once to keep interest in any of them because as you know i've got this i mean i do have an attention span but sometimes i need to totally change the channel to get myself and you had a period of that. I remember seeing a video yours.

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Maybe a year and a half ago where you i guess you were getting a little sick and tired of it for a while or just just feeling the well run dry and then you came back and kind of explained yourself not not that it's anyone's business but you came back. You have fans so you. You feel responsible. I'm sure a little bit yeah for sure. I would imagine it was some of that creative eight of filmmaking aspect of it or you know informatics that helped to come back. It was a combination of and i think that fatigue was actually caused by pot of my channel. The isn't not related. I had the misfortune of in this is a one big hit. I had the misfortune of a decently sized video kind of taking off and it was about basil wiggle things and so all of a sudden on my channel 'cause if you're a youtube guy you have you create. App is one of those things you just find yourself. Check too much throughout the day and say i had this video of at basil really takeoff it got to three hundred thousand views of something a couple of weeks and it just went stupid and so i had to lease plenty of people in my comments and cat april if you think this toxic elements the knife community the cat community is just incite black. It was full on like i was. I shouldn't have bought a cat. I should've rescued a cat. I shouldn't have bought them all of these things that i'd only motor sin too much much yeah yeah exactly and committing these motives and it's funny you try and be thick skin that i'm getting better with being thick skins with the comment celeste. It's a matter for just over time you boot resilience token slash dicey vat. He's been reviewing to twenty is. He doesn't care what you say. I'm still getting there but it's you one of those things. Every time i check my app. I'd have to end up arguing with some doubt my you've feeding my cat too much so a bit of that going on as well a bit of fatigue because i'll tell you why as much as the stool tests interests. May that's a lot it's a it's a repetitive task and so that means you had just a little bit as well but then i think my response to that was i yeah i jumped straight into like film student mode and i made these have you seen my spidercam advocate review that just went on and it was just this insanity. It was all justice edited mash up of just nonsense. I've just i've just read published. It and that's the plug myself too badly. Just republished it as advocate occurs film. Oh yea the joke was that nick survey despotic advocate my thought was i'm just gonna do this insane review in and hope someone despite a case as in just it just makes them through strange . Those kind of that was my goal this with the city i end so i made this and it was really cathodic and lots of people watch channel it just had no interest in it and that was totally fine but it felt so good to make i go my buddies from the only other review of nick nick chavez debts invoice avis advanced knife i i did it and it and it was just as good collaboration of these ridiculous videos that may nothing and they just it's just this stream of consciousness every odd little we had gag. I can think he's doing it ends up being about a half an hour food. If you start to finish but anyway so that was pretty much like as much as people would deride do do the odd stuff. I think they get a lot more. Thumbs down's sounds a little negative comments. You get the gun if you're going to start making videos. There's i'm out unsubscribe. Yeah and it'd be like that because i think if it wasn't for those videos i may have to pull the pin or even just back off lunga site yeah it was good to tap into that stupid film school side of meal that dab have you know that i'm doing air quotes a._k._c. because this podcast that to stick side and just make somebody baffling and it got like five seven of us that my smell as and it was made for that it was just a completely selfish pace made for me and that really made swing that omay doing like a sometimes they'll just guy van just do like a really random specific joking like one of my knife levin trays or something like that. It's that stuff. That keeps me excited for making videos. A you get a lot of folks. Just it's like i just want the please just read a knife i want to know how long knife is. I want tonight. How much still cuts you get those folks all the time but realized that sorry guys to get that yosemite to put up with my bullshit as well my favorite of your recent videos i mean on that i mean i was belly laughing. It was the eighty ten video that it with the tool a pretty bad in the screaming juggling area usually by the time of joe jumped online gag. It's probably bane of red or instagram the grand for a couple of weeks in the mainstream of what's going on and that was kind of a bit of a you send kyle stuff. The kyle maine's is the name is the moment pro about two months ago now. When it was cold the name was guys like guys code kyle do this is just as the some guys chosen random thing if you'll code collier this and it was kind of a bit of overreaction till last so i do try and keep somewhat relevant but i know it's like cringely dad trying to keep up with. I'm sure a teenage would think i was already. It's that cringe dad level of trying to keep up with.

00:35:01 - 00:40:29

Hey kids it. Hey philly children you. You think this is funny so it's made doing that and it seems to get a good response. Keep making 'em and it's funny. I i think i just got the knife and i was gonna do a mike my running gag with coach steelers that play the the manly man song and i do like the insur- like that and so i was going to do something like that i thought now i think i'm gonna run into this car stuff and went and got a can of munster from the from the station and i just went with the video has done quite well. It's i actually looked at the . I looked at the ad revenue up and it's actually paid for that can of months drive what i say. It's starting to roll indirectly exactly i'll be. I'll be having two months this next video. You never know this right so another thing. I want to ask you about it and this was in in the three recent short videos of the knives that starts a twenty cents you the best tech tercel which weird to name a knife after a toyota but okay. It's a question that percolate and i've asked other the people this and and because it's something i think about myself i've been collecting a long time and a have knives that i don't even think about carrying anymore. She's i can't that's so out of date but it's still just made out of steel into ten and titanium or whatever and your review of the best tech you kind of touch on that you're like this. This is kind of like knife circa twenty thirteen so do you think that knives can go out of date like it can hammer go out of date. I think they'll be trends and i think they'll be things to the industry picks up that we wants and those and the industry would respond and there's a smaller you cheat code road at nero vinnie narrow. He said this much better than program about to set and he basically says that. When we make a big deal out of things on the community then the industry will pick up on that a little bit slow and they'll make a version of that forest because they say though say hey you kids like this. We've made more of this. We hedging kids like blank. Here is mole blank insight. I think back twenty fifteen you'll getting those first. She really will produce chinese knives. You get those you got that custom level action for two hundred bucks and that was is what people will making a big deal of shell reviews in the post go on and on about united the drop shoddy action or less stuff so i think yeah that knife is a bit of a knife representing that time and it's interesting because i believe now and jay's with the amount of noise it's been going on lately which again may be to the benefit really knocking those rockwell guys because it probably is steering the dial towards ninety something you could argue more practical than action in things which is maybe now. The industry's can look towards you getting the knives ground really thin behind the you'll. Maybe they're gonna look towards having really comfortable hands. It was whatever it is or maybe they're gonna look at yet really getting the mice out of the stupid the industry st respond with what we talk about the most like every like any business commonsense they'll be having the it's the interwebs and seeing what we're talking about and it's it's no surprise that back then i think what was it the kaiser started making really flesh knives and then get way nights come out and they took the world by storm over online while bus still move it that you could get this action that was comparable to something. You'd have to pay a thousand dollars for just the before say it was definitely response to that. I think and then you look at that actual. You live in iraq now. Does nothing may because it doesn't have what i lack and i think i'm just a devotion point in time. Where would i like in the knife is what's maybe becoming whatever slacks as well which is good so it's like it's like when you lack safe you like wearing a denim jacket all the time and then eventually it like every twenty is wearing denim jacket actually becomes fashionable again. I assistant communites. I think that's about to the industry might start to think of enough. Got that that t._r._m. Adam it's not only nabet itself my room and that knife is just impeccably secondly grounds right. It's thin and it's just an amazing little cutter and it's it's flat ground in its. They've just done a proper flat grind with. I've got a really thin behind the edge and i i wonder if they hadn't been listening to talking about how they want and enough to cut for a long time. Slash me well. Maybe that knife with bain like that died they used to st there. This is how many knock decision about you. Wonder if that's even that's not leads because if that's a sign of where it's going. It's absolutely great. i mean the the hasn't there's always been nice sliced amazing buckman ten in the kitchen. There and it's probably one of the best it's a buck ten. You can't say it doesn't slash . Maybe going to revisit that. Oh yeah i'm not sure if it's yeah it can also throw overboard and keep your boat in place yeah yeah and says the thing i like like most things it's a pendulum say in about a year's time we might have like amazing slicing knives but with the actions leka rusty old bucks the boat so you never know sometimes it swings to the other way but yeah i think the best picture so back in that day was people but will sweep planning within two thousand today buddy lady fidget spinners peak fidget spinner time i correctly it was about them and say really the knife just reminds me of that point in time in the community where roleplaying spinning tops in fidget spinners as well as not so what you get when you make enough of course a knife that has a magazine action looks really elegantly machines but to maybe as inside being enough so it said yeah it was that was really interesting to handle your own didn't publish that review because thinking yell at when something doesn't connect with me.

00:40:29 - 00:45:05

I'm always a bit like it really with me hit piece on this knife but it wasn't interesting thing to bring us some coming. Glad i did yeah i mean i. I don't feel like you are necessarily dissing on best attack or anything like that. I i felt more like you. Were making a comment on how the industry has you know has developed and i feel like right now. There are more people than ever before turn and so maybe you know in the early two thousands late nineties i it was it was all mostly in the hands of of a few collectors than than a bunch of law enforcement and military guys and then as an so all the overbuilt knives and stuff are made for for that group as it was bleeding into the characters and now now it's people who loved the thickness of it. I mean that's i. I love the look the feel to play with to use knives and i think there are a lot of people it's more acceptable than guns as you now so i think or or other associated hobbies you know there's a kind of always been stepsisters or whatever but i just feel like now that now that your average office guy i might just might have a pocket especially. They work in my office. I ended up giving everybody a knife. so tastes change if i always say one of the big things not community missed not community but not many manufacturers missed was they had this guy that we this week hips desert era hips. Is this something you make funnel variety. It's it's coming. They're easy sports at tesa. I'm a i'm a bit of a buddy hips myself. I'd probably i'd probably fit that live a little bit but the industry missed that yet a few little branch at the james branded a few little brands trying to make those total hips not yet. It's it's too little too late. They've it it was about a year light that they decided to stop making modern slip joints and things like that that the hipsters we're actually looking for like if someone in two thousand fourteen when that movie was it a strongest if someone had made a nice that looked like a grandpa and that would have looked good in in a an abercrombie and fitch catalog if bench made our code steeler spy spy alliance deal. You're just playing with the older stuff that missed it. It's too late. They could've got so many more knives in semi hands if that properly if that probably not listens it would have been voice in the community start making hip so knives hipster gadgil this stuff these companies just would've made big dulles which then they could have invested into making knives. The rest of us love if that just just kind of been a little bit less. I don't know if they'll scandinavian off their wits. If you want to spend a little bit more willing to maybe make something look a little bit nutty or looked a a little bit more subdued just maybe just looked like a hipster knife but if that meant that at the right time he knows how many more knife guys we could go on onboard because i look at mired origins knives you know my damn knock was that i bought is the big rose ultimate survival us yeah and you know now. Oh i've got to go to police foreign my hand a native shift native chief. That's where i started safe. We got a bunch of sort of dough. He hip sued started off with some autism pucks bench. May maybe that just be amongst us. Again is cool. New voices in the community always regret that no-one really from some small small micro brands really jumped on that because it could have been away instead back. Tom now still pushing taxi without still pushing olexis staff and those markets are fine but i think think they're saturated those they could have jumped in and done a little bit more with probably in and who knows how long you know even only half of the guys who bought unite say let's the the knife so say spy despite hit boy so save back in two thousand and four days only half the guys who bought a spotty hit boy kipps caring organiz but that's still you know even if it's an extra five thousand new knife enthusiasts that magnifying effective in the next ten years of size would have made you know yes. Some of them would have just put it down. They've carried it in decided then a bit of a missed opportunity. Mind harris thought that voice thought that you were quite nicely sir. So what do you what do you. I got some more. What what kind of uses do you put your knives to a and b. It's probably not tactical or self defense. But where do you come down on that side of things. Well hung pocket knife use. I've got a buck shasta that i made with my spider police my kids yesterday. It's mad at flex several moving boxes so it's kinda dad stuff at heim. My job is actually in the taxi colon. The like i'm a fist responded to kinda guy so actually do you speak about it in my reviews and stuff because runoff that economy breath.

00:45:05 - 00:50:01

I don't want to portray myself as like a bad ass because i'm not i use my knobs in very rudimentary wet wet but i suppose it would qualify as hot use like a headache donkey stuck in a whole bunch of cable is just a mess and it was an offence hanging onto a road so i had to i use my focus even if one completely dell the crap out of the edge of it but i cut through all this garbage those attached don't he just decided on a roadside so i do a a bit of that stuff a wick collect the stuff that i guess companies would probably love to say yes. This is what mcknight's we'll do a little bit of that like it's it's just the hoping john stott sang. You'll using your job as a way to unite become a fancy youtube or unusual sure sure valerie whatever's some. I'm not interested in that at all but i do have quite varied organic nephews. I guess you could call it like the things that actually had to use a knife oil from the dead stuff to the little bit more intense and steph look. I'm not i'm not a fireman clearing. I'm not a swat team guy clearing rooms or anything like that but i still use them relatively robustly but then and again most of my life when i do a review the most telling thing for it is probably my right tests because that does so much showing the economics of life which is just just as important if not more than the blight itself sometimes enough seems amazing in my hands and then do a rip cut tests with it and it's just not as fun. The paramilitary to a great example of that like seems like such an economic handle when do that repetitive nonstop push draw cut that i do on that ripe after a couple of hundred guys it's not the nicest place today having an rep toronto a paramilitary to and it's interesting that dimension that gives it as well but yeah my average nephews is probably just like everyone else's name more glamorous or anything than anyone else's really really box houses by tuning cat food dog food. I always have to do that thing and it grows my wife out but you know sometimes the night. The kitchen live suggests in an awkward spot in the back of the dishwasher or whatever so. I'm not above maybe using my. I got my police that last night and cut up some salami with an i. Can you say off passengers. Passengers stare major kitchen knives. You saw the look of course but you know i'm not about doing that as well and it said sometimes you you might be in the fridge and you need to just quickly happened something. Well the fridge doors open. You get closed before it sets gaping at you. Just whip out whatever oklahoma pocket use that for that as well say pretty. Maybe it's food safe. That's what i say. It's clean this. I use my my eighty c._i._o. Whatever that stuff's code saying keep it nice but yeah what are your ideal properties in a in a carry knife in a carry pocket knife. I think i know what they are ergonomics and steel blade but i've never been fuss about locks. I don't care the hell looks up. I may not like it to have strong. Ish luck released a luck with if i mean a good example was cardboard. If you swiss army knife cutting cardboard sometimes you you you clumsy you back a bit and the knife slipped on clay so i want something. That's gonna be stronger than that. Then that's a bad my look needs met really am. I mean if it was something for which cut probably using. I'm using fixed at work anyway so it's not really i'm not a huge lock in any sense in any really feel that i'm using knives so yeah edmund about the looks. I dislike simplicity really like my favorite elements have knocked designed. Things like alma things like simple spike's knives. It kinda just looked like voting. Instead is probably my favorite look a knife. I mean you look at my house on the title of spot of class the night if chief and i like these a lot like black g ten and was just just nicely indiscriminate love the native teeth yeah. It's really the same show not only just go to nick's send replied with. I'm terrified a breaking tip on that. You know it is quite delicate. There isn't it. I'll ah i'll be doing a comparison with the police because you say that i mean i don. I do these two nights. There's a lot going on. They just as a difference in a line of difference but anyway that's the story to follow. I guess but yeah. I like my knife. Steps simple handles as talking talking about best take again that those complicated handles the despise to fit your fingers exactly into graves never worked for me and i don't care about bearings. a washes really washes. I think i'd prefer washes someone nightmare choose. It would never be something to stop me from buying a knife. I like to have a blade. Probably three and a half inch is might happy happy spot for a blade. Don't mind smaller mind a little bit larger but yeah mainly. I'm a bit of a h performance. So i suppose spider does k. I wouldn't i wouldn't mind even if spotted thin because mighty say nights. I do use for quite latte tasks only finishes on great if you doing that demolition russian top jobs and stuff but for me. I'd like edges malak. I think i've been steering towards preferring holy grind slightly over flat them again and as long as it cuts a.

00:50:01 - 00:55:05

k. like i've had a few knobs that have come an abuse bain really disappointed actually completely omits reprofile out of the box to get where i like it but then maybe that's just too fussy as well. It's like a lot like zero tolerance with cellular not for quite a thick edge and i think that goes in line with the hot use philosophy unless this stuff and that's fine but every time i get when i'm just not quite happy until i've finished it back to seventeen degrees pesci and does what i like to but whether i should force my once onto every company is probably employees. You completely justified yeah mainly performances where i'm going lightly i'm not advanced having just a fun life to flake but i always just prefer affair that to be a a subculture of knife. That's that's cutting well and is a joy to sort of you ever unlikes when you can just slice through something in a nice long continuous cat. That's that's what's the feeling for me. It's like when you got the season's going. You just have to push snippety. Let everyone loves that feeling and thin well. Ground is good steals same that little little out enough. It's a._s._m._a._r. Or whatever it is. They seem to strike that little out of my brain pretty. Well say that's generally what i shop . That's what gets me excited when i say new knife coming out if it's if it looks like it's gonna slice well. If it's got a nice neutral handle then that's probably the nice to me and it leaves me with a lot of quite boring looking knives them find your differences in them and you fuss over manure neuron wide you you say the militia your little knives dench in the end. They become a part of the family until you sell them off. I did a v._a. Got like my unsellable slap the little permanent collection that is quite hard to get into but when i look at that with the exception of the buck marksman which is just like the freight mutant stepbrother of the mole. It's zero quite basic. looking knives very simple sort of say once it's in that it's pretty safe but some pretty ruthless as well so to speak with getting rid of stuff. That's it's not absolutely connected with me. Gosh i admire that i do i. I i'd like to think i'm not a materialist but i have a really hard time getting rid of knives and and i finally get up the gumption to do it. You know i spoke to austin over the epochs snuggle bunny recently. He's on this reducing refined. Show sure so should i and and i and i'll go. I'll go into my knife case and i'll stand the ones that i think i can part with on the edge and and then when i'm away from them i'm like totally get rid of that and then i come home and i opened it up and start playing with an unlike it feels so good in hand and then i i have a hard time at so i i worry that i'm becoming a bit of a material list with this. I am not a curator of museum. I don't need to represent every lock type and every steel title every temptation as well as getting wanting to have one of everything and will vis police. He'll on my place for this was one of the few i've had two or three that i have sold and in that instance regret and had to buy back say the place full was one of those am. I don't know why i sold it and i think i just saw something else like an i needed to raise money fuskus casse as that temporary insanity said the police for i'm glad to have back in this stay. I think i'm relatively last one was the american lohman that's wonderful cold steel sold mine and i felt silly straightaway and the next one that i need to get back as its affixed pledge from lyon suco tae five and that's a wonderful fixed blade knife and i i again soda in a moment of idiocy and again that back as well but apart from that i'm relatively regret free with my little little set of reducing refined austin snuggle bunny type. Ethos said doing pretty well. I think so. Where do you see the future of the industry street going you you mentioned before you might not be sure about. What's the next obsession going to be. Do you think next obsession while i think this still stuff's going to be hard to ignore. It's going to result in the two things either. The company's not ever talk that rockwell ohad this again ever say it's going to be either that or and that i wouldn't be surprised surprised half that and the other half really pandita and became like this is alex three ninety sixty four quotes in that'll be really performance performance performance and say could win based private industry split a little bit into those two schools of thought or if one or the other took either so i think that's before we what's gonna be next on the right offer a lot of folks but then i'm aware i don't know u._s. Politics aware this stuff with your market changes and stuff off. Is there with economical. It might beta do business if you'll drop shipping from china. I'm not sure if this taxes or something that's changing say that may have an effect as well. Is that like to to the point where harrison such yeah tariffs because you can always be something completely random like that all of a sudden. Maybe we knives investec knobs to be an extra seventy dollars h. and that will just unit and that'll give the rain. You just have a nice. I it could be something that's dictated by our trends or could use is dictated by some bureaucrat signing something somewhere and all of a sudden some steals in short supply or all of a sudden.

00:55:05 - 01:00:03

It's more expensive to send their city five into china and get it back just to make the knives here erin and the whole thing here so you just never night or an american company like spider who does a lot of manufacturing in china having tariffs on the on the tenacious once cheap naive they've come down at one hundred and fifty bucks now volvo it and put a slightly suicide aaron toyota or they need to just make it here. I'll stop making it was really interesting to say nick quinton so gab. Did you say nick chavez win so give yeah. I saw that but i didn't see the video and watch the gabriel. Obviously they seem like they're that crossroads. Two way i would. I would say that probably getting some that'd be feeling to give it to a lot of they use like just they're pretty mid range american erkin steals and they seem to be doing stuff near american factor and then they really going for that whole way getting back to american production and that you'll be with they smell something on the winds coming but the elements of that i think they're really seems like they're trying to weigh in and say you know what we can be. Why why do we have to be embarrassing. We could be cool gabar we could we can swing with zero tolerance in golden colorado spark a and i. It seems like that's what they're trying to do whether another do it. I have no idea will they. They did they used to being let dad had an awesome sort sort of something competing with the one ten anyway a lot back in the seventies. It was awesome and just prestigious. They used to have it. It's i mean it's just i mean. Everyone knows gave give a story by nabet. I just wonder if i wouldn't be better off just because i saw it was really interesting day right. I saw that video of nick is saying so you know we're trying to sort of say legitimate again with making these amazing american lives into the fossils. Just the side of the nextradio below was gideon's tactical reviewing. This give orange handled machete thing. That's made three seattle m._f._a. In china and i'm just like that that skip is problem in a single images which is this. They've got these two things this and so they just need to say you know what the chinese knives. They don't give a knobs anymore fisk as knives. That's what they need to and say gavin evan. If you have a given i it's made in america and it's whether it's good on on his up to everyones figure out but it's gonna be. It's good integrity. If it's if it's gabe run it without having integrity and that's what the government ed needs today because it's every every stride vote i take with something co like the fastball then you get a lease review. Show these like machetes snap at the handling uh-huh and people don't have the time to put as much thought into it is maybe people make sort of more broad assumptions just going to say yeah well. I saw so that was good. Give enough but then those video from two years ago if someone breaking that big russkoe parang on the unit is that's a funny thing i think gabrap probably aware of whatever's cooking with the tariff side industry and i think that might be also why they're making this pushpa better local production to eventually regional question. I think that is probably something that's going to impact takes a little bit just as much as our thoughts on what we live say but in terms of if not thought to what steering then yes i think it will be performance blades thin behind the edge. That's the stuff ola teams at us. Review a stop parenting god we do some. We do some group think view. I really try really try and separate it myself atari while i find a catch myself saying the same things it's it's funny like. I did a video while back where i was . I i used to waste you say and i fancy try not in fancy like the father of gear reviews spider doing flat ground knives and nothing fancy puts his today's flat grind is the best grind slices the best empty baby in fifteen and it's when have actually sort of cut knife fish knife life holy ground bates ninety percent of the stuff and the other stuff that just kind of matches one of those things yeah. It is going to be a little bit more emphasis on. I think ask sexually seeking performance lights just a little bit. I hope i have so anyway. Do you think that these companies are two responsive. Do you think they're responsive. It's a defense in youtuber hot. It's funny. Isn't it because in one hand. I'm thinking they were responsive. Enough jumped on the hips to try and that i was telling you about before then in another. Maybe it isn't to snatch natch to a decision when you just two or three really vocal people on the internet have a problem as well so we'll have a suggestion i done. I think it's always going to be about six months. After afteh given how fast you can make things designed things unless this stuff say. I think if we decided tomorrow that we all want really thin blades i think in about a year's time shut shea blehtry sure two thousand twenty. We don't start saying these really thin blades at. Maybe i mean certainly element of stopping this and companies as well there they all say run by humans who have their often. They run by more soon yet humans who but probably well. I always liked knives all this stuff at him sue making these spots as or what we know how to make yeah exactly so there's always going to be the element as well but i think it's going to be reactive enough and it'll be just five capitalism.

01:00:03 - 01:05:05

It'll it'll who have his quick enough and gets in on the trend quick enough will make their money and who has not won and the i just think that with regard to like when problems arise i think i i never have any anything but sympathy for like just the people on the coal face for the company's wenli the issues happened because gross were also quick to just like insta- shame if you get if you have a slightly awkward dealing with customer service rep people just post the conversation now an i know this because i was addicted i that with steel will and i just felt like such an asshole laughter and the same now those funds but it didn't change the fact that how actually out doc doing it and i just felt like ted just being support chick. She's just trying to deal with me as a customer in a united states that whole element of it that i didn't quite know what the the answers to it because you don't want to speak paper should be out of sight what their experiences for sure but again back to what i was saying before just remember this humans at every step of this knife supply and also the knife used china's. Much is the customers a human so as instagram light. He's just aspirin questions as lows right cancel culture. Is it really gonna come to the knife world. Come on. Let's it's not it's not they haven't cancelled bench may have the enemy bench made as far as i'm aware bench made set up the n._r._a. Right convention with a gun show whatever it was a few months ago. I wasn't aware of any five bombings that happens or wasn't aware of the the guy getting caught at a load of it is just internet talk for people just like intimate drama and without getting too abroad. I think that's just a massive problem with the world in general these days just a real small vocal minority just just making it their business to be on twitter just just making things happen and the main just in another thing just a man of fake fans and you can you can buy follows from follow house now and say if you get it you can buy so fifty two thousand followers on instagram and then of course if you say something to say you have been given is and the you've got fifty thousand poles give him i look at and you get holy shit. This guy's writing swinging indica got to listen to what he says so there's just so much to not trust on the internet as well as great as the intended. Is this just so much to be cautious off his well like it's it's. It's a full on thing ends up. I just i don't know what the answer is to that but yeah there's just as the the cancer coach. I think the knife industry's pretty resilient to it because it's just it's just lots of established institutions the nothing's ever gonna be life or death comes. Even the worst drama is gonna be unless finds out the cold steel building nuclear weapons and selling them to like tick minutes san assuming maybe that but really it's it's a pretty resilient pretty rooted in tradition industry that i think will be relatively immune to that because as a sub interest is minding youtuber. I'm just interested in you. She was well and youtube at the moment is just toxic with the big youtube is taking it down and share each other's d._m._z. and trying to expose each other. That's like a real economy on youtube at the minute and it's saying and i just look at that and i think well. This is half of my hobby. Just 'cause. I just enjoy outside of knives. I just enjoy what youtubers otherwise and man out height for this to leak into like my pot of my hobby is this is just intense todd real. It's a real odd way to spend vendor free time just being so angry. Goody aware can be angry because you bought socks so you can make your kids can give you a hard time. You can be anger that but when you when the chips are danny just city a computer. Why don't you looking at stuff. That's making you happy side item. Thank you exactly i. I think we're relatively may not. I would love to say and no one's ever. I'm gonna tell you but i'd love to see bench. Mates sows will actually affected by the suit of the cancel sue effort on them. I'd love to say it but i mean that's i know i'm sure most people would say no but maybe they were slightly lolly again. It was really interesting rubs video the other day which had a really bad that i really don't have an opinion of it is just his opinion which he's sharing. It's fun but u._c._l._a. Comments when the comments rob unsubscribe i'm this is it done and then i looked at social blade and he'd lost three subscribers that day like it's my so it's just so much noise that and then when it actually comes to the problem with incident is that measurable numbers really hard to find so yeah i it's funny honey. I as loud as people can same like they bang it. Is we just say to remember is still often. You someone trip up a twitter friends deal. We pepe comment frenzy as well site site as with everything the real decisions are going to be mad. People voting with their wallets lodge wide-scale grassroots changes always going to really make an effect. I think on the knock doc industry not that a particularly needs to change. I think it's just nice these. What about your knife hobby slash obsession. What do you see as the future jour- of your knife thing. I've got my grandma's. Obviously i need to do a video testing a rockstar knife his a there's a philip code. I'm shawn and he does the big brand bitch channel and triple bay handmade knives end.

01:05:05 - 01:10:02

He is on the apex of finding so he'll get rex one twenty-one anyone he traded to seventy and then put it in a knife. It's like point zero one microns behind the edge. You have a couple of his knives right. The the little fixed blades it is rather those are the small makers schanzer short i'd need to save up about. I'd need to save up a half a week's paycheck to get what i want from showing the that's on on my list as well i want to i want to experience the pinnacle performance because right now very unsatisfying lee to me. It's a i mean rex's the wrecks one twenty-one when knife have had was great but the thing at the top of my bloody knife lab results for whatever they're worth is a sandrine tungsten carbide knife and it's it's like when they have you seen the sandrine t. c. K. knows it cool little thing but it's kind of really a knife as much as like oh my other knives tonight. It's like a little. It's a piece of tungsten coban seventy two rockwell. It's really hot. It's amazing it more than anything else until i go at professional shopping to shop with my wrecks one twenty-one with promo crooked fancy edge then then it just matched it as which was the most annoying thing in the world because i stuff at my stuff in increments so my cats right and ends i am i is this. This is what the cake out so just tested at stu going now at it. Stop to right there as stupid as this is. I would have loved up to had still win. over traditional not flight back anyway saw it loves to experience the ultimate in what you can do with the steel and i've got no that that it's going to be from showing up from immaculate kim. That's properly performance spike is so that's that's where i want a guy so it probably doesn't involve spending a little bit momeni or just a couple of large sums but that's my ambitions for probably the next six months to a year is to get something from rock steady just to say if that's so high i see they ripe cutting adding tests. I'm like they do very well. Push qatar wanna see my cuts different. Mulinuu denatured my head of taking over just watching said guy so this that i think am i do need to take a rest from my attention because actually have a release. Oda like consistently saw shelley from new orleans. I i'm having a rest from doing headed of distress yet release. I am having a bit of a break from doing that because i hate to like have a long ongoing issue from it. I say stupid say . I'm having a bit of a break so i'm sorta fixing probably a bit more in the future on sue cutting tests online reviews probably fixing just reviews and i've got to get out and do one of my overnight is again. People just ask as soon as i finish in published when they ask him when the next one's gonna be my ticket survival thing by going. I was going to do last night but my auto got sick and i didn't get to guy and i was like then. I thought it's a really interesting idea and this podcast having probably been awake not sleeping in a ditch and it'd be really west. It's probably for the best didn't happen last night so we just doing some odd that kind of stuff that people have been asked me to ages. I got really held got really caught up in age retention engine lightly because i got this amazing box of spider meals that i was waking me through the next six months to a year probably six months just more just basic knife stuff just is creative projects on my channel and then in six months to a year. I'll probably ramp up the test scene. Indecent mosad fun stuff more exotic still isn't that sort of thing. That's probably where i'm where i'm looking ahead. Well okay before we wrap i would like to i'd like to do a little speed round with you. Some questions and it's one of the other okay so fixed or folder flipper or thumb stud washers or bearings washes tip up or down tanto or bowie tanzer hollow ground or flat ground hallway full size or small co size gentleman's knife or tactical knife taxi theo automatic or bali song neither moot point yeah. It really is for me. I can't get either of them. Neither agree that much same questions z. t. or we take bench made or spider co spider milled titanium or spring clip sprinkler carbon-fiber or my carta mike finger toil or no finger toil form or function okay and finally your desert island knife. You have one knife for the rest of your life. It doesn't have to be on a desert island but one night for the rest of your life. Probably my you could an extra n- fix played that not treve still so much few times great little four inch explain. I just wonderful science that one. What's it called again. I got the makers alex. Stran- knives on instagram is probably the finest little fix plant i've had it's just excellent .

01:10:02 - 01:15:03

I'm always find these unsatisfying on because you want people to save like that knife owed ever got. When i i do reviews i left. We had a review stuff that people can just look up and gone by so choosing some of the wasn't that i'd probably go like a spider caribbean folding knife from spotted with the o._c. Two hundred still some eighty nine is probably my favorite north well pete of cedric anita outdoors. Thank you so much for coming on the knife. Junkie podcast had a really fun time talking with you and you know i think you're doing great things for the youtube knife world in that. You're making really entertaining and fun videos but there's also a serious side to it to me. I think you've amassed a nice body of work. It might be what you call bro science or anecdotal but what else else do we have but anecdotal experience in our in our actual lives so i applaud you. I love your videos and it was real pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much. Could i just do a quick shot. What if someone's if if someone was listening in wanting more scientific figures and just winning life-science notch students dot com. Tom lehman thomas checkout. He was a guest on our show at checkout lines because he actually has the he's with set with with them hanging hanging say he's he's he's hawaii him and sean that the big grand they're. They're the people that i ask if i need to know about a steel. That's where you look for your purpose. The science just enjoy my videos. Use them but dang it to stress about it but you look at laron. Look sean if you want proper edge nodes. They're the ones to chase up. Go yeah no doubt no doubt he talked circles around me and he does it cerebral stuff but it's not really interested. You love all right. Thanks pete cohen good. Thanks for coming on the show with visit the knife junkie online the knife junkie dot com. We're back on episode number forty. Two of the knife junkie podcast asked him before we get into hearing your takeaways about our interview today. When remind you that one of our sponsors for the chunky podcast is audible. If you like listening to to podcast like this other audio content audio books well you can get a free audiobook download and a thirty day free trial simply by going to audible trial dot dot com slash knife junkie over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone android kindle even your m._p. Three player again audible trial dot com slash the knife junkie baba another great interview they just keep coming and getting bigger and better all the time every week. your your takeaways your thoughts from in your conversation with pete well first of all when you say bigger i start thinking i'm maybe i'm starting to blabber little too much. Now that would be that would be longer not big right exactly exactly. I mean a great conversation. I was so happy to meet him at last. I i feel like i know him just because i've watched videos as for so long and you know you kind of feel like you get to know someone so i felt like it was just really great to to get to know him something that an attitude that was reinforced forced in me as like just remember this is just a hobby and we start to get. You know. It's good to take your hobby seriously. It's good to really immerse yourself in in whatever your your interests and activities are but you know remember that steel steel types and steal performance and that kind of thing. It's it this kind of relative to what you're gonna actually using it for so let's not take it that seriously but let's really enjoy the hobby and i feel like pete and you know remember remember advance knife bro people people like that really adds some levity to the whole pursuit of collecting knives and it's you know some people really take it awfully seriously and get in arguments and stuff like that and guys like really sort of bring the tone of the conversation back where it belongs interesting if ask our listeners what what was takeaway from the interview. What do you think you know do you do you kind of agree with bob's levity part and bringing the conversation back down jovial nature that kind of thing we would. I would love for you to give us a call on the listener line at seven two four four six six four four eight seven seven two four four six six four four eight seven please. He's leaving a comment. Would you like what you don't like your thoughts on today's interview or pasho or whatever we'd love to love to hear from you and if possible you know you like to who leave a comment we left too late on the show and let the other folks here what you're thinking and wanna plug your website or product or whatever latvia to do that as well so listener nine seven two four four six six four four eight seven and just remember. There's no such thing as long distance anymore so pick up the phone. Give us a call. Just like your conversation with pete shows. He wasn't right around the corner from me. That's right not for nothing people. When when we connected with pete in australia was ten thirty his time nine o'clock in the evening our time and we press the button and it was like he was next door.

01:15:03 - 01:16:08

It was amazing. Actually the connection to australia was better than the connection to other places in the states. That's true already czar yeah and special thanks to him. I think he was actually on vacation. We right so thank stamfor- for taking the time out thanks for bob junkie demarco. Thanks for your interview bob. Thanks for everybody listening for bob and i've chunky marco. I'm jumpers and wanna. Thank you for listening to the knife junkie podcast. Thanks for listening to the ninth junkie podcast. If you enjoyed enjoyed the show please rate and review review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources to listen to past episodes visit our website the nyc jokey dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on youtube. The ninth jokey dot com slash youtube check out some great night photos on the night junkie dot com slash instagram and join our facebook group but the knife junkie dot com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment emailed them to bob at the knife jokey dot com or call our twenty four seven listener listener line. That's seven two four four six six four four seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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