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YouTube Knife Reviewer and Knife Collector Metal Complex — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 68)

YouTube knife reviewer and knife collector Metal Complex joins Bob DeMarco on episode #68 of The Knife Junkie podcast to talk knives and geek out about Hinderer Knives.

Metal and Bob dive deep into Hinderer knives — and other knives and styles — as well as talk about the Metal Complex YouTube channel, Metal’s likes (and dislikes) as well as how he stays positive about the knives he reviews.

Metal Complex

If you haven’t seen any of the Metal Complex videos, be sure to check him out… but listen to the podcast first! Find Metal on YouTube and on Instagram.

What a fun time and a great conversation with Metal Complex. He's making some awesome videos on #YouTube and I encourage you go to check them out, but after you listen to the #podcast Share on X

Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know who you’d like to hear interviewed on an upcoming edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast.

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:16
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to episode number 68 of the Knife Junkie podcast I'm Jim Person

Bob DeMarco 0:23
and I'm Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco Welcome to the show.

Jim Person 0:26
The Knife Junkie podcast is the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn about knives and knife collecting. hear from knife designers, makers, manufacturers, reviewers YouTubers, anyone who loves knives that's what this edition of the Knife Junkie podcast is all about. And Bobby, another good interview today that we'll get into, but first I want to ask our listeners a favor if we could. You and I have chatted about doing a special holiday edition. And now because the way that Christmas Day falls that's on the day. We normally Issue, our supplemental podcast December 25. So we have kind of a neat idea we'd like to do for that quick addition. But we need our listeners help.

Bob DeMarco 1:10
Yeah, well, it'd be great to have people call in and call into the listener line, and leave messages about what they want for Christmas, what they're getting for Christmas or the holidays, and how they plan on spending that holiday money at blade HQ, or just you know, give us a knife story.

Jim Person 1:28
Use it for a chance to plug your YouTube channel or your knife making company, whatever it is, we'd love to love to hear from you. And it's really simple. Take a minute or two if you want to leave a longer message, as Bob said, call the listener line at 724-466-4487. That number again, is 724-466-4487. Just call the listener line. Leave a message something like hey, this is Jim from The Knife Junkie podcast, you know Please visit us at The Knife Junkie dot com. Just want to say I'm so thankful for everyone listening to the show this year. Here's my knife story funny thing and here's what I'd like to get for Christmas, you know, just something like that just, you know, something simple, whatever you feel like, like telling and sharing with our listening audience.

Bob DeMarco 2:17
It might be therapeutic because you know, you're not getting half of the things you're going to ask for. So if you just kind of get it out, it might be helpful.

Jim Person 2:25
Well, and you know, again, that's our plans for the Christmas Day show which you don't have to listen to on Christmas day if it's if it's after the fact that'd be fine, but the show is not going to happen without your participation. So if we get one call or 50 calls will have a show so you know that's enough begging right there. 724-466-4487 love to hear from you. Alright, Bob, so interview show today we have with a YouTube reviewer. Interesting nickname. He goes by which is I guess the name of his channel metal complex and he goes by metal

Bob DeMarco 2:59
Yeah. Well, metal complex is one of my favorite new YouTube channels. He's been around for less than two years and he has put out so many damn videos. It's amazing. And, you know, as someone who

occasionally puts out videos or puts them out and fits and starts, I really respect people who are just constantly constantly putting out content and metal complex is one of them. He's got excellent taste and he's got very, very taste he has a seems like a coterie of viewers out there, willing to lend him super sweet knives. So he's got some awesome knives in his own collection. And then he gets all these other he's exposed to all these other knives from his viewers. It's a quite a great setup. And one thing I really like about metal is that he's got a number of playlists. He has series He's like, he's like a little mini Netflix for for nice videos on YouTube because he's got unboxing he's got a whole unboxing playlist, and it seems like he gets some New knives all the time. He's got a quest for the perfect folding knife. He's got quest for the perfect budget knife. He's got knife guy, he's got a number of different playlists. So all on his channel you get a whole bunch of different kind of angles and videos.

Jim Person 4:15
We'll have a link of course to his YouTube channel and the show notes page that you can find at The Knife Junkie dot com slash 68 The Knife Junkie dot com slash 68 will hear that interview coming up in just a second. But first I want to remind you that Christmas time is coming. We're spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts and holiday parties and all kinds of things during the season. So here's a great way for you to save some money. Get the get upside app. It's your way to get cashback on your gas purchases. Get upside is an app you put on your smartphone. Whenever you need to get gas you search your area for savings claim your discount, fill up your tank, then all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone. That's it. You've just got cash back. So go to The Knife slash save on gas that's all one word save on gas to get the app start saving again The Knife Junkie dot com slash saveongas

Announcer 5:10
got a question or comment Golden Knife Junkie is listener line at 724-466-4487.

Bob DeMarco 5:17
So I'm here with metal complex and opinionated and passionate man about high quality folding knives with an insatiable appetite for new knives that resonates with me. That was the very first thing that I picked up on when I tuned into your channel metal. Thanks for coming on the show. Hey, absolutely.

Metal Complex 5:32
I'm really excited to be here.

Bob DeMarco 5:34
So right before we started rolling, we were talking about kind of your signature possession your signature knife. The rainbow Lady of the sea.

Metal Complex 5:44
yes. yes. She She is the ruler of my domain. She is she's she's wielding the coveted rainbow steel as I said the CPM rainbow steel and the the general what I talked about a lot is this the That her power is that she is imbued with the strength of every single knife that I have ever and box, essentially, I haven't cleaned her.

Bob DeMarco 6:10
So that is the knife that you open every new knife box. Which is that is that right?

Metal Complex 6:15
Yes it is. And I, I don't know, I'm not sure exactly how that got started. It just started happening,

Bob DeMarco 6:20
you know, but it kind of seems like unlucky to change it at this point.

Metal Complex 6:24
It does. It's weird. I joke about you know, I say joke, but then for whatever reason I'm unable to stop. So is it a joke? Or is it is there something actually compelling me to use?

Bob DeMarco 6:35
Yeah, yeah. It's one of those jokes where you're like, you know, you're hedging your bets. Your gamble, as they say. So how did you become this insane, nice person. Because clearly, this is insane behavior.

Metal Complex 6:49
It is. It's insane behavior. But it's, it feels good, though. You know, it's, it's, it's like I'm aware of it being a crazy thing. I'm a Where you know that the behavior is insane but I enjoy it and it makes me happy so I'm okay with it I guess I don't know exactly how it Did you know I had I did a I did I have a little knife guy thing that I do on on YouTube and, and I talked about this origins thing there's that there's one episode that's actually labeled. It's it says origins and I talked about my, what I think was the beginning of it where I had a fascination with Prince Philip fighting the maleficence Dragon and he had that he had a sword and I remember being a little kid and thinking, I like that I like that thing that he's wielding to bring down. And so I suppose it's this big epic thing in my head, but it was just a general fascination with bladed objects as a child and it led up to you know, getting my first pocket knife my dad gave me my first knife and I and to me, that was that sword, you know, from Beauty and the beat, I mean from Sleeping Beauty was that first knife. It's missing the front plate. But this was my grandpa's camillus Like it's an ancient two says camillus right here, but it's missing this backplate it's got three completely corroded they you know they still this last one's a little rough but

Bob DeMarco 8:12
yeah, this Oh, yeah, that's a Stockman is it I didn't know what it was. Well now I know thank you nice. Oh yes, that's basically how I got started fascination with bladed objects. I was seeing an entertainment you know, I have a feeling I was a generation or perhaps two behind you, but it was the same thing. It was Daniel Boone or whatever, whatever we watched back then. But they always had a knife on them and I'm like, Yeah, man, that's that's what it is to be a man you know yet. And then that was somewhat reinforced, you know, through a grandfather as well and got my first knife that way too. Awesome. Awesome. Very cool. So So now you've been you've been making videos and you've had a channel on YouTube, the middle complex channel for just shy of two years. Is that right? Yeah.

Metal Complex 8:56
Yeah, that's, that's accurate. It's something it's like.

Bob DeMarco 9:02
you're unbelievably prolific and you have a you just mentioned the the knife guy series but you also have other you do a lot of unboxings and I don't know like knives seem to rain at you I'm a little bit envious I gotta say and and then you have the quest for the perfect budget knife budget folding knife So tell me about your channel explain how you how you got started and and and how you decided to do these different distinct shows you have

Metal Complex 9:29
you have watched on I'm impressed that you know because I like I put out so much I often wonder I'm like are the people who are subscribed to me annoyed at getting all these notifications are like, complexes is unboxing and something else or ranting about something else in it. But yeah, so the channel started because in the beginning, I worked at a dealership and these guys that I worked with, who are still some of my closest friends here, and my boss is too They knew you know slowly I because I was into I had been indianized for a long time I've been you know, dwelling in the forums and doing buying and selling and trading and I slowly in very carefully got them to want to know what what I was carrying, you know, I can't you know, like you kind of you creep up on people that you want to share the hobby with

Bob DeMarco 10:21
this guy, this guy might be a fellow traveler.

Metal Complex 10:25
And I slowly got got them into it in any way. So once I had this, once I had enough people, you know, I had created this normality. You know, in this workspace, I started using downtime, and my bosses will laugh because I'm gonna, you know, I want them to hear this. They always laugh when they hear me talk about on the channel. I was basically sitting in some of these new vehicles on the lot and I was just talking about folding knives because I had so many other co workers who are now carrying folding knives that I had recommended to him. I was like, I just want to talk about about this stuff and see where it goes. And at first, it was just me talking into the joke always make is me talking into a rectangle. And I just kept doing it and it just slowly, you know, resonated with a few people. And now now we're here

Bob DeMarco 11:16
you have a very recognizably positive voice. I think. I think I'm whole a lot of the people I admire on YouTube generally don't tend to do videos where they're trashing products. It's kind of like, who has the time to do that, in a way, right? Unless, unless, you know, it's always fun to get into the controversy kind of stuff or, you know, say, you know, get on there and say something, you know, totally inflammatory like

sebenza is utter garbage and, and then and then wait and then defend, but,

you know, so where does this positivity come from?

Metal Complex 11:52
So it's, it's weird. I mean, we all have this like weird kind of inexplicable fashion. I mean, we really dig into it, we have this unexplicable fascination with with colory. But a lot of times, you know I look at it's, it's something and I just think, like here, here's why I think this is good, this is what I think is good about it and I, I like to look at things glass half full because I realized that everybody uses everybody uses knives for different things, different tasks, you know, are more or less appropriate for any particular knife for individual people. So I'm only one person I only have a certain set of, you know, usage habits, but every individual person, you know, is from different parts of the country or the world. Some people only exist in an office office, some people only exist outside. So thinking about that, you know, it's like, there's only a few names that I've ever picked up that I was like, wow, this is garbage. I don't like this and it's completely unsafe. It doesn't cut it doesn't do you know the basics of what a knife should do. For the most part, everything I pick up, whether it's expensive or inexpensive, you know, and I kind of try to, like, aim towards certain knives that I have a feeling will be good based on, you know, the manufacturer or whoever. But I, I look at and I think, you know, here's who this would be good for not do I think this is good or bad based on my limited, you know, usage habits. I just think if somebody were using it in this setting, then it would be good, you know, and so I suppose that's where the positivity comes from. If that, if that makes sense.

Bob DeMarco 13:30
Yeah, it does. It's, it's kind of like a question of quality. If you pick something up, that's totally not your cup of tea, but you can recognize and you can feel how well put together it is and how well executed it is whether you like the design or you find it useful or not. I mean, to me, it's very rare that I pick up a knife that I don't like, you know, it's for me, you know, the original flat iron was such a disappointment, because because I saw I originally saw I was like, Man, it's a beautiful design. I hope they pull that off. I love the proportions and the shape and everything about it. Even the handle looks like it should be comfortable. But, you know, I didn't I didn't get the updated version that

Metal Complex 14:14
you know, right. Oh, that's so amazing that like, that's exactly how I looked at it. And I was like, that's got that cool cleaver blade. It's got that forward oil it looks I mean, like it's a simple low cost steel frame lock. It's what is it I thought hollow ground blade. I mean, it looks like something that I could go out and really use and be comfortable with. And I got it and I see where they were going with it. And here comes that Here comes the glass half full, I see where they're going with it, you know, and it and it still could be something better if they decide to you know, if they use the different stealing, they put g 10 on and they just paid attention to, you know, but But yeah, you know, I completely agree with you there absolutely.

Bob DeMarco 14:57
That knife to me was the perfect blend of menacing utility, you know, obviously has the utility but there's something that's a little Sweeney Todd about it, you know?

Metal Complex 15:07
Exactly. It's like, you know, I always think about like, Who am I going to be working around? What would they say about this? Could I justify this as a tool to this person? You know, because we usually when we're doing projects here is just my dad, my brother, but every now and then there's somebody else who comes over and my brain is always thinking, What's going to be my pocket around who is it somebody who isn't into knives? What would they think of this is this is appropriate for the setting and the flat iron. You're exactly right. It's something that I think this looks like a tool but it looks like something a little bit extra that might be just interesting enough to whoever I'm going to be around to talk about it, you know? Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 15:42
yeah. Yeah. Kind of that's that's my Yojimbo. Like when I think about having that and using it in front of people at work, who, who Yeah, yeah, Bob, of course you have a knife. They'll come to me when they need the orange cut or whatever. But you know, the the Yojimbo it's a little bit, you know, looks like Carpet knife but or a not a carpet knife but a mat and it kind of looks like a you know but utility or you know menace

Unknown Speaker 16:08
you and I think alike because I look at see people they always tell me the Yojimbo to is not at an EDC knife it's a it's a self defense half and I'm like I see a tool like I see like a utility cutting tool you know but but and I would totally etc that knife I love

Bob DeMarco 16:25
absolutely and I mean to me that's that's ultimate EDC ultimate weapon to me it's it's it's a it's a great combination that's okay so that's my approach you know i i am unabashedly into knives as weapons I've done martial arts training am Kali as an excuse to continue my knife collecting you know if you will, so to me I always and that's part of that childhood thing I'm not out there getting in knife fights. I'm not a dualist you know, but but still that's my that's the undergirding of my fascination with this.

So like in terms of aesthetics. How important are they to you?

Metal Complex 17:03
Oh man, extremely, but it's, it's weird. It's like there are certain classifications like if I'm looking at a knife from a particular perspective, and a lot of times it has to do with how much I'm going to pay for it. You know, everybody puts a different value on different like some people only put value into exactly how much utility they're going to get out of it and some people put value into, you know, what materials are made out of? Or what materials is it made out of? You know, what, how good is the fit and finish? Does it ever fall shut action is it made out of 20 cv or damage or what you know, whatever, all this little, all these little things, if I'm looking at a budget knife, what I would consider a budget knife. aesthetics mean a lot less to me because I'm looking at I'm like, if I'm going to, you know pay, if I'm going to buy a budget knife, it's very likely 99.9% you know, likely that I'm going to be using this. So I don't want it to be So aesthetically appealing, then I'm, you know, that I'm reserved then what I'll use it for, you know, like, I talked about the practice. And it's such a straightforward design. I don't the the liners here, the color, the liners, the gold liners is weird to me. But okay, whatever, I don't care, I'm not going to be thinking about that while I'm out using this thing. Od greens, not my choice, but it doesn't matter whether it was my preferred plain black g 10, and steel liners, which is actually a choice, right right there. So that again, it's just boring aesthetics. Either way, I'm going to reach for this as a tool and I'm going to use it and I'm not going to think about it now the hinder which, ironically is baked to be like this, like ultimate user. I care so much for the aesthetics of this and I'm so drawn to it, that it's created like multiple layers of irony, you know, I this thing probably could withstand. I mean, well, in my mind The hinder could withstand 10 times what the practice could in reality, I have no idea but I got so lost in the aesthetics of this titanium scale and you can see that this is all monochromatic but it was so appealing to me and then I'm in a while I'm just crossing out of what I call the honeymoon phase of a new expensive knife where you're, you're just starting to kind of carry it and use it a little bit. You're not overly so protect, you know, I'm doing what I do on my channel a lot. I'm rambling. So you can start

Bob DeMarco 19:29
Oh, no, no, but that's, that's that to me. It's, it is the irony because you spend you know, my favorite knife is is a Hinderer Xm 24 and, you know, you you spend all this money on this thing, and you seek it out, you know always out of season you know whenever you have to you want that certain blade shape, man, it's it's out of season. So you gotta hunt it down, you finally find it and it's a hard use knife so you better use that thing hard boy and you don't touch it or you you you Ginger foot around for a while and then finally it ends up in the rotation once it's old enough you know what I mean and other things have come and gone.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Can I take a guess at your hinderer because I am a huge hinderer fan. I'm going to guess that that is. So a lot of people are put the new tearaway system they call everything Gen six, but technically the sixth generation is only the hinder Xm 18 three and a half inch so that Xm 24 should be the second generation pre try way. So no lock bar insert and that should be an mp3 90 blade. Is that right? That is correct.

Bob DeMarco 20:33
Okay, awesome. That is correct. 100% beautifully done. And you know what, there's something I asked this question a lot actually seems to come up to me a lot. To me, there's something very special about the fact that this doesn't have a lock bar insert. It means that this engineering is so dialed in, and whatever they did to the titanium lock face is is they did it just right. And it's You know it's got a beautiful amount Everything about it is is perfect without without having that that little slop shim I'm not yeah yeah yeah it is a good invention but I really like that this thing is like a little bit

Unknown Speaker 21:15
Oh you're so spot on man I mean like I like I love my new my new Gen sixes and then and I get a new hinder every couple of weeks and blah blah blah but yeah you're right and you can I mean the evidence is it I love Hinderer knives, me to love her knives and, you know, the evidence is out there for us. It's not like, you know, everything that you see on online for dinner knives is just like a hinder knife and a display case. Now they get people get down and dirty with those things. And then whether they have the new lock bar inserts, or they have the standard titanium lock face, which is carbonized and the geometry has been perfected and you know, rekindles pretty open about all that stuff. People just go to town those things and they they're just fine, you know. So yeah, in my opinion, and I just say this before. It's cool that these new ones have the lock bar inserts. But do they need them?

Bob DeMarco 22:04
No No that's that's actually the beauty part. What do you think of the the new USA made blade wardenclyffe half track.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
So I want to get, I believe I will be somebody one of my viewers purchased one and messaged me and they said, Hey, I bought this. I want to send it to you because I figured you'd want to look at it. Yes. So the I love that they have the now I love that like the one that you've got. It has that menacing appearance because the blade is straight. There's kind of like a line that you can draw with the body. Exactly. Yeah, that is the most aggressive blade. The biggest. And it's cool. And you know what? It's utilitarian. Doing a push cut or draw cut with that blade is so satisfying. But this little half track I didn't think that I would like to have track until I bought one. Yeah, that was like wow, this Thanks a little tank, you know, and this new one with this upswept blade, it makes me think that because of how they did the forward choil how the blade angles up there might be more room for your finger and you're less likely to run it up on on the blade and at the same time it might be angled in a way that if you're using it like I would use a Wharncliff in a utility like it you know while working or whatever you're doing those kind of cuts it might be that the that that's what he did that angle so that you can bear down on it or so it's more it's more organic when you're laying your finger on it.

Bob DeMarco 23:33
what it looks like without worrying about snapping the tip at all because you bear down too much. You know you really in a way it allows you to place more your body weight over it as you're pulling, you know what I'm saying? That's Yeah, as opposed to the way this comes off. You know, this is a you know, this comes straight off the face. Yes, yes, definitely. What about the Maximus? Do you have that?

Metal Complex 23:55
You don't and is that

Bob DeMarco 23:56
ever come through your hands?

Unknown Speaker 23:58
It's never come through my hands . But I was blown away that he were just geeking out about hundred knives. Right. So um, so I didn't know that you're a hinder fan. That's it. I love that he created a fully symmetrical folding dagger that was manual. And I mean, like how many you don't you didn't I admit I had not seen too many, if any at all, folding knives that could be sharpened on both blades and safely, I mean, safely retracted back into the handle. Right. And it looks so good. It was so aesthetically pleasing. Now I would that kind of hourglass overlay on the G 10. I would prefer that covered everything but that's okay. You know, but everything else about it. It's so pretty, you know? Yeah. I really, I'm very, I'll tell you what, that's the one model for whatever reason that I really want to see on bearings. I don't know. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 24:53
I kind of feel like I'm waiting for that. That's kind of my like, not excuse not to get I also kind of wish it were a little Little bit larger, I just tend towards like slightly larger. But yeah, I kind of feel like I'll wait for the gen, whatever it's going to Gen two, I guess when it has the bearings on it. The The only other knife I can think of that I would put on the same shelf is the arch nemesis the sharp by design arch nemesis, you know, beautiful, beautiful symmetrical, but I mean that's that's a completely, you know, those are 1800 dollar knives and they're very, very, you know, limited but in terms of design in terms of a double edged blade that retracts all the way into the handle without looking like it's got a giant handle or some weird blade ratio. Yeah, those two are the only and and so the one the one within reach happens to be by hinder and to me. That's just yeah, that's cool.

Metal Complex 25:46
Yeah. Isn't it weird how like, because in a folding knife, symmetry is not off. I mean, like straight on symmetry is not something that you you see very often you see it in the benchmade infidel You see it there? There's something that's really appealing about that symmetry. You don't see it in, like the on the microtech. You don't see because of the way that the blit you like that

Unknown Speaker 26:11
the combat Troodon. Yeah,

Metal Complex 26:13
this I just got this and I've been just just like it's been sitting in my lap while we watch the Marvel movies. And we're doing that thing where we watch the Marvel movies in chronological order. And then every four minutes and 27 seconds I go, and my wife goes, if you do that, again,

Bob DeMarco 26:30
that's a familiar scenario. I'm

Metal Complex 26:34
sorry, but I just sorry.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
Oh, sorry, not my hand slipped just like I know how that operates. Your hand did not slip. But yeah, you don't get cemetry often with folding knives or some motifs unless they're an infill design. So you look at the Maximus, and the what is the deadlock tried and it's a lot of times it's just it's exclusive to an OTF because of how the mechanism For, but you see it you're like, Oh, that's so beautiful. Yeah, you know, and I, I think in my mind that comes from the draw to the old swing guards to lead on eyes. That is symmetrical and they had the art. I think back to that you're going to laugh that the weaseling Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the gun, zoot suit that had the Switchblade. I remember that as a kid thinking. I'm not sure what's going on in this scene, but that knife is super cool. I want to be that guy.

Unknown Speaker 27:29

Metal Complex 27:32
Absolutely. Oh, man.

Bob DeMarco 27:33
Well, the the I happened to just recently get a microtech and I was I was looking for and a combat tro it on double edged with the with the serrated top right. Okay. And I found it and I jumped on it on blade forums. And it ended up it came and I didn't I didn't really read it. I wanted to see you know, I saw what I wanted to see and I got a regular intro down. So that's fine. It's a little It's uh, but it's got all sorts of banging and banging and ring inside of this spring. I gotta send it back, man.

Metal Complex 28:07
Yeah, we'll have him work on it and I'll get to experience you know, doing something with microtech on the warranty set. So there you go. I've heard that microtech warranty is great. That's what I've heard is very positive. So I think that's cool. And you know, what, have you handled the full combat turn on the big one? Okay, so this is awesome. And it gives you that feeling. It's like, you know, it's like, driving a like a huge lifted truck with 650 horsepower. You know, that's what it feels like. It's just it's like, bam and it feels good. But then you realize, wow, this is not a knife that I can carry in my Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 28:44
yeah. Especially true

Metal Complex 28:46
it on. Yeah that that truth on though. I think if you get a chance to handle this big one, it will make you love that truth on a lot more. I just recently Well, not recently was like eight months ago handle the truth on the little one. For the first time, this is my second combat room. And I realized I was like, wow, this is actually a bit because you get that more robust feeling than the ultra tech or the UT x 85. The Ultra next big long thing, but it's a lot slimmer, the true and on it still has that kind of wide body that more robust sort of more substantial feeling. But it's small enough that you can just if you really want to carry an OTF it's small enough that it's a size that you can justify it so I don't know. That's just my opinion. You'll love the big one, but I think you'll appreciate the truth on one. No.

Bob DeMarco 29:31
Oh, I do. I mean, once this is fixed, you Oh, yeah. Yeah, it sounds like my lightning OTF but it is such a beautiful little jewel of a knife. It's just you know, I have to get it fixed. And I will I will keep it I will keep it for sure. So I mean, this just makes me wonder what what are your criteria for breaking down at night for deciding whether a knife is good or bad? You know, kind of

Metal Complex 29:56
explain that. You know how like when you get a new knife and every Nobody has this this checklist right? We all have our little things that we look for we check we make sure is that centered looks a little bit off note that's a shadow you know that and then we check like if you're me I check the percentage of lockup Why? I don't know because I remember the early days of the Hinderer knives and people being obsessed with early lock up despite it actually being kind of a not the best thing. Yeah, I don't want it to be too early, but I I liked to see that. And then I checked for detent lash. I checked it to

Bob DeMarco 30:33
I'm sorry, what's detent lache? is that play when it's closed?

Metal Complex 30:37
Yeah, like and I call it detent lash but I don't know if that's the proper term for I don't like feeling the blade wiggle around. If you if you've never checked for this, I'm going to give you another thing to nitpick. But I feel for wiggle in the I don't like to shake the knife in here rattling that. play there. And then I also check Of course, you know up and down all I check off That stuff but then then I start looking if it passes all that I start looking for little tiny things that are pleasing you know, in this case, the practices a flipper, and I like to see shoulder and back there, I like to see it wrapped around the stop hand. I like to see that that, to me the size of the stop pin is, you know, robust enough I guess for me, I checked the the pivots, the size of the talks heads, the body screws, I checked the pocket clip, whether or not the pocket clip screws are recessed, I have all these little things. And if it has all that good stuff, or olara good, you know, 80% of it, and it feels pretty good in hand and you know, it flips well. A lot of this stuff has just been nailed so often by so many of these budget brands and just knives in general. They hit some of these these little things. Companies like CVV best tech are great examples of some of these, these these budgets are these Chinese companies with these budget and I was just doing everything automatically correctly. Then I'll go Okay, this is good enough to to like Talk about to put in my pocket and see how I feel about using it in my setting. And then I try to think about it from other people's perspectives. And if it It's weird, it's like no particular scoring system. It's like in my mind, it's like, does this get me going? Does this make me feel positive? Because if I don't want to fake it, you know, I don't because people will they'll call me out on it, you know? Well, that's

Bob DeMarco 32:22
actually what what I'm really interested in once once all those boxes are checked in. And it's a you know, you've determined it's a quality knife in terms of its building and kind of the thought that went into to the little details. What is that? What is that little magical thing that makes you love it or not?

Metal Complex 32:43
If it's a it again, it depends on you know, the the price, you know what, what price bracket it's in. I've always said that I feel like my drop off point for my likeliness to use a knife without worrying about putting a scratch on it, putting it you know, it's It's right around the $150 mark something like that. And the less it's worth, or the less it costs than the more you know, the less protective I am of it. So as it it's more than that, so I start thinking of it, I start thinking of different things like, you know, with the little defined details in the, in the, the finishes, you know, on the blade, the materials that are used, but it's weird. It's kind of just weird, foggy area that I can't explain, you know, but basically, what it comes down to is, will this knife go into my pocket with one hand? Well, it doesn't have a good carry profile. Is it? Is it a does it feel like? I mean, like, Am I am I so overly aware of it being in my pocket, that I can't focus on whatever else I'm doing, you know, I want it to be there. I want it to exist as a tool, right? I don't want it to be distracting. I don't not, you know, in terms of how much it costs, its profile, anything like that. I want it to be I need to cut something, I want it to come out of my pocket, I want it to deploy readily, I want to make that cut, I want there to be, you know, I want it to do what a knife does. And then I want to be able to put it away, put it back in my pocket and go on, you know, with my day, and if I feel like I can do that without having to mess around with something, some weird thing and apocalypse doing this weird thing. You know, if I feel like there's minimal hang up, then to me, it's a good knife. And for the most part, most of the knives that I look at do that it's you know, a lot of times it comes down to you know, how expensive Is it is it readily available? You know, those other things make it more difficult. So, I guess does that kind of answer your question?

Bob DeMarco 34:42
Well, yeah, it does. It does. So people must come to you all the time then with you know, what should I get? I know Christmas is coming up. What should I get? What? So from 2019 What are your What are your pics What are your favorite knives, and and also tell me what you think is overrated.

Metal Complex 35:00
Well, um, I said this in my most overrated I did a video, my most overrated knives. I don't know for 2019 I have a really hard because like, I mean, I'm sure if you've looked back at like the last 20 videos that I've done, I don't necessarily go after the newest stuff I go after the stuff that catches my eye like I just, I just reviewed a zt Oh, six, three OCF that's been dumped on me for a while. I know it's a great night. And I was like, I love that thing. I don't care if it's not available. I just want to I just want to talk about it. So anyways, I want to get off track but I'm not very good at knowing exactly what came out in 2018 2019. But for right now, a knife that I would recommend to everybody that I think is a reasonable price and in terms of, I guess people who who will be listening to us the the Ritter RFK MK one. Oh my goodness. That is such a great value and American production knife it has. I mean, you know, I love benchmade but they did. They They're able lock is incredible. It feels smooth. You get that drop shot action on a box. You get and it is

Bob DeMarco 36:05
it is so I have I have it right here. It is so solid. It is so solid when it's open, I mean it feels great and a hand in that and that that radial pattern, you know coming from the limit is beautiful. And actually I like the length of the handle and the counter the handle just a little bit better. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So a great evolution I'd say

Metal Complex 36:29
Oh yes, absolutely. And then of course the CVV practice that is my and I think that that was 2018 but the CVV practice man you know if you're if you're looking for just just a great 950 bucks, that night is just amazing. I love it. And I'm trying to think of one that's I'm trying to get give you give you a high, medium and low. Yeah. You know for the high one there for a little bit. The and I don't know if this is still available. I saw The firm forge Archbishop to point O was available for a discounted price on Black Friday or something. I don't know if they still have those out floating around. Oh my goodness, that's that is an amazing knife right up there with the zt Oh 562 ti just just me that that you know feeling of. I got an amazing knife for this. It cost me 252 to 80 but I got a great knife. You know, I get a very capable knife you know,

Bob DeMarco 37:26
speaking of which, I'm dying to get my hands on a on a sorry what's the name their their latest one I was gonna say metamorph it's not metamorph Oh, the pro tech produced

Metal Complex 37:37
Oh, the more data the

Bob DeMarco 37:39
more accurate I'm sorry. Yeah, the more notes okay to me that thing

Metal Complex 37:42
any collaboration?

Bob DeMarco 37:45
Yeah, at least at least they have names in our don't have these long number designation. But yeah, that to me that knife. God. Yeah, I gotta get my hands on one of those. It looks really appealing. I do wish it was hollow ground, but I understand

Metal Complex 38:00
Right right did you see that so i i gave away well there's this big long thing about the giveaway on the more decks that I did on my channel but I always I buzzed about the original midtech more that's right and then they that's what they built it off that just kind of they brought it down a little bit wasn't as big hulking thing. And they did it with aluminum body in the 20 cp blade nothing also Yes. Oh, and they and that was the best button lock that I've ever handled. It felt so good and you know button locks. People are kind of they're not sure if that's a really dependable lie it felt super solid to me. I would have no reserves with it. But they did it anyways they did a titanium version of it. Did you see that? No, I did not did it I and maybe I'm now I hope I'm I hope I'm not just remembering or thing or dreaming and remembering a dream but I'm pretty sure they did it titanium button lock version of that. That more tax that protects more tax deal and it was extremely expensive but Man did it makes me drool?

Bob DeMarco 39:01
Yes. Yes. I mean, it's beautiful. It's simple, it looks capable. I love I love that the, that the width of the blade, you know, top to bottom spine, the edge is a little bit fatter than the handle. I love that it's kind of like the Roxie from the Todd knife and tool Roxy for it. That's an aesthetic that appeals to me and automatically makes me think that's going to be a good night. You know, like for for cutting threads off of my collars and such.

Metal Complex 39:29
You know, but isn't it you know, I consider that such a blessing. When I looked down and there's a thread, it's usually down where you have been sliding the knife in an eye.

And I'm like, I'll just use my neck that's conveniently located

Bob DeMarco 39:45
and creating the problem. It's the boy that's that's funny, man. Yep. So so with you mentioned best tech Ria we earlier. In your opinion, what do you think of the soul of a custom knife? And then how its interpreted through these amazing, comfortable these companies that are making these amazing knives. Do you have any? not exactly sure what the question is, but I know the soul get lost somewhere in there.

Metal Complex 40:12
So you have people who really love and I have I have a very a couple of really good friends that I have absolutely fueled the content of my channel. And we've talked about this extensively. There is a there's a level of joy that people get owning the real thing, right. You know, it's like the, the x m 18 and the Z to 562. They're both I mean, let's be honest, they're both going to do the same thing. I mean, maybe there are maybe there are slight advantages with with a henriksen. A team, you know, that could be proven with extensive testing.

Bob DeMarco 40:45
I don't know who I'm cooler. Sure.

Metal Complex 40:48
Yeah, you put you but you know, I like knowing and I love that. Oh, 562 but I like knowing that I have the real thing now for but that's just the example there. The thing about owning the full custom is Ivan said, you know, people who put all their value into the utility, what is it capable of doing? I care nothing for anything else, the aesthetics, the time that went into it. I only care about what it's capable of. and a custom knife is not for you. And you will not you won't get that sense of enjoyment, right. But other people like the idea of this item was handmade. This item has blood, sweat and tears that went into it. The person who created it, cares about it, they put their love into it, you know, and on top of that, it's hard to get right. It's in limited supply. These are not stamping pressed and being fired out of a factory. So I have something that I love for all of these reasons, and they're not super readily available. Now. The lot of people look at that and they don't they don't like that they want it to be available. So we have these production versions. And now we have companies like we and reott who are unbelievable, they're the The end result is such high quality. A lot of times it's almost indistinguishable From the actual custom, and I kind of like that, you know, I like that both sides of the spectrum are happy You know, I think that's cool.

Bob DeMarco 42:08
I vacillate and I think I'm settling back into you know, being thrilled with the opportunity to have these designs at a lesser rate at a lesser price point. You know, that whole question of soul sometimes you know, sometimes I look at custom knives and I got to be totally I have a couple and I'm very proud of them. But they're kind of made to what I wanted. Sometimes I look at the most expensive and elaborate custom knives and with the with the different bolster materials and then handle materials and then Damascus and different color hardware and everything. It starts to look like Mr. furley to me, like all these different patterns and like plaids and polka dots and everything, like yeah, no doubt these are all beautiful and and highly valuable materials and they're different. Cool to work with and, you know, and it takes an idea to put all that stuff together, but it's too much, you know, it's like, right, it's just have like an understated handle with a spectacular blade or something. So maybe that's a little too much soul, you know? And then right,

Metal Complex 43:13
right? Yeah, no, I completely understand. I always use car analogies. If I saw that picture. Have you seen the Bugatti Veyron or the Euro? Yeah, they they did a version of it. That was like, mirror gold on the outside. What

Bob DeMarco 43:27
was the point?

Metal Complex 43:28
Yeah, yeah, exactly. But it's like, Well, I appreciate for this, this thing that exists that it's at, but I'm not sure why it exists. It's not. It's It's beautiful. I'm sure to a lot of people. It's not beautiful to me, but I can appreciate it, you know? Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 43:43
All that being said, I would love to have a knife with mammoth ivory. That to me is like, that's awesome. So tell me where you think the middle complex channel is headed in the future. Like what what kind of things do you want to take on you have new series in mind,

Metal Complex 44:01
I do so the the quest thing like I couldn't believe how popular that was I said it on the last episode I said I'm tackling kind of a polarizing subject, considering the knives that I'm talking about this hypothetical ideal knife is purely based on what I want and what I think is good. And it's this price range is it's flooded with amazing models already. Tell listeners what the price what the challenge was, what the quest was. So there were it was 11 episodes where I tackled a whole bunch of different topics, you know, the materials of the handle that I mean down to like how I wanted the liners to be this the size of the hardware, how many pieces overall I thought it should be? The shape of the blade, all this stuff. I just I went into insane detail about this. And I tried to let everybody know the whole time like hey, this is just based on what I want, you know, kind of just to let you know how I'm approaching this. And I said, for the sake of getting everything, you know, talking about everything that I think I need to talk about, I'm going to say, and this this didn't make it rub, the few people are on what I'm going to say that budget is being defined in this series as anything under $100. Now, I didn't actually conclude anywhere near 100 but I had to talk about all the different you know that because there are like, like some of Kershaw's USA knives and some have said like the CVV said, Tara that's near $70 That's right there were some people are like, Is it a budget life or is it turning into a higher meet mid range mid to high end production? I've so yeah, so that was kind of what I did there with that. I feel like there was another question there that I didn't completely well.

Bob DeMarco 45:47
Well, do you do have other series in mind that you're ...

Metal Complex 45:51
yes. I I'm thinking about a few things. I've had a couple suggestions. Some some people said, you should do this. The quest for the perfect slip joint and then somebody else involved that they said you should do the quest for the perfect legal almost everywhere knife. And I thought that that would be interesting to explore. But I want to keep doing what I love because the I think the best parts for me is I have a enormous fascination with this stuff and I get so into it if you can't tell, you know, just like everybody everybody who's I'm not special. Everybody who likes this stuff is very is deeply passionate about it. And when I talk about things that are you know, amidst all those things I'm generally passionate about when it's something I'm really really into it, I don't have to try it all you know, 20 talking for 20 minutes, I have a problem keeping it under my channel, because I get so excited about this stuff. And so I guess in the future, I love this discussion topics. I love doing the unboxings I of course love doing the reviews. I love doing the top 10 stuff, blah blah blah but I I say Suppose if there's anything that I want to change, I want to go outside and do some usage stuff. Even you know, and I'll tell people like, Listen, I don't really know what I'm doing here, but I want to I want to use it. I want to show these things in action.

Bob DeMarco 47:14
Here's the news. No one else does, either, you know, they know as much as you do, but but it's fun to watch man who doesn't like watching someone break down a box. Sure. Oh, yeah.

Metal Complex 47:27
Exactly. Yeah, I think it'll be much the same other people seem to be reacting positively. People, you know, I just can't believe that people care to listen and I'm sure you know, I'm sure I sound like every reviewer. You know, it's like, what, like people, people are watching my stuff. That's crazy. You know?

Bob DeMarco 47:49
Well, I think I think people like to know that the people that are watching you know, you're in a way your consumer advocate and you know, people obviously Watch you because they like your personality. If they didn't like your personality, they tune out and go somewhere else. But I think people like knowing because I do when I'm watching one of my favorite knife reviewers, that the person knows what they're talking about and then and then you watch a few videos you get to know their taste and you can kind of compare and contrast your tastes against theirs and, and kind of gauge whether you want that knife or not. But, you know, if you want to find out about the quality of a knife, you go to someone like you that's kind of, I think, kind of the bedrock in terms of your collection. Where do you see it headed?

Metal Complex 48:32
I it's funny, I was just talking about

just talking about this on Instagram.

There's a I made a meme of, I found a meme template of Bart Simpson falling down a flight of stairs and each step I put on the top step I put the knife my dad gave me the next one said gas station knives and the next one was like productionize it goes all the way down it and Bart's like just teetering on custom knives at the very bottom. And that apparently resonated with a bunch of people and what's currently happening to me I am this my friend Jeff is sending me Jeff and Mr. Whiskey. And my, my buddy, Kyle and my buddy shaker are all sending me the craziest stuff that I have ever seen. And I'm all of us, you know, like, it's, it's like I held off I was like, I'm okay with looking at these things on Instagram. I don't need to buy them. And now they're being force fed to me by some really, really cool viewers. And I'm like, maybe I do need this. Maybe I maybe I should just sell five or six of my knives and get something crazy. You know,

Bob DeMarco 49:40
you just did a video on the shamari

Metal Complex 49:42
What did you think of that knife? Oh my gosh, it blew me away. And I think that my reaction when I inbox in the very first time that I flipped it so a front flipper is a very foreign thing to me. I don't have a lot of practice with it. It's also kind of not super new. Kind of nude. It's not like a, it's like a flipper. We haven't had these companies have haven't had as much time to refine and perfect that mechanism as they have the flipper. So it's like it's weird to the person who's handling it and it's like that these companies are still kind of experiencing with it and then I get my hands on a shamari and it's like Derek bowl was like, I got this and that it was that the knife itself was almost like don't worry buddy, I think I actually explained it like that. And it just goes by him and it kicked out and it that the beautiful that talk about beauty and simplicity. That knife has some of the best looking lines and its contour and that that just perfect. The blade is so simple and the handles so simple, but at the same time, there's all these like obvious complexities all of these like it's It was so carefully crafted, and that deployment mechanism the detent strength mixed With the mass and length of the blade and the position of the the part that the front flipper, I guess the part that you're supposed to use, everything was so well thought out and it was the culmination of all that. And the fact that I did it first try with more being kind of hesitant number one, because it's an expensive knife. And number two, because I don't really know what I'm doing. And I just went, bam, and I was like, I love this. I have to have this.

Bob DeMarco 51:26
So someone who's we is it we are reott is going to be producing. I think

Metal Complex 51:32
it's WE

Bob DeMarco 51:32
Yeah, will you get one of those?

Metal Complex 51:35
Yes, absolutely. That is that is absolutely a knife that I'll get. It's like when when reott did the the Steel Craft series bodega. I was like, yep. Hundred percent because Jim Skelton made that that made me want that thing. His big, the big red. He made me want that thing so bad. And I was like, well, I can't I can't afford that. And then react was like, Hey, no problem, we'll do this version. That's, you know, a lot of people are saying is is very, very similar to the real thing. And then you can have it for much less. And I finally got my hands on it and it it scratched that itch for me. I think I will get given weez reputation overwhelmingly positive. Yeah, I think I will definitely on that.

Bob DeMarco 52:21
Well, we're about to wrap up, but I wanted to ask you, sometimes I like to ask if people have any good knife stories. Could be could be funny, scary. Whatever.

Metal Complex 52:32
Yeah, I have. I have one. I've shared it before but it's my favorite to tell. And I think that you know, when when you enjoy telling a story, it translates better. You know, so when I it's nice that I showed when I acquired that knife the first time. My best friend I was I was I think it was seven or eight. My best friend got his first pocket knife. And I remember thinking you have a pocket knife. What I want pocket knife so that when I'm from and my it anytime we wanted to do something that wasn't allowed at our house, we went over to my grandma's house because my grandma just let us do whatever, you know, we want to jump on the bed while you're eating candy. Go ahead, no problem. So we're digging through the closet and my dad's old room, my brother and I, a little brother, and I'm nine, I think, or maybe eight or nine. And I come across this little box with a bunch of stuff in there. There's a little pocket knife in there, and it's the one that I just showed you. And I said, Grandma, can I have that knife? And she said, Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 53:34
sure, Kid Care.

Metal Complex 53:37
So I'm playing with it and jumping on the bed and eating candy, you know, like, like, it's just totally safe. And so my dad comes to pick us up and, and I said, look at grandma gave me and he was like, Well, no, you can't have that. And, you know, so there was that whole thing and he took it away. And eventually he did take an opportunity to sit down with me and say, because I asked him about it all the time. I said that Can I have that like when are you going to give it back you know when he finally sat down and talked to me he said, if you're going to use this you can use it outside at home you want you know, I want to know where it is at all times. I want to know if it's in your pocket what you plan to use it for. This is a tool you know, I remember him saying, you know, this isn't something that you use for anything else other than you know, essentially a task a cutting task, right? So almost immediately, he finally gives it to me, and he's he's at his desk and it's been up on top of his desk out of reach this whole time he finally gives it to me and I think it's like I'm nine and we just ordered a new refrigerator and so we have the box is big tall refrigerator box. I immediately go outside and kick all the blades out so it's essentially like a throwing star at this point. And I'm hacking it at this box trying to get it to stick in it. And I and you know and and a few times I was successful and I remember thinking this is so cool. This is what pop before and my dad come storming out of the he must have gone to the Kitchen and noticed it. What are you doing? This is exactly what I was talking about. This is not a cutting task. You're just throwing it. So he long story short, he took it away and I did not get that knife back until almost my 11th birthday,

Bob DeMarco 55:15

Metal Complex 55:16
And that was it. That was that was heartbreaking because all of my friends were in scouts, they all had pocket knives. And I was like, my dad took mine because I was hacking it as at a refrigerator box.

Bob DeMarco 55:28
He didn't even know you were being responsible learning how to throw that like

Metal Complex 55:34
oh my god.

Bob DeMarco 55:36
It has to happen as soon as he walks out. Oh, yeah.

Metal Complex 55:39
Yeah, exactly. I could have just waited until he left but no.

Bob DeMarco 55:43
So one last thing metal. I want to do a little speed round with you. I'm gonna ask you, and I just want a one word answer. Okay, all right. Fixed or folder

Metal Complex 55:53

Bob DeMarco 55:54
flipper or thumbs setud

Metal Complex 55:56
thumb stud

Bob DeMarco 55:57
washers or bearings

Metal Complex 55:59

Bob DeMarco 56:00
tip up or tip down

Metal Complex 56:03
and get a look.

Tip up

Bob DeMarco 56:08
tanto or Bowie

Metal Complex 56:10

Bob DeMarco 56:11
hollow ground or flat ground,

Metal Complex 56:14
flat ground

Bob DeMarco 56:15
full size or small full size

gentleman's or tactical

Metal Complex 56:19

Bob DeMarco 56:20
out the front or out the side

Metal Complex 56:23
out the front

Bob DeMarco 56:24

Metal Complex 56:25

Bob DeMarco 56:26
WE or Reate

Metal Complex 56:27

Bob DeMarco 56:28
benchmade or Spyderco

Metal Complex 56:30

Bob DeMarco 56:31
milled titanium or spring clip

Metal Complex 56:34
milled titanium

Bob DeMarco 56:35
carbon fiber or micarta

Metal Complex 56:37

Bob DeMarco 56:38
Good answer

finger choil or no choil

Metal Complex 56:40
finger choil

Bob DeMarco 56:42
form or function

Metal Complex 56:43

Bob DeMarco 56:44
and then lastly your desert island nice. That doesn't mean you have to survive on a desert island. That means you get one knife for the rest of your life. What is it?

Metal Complex 56:54
Boy it's probably you know it's probably going to be the SC five it's the SC five with that quarter inch Blade it's got the micarta it's got a 1095 blade it's something that I could sharpen on a rock it's a pry bar it's a hammer it's a it's a hunting tool I can baton wood with it and this is all based on all of the amazing YouTube videos stuff from the comfort of my

Bob DeMarco 57:18
you know that others can do it so you can too

Metal Complex 57:20
yeah exactly right.

Bob DeMarco 57:21
Well metal, it's been a pleasure having you on The Knife Junkie podcast Thank you sir for coming on. I appreciate it everyone check out metal complex on Instagram and also the main place I know him from his amazing YouTube channel. Check them out.

Metal Complex 57:35
Awesome Thank you.

Announcer 57:36
Visit The Knife Junkie at The Knife Junkie calm to catch all of our podcast episodes, videos, photos and more.

Bob DeMarco 57:43
And we're back on the Knife Junkie podcast Jim The Knife Junkie b Person along with Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco and Bob a good interview there with with metal. You guys really just kind of hit it off. Sounds like you were long lost friends. Well, it was just great to super geek out with someone about knives. In a thing that I really like about about metal is he is very positive you don't find him trashing knives too much or, you know, he's honest with his opinions on things but I don't know it always seems like an upbeat review when I'm watching even if he's not thrilled about it but I think like, like many of the reviewers I really watch and respect he pretty much reviews the stuff that he's got something valuable to say about or more really likes, but you know, he's never he's always positive great guy and he it was it was fun to geek out on hinders I realized he liked him because he's he's got that one Xm 18 that he did so much but I didn't realize we were going to go down

such a rabbit hole and it was a pleasure.

Jim Person 58:50
Not that you minded anyone little bit.

Alright, well, like we said the show notes will have the link to metals YouTube Channel, as well. Is his Instagram so you can find the links to find metal Complex on YouTube and Instagram and remind you again, please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 leave us a recorded message your holiday greetings or holiday wish list here Happy New Year thoughts, whatever you'd like to, to, to leave and hear that on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast that's plan for our Christmas Day show, which is our supplemental issue. So again, that show will be as long or as short as you make it. Because if we don't get any calls from you, we won't have a show. So we'd love to hear from you. With your holiday thoughts, wishes and again, please be sure to leave your name, promote your website, your your knife, company, whatever it might be, we truly do not mind and would like to give you the publicity and just we would like to get those by Friday, December 20. So Friday, December 20. If you get those messages to the listener line,

Bob DeMarco 59:58
Jim, what about you mails or emails going to work too if people want to email those messages to us

Jim Person 1:00:03
well it won't be their voice but they could you know email you at Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com and then we can read them so if someone is more comfortable just shooting an email message, we can do that route do that. All right. That's going to wrap it up for Episode Number 68 of the Knife Junkie podcast call her email please by Friday, December 20 Thanks for joining us.

Announcer 1:00:27
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show, please rate review and review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on Knife Junkie dot com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but The Knife Junkie dot com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, comments, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com or call our 24 seven listener line that's 724-466-4487. And you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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