Bryan Ball, aka Slicey Dicey: Air Force Vet, Comedian, Bike Expert and YouTube Knife Reviewer — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 82)

Bryan Ball, aka Slicey Dicey, joins Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco for a conversation about how he got into knives, his days in the U.S. Air Force, bikes, comedy and of course, the Slicey Dicey YouTube knife review channel.

Slicey DiceyA former radio sportscaster and review writer for, all of Bryan’s past skills made a nice package for his knife reviews, plus his love of stand-up comedy can also be seen in some of his videos.

Find out which knife was “the knife that broke” Bryan and sent him head-over-heels into the world of knife collecting and reviewing, and stay tuned until the end for some knife stories and the “lighting round” with Slicey Dicey.

Bryan Ball, aka Slicey Dicey, joins Bob for a conversation about how he got into knives, his days in the U.S. Air Force, bikes, comedy and of course, the Slicey Dicey YouTube knife review channel. Click To Tweet

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Slicey Dicey 0:00
I hate that when people say I bought a knife and I didn't like it so I returned it that's really crappy to do to the retailer interesting you know like if you bought it something's wrong with it then return it but if you bought it and you just made a bad choice Yeah, you may have a bad choice

Announcer 0:16
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:30
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to episode number 82 of the Knife Junkie podcast I'm Jim Person.

Bob DeMarco 0:36
And I'm Bob DeMarco. Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast.

Jim Person 0:38
The Knife Junkie podcast is the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn about knives and knife collecting and hear from the knife designers, the knife makers, manufacturers reviewers and anyone who loves knives and that's what we're all about here on the Sunday weekend. edition of the Knife Junkie podcast and Bob, another great show today. A YouTube youtuber that were gonna talk to

Bob DeMarco 0:40
Yep, one of my go to knifer viewers slicey dicey. Bryan ball, he's a comedian. He's a bike expert, podcaster and reviewer of those products but he's been doing. He's been doing knife reviews for going on three years as slicey dicey, and he's just burning it up and he he's got a great sort of rotation in and out of his collection. I'm going to, you're going to see he's a very disciplined fellow he can, he can let knives come and go and in a way that is difficult for some like myself, but I think maybe that discipline is part of the success of his channel. It's it's been around for not too long, but it's doing great and of course it's his personality and his and what he brings to the reviews himself, but also he maintains this discipline, keeps his collection somewhat limited and lets the knives flow in and out so he can review and bring us all information.

Jim Person 2:04
Alright, sounds good we'll get to that interview coming up next but first I want to remind you about The Knife Junkie comm slash knives. That's a page on the Knife Junkie website that features knives for sale. So if you're in the market for a new knife, be sure to check out that page. The Knife slash knives and who knows, maybe you'll find your next knife right there.

Announcer 2:27
Got a question or comment? Golden Knife Junkie is listener line at 724-466-4487.

Bob DeMarco 2:34
I'm here with Brian Paul. You know him as slicey dicey on YouTube, preeminent knife reviewer and also a man into bikes comedy and a lot of other things but we're here to talk to slicey dicey Brian about knives How you doing, sir? Thanks for coming on The Knife Junkie podcast.

Slicey Dicey 2:51
Thank you very much for having me. It's cool. I do believe this is my knife podcast debut. I think so. Maybe I've done one. Yeah, but I did my own for half a minute. But I think this is my first guest appearance.

Bob DeMarco 3:04
Well, we were just talking before we rolled that you you've done a lot of bike podcasting, so you're no stranger,

Slicey Dicey 3:09
yeah. And comedy podcasts and stuff. Yeah, everybody, everybody podcasts now it's the wave of the future I hear.

Bob DeMarco 3:16
Yeah. And you know what, it's so funny because it's actually right from the past. It's just like radio on demand. Yeah. Yeah. So it just goes to show we're not we're not, you know, we can handle long form. We're not lucky.

Slicey Dicey 3:26
I was a sports broadcaster for a couple years too, so.

Bob DeMarco 3:30
Oh, really?

Slicey Dicey 3:31
Yes. Yeah... I spend a lot of time listening to the sound of my own voice.

Bob DeMarco 3:34
And is it as fantastic as

Slicey Dicey 3:36
Oh, it gets old? gets old quick. Yeah, it's like now I'm kind of tired of the sound of my own voice. So it's weird how like, I don't know how long you guys been doing this, but like your voice changes unintentionally.

Bob DeMarco 3:47
Oh, really? What do you mean?

Slicey Dicey 3:48
Yeah, he like you kind of like your radio voice just becomes how you talk. Right? You know, and it's weird. I've noticed that since I think my rate my sports talk show was 9098 ninety Nine. Since then, like, I still have tapes of my old shows, and it's like my voice is totally different now than it used to.

Bob DeMarco 4:08
Well, I want to talk about your channel that you just posted a video where I was flabbergasted and you are obviously touched and blown away but these, this viewer of yours sent you three magnificent gifts

Unknown Speaker 4:21
one of the best ones in my pocket today actually, it's actually what I was carrying today. So yeah, I should put it in a safe and never touch it, but it's too good not not to carry around

Bob DeMarco 4:32
and and and the story behind your personal connection to it is amazing. But so tell me tell me what this gentleman sent you.

Unknown Speaker 4:40
So this is a they sent me a spyderco coochie and a Spyderco embassy. They're not in range of where I can grab them right now, which they're both really cool too. I didn't know the embassy existed, because I'm not really in the autos because I live in New York. So I never even knew that thing existed. And that was really cool. And then the coochies great actually carried it last night on office park. It's a great little, you know, nice gentleman's night. But uh, yeah, he sent me this hender Xm 18 with the Flying Tigers were hog scale on it and I used to be in the Flying Tigers and I just assumed must be knew that. But he did not. It was just he knew I was in the Air Force but he didn't know that and it was just forget the fact that it's a very expensive knife. Just that just yeah, that got me

Bob DeMarco 5:27
Explain what is the Flying Tigers insignia

Unknown Speaker 5:29
the Flying Tigers as they started World War Two. They were volunteers that fought for China before we actually entered the war, pre pro harbor and they were just volunteers and they eventually got incorporated into the Army Air Corps and then you know, the Air Force. And they have just moved they moved around a whole lot. When I was with them. They were Pope Air Force Base, and we were what they called a composite wing. I think I said it called it combined wing on my thing, but it's composite wing and And that meant we had c 130s F16s and A10s and we were the only Squadron allowed to have nose art in the nose art was this you know that typical you know with the with the Tigers teeth and all that we were the only squadron on the winge allowed to do that. And it looked pretty crappy on the 130s looked okay on the F 16s looks awesome on A10s and that's still when you see a picture of an 810 it usually has the Tigers teeth on it

Bob DeMarco 6:28
oh it's such a gnarly looking plane and to have those teeth

Slicey Dicey 6:31
yeah cuz the guns coming out of the mouth and it because that's just a flying gun. Yeah and most useful plane in the inventory. That's why they're still around they keep threatening to kill it. They never do. But uh, yeah, I was in command and control there. So I sat in a bunker I didn't fly, but I just sat in the bunker and kind of coordinated stuff basically was my my job.

Bob DeMarco 6:51
So is this where your love for knives began? in the armed forces?

Unknown Speaker 6:55
No, not really. Honestly. I had a sidearm. You know, we were always Armed but I'm just a nine mil I didn't even had I mean I was qualified on am 16 but I was terrible at it I can't shoot a long gun to save my life four times Mark four times over marksman and the handgun though. I couldn't couldn't shoot a long gun to save my life. I'm very right hand and very left eye dominant. So it's it's pretty difficult but a handgun I can shoot with both eyes open and I do good. But um, no, not really. I was in for four years. I got out for two. I was doing a sports talk show and racing mountain bikes a little bit. And then I went back in the Air Force, and I guess that's kind of where I started to get into knives. I was over in Germany and we were doing a joint exercise was the Special Operations guy and one guy just were like Special Operations guys. And they, one of them just he had a cool knife like it was an automatic and open it up and I said Oh, that's cool. He goes here you want it and it got issued to me hearing it and he handed it to me turned out to be a benchmade AFO Sweet. Um, I didn't know that I didn't know anything about knives at the time. So this was probably 2003 four. And I kept it around and you know, I had other I had other knives I had my dad's, you know, Swiss Army knife, that kind of stuff. But uh, no, I really, really wasn't that into them until only about three let me know I guess now about four years ago. Yeah, that's when I really started getting into I finally went out and bought myself a CRKT m 16 of some variant. Mm hmm. And I don't remember which one it was. There's so many and, and I liked that. That was cool. But I think the one that finally got me I did a video about the knife that broke me as I bought a Spyderco Mannix 2 lightweight and and I was like you know, these things are pretty cool. And I really got into it then and started buying more. And then I started the channel in November, two years ago and wow. And it took off and it became a thing and I was like, Well, I'm guess I'm gonna put some effort behind this.

Bob DeMarco 9:05
It sure has become a thing. I mean, you came on my radar probably not too long after you started because I'm always trolling for nice videos you know? Yeah me too how it is and yes, all the sudden here you were and doing cool stuff too. I mean, now at this point you you have your we ekly live show on Sunday nights brews and blades.

Slicey Dicey 9:25
Yeah, that's been a lot of fun.

Bob DeMarco 9:27
And you also have the battle to the death seires.

Slicey Dicey 9:32
Yeah, and which I can't I

Unknown Speaker 9:34
can't put in the title or the description. I get demonetized i can i can say it. I can say it and they're fine with it. But

Bob DeMarco 9:44
now I'm trying to think of how you write it out. Do you do I just

Unknown Speaker 9:47
don't write it out. I just say whatever verses whatever. Okay, and then I just say it in the video but yeah, it's just they're weird little rules like the funniest one I ever got. demonetized was the WE Malice because I put we knives malice and they demonetised it by took the word knives out of it. And it was fine. We have so much malice, you know, it's all good. Yeah, it's like knives. It's like the knives and the malice. I guess I hit two words they don't like yeah so

Bob DeMarco 10:16
triangulated and then with the we it sounds like you're trying to organize. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:20
yeah. I didn't think about that. Yeah, you're right. They probably thought I was trying to organize a protest or something.

Bob DeMarco 10:26
So okay, I'm trying to get to the very heart of it. There was a moment where you like before you bought that Spyderco lightweight, Mannix and and you started getting into them for some reason or another. Was there a okay. Just lay background for you. For me. It's martial arts and aesthetics. I love the thickness of them. And then I also like the weapon Enos of them because I've been doing Kali for a long time. And then what was the what was the Was it an actual need, which I don't have it's more of a fan fascination.

Slicey Dicey 10:55
I just like mechanical things and I You know working on bikes all the time out in the garage and I got tired of having you know crappy knives and stuff and I just needed a good knife and I bought that I'm 16 and it was alright but I I'm one of those kind of guys I do research about products after I buy them. So I went down to like, I don't know like a Bass Pro Shops that came our way out here. They're gone now. It was one of these big you know, box store things and I bought the M 16. And then I got then I got home and I looked on YouTube and looked up videos and I found you know, guys like nothing fancy and you know Shibez and stuff like that and I started watching the videos and and then I do believe I think it might have been Gideons tactical, I think maybe did a review about the manage to lightweight and about how amazing it was. And that was the first knife I ordered online. And I got it and I love it still have it. Just a great knife. Very excited that they're coming out with a new one with that new steel and it kind of sucks. But excited to see that.

Bob DeMarco 12:01
Is that the SPY27?

Slicey Dicey 12:03
Yeah, don't mean good or not, but I'm okay. It's another it's just used to get another man. It's too late. Wait, so Yeah, fine. But yeah, and I got into that, and then I started watching more and more of the videos, I bought a couple more, and then actually told the story before on my live show and stuff. But uh, in November of 2017, my dog died. And her last act on this earth was to bite my hand quite badly. She was already drugged up halfway through the process of having her foot down and she didn't know what she was doing. But I hurt my hand enough that I couldn't really type and the bike industry shuts down november december anyway. And that's was my main occupation at the time. So I had nothing else to do and I was sitting around watching nice videos, I thought, you know what I could maybe I could do that. I mean, maybe I could, I could do that. I've been a broadcaster before you know and I know about reviewing stuff. I'm going to prop been reviewing products for 24 So like, I know the basics of it. So I went down to Best Buy and bought a crappy, you know, table mount thing for my iPhone and, and shot a few videos and two months later, I had like 1000 subs. And I was like, Well, I guess this is the thing now I have a nasty habit of turning job turning a very good hobbies into jobs. Hmm. So that's kind of what I've done with this and it's it's kind of taken off and and I really like I like the people I've I've had I expected more bad reactions than I've gotten by a by a long margin. I don't fit the demographic 100% so I wasn't sure how that was going to go and

Bob DeMarco 13:46
what do you perceive the demographic?

Slicey Dicey 13:48
Well, I'm not I'm not into guns. And you know, I don't I don't carry a gun. I just don't. I used to and I just don't like it anymore. You know, I'm I'm not I'm not Particularly GOP oriented, and I would consider myself a moderate, but I'm not like a super, you know, Republican kind of guy. And that's just how I assumed everybody was going to be. And it's not, you know, every it's very wide range people, you know, going to blade show was great. Everybody was cool. Like, I didn't have any run ins with anyone. It was, it was great. And it was really eye opening. And it was just like, yeah, we're all just, we're all just folks who like sharp things.

Bob DeMarco 14:28
Yeah, it's a it's an amazing cross section of people who are in denial I find just because that's my background in training, I find a lot of arts people in the arts gravitate towards Yeah, words, knives as as tools and as things of beauty and amazing engineering. And you really can be surprised.

Slicey Dicey 14:49
My wife's a photographer, we were at an art show and no bonusing one of her friends and his show this, you know, beautiful photography. And that was one of the few places where somebody walked up to me and said, Hey, what's that your pocket? You know, they saw the pocket clip and then they had a Spyderco something or other in their pocket too. And it was, it was kind of cool.

Bob DeMarco 15:06
Yeah, it's probably creepy. But if I can identify it, I'm like, oh, how do you like your Kershaw leek? And I like Yeah, why are you looking at my pants, man? Yeah, it's like I noticed the clip. All right,

Unknown Speaker 15:16
yeah, I had to one time scared the hell out of me. I thought for sure I was in a lot of trouble. Um, I was pumping gas and cop pulled up at the pump across started pumping gas. And I was carrying a knife that is it's a so in my town. There's a three inch blade limit in the city of Rochester, but it's only like a violation. If you get a ticket for it's like a traffic ticket. It's not a big deal. But I knew I had a three and a half inch knife in my pocket. And he pulled up and was he's pumping his gas and he looked at me and he goes, is that a hinder? And I was like, yeah, and he goes, Can I see it? And I thought I'm screwed. And I pulled it out. was a three and a half inch Hinderer and he just took me took that it flipped a couple times because I mean this really cool I've been thinking about getting more and more they work the money I'm like, Yeah, they are and he's like, Okay, cool. Here you go and handed it back to me like yeah, no intention to do anything. He just wanted to see it. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 16:13
yeah, yeah.

Slicey Dicey 16:15
It was funny

Bob DeMarco 16:16
one enthusiast from another he recognized that Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:19
it does recognize that the Hinderer clip which is very distinctive, ya know what they are? Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 16:24
So how how has having this channel and obviously, having the channel must inspire acquisitions, whether it's you buying or people or companies offering to send stuff to you, whatever, how has running this channel and being responsible for putting out content changed your collecting philosophy or or built collecting philosophy?

Slicey Dicey 16:48
I would say it's eliminated by collecting philosophy. I mean, I don't I have. I probably only own I know this only only I can say this in this podcast when anybody rolling their eyes. I think I only own about maybe, maybe 50 at the most. And probably only, like, you know, 13 or 14 are for me, it's mostly for the channel. And I don't keep really expensive stuff very often anymore. Because like I said, I turn hobbies into jobs. So I keep track of the videos that people watch. And people on my particular channel, don't watch the videos of the four or $500 knives, they just, they just don't so I usually try and keep most of my stuff under under 200 like maybe 250 I have a couple that I go over here now and then, you know, just to let people know that Yeah, I know that stuff exists, but um, a lot of stuff doesn't stay around very long. I guess maybe under 300 I guess it's better. Yeah, like 300 and under like I have several of those budgets. And those get those get watch but anything over like 300 bucks, just nobody watches the videos. So I used to have a lot more expensive stuff and like when I do knife sales people always say hey, you know why you sell now you said you love it

Bob DeMarco 18:09
well you love that man I did but

Slicey Dicey 18:11
I did but I need to buy more to create more content so I gotta feed the beast as I always say and you know I do sell a lot of stuff that I like you know, I mean, I know the first one I did that with was one of the channel was pretty young I bought a sebenza and it was great. But I'm holding it in my hand going I can buy four more knives to review for this so I sold it and you know bought four more knives to review and I have to do that a bit less now because now I can just ask nicely and companies will loan stuff to me or sometimes give them to you which is great. And if if they do I always I always say so. But I've been doing this long enough that getting a free knife doesn't affect me as far as bias and all that stuff because like it. I have a I have a $7,000 recumbent trike in my garage right now. Like it. It takes A lot more than a $200 knife to make me you know, change my mind about something, right? I have a review philosophy I've always had and I stick to it.

Bob DeMarco 19:10
If you had to boil down your criteria for judging a knife, you know whether it's worth your money or you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:18
I'd say it's ergonomics for me primarily is the thing that I care the most about. If it's not comfortable to use, you're not going to use it. Steel matters a whole lot. But you know, some some companies do a really good job with subpar steel. Some do not. But overall you know, is def good steel is ergonomic. Is it fun to use, you know is that is not necessarily fidgety? But you know, just fun to use overall. And then does it carry Okay, I would say is my forte, those are the really only four things I really, I really care about. I bring it up in reviews because other people care a lot but you know at a slightly off center blade or something doesn't really bother mean that much for something that I'm going to get for myself? It's annoying. But it's not something that really just makes me completely want to throw something in the bin. You know, people get so mad. You know, people get so weird the way it is. quarter, whatever off center, it doesn't matter. No it doesn't matter, stop it or send it back to the company and get it fixed. Well, I don't I'm just going to send the whole thing back and I don't want another one.

Bob DeMarco 20:25
Yeah, they're dead to me now.

Slicey Dicey 20:27
Yeah. I hate that. When people say I bought a knife and I didn't like it. So I returned it that's really crappy to do to the retailer. Interesting. You know, like, if you bought it, something's wrong with it, then return it right. If you bought it and you just made a bad choice. Yeah, you made that choice. resell it. Don't, don't put it back on them.

Bob DeMarco 20:45
Exactly. Send it along. Someone else will get it. You know who will like it and want to use it and they'll get a deal and that always feels good to do. You know, I've been I've been on a little blade forums, tear. I don't want to call it a tear. It's just a couple of recent purchases.

Slicey Dicey 21:01
I had to quit blade forums. I don't I don't go on there anymore. Why for that reason so mad. I would just also mad about stuff. Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 21:08
Oh, you mean getting involved in conversation?

Slicey Dicey 21:10

Bob DeMarco 21:11
So So let me ask you how important our knife world scandals, I mean

Unknown Speaker 21:17
oh my god, it's it is I guess the one that I had I had to comment on was this HRC thing because it went everywhere, not just blade forums, not just YouTube, it was everywhere. And that one I had to I had to kind of comment on a little bit but I try and stay out of them. You know, especially if it involves like an individual person. You know, I don't want to get I don't want to get into that.

Bob DeMarco 21:46
You mean if people are piling on a maker or something like that?

Slicey Dicey 21:49
Yeah, it's usually like an individual guy. It's usually like this might like I'm not even gonna say the names but we know four or five names that have come up in the scandals in recent years and and yeah, a couple of them. I'm I'm pretty mad at them. They were friends of mine, and I don't talk to them anymore. But I just don't I just don't talk about it publicly. Like there's no, there's no point in it, you know? Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 22:10
So what was your feeling about the HRC police issue?

Slicey Dicey 22:17
I think that perhaps, perhaps the companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring metallurgists and whatnot, maybe they know what they're doing. And maybe you shouldn't have a giant fed about it. That was kind of my summary of it. Yeah, some steals, they run softer. But some companies were doing that on purpose. They knew they were running too soft, but that's the way they wanted it. And if you don't like it, then don't buy it. You don't need to have a big giant

about it. You know,

Bob DeMarco 22:52
did you engage? You said this was one of the things that you had to chime in,

Slicey Dicey 22:57
Yeah, I made a video about it, but

Bob DeMarco 23:00
How did that go? What was the reception like?

Slicey Dicey 23:03
Okay, because I know all those guys and I'm friends with them. And I know I know that I know their hearts in the right place. But I guess what upset me the most about that wasn't what they found what they found is great information to know. Absolutely. And I do stand behind it, it's a worthwhile thing they're doing. What offended me was the Glee you know, just we found something wrong. We're smarter than everybody else. Let's make a bunch of memes and put them on Instagram. That was cool. You know that was just childish and and that's basically what I said in the video is like yeah, you found some good information people to have but you know, maybe benchmade did it that way because they wanted to and maybe you shouldn't have taken a victory lap you know over it. And that rubbed me the wrong way because my review philosophy is always that I'll do if I if I review something I know it's going to be badnesses knives, whatever I do. I know it's gonna be bad review. I don't ambush anybody. I let them know ahead of time. What I'm sorry. What do you mean like the company? Yeah. I'll contact the company and say, Hey, this is I don't like this, this is gonna be a bad review. And if, and if if they give me their side, I'll put that in the review doesn't mean I'm going to change what I said, right? But I'll put their side in it, you know, and that's, that's all you gotta do. Yeah, that that is an amazingly fair and like level headed approach. I think it's just purely professional approach. Like I just I think everybody should do that. I was taught that I worked for Wired and told me that like that was they taught me how to review things. And I'd already been reviewing things for a hired by them, but they're the ones lander cainy, book editor mind, great guy. He's the one who taught me how to properly do things. And he taught me to do that. And he also taught me one thing that I will always remember. And it's, um, if you I sent in a phone review that had a bunch of like battery drain tests and all kinds of really technical stuff in it, and he cut it all out and he said, uh, if you Put super technical stuff and reviews, the 25 people who care are just going to tell you that you did it wrong. Still don't do it. And that's the way I've always been with review stuff. But that rings true, man. Yeah, it's just that nobody cares. And the people who do care are going to tell you that your testing was wrong, because it doesn't agree to what they want to think. So just don't just don't do it. And other people do it better than me. I also don't play a game that I don't think I can win. And those guys, there's Cedric and ADA, you know, super steel Steve, other guys, they do so much better job, it's still testing than I ever will. So why, why should I do it?

Bob DeMarco 25:38
Right? It can be fun, you know, to watch a reviewer using the knife, you know, for a minute cutting cardboard, or cutting wood or whatever, but after a while it that that grows tiresome.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I mean, I enjoy the videos. I'm just saying they're better at it than I am. And they catch so much flak. Oh, you know that. It's just like, I'm not gonna deal with that. Like I said, the 25 People who care while tell you did it wrong and right, I just don't, I just don't want to get into it. So I don't,

Bob DeMarco 26:06
I have to say it never would have occurred to me personally to contact the company to say I'm about to put this thing up forever online that's lambasting in your, your hard work. And but it's a very, I like that.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
I'm up front, and I say, I'm not gonna change my mind. Yeah. Like, I've already made my decision, but you should know, do you have an opinion about it? And that's better than putting it up and then asking for their, their response later. You know, and in in the knife community, I've done that three or four times and all three times they haven't wanted to say anything. They've been like, no. Okay, that's all right

Bob DeMarco 26:43
Who do you think does it best Who are your favorite knife companies in terms not just in terms of product but in terms of, you know, they're out there. They're forward facing, their outward facing look

Unknown Speaker 26:55
to deal with I would say Benchmade's always been very responsive, very responsive to me. Spyderco most of the time is when they're busy. They're busy though. That's kind of just because everything goes you know, through Sal and Eric. So when they're busy, the Ferrun forage guys always respond to me immediately. trm is fantastically easy to get ahold of. Yeah, I would say those guys.

Bob DeMarco 27:21
So knives, bikes comedy. We're going to get to the comedy in a second. But you now right for knives illustrated. Yeah, I just started actually, I just so tell me about that.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
So oddly enough. One of our very good friends is his couple we hang out with and I guess I could best describe her as a drinking buddy. And she posted a picture on Facebook of her holding knives illustrated like a copy. They were in a weird town somewhere and it was like on the newsstand. So she was like, hey, the my magazines on here and I'm like, What do you mean? That's your magazine? I never knew that's what she did. Like I knew that she was a magazine editor, but I didn't know what magazine. It was. Then she was like, Yes. Knife illustrated, like, I'm slicey dicey on YouTube and she was like, What? And then it just worked out. So yeah, it's a it's we both work from home from a magazine company, which is based in California, I believe. And we live three blocks from each other. So it's in New York. So um, yes, cool. I'm writing a few articles for the June July issue. It's you know, it's pretty it's way ahead, but um, yeah, the SHOT Show is show have a few articles and and then yeah, it's gonna be a thing.

Bob DeMarco 28:30
What kind of articles or topics do you hope to tackle?

Slicey Dicey 28:35
Well, I'm doing an interview with Marian Halpern from trm and this one, I'm doing a review some kitchen knives, which I'm having to learn a lot about kitchen knives. And then they have a knives one on one monthly columns. And I'm doing like helping people put together a basic tool kit for maintaining your knives. So it's me stuff like that. Reviews, interviews, knives, one on one stuff, and yeah, they've been previously more of a fixed blade sort of oriented magazine, but that's all changing.

Bob DeMarco 29:03
So do you think? Do you think in general, that's where things are right now? folders? Mostly? Or?

Slicey Dicey 29:09
I mean, for me it is I don't I don't have that much interest in fixed plays. And like I said, other people do better. It's the same thing again. So like, right, right. People asked, Why don't review fix plays like because other people do better. And it's I don't want to play catch up. And you know, 45 freakin years old. I don't want to. I think I've learned everything I can learn. Nothing. My brain is full. Sometimes.

Bob DeMarco 29:32
Right? Right. So stick to what you know. And what Yeah,

Slicey Dicey 29:34
yeah. Don't Don't play games. You can't win.

Bob DeMarco 29:37
Well, okay, so you mentioned trm. And I hope this isn't a leading question, because I am not trying to get a specific answer out of you. But that reminded me I wanted to ask you what your favorite knife over 2019 was,

Unknown Speaker 29:50
oh, the I did a video about it. So it's not a leading question. Yeah, the atom. The trm atom is just a phenomenal movie. It's funny whenever I show that knife, that And I'm less than others, but usually when I ever show a knife that's kind of hard to get your hands on, people get a bit upset, like so there's a small amount that they're like that but I have to wait three months to get one. Well, yeah, but it's still great. And they're working on that they're getting it faster. I know like they've posted on Instagram, they've got a couple new big giant CNC machines and all that stuff. And yeah, Maryann told me that they're hoping to have their weight their waitlist down to like less than three months and stuff like six months and you know by middle of next year and and I have confidence they'll get that done. I mean, right now there it's not that bad. I ordered a nerd. I went to nerd about three months ago and I guess arrives tomorrow and I don't get anything special from them at all like I don't I just want to specify that and neither does Shibez because we're the two that kind of make them all sell out. And we don't get anything special for them we pay retail we get on the waitlist just like they might give us some free scales or something. But like we don't we don't get to bumped into some guy

Bob DeMarco 30:58
you're not shilling for TRM

Slicey Dicey 30:59
no Some guy who just messaged me on instagram today and said, Would you be willing to sell your tea or Adam? And I said, Nobody goes, Oh, but come on, you can just call up and get another one. No, I can. No, I can't. And it's like, I have to get on the waiting list just like you guys. And he was like, What? It was, like, he like he didn't believe me. I was like, No, I bought mine, I paid I paid the full whatever it was 220 whatever it was to get it, and it was worth it.

Bob DeMarco 31:24
So what about that knife? The Adam in particular? I mean, because I need to get one of those and but I have not gotten on a list and I am one of those hits. So this is a this is a testament to your reviewing that people watch your review. And before it's even done, they're trying to they're trying to order it. So yeah, that's that's a testament to your your reviewing ability.

Slicey Dicey 31:45
And people get mad at me about what I like about is basically I'm not a heavy user, and I don't try to like portray myself as that. I mean, I use a knife a lot, but it's kind of cardboard and stuff I'm not doing you know, I'm not out chopping down sequoas but what I like about it That really slicey blade they're very well put together. It's a total gimmick you know that you can change the scales and make it look however you want but it's a cool gimmick. You know, it's it's, it's fun and it's easy and now like mine I have four sets scales for my Adam and I do swap them around a fair bit and I just, I just really like it. The action is great. It's not like a fun fidgety thing but it's just a really useful frickin knife and it fits my hand really well. It's really light and slim and easy to carry. And I just I love it.

Bob DeMarco 32:31
It has a utilitarian beauty to me it's very simple. Yes, it's sleek. You know I can go from one extreme to the other like give me as many finger grooves and choices as you can give me you know in the in the curvy is weirdest blade you can give me or give me clean. You know and beautiful and something about that Adam, to me and to my eye that is so far their most their their their most refined in terms of proportion and stuff.

Slicey Dicey 32:59
Exactly. That's what was going to say, proportionally it's, it's the best looking one.

Bob DeMarco 33:03
Yeah. So the nerd that is that a slip joint?

Unknown Speaker 33:06
No the nerd is basically you know, the Atlas the little slip joint. Yeah, whichever one of those which I love I, whenever I go to Europe, that's what I always carry. That's the only knife I take with me. It's awesome. But um, it's basically a locking Atlas. Okay, ever about that size? So I don't know if it's exactly the same. I'll find out tomorrow.

Bob DeMarco 33:25
And it's got it's got a thumb opening system. That's more of a dimple than a hole is that Yeah,

Slicey Dicey 33:31
yeah. Okay. Yeah. In the end, that's kind of their thing. Now they do that little

Bob DeMarco 33:37
thing. It's got you got the Three Rivers together. So, what are you looking forward to 2020 knife wise. I'll give you the quick and dirty of me. I know this is not your in your wheelhouse at all. But to me, I'm really looking forward to the giant, wavy bladed Kris cold Steel's coming out.

Slicey Dicey 33:59
Oh, I'm Going to get one. Like, I don't, I probably won't own it for long. But yeah, I got I gotta try one.

You know, it's like Why not?

Unknown Speaker 34:09
Thank you. Someone in that category. I want the the new inexpensive formax scout. Yeah, I'm definitely going to get one of those. Yeah, I have a benchmade the new bug out with the carbon spec tak filete, orgasmic whatever they call it, you know? stuffily Yeah, whatever it was, um, carbon fiber that doesn't look like carbon fiber. Yeah, I'm gonna try that. And I think those are the only two that I have. Oh, I have my Brian Nadeua void after I just gave that speech, but not reviewing stuff over $300. But that's an exception. It's Brian Nadeau . They're amazing. And I didn't really want to join. So I got one.

Bob DeMarco 34:50
Sounds like this is one for you.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
Yeah, this is for me. I'm really excited about getting that that should be arriving in the next week or two. So I've seen a lot of this Crk T and Kershaw stuff looks pretty cool. Yeah, I got I'm terrible at remembering like some other names because they make no sense to me. But um, but the what's the the zero the one that I can't remember. There's ones that CRKT I really liked the look of and a couple of the Kershaw's local I kind of want one of the Kershaw Balisongs.

Bob DeMarco 35:20
Yeah, the blade looks really nice something about that.

Slicey Dicey 35:24
Yeah, something like that blade and like in my first knife that I had as a kid was a battle song that my father bought me at a county fair. He made bad decisions.

Bob DeMarco 35:34
That was one of the good ones though.

Slicey Dicey 35:36
Yeah, no, but it was luckily it was a piece of crap and is sharp as a butter knife. So I didn't. I didn't ever cut myself with it. But I'm hoping I still had muscle memory from being 12 years old. You know, I don't know, but I got it when I was 12. I probably fell apart. By the time I was like 15 I don't remember what even happened to it. I remember there was spray paint involved at one point, but it was it was fun. fiddle around with and fun to impress my friends with you know, of course that was that was before the internet yes so I didn't have videos you know show me how to do it so I just learned from like watching movies

Bob DeMarco 36:12
I you know, you will feel it in your hand and it'll come right back. My wife and I experienced something similar to that we got our hands on one and I've seen her do it seeing her flip it around like she was in high school. I was like, Oh,

Slicey Dicey 36:24
yeah, I really that's it's not better like 120 bucks. Yeah, like that. Yeah, it looks pretty nice for that. So that's that's pretty tempting. I never thought I'd be attend to I balisong I actually don't i don't like all the flippy dues and those guys annoy the crap out of me at blade show. I was very glad this year blade show they they squash to that they they threw some kids out for walking around flipping knives around me so we have a place for that.

Bob DeMarco 36:51
It's the parking lot. Yeah, you know, I've never been to blade show this will be our first year going. But who's that? I think I was talking to Nick Shabazz and he was talking About Bali boys. He was Bali Bros. Bali bros walk out and and you know, no doubt is it is some very impressive skill involved.

Slicey Dicey 37:10
Oh, absolutely. But, but take it outside.

Bob DeMarco 37:12
Yeah, I would imagine in it in a crowded Hall though. Yeah, it's probably not the place to be doing that.

Slicey Dicey 37:18
Yeah, it's a it's a bit annoying.

Bob DeMarco 37:20
So, one thing I noticed from your channel right off the bat was your sense of humor. Not that you're making funny review videos, but I could just, I don't know, sense your sense of humor and then discover a little while later that you also have a career in comedy. Your stand up comedian.

Slicey Dicey 37:38
Yeah, that's, that's becoming like quickly my it's almost my primary job now. Yeah, it's a it was a fun hobby. I always wanted to be David Letterman was a little kid. I'd always stand up and watch Letterman and I always just wanted to do that and screw Jay Leno. I was like Letterman and I Never had an opportunity to do it. I lived in the boonies and grown up and which was a great place to grow up but not knocking it, playing in the woods, all that stuff, shooting guns and all that fun stuff. But then I moved around a lot and I just never had a chance to and I moved here to Rochester 11 years ago and I went into a coffee shop but they have a sign up saying that there's an open mic, you know, next week or the next night, we went and watched it I didn't go up the first time I went I watched it and I did a lot of public speaking for bike stuff. So I'd been in front of crowds that didn't bother me. And I watched this open mic and I thought well, okay, I won't be the worst. You know, like there was really terrible people on it. And I was like, I I'm going to be better than that. And I spent a week and wrote five minutes and went out and did okay, actually a lot of people have bad experiences the first time I've actually my went my went all right, I was happy I got I got a couple big laughs couple jokes didn't do good at all. I knew to cut those out immediately and I tried to do dirty stuff and I'm not good at I don't do that anymore. I do dark stuff, but I really do anything that dirty. And then I just I got addicted to it, you get that first big laugh and it's just like, you know, you're hooked, you know. And then within within like four or five months I was hosting at the comedy club and wow. And it was kind of like slice he just kind of took off and then it got out of hand and it kind of stagnated for a while for a couple years because my mother went to the nursing home and I was, you know, I was focused on her and all that and I stopped going on the road and still not back on the road, but I'm doing a lot more stuff regionally locally, you know, that kind of thing.

Bob DeMarco 39:40
Well, I have always had a fascination with stand up comedy and the fortitude it takes to get up in front of a crowd and and proclaim, I am funny, and you know, listen to me and you're gonna laugh and and really, you know, when you can walk up there and make people laugh. I mean, what it is That's like a gift, you know? And actually you just recently put up about was it about a 20 minute set? Yeah. You to my, one of my usual feature sets. Yeah. Oh, man, people should check it out. It's hilarious. And and the thing I mean, I have,

Slicey Dicey 40:14
it has some swears in it.

Bob DeMarco 40:15
It has some swears. That's all right. We're all adults. We can we can get through that. But but the the whole German thing cracked me up

Slicey Dicey 40:23
then that and that is that was a conversation that we had with those in the Air Force. We are command and control. We always make fun of the cops, because the cops were like, it was a joke. You know, you're as vantagescore that, that test you take when you're in high school that your military application test or whatever, you know, yeah, the lowest score in the Air Force was the police because the Air Force has the highest minimum. But the lowest minimum was was the police so we always made fun of them. And I just made that joke. I was like one of them's gonna say, hold Obree sheis and and we laughed it for like days, and then I just remembered that. So that was actually one of the first jokes ever told on stage. And I keep that in my back pocket. I know it's guaranteed to get a laugh, so I try not to use it because it's so old, but I'll pull it out when I have to.

Bob DeMarco 41:14
But also the sign. You're not children. Yeah. Am I remembering that correctly?

Unknown Speaker 41:21
Right. I'm sorry. And I'm trying to think of the wrong joke. I didn't do that. I didn't do the whole job realizing that did I know this was I know you're talking about the signs? Yeah, yeah. German people are weird. I love the country, but man, they're not there are people we have some close friends, some close family friends and, and I love just comparing idiosyncrasies, you know, between between cultures, because man, they got them and, and we do too. They pointed out to me, why do you eat with one hand under the table? like okay, well, yeah, they hate that. They hate that. Yeah, I could. The biggest thing I got yelled at the last was in Germany as I walked out of the restaurant with my soda can Oh, they want it back because they want to deposit. They're cheap. No, they're just cheap. It's not there. They're cheap. And oh, this old dude just start yelling at me. I'm like, What are you yelling? Oh, yeah, stupid Can I do like chug half a can a Fanta that I did not want to chug and give just to give him the can back and I walked around burpin for the next hour, it was just like, Can I just give you the five cents? I don't care. There are people.

Bob DeMarco 42:24
So where do you see the future of the slicey dicey channel? Where do you want to take this,

Slicey Dicey 42:29
um, I would still like to do some form of podcasts that don't know what it's going to be every time I get a partner to do it with it's hard to time things out. So there's gonna be a lot more integration, I hope with knives illustrated. So you may be seeing some of my videos on their channel and I want to do a bit more EDC stuff, I think, you know, pens and wallets and that kind of stuff. I used to a bit but you know, people didn't watch it. So I kind of got away from it. And I talked about starting a second channel to do that, that may still be what I do, but I don't think so. I think I'm just gonna, I think if I do an EDC video, you're going to see I try and do one video a day. I miss it sometimes, but I try to. So days I do EDC stuff, you'll see two videos that day instead of you know, instead of I'm not gonna knock any the knife content out, but I would like to do that. And also because I just want to check out more cool EDC stuff so

Bob DeMarco 43:25
yeah, yeah. And and

Unknown Speaker 43:27
it's partly self serving. I will not deny that. But you know, it's like, I mean, I want to get free wallets. Exactly. But it's been nice now to have a bit of an influence that I'm big enough now that between Instagram and, and the YouTube channel that I feel appreciated. You know, people ask my opinion. I get prototypes sent to me. I can't even show people you know, that's cool. You know, just what do you think about it, just flip it around for you know day and give it send it back to us and that's cool. I've got one downstairs right now. Actually. But um, I very much enjoy that I want to keep getting that way. I want to do more with merchandising and stuff and we have the little t shirts and stuff down below the videos, but I want to do more with that. Maybe I'll design a knife someday. I don't know, like I always said, No, I'm never gonna do that. And then then Ben from blade HQ, Ben that used to be a blade hQ Ben Banters. He just did one. Um, I kind of thought, you know, maybe, maybe I could, maybe I could do that. But I would I would. I would probably get a second collaboration. You know, like that was with most common questions when it was ama things that people asked me is like, if you could design a knife, who do you work with? Like I call the guys at Ferrum Forge. Give them a rough a rough sketch, have them make it work, and then send it out to somebody else. So it would be a three way collab, you know, be like slicey, dicey Ferrum, forge CVV. Somebody, you know, thing

Bob DeMarco 44:55
that seems to make sense, especially if you're going to be doing it overseas and the language you can't understand. If you get in touch with someone like Ferrum forge who already has like a well worn relationship and not only that, but like serious CAD shops and they can just send

Slicey Dicey 45:10
Yeah, it's the CAD chops. I don't have no clue how to do any of that stuff. Like I know what I like, I don't know how to make it work, you know, and that's it. Same thing with bicycles. People have asked me to design bikes before and I'm just like, now I don't do that. Like, like we have, but you review like, you know, 3040 bucks a year. How do you like yeah, I know what I know what I like. Yeah. I don't know how to make it do it. You know, it's a it's a completely different thing. It's like racecar driver. He doesn't know how the engine work. Right, right doesn't care. You know, it's just it's weird

Bob DeMarco 45:39
that you drive that Honda to work every day. Bob, why can't you put one together yourself?

Slicey Dicey 45:44
Yeah, yeah, you put 200,000 miles an hour to change the third cylinder on the left hand bank right but

Bob DeMarco 45:51
that hasn't come up in the last hundred thousand miles. Yeah. So I want to ask you for a knife story, something something funny or or harrowing or whatever, but before before you tell me that I want to do a little speed round with you, if you don't mind. So I have 15 questions and then and

Slicey Dicey 46:09

Bob DeMarco 46:10
Yeah, it's a it's a it's an either or until we get to the last one. Okay? goes a little bit something like this fixed or folder

Slicey Dicey 46:18

Bob DeMarco 46:19
flipper or thumb stud,

Slicey Dicey 46:21
thumb stud

Bob DeMarco 46:22
washers or bearings

Slicey Dicey 46:24

Bob DeMarco 46:25
tip up or down,

Unknown Speaker 46:27
oh down. What cool who's whoever answered up in this in this question?

Bob DeMarco 46:31
tip up that gets tip up gets a lot of people people like tip up.

Unknown Speaker 46:35
I'm sorry, tip up, that's what I meant. I'm totally fricking off here.

Bob DeMarco 46:39
I think I think I knew that's what you meant.

Slicey Dicey 46:41
Tip up, Tip up. That's what I meant. It seemed like I'm shown on the thing I know. I listen to this tip up. Got me. I'm a moron. So

Bob DeMarco 46:46
But God heard you

tanto or Bowie.

Slicey Dicey 46:51
Whoo. That's a good one.

Yeah, Bowie.

Bob DeMarco 46:55
Okay, hollow ground or flat ground

Slicey Dicey 46:57

Bob DeMarco 46:58
Full size or small

Slicey Dicey 47:01

small I guess

Bob DeMarco 47:04
gentleman's knife or tactical

Slicey Dicey 47:06
Oh gentleman's

Bob DeMarco 47:08
automatic or Balisong. Oh forget about New York State for a second oh

Slicey Dicey 47:13
oh Balie's are legal here now


Bob DeMarco 47:17
ok zt or we

Unknown Speaker 47:21
Uh, is Civi included in the WE conglomerate or I'm just looking at the we line

Bob DeMarco 47:26
all right let's look at maybe this makes it easier just at the WE line

Slicey Dicey 47:31

Bob DeMarco 47:31
okay. Steel will or reel steel

Slicey Dicey 47:37
You're gonna get me in a lot of trouble ... Umm, Steelwill,

Bob DeMarco 47:41
okay, milled or spring clip

Slicey Dicey 47:44
Oh spring clip

Bob DeMarco 47:45
carbon fiber or micarta.

Slicey Dicey 47:47
Oh micarta

Bob DeMarco 47:49
finger choil or choil free.

Slicey Dicey 47:51
I like I like me that choil

Bob DeMarco 47:54
form or function.

Slicey Dicey 47:56
Oh function.

Bob DeMarco 47:57
All right. Then. Now the last one. to a point right you don't want Yeah, totally. Okay. So the last question is what is the one knife that you would keep for the rest of your life? If If all knife production ceased and you can only keep one

Unknown Speaker 48:12
go but I have or that I could I could obtain?

Bob DeMarco 48:15
Let's let's do both.

Slicey Dicey 48:18
Okay, I have what I have. It would probably be the atom of what I could obtain it would be a Gareth bull shamwari. Wow, I got was somebody some mean spirited person Loaned me one and it ruined me. Like it's

Bob DeMarco 48:38
good. So you can get so we drop when you win. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
Yeah. Yeah, it's not gonna they're not gonna be able to get my credit card soon enough for that.

Bob DeMarco 48:46
They might have a hard time keeping those in. Well,

yeah, that's

Slicey Dicey 48:49
Yeah, that's not a company I don't really have a hookup with so I'm gonna have to like buy one start working on I already told White Mountain to make sure they give me one.

Bob DeMarco 48:57
I love that those companies are there to bring up The knives we could never you know or not maybe not never but that are so hard to get your hands on

Unknown Speaker 49:05
it is pretty much never with the shamwari I mean like you like he makes like what, like 100 over a year or something like that. I don't know. I'm just throwing a number out there but it's not many. Yeah. And they're really expensive and they take a long time to get after you pay for. Oh really? Yeah, but oh god is beautiful knife. Yeah, he just sent me the most basic medium size worker finish one. And I remember I remember the guys name, but oh my god, it was so nice.

Bob DeMarco 49:32
Well, I have to get my hands on one someday just to just to touch it and and and hold it. That's what I'm actually looking forward to blade show for besides meeting all these amazing people I've met over the past year and you know seeing the knives but it's actually holding that it's like their knives like I've never had held a Beg knife. I want to hold it a beg knife.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Yeah, it is. It's it's cool but it also hurts your soul. Because like you can't afford them. You know, like I sit down in the pit which is like where everybody hangs out. You know, before and after the shows with Dr. Frankie and Eugene Kwan and Shabazz and all these guys who get by they go there and spend you know, thousands of dollars on stuff and, and they're all flipping around. They're like amazing knives, you know, like, fit like it was the fit23 came out there and they all got that that ckfh guys so good. And like, you know and they all they've all got like various konagarisus and all kinds of stuff like that and you're like I bought a Spyderco native cheap you know, it's it's funny but you know that's what my that's what my viewers like and that's what I'm gonna stick with it like production stuff so that's what I'm going to give them

Bob DeMarco 50:40
a man I like production stuff too. I you know, I have two customers to my name and and yeah, I could sell I have a collection. I could sell a lot of it and get a few customers but then I just keep coming back to those kind of production.

Slicey Dicey 50:54
Well if I bought a custom it'd be the most boring custom that that company ever made. So why do Like I think moco ty is hideous you get the Mr furley effect when you have mocchi next to carbon fiber next to the mask is it reminds me of those those I've said this before on the live show we're on some videos that it's like that It reminds me of those posters you'd see at the mall where you had to stand back and you saw sailboat you know, no, yeah. And that's what I'm in a group on Instagram and a bunch of other reviewers and they'll post their you know, fancy customs and all the say sailboat. You know? Yeah, it's just like I don't like it. I would just buy it like I just know I just want one like, you know, grade some carbon fiber, maybe some micarta maybe a Damascus blade, but probably not. You know, it's just like, I don't want anything. I don't want anything crazy. So why spend the money?

Bob DeMarco 51:44
I think I just hit this perfect. Medium. I recently sent spanto Xm 18 three and a half inch to Josh at razor edge and had him hollow grind it and and sharpen it and it is so sharpen is my absolute sharpest knife now and then we're talking about a hinder you know, yeah. So maybe maybe that's it, you know, instead of that

Slicey Dicey 52:07
How much did that run you?

Bob DeMarco 52:09
a couple hundred bucks. It was not bad at all and did such a beautiful job. I mean like really if you scrutinize it and really look at the lines, everything's perfect. He did a great job and it's super sharp. So maybe that's maybe that's the future for me instead of you know, seeking out custom knives and getting the plainest because I like you I'm not so crazy for those materials, the real fancy aerials maybe it's getting the hinders the striders the other knives that I really like, and then having them tweaked to to my my liking anyway, sir. I asked you for a knife story. Anything come up?

Slicey Dicey 52:46
Oh, I was trying to I was trying to think of one and then I forgot for a minute. Um, the cop one was good. That's probably my best one. That is a good one. I guess I can. I can tell you an injury story. Everybody has Yes, please. So I had a viper Dan and I don't mind calling out Viper for this because my knife broke and you guys wouldn't fix it but um I was turning a screw on it and I was trying to take it apart and the screw snapped and my I had the blade out didn't have it taped up like an idiot because most knives you have to worry about the screws snapping off and it didn't just like strip out it's snapped off and yeah, I still have the scar from it and i think i think that was like two or three weeks into the channel so that's Yeah, that's like a year that I still can't crack that knuckle. Really? Yeah When all the way to the bump.

Bob DeMarco 53:42
I think you might have a case

Unknown Speaker 53:44
Yeah, I don't can't think of any other good knife stories. I have one that's but not it's too off color from blade show but that's that's too off color. I guess the coolest slicey dicey store I have is um I got recognized in a Hardee's in Atlanta. For show that was kind of cool from my voice. Really? Yeah. Cuz I was on my phone yelling at my bank. And I was in line at Hardee's. And this guy kept looking at me and I thought he was annoyed that I was because I was being quite. I was quite angry at my bank at that moment. So I was yelling at my bank. And then I kind of angrily hung up the phone and then he turned around and said, Are you slicey dicey on YouTube? And I was like, Oh, yeah, actually, I am. He's like, Oh, cool. Can you sign my shirt? So he was wearing like a blade HQ shirt. So I like signed his shirt. It was kind of cool man. And I got recognized here in Rochester wants from slices. I see the guy didn't the lay. Yeah, I didn't know I lived here. And now like, we hang out, exchange nice stories. He was wearing the same boots as me and I was like, Oh, nice boots. And then he was like, are you slicing ice? I was like, Yeah, he goes. Oh, I didn't know you lived here. I'm like, yeah.

Bob DeMarco 54:52
redwing iron Rangers.

Slicey Dicey 54:54
No. Keen targy twos. Oh, yeah. there I'm a fets right now. Actually.

Bob DeMarco 55:00
Well, Brian, thank you so much for coming on The Knife Junkie podcast. It's been a pleasure to talk with you. I've watched so many hours of your videos. You're another one of these guys that I feel like I already know you going into meeting you. But, man, obviously I don't and it's been a pleasure.

Slicey Dicey 55:17
I had one guy told me once he listens to my videos as he goes to sleep, which I'm not 100% sure about that.

Bob DeMarco 55:24
That is weird. That is weird. But now you know, it was weird, especially.

Slicey Dicey 55:28
It was weird on multiple levels. So yeah,

Bob DeMarco 55:32
start putting some subliminals in those videos.

Slicey Dicey 55:34
Do knife ASMR videos. Those ones where they just

I just I don't know. I think I think I think I'm missing out.

Bob DeMarco 55:48
Well Slicey Dicey, . Thanks for coming on.

Slicey Dicey 55:49
Thank you very much.

Announcer 55:50
Subscribe to The Knife Junkie, his YouTube channel at The Knife Junkie dot com slash YouTube.

Jim Person 55:55
Always cool when we have YouTube reviewers on the podcast. Baba, you know, different perspective and different things we learn from them. What was your main takeaway and your conversation with slicey?

Bob DeMarco 56:09
Well, I mean, I think he has a background of reviewing products and that's a great format with which to approach reviewing knives. But I think, you know, obviously, he's got this sick love of knives, which we can all relate to. But Brian approaches this like a job. And in doing so, he and this is something I keep coming back to, he's been able to maintain a discipline and also, you know, create a, an online identity create a identity for himself in the knife world and also, you know, earn a tidy, tidy bit from that. So, I don't know he's kind of inspirational, as well as informational, if you will.

Jim Person 56:47
What did he call it? It was a jobbie or something like that, you know, turning the hobby into a job. Yeah, yeah, jobbie. Though. That was pretty cool. Yeah. All right. Want to ask you a favor, if you could. We don't ask. A whole lot of favors.

Bob DeMarco 57:02
Sounds like, like what I say to my daughters I ask so little of you.

Jim Person 57:05
That's right so little but I do want to ask you a favor if you are enjoying the Knife Junkie podcast, we would most appreciate if you would leave us a rating or and or a review. It would mean the world to us to kind of get a gauge on how we're doing what you like what you don't like what you'd like to hear suggestions feedback, please go to review the podcast dot com that's review the podcast dot com, or just on your podcast player, your podcast catcher wherever you're listening to your podcast right now. Give us a heart give us a thumbs up leave a comment, leave a rating leave a review. If you do that. We won't bother you won't ask you again. But please let us know how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you. And that's going to wrap up Episode Number 82 of the Knife Junkie podcast so for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, I'm Jim that I've newbie person. Thanks for listening.

Announcer 57:59
Thanks for listening. To the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show please rate and review it review the podcast calm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm you can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but Knife Junkie calm slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie calm or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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