Pikal Style Knives, Poltergeist Works, TOPS Mini Tanimboca Puukko, CRKT, 4Max Scout, Chebrukov Bear & More! — The Knife Junkie Podcast Episode #135

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (Episode #135), The Knife Junkie spent some time working on some of his knives, in particular making a Pikal style knife, which led him to talk about his revelations with the Pikal style knives based on an interview he just did for an upcoming podcast.

In addition, Bob covers a huge new folder in the Poltergeist Works Phenomena Series, a tiny new TOPS Mini Tanimboca Puukko, a new limited edition CRKT designed by Dew Hara and produced by Lion Steel Italy, and Michael Zieba teaming up with MKM. He also talks about his new 4Max Scout that he got from JimiSlash, who was just on Podcast #134, as well as gives an audio review of a huge Chebrukov Bear.

The Knife Junkie also announced a couple of new guests for the Knife Town Hall: Knife Show and Sell editionon Saturday, Aug. 8, noon (Eastern time) — Matt Martin (Vehement Knives), Allen Elishewitz, Douglas Esposito and Darrel Ralph will be joining previously announced guests Marianne Halpern, Andrew Demko, Sanford Owen and David C. Andersen.

Links to stories, podcast episodes mentioned and the knives covered in the podcast can be found below.

I spent some time making a Pikal style knife based on an upcoming podcast interview, so of course I needed to talk about it this week, plus lots more knife talk! #theknifejunkie Click To Tweet

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