Thanks First Responders, Boker, TOPS, Ostap Hel, Shirogorov Quantum and the Leatherman Multi-Tool — The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 99)

On the mid-week supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast (Episode #99), a huge shout-out of thanks to the many first responders and others in our communities who are working to keep us safe during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

And Bob covers Boker’s new traditionally styled Caballero folder, TOPS Tac-Raze, Ostap Hel’s new kitchen knife line for Real Steel and the Shirogorov Quantum, plus he provides an interesting look at the Leatherman Multi-Tool during our “First Tool” segment.

Thanks First Responders, plus we'll talk Boker, TOPS, Ostap Hel, Shirogorov Quantum and the Leatherman Multi-Tool on episode 99 of The Knife Junkie Podcast! Click To Tweet

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco.

Jim Person 0:17
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the midweek supplemental

Jim Person 0:19

Jim Person 0:20
of the Knife Junkie podcast. It's episode number 99. I'm Jim Person.

Bob DeMarco 0:26
And I'm Bob DeMarco,

Bob DeMarco 0:27
thank you for joining us.

Jim Person 0:29
The Knife Junkie Podcast the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie is to learn about knives and knife collecting and 99 Bob, I'm not good with

Jim Person 0:37
math, but I think 100 it's pretty close.

Bob DeMarco 0:39
Yeah, it is close. This is really exciting to me. I can't believe the numbers keep creeping up, Jim. And we just keep having fun with this. Yeah,

Jim Person 0:47
well, a milestone for a lot of podcasters 100. And we've got a little something special. Maybe folks won't think it's that special when I hear what it is, but we won't we won't spoil it right now. We'll let the the cat out of the bag on number 100, I guess right?

Bob DeMarco 1:02
Yep. Yep, that's right. And, Jim, I want to thank you personally, because when we first started this, I had made a new year's resolution a year and change back. I was like, I want to be more consistent. And we've done almost 100 of these and I don't think I've done 100 of much, you know, anything in my life so bright. I thank you, sir.

Jim Person 1:20
Well, that's been our our collaborative goal, to be out weekly when we started. And then as the interviews, you know, kept getting more in depth, and we were learning so much from the knife makers. But there was other knife news to talk about. We were like, well, gosh, what do we do? So we added the midweek supplemental. I can't remember how long ago but two opportunities to be consistent and so far knock on wood. We've been consistent. So That's right. That's right. So thank our listeners for for being on that. I hate to use your word journey. That listening journey with us. Yes, thank you for joining us on our journey. Alright, so what's coming up this week on epic So number 99. Well, we're going to, unfortunately talk a little bit about the corona virus but a different take on it. This time, we're going to cover some stories and nightlife news about four different things we want to look at. Bob's got a different take on the state of the collection. And we're also going to have our first tool segment this week, where we look at the multi tool. So a lot of good stuff coming up this week.

Bob DeMarco 2:27
Yeah, actually, that will be the Leatherman in particular, which is, you know, the, the multi tool of the of the last 20 years, I'd have to say, but before we get going, I just want to say, just a big shout out to first responders out there. I know we have some that listen, our good friends do as a police officer. I know there are others. We've had my friend Mike, listening. He's also a police officer, and everyone else, firefighters 911 call takers, hospital workers. People in the food industry people delivering our valuable valuables that we can't go to the store to get everyone who's out there still working. I just want to give you all a big shout out because, you know, you're seeing everyone else hunkering down you're seeing everyone else trying to stay healthy. And you're out there in the mix, as am I as a as Jim. And you know, there's something to that you're you're helping things go, you're helping things get better, just like the people staying home are helping things get better. So just a shout out to you. That's why I wanted to do a first tool on the Leatherman it's a it's something we all have, but it's something that first responders rely on. I've seen it firsthand. And I just want to I just want to say thank you to everyone keeping the nation running.

Jim Person 3:44
Well, a lot of the folks that are continue continuing to work are the ones that don't often get the thank yous or they get the recognition. So definitely want to say thank you. But if you can stay home, do stay home and help us stop the spread. Definitely different trying times we're going through with this Corona virus Cova 19. And we'd love to hear some stories from knife makers or knife designers, knife companies, you know, what are you going through during this time? You know, has it affected your operations? What are you doing? You know, has your knife making and production slowed down? Give us a call on the listener line at 724-466-4487. That's 724-466-4487. We'd love to hear from you how you were are dealing with this situation?

Bob DeMarco 4:36
Yeah. And to first responders. I'd love to hear how you are actually in the field using your knives or multi tools. That would just be interesting to me. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and speaking in the listener line, we do have a listener line call that we're going to play this, this episode coming up about the warranty work, I guess with a knife company. So an interesting, interesting story to hear on that. So what do you say we get into our our show with knife life news Bob well let's talk about the new book or traditional that just came out. These are some stories I picked up from knife news I want to thank Ben Schwartz over knife news. He man he keeps me informed and what great, great articles and great curation on his site. The first is the bokor treat it is a new traditional called the Caballero which means cowboy in Spanish. But this is sort of a another modern material take on a traditional but this is a backlog and the interesting feature about this is that it doesn't have the same sort of traditional leaf spring which can be heavy and can add you know can add weight and and width to a knife they added a wire bail so something more akin to a light wire spring in there to unlock it. It makes it lighter and it keeps the package overall smaller. The package by the way, is 2.7 ounces and it's got a three inch, three inch drop point, blade, but they're really interesting and cocobolo handle which is quite fetching if you ask me. But the really interesting thing about this the USP to this knife, is this the way they changed the spring. And they actually patented it so it's their own patented bokor back lock mechanism. Using a using a wire bail instead of a big heavy leaf spring so interesting that should be out in May.

Jim Person 6:29
coca bola handle?

Bob DeMarco 6:31
handle cocobolo Yeah, it's that

Jim Person 6:33
you haven't heard that.

Bob DeMarco 6:34
Yeah, it's a beautiful wood. I think it's South American, but don't quote me on that. Okay, but it's so it's a wood. Yeah, yeah, it's wood and it's got a really beautiful warm kind of amber tone. reddish amber Tonia sounds nice. It is. It feels good in the hand too. Okay. All right. Coming up next knife life news. One of your favorite brands tops, I think. Oh, yeah. So so this is blending two of them. My Favorite Things tops knives and straight razors. I say that I don't have much expertise with a straight razor. And I only have a couple of old antique ones that are kind of past their prime. They've been sharpened so much they're like wedges now but this tops tack raise is this this is the first friction folder in their line was the tak res one. And it was a recurve blade in a friction folder and you know, it's very evocative of a straight razor that you would shave with. They just came out with a new model for the line. So now there had another have two blade shapes in this series. And it's the TAC rays that looks like a razor. It's got a big, flat, rectangular shaped blade, and apparently it's pretty thick behind the edge and they don't recommend you try and shave with it. It's not for that it's more for like EDC tasks, but you keep it in a in a horizontal riding leather pouch. Well, it can ride horizontally or vertically I believe and on this new One instead of black g 10, which is kind of a plain plain Jane handle material, you get olive green micarta handles, which you know I love. So this thing looks really interesting to me I wouldn't mind checking this out. But you know, I you could catch me saying that about any tops knife. I'm not so into the friction folder idea. So it would be cool to have just out of interest because I have an interest in making them as a gateway folder, but not so much in interest in carrying them so it might be a cool thing for me to have just as research you know, maybe I should get

Jim Person 8:35
Yes, absolutely. Well then you mentioned the straight razor and you know, having a few of them but not going hog wild if you will on the collection. Perhaps that's because you only shave six months out.

Bob DeMarco 8:48
Yeah, that could be it. That could be it, but it might make me a bit more manly if if when I do shave, I use the straight razor. Yeah.

Jim Person 8:58
Yeah, without the foam.

Bob DeMarco 9:00
Yeah, exactly. It's all just dial. I don't care how much it hurts.

Jim Person 9:03
That's right. There you go. All right. Well, you mentioned kitchen, kitchen knives. new line of kitchen knives for real steel.

Bob DeMarco 9:12
Yes, sir. One of my favorite designers. Well, I shouldn't say favorite designers. But aren't they all your favorite? Yeah, exactly. This is Oh, stop. Hell is such a unique he does a lot of stuff for real steel. He makes such unique designs. And to me, they're very, very beautiful to say he's my favorite designer. Wouldn't be true because I the one Oh, stop hell I had I got rid of the metamorph What a great front flipping knife. However, I did stab my palm with it a bunch of times. So I kind of felt like it didn't like me. But Oh, stop. Hell just came out with three kitchen knives for real steel. And they are really beautiful. They kind of have his Angular sort of modern take on the traditional Japanese santoku style chef's chef's knife kitchen knife. These are made in 14 c 28. n. And they have black g 10 handles their their full tang construction, three pin. And they are okay. They're really cool. They look like the kitchen version of the metamorph. The large kitchen, the large chef's knife, which is about what is it 11 and a half inches long, has really thick blade steel, which is kind of an interesting choice for a chef's knife, but it is significantly narrowed to the point so I'm not sure exactly if I mean not to the point to the edge. So I'm not sure if that creates a very sharp wedge that sort of moves material out of the way. I don't know if you know if you cut a lot of vegetables, but sometimes the the say cucumber will stick to the side of the blade and it's kind of perpendicular to the cutting board. So as you do it, they start stacking up on the blade and falling over on the wrong side. Well if it's more wedge ish, maybe it shares off To the side, that's when I'm wondering, like for the choice for the thicker blade steel for the larger, interesting, yeah. And then they have a mid range utility knife and then a small paring knife and they all look beautiful. They get progressively more thin in terms of plate steel. I've had the same set of kitchen knives since we got married 15 years ago. And I'm sorry, 13 years ago, sorry, man. And it's it's the tion model by Kai. And I'm not so keen on them. They're all right. But they don't really keep an edge very well. And I've been toying around with the idea for years of getting new kitchen knives. And when I saw this article, I was it was the first time I was actually thinking of spending my money on kitchen knives instead of Oh, you know, a new folding knife.

Jim Person 11:45
Oh, interesting. Okay. Well, hey, two of the knives you've mentioned so far have blacked g 10. handles, kitchen knives. That seems reasonable. You know, you wouldn't have fancy materials, fancy colors. In the kitchen, maybe some folks would want that. I don't know just your your reaction to that.

Bob DeMarco 12:06
Actually, that's a that's that's a great thought because you know, I could see g 10 comes in all sorts of colors. So if you wanted the color, you know, that's fine. And that could be easy to get but yes, g 10 on a kitchen knife does it sound like a great idea because it is, you know, a poxy resin glass filled? Well I don't know if it's glass filled but it's it's impervious, it's an impervious epoxy material and, and if it ends up in the dishwasher which knives should never go in the dishwasher, but it doesn't Yeah, like kitchen knives, chef's knives and stuff like that. And they don't do that. It'll jack up the handles.

Jim Person 12:42
No comment, no comment.

Bob DeMarco 12:44
I don't know if you've noticed loose handle scales. It might happen with wooden handles. Hmm. But my point is like a modern, a modern composite material like that will probably fare well with all of the because it's you can spill gas on it. You can get oil on it. You can get any He's sort of crap on it out in the field. So in the kitchen, any sort of acidic or hot or whatever material is going to be is going to be shrugged off by the G 10. So interest I thought well,

Jim Person 13:12
yeah, well then they I think we'll probably maybe they already are having colored handles because you know a lot of the appliances integrate color and those kind of things. So you could have a, you know, air quote designer kitchen and yeah, therefore charge more money for your colored handles probably. That's right, since their designer.

Bob DeMarco 13:32
Yeah, well, they could get together with Cuisinart. Well, I guess Cuisinart probably has its own line of knives but they get it you know, with one of these companies that coordinate all their mixers in the different colors. That's a good idea.

Jim Person 13:42
Interesting. Yeah. Cross marketing. I'm getting on the phone with real steel right afterwards. That's right. We're gonna start another business. All right name that unfortunately, I have a hard time with Shira gore off Yeah, I'm sure golf

Bob DeMarco 13:56
and if you feel unsure about it just just sound cool and say sure. It's a Shiro bro and chiral man really knows what he's talking to Shiro quantum.

Jim Person 14:05

Bob DeMarco 14:06
exactly sure a Gora Russian knife company that is Sergei sure gore off as a custom knife maker and he has several tiers of knives that he produces in his business. Some of them are our serial production some of them are custom shop which is a custom division which is a smaller division where more care is put into the knives basically and better materials and components and then his custom. So this is a new one coming out called the quantum and it's going into regular serial production and it is gorgeous. It It speaks the look at the handle for sure it looks like a year ago or off the the blade is a departure. Instead of that beautiful classic drop point they use. Oftentimes this is a this is a trailing point, blade and it you know it, it looks to me a little Parisian Even though even though the spine doesn't quite curve back, but it has this beautiful sweep up to the, to the acute point, and it's got this interesting divot sort of notched into the blade, where the spiky hole would be or the thumb stubbed would be, and the shape of this thing, shape of this groove, it's like a fuller but it's, it's in a, it's in a different place. And the line of that continues on to the handle in this graceful sweep. It's a really gorgeous knife 3.74 inch blade. So this is kind of a large knife for etc, etc, is usually, you know, roughly 3.25 to three and a half or three to three and a half inches. Well, this is up in that kind of larger range, but the intention for this is, is EDC, apparently, Sergei shirk off himself carried it around, carried some prototypes of this around quite a bit to test them out in in tough sort of tasks for four weeks on end. And with a mind to make this not a not a heavy use or not a fighting knife but an EDC anyway a titanium lock bar it's got the multi row bearing system and you can open it using it using the the flipper tab or you can you can wedge your finger in that little fuller I was talking about to flip it open I talked about your girls here and there but I don't know something about this one has me as me pretty excited. I think it's because it's large like like most of them but it's also a just a different shape. I don't know it's it's pretty beautiful.

Jim Person 16:34
It's the big boys everyday carry

Bob DeMarco 16:36
the big boys every day. If we if we have any share gore off aficionados out there, please please chime in because I know very little about them firsthand. I've read about them and I find them interesting. But let's let's hear from from share gore fans out there. You know about what I need to know. I'm sure there's a book of what I need to know but interesting that directions to point me in anyway,

Jim Person 17:02
I'll leave a brief message about what Bob needs to know on the listener line 724-466-4487 724-466-48487. Maybe your your top tip about Shirogorov for Bob to learn or just to share with all of our listeners. I did want to ask you, Bob of the the bokor knife, the tops knife and the shear at golf. If you had to choose one to add to your list, what would it be this year? Gonna be on your purchase list. Okay. Oh,

Bob DeMarco 17:31
yeah. I mean, the reason I'm asking people to sound off on this is well, it's twofold first to you know, inform the listening public but also I'm, I've been slowly kind of headed in the direction to buying a share gore off at some point. And I just kind of, you know, I don't know much about him, and I'm kind of wide eyed about it, so anyone can point me in an interesting direction.

Jim Person 17:55
That'd be cool. Help Bob buy his first Shiro. How was that So that

Bob DeMarco 18:00
was good that was good that was Thank you add

Announcer 18:02
subscribe to The Knife Junkie his YouTube channel at The Knife Junkie comm slash YouTube

Jim Person 18:07
back on The Knife Junkie podcast episode number 99 100 is coming up next in case you have math difficulties like I do figure that one out last night but 100 coming up next we'll announced a little something special about that one. But Bob, before we get into the first tool segment, we kind of touched on at the beginning the Covid-19 the coronavirus, shout outs to everybody that's having to work doing their part, etc. but also kind of a different take you wanted to look at when when you're talking about your state of the knife collection and the times we're going through now.

Bob DeMarco 18:41
Well yeah, maybe like many my buying the last couple of weeks has slowed down, you know, consciously you don't want to, you're not sure what your resources are going to be in the future. So you don't want to blow it all on knives basically. Even though it trades great for survival food apparently. But anyway, My buying had slowed down and I've been thinking about, you know, digging out knives from the box that I haven't really used much and taking them out and actually using them and I did that with the large recon one Bowie went out in the woods me and the girls and we wanted to get some bamboo and I was using this knife to harvest bamboo like we're talking like inch thick bamboo trees. We weren't harvesting them that's kind of a dramatic I we got like three, three walking sticks so I chopped down three trees collection, harvesting, but it was amazing how nicely how nicely the the cold steel recon one XL Bowie which is a big broad, fully flat ground blade how nicely just sliced right through bamboo now I know bamboo is hollow and I know bamboo is soft, and it's it's like 190% water, but still what a What a nice experience and after banging it through a whole bunch of bamboo Because of course, we had to break it down into different size pieces. The thing was totally rock solid, you know that that that triad lock is no joke. And a feature of it that I forgot about is that the more you bang on it, the more you use it, the kind of deeper it settles into itself. And you could kind of kind of feel that, at first I held the blade and, and torque it back and forth. And I thought I felt a rattle and then, and then suddenly it locked in. And, man, it's like a fixed blade, man. So yeah, all I'm saying is if don't be bummed if you're if you're if your collection has taken a hit and things are slowing down for you, or maybe you were really hot on something, right before things changed, and you didn't get it. Well, you got other stuff. And it's all sweet. You know, you got it because it's cool, and you got it because it's good. And it was the best you could get at the time or whatever. So, so take a look at it again. I mean I don't mean to lecture you, I'm lecturing myself because I've spent an awful lot of money on knives that I don't use that much. And now is the time for me to, to tuck in, you know, and, and appreciate.

Jim Person 21:11
Well, you know, maybe as we've talked about previously, buy some accessories, maybe buy, you know, new screws or exactly not thumb stud, what's the other one I'm looking for thumb, thumb disk from disk. There you go. Yeah, or you know, scales or different things like that to really customize some of the knives you have.

Bob DeMarco 21:31
That is an outstanding idea. I think. We talked about that a bit with Alex. He does that with everything anyway, but not only is that a great way for you to sort of fine tune what you have and, and maybe give it an a new way to appreciate it but also, you're keeping small businesses going, you know, you're keeping the the handle scale makers in the end, the thumb stud makers, or the thumb disc makers, and all the people who make these amazing This amazing hardware and as sort of ancillary products for knives, keeping them going, she was sheath makers. I mean, you can always use a new kydex sheet, right?

Jim Person 22:09
Well, and if you don't have anything in particular in mind, why not just buy a gift certificate or gift card or you know, that type of thing from, from a small producer or whatever, as you said, it's, it's critical that we all do what we can to help each other out during these times and not only keeping ourselves safe, you know, physically and medically but also also economically.

Bob DeMarco 22:32
Yeah, yeah. In a way I kind of feel like it's preaching to the choir here, Jim, because the knife community already is a very generous and and I don't know, it seems like the the people we've met and and the, and the people that they know seem to seem to look out for one another, you know, in a virtual way. It's not like I can just pop in, you know, on Stu in Vermont, but, you know, we pass an email every now and again and it's just nice to know people are looking out.

Jim Person 22:57
Right? Well, and just an update This episode number 99 is coming out on April 1, no foolin. At the time of this recording blade show was still on. So we'll have to see what comes out in the next week or two, you know, they're still hoping that that June date will be acceptable. I think the last email we saw from them was, you know, it's in Atlanta and you know, convention space in that big city is hard to find on a normal day. So it seemed like if they couldn't pull it off this year, it wouldn't be rescheduled. It would just have to wait until next year. So fingers crossed, you know that we can get through this situation in time for the June blade show. You know,

Announcer 23:39
you're listening to The Knife Junkie podcast. Here's some cool knife history with The Knife Junkie. He's the first tool

Bob DeMarco 23:45
earlier I mentioned first responders. And that made me think of Leatherman, the Leatherman multi tool and it made me wonder where it came from and where the name came from. I felt really ignorant about this when I found this out. But the Leatherman tool was invented by a mechanical engineer named Tim Leatherman. I think that's a really cool name to actually have Leatherman. So it was invented by this mechanical engineer he was he was on a road trip with his wife in Europe in 1975. And you know what i'm assuming it was his wife, I shouldn't do that. And he was using a scout knife for everything, everything from fixing leaky hotel plumbing, to fixing his his janky feet to cutting bread and cheese. And oftentimes, he found himself wishing he had pliers. So being a mechanical engineer, he started making some drawings while he was on this trip. And when he got back, he started working on a prototype now he thought it would take him six months to get a prototype up and running. And it took him three years to make this thing and to get it patented, or get it filed for patent. And so he had this interesting device that was based around pliers but had other tools in the handle. And he started shopping it around sending it to knife companies, tool companies and no one bit the tool companies thought this thing is too much like a gadget it's not a real tool and the knife companies thought this is a tool not a knife, so no one wanted to make it. So took about three and a half years of him kind of passing this thing around and getting rejection letters until he hooked up with a with a college buddy Steve Berliner and in 1983 Leatherman tools got their first order from Cabela's. Cabela's, we all know them, they're the famed outdoor store chain. Well they ordered 500 from Leatherman and man, just as an aside, Cabela's is a great company they put out some really cool exclusives with knife companies and they always seem to be active in that world which means they must be active and all the other you know kind of product lines they represent which is which is really outstanding. Anyway, the first production Leatherman tool was called the PST the pocket survival tool, and it had 13 tools or no 14 tools, I believe in a four inch package you know, folded up into a four inch package. Only five ounces, fits in a nice leather little leather pouch you can put on your, on your hip, and for the first time someone could walk around carrying, check this out. needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard wire cutter clip point knife, metal slash would file an eight inch ruler, a Canon bottle opener, a small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, large screwdriver, Phillips number one and two and an all punch. I think that's pretty cool, all based around pliers. And so in that first year, they were aiming to sell 4000 of these things. And in their first year of production, they sold 30,000 of them. They were immediately embraced by a broad spectrum of people from outdoorsmen to tradesmen to mechanics and hunters alike. So you will find them everywhere. And I have one in each car that seek to meet. Now Now that I've researched this and looked into this, I'm gonna I think I'm gonna have to get into Leatherman a little bit maybe a little tiny sub collection because now I'm interested. I have one in each car. I have one in each survival bag I have one you know I have a million Leatherman that I never use. I have one in the kitchen that gets used a lot in the junk drawer. But they have such a broad product line now. And they make everything they make. They make multi tools based around pliers, as they always have. And then scissors and then medical shears, I got the medical shear version for a good buddy of mine, Kurt, who's been on the show, and it's just, it's just blown up into this amazing company now and maybe make like a million products. So a Leatherman there. It's not just the pliers. It's a whole bunch of stuff and and to the Leatherman fans out there, the collectors out there. I don't mean to sound like a total noob. But I guess I am I got to look deeper into into what they're making,

Jim Person 28:17
you know? Well very quickly how does Leatherman multi tool and the Swiss Army which I consider a multi tool, you know, how did they compare? How do they differ? Well, I guess

Bob DeMarco 28:27
the main thing is the is the main tool that they revolve around on the Swiss Army knife. It revolves around the night, right? Yeah. And this it revolves around the pliers,

Jim Person 28:37
hence the name Swiss Army Knife versus multi tool. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 28:40
yeah. And you know what it that's another man, that's another rabbit hole. You can go down Swiss Army knives. And I've been I've been flirting with that for a long time too, because they're affordable. And there's such a variety of them. If you have the instinct collect, and you like knives, it's kind of it's kind of an easy it's a it's a slam dunk you know while you're on your way to your dream collection. Oh, maybe I'll just work on my Swiss Army Knife collection for a while. But But I could see that happening with Leatherman and now they have this year they're coming out with knife based tools that look really cool I've only seen one or two reviews but instead of revolving around the pliers or the shears it's revolving around the blade.

Jim Person 29:20
So that would be the Leatherman multi knife tool. Yeah.

Jim Person 29:25
Or knife multi tool or whatever

Bob DeMarco 29:26
It does have a name, but I can't find it right now.

Jim Person 29:29
But fine. All right, moving on. Our last thing we wanted to cover this week is a voicemail. We always encourage folks to give us a call on our listener line at 7244664 for 877244664487. And Aaron listener did adjust that. And he called in with about his experience with warranty service for his CQ c 13. So we'll listen to that and then come back with Knife Junkie slots.

Unknown Speaker 30:02
Hey Bob it's Aaron from Missouri. I listen to the podcast on YouTube. Phone is talking about my Emerson CQC 13 it is a 2013 model. This is prior to this standoff as is back in the US they believe it's a dill run Backspacer could be wrong on that might be g 10. Not quite. exactly sure. Anyway. I wore the titanium liner lock out. I sent to them you know had a little bit up and down blade play. What have you. It is a well worn. Excuse My French. Be word. Okay the arch. Whatever day there is absolutely no finish on the clip whatsoever anymore. It was a will use knife I sent it in on my own done. Of course. I do. my credit card number you know of course is I figured out how to pay to have them sent back after they did their you know, whatever fix they decided to do what they did was they put a new titanium liner in it and they replaced all of the Harper I mean all of it up to I would say up to an including because at the end of the tip and perfect I was just gobsmacked but by the warranty for such an old knife that I have, you know ruin or hard and put up with. I don't have you anyway. Love the podcast. Good man. I was the guy that was trying to buy your fax off. Yeah, by the way on YouTube.

Speaker 4 31:50
Anyway, love the podcast.

Jim Person 31:52
All right, that was Aaron with the voicemail there. Some good experienced Bom that he had with warranty work.

Bob DeMarco 31:58
Yeah, well having spoken with it Ernest Emerson, not to name drop, but having spoken with Ernest Emerson, who's such an awesome and stand up guy, I'm not surprised that the that the warranty service at his knife company is his top flight. I personally have never had to use any warranty service. Actually, I've ordered new parts from benchmade. But I've never sent a knife in. So I don't really have much experience with it, I was about to send in my microtech and fixed it. But to hear to hear that experience that that Aaron had it, it just goes to show you know, if you have a problem with your knife, send it back to the manufacturer. If you have a problem with if you have a problem with your Emerson, definitely send it to them, you know, you'll get first class service. But the point is, you know, these companies make a lot of knives and they're made by humans and some things can get by, you know, have you ever made a mistake at work? Things can get by So, it can happen with a with a with a knife, it can happen, you know, with a lock face, so just send it back. They'll be like, oh yeah they'll fix it and they'll send it back to you. So, warranty service is important. I hear about it a lot. And you can find a lot of videos on YouTube of people have big time youtubers anonymously sending knives in for warranty service. And I can't really remember a bad a bad experience I've heard of I know Kershaw. Kai does awesome. Spyderco and benchmade Emerson now microtech I know those companies all have excellent warranty service, and I'm sure the rest of them do too, because they're all in business to stay in business. Right. And and and you want your product to be to live up to your names. All

Jim Person 33:36
right? Well, they wouldn't be in business if they didn't take care of the business that they already had. So the hallmark of a good company is to stand behind their product and to do their warranty work. So that's awesome to hear. Yeah. All right. That's gonna about wrap up our time here on this midweek supplemental episode of The Knife Junkie podcast, Episode Number 99. We mentioned a lot of stuff in the show and I mentioned you know, folks Sir staying home a lot more and not getting out so you know maybe not making a lot of purchases except for necessary purchases. But if there's anything you can buy on Amazon that that you need we would love it if you would use our affiliate link up front letting you know we do get a small commission on the stuff you buy through Amazon but it doesn't increase the price you pay at all we just get a small portion from Amazon so if you're so inclined to support the show, go to The Knife Junkie comm slash shop Amazon make your purchases and we say thanks in advance for doing so. So for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco I'm Jim that I've noticed person want to thank you for joining us on episode number 99 of the Knife Junkie podcast thanks

Announcer 34:42
for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast comm for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie calm. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube. Knife Junkie calm slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife Junkie calm slash Instagram and join our Facebook group but The Knife Junkie calm slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie dot com or call our 24 seven listener line at 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of The Knife Junkie podcast.


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