Bob and Jim take a look back at first quarter (Q1) knife purchases and additions to The Knife Junkie’s collection and discuss the more prominent knives that he’s added. They include:

  • 3 Cold Steel Knives — the Recon 1, AD10 and AD15 (video review, AD10)
  • Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) #21 Bull Buster
  • Bestech Kendo
  • Columbia River Knife and Tool Company/Ruger LCK (video review)
  • TOPS Knives Rapid Strike
  • Mass Drop We Knives Gavko Thresher
  • Bastinelli Knives RED Folder

In addition, Bob had a chance to chat with Rob Pena, Snaggletooth Tactical, about a brand new addition to the Snaggletooth product line — so new, it just came out yesterday! And Jim talks with Steve Thomas, president of the Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors, about the 28th annual Shenandoah Valley Knife Collector’s Annual Show, April 5-7, in Harrisonburg, Va.

This knife has turned into a kitchen junk drawer knife, and that is by no means derogatory. The kitchen drawer is nearest to where I cut cardboard and I'll always know where it is, be able to grab it, and it's now my dedicated… Click To Tweet

Taking your calls – which of the knives that Bob discussed do you have? And why do you love it? Call The Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4467 and let us know. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback!

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The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode #23) Q1 Knife Round-up, Rob Pena of Snaggletooth Tactical & the Shenandoah Valley Knife Collectors Show
0:00 - 05:06

We actually just put for sale yesterday. So it's been gained some good attention. I mean, we've been kind of teasing it for the last week or so Jimmy slashed at a video you got one the that cold steel got one, and we're hoping we get good response on it. Welcome to the ninth junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife. News and information about knives and knife collecting, here's your hosts, Jim person. Bob, the knife junkie DeMarco. A knife junkies. Welcome to the knife junkie podcast. I'm Jim person. And I'm Bob DeMarco from the night junkie dot com. Welcome to the show. Welcome to kind of a throwback episode, Bob if we're going to call it that we've been doing a lot of interviews where we're going to kind of get back to the roots of how the podcast started with you. And I chatted a little bit and we're going to do a timely topic. It's the first quarter ending of the first quarter of the month January February March, so we thought we'd kinda look at some of the knives that you God and did reviews on and give you chance to talk about some of those knives here in the first quarter of two thousand nineteen at we'll call this our first quarterly roundup of knife purchases. So I don't get too far behind. I like that. Well, as as the as the moniker junkie might imply I've been on a tear lately, though. Got to keep up with the the inventory for reviews and stuff to talk about right exactly got to remain relevant. Jim. That's right. Well, before we dive into that do want to remind folks that today's podcast is brought to you by audible, get a free audiobook download and thirty day free trial. Just go to audible trial dot com slash knife junkie over one hundred eighty thousand titles to choose from for your iphone, Android, kindle or MP three player. Again. That's audible trial dot com slash knife junkie, and Bob we've got what three four five six. It looks like about seven or eight nine that we want to talk about today. So where do you wanna start? I think I'm going to start with my roots cold steel that was cold. See was the first company that I became a serious fan boy of in the late eighties. They actually had a bit of a mystical aura. My my buddy, Mike, my best friend introduced me to the cold steel tanto, and he had read some information. This was obviously way pre internet about this magical knife. It came out that the CIA was carrying in all sorts of special operators were kind. Whether that's true or not. I'm not sure, but it had this unique faceted blade which looked kind of like a samurai sword. Yes. The cold steel tanto, and he told me about how they hammered through car doors, and I imagined that was a big part of the CIA agents job at the time for some reason to hammer that to have a knife into carry a knife that could go through a car door. But that led to the purchase of the colts deal tanto, and I never looked back. We'll definitely sounds like a great story. Whether it's true or not, go, exactly. Well, it sold one knife onto that. So I'm going to start off with a knife that I once had a cold steel tanto. This is the folding recon one tanto, but it was stolen out of my car by some SOB a couple of years ago. And I guess I was the first SOB because I left my car unlocked. I remember the day I had too much stuff in my hands. And I never returned to my car to lock it back. And that was the night. Someone was trolling around. Trying car doors, and they liberated me of a of a of a beloved knife. And it was the cold steel recon one folding tanto in the four inch bladed version. Well, I had a great excuse to re by one recently, and I'll get to that later it has to do with snuggle tooth tactical. But I'll go back to that. Okay. All right. So I just recently purchased the the new version of the recon one full-sized tanto and men they have made some serious improvements to this knife since the first one. Yeah. Yeah. Most notably the steel for longtime. They were running a US eight a somewhat soft and maligned Japanese budget steal it which never quite a jibed with the fact that these are the strongest sharpest knives in the galaxy as as they advertise and so now after a brief stint with C T S X HP, I was at a time. I love it. When toilets numbers alphanumeric combinations. They meet cited after a short period with that steel. They had a problem with supply. Now, they're building them with s thirty five Ian steel, and instead of painting this deal with some sort of cheesy a black spray paint, which is what they used to use essentially they now use deal seat on these new s thirty five blades, and let me tell you. This is confidence in hand. I know that sounds kind of corny, but it's true with my old Ossete tanto. I remember opening up a bag of cinders. I know probably not the best thing to to use my knife, or but I was opening up a bag of cinders from Home Depot and on the first cut with that old soft steel, I put a big divot in the blade Ono.

05:06 - 10:07

Yeah. It took me some time to work it out. And luckily, some criminal has that cheesed up late now while I was gonna say it sounds like he he or she did you a favor. Exactly got rid of that. Excuse to get the new one. So Wendy want our tease us about what's going on with that a little bit later with the recon one that you're doing something with. Yeah. We'll we'll talk about that. Because it's gonna win to a little little something else. Are you gotta make me? Wait. All right. So the I just want to talk about the other real noticeable difference in the new recon one. The action is amazing. And I swear now a cold steel has the best action on a lot back. I know of you can. Oh, yeah. You can come flick Jim without without even using any wrist action. That's pretty big statement. Therefore, you Bo well, I'm full of him. And as as you may or may not know slick -able action without the wrist is much easier to achieve with an access lock or liner locker or frame lock. But on a back lock. There's this constant pressure on the blade downward that on most knives will will stop it from being flicked. But these new cold steels are the action is just amazing. I'm not exactly sure what they've done. Differently, but I'm smitten. And so I'm going to be taking this new cold steel recon one tanto and adding a new mod- to it. Okay. We'll we'll leave it at that. He will know K couple more cold steels. You wanna talk about before we get to some of these other knives. I do indeed just the eighty ten in the eighty fifteen. These have been some highlight purchases of the last quarter to Andrew Dempo custom designs that are now being produced by cold steel, everyone knows about them because there's so much hype. And in my estimation. The hype is worthy of these are really awesome knives. That have always wanted to get my hands on but do not have the budget to get the custom versions, and according to some online who have both the production versions end the customers. The production versions are quite a high fidelity reproductions of the custom so yeah, I'm very excited about that. Okay. A one highlight being on the eighty fifteen this. New scorpion. Lock which if you'll allow me. Also has a great sound in high fidget ability. It's if there can be a controversial lock there might be a little bit of controversy around this because endemic to this design is the is the cost ability of getting your fingers pinched. But I say if you're a knife guy toughened up a little bit. So knife. You're maybe going to cut yourself. Sometimes. Yes. So so take the pinch instead cut. Well, speaking of the AD ten and eighty eight fifteen wanna remind listeners that you did a couple of videos on those review videos, you can find those at the knife junkie dot com slash YouTube now. So don't forget we did interview Andrew, and you can find that on podcast episode number twenty just go to the knife junkie dot com slash twenty. And you can actually hear an interview with Andrew very cool guy always looking to improve his designs. So I'm gonna move away from cold steel and talk a little bit about greatest and Cutler everybody who listens to the knife junkie podcast or watches. Our videos knows that I am in love with great eastern cutlery in their work in traditional knives and slip joint knives. But I say number two on your list behind colts dill, I would say number one on my slip joint lists. Okay. Very diplomatic answer. I thank you. So the one I want to talk about is the bull BUSTER, which is a full. Size. It's the the great eastern cutlery number twenty one day. They number all denies is the number twenty one bull BUSTER, which is a full size sod BUSTER, which is a traditional kind of American farmers knife. It it does not have a lock on it. But it has a very very stout action on it. So the poll and the pull on it is is a pretty strong, and it stays open under a lot of us, which which is of course, what you want out of a folding night. But this is a workers knife. So I think they went out of their way to make the pull on this extra strong. I got the version with linen green linen my car, which you know, I'm a big fan and this knife. I like it so much. I've added my a little leather fob to it. Which means it's kind of my way of marking my territory, if you will means that's a keeper Hebrew keeper exactly a keeper keeper until I decide to sell it, which I won't. But that's the reason we call it. To keep her keeper. So this one is starting to develop a patina of which I usually like on my high carbon steel blades. But Jim for some reason, I want this sucker to stay pristine. So I think I might hit it up with a little bit of polish get it back to gleaming it with a spa treatment as Wease spa treatment. Indeed. And it has the it has markings on the blade says bull BUSTER, and it has a little image of a bull kind of a raging bull.

10:07 - 15:04

And I'm not a big fan of of the markings on the blades. So I think once I once I hit it with polish I'll try and remove that that's just personal preference. It's also a kind of like putting the fob on it. It's on. I know that it will make it harder to sell that. I was going to ask you that question. Because that was the first thing my mind came to kind of from that that area that I come from a online selling and reselling, and kind of thing wouldn't that hurt the resale value if you took the marking stuff off of it. I do think it would. But I've also sharpened it and stopped it and done other things that would also. Remove value. It's kind of like get a knife. I like and before I can reconsider I eliminate my options. Okay. Kinda in lightly. Make jurors. Exactly, okay. So. Yeah. Full buster. Awesome knife, the number twenty one who next up. I think you're going to talk about something maybe new to your collection a brand. Yes. The best tech. The best tech kendo. This is a youthful g ten and d two blade steel tanto, and I got it. I've I've always kind of had my eye on because I like the look of it, but I've never had a best tech. And just kind of shied away a little bit until I saw a a great deal on blade forums. And I snapped it up for thirty five bucks. It's a fifty fifty five dollar knife. I think and I was not disappointed. This knife is not only beautiful to look at feels great hand has got incredible ball bearing action. And I just love the shape of the tanto. It's it's a little bit different from the. Is gonna sound funny the traditional modern Americanized tanto. It looks more like a Chris Reeve knives. Tanto is like a full flat ground blade up to the tip. And then you have a little facet up front. And I I love it. Now. Here's a bummer though. I dropped it on its tip almost immediately after apnea and the the string of expletives that came out of my mouth Colella would blush not appropriate for the podcast. Exactly. But this knife is great great action. I I highly recommended, and I I have a good friend. Actually, who's also been on the podcast, drew swift loves Tana's every time he comes over. He picks it up says Hm this knife. So I said, you know, you got a birthday coming up. So I think I'll be getting that for him for birthday. But before you move on to do what a mention a drew swift. That was episode number twenty one of the knife junkie podcast. So again, just the knife junkie dot com slash twenty one. And you can hear that interview with former. Marine scout sniper drew a swift? And that was that was pretty good one too. So next up on your list. One talk about what CR k t someone accompanied that has awesome designs, but usually just kinda uses mediocre materials to to instant, she ate them. This one is however, Ruger branded as we all know firearm, branded knives are usually terrible. I'll just say it, but this Ruger slash CR. K T L C K is amazing amazing knife. I got the warrant cliff version of it. And to my surprise. This has been the greatest cardboard slicer. I'm talking thick double walled cardboard in my recent collection in in recent knives. I've gotten we've gone through sort of a revolution in the house here. New beds for the girls. Yes. Akia new furniture. Lots lots and lots of cardboard cut up and hands down my favorite for cutting cardboard is now this Ruger, Elsie k. Warn, cliff blade. It's amazing. It's got a nice hollow grind. And it is strong. I mean, I'll I'll work through a whole bunch of steel. I mean, that's steal whole bunch of cardboard and get zero wiggle. And I don't know. I'm just very impressed. So this is turned into a this is gonna sound demeaning, but it's not a kitchen junk core knife because it's closest to the area where I cut cardboard. And I always know where it is albeit with the grab it, and this is dedicated cardboard knife. Now sucker is great great product endorsement, and if it makes the as you call the knife junk drawer. Yeah. That's that's a daily user kind of thing. Right there. Exactly. Exactly. You know? It's it's eight zero thirteen movie, which is softer steel. But it held up great. And if if my wife opened something up, and I need to an it gets a Nick, I can I can take Nick out quickly because of the steel darn we're on the ninth junkie podcast and Bob the knife junkie. Demarco was kinda doing a first quarter two thousand nineteen review. If you will. Of some of the knives. He added to his collection in this kind of recapping thoughts and those kind of things and so far we've talked about three cold steel knives. The recon one the eighty ten eighty fifteen the G C number twenty one bowl BUSTER, the best tech Kindo just kinda finished up hung at Columbia River knife and tool L C K knife, and Bob we've got two more on your list.

15:04 - 20:01

I think so what's up next. Indeed, the next one is the okay, get ready. Michael gavitt designed that's gab cone is we knife produced. Mass dropped distributed thresher. Yes. Named after the thresher shark. This nice is a thing of beauty, Michael Savage. Gab co knives have been watching him I on YouTube now on Instagram for years. I love his designs. They're they're beautiful. They're oftentimes named after sharks. And I was so excited to see mass drop, and we knife who makes great knife, creating an affordable version of gab co knife. So I snapped. It up when it came out that was kind of a pun like show did on. Yeah. It's a it's a beautiful knife. I got one with in this teal color with the plane handle slabs, and it's got a full flat ground blade. Very thin. Very sleazy. Very pokey stabby also, and I'm very happy with the knife. I it is kind of on the short end for me. I do not have very large hands. But it kind of feels slightly crowded. How long will the blade is three and a half inches, which is the the low end of the scale from me like a four inch or or three seven three point seven five inch blade. But this thing is so beautiful. I'm going to hold onto it for a while. I just did a review video of it. You may have seen and I I'm really liking how it's how the the Anna desertion is starting to wear on it. So this is kind of a a piece of keeping around for its artistic value. I gotta be honest no-go. It is extremely capable just don't up it on its tip while at the video you mentioned the just came out this prior we. Week ending find it at the night, chunky dot com slash YouTube for that video knife review one or one or two more. I can't keep up here. Yeah. Well, I have one last night that I've gotten I got it this past week, and I'm a huge tops knives fixed blade fan. I have a small collection of I'd say seven or eight tops knives, and they are known for their tactical outdoors knife knives in this year. They came out with a small slender a little tactical knife called the rapid strike the ruling today rapid strike. I like that too. And you can get it in single or double edged. Of course, I had to get double edged. And it is a fantastic little knife. It carries very well. For a fixed blade. I have a put in the waistband strap on it. And it's got Jinping all the way around the handle. But it doesn't sit proud of the handle. So if you really bear down you can you can make use of that Jinping. But if you don't it's not an annoyance to your hand. At the tip at the pommel. It's got a glass breaker sort of a little pure middle. A termination to the to the Tang at the end of the handle. And it's great for breaking glass. I've tried it on a bottle and it works. The only thing is is when I'm reverse grip. I like the cap the handle with my thumb in. It's a little sharp, but get used to it. The the blade is slender and beautiful and and came super sharp, and I would put this not in terms of quality. But in terms of size and shape. It's kind of like, cold steel, spike back knife. It's got along for inch blade, and but it's very slender and easy to tuck away while the glass breaker in some of those other features in that kind of endemic of the thomps brand are the kind of tactical related. Yes. Yes, sir. They are tactical and law enforcement, and and, you know, first responder oriented and in the past five years they've gotten heavily into the outdoors thing too. So. Camp knives, and that kind of thing criminals in in before we move on. And before I introduced this product this other product that I'm going to add my recon one. I just wanted to mention my buddy in Lewis who we spoke to on the knife junkie podcast number eight martial arts expert, loaned me. Well, he asked me to fix something on it. And that was easy to do. So it was basically alone just taking a long time to fix right? Yeah. Right. Exactly. And I think they say possession is nine tenths of the law. So I think this might be mine at this, ROY, wink, wink, wink, wink, he loaned me his best Anneli knives. Red folder. That's r e d standing for raptor, extremely dangerous and will excuse bastion coves designed this for the for the name. He is not a native English speaker. So raptor, extremely dangerous. The red folder is an amazing knife melts into your hands. It would be an amazing tactical knife. Also, amazing EDC blade has got. An incredible high flat grind, I think I'm going to do a little video on it before I returned it to him. But it inspired me to seek out a used version of the best in knives. Dragged tech, which like this red folder is made.

20:01 - 25:09

By leeann steal, an Italian company. So it's Vantic fit and finish design and everything else. So I'm very excited about that. You'll hear about that knife when it comes while again, some of the the names we've dropped have been guest on the knife junkie podcast. Ian Lewis above just mentioned the knife chunky dot com slash eight can also find rob penna snuggle tooth tactical at the knife donkey dot com slash sixteen. Andrew dumb coup the knife, chunky dot com slash two zero and drew swift the knife donkey dot com slash two one Bob before we get to that big announcement that you wanted to do just kind of a recap the quickly the knives that you talked about here. The the first quarter standouts for you. Okay. The new. Version of the cold steel recon one new to me new in the last couple years, and they brand new eighty ten in eighty fifteen the Andrew co custom knives now produced by Colt steal the greatest cutlery number twenty one large sod BUSTER mazing night. Best tech new company to me in a pretty new company on the scene. Kendo the CR K T made a Ruger Elsie k- knife, the warned cliff blade. The mass drop Gav co thresher and the tops knives. Rapid strike all all good knives. Okay. But if you had to pick one son of a gun weren't ready for that. It wasn't it. But I wanted to get you. This is going to sound crazy. But for all around her I might have to say the recon one. But at asked me, two minutes, minus for might be different. 'cause that's gonna lead to what we're talking about next. We have a special guest that you may. Remember, we've already talked about him Robin us Nangle to tactical or actually gonna talk to him coming up in just a couple of minutes and it relates to what Bob was talking about with his with his recon one. So do you wanna gonna give us a little more info about that, Bob or you wanna make his way? Well, no. But we can we can introduce it here. He has come out with a rob penna has come out with a nother mud four the colts deal knives. This time specifically for the recon one. But I suspect he might be branching out from there. And it's called the well, I'll let him tell you what it is. But it's a it's a knife poll and Karamjit ring that you can attach to the end of your and your knife. And let's leave it there. And we'll talk to rob about it. Okay. Well, if if you're listening right now in you disagree with Bob on any of the knives that he had an. And his favourite or his most like one, or if you have any other comments about any other of the of the knives that the Bob kind of went over, please give us a call on the listener line. And let us know we'd love to hear from you. And maybe even use your clip on an upcoming podcast seven two four four six six four four eight seven that seven two four four six six four four eight seven call the knife junkie listener line and give us your feedback on these knives at Bob has kinda go gone over first quarter of two thousand nineteen purchases and recommendations and reviews again, seven two four four six six four four eight seven subscribe to the knife junkies YouTube channel at the knife, junkie dot com slash YouTube. We're back on the knife junkie podcast episode number twenty three and we teased about Bob's recon one and some things going on with it. That's going to lead to an announcement. And all that. But before we do that just kind of tease it a little bit more wanna let you know, stay tune. And for after this announcement and surprise interview that we're going to have because a little later on. I had a chance to talk to Steve Thomas, president of the Shannon doa valley knife collectors about their April five through seven knife show up in harrisonburg Virginia. So we're going to hear a little bit about that. And how you folks can't attend that show. But I I think enough teasing I think it's time to get the cat out of here. That's right today. We have with us again, rob penna of snuggle tooth tactical. Rob welcome to the show. How you doing good? How are you? I'm doing great doing great. Well, I wanted to bring you back on the show because you have a brand new product that I think you just released today, but you were kind enough to give me a sneak peek of over the past couple of weeks. Why don't you tell me what it is introduce it? Well, we came up with the cog ring, which is a Karen bit backspace attachment for the cold steel recon one and we actually just put for sale yesterday. So it's been Jane some good attention. I mean, we've been kind of teasing it for last week. Or so Jimmy slash video. You got one guy's a cold steel got one. And we're hoping we get good response on it. Yeah. It's a it's a fantastic product. I have to say again kind of a great follow up to an illogical follow up to the snuggle tooth M F, which is an automatic pocket deployer. So when you draw the knife from your pocket, the snuggle tooth M F grabs onto the side of your pocket opens up the blade and also offers as a as a secondary benefit a nice thumb ramp, by the way, so this new cog rain is a Karameh detachment and pull ring.

25:09 - 30:03

So you don't have to know how to use a Karamjit to use it. It makes it way. More convenient to to dry, your recon one from your pocket, but let let me let me just describe it it it fits in the place of the backspace her and you fit the fit the back lock spring into it. And it extends from the back the pommel area of the recon one. And it's a perfectly circular. A ring for you to put your forefinger or your pinky. If you want to through, and it's got it's got little cutouts all around it. I'm not gonna call it Jinping. It does look like a cog, hence, the term cog ring. Yeah. I just when I designed I started playing around with different geometry, and that one kind of caught my eye. So I said let me try that. When I well, let me tell you as a user, not just not just as someone who loves and uses knives. But I've also done a fair bit of training with Caramba. It's in the martial art. I do I really like the cog aspect of it. I love the cutouts around the outside of the ring because as you're flipping and maneuvering the knife itself. A using the ring you can stop it kind of any any time around the clock if you will by by just pushing your thumb into one of these cerebration 's so it really adds a a a lot more dexterity to to the manipulation of the knife. And something else I found which I was. Expecting? But I I guess is intuitive. If you really think about it is that in the standard grip of Karamjit, which is reverse grip with the knife with the blade coming out from your the bottom of your hand it adds distance it it adds a lot more. That's about an inch of reach to the blade. Was this something you were looking to do? No. The whole purpose. When I designed the part was I see a lot of guys have lanyard. So I thought something rigid to be able to pull the knife out easier, especially guys with deep carry, and I really wasn't familiar with Karan bid. So I started looking around at different knives. And I saw that. And that's kind of what inspired me was more of a poll ring. But then the design of the Koran bid just looked so nice on the recon one. And I'm not experienced with that style knifes. But it does look like it adds to the tactical useful this of the knife. So yeah, it it. Sure. Does any raise an interesting point as a fixed lanyard slash pull ring for deep. Carey I I noticed on some of the pictures you've posted that that knife has a deep carry pocket clip. And I wonder where you got that. Actually, I've never seen it. That's my nephew's knife. He's you know, he's my partner in this and Abbas the knife that we originally built the snag to four was a recon one. So all the pictures are his knife. And I will get you the deep carry. Provided at he got it from a match or big. I don't Oetzi. Okay. The the magical equalizer of Oetzi, I think it's a really useful tool for. Yes. Pulling it out a lot of people myself included, put a little lanyard or fob on my deep carry knives. Because it makes it more difficult to pull in if you're carrying a knife like a recon one, which which you know, does have a bit of a tactical feel to it in you might use it for self defense. It is great to have an easier way to pull it from your pocket. So I'm really digging this mod, and I'm going to make a video of how to install it. And then also how it works. How you know my review of it. Great, which I'll give you a spoiler. It's pretty positive so far. We've had some very good responses to the looks of we've sold a few over the weekend shipping them out on Monday. And hopefully keeps going because we only did a short production run. We have about forty five that are. Set aside for sale the rest, you know, we kept some first cells said some to you Jimmy slash cold steel. So we're hoping that they go fast, and I I'll make an production run and look for other platforms to design these for now, I think that'd be a great idea. Just move the holes around a little bit. How I make it sound so easy and move the holes around a little bit came to the shape, and boom, you can fit it on a bunch of other knives to in wrapping up. This is not a hint. And I am not. I'm not trying to get you to send me some free wants to give away. What I wanna tell you is that I recently recently sent me five snuggle tooth M F pocket deployer, I put a video up and they went like hotcakes giveaway video and people loved them. They they contacted me immediately. I had a pretty had some pretty lax rules, basically get in touch with me, the first people to get in touch with me who really want this thing. Let me know why in and I'll get it to you. And I had five anxious people. Reach out to me. And I received a couple of emails back about thanking me for the awesome product.

30:03 - 35:00

And of course, I said, it's not my product as they know. Thanks negritude. So on your next production run. If you have a couple of extras hanging around send them our way, and we'll get him out into into some anxious hands. But I know right now, you gotta you gotta get this ball in first year. We gotta get it rolling. We probably can pry do another giveaway. I could send you one, and you know, give it away. No problem. Like, I said, we said a few aside for marketing purposes, so before we wrap up at just tell people how they can buy it. And what were they can go online to find it? Well, it's WWW dot snag tooth M F dot com. Do we do have a combo? So you could buy a cog rain and a deployment snuggle tooth kit for thirty five or two cog ring alone for twenty five you could hit us up on Instagram and there's a link on Instagram where snag to tactical and. Follow us follow the knife junkie. And hopefully, we come up with some new products to more innovative products that sounds awesome. And as we go out, I have to mention I don't even know I didn't these two products actually work beautifully. Together. You get the left hand clip on there, and you can draw this thing out and auto deploy it with the snuggle tooth and have it in in is pick grip immediately. And I think they go hand in hand. Basically that was like I said the whole intention. I was thinking more of a pull ring and a great thing is I made, you know, try to keep it low profile. So when you get in your car, and you're sitting position doesn't really affect you. So far, I've been driving with in my pocket, and it it really you don't even know is this there. So that was one concern. I had Well, I I d- say you for especially for someone who doesn't really know much about Harambee. I'd say knocked it out of the park. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on rob penna of snuggle tooth tactical. Very cruciate talking to you and being a free. Of the knife junkie podcast and congratulations on the roll out of your new product, the cog, rain, great. Thank you so much for having us have a question remains. You just have a comment. Give us a call at seven two four four six six four four eight seven will answer your question on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast that number again, seven two four four six six four four eight seven where vac on the knife junkie podcast. And we're talking to Steve Thomas. He's president of the Shannon doa valley knife collectors and they're having their twenty eighth annual greater Shannon, doa valley knife show this coming weekend, April fifth sixth and seventh and harrisonburg Virginia at the Rockingham county fair grounds. And Steve welcome to the knife junkie podcast and want to give you a chance to promote the show until everybody why they should attend. Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate the opportunity. We are a very very close knit group of knife collectors throughout the area. We began in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and and just grown nineteen Ninety-one was our first show at the Rockingham county fairgrounds. And we have continued that today's date, and it is just grown from, you know, starting out at fifty tables, and we're up now to over two hundred tables within the space, and we have vendors from all over the country that come to this show in particular from as far as Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia. We have folks from North Carolina. We have folks from Florida that come up we have one of our sister club sponsors, which is the buck club, national, but club they have come every year, and they have a huge display of all buck knives. And it's just a gorgeous display. Way to see what makes folks travel from so far, what makes your so show so special while just we have vendors that know each other from all around the country and have not been able to put my finger on why this particular show has been so good. But I think it just there's a there's a unity within the show that that he don't say we have a lot of fun. We just I don't know. What is theirs is just different than most of the shows. In normally go to something something special there in Shannon, doa valley, it rarely is it really is. Just a good is a good group of people and everybody the knife makers that come in or strongly counted. And you just see see makings of knives. That are not that are just personal. And not just you know, not just making it for. The money end of it. But they really truly have their heart in what they're doing.

35:00 - 40:00

So I think that's what really turns the corner on on that kind of attitude really shows through to give us some of the details hours cost location, everything anybody needs to know to put it on the calendar. We begin on Friday. We begin to two PM about allows us time for setup on early Friday morning, the fifth, and then we we run till seven o'clock Friday evening, we begin again on Saturday morning at nine AM, and we run till four them and then on Saturday night. Will we have a with all the vendors within the club? We have a dinner that we sponsor them. We have a lot of awards and trophies that are given way for special knives. That are displayed at the show we have categories of custom-made knives factory knives factory displays we have a youth display. Best in show. Oh, and these awards are given on Saturday night. We also have a silent auction where are a charitable organization. So we we give back our money to the community. And there's plenty of food. That's important. Have you know, we try to take care of the public as they come to the door mature they enjoy their their time at the show. Right. And you might you might have mentioned. I don't know if I heard it is cost effective. Yes. I'm sorry. It's a five dollars come to the door. And when you come through that door, and you see vendors from all over the eastern coast. You'll see just some talent. That is not something. You would see every day. There's just art behind some of the stuff you see the show. It's very it's it's interesting not only to Donald to the guys but for women this. Well, we've had a huge increase in. Our interest with women and our club. We have about one hundred thirty two hundred forty members we meet once a month at the Isaak Walton league suborn, it's in the harrisonburg area. And we we have special events during our meetings. Our show is our number one moneymaker for our charitable giving. So we go all out to make it happen. That's awesome. That's working folks. Learn more zero website, they can go to that has all this information. Sure, you can go to the two s the KC dot org and hoping that website up, and you can you can see everything you want to know about the show there. Get all the details there. All right, Steve Thomas, president Shenandoah valley knife collectors club again, the twenty eighth annual greater Shenandoah valley knife show is April five six and seven. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lots of great events. How many tables did you said more than two hundred? We have we have ninety six vendors, and we have around two hundred ten tables. So while it's a really good show. A lot there for everybody. So Steve, thanks for being on the knife junkie podcast, and you happen to be anywhere around the harrisonburg Virginia area listeners you'll want to check out the twenty eighth annual greater Shannon, doa valley knife show. Thank you so much. The knife junkie is online at the knife, junkie dot com. Jim that interview got me so pumped to start going to some knife shows. I've only ever been to the New York custom knife show. And that is great. But we have a lot of knife shows all over the country, and what a great excuse to do some travel. But but really, you know, we we're going to start going to some of these knife shows. And when you see us there, come talk to us. Absolutely. If your knife maker a fan a knife junkie. What have you we want to hear from you? Yeah. Well, and I've kind of teaser we've got. An interview coming up with Bill Goodman of good knives. LLC he's the promoter of the Lehigh valley knife show that's going to be in early may also working on getting some interviews of possible to kind of do some promotion, but you know, the the spring season is a big time for knife shows. The forty fourth annual Oregon knife show is April thirteenth. We've also got the thirty seventh NC CA extravaganza. That's at the end of April mentioned, the Lehigh valley knife show may foreign five so a lot of shows coming up again. Yeah. Like, you said we'd love to get out there talked to folks and give you an excuse me and excuse maybe to to buy some initial knives as well. Yeah. Yeah. The excuses. I don't really need better. Take them where I can get him. They work our way. Anyway. Yeah. Well, speaking of purchases, this kind of show was recap of quarter one kind of a review of some of the knives that made its way into bombs collection and kind of a chance to talk about some of them. Again, the cold steel we had three of them.

40:00 - 41:57

The recon won the eighty ten eighty fifteen the G E C number. Twenty one bull BUSTER the best tech Kindo, the Columbia River knife and tool LLC, we've got the tops knifes rapid strike, the mass drop Gav co thresher and then Bob also didn't buy one, but he's got a loaner. He's trying to keep the mass Nellie knives. Red folder that we kind of talked about. And if interview have any of those knives has many thoughts about him, and he comments on them. Please call our listener line seven two four four six six four four eight seven let us know what you think about those knives or any other knife, seven two four four six six four four eight seven and Bob as usual alternate over to you. For the for the final word from the knife. Donkey. Well, I'd say if you're curious check out these snuggle teeth, snuggle tooth products. They really enhance can really enhance your your tactical knife experience or just your drawing cold steal from your from your pocket. They're very well engineered very well made or rob penna truly a friend of the knife junkie podcast and the show is coming out on March thirty first and as rob said they just dropped their product yesterday. So timely guest timely news right here on the knife. Donkey ponca. Yes. Right. Thanks for listening to the knife junkie podcast. If you join the show, please rate review with review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources into listen to past episodes. Visit our website the night junkie dot com. You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube the night, jokey dot com slash YouTube cookouts great night photos on the knife, junkie dot com slash Graham. And join our Facebook group, but the knife. Junkie dot com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, Email them to Bob at the night, jokey dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six four four eight seven, and you may hear your comment or question answered on upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.


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