The Steel Will Cutjack Knife — Now I Own One

"I just found that this was in my Amazon cart and had been sitting there for about a year and the price had dropped down to $21 ... so I finally decided to get it, and I really like it!"

I tried to wait to unbox my new Great Eastern Cutler #14 Lick Creek Boys Knife, but it got to be too much… that box from GPKnives mocking me on the front room table!

Needless to say, the 2018 run of the GEC #14 is another precedent-setting slipjoint jack knife. It comes in a variety of covers and–so far– 2 blade configurations; single clip point blade and clip main and pen blade secondary.

At 3″ inches closed this is the perfect size for loose pocket carry. The 2 5/16″ clip point main has a stout 8 pull with outstanding walk-n-talk, while the cute 1 3/4″ pen blade is a 5. Both blades have a half-stop.

The blades were adequately sharp out of the tube, but who settles for adequately sharp?

If you like small slipjoints — I’m talkin’ Case Swayback small — you will not be disappointed in this awesome little GEC #14.

Today I wanted to show off a Steel Will Cutjack that came in an absurdly large box.

The knife is good, that’s it. But, it’s the kind of good you don’t realize until you live with it because there is little appeal to the eye but to the hand and utility … it’s “dialed in.”

The Knife Junkie's Newest -- a Steel Will Cutjack
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