A lot to cover in this episode … Knife Life News includes New York’s ban on “undetectable” knives, Bob’s favorite sandwich cutting knife, a shout out to a listener and while Bob sells two knives to get another one (a Microtech Ultratech), Jim adds two more Buck Knives — the 110 and a 691 Skinner — to his collection (pictures below).

Buck 110

Buck 691 Skinner

From Bob's favorite sandwich cutting knife to New York's ban on undetectable knives, there's a lot to unpack in this episode of The Knife Junkie podcast Click To Tweet

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:17
Hello Knife Junkie and welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast supplemental episode. I'm Jim the knife to be Person and i Bob DeMarco Welcome to the show. Welcome to the Knife Junkie podcast as we said it's the place for knife newbies and Knife Junkie to learn everything about knives and knife collecting and this is our supplemental midweek episode of the podcast.

Bob DeMarco 0:39
Yeah, it's the it's the time we get to yammering on about knives and to tell stories and Jim, I have a little story. So this past weekend, my wife and I went to a 1980s fundraiser for my kids school. And so we decided you know, there was going to be a lot of Don Johnson's and a lot of Miami Vice go A lot of Top Gun, and there were and they all looked excellent, but my wife and I wanted to be more authentic to who we were in the 80s. So we were kind of well, she looked kind of DEBBIE HARRY like and I looked kind of vicious like, oh, and you know, so we went is kind of we just dug through our closets and and get out our old punk stuff.

Jim Person 1:19
Just some you didn't wear last week, right? Yeah, exactly. They're more depth than that. Yeah.

Bob DeMarco 1:24
Anyway. Well, people liked it. They thought it was authentic. It was cool. And part of my thing was what knife Am I going to carry? Because will of course, yeah, I'm trying to be authentic and so can't have a pocket clip. It can't have one handed opening. It's probably got to be a clunker. So I looked to the 110. And sorry, 110 fans, I don't mean to call it a clunker. But it's a boat anchor. It's pretty heavy. Yeah. So you know, just to be floating around in the pocket. So I said, Okay, well, I'll put it in the belt sheet. And then I started thinking, you know, knowing some of the parents there, I'm like, maybe it wouldn't be appreciated to have a note that you can you can tell it know, if you You can see it from almost all angles to the front. So I decided not to not to be so authentic so I didn't bring the 110 what I decided on was the cold steel taillight. I figure you know, this thing looks, you know, in in, in silhouette like classic Italian stiletto switchblade, which is kind of 50s tough, which would probably still be kind of 80s tough. So that's what I chose. And the funny thing is, is I spent a whole lot longer trying to decide that than I just did in telling the story, which is kind of perfect.

Jim Person 2:40
I wasn't asked if it took longer telling the story than the party lasted now that would have been sad, right? It

Bob DeMarco 2:45
almost took as long as it took my wife to put her makeup on which looked awesome anyway.

Jim Person 2:50
This is Knife Junkie. He lives here. All right, Bob here on the supplemental episode of the Knife Junkie podcast as you said, it's our chance to talk about nine Knife news, all that kind of stuff. And we always ask for feedback we want to hear from our listeners, they can do that either by the listener line 724466448772 446-648-4487 or by emailing The Knife Junkie at Bob at The Knife junkie.com we love to hear your feedback, suggestions, comments, criticisms, suggestions, whatever it might be. We want to give a shout out to a listener Stewart, who's a law enforcement officer who kind of gave us a shout out and I think what he emailed you or I am do something like Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 3:34
he he sent an email just to the to the show, I mean through through the website, and he wanted to tell us what he carries he carries a hitter Ritter hope that the awesome new knife from hope by Doug Ritter and he also carries a spire to co and Darryl Warren Cliff serrated and so I got back to them. Okay, well, what do you use these bars he says I'm a law enforcement officer and and I adhere to the full philosophy that one is none. And I love that as a as a multiple knife carrier. And I asked him what kind of work he's put these knives to work in doing and a lot of it is is cutting people out of their clothes to do CPR and emergency medical techniques or he he's Jimmy open locked doors, medical emergencies, these pop up window screens, cut seatbelts, multiple seatbelts, it crashes and cuts rope all the time. And so he says it's really a good idea for him to have a plane blade planet blade and a serrated blade. You know, the serrated for the more fibrous stuff or maybe the more immediate needs. And I just thought it was great to hear you know that at work. I think a lot of us probably wish that we needed our lives more at work. Not that we necessarily want to be showing up at car crashes and stuff. I know that's hard. That's hard on the body and on the soul but, but, you know, in my line of work, I cut sandwiches With my knives at lunchtime, you know, that's about it. So right. I think a lot of us wish we could put them to more useful work in any way. Stewart's a listener and I really appreciate his his getting in touch with me, Stuart, thanks for what you do too.

Jim Person 5:15
Absolutely Yeah, we had asked for listeners to give us some feedback on what they carried. I can't remember this specific episode. But thanks to that, and and really, truly, anytime you you have a story to tell suggestion, any kind of thing we'd love to hear from you. And we'd love for you to call the listener line and if you don't mind, we'd love to take that audio and actually play it on the podcast so other listeners can can hear your comments, suggestions, those kind of things. And if you have a website you want to promote or whatever, please do so. And Bob, interesting. You mentioned cutting sandwiches at work. I was going to ask you if you had a favorite knife that you used to cut your sandwiches.

Bob DeMarco 5:54
Gotta say it would have to be it would have to be my my up until number eight You know, it's it's got a thin slice the blade plus it's my my work food knife, you know, sits in my cabinet awaiting food

Jim Person 6:08
and you try not to ever disappointed right it does the job beautifully. Yeah, exactly. Well before we transition into knife life news, a kind of an interesting story about a guy from Kansas City who was in England and helped stop a knife attack.

Bob DeMarco 6:25
Yeah, he's a he's an army vet. His name is Dan spear. And he's also a reserve police officer and the Kansas City Police Department. He was over there visiting in the United Kingdom in England and he being a police officer, he was aware of their their crime issues there especially their knife crime issues. Anyway, he was riding a train. Someone was being unruly and suspicious as they put it but he was actually hollering out all sorts of crazy stuff in English and in some other language he didn't understand and then he starts pointing his rage at at an individual and drew a knife and this gentleman Dan spear from Kansas City came up behind him and put him in a headlock old school headlock. I love that I mean I'm assuming I'm assuming it's a full full headlock and Phil Nelson that's what I'm that's what I'm thinking of. You know from my old wrestling days when I got a kick and and then a bunch of other people came in and jumped in and and helped restrain the man help get the knife away and then they got him on the platform and waited for the cops. Cool story. I love it. I love it without thinking yes into the fray.

Jim Person 7:34
Yeah, absolutely. I want to remind you that the knives 2020 book is now out I think it's the 14th edition I believe like 808 hundred plus pictures of knives. Just a gorgeous book if you want to stay current on what's happening in the knife world, see makers, manufacturers, nice pictures, that kind of thing. Get the new knives, 2020 book and if You'll go through the Knife Junkie comm slash knives 2020 that will take you right to the Amazon page where you can buy that that is an affiliate link for the Knife Junkie. com website we do get a small commission but it does not increase the price that you'll pay it just helps support the show so The Knife junkie.com slash knives 2020

Announcer 8:18
you're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast and now here's The Knife Junkie with the nightlife news.

Bob DeMarco 8:24
So Kyle Chumcal of Casey knives he's a knife designer, he was designing knives on the side while doing a day job and putting these beautiful renderings from I'm not sure what he uses some sort of CAD system on Instagram and I had been following him for a while just really admiring his his design chops basically. And this this is an I told you so story. I was like this guy, this kid's going places. And anyway, he just got signed with micro tech and he's responsible for their new Exocet money clip. It's this out the Front stiletto but it's it's a double edged 1.98 inch California legal blade. But it's in the form of a money clip. So it looks like a micro tech ultra tech got run over by a train it's like kind of like flattened out. It's really cool. And it's got a big wide clip for, you know for putting cash under and it sits in your pocket you you could, of course use that clip as a pocket clip. But anyway, this this guy, Kyle, Chumcal I just I just wanted to mention, I think it's great that he's with micro tech because for a few years, you know, looking at his designs thinking maybe, maybe I can have him like mock up something in mind, you know, just kind of fantasizing and then seeing him go go all the way now he doesn't have time for your Yeah. Anyway, I'd love to have him on the interview show talk to him.

Jim Person 9:54
Absolutely. So Kyle, if you're listening or someone that knows Kyle, shoot him a line. We love to chat... You will have our people talk to your people Yes. Right. And our people is you Yeah, right. That's me.

Bob DeMarco 10:06
I wanted to also mention Ostap Hel, he's a he's a designer, and he's done work with real steel in the past. He did the G five metamorphose which is this amazing sort of scalpel like front clipper. Everybody knows it. I just sold mine actually. But beautiful clean design lines. Anyway, he came out with a new knife with real steel, and it's a modern slip joint called the G slip. I love that name, g slip. And this G slip is a beautiful, but kind of large slip Joy's got a it's got a three and a half or 3.46 inch blade, which is pretty big for a slip joint. And it's got g 10 for the handle and it's got VG 10 for the blade steel. So it's got these modern knife materials. It's also got a wire style pocket clip. It's basically a big modern folder. Minus the lock. And it's really I mean, I know a lot of companies are making modern slip joints, but for some reason, the look of this and the size of this, it's the slip joint world and the tactical folding world are really, really coming. Close. It's like a thin line, a thin steely line between the two and anyway Oh, stop hell, amazing designer, I really want to check out this real steel g slip. Next up is

Jim Person 11:31
I don't know, first word that came to mind controversial, but that's not really the right word. You know, a company looking after their business SOG is essentially bearing down on unauthorized resellers which when you hear that right off the bat, you think, yeah, that's a good thing, right? Yeah. I don't rely on on authorized resellers

Bob DeMarco 11:51
on authorized resellers, okay.

Jim Person 11:54
Yet it depends on what that means, I guess. Okay, so

Bob DeMarco 11:56
that really they want to maintain their map pricing there. Minimum advertised price so that so that everywhere you go you're paying the same exact amount for the night and and I I can totally see why a company would do that. So they're sending out aggressively I guess they're sending out cease and desist letters to third party sellers especially on Amazon, you know, guys like you and me who might go buy these at a discount somewhere or buy these and then and then sell them and make a profit but not be taking anything back. Hmm. And I get that it makes smart business sense. But something in this doesn't quite exactly ring true for me. I feel like they're there, you know that they say they really want to protect against counterfeit counterfeit knives. And I'm sure people are counterfeiting sock knives. I assume that that's true. But it feels like they're blaming the counterfeiting or the fact that counterfeiters exist, and they're using that fact to sort of not have to take a closer Look at their product which is just you know these are not knives for aficionados I don't think the saga knives their their knives are non knife people who just need a knife need a knife and they go to Walmart or whatever and i don't know i don't know maybe this is a not the right way to look at it but just kind of seems like you know you can do that and you should you know look after your business but you should also look after your product and I think maybe they're starting to come around but they've been putting out some really dog folding knives and their their their fixed blades are awesome. And I don't mean to

Jim Person 13:38
be I've already set up the cats out of the bag. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 13:40
and I don't mean to impugn I mean there I love their fixed blades and I have a number of them but they're folding knives man they need to they need to take a closer look at what they're putting out.

Jim Person 13:50
Well, it's interesting. The story came up because just a week or two ago I was doing some research and looking at you know things for the Knife Junkie website, and I was checking out Alibaba and Ollie express those are places in China where you can buy you know, very inexpensive things for resale that's part of you know kind of what I do is resell stuff and I can't remember the brand name but it's a brand of knives that I have now become familiar with because of the Knife Junkie podcast that I could get them on one of these Chinese companies for like, you know, two three bucks and resell them retail for 30 4050 you know, 60 bucks etc. And so it's like well, you know, is that a downside of the the Chinese you know marketplace the we knives the best or the what is the best? Yeah, you know, does that lead to these knockoffs now being available on Alibaba or Ail Express? No, no, no I because those those two sites are known for for counterfeit stuff. And, and I think actually, to the to the contrary. I think that Wiese the reacts the best texts, have actually resuscitated the reputation of Chinese manufacturing that that it can be good. I mean, people were always assuming for a while, it was a lot of knockoff stuff, or just the very cheapest of the American companies, knives, you know, marine over there. But, you know, I can sort of understand Amazon, you know, that's a, you know, place for new items. Did they say anything about eBay? Because, you know, I sell on eBay, you sell on eBay, a lot of our listeners sell on eBay, you know, you're not going to be an authorized reseller. That's, you know, second hand, you know, material that you're coming across, even though a lot of eBay now has, unfortunately, in my opinion, become a marketplace for new new stuff. As opposed to I guess what it started out for, but right. Yeah, interesting. I don't know. I don't know where that's going to go. But yeah, if the end The company needs to look out for themselves first and we'll see how this shakes out I guess yeah, I

Bob DeMarco 16:07
think a lot of my opinion has to do with my taste and my experience with with their I'm not saying I have a high taste level, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying my tastes do not run toward saga and my experiences have not been great with their folders. So, so it makes me a little suspicious but maybe I shouldn't be maybe I just need to keep it a more open mind. Okay, well, some timely news we need to cover here and the knife life news segment. The first of November the New York knife band was signed into law. Well, this is the this is the undetectable knife ban. I'll read you the definition that then the definition of an undetectable knife is quote any knife or other instrument which does not utilize materials that are detectable by a metal detector that is capable of ready use as a standard or cutting weapon and was commercially manufactured to be used as a weapon that that emphasis was mine.

Jim Person 17:06
That was not in bold, right? Right.

Bob DeMarco 17:08
So so that these are knives that you can sneak on two planes and these are knives. Cold Steel has a whole night shade series of knives that are beautiful reproductions of other knives that they make, but they're reproduced in high impact plastics and they're great sort of hedges against aggression I guess you'd say these are not knives meant for cutting and and doing work around the house. These are meant for last ditch you know, defensive maneuvers. Actually there's an interesting right before this Ben was enacted which is it becomes effective November 1 2019. But about three weeks prior to this, Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel came out on his YouTube channel with a video talking about all of the benefits of These kind of undetectable plastic knives.

Jim Person 18:02
So so what are benefits of undetectable knives? Because I'll be honest with you, as I'm hearing you describe this. I'm going, Okay, just hearing how you've said it. This is a good thing, because I don't want somebody coming on to a plane with an undetectable knife that can take control of the point.

Bob DeMarco 18:23
Oh, well. Hmm. I guess I could see that point.

Jim Person 18:27
You guess you could see that point.

Bob DeMarco 18:29
Well, no, I wouldn't want that to happen either. is what I'm saying. But I think that if your real fear is a plane getting taken over, or a plane, you know, a plane being compromised by a weapon, this sure this is a plastic knife and you could probably persuade a lot of people to do your bidding with it, but I think people have a lot of other things to worry about. Also, to me, the benefits of this is you can stash them. You can You can carry them, you can have them with you as defensive weapons without the weight of something like an actual knife. Well, you know,

Jim Person 19:10
being the knife newbie, I'm gonna, you know, I'm not very opinionated on this podcast, but I am I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this and Bob, as it's being described to me right now and what I'm hearing, I personally don't think this is a bad decision because, okay, so your plastic knife is lighter. Okay, big whoop. It's still a knife. You still can do some damage is still can cut. You know, I don't. I don't see this is being a bad thing. Keeping the knives out of out of bad people's hands. That's that is Bologna sausage. We all know that laws don't keep weapons out of the hands of bad people. They just keep weapons out of the hands of good people. I mean, really, if you're looking to break the law, if you're looking to kill people in and step outside the law like that you're not concerned about oh, well, I'm in New York State now and they have a login says now Bunch of, you know, horse paga but you're you're making you're making it harder for the people with criminal intent to do harm by not being able to go through metal detectors, whether it's an airplane airplane, a train station, you know, whatever school system you know that have they have metal detectors, I mean think about kids carrying knives into school systems. Now they can get in with these plastic knives because a lot of schools unfortunately now have metal detectors.

Bob DeMarco 20:32
I don't know. Yeah. Well, you know what having a girl in while having two girls in school, I don't want them to carry knives to school, of course but I just I just really bristle at any governmental body telling me what I can and cannot have as a weapon to protect myself that to me, that's just a line that cannot be crossed. I am all for machine gun. You know licenses and you know and Not making it easy for some, but at the same time, you know, it's there for a reason and, and it's not you know, we it's codified into law but we really have a god given right to protect ourselves we have a moral obligation so you don't believe in God, you have a moral obligation to protect your life and to be able to protect the people around you know, and this is just government trying to make itself look good and trying to suck up to whomever and enacting this there has never been a problem with these knives before this. We also didn't have 3d printers that could you know, this is an optics issue this is this is strictly to look good to or to try and look good constituents.

Jim Person 21:42
Okay, what do you think called the listener line at 724466448 772-446-4487? or email Bob at Bob at The Knife Junkie calm and let us know your thoughts.

Announcer 21:55
And now that we're caught up with a nice life news. Let's hear more of the night junkie podcast

Jim Person 22:00
knives for sale. The Knife junkie.com website has some knives that are for sale Bob has an occasional video where he's got some nice for sale. So if you want to see that video or those videos or some of the other knives that are for sale through some of our affiliate partnership arrangements you can go to The Knife junkie.com slash knives, The Knife junkie.com slash knives and you can see those and speaking about for sale or buying. Each of us have some new knives coming up coming in or haven't possession that we want to briefly talk about. You mentioned buck earlier in the show Bob the one time that you considered carrying to your costume party you mentioned that's Wait, I actually just bought a book 110 and gorgeous I really love the look of it you know it's that that brass the in caps Is that what you call the ends of them the brass sisters Yeah, just really pretty looking nice but it is kind of 5050

Bob DeMarco 23:00
FD I have to say your book 110 is beautiful and it's, it's from the early 90s and it's got a really nice sheath. They don't make them like this anymore this it's like a taco fold over style sheet that's so nice. And just that blade that blade shape is just beautiful. And yours has real Madagascar Ebony would handle in layers and not in layers but you know handle slabs right and it is beautiful. I love my book 110 It's a recent you know was purchased in the last five years so it's got that diamond wood which is sort of like particle board in a way but yours is just beautiful. Yeah and the way it contrasts with the breath I love it. Yeah.

Jim Person 23:44
I'm a looks kind of guy at least now so that it had me there book 110 but also through my online auction sites. I bought a book 691 Skinner I think it's called that ones again. That's probably going to be more for for resale now For me but two bucks in my collection this week, I may have to move on to another manufacturer here.

Bob DeMarco 24:08
Well I also took a look at that and that's also a great night with the that also has a brass but cap and the brass guard and a really nice handle. Sort of a Gregory handle is something grippy and blade. I was amazed at how thinly ground and how sharp the blade is on that, too. That's a nice purchase. Yeah,

Jim Person 24:31
we'll have we'll put pictures on this episode's show notes page you can find that at The Knife junkie.com slash 57 The Knife junkie.com slash five seven. Couple of my new knives that I've just purchased the knife newbie will never be up to the level of The Knife Junkie with the number of knives or the the vast vastness of the collection or the price, I must admit, but you know you got to start somewhere. But you You've also got a new knife coming Maybe in hand yet but you've got one on the way I do I do. But before

Bob DeMarco 25:03
I get to that, I have to say I've been good I just sold two more knives sold. I sold my we rectifier which is such a beautiful little knife, but it's just so small, I just don't carry it. So I figured that she goes to a loving home and I just unloaded my pens made crooked River, which is a great knife and harkens back to the 110 it's it's a I would say it's the closest thing to a modern interpretation of a 110 that isn't actually a modern interpretation of 110. Anyway, so showing some discipline in my reducing refined efforts, TM epics and local boon but I have a micro tech ultra tech on the way and it's a dagger grind and the top edge of the dagger is fully serrated and it is so cool. And it's a model that's been discontinued. You know, I like variations and how cool to have one edge within one edge without on the same moon. Me. Yeah. So I can That from a blade forums member and I gotta say, blade forums I've had such great experiences both buying and selling on blade ones, people you know, they know the drill, they, you know, they drop it in the mail the next day I do the same thing send a picture of the tracking number so you can obsess you know, and, and, you know, people just seem really above board on bleep ones it's sort of a self policing environment I like

Jim Person 26:25
every hour going to the tracking number and seeing where it's getting to you. Yeah, and hopefully and hopefully you're not so excited you type the wrong address and you have to go chase the DHL driver Dan, you would have to be such an idiot to do something like that. Really? Maybe just go back and listen to a previous episode of the Knife Junkie podcast and you'll catch what we're talking about there for never happens. Yeah, never happens. All right. Speaking of Knife Junkie podcast, this is our midweek chance for us to chat, rant. agree, disagree, just talk knives, whatever the case may be. But our Sunday weekend interview show is just that we're Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco has a chance to interview knife makers knife movers and shakers and I've collectors, whatever and interesting guests coming up this coming Sunday Bob that you want to kind of

Bob DeMarco 27:16
promote a little bit. Yeah Michael Janet's he's the designer of the spider co Yojimbo, the spider co Ronan the spider co Yojimbo, two of which I have to. And he's also a famed knife combative expert. He teaches a lot of law enforcement courses in how to use a knife to stop an attack. He's not teaching people how to deal with knives. He's teaching people how to use them as a last ditch effort to stop an attack or in also in in concert with the with the sidearm, the pistol and he's very interesting guy to talk to very analytical guy and it was very interesting. listening to him talk about his business. Designing journey with the Yojimbo to again I hate this overused to the word journey but it sounds like it was wanting oh he was back and forth analyzing this design until he really nailed it.

Jim Person 28:11
So that's coming up this coming Sunday on the Knife Junkie podcast and want to remind you that Knife Junkie also has a video channel on YouTube The Knife junkie.com slash YouTube you can see all of his videos there. Nice reviews, we also put the podcast up on there on YouTube so that you can listen to it at work. You don't have to watch it. Maybe if you're don't have a podcast player you can't go to other websites at work or wherever you might be. You can go to The Knife Junkie. com slash YouTube and catch those and you want to make sure that you subscribe to the YouTube channel so that you don't miss any of the videos and future things planned for the Knife Junkie YouTube channel. Go to The Knife Junkie. com slash YT Subscribe. That'll carry your right to the subscribe page for YouTube where you can subscribe so you don't miss anything. Be sure to click that little bill that way you'll be notified anytime the Knife Junkie drops a new video or perhaps goes live or whatever the case might be. So The Knife junkie.com slash YT Subscribe.

Announcer 29:11
You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you've got questions or comments call the 24. Seven Knife Junkie listener line at 724-466-4487.

Jim Person 29:25
Bob as we wrap up the supplemental midweek edition, any final thoughts from The Knife Junkie?

Bob DeMarco 29:30
I think I'm going to make a video on how to build a strap on a budget. Oh, that'd be anyone. Yeah. Okay. That's a

Jim Person 29:40
final word. There you go. I was like five or six But hey, that's good. Yeah, so that was good. That'd be interesting video. Look forward to that one. Yeah, it'll be fun. Alright, so again, The Knife Junkie. com slash YouTube and you can find those videos there. So for Bob The Knife Junkie DeMarco, I'm Jim the newbie Person. Thanks so much for joining us on this episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.

Announcer 29:58
Thanks for listening. The Knife Junkie podcast If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes visit our website The Knife Junkie. com You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie. com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on the Knife Junkie. com slash Instagram and join our Facebook group at The Knife Junkie. com slash Facebook and if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie. com or call our 24 seven listener line it's 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on its upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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