Knives 2020 40th editionHello fellow knife junkie and welcome to a supplemental show of The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode #51).

Bob “The Knife Junkie” DeMarco and Jim “The Knife Newbie” Person are here with you on the new mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast to talk about some of the latest news from the knife world, new knives, product drops, knife reviews, and lots more!

On this edition, the guys cover some news, including the Church of England demanding blunt kitchen knives, Artisan’s budget plan, a new CRKT limited edition Ken Onion designed knife and the Emerson Knives pumpkin carving contest, as well as a discussion of The Navaja.
The Church of England demands blunt kitchen knives, plus the Navaja, a CRKT Ken Onion design and pumpkin carving all on the mid-week edition of The Knife Junkie Podcast Click To Tweet


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To keep up with knife news, new acquisitions, upcoming shows, maintenance tips, knife history and knife laws — without making the interviews with the knife makers and personalities you love shorter — we are releasing a second podcast episode each week.

The Knife Junkie Podcast: Supplemental runs a half-hour at most so Jim and I can talk about all the non-interview-related topics we normally cover, without feeling rushed.

So, there will be less banter at the beginning of Sunday’s interview show and a bunch of it in the Wednesday show, which should show up in your podcast feed either Wednesday night or Thursday morning depending on when we hit publish and your podcast app and when it downloads the latest episode. Jim and I think this is the best way for us to get to all the knife stuff we want to cover each week.

We’d love to get your feedback on this additional show. Please call the listener line at 724-466-4487 or email with any comments, feedback or suggestions on the show, and let us know what you’d like to hear covered in the mid-week edition.

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Show Notes

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Announcer 0:03
Welcome to the knife junkie podcast your weekly dose of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts Jim Person and Bob the knife junkie DeMarco

Jim Person 0:17
surprise junkies it's Jim that I do be Person along with Bob and I junkie DeMarco and we are here midweek on the knife junkie podcast. Bob, what's going on here? Man we're throwing things up in the air throwing things for a loop. You know, what are we doing?

Bob DeMarco 0:33
I think it's our own desire to hear our own voices Really? Your desire not mine.

Jim Person 0:37

Bob DeMarco 0:39
Well we have these great interviews that that we release and in an effort to not cut them short due to other other things we want to do on the show. We decided to break out some of the segments we like to do and we talk about knife news or you know for a while there, I was doing a little historical pieces on knives are maintenance tips and that kind of thing. And those kind of drifted away once we started doing these nice long interviews and I'm still interested in doing that you're still interested in doing that. So we decided to break out and do a little 20 to 30 minute show every week to just get that stuff out of the way and then have the interview show just be about the interview

Jim Person 1:17
will not get that stuff out of the way. I don't want you to just toss it off like that. I mean, some, you know, some pretty important stuff we're going to be talking about. So it's not just going to be you and us rambling on. Yeah,

Bob DeMarco 1:26
I'm being we're being humbled. Yeah, this is important stuff. Yeah.

Jim Person 1:30
Well, and you know, that's that's the purpose of this additional podcast, if you will. It's still the knife junkie podcast, it's just another episode. You'll find it in your podcast feed or podcast, App Player, whatever you like to listen to, without having to do anything. It will just show up Wednesday nights, Thursday mornings kind of depending on your your feed, but you can also find it just by going to the knife junkie calm. You'll find all the podcasts there, as well as the videos newsletter support. corruptions other kind of stuff on the ninth website so you can listen there. So Bob, I know the segments. One of the ones I really love that we used to do was the first tool where you kind of talked about some of that historical aspects. And I remember one the the buoy, or the boy Yeah. I really enjoyed that one.

Bob DeMarco 2:18
Yeah, yeah. And that tied into the K bar. You know, we just talked about these historical strains. Today, I'm going to be talking about the Nevada but I guess we'll do that after we talk about some of the knife news. Oh,

Jim Person 2:30
yeah, we're going to have one of our segments that we use that we used to do or still do all the do. But now we're going to do some some more of a knife life news, if you will, where we talk about what's happening in the knife world.

Announcer 2:41
You're listening to the knife junkie podcast. And now here's the knife junkie with the knife life news.

Bob DeMarco 2:47
So Jim CRKT is coming out with another one of their high end limited, limited offers. You know, they came out with the shock recently spelled XOC by Flavio Acoma, and it was featuring The new deadbolt lock. And it's this giant, super, super heavy duty built titanium knife. And it was coming out for 750 bucks, which is a new price range for CRKT. And they're coming out with a new one called the Nash. And that's by Ken onion and we know can onion. We all know Ken onion he's designed very, you know, a bunch of iconic knives for a bunch of different makers, chief among them CRKT and Kershaw, but this is a new car KTP Nash doesn't look like a Kenyan. We know Kenyan for his organic curvy lines is re curved blades, his handles that look ergonomic, you know you they feel comfortable just looking at them. But he's kind of stepping out of his comfort zone here. Maybe I shouldn't say that. He's probably incredibly comfortable looking at his knife. It's actually beautiful, but he's designed this punish in a different Sort of design language, it's a much more angular and sort of business looking, you know, it's very kind of aggressive looking. but also those, those curvy lines have turned into angles and, and in straight lines for the pen. Now, this is going to be a frame lock with carbon fiber inserts and 20 CV. I'm not 20 CV I'm sorry, CTXXHP steel, I always have a hard time saying that

Jim Person 4:31
it will who done

Bob DeMarco 4:33
and it's going to be about six ounces. It's got a fold over clip. It's a it is a luxury knife, but it's also a hard use knife. And, and like I said, just unique for Ken onion. Now they're only making 550 of these things. And they're coming up for a much more reasonable 295 bucks and I say much more reasonable because 750 bucks for the shock seemed almost alien, and alienating price, you know, it's like It's like you go from $40 knives to a $750 knife in one fell swoop it kind of seemed like a little extreme but this limited edition to you know limited to 550 a Nash for for 295 for can onion seems more reasonable especially with the materials they're using.

Jim Person 5:19
You already got your name on the list

Bob DeMarco 5:20
Yeah, no but I wouldn't mind It is a beautiful knife. It was a little bit behind the eight ball you know with news so I'm sure there are guys out there who've been on the list

Jim Person 5:31
for years you know you you do have a new knife coming in that will spill the beans on a little bit later so yeah, Yes, I do. Let's continue the budget nice news, if you will some stuff with artists and going on you wanted to mention

Bob DeMarco 5:47
Yeah, okay, so artists and cutlery, Jim you remember them. From the review I did about their kinetic tool is the butterfly or the valley song slash switchblade. Instead of a live sharp blade it's got a multi tool you know with a with a prior and a cap lifter and little little socket cutouts well artists in okay so that that was my first artists and knife and the quality of that knife really sold me on the brand and to me it immediately raised them up to the level of the Kaiser and the we knives from from China well artists in has decided to follow suit with Kaiser and we come out with a their own sort of budget line with D to steel blades and G 10. Much like Kaiser came out with 10 grim and you know they have the the budget Kaiser's through tank room and we came up with some vv and a lots of D to lots of G 10. But really the focus is the design and the fit and finish and in the action. And so, artists and cutlery came out with their CJRB brand doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but CJRB is the artist cutlery new budget line and just from what I've seen, and I've seen a few reviews online too, they look amazing one of them. One of them I really I really did called the tala it's got this menacing and gorgeous sort of worn Cliff blade and I think I'm gonna have to pick one of those up just to see just just after yeah

gotta do it in the name of science or well

Jim Person 7:25
well whatever you know do a nice review on the show knows there's multiple multitude of reasons now I've junkie if you're listening

Bob DeMarco 7:33
I think justifications is the correct word. That's right.

I'm definitely check these out. Because if if the kinetic tool is any, any indication of the quality of artists and cutlery, I have a feeling these cjR bees are going to be killer. And so yeah, I think it's exciting that I like to see knives, knife companies competing with one another on similar grounds, you know, artisan probably figures that not everybody has to hundred bucks to drop on one of their knives so why not offer the same quality of the same you know beautiful designs you know across the spectrum so everyone can enjoy them I think it's a smart move. A little

Jim Person 8:11
bit of lighter news we wanted to mention that time of year again Halloween coming up and you think Halloween not only trick or treating candy costumes but you think pumpkins and when you think pumpkins either thing first pumpkin pie, which is where my mind goes to, but also pumpkin carvings and a lot of pumpkin carving contest and Emerson knives is no different. It's the time for their I don't know if its annual but seems like Emerson knives pumpkin carving contest, couple of rules that you got to follow the pumpkins got to be hand carved. I mean, come on, who would try to you know, sheet that either

Bob DeMarco 8:46
engrave it right?

Jim Person 8:48
The design must be Emerson themed or inspire the pumpkin must be real. Anyway, they're going to be doing the contest on Instagram. You can get all the details if you want to find out about The Emerson pumpkin carving contest just go to the knife junkie. com slash pumpkin. And you can find all the details there about how to participate in the pumpkin carving contest. You're going to you're going to take part but well, maybe but what I

Bob DeMarco 9:15
was going to suggest is that you know, I always it's always last minute carving the pumpkins at this house so I don't know if I'm going to have time to carve one for Mr. Emerson but I'm thinking about what knife you would use to carve these pumpkins and I'm guessing the carnivore might be the way to go because I think the carnivore their their new steak themed knife might have a thin enough blade to to easily carve a pumpkin. Some of my some of my Emerson's wouldn't be so great at the job. For instance, a CQC seven would would probably not be the best knife to carve a pumpkin but that carnivore it looks like it could do quick work to a pumpkin.

Jim Person 9:54
Well, you know a couple of weeks till Halloween, still time to get your Pumpkin carve so still time for you to suggest to Bob what knife he should use to carve his pumpkin so call us on the listener line at 724-466-4487 give Obama suggestion about what knife he should use to carve his pumpkin either for the contest or just for the kids at home. And if you do that, then I'm going to have to

Bob DeMarco 10:19
carve the pumpkin

Jim Person 10:20
Hey, there we go. Mike drop right there man get those suggestion and then I want to see a video Bob carving a pumpkin a some gonna say serious news but a little bit more news to kind of wrap wrap up knife life news, Bob. This is an interesting one, the Church of England, the man's blunt kitchen knives.

Were still there. That's just the lots of things

Bob DeMarco 10:45
to say, oh my god people. Really every time I think that this has become a nation of pearl collectors. All you got to do is look over at Great Britain and they're always ahead of us in terms of just idiotic laws about knives. I understand they have a lot of knife crime in London. I'm certainly not. Not demeaning. I'm not trying to demean that. But Okay. All right. So you can't have a knife with a point. So now every criminal is going to have to slash with it. Okay? They're gonna have to slash instead of stab, okay? Or use a hammer I to me, Jim, this this just makes me upset and and, you know, I guess you gotta laugh because if you don't laugh, you'll cry. But this is going to tie into my law. Yeah, the Nevada talk because coming on with a little bit. Yeah, yeah, I'll get to that. Because there are two main lessons you can learn about people through studying looking at the Nova. So I'll get to that.

Jim Person 11:46
Yeah, we'll get to that. I found an interesting quote here and we're getting this information from knife or a friend Doug Ritter over there. Find it. The story on my it says the Church of England vicious Say that redesigning the midst in domestic kitchen knives to give them round it ends with combat so called, quote your knife crime by making quote life threatening injuries far less likely. Also a side note the themes Valley I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right Thames Valley. Okay, well there you go. Even though it's spelled THJMES really, anyway, they will no longer post photos of seized knives on social media to quote help reduce the fear of knives and knife carrying in our local communities. So maybe go to bed I'm not sure. That's Bologna sausage. I'm not going to say what I really think that that is just such crap. There you have it. If you want to read more about that story, you can go to ny Or just follow the latest news just by going to the Knife Junkie comm slash news. We have a feed of multiple news sources we're pulling together right on our webpage, The Knife slash news and you can keep up with the latest news and information right there. On the Knife website, you know you're a Knife Junkie, if you love your knives more than your spouse. So Bob, you tease it a moment ago the bond it kind of relates to the Church of England story, but you kind of wanted to talk about that. Yes. So then

Bob DeMarco 13:16
you know it, it's a giant, usually a very large folding knife from Spain usually has a clip pointed blade looks something like a big folding bow usually. So then the Nova is a knife that was born out of weapons restrictions, really, I mean, it was at first, just a folding knife. One of the earliest folding knives found was in Spain. And I know they had them, perhaps from the Roman era, but in 17th century Spain, then of aha became popular now. First, it was a folding knife used by craftsmen and workers, or even clerics to sharpen quills, but just a knife that you could fold and put in your pocket. And eventually, there were restrictions laid down on the carrying of swords and other edged weapons to only the nobility g imagine that only the nobility can carry weapons. Sounds familiar? Hmm. So people started saying well I still have to protect my family and I still have use for a night knife. So they started focusing more on the Nevada in terms of making it larger and making it more useful for a multitude of tasks not just not just carpentry and sharpening quills and then when spring steel was the advent of spring steel in Spain, and they saw that you could temper steel in such a way that it can, it can bend and then spring back, they started to build on locking springs onto the back of the not the knife. So at the at the base of the blade where the Tang is they engineered in some teeth. Those teeth ratcheted on on a plate of spring steel on the back of the knife, giving it kind of clicking sound when it opened. And once it's fully open, then it's locked open. And so this was the first folding locking knife that we know of. And then with that lock, it turns something that was just a tool into also a weapon because now you can thrust with it without worry of it folding onto your hands because it locks. So now no one can carry swords. They have this new knife that locks open. So what do they do they turn it into a big folding sword. And if you look at Cold Steel, they make the Isparta series and that is a direct influence from the Nevada large holding sword a large folding knife slash small folding sword that you can stash on your Person. Incidentally, those cold steals, especially the largest one look a lot like the traditional in the VA has, especially in the blade, but people started adopting this Locking, large locking knife, they can hide in their comfort bonds or you know, on their Person. And they were even used by the guerrillas who were resisting Napoleon's occupation 1804 to 1814. And then a ring was added and the ring on the back of the lock makes it easier to open and close. Well, especially to close but you can also pull open that that ring and swing the blade open if you're if you're at. So knife fighting school started popping up but of course they had to be underground because you weren't supposed to be carrying these things weren't supposed to be using them for fighting. And, you know, naturally, they were also adopted by thugs and brigands and criminals, you know, as as most good weapons are. And this leads me to my lesson that I can that I can do two lessons that you can glean from the evolution of the Nevada from a simple, folding working man's knife to a large folding, locking weapons. And that is one, people will always come up with ways to defend themselves and defend their families whether or not it's legal. True, true. And then the inverse of that criminals will always find weapons to commit their crimes with whether or not there's a law on the books against it, because they are what

Jim Person 17:19
the criminal models and they don't care about what

Bob DeMarco 17:22
the laws, right. And you can just look at today. And and, you know, you see the same fight happening today here in this country, and obviously over in Great Britain where they're already disarmed people over there, sadly the say and who's committing all this knife crime in London? Is it? Is it law abiding citizens, law abiding citizens who are following the law? No, it's criminals and scumbags who find the knives and get the knives illegally. They don't care about the law. So all you're doing by making these blunted kitchen knives is making it harder to cook for good people, right? It's it's kind of infuriating.

Jim Person 17:58
Well, criminals will find A weapon even if it's not a weapon.

Bob DeMarco 18:02
Yeah, I mean the use whatever. So exactly box cutters and you can no longer now you have to use your keys to open up boxes. I mean, what are they going to do? How far are they going to go? They're going to legalize obsidian. I mean, because that's where we're headed. We're going to be chipping our own obsidian knives out. One more thing before I close, this is just a close on the Nova. There's just a cool little a little bit of trivia. There was also a knife in Andalusia, I believe, called the Silva Virago and my wife speaks Spanish and it means basically save virginity Salva Virgo. And it was a small Nevada that was used by the Andalusia and women stashed in their bodice or in their garter, you know, so in case someone gets fresh with them, they could pull out that little Nevada and do some slicing might be leaving less and appendage or two. Yes, exactly. Exactly. So, you know, I bet they didn't want the tips of those.

Jim Person 19:00
Alright, enough of that. That's kind of one of the things we're trying to, you know be able to accomplish here on the the additional Knife Junkie podcast show is give Bob a chance to talk about a specific knife, do a knife review, also maybe talk about a new knife that he's gotten in the past week. And maybe in the next week or so we'll have a new knife for you to talk about maybe I will, I will. I'm not gonna say who made it. But one of our one of our guests from the show

Bob DeMarco 19:28
has made me a knife and

Jim Person 19:30
he sent me a picture

Bob DeMarco 19:32
or not a picture of video through Instagram, and it is fantastically gorgeous and utterly menacing and just

Jim Person 19:42
cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Bob DeMarco 19:43
All right. Well, and I'm going to carry it to I'm not going to, you know, in speaking with Alex from Alex is nice box this past week. I was I told him what was coming and I said, I don't know if I can bring myself to carry it without also carrying a shotgun to protect it. And he said, No, man, you gotta carry Life is short, you're not getting this thing to hang on the wall carry and if you jack it up you know most makers are happy to take it back and fix it for you and you know get it get it back on the road so to speak. So I will be carrying this thing on look forward to that we'll definitely talk about that on the podcast you'll see a video of that on the note drink is YouTube channel that you can find at The Knife slash YouTube if you're not

Jim Person 20:23
yet subscribed to the Knife Junkie YouTube channel What are you waiting for? Go to The Knife slash YT Subscribe. That way you'll catch all of Bob's videos when they come out be sure to hit that little bell icon so you'll get a notification as well and you don't miss anything there. In Bob talked about Alex from Alex's nice box that was Episode 50. So if you haven't heard that one yet go that was this past Sunday. Go back and listen to the Knife Junkie. COMM slash FIFO talk about your new knives. You know the knife newbie, I'm trying man, I'm bidding on some, you know some online knives we'll see what happens. So if I get one or more of those, we'll talk about that. But speaking of knives buying selling we've added a new page to the website The Knife Junkie. com slash knives as The Knife Junkie decides to sell off some of his knives or because of our partnership arrangement with several knife companies and affiliate relationships. We have certain knives featured on that page. They're limited supply different kinds of things like that so you can find kind of knives to buy if you're interested on the Knife Junkie. com slash knives web page.

Bob DeMarco 21:30
Now I just wanted to mention that Jim just received well will be receiving his very first, I don't know kind of inside or knife item. Now. It's not a knife. It's a pen. One of our guests, Darrell Ralph of DDR knives, was on the show. He was a great guy. We had a very, very interesting and engaging conversation and I love his knives. Anyway, as a thank you. He didn't have to do this, but I'm so glad he did. He sent Jim and I pens he makes pens also, and he sent us these beautiful copper pens that have been gorgeously and artistically patina. And, and they're solid beautiful clickers and and they have this little hotplate helmet kind of a inscribed in it and I just man I'm touched by over and over you know that the knife community just proves to be generous and genuine and cool as hell and and Mr. Ralph is no no exception he sent us these knives and like I said he didn't have to but I'm glad he did. It was a pleasure having him on the show.

Jim Person 22:38
Yeah, absolutely look gorgeous and thank you thank you thank you Darrell and he didn't hear that interview by the way you can go to The Knife Junkie. COMM slash four nine. Knife Junkie comm slash 49 that's the interview Bob hand with custom knife maker Darrell Ralph of GDPR knives, definitely go to the DDR website and check out all of the beautiful knives but also check out the end He's got he's, as you mentioned on interview he's about to start production on a bolt bolt knife pen. And if you don't know what that is it, it opens up kind of in the same way the bolt of a hunting rifle opens up you know like a bolt action rifle so that should be cool too. But I did want to mention that the new knives 2020 book is out now the 45th edition I believe of knives, book, knives 2020 You can find that at The Knife Junkie. com slash knives to 020 Knife Junkie. com slash knives 2020. The 14th edition has the most elite crop of knives and makers that the world of blades has to offer. The book showcases blades of every class every style. And Bob what I find impressive is there's more than 800 full color images in the book along with descriptions of the makers who created them. So just a fantastic resource there. Tim over the years. I I can't tell you how many times I've ducked out of work not in my current job

Bob DeMarco 24:06
but have gone to Barnes and Noble or borders back when it existed and I've gone straight to that book and just sort of stood there and in the aisle Moses just drooling on this book that I'm not buying

Jim Person 24:18
40th edition of knives 2020 book again you can find it at The Knife Junkie. com slash knives 2020 and Bob as we kind of wrap up one of the other things we want to do on the show we you know, for a while there with the the the main show we have we would interview folks about knife shows coming up and we promote live shows and you know, again, as we talked about at the beginning, we It was kind of a struggle You know, this great interview, we didn't want to cut it off but we also wanted to cover some of these other things here on this you know, number two episode if you will, or number two show the Knife Junkie podcast we want to try to talk about shows, but also you know, encourage our listeners to submit their shows for publicity on the Knife Junkie web page. And one of the upcoming shows that we're unfortunately not going to be able to get to but we're you know we're working on going to the blade show East but the second annual blade show West is coming up in Portland Oregon November one through three that's going to be at the Oregon Convention Center in fine details and tickets there on blade show and if you have a show you want to submit to the Knife Junkie comm slash calendar go to the Knife Junkie comm slash submit and if you want to find a list of shows that we have in our database, go to The Knife slash calendar so lots of good night shows always more than you and I could even hope to hope to attend. Yeah, I just

Bob DeMarco 25:43
want to attend one. So what coming up land plans are in the works? Yep, yep, there's SHOT Show coming up and then of course in June I've already let my employer know I will not be around the first weekend of June.

Jim Person 25:56
Right there you heard it Knife Junkie. will look forward to meeting you there. Alright, Bob, Final Thoughts first episode here of the the second podcast, if you will, Well,

Bob DeMarco 26:06
I'm glad we're doing this because when we, when we were trying to fit this stuff in before and after the interviews, I found myself censoring myself. So now I can just kind of talk ad nauseum right now I'm just happy that we have Yeah, we're giving ourselves the opportunity to open it up a little bit and talk about some of the other things that that are going on and that some of the other things I'm thinking about well and

Jim Person 26:30
again, the the interviews will be mostly on the shows that we release on Sunday nights, my finance Sundays or Mondays in your in your podcast feed. But Obama, do you want to mention or let you mentioned a couple of the upcoming guests that you have coming up on the the interview shows, because what I would like to ask our listeners is if they have any particular questions, or if they have something they want to know about a particular guests that you're going to be interviewing and talking with, if they would call the listener line. That's The Knife Junkie. com slash listener line at 724-466-4487. Or shoot Bob an email at Bob at The Knife Junkie. com. If there's a specific question you would like him to ask one of these upcoming guests, please let us know. And we'll make sure your question is asked. Yeah, yeah, we're going to be talking to Spartan blades coming up. We're going to be talking to Ron Kazak, housekeeper of traditional Filipino weapons. We're going to be speaking with Michael McCleary. And he's a he's a very interesting dude who he's a knife maker from Ohio, who was featured on a 60 minutes episode. When DHL closed down their Ohio plant in in 2008.

Bob DeMarco 27:43
Their distribution center I should say, and he was working there and 60 minutes did a profile on him and mentioned his knife making and ever since that episode, his career has taken off so we're going to talk to him. Yeah, we got a bunch of great guests coming up.

Jim Person 27:57
So again, if you have specific questions for Any of those guests please call the listener line 724464487 Let us know your specific question. And please, if you're a knife maker a knife purveyor manufacturer involved in the knife industry you want to mention your website or whatever, please do that and when we ask your question we'll make sure we give you credit and publicity for your side etc as well. So we want to get everybody involved here on the Knife Junkie podcast. You're listening to the Knife Junkie podcast, Bob final words as we're wrapping up, keep them sharp, short and sweet and to the point

Bob DeMarco 28:33
I'm getting the tip.

Jim Person 28:33
Thanks are listening everybody to show number two of the Knife Junkie podcast. Thanks for tuning in.

Announcer 28:39
Thanks for listening to the Knife Junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show, please rate and review it review the podcast com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past episodes. Visit our website The Knife Junkie. com You can also watch our latest videos on YouTube at The Knife Junkie. com slash YouTube check out some great night photos on The Knife slash Instagram and join our Facebook group at The Knife Junkie. com slash Facebook. And if you have a question or comment, email them to Bob at The Knife Junkie. com or call our 24 seven listener line it's 724-466-4487 and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the Knife Junkie podcast.


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